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  Colleen A Barkow

Date of Birth: March 13, 1975
Position: Facilities Project Manager

Colleen was one of the most genuine and uninhibited people I have ever met. I don’t recall ever speaking to her without a smile on my face. She was a breath of fresh air in a world full of egos and self consciousness. I feel lucky to have known her and will miss her. She brought happiness to everyone who came in contact with her and did it day in, day out. She was alwyas so helpful may peace be with you until me meet again.

Rosemarie Reginald, Co-Worker
  • On that fateful day in September a part of me died, my wife, Colleen.

    Colleen was the sweetest, sexiest, smartest, funniest, most loving, most caring woman I have ever known. I fell in love with her the day we met over 7 years ago and will continue to love her even after my dying day, when finally we will be able to be together once again.

    Colleen was my soul mate. She never had a harsh word or a bad thing to say about anyone. She loved life. She loved taking risks and living life to its fullest. She especially loved her 5 animals, 3 pit bulls and 2 cats.

    She LOVED working for Charlie Waters in facilities. We even put off having a family of our own so that she could concentrate on advancing her career with Cantor. She enjoyed spending time in the same office as Rick Watson and enjoyed the constant bickering with Bob Devitt. She loved Donna Quaranta and Kim Bowers as sisters and was very grateful and proud to be a member of the Cantor Fitzgerald Family.

    She was the driving force behind the building of our new home in the Pocono mountains and let me tell you, everything came out just as she planned, except for the one most important thing, that she was still here to experience the tranquility and beauty that she had the eye to see and make a reality. You can see she was as good a project manager at home as she was on the job.

    My daughters Crystal and Kayla will never forget the time spent and effort used by Colleen to be the best Stepmom a child can have. She was the most influential woman in their lives and hopefully they will retain some of what Col was and what she tried to teach them – that a woman can do and be anything that she wants, as long as she puts forth the effort to succeed.

    She is missed dearly by all that love her. I know that she is watching over me, guiding me through life, until we can meet again and continue the love we shared for one another.

    I will love and miss her deeply for eternity.

    Danny Barkow, Husband
  • Colleen was born on March 13, 1975, at Rahway Hospital. I remember struggling with the shoe covers and hospital gown to enter the delivery room that JoAnn had been taken into, but she was in a hurry to be born. I almost missed her arrival. We brought her home on St. Patrick’s Day.

    Colleen’s toddler years were full of adventure as well, for a period of time; JoAnn was on a first
    name basis with Poison Control. JoAnn would dial the number, and the person responding would
    reply, “Hello, Mrs. Meehan. What has Colleen eaten today?”

    Growing up Colleen always had a special guardian: her brother, Daryl, who was always there to
    defend her honor, give her a shoulder to lean on, and someone to listen to her when she wanted to talk.

    But that time finally came, when as an adult, she met someone who she fell in love with: Dan, who I gave her to in marriage, and gained another son, whom JoAnn and I forever will be proud of, and love, and grateful to for bringing Crystal & Kayla into our lives.

    My prayer for today, is that you will all remember her smile and allow it to ease the pain and grief that you have; that your memories of her will live in your hearts and that her smile will dry the tears we all share today.
    Love, Dad

    Thomas Meehan, Dad
  • I shared an office with Colleen for the past 3 years and I shared her friendship since the day she started working at Cantor. I, like many others, have lost many friends and co-workers due to the tragic events of September 11th. But none hurts as much as the loss of my “buddy” Colleen. When the events were unfolding on that day I was praying that Colleen had been sitting in traffic and running late. There were so many people there to worry about, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Colleen. There are not too many jobs were you really like coming to work, but I can honestly say that Colleen and myself always had a lot of fun together. It breaks my heart because I know how excited she was about her new house, and I knew just how much she was looking forward to spending time with Danny there. To say that Danny was the love of her life would be an understatement. I have shared a story with Colleen’s dad about the time I brought my daughter Haley to work for Xmas. Haley was two at the time and extremely shy. On that day she wouldn’t leave my side, except for one person, and that person was Colleen. She sat on Colleen’s lap and played some computer games and was just having the time of her life. Colleen was walking around with her hand and hand and I can’t help but crying when I think about that day. I miss Colleen more than words can say and I hope that Danny and Colleen’s family find the strength to go on. When Haley is old enough to understand what took place, I will tell her all about you and the time that she spent with you. I know in my heart that you will be watching over her forever. I shed a tear for you often.

    Your “Buddy”,

    Rick Watson, Friend
  • Colleen was one of the most genuine and uninhibited people I have ever met. I don’t recall ever speaking to her without a smile on my face. She was a breath of fresh air in a world full of egos and self consciousness. I feel lucky to have known her and will miss her. She brought happiness to everyone who came in contact with her and did it day in, day out. She was always so helpful. May peace be with you until me meet again.

    Rosemarie Reginald, Co-worker
  • Colleenie-beanie, there is so much I want to say, but where do I find the words? Donna and I just sit on the phone and wonder. We can’t believe that you aren’t here, going up to 104, standing in line in the cafe, passing you on the elevators as you were going down to meet Danny for lunch. And for as much as we miss you, it has to be ten times worse for Danny, the girls, your parents and your brother.
    I met your mom and dad for the first time at church the other Sunday. Your mom and I just hugged and cried; this must just be unbearable for them, for all of us that are missing you.
    Watch over everyone as I know you are doing right now.
    I love you and will always remember,

    Kate, Friend and Co-worker
  • Colleen…Where do I start! I miss you so very much my heart aches each and every day. There’s not a day gone by that I don’t shed a tear, many tears for you. My baby girl all grown up into a beautiful woman. Bright, intelligent, independent, responsible young woman. I am and always will be very proud of you.
    You loved working for Cantor Fitzgerald, the excitement of working in the city, those beautiful Twin Towers. Everyone that knew you loved you. Colleen, you were never too busy to help someone and with a smile. Love always, MOM

    Jo Ann Meehan, Mom
  • Cantor Fitzgerald had donated office space to our Foundation, The Boomer Esiason Foundation, back in 1996. We were located on the 101st Floor and met Colleen when Charlie hired her. You could never forget Colleen once you saw her. She was tall and beautiful but her beauty was also in her personality. She was always smiling…I don’t think she ever had a bad day. We will miss her and her great laugh and pray for her husband and family. Boomer Esiason Foundation – Linda & Tami

    Boomer Esiason Foundation, co-workers
  • I have never met Colleen Meehan Barkow, but I belong to the same church as her parents. I saw Colleen in church with her parents during the summer. I was struck by the absolute love with which her parents looked at her and she looked at them. I remember thinking that Colleen was the “apple of her Dad’s eye”. They were so proud that Colleen was their daughter. The irony is that the Meehan’s and my family were struck by the same tragedy. My husband, Ed, was also killed in the Trade Center attack. While speaking with a close friend of Ed’s, I mentioned Colleen. This friend, Nancy, was a Sr. Property Manager for the Port Authority. She dealt with 4 people at Cantor Fitzgerald and Colleen was one of the four. She spoke of how Colleen was a beautiful woman inside and outside. Colleen is one of the many people that Nancy mourns. I believe there is a higher purpose for these senseless deaths. I also believe that God only takes “the best”. Colleen was one of the best and God needed her home. To the Barkow and Meehan families, please know that Colleen is in a better place watching over all of you and you will be with her again.

    Jane Strauss, Trinity Church Member
  • Colleen was one of my best friends!!. She was a beautiful person inside and out.I miss her very much and I will never forget all of the good times we shared.I think of her every day and I always will.
    Life ends,
    but dealth cannot erase it….
    In Memory,
    Love always will remain.
    There are those
    whose lives
    death cannot diminish.
    their love radiates
    Forever in the hearts
    of friends
    and loved ones,
    and their light shines on
    in the lives
    they’ve touched forever!!!
    Colleen I will never forget you!!!!

    Jennifer Koch, Friend
  • I was so touched by the story of this woman’s life, I lost someone I loved when he was only 25 to cancer, and it sounds like Colleen was brave, warm hearted, brilliant and wonderful, just like him. I thought Danny might like this poem:

    Remember Me

    To the living, I am gone
    To the sorrowful, I will never return;
    To the angry, I was cheated
    But to the happy, I am at peace
    And to the faithful, I have never left.
    I cannot speak, but I can listen.
    I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.

    So, as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea-
    As you look upon a flower, and admire its simplicity-
    Remember me.

    Remember me in your heart, your thoughts,
    And your memories of the times we loved
    the times we fought, the times we laughed.
    For if you always think of me,
    I will never have gone.

    Anne, A Stranger
  • Dear Danny, thank you for your kind words! I personally never had the pleasure of meeting your beautiful wife, but from the stories I have come across she sounds like an amazing women!! I am so deeply sorry for you and your family, I know your pain all too well. One thing that brings me great comfort is knowing that my Timmy and your Colleen were among a special group of people and they were not alone. I only hope and pray that they found some sort of comfort in that as well!!
    Please know you are in my prayers—always!


    Lisa O'Brien, Former co-worker
  • My prayers are with you and your family each day. I didn’t know Colleen but knowing you and JoAnn, I’m sure your faith will get you through. You are special people and I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and all families that have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

    JEAN THOMAS, Friend of Tom & JoAnn
  • Colleen was my very first friend when I moved to Carteret in the first grade. We did everything together as kids. I have so many memories of our childhood that it’s hard to go a day without thinking of Colleen. I sometimes want to just pick up the phone to call her & update her on things in my life and then I realize that she is gone. I wish I had just one more chance to hear her voice. We didn’t talk everyday, but the times that we did it was like there was never any lost time. I miss her dearly. Happy Birthday in Heaven!! You truely are an angel. In my heart & thoughts always!!!!!

    Terrie, Lifetime Friend
  • Colleen,
    I miss you. I left Kansas as soon as I talked to Dan; we cried together and I told him I was on my way. I got in the car and headed home with your wedding picture in the dash. I spent the next 20 some hours on the road hoping and praying I would see you again, and the whole time you knew I would not. Today is your Birthday – I think your 27th (you know I always forget). I have read all these tributes time and time again and could not bring myself to write one; I know you understand. However today is your birthday 44 minn in and I found myself here. I am so sorry we couldn’t protect you from this horrid thing, but no one was safe that day. I remember so many good times we had growing up and being crazy. I am lucky to have had you in my life. From the little girl who spilled grape juice all over mom’s new light blue loveseat to the professional young woman working on top of the world, wow you made us all very proud, such a star. I miss your sarcasm you would have said “Shut up already”. So Happy Birthday Coll and know how much the world misses a Star like you!!!!!!!

    Patrick, Cousin
  • Happy Birthday in Heaven…Colleen. I have grown to know you through your wonderful parents because I, too, have lost a child, Gregory, 25, on Sept. 11. Your parents were very supportive to me and my family. I have learned about your wonderful personality, heard stories about your husband and children and your new house, and feel that I know you just a bit from these stories and tributes. My brother’s birthday is also today (March 13) so I will never forget your birthday and will remember you always.

    God Bless America and I hope the entire world NEVER EVER FORGETS 9/11/01. You are missed.

    Adele Milanowycz, Friend of Tom and Joann
  • Colleen, Happy 27th Birthday! We still can’t believe you are not here with us but we do feel you in our hearts. We hope you can see the balloons we are sending to you tonight in honor of your special day. I wonder if you are having a party in heaven with all the other Cantor Employees? God Bless you! Love Mom & Dad

    JoAnn & Tom Meehan, Mom & Dad
  • I never met you Colleen, but I have learned about you from your dad. He is working hard to keep your memory, along with the memories of all those lost on Sept. 11, alive and well. I have found comfort in my emails with him over the past months. I lost my son David at the Pentagon. There were so many good, strong, smart, funny, young people lost that day, I can’t help but believe you are all together, and that although the world seems darker, heaven has become an even brighter happier place.

    Kathy Smith, New Friend of Tom and JoAnn

  • Collen was one of the first people that Charlie hired when he first came to Cantor. After the first interview, he told me she was smart, energetic and terrific for the job. He worried that she may be too young and inexperienced, but that worry proved to be for nothing. She never gave him any reason to regret that decision, she excelled at whatever she did and over time took on many more responsibilities.
    My children visited Cantor at Christmas and always came home speaking of Colleen, the girls were especially taken with her beauty and charm. They will always remember her.
    We attended Colleen and Danny’s wedding only last year and Colleen looked truly radiant. It was obvious that they were very much in love and perfectly well suited for each other.
    Danny and the Meehan Family, I am so sorry for your loss but I know that Charlie is watching out for Colleen up in Heaven now and that one day we can be together again.

    Barbara Waters, Wife of Charlie Waters
  • Colleen was always a pleasure to deal with. I would often have to ask her questions regarding expenses that would hit the Facilities Dept. I worked at the time in Accounting and would prepare and work with Charlie and Colleen on the budgeting and financials of the Facilities Dept. She always was very nice and amiable. This year we started the budgeting process early and Colleen worked very hard with Charlie to submit their 2002 budget early. In fact, by Sept. 7 I already had a copy of it. She truly enjoyed her job and it showed. My condolences to her husband and family. She is with very good company up there. Charlie and Bob I am sure are with her making her smile and laugh!

    Theresa Nugent, Co-worker
  • Colleen was one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I dealt with Colleen and Charlie on a daily basis. I did the financials and budgets for Cantor. So when I had questions regarding expenses regarding one thing or another Colleen was always so helpful. She always had a smile on her face and a great disposition about everything.
    Colleen I know you are in a better place surrounded by a great bunch of people. My heartfelt condolences to her family, she may be gone but she is not forgotten.

    Theresa Nugent, Co-worker
  • I know today, March 13th, is Colleen’s 27th birthday. I did not know Colleen personally, but I do know her wonderful mother and father, JoAnn and Tom, from a support group my parents and I were in on Monday nights. You see, my brother, Wayne, also perished on September 11th, a few floors below Colleen. I feel like I do know Colleen, however, from all of the wonderful stories her Mom and Dad spoke about in our group. A sweet, caring, intelligent, beautiful young woman full of life and always with a smile…that was Colleen. I know Colleen was very creative and enjoyed writing poetry. In fact, her Mom read to our group the first poem Colleen ever wrote. On this day, I would like to leave Colleen’s family with a poem. I hope that her loved ones find peace and comfort in knowing that the “candles” that would have been on Colleen’s birthday cake are the shining stars above. Look to the heavens and you will see her smile…


    They come and stare in silence,
    Where they both stood,
    Like two candles, light snuffed out.
    An empty space filled with love,
    Washed clean by tears.
    They stand alone, but not alone,
    And ask,
    “Where else should I go?”
    But do not linger for too long here,
    Anchored by grief.
    Those taken,
    Would not want that.
    And, as one might reply,
    Go on wherever life might lead,
    For we shall live on,
    Inside your hearts,

    Lynne V. Russo-Linale, Friend of JoAnn and Tom
  • We never had the pleasure of meeting Colleen. However, we have learned so much about this beautiful young woman from her proud and loving parents, Joann and Tom, in a support group we attended together. Our son, Wayne, was also in Tower One on that fateful September day. He never came home. No parent should ever have to endure the pain of losing a child. It is not the natural order of things.

    On this very emotional day, Colleen’s 27th birthday, we wish her family and friends peace and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    To Colleen: You and Wayne seemed to have been so much alike. We are sure that on this day, your birthday, he will be there to celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday, Colleen…

    Say goodnight, not goodbye
    You will never leave my heart behind
    Like the path of a star
    I’ll be anywhere you are

    In the spark that lies beneath the coals
    In the secret place inside your soul
    Keep my light in your eyes
    Say goodnight, not goodbye…

    Arthur and Arlene Russo, Friends of JoAnn and Tom
  • I worked at Cantor for 2 years, and for those 2 years, I shared an office with Colleen and Felix Vale. Working as the facilities coordinator at Cantor was my first real job, and Colleen and I hit it off instantly. We were the only 2 girls in the facilities department, which bonded us. We would go up to the 104 fl. smoking room a few times a day, and we would laugh and share stories. She was so genuine! She was such a dedicated worker. I really did look up to her as a mentor. She was patient with me as she showed me the ropes! I will always remember Col as being so warm hearted, and funny! Cantor holds a special place in my heart, but the employees of the facilities department, I hold close to my soul. My prayers go out to Danny and Col’s parents.

    Cathy O'Connell, Former Cantor Employee
  • Dear Colleen,
    I can’t believe it’s 7 months already. I thought with time it would get easier, but everyday is just as hard as the first day I realized you were among the missing. You didn’t deserve to be taken from this life yet. I have such fond memories of us growing up together. I miss our little chats that we had to catch up on our lives. I wish there were more of them. I know you are watching all of us now & never miss anything that’s going on in our lives. But I wish you could still be apart of it. I think about the last time we saw each other @ my baby shower in June, & think that that wasn’t supposed to be the last time we saw each other. You touched my life in so many ways. I always looked up to you! I love & miss you more than I can handle sometimes. Until we meet again, I will hold my memories close to my heart. I was so blessed to have had you as my friend. I always knew you were an angel in disguise. You are missed by everyone that knew you & even those who never got to meet you! LYLAS!xoxoxoxoxo Terrie

    Terrie, Lifetime Friend
  • Our Dearest Colleen;
    Colleen, we need to write you this letter even though 7 months have passed since you were so horribly taken from us. There is a terrible void in our lives that cannot be filled. We miss you so much! Our hearts are broken and our eyes are still filled with tears. All of our dreams are shattered: the shopping weekends while visiting you at your newly built home in the Pocono’s, watching you achieve your goals working at Cantor Fitzgerald in The World Trade Center, and most precious of all, the hope of grandchildren, all the family gatherings with you, your handsome new husband Dan of less than one year, and his two daughters Crystal and Kayla. We will continue to watch over them and guide them in your absence knowing how much you loved them.
    Your brother, Daryl, went ahead with his wedding in November and married Linda. The day was a mixture of emotion for all of us. Daryl put a picture of you with your flowers at the altar during the ceremony. You will always be remembered in our hearts.
    Dad and I visit ground zero often and bring flowers to you. We hope you can feel us there as we feel your presence. We have met many parents that have lost a child on 9-11 and became close friends.
    You were an ambitious young woman full of promise and excitement at all the new challenges ahead. Dad and I know you are helping to organize everyone from the 9-11 tragedy in heaven. You are with good people; only the best were chosen.
    We love you and miss you but know someday we will be together again. Until then, your smile will be what we remember the most when we think of you.
    Love Always,
    Mom & Dad

    Jo Ann Meehan, Mother
  • Thank you to Tom and JoAnn for helping me to get to know Colleen through memories. I was involved in a project where a quilt block was created for every one of the 9/11 victims. The block I made was for Colleen. In working with Tom and JoAnn, I was able to put together a small memorial on this 18″ square quilt block. This may have only been a small portion of her life, but it is one that will live on forever. From the bottom of my heart, please know that you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Heartfelt Hugs,

    Lee Anne, New Friend
  • Hey Col…I’m at a loss for words. I wish it was just that easy and I could turn the clock back and make up for lost time and bad decisions. Waited 10 months, afraid of what I had to say. I miss you terribly. Said I’m sorry thousands of times, never thought it would be this hard, never thought it would come to this. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or hear your laughter in my mind. I wish I could make up for lost time and lost memories…Know how much you ment to me and that sometimes, actions DON’T speak louder than words…Words have a powerful meaning sometimes and know that from the bottom of my heart and soul I love you and everyday I miss you more and more. I’ll see you in the sky…Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s a Lord of them, and a friend will not say never cause the welcome will not end. Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know, that a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.

    Kelly, Friend
  • Hey Col, Can’t stop thinking about you! So I thought I would send you a little message. I guess it’s just starting to hurt even more again since it’s almost a year. Today is Vanessa & Matthew’s first birthday. I can’t stop thinking about him. I wonder all the time if you are watching over him for me. Please keep him cradled in your wing until we can all be together again. I miss you like crazy Col. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever truely sink in that you are gone. I visit you everyday at the websites. It brings a little comfort to me & I feel like we are somehow together when I read all your tributes over & over again. You will forever be in my heart! When the sun shines so bright I know you are smiling down on us. Your smile will always be what keeps my happy thoughts going. Love you!!!!

    Terrie, Lifetime Friend
  • In the past year, like all the world, I have carried with me what happened on that day. I have look through the tributes so many times and I always come back to Colleen’s. I used to be someone that worried about everything – sept 11 changed all that. I am 11 days younger than Colleen and although I don’t know her personally, I feel that I have a connection with her – I am unable to get her picture out of my mind and whenever I feel myself wasting my life by worrying, I remember Colleen and the life I have that she does not. All the things I have read about her on this tribute are the very things I aspire to be. Although Collen does not know this – she has given me a gift; the realisation that the meaning of life is just to ‘enjoy it’. Thankyou Colleen. Thoughts to her husband, family and friends – I will always remember.

    Nadine, Stranger
  • On Oct. 3, 2001 Carolyn called me to let me know thatthey found your partial remains. I was shocked and relieved at the same time. At least there was some closure. On Oct. 3, 2002 @ 3:44 am Reilley Colleen-Ann was sent down to us from a special angel in heaven. I truly believe that you were there with me for her birth. I know that you will be her guardian angel. Please help me to watch over her & guide her throughout her life. I hope that she will grow up to be half the woman that you were. I will tell her all about you when she gets older so that she will always be proud of her beautiful name. I love you & miss you more then words could say. Until we meet again…LYLAS XOXOXO

    Terrie, Lifetime Friend
  • “We Will Never Forget”, these words have echoed since 9.11.01.

    But now as that echo beings to fade away, what of those who so proudly claimed “We Will Never Forget.”

    No longer from the White House Lawn, or The hallowed Halls of Congress Do we hear that echo of those words “We Will Never Forget”.

    No longer from the Editorial Pages, or the TV commentators lips, Do we hear that echo of those words “We Will Never Forget”.

    No longer from our family, friends, and neighbors, do we hear the Echo of those words “We Will Never Forget”.

    “We Will Never Forget” was a sacred vow, to all of those lost that day ,that their sacrifices would not fade away.

    So let us not forget to say the vow we made that day “We Will Never Forget”

    For the Echo of these Words should never fade away.
    They are written on our hearts.
    Remember to say them each day.

    Never Forget Colleen and all the other souls that were murdered on that day!!

    Danny, Husband
  • Jan 26 2003
    Hey Girl, I miss u so much! So many things have taken place u wouldnt believe. Everything is so crazy. I miss you…..and I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!

    Patrick, Cousin
  • Well Col, its been 18 months since you were murdered and today is your 28th birthday. I still cant believe that you are gone. I hope you have a great birthday in heaven and have lots of buddies to have fun with. I will see you again.

    missing you,


    Danny, Husband
  • A Grieving Fathers Prayer…
    Our Father…Who art in Heaven…
    I come to you with a heavy heart today…
    I know you know..but I have lost my child..
    And am feeling like I have lost my way.

    People seem to think I am so strong…
    I am not invincible…I am not superman…
    I am just a grieving Father…missing my child
    And could use a friendly helping hand.

    I have always been the typical fixer-upper type of Dad…
    I could fix anything…ever since I was ten…
    But I cannot fix the clock of time…
    But, Please God, can you help me wind it up again?

    Please bless all the grieving Fathers….
    Each hour throughout this day….
    With the strength to keep moving ahead…
    Even one baby step at a time …would be okay.

    Please bless all grieving Fathers…
    Each Day throughout this week…
    And guide them on their journey of grief…
    As the meaning of life they do seek.

    Please bless all grieving Fathers…
    Each week this whole month through…
    With memories to last a lifetime….
    And understanding friends to turn to.

    Please bless all grieving Fathers…
    Each month throughout this year…
    With hugs to comfort…in our time of need
    And people to realize…our grief doesnt just disappear.

    Please bless all grieving Fathers…
    Each Year until the end of time…
    With faith in You…to see us through…
    From sunrise to sunset…for our whole lifetime.

    Please God Bless all the grieving fathers…and family members too,
    Each day throughout this year…
    As seasons change…
    And time unfolds…
    Day by day…
    Month by month…
    Year by year…
    And especially today…on this Remembrance Day September 11,2003

    Copyright © June 2001 Written by :
    Laura/Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
    Library of Congress TX5-627-966
    Permission has been granted for its use for the families of 9.11.01

    Thomas J. Meehan III, Father
  • Danny,

    I did not know Colleen, but I did know one survivor of that awful day. Since then, I have felt it my duty to learn about the people who died on that day, and to never forget them. I agree with you that far too many people have just moved on… not that life should not go on, but we can NOT forget what happened on that day and we can not forget the souls who were killed. I want you to know, that not everyone has forgotten, I pray for those who died and their loved ones every day. I mark the anniversary each year, by giving thanks to our local police, fire and EMT departments, then we leave flowers at the site. My daugher was only 8 months old when this awful event happened, but she will grow up knowing what happened that day and showing respect for those who were killed. I hope that it gives you some comfort, in some way, to know that although others seemed to have just gone on as if nothing ever happened, there are also many like me, who will NEVER, EVER FORGET.



    Elsa, None
  • Danny; I live in California. I knew no one who died or had a loved one die in the 9-11 murders. I had nothing to do with any of it except that I am an American who realized how precious our freedom is that day. I won’t say that I can imagine how you must feel every day of your life. I can’t. But, I will tell you that I will never, ever, for as long as I live, forget what happened on September 11, 2001 to innocent people such as your wife. Yes, we move on, we don’t have a choice because life still goes on, however, even those of us who were so far from the tragedy, will see any form of “911” and think for a moment about the lives lost and sorrow caused by hatred and ignorance. We have to just remember to keep our lives free of that same hatred and ignorance in honor of our fellow Americans who are not longer here. I think you can be sure that there are many like me who will NEVER, EVER forget. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless…


    Peggy Henkel, Fellow American
  • Colleen,
    It’s the second anniversary of your death at the WTC. I can’t believe all this time has passed…it only feels like yesterday.
    You are missed and loved so very much. I hope you will be able to feel the love being sent to you tomorrow at Ground Zero. I think about you everyday…I remember all the fantastic memories we share…I will always remember your beautiful smile. I love you Colleen and I will always remember the good times.
    Love forever

    Jo Ann Meehan, Mother
  • As I sit here and read these tributes, over 2 1/2 years later, I learned that you and I share the same Birthday, one year apart. I was working in the building next to you that day, 7 WTC, and I want your family to know that I will never forget the victims of 9/11. It is amazing how many lives you touched in your short time here…God Bless you and your loved ones.

    Christopher Roche, Stranger
  • Merry Christmas Colleen

    This is the third Christmas without you. I have met so many wonderful people relatives of your friends. Thank you for leading them to me, it really helps to talk with people that understand…I miss you so much!

    Love forever, Mom

    Jo Ann Meehan, Mother
  • To Mrs. Meehan,
    May God bless and protect you each day. I did not know your daughter, but reading these tributes makes me feel like I did. Colleen is surely an angel among angels.

    Erin, Massachusetts
  • To the husband and parents of Colleen,

    On the 1st anniversary of 9/11 I read through many books and came to learn about Cantor Fitzgerald and all of the employees that were lost. I was truly saddened. When I think of 9/11, it’s always the lost employees that I think of. It’s always this site that I return to. Every year, I read more and more stories of the lost employees. Today is the third anniversary, and Colleen’s story, is the one that touched me the most. I can’t even imagine how you must feel, but I just wanted to let you know that Colleen will be in my prayers, as will you and your family.
    Please know that some people will never forget, and I am definitely one of those.

    Angel Calderon, a very touched stranger
  • Colleen,
    My heart is still broken and I miss you so much. It does not feel as though four years have already gone by since your death. You are missed just as much today as you were in 2001. You will forever be treasured in my heart.
    Your brother is now a Dad, he has a beautiful baby girl named after you. Brett Colleen Meehan.
    I guess you already know this as I am sure you are watching over and protecting her.
    Dad and I will be at Ground Zero for the Anniversary we will bring your favorite flowers.
    Love Mom

    JoAnn Meehan, Mother
  • May God Bless Colleen & all who were lost that tragic day. They are our Angels in the sky.

    4 years later, I did not forget. I will NEVER forget…

    Jennifer, Stranger, New York
  • I posted a tribute for Colleen on this website a couple of years ago and I often re-visit to read further tributes that have been written. I still clearly remember Colleen’s photo and often think about the tragedies of that day and the senseless loss to so many. I wanted Colleen’s family to know that the words I posted those few years ago are still as valid today, 4 years on from 9/11, as they were then. Your daughter/ wife/ sister & friend still continues to touch people’s lives and your loss is still felt by so many. I wish I could give something back to you as a family for what your loss has given others. My thoughts are still with you.

    Nadine, Stranger
  • I think about Colleen almost daily. I also think about you, Dan. I hope time has braught you some healing. I also hope that the girls are ok. I am sure that they are no longer girls, almost woman! I will never forget the night of the 11th, coming home from her parents house very late and seeing Colleen’s IM. I then noticed it was you and I felt terrible for not being there to get your email.

    Colleen’s life has affected all of us who knew her and it is just touching to see how many people have honored her after her death. Having Colleen in my life has taught me to live my life to the fullest and to take chances. I know that she would want me to experience good things in life, just as she was before 9/11! The world was cheated out of so many great people on 9/11 and I wish more people could have seen what a great being she was. From these postings on this page many can see the beauty she braught to us while she was here. Her life and death has touched me in so many ways! Like the sister I never had. Forver Missed!

    Truly a great American Beauty!

    Carolyn, Like A Sister
  • Dear Coleen…I have never met you, but have grown to know and love you through your parents, Tom and JoAnn..When I first found out that you were one that was murdered the day of 9/11, I wanted to tell your parents how terribly sorry I was and often thought how can those two wonderful people keep going. It is I know through FAITH alone and their love for you and our Great God…How wonderful for you to be with our Lord and the time will come when you will be all together.
    I have become so fond of your parents and they have been so caring to me and even had me over this year for New Years Day..The best thing is I was looking for a cat and your Mom and Dad gave me my Tiger Lily..You sound like a precious daughter, too young to go, never will be forgotten and watching over your family with God.
    Mom and Dad are keeping busy, but I do know they miss you..Your brother and his family are sweet, Brett looks so much like you..This tribute is to you and all the others that died on that horrific day, LEST WE FORGET.We at Christ, Church, Toms River N.J. have bee Blessed with Tom and JoAnn..Sarah Everitt, friend of Tom and JoAnn Meehan

    Sarah Everitt, Tom & JoAnn's church friend
  • 7 years gone and is it seems like yesterday. We all miss you dearly!! Your memory is strong and it challenges me everyday. So many things in my mind my Heart has grown back but the scar is horrid and unmistakeable. You should be 33 now. Wow, miss ya Cous.

    Patrick Carlton, Cousin
  • 7 years gone and is it seems like yesterday. We all miss you dearly!! Your memory is strong and it challenges me everyday. So many things in my mind my Heart has grown back but the scar is horrid and unmistakeable. You should be 33 now. Wow, miss ya Cous.

    Patrick, Cousin
  • I cannot believe it’s been this long…when I think about you, I still can’t believe that you are gone. I have a picture of you @ my desk at work from a LONG time ago and you were so young; WE were so young, so innocent. Everytime I look at the picture I can’t help but smile and remember the times I stayed at your house, I practically lived there…I miss you so much. I still can’t believe this happened to you. Always remember: Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s Hands we know that a lifetime is not too long to live as friends…….

    Kelly, Friend
  • Hey Coll,
    It’s been 8 years tomorrow when you were brutally torn from us. They say time heals all wounds but that’s a bunch of shit if you ask me. Every time i think of it i still cry; it will never get any easier. I have tried so hard to live a better life and live up to the gift that was ripped from you. I hope you look down at me and smile with pride just as I look up at you with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face remembering all the life we lived together. We were crazy! Your Mom and Dad are doing ok loving on Brett and Ryann as they grow. Yesterday was Brett’s first day of school she is five already. Your dad sent pictures out. We all miss you so much! God Bless you Coll! You are with me in everything i do!

    Your Cuz

    Patrick Carlton, Cousin
  • Colleen touched my heart, I did not know her personally, but in my need to learn about those that lost their life so tragically on that day, she touched my heart. Colleen was loved by so many as I read her tributes, her life story stayed with me. I couldn’t help but grieve for her step daughters and husband. Several years ago I met this great guy through work, who during our time working together he told me he lost his wife in 9/11, immediately I knew Colleen was his wife, this kind soul who had touched my heart. I almost broke down in tears right there, but I couldn’t tell this stranger I had just met, I knew his wife because of her death. Danny, is a great person, he loved her beyond words. Colleen’s loving soul helped me heal emotionally and getting to know Danny only reinforced her kindness…
    Danny in celebration of Colleen’s life she lived the love she gave and all she touched, my prayers are for all those who were blessed to have her in their life………”we must not forget” take care.

    Jackie, stranger
  • Wow, it’s been almost 10 years exactly and I’m reading these tributes. This one for Colleen is bringing tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine what you all went through when you lost someone so special in such a horrible way.

    God Bless you all, and to you Colleen in heaven. I’m sure you’re still watching over your family from above.

    Vicki, Stranger
  • It’s been ten years but it feels like yesterday. I am reading some memorials as a way to give support to those who lost their life that day. I hope you know that I took the time to read about your wife, daughter and friend and wish you peace. She seems like a beautiful person.

    Claudette, none
  • Dear Colleen,

    I never met you but your life story touched me. So on this 11th anniversary I promise to NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!! Rest in peace!!!

    Caroline, Stranger

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