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  Lawrence I Beck

Date of Birth: February 4, 1963
Department: Mailroom
Position: Mailroom Clerk

Larry was a fun-loving person who loved to listen to music, dance, have a few beers and go on a cruise once a year. He also enjoyed watching baseball, the Mets being his favorite team.
He was devoted to his family, especially his nieces Isabel and Michaela. He loved sharing in all our family birthdays and anniversaries and he loved to buy presents for the girls.
He enjoyed his job in the mailroom at Cantor because ho got to walk all over the company delivering the mail and chatting with all the other employees.
We will really miss his presence in our family.

Susan Beck, Mother
  • Larry was a very special person and my heart goes out to his family. Larry would always ask me how my daughter was doing and he always talked to me about his two adorable nieces. Larry will greatly missed.

    RICK WATSON, Mgr/Friend
  • Larry was a kind and gentle spirit who will be greatly missed. He always made a point to be at his Mom and Dad’s house when we visited. We know that Larry is now at peace. May God bless Sue and Ted, his parents, and all those who have suffered this most grievous of losses.

    Steve and Patti Reifman, Cousins
  • Larry and I understood each other in a special way.The first thing Larry would say when we saw each other was “Dave do you want a drink” ???
    That was the greeting of a pal.

    Dave Roberts, Friend and neighbor
  • Larry IS is our nephew. He may be among the missing, but to us he is “here.” Whenever we are together as family, one of us always remarks “Larry would have liked this.” or “Larry would have enjoyed this” and that’s because he is in our thoughts.
    Larry never missed a birthday or an anniversary or a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and the cards he chose were always the most beautiful and the most touching. He was very close to family and we to him. We will always remember you Larry wherever you may be.
    Aunt Alma and Uncle Bill

    Alma and Bill Greenberg, Aunt and Uncle
  • What can I say about Larry? His love of life was an inspiration! He absolutely adored his beautiful nieces and he took such genuine pleasure in asking about my daughter. I was always so happy to see pictures of Isabel and Michaela because the joy that he experienced when he talked about them was more than words can describe. Larry was a dedicated employee who loved his job and the firm and he is missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him.

    Lisa Herrel Rispoli, Former Co-worker
  • I didn’t know Larry very well, but I would like to share some thoughts anyway. From what I saw, he seemed like a guy who loved life. He adored his family and especially his little niece and nephew. They will grow up having a part of him. Larry is now in a place where he will always be young and full of life. Thats all I have to say for now. May God bless all of you who read this and may God Bless America.

    Lucy Bivona, We belonged to the same social group
  • Larry was the sweetest man that anyone could have known. He will be greatly missed. My heart and prayers are with his family.
    “The party’s in heaven now, Larry.”

    Maureen, Co-worker
  • The tragedy of September 11th has taken Larry from us but will never erase his life from memory. I remember the happy day he was born, and the times he played “elevator” with his grandpa. His Bar Mitzvah was such an accomplishment. With the help of his wonderful parents he met the difficult challenges and grrew into a responsible, loving man. Nothing can take that away. My wish is that he’s in a better place “enjoying the music”.

    Michele Seigal, A Dear Friend
  • Having known Larry since he was a very young boy I can only say loving things about him. There was never a time when Larry saw me that he didn’t greet me and ask how I was. During the time when I had close family members that were very ill, he took the time to ask about them with much sincerity. He loved music and my husband got much pleasure out of providing him with records from the business he was in. He will be missed by all.

    Harriet Fuhrman, Friend
  • I worked with Larry for almost a year. He was the kindest man. He never had anything bad to say about anyone, and that smile of his just lite up the room!!
    He always wanted to go out and have a beer!! He will be missed.

    Cathy O'Connell, Former Cantor Employee
  • Larry, no matter what was going on always had a smile on his face. The way he used to dance in the mailroom will never be forgotten. How’s it going there pal??? Cuzo you will never be forgotten….my thoughts and prayers go to him, his family and his friends.

    Joe Mele, Co-Worker
  • Larry loved me to leave singing messages on his answering machine. On his birthday I would call and sing “Happy Birthday” the way Marilyn Monroe sang to President Kennedy. All breathy, when I got to “Happy Birthday Mr.President, OH… Larry you’re not the President!! Have a beautiful day Larry!!” He LOVED that. He would ask Mark to have me call and sing. So I would sing messages about anything, the weather, anything. It’s funny the secrets people share. Unless of course he told…
    To my sometimes dinner date. XXX

    Patricia Jones, Friend
  • 1/14/02 Larry always came to family events. We counted on his being there. We were so glad to have seen him at my father’s second Bar Mitzvah (age 83) and had wanted to see him at our son’s Bar Mitzvah in October. Even in our joy in October there was sadness that he was not with us. We will never forget him.

    Leslie Kallus, Second Cousin
  • The mail room was very close to the kitchen and I would always see Larry and we would talk and he was always such a nice guy.We both had to go from floor to floor and were always bumping into each other. He loved the Swedish Meatballs that we served and I would always tell him when they were on the menu. He was a very special man and I, for one, will miss him!!! I pray for his family.

    Caroline Carbonaro, Former Mgr Cantor Cafe
  • Larry, you are always in our thoughts. Every week when I would speak to your Mom, I would inquire about you and what was going on with you. We recall when you went to Israel for vacation and when you returned you brought us a Chanukah menorah from Israel. Very glad that we spent time together in August at a family celebration. We will never forget you.
    Great Aunt Lee and Great Uncle Bebe

    Lee and Ruby Hecht, Great aunt and uncle
  • Larry, we miss your smile. We miss your calls. We enjoyed the relationship that we shared. The last time we saw you was at your Great Uncle’s second Bar Mitzvah. We will always cherish the picture of your smiling face as you greated us. You have left a void in our family. You will be thought of always.

    Gilda and Morris Hecht, Great Aunt & Great Uncle
  • Larry Beck was no doubt my best worker. I always told people I wish I had more than one Larry working for me. Larry (cuzo) was one of the greatest people I ever met. The mailroom will definitely not be the same without Larry. I will miss you cuzo.

    John Roman, Mailroom Supervisor
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Larry since the day he was born. He was always a very special person to our family. Larry always refered to me as Paley (his fathers name for me) and I to him as L.B. His family was most important to him especially his two little neices Isabel & Michaela. Larry didn’t have a mean bone in his body and only wanted the basic things in life that we all take for granted. I will miss Larry Beck, I hope he has found peace.

    Stan Seigal, Family Friend
  • I knew Larry since he was a child. He had the unique…unique…ability to pass on good cheer. His friendliness was contagious. He would rarely let me pass by without a “Hi Ben. How’s things?” To Larry I say, “Hi right back at ya, friend. And all the best of wishes.”

    Benjamin, Friend
  • Larry was a very nice guy, I remember I used to see him every morning waiting by the elevator and he would always say good morning. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers got out to Larry and his family.

    Donna, Co-worker
  • All I have to say is I loved Larry. Larry was one of those special people who just touches your heart when you meet him. The world needs more people like him. I smile when I think of him and my prayers are with his entire family.

    Jennifer Varilla, Former co-worker
  • Larry was a great person with the best attitude. He always had something nice to say and enjoyed being an intergral part of the machine that was Cantor. I can’t remember a morning that he didn’t drop by my office for a “hello” and short chat. And, he was always quick to show off his family pictures! I’m a better person for knowing Larry.

    Stuart Fraser, Co-worker
  • Larry was always full of life, love and laughter. He would always find away to make people feel good. Larry you will be missed. You will always be in my prayers.

    Jennifer, Co-worker
  • We knew Larry since he was a little boy.
    He was always a very warm and friendly boy.
    He had a very good sense a humor he always laughed at Lenny’s jokes.
    We will miss him.
    Love Rita and Lenny

    Rita and Len Hymowitz, Friend
  • Although I did not know Larry very well the one thing I can say about him is that he in his life was dealing with everything that all of us deal with, that is wanting a dating relationship as well as the insecurity of moving into his own apartment. I know he will be remembered and those who are remembered never die.

    Ronald Mash, We were members of a social group
  • Larry, my man, my man-when I think of yesterday it brings back those simple times-when a man was a man, and a friend was a friend- Larry, you always bring me back to those simple times of yesterday, when you said-what you meant-and you meant-what you said- not a lot of men in the world like this- you had a truly honest soul. I sit and reminisce, I think of the good times- Take Care Old Friend, please watch over me- PEACE.

    Mark S. Fierro, Good friend
  • Larry was my cousin but growing up together he was more like my younger brother.
    When my first son was born, Larry had bought him a blanket and my son loved that blanket so much. That made me happy because one of the things that was so cherished by my son was given to him by Larry who stood for all of those things that that blanket was to my little boy; warm, lovable, comforting and dependable.
    Knowing that I won’t hear Larry’s voice on the phone on the day my family and I arrive home to NY to visit is just too much to bear.
    Bye Lar, I love you and I miss you terribly.
    You will be in my heart forever.

    Ilene Fallas, Cousin
  • The simple things in life brought Larry so much joy – a cold beer, good food, baseball, music and playing with his neices. His only desire was to love and be loved. And he succeeded. We loved him and he was truly an integral part of our family. He is deeply missed, never forgotten and always in our hearts.

    Scott, Jenny, Isabel and Michaela

    Scott & Jenny Beck, Brother and sister-in-law
  • The last time I saw Larry was at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house in New York. We talked about nice things. I will miss him very much and I am very sad for my Aunt Susan, Uncle Teddy and cousin Scott.

    Gillian, Cousin
  • Larry & I would go for beers from time to time with other friends & co-workers and it was always a great time. He would always talk about his family and how proud he was being an Uncle. I will never forget that smile of his, it is etched in my memory forever. I’ll see you one day and we’ll go for a few. Take care “Larry Lar'”

    Rob Emery, Co-Worker
  • Larry was a great mailroom clerk who knew his job very well. He was very happy doing this kind of job because it gave him some time to speak with all those he brought mail to. He always told me about his beautiful nieces he loved so much. He always looked forward to his vacation – he always had places to go and he really enjoyed life as it came. I know I really miss him, but he is in a better place then I am. He is with all the angels in Heaven which is the most beautiful place to be. My love goes out to his family and my prayers are with all of you.

    With much love,

    Alicia Leguillow, Co-worker
  • Larry always with a smile for me. No matter how things were going whenever I showed up in the office Larry always was so excited and would ask how things were going in London. He would tell the latest news of his nieces and brother and sister-in-law. Of course, if it was baseball season, I’d hear about the Mets. A sweet man. May he have the peace he so richly deserves.

    Saul Handelsman, Friend and co-worker
  • Visiting New York will never be the same for me or my family because the happy eager face of Larry will not be coming to the door. Larry would greet us with a warm handshake hug and a “what’s going on?”, every time we visited. He would play for hours with all my children. Larry brought such joy and excitement into all of our lives and still does with the fond memories we have of such a great guy. Larry’s genuine kind heart is alive with us forever. Love Steve

    Steven Haubenstock, Cousin-in-law
  • Larry was one of the gang while growing up that hung out together at all of our family’s special events. We were the younger ones; dancing, singing, eating and having a great time. I always looked forward to seeing cousin Larry. He always was interested in what was going on. I will always be thankful that I got to see and visit with Larry last August. I will miss you not being on this earth. Love, your cousin, Jessica

    Jessica Wittcoff, Second cousin
  • Larry was definitely one of kind. He always said hello and sometimes he would make small talk. He knew every one by name and would greet them all.

    Larry, I know you are missed by your family and friends because of the person you were.

    May God Bless you and the Beck Family. For you may gone, but you will not be forgotten.

    Theresa Nugent, Co-worker
  • I was very deeply saddened to hear of Larry’s passing. I remember him from childhood as a very gentle soul and my heart goes out to his family.

    Julie Cohn, Childhood Neighbor
  • 9/11/02
    Can’t believe a year has gone by and you are not with us celebrating the Holidays and other Simchas.
    We all miss you. Every time I have a beer I say
    this one for you Larry and a tears come to my eyes.
    Uncle Bill

    Bill Greenberg, Uncle

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