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  Thomas Cahill

Date of Birth: September 14, 1964
Department: Governments Zero Desk
Position: Trader/ Government Bond Broker

On behalf of our family, I thank you for attending this remembrance of our friend and brother Tom Cahill. It gives our family great strength.
Tommy loved life completely and lived it intensely. I am proud to be his brother. I am proud to stand before you and describe his life.
My brother and I are 17 months apart. He was the “younger brother,” he just didn’t know it! He never failed to keep up. He anxiously met every challenge. Some would call him fearless. Some would even say a daredevil.
I learned early in life that Tommy was my ever-present ally. A local bully was brought before us by his mother so we could strike him back. Before I could act, Tommy set after him in my defense. The child retreated in fear. Tommy was 3-1/2 years old. That is quite a beginning.
Tommy was educated in our local schools. Most Blessed Sacrament and Indian Hills High School. He easily made friends. He also learned his Christian faith. We soon discovered Tommy was a gifted athlete, blessed with natural abilities. He excelled at multiple sports and the list is long: baseball, basketball, tennis, football and skiing. Later, he would develop an interest in cycling, golf and fishing. Now, golf proved to be somewhat humbling. He strived to master it. His approach was total commitment – all or nothing. Tommy was my fishing partner. Due to his many commitments he was unable to sail on every trip. I always took pleasure in calling him with the results of our catch. I can still tell him, I just don’t need a phone, he’ll always be with me.
Total commitment and motivation would serve Tommy well s he began his professional life. He entered the financial industry after graduating from Johns Hopkins University. He experienced success early in life – it did not change him. His humility would not allow it. He became known for his generosity. Tommy’s co-workers were soon added to his growing list of friends. They became his extended family. I should know, I got all their medical questions.
As he progressed forth in life, Tommy developed an uncanny ability to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. He place other’s first. His group of friends varied from the nearly homeless to a fortune 500 CEO. All were equal targets for his sharp wit.
Tommy developed a strength of character that became obvious to friends and family alike. People felt close to him. He was a wonderful brother and great son. His nieces and nephews could not stay away from him. He shared his home and pool with all.
We often sought his advice. The response was frequently humorous, but always insightful and carefully considered. He was, that rare person who could tell it to you straight without offense.
Tommy was well grounded in his Catholic faith. This he learned from our parents. He did not overly express it, but the foundation was strong. At times of sadness when a relative passed on he would often say that grief was for ourselves. Our loved ones were in heaven with God.
The world witnessed the sacrifice of our brother and many other innocent people. Our nation was able to observe the bravery and courage of our firefighters and policemen. Some gave their lives so that others may live. They are all heroes. They are soldiers of good pitted against the evil of terrorism. Their sacrifice in all likelihood will save the lives of millions.
I’ve heard it said that grief looks backward. Tom would want us to walk forward, excel in our lives and know that he is with God surrounded by grace and love. We no longer fear eternal life for we have a friend to welcome us.
God, please protect and bless our brother, Tommy Cahill.

James and Kathy Cahill, Parents
  • Tommy was a great person; a real human being. Eventhough he was blessed with good fortune, it never went to his head. He always treated people the way they should be treated – the exact way he wanted to be treated by others. What a loss, what a terrible sad loss for all of us to lose someone of such quality. Tommy you will be missed. My condolences go out to his family.

    David Bellows, Friend and co-worker.
  • Tommy was one of the first guys at Cantor to invite me out for a beer. When you are new in the training program, there aren’t all that many people looking to take you out and show you the ropes. Tommy was that type of guy, just a real person who honestly cared to see some of the younger people succeed. During my time down there, we had several nights where there was a lot of advice given (some even business related). He was always one of the guys I wanted to visit when I went back down to NYC. Tommy made an impact on me and I am proud to have known him. He will be missed dearly. I am praying for him and his family. God Bless you Tommy.

    Ryan Quinn, friend and co- worker
  • The first time out with Tommy was a long one.I ended up crashin at his place in battery park, which was a very nice commute to work.Always told me no matter how late you were out throwin a few back you make it to work on time. Tommy was the type of guy that would give you the shirt right off his back.Tommy you will be missed along with all of the guys from the Zeros desk. my prayers to your family

    T.B., friend former co worker
  • Though Tommy and I worked on adjoining desks for years, I got to know him real well in the last year and a half. Generally it was beers with Tom, John F.and Ted. Tom was a genuine down to earth guy, a guy I really enjoyed spending time with. He loved to talk golf and I tried to share as much as I knew about the game. We talked many times about getting together for a round and now I really regret we never got the chance. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cahill family.

    John H., friend, coworker
  • I worked with Tommy for seven years. I can still see him screaming into the ten year room trying to get into a trade. He was such a nice guy. We had many nights after softball games where we went out after for drinks and a cigar. I will cherish our moments together, thanks.

    Edward De Castro, coworker/friend
  • I just miss him, what more can I say? I wish he and my Tommy were still here with us – I love them both and miss them terrible. He was such a good guy and good friend to my Tom and even my little Tommy called him “Uncle Tom”. His sense of humor made us laugh so hard, Tom would come home with another Cahill story and we would both laugh together. Tom admired his sking ability, his live for the moment lifestyle and loved to fish and play golf with him – I only hope they were together on the 11th and will continue to be together. Love, Terry

    Terry Strada, friend
  • Tommy was a really sweet guy and I enjoyed working with him. My prayers are with his family and friends.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker
  • Tommy…We shared a lot of beers over the years, and I always enjoyed our time with Farrell, Boog, Lits, etc. at the Merc. You liked to have fun,but I’ll always remember the caring, considerate guy I really got to know over an incubator in a Manhattan hospital. We were both there to support our friend Jim Welsh, whose son Michael had been born prematurely. We didn’t really know each other prior to that, but the concern and decency you expressed that day made me realize you were a friend I wanted for the long haul….I didn’t have nearly enough time with you Tom, but I’m grateful to have known you…my prayers are with your family.

    PJ Kelly, Friend/co-worker
  • Well Tommy I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day in heaven you probably thought I forgot but I didn’t. I miss you very much you were my favorite. I really am glad that we got to be good friends at work and outside of work, I miss your teasing me and me telling you to shut up but in a good way. I will always have you in my heart.

    Love always, your buddy,
    Clarkey xoxox

    Donna Clark, Friend/co worker
  • I feel lucky that I knew Tommy.He was a special guy and a good mentor to my brother Neil who was also lost. It’s unbelieveable that all these super guys are gone. It makes me want to scream.But we must believe that they are in a great place and would want us all to carry on in their honor. I’ll always miss my chats on the phone with Tommy. He was a pleasure to talk with and always gave solid advice. And I can’t think of a better guy to have a beer with.God bless Tom and his family. I’ll miss him so much.

    Pete Dollard, Bond Dealer
  • I’ll never forget my first real encounter with Tom. He and the other
    “Zeros” had just started at Cantor a few months prior and we were at Moran’s on a Thursday. We were talking and he said to me “what are you, like 32?” with that sarcastic smile that I will really miss. Since I was only 27, I responded by throwing one of his crutches over the bar. And thus became the start of a beautiful friendship. I got to know him and his fellow Zero desk friends and I eventually married Al Maler in 1993. Tommy was one of a kind. Al loved him and so did I. I won’t forget all the hilarious stories, some of which I witnessed firsthand and many more as told to me by Al. I am comforted in that Tommy, Al and the others were all together in the end and I can feel that they are with us still even though it is not nearly good enough. My heart breaks for Tom’s family, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years. May you find solace in that Tommy was so dearly loved.

    Laura Maler, Friend
  • To the Cahill family,
    Sorry for your loss. Tommy was a great guy. He would do anything for anyone. I worked with Tommy in the Bond room for 9 years. He will be missed…MO

    Maureen Hunt, Co-worker
  • Hi, Tom, it’s been a while. I just want to say thanks for all the things you used to do for me – you were the best. At my wedding you made me laugh so hard, with you dancing and singing you were the party. I remember when me and my husband were just pulling up to the hall and my limo driver was backing up and guess who was behind the limo…you! We almost ran you over and then you realized it was us and you said, “It figures this is what happens when I show up 3 hours early and sit in a bar in Brooklyn.” I will never forget you, you were the best. You will be greatly missed Tommy. I will never forget you. Rest in peace my friend, we will meet again.

    Cheryl Carlsen-Pupo, Co-worker
  • Tommy was one of those guys I would see at a bar in Spring Lake, skiiing at Alta or in Central Park and each time we saw each other, regardless of the last time, it was like it was yesterday. The encounter went right into an outrageous story or one of our siblings current events or just a shot of tequila with nothing said. I would always depart wondering when we’d meet up again. Both our families had several siblings in a row, so there were several friendships within our families growing up….I won’t mention Tommy & Laura or Jimmy and Karen. Tommys death brings back a flood of great memories of the ITC, Indian Hills, parties at the Kirbys, tennis, mopeds…its endless…and not just for me, but for everyone that knew him. See you soon, Tom.

    Ted Kelleher, Childhood friend
  • My brother I miss you so deeply you are so loved by all of us. Mom, Dad, Jim, me, Kerry and Chris we all love you and miss you . You were and still are the best brother I could of ever asked for. I used to think I knew what true and real love is but I never understood it until after the 11th when I wanted you to still be alive so badly, I wouldn’t stop calling and a very very wise man said to me “Kathy, let him go” Tommy wouldn’t be happy if he couldn’t live physically able like he used to. God has him .God has all of your buddies from Cantor. We all love You and think of you each and every day, I love you my beautiful Brother.

    Kathy Cahill- Psirogianes, SISTER
  • Tom, I miss you so! You made such a difference in my life. You touched my life & soul like no one ever had before. Words cannot express the joy you brought into my life and utter sadness when you were taken away. But I feel your presence and know that you are with all of us that care so deeply for you whether we feel your presence or not. “May your strength be our strength, may your faith be our faith, may your love be our love…I’ll lift my life to you.” (from Bruce Springstein “The Rising”)

    Joanne, friend
  • One year later after these horrific tragedies I am still visiting this site to pay my respects for all those individuals who lost their lives as well as the ones that I knew and dealt with on a personal/business level. I had come across the Cahill last name and remembered that I worked with Kathy Cahill at Marine Midland Bank about 9-10 years ago, dealt with her dad on a daily basis and even attended her wedding. Altough Kathy and I lost touch, I will always remember what a wonderful person she was and what a beautiful family the Cahill’s were. Although I didn’t know Tom, I’m sure he was a wonderful, loving, good hearted person like Kathy, their parents and other brothers and sister. I want to take this moment to let the Cahill family know you’re all in my thoughts and prayers and may god bless you all and take care of you. I’m sure your brother/son is looking down at each and everyone one of you including his nieces and nephews and watching over you. May God Be With You.

    With love,

    Carmen Mercado Reveron, Old Colleague of Kathy-Tom's Sister
  • Tommy you are the best son, brother, uncle and friend to all of us. Tommy was and is the light in many peoples’ lives. Tommy was a man full of integrity, warmth,humor,kindness, genorosity, humble and the best friend you could have. Tomy was the life of the party and so happy to see everyone geniunely happy in life. EVERYONE loved TOMMY CAHILL…. Tommy was a great athelete and he loved to play sports of pretty much any kind. Tommy cared about people. He was one of those people who could talk to anyone and make that person feel great. We miss him each and every day and we are devastated by his loss. But we know Tommy would want us to go on living our lives with the dignity and respect that he lived his life. We know that Tommy is with his buddies from Cantor watching down on us . We love and miss him more than words can say. He was the best son a parent could ask for as well as the greatest brother, uncle and friend. WE love you Tommy.. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, Love Mom, Dad, Jim, Kathy, Kerry and Chris

    The Cahills, Family
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Hi Tommy

    I just wanted to wish you another Happy Valentines Day in heaven, I miss you very much.and you are always in my heart forever.

    Your pal

    Donna Clark, Friend
  • HI Tommy

    I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am thinking of all of you up there. I Miss you.

    Love Clarkey

    D. Clark, friend
  • Tommy,
    Wel itis coming up on the third anniversary and we all feel as if it was yesterday…. Please give us the strength to deal with this horrendous loss. I miss you as we all do so badly it hurts….. I miss your handsome face and your beautiful smile.. I especially miss the way you looked at me with such brotherly love and concern. You always loved to tease me so much… I felt your deep love for me and for our family.. I saw the love you had for your friends…. You are still the coolest…. Ashley and Taylor and now my son Jason Thomas will always know about their UncleTommy and what an amazing person you were and are.. OUR FAMILY CHAIN WILL LINK AGAIN AS GOD CALLS US ONE BY ONE… I love you my brotherxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooooo Kathy

    Kathy, sister
  • Tommy you are still thought about and remembered…Happy Birthday


    Helen Lesch Mannion, Friend
  • dear tommy, fond memories remain etched in my heart.peace be with u forever..love frenchie

    ralph vitagliano, friend-co worker
  • dear tommy, fond memories remain etched in my heart.peace be with u forever..love frenchie

    ralph vitagliano, friend-co worker
  • Kathy thanks so much for your tribute to Neil.You probably didn’t realize it,but it posted on his birthday.That was a nice present for him and for all of us who loved him.I hope you and your family are doing OK these days.I know just how tough it’s been on you.I’m still in the same business and miss talking to Tommy and all those special Cantor guys.There is always a hole whenever our Wall St.pals get together.They will never be forgotten.

    Pete Dollard, friend,brother of co-worker
  • We were always laughing……thanks Ryno

    andy ryan, co worker

    kathy, sister
  • HI Tommy
    Well 4years have gone by now, I still miss you and everyone else up there. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday (even though it is in 2days) I am sure you will be smoking a cigar and drinking a beer with everyone, I miss you so much.


    Donna, Friend/ Co workker

  • You are in our hearts this Christmas and New Year and always…….We Love and miss you and know you are in Heaven watching over all of us..

    family, Tommy's Family
  • Merry Christmas we all love you

    family, family

    anonymous, anonymous
  • i miss you so much but know you are in heaven keep showing us you are watching over us all….you are missed each day every day i miss everything about you.. you were so unique and rare…love you

    anonymous, anonymous

    kathy, sister
  • Tom,
    Happy Birhtday in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    A loved one lives forever in the hearts of those who cared. A loved one lives forever in the memories that were shared.

    Michael Iezzi, Friend
  • Coming up on valentines day just thinking about you…we feel your love and sometimes your prescence around all of us and especially the kids..one day jt my son and conner kerry’s son were playing and jt told me he saw you and you were holding up your arms saying muscles…..taylor my daughter and ashley miss you as do jack and katherine and all the kids..We all miss and love you every day,,time does not heal as they say you just learn to walk on…but not without the pain.. We all are walking on but never without you in our hearts and minds…you were too awesome…Kathy

    kathy, sister
  • tommy you must be watching at peace from heaven but wondering why he has to live chained and make the choices hes making it must be so hard for him and i know hes so so miserable…….i hope you know in fact i know you are in heaven at peace i wish he had peace in his life but he doesnt…….hes so sad and unhappy what a shame…….well love and miss you every day……..hope he comes to his senses one day….we hear you when you say he doesnt have to live like that but hes chosen it for now……..

    anonymous, anonymous
  • Tommy missing you loving you alwayys

    anonymous, anonymous
  • Tommy we feel your spirit ..My children saw a butterfly by the field you used to play baseball on and it crawled all over Ashley and was with Taylor as well and J.T then it stayed on Ashley as she was going to release it by the Memorial Pond where your name is in our town at your memorial. It would not fly away and crawled all over Ashley and stayed she released it on your memorial rock which has your name at the top and it crawled all the way up and stopped at your name and would not leave it for 10 minutes… when I then came out of my memorial pond meeting and the kids were going crazy to tell me what happened. The butterfly was huge and beautiful yellow and blue the color of your eyes. I know as well as my children know this is a sign from you. My kids were floored as well as other family members when I told them. I miss you more now then ever. I love you Tommy and I know you were sending us a message in a beautiful way. A woman remarked on the playground she had never seen a butterfly crawl and stay all over someone like that and she had no idea of our story or who we were. Thank you for the sign . Loving and missing you. Kathy and the children

    kathy, sister
  • Remembering the great person you were. Hard to believe it has been 6 years. You and your family remain in my prayers.

    Helen Lesch Mannion, childhood friend
  • Happy Birthday Tommy we all love and miss you……

    family, family
  • Dear Tom,it;s been six years and many days and nights have passed since you were taken from us.Please rest assured you are always in my thoughts.Your name is the first I speak of when asked about the friends I lost that September day.Rest in Peace my Friend. Your pal Frenchie.

    ralph vitagliano, co-worker/friend
  • Well Tommy its holiday time and we miss you all year every day but it seems to be hard at the holidays…I miss you in your corduroys and you would have your eggnog with the nutmeg on the top in hand ready to watch the games with dad and chris and Jason and JD…..you would play with all our kids and wrestle or put them on your back….I miss your constant but loving ribbing of me and Kerry. I miss you joking with Chris or Kelly or Mom and Dad… I miss everything but I know you are in a place so beautiful we cant imagine.. We have gotten many signs from you and for those we are grateful….I miss you each day as does our entire family…..I miss seeing you helping the kids open presents or hearing you would shop the night before christmas with Chris…..I always knew you put alot thought into your gifts and concerned they wouldnt be right…..I love you so and miss you so….I miss laughing with you when you would have that hard belly laugh cracking up….I miss seeing you hug me mom and all of us… We put a beautiful grave blanket on your grave with angels but of course well make sure theres a cigar and a fosters and knowing your in heaven watching and sending us signs ….I still feel your love and we all love and miss you each day…..especially on christmas day….

    kathy, sister
  • Tommy we all love and miss you….every day… but we honor you and all the almost 3,000 we lost tomorrow ….Loving you…..Kathy

    Kathy, sister
  • my condolences to Tommy’s family. i remember meeting Tommy in the summer of 1990. although i only met him once, he left a lasting impression – i remember him the way he is described by so many of his friends and family – funny, good hearted, friendly, welcoming. he also had a beautiful smile. my prayers are with him and his family.

    kirsten levin, friend
  • Dear Tommy, Tomorrow will mark the eight year you were taken from us.I think of you and miss you more each passing year. Always in my heart and on my mind. Rest in Peace. Your friend for life. Frenchie

    ralph vitagliano, friend
  • Tommy, as we aproach the nine year anniversary of your passing you can rest assured that you remain in my thoughts. Rest in Peace my dear friend. Forever in my heart….Frenchy

    ralph vitagliano, friend/co worker
  • We all love and miss you every single day…and forever…

    family, family
  • Tommy, today is a special day.The person who took you away from us has been found and justice has been done. Osama Bin Laden was killed today and our brave US Forces have done a great job. You are remembered every day, and especially today. Your friend Frenchy 2/05/11

    ralph vitagliano, friend
  • Although it does not bring you back, a small piece of justice was done. Nearly 10 years later, but a small bit of justice. Rest in peace.

    Mary, a friend
  • 9/10/2011 Thinking of you yesterday,today,and especially Tomorrow.Missing you always.Your Friend Frenchy

    Ralph Vitagliano, Friend
  • Ten years and it feels like yesterday…We all keep you in our hearts and love and miss you every day… All of the heroes from September 11th are in heaven together… We are so proud of all of them the rescue workers the workers at ground zero the fireman we thank all of them those above and all still here.. I live my life in tribute to you Tommy as we all do…I wish I could hug you and dance with you … Happy Birthday in heaven today …xoxo

    Kathy, sister
  • 9/11/2012 Thinking of you yesterday,today,and tomorrow…forever….your devoted friend Frenchy

    Frenchy, Friend-Coworker
  • I have no relationship with Thomas Cahill or his family. I have no family that was a victim of 9/11.
    But like all Americans we feel the pain of those who died and there family’s of 9/11.
    Every year on 9/11 I wear a hat with one name of a victim of that most sorrow day.
    This year I have chosen Thomas Cahill’s name on my hat to wear during a golf outing I’m participating in Columbus Ohio. I will wear it with pride!
    We should never forget not only what happened on 9/11 but remember who we lost.

    Randy Colby

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