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You Have Cookies Disabled

This website uses session cookies, which are not permanently stored on your computer. We have detected that your browser has them disabled. If you'd like to enable them, follow these steps:

- In Internet Explorer 6:
From the menu bar at the top, click in "Tools"->"Internet Options". And then click on the "Privacy" tab, then on "Advanced" and check "Always allow session cookies" and click "OK".
If you'd only like this site to be able to use cookies with your browser, you can do the following:
From the menu bar at the top, click in "Tools"->"Internet Options". Then click on the "Privacy" tab. Then click "Edit" in the "Websites" section. Type cantorfamlies.com in the "Address of Web site" field, click "Allow", and then click "OK".

- In Internet Explorer 5.5 and below:
From the menu bar at the top, click in Tools->Internet Options. Then click on the Security tab. Make sure the Internet Zone is selected and click Custom Level... If you scroll down you should see a heading for "Cookies" and below that "Allow per-session cook ies (not stored)". Click on Enable, then OK. It will ask you if you want to change the security settings for this zone, choose, yes and then OK.

- In Netscape:
From the menu bar, click Edit->Preferences. Then click the arrow to the left of "Privacy and Security" and an option for Cookies should appear below that. Click on Cookies and then to the right select "Enable cookies for the originating site only". Then cl ick OK.

If you need more assistance, Please email techsupport@cantorfamilies.com