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  Michel Pelletier

Date of Birth: January 30, 1965
Position: Commodities broker, Electricity/North East

From the 1st day we met you brought me happiness. You were a tremendous presence in my life, honest, thoughtful, strong & gentle, intelligent & humble. I’ll never forget how passionately you loved Sophie, Sydney & Nicolas. Sophie tries so hard to survive. Please give her the strengh to be happy.
We shared a very special connection, not only son-in-law/mother-in-law, but a rich relationship of respect & love that transcended everything. We laughed so much. You always made me feel needed & loved. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Your loss is incalculable but so is the privilege to call you “my friend”. I cry…I smile…at the great moments we shared. Life is so fragile…

Jacqueline Brassier Raphael, Mother-in-law

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  Carl Allen Peralta

Date of Birth: August 9, 1964
Department: Portfolio Trading Group

Carl was kind, generous and loving. He listened well and made you feel special because he was genuinely interested. You felt good being around him. He made you laugh?A LOT. He was patient. He was fair and good. He shared himself, his time and whatever he had gladly. He loved to learn and try new things with enthusiasm so infectious and with a sense of humor. He always wanted to become better, improve himself, and grow. He was thoughtful, considerate and a team player?pitching in, offering his help ALWAYS. Down to earth, approachable, he was easy to be with. Not a mean bone in his body or an enemy in the world or a bad word to say about anyone.

I write this tribute to let you know him somehow and yet, I feel it is inadequate if you?ve never met him. How can you know him from a couple of paragraphs and a picture? My hope is that you?ll feel like you know him because as you read these words it will remind you of someone you know.

Carl reminds you of your son, your older or younger brother, your cousin, or uncle. Yes, he is your nephew or your grandson. He sounds like your best friend-he was part of your wedding party-you grew up with him. You went to school together. You played hockey and tennis, bowled in a league, and skied in Vermont. You set up tee times with him and drove to Myrtle Beach in the spring. You traveled to Vegas or Atlantic City. He was your co-worker, neighbor, your newspaper boy or the guy who helped you move-3X. He was the guy you called for ?just one? drink after a stressful day at work. He was there for you when your kids were born and asked him to be their godparent and when your parent died he grieved with you. He?s the Go-To guy when you just needed a rock of support for whatever is happening in your life and the times you wanted a cheerleader by your side.

If you?ve never met him, I hope you are lucky enough to know someone who reminds you of him. He was all these things and more. We who knew him are grateful for our times together and wonderful memories we?ve shared. He made a difference in our lives and the reason why we grieve his loss so deeply when we are reminded he is no longer with us.

The Peralta Family

Carl Peralta Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Peralta Family,

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  Richard Palazzolo

Date of Birth: February 18, 1962
Position: Bond Broker

Rico was a very special son and brother to his identical twin Ronny and sister Maria. We miss him very much and because he was taken with nothing, we remain with nothing but special memories. There is no closure for us, but be sure we feel him close and he always will be with us.

Love you Rico,


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  Edward J. Papa

Date of Birth: July 1, 1954
Department: Government Securities
Position: Vice President, Partner

We’re not ready to say goodbye to you, and never could we imagine that it would be in such a way. This incomprehensible tragedy has touched not only us, our family and friends, but has brought anguish to the lives of so many others as well.
In the face of hopelessness, we must depend upon the intense closeness that we share as a family to get us through the coming days. We have been blessed with an incredible family, for which we have been thankful throughout our lives. The strength, love, humor, and care that have always filled our home has continually amazed not only us, but everyone who our family has touched.
In bearing witness to the love that you and mom have always shared and shined upon us, we have learned to be good, kind and humble human beings. Sincerity, kindness and humility have been at the root of everything you brought to this world, shining through in your smile, your voice and your eyes.
Ever since we were small, we knew that we had a strong father who would protect us and never allow us to feel alone or scared. We remember you putting us to bed as children, chasing the monsters from our heads with the soothing lullabies of James Taylor as we’d lie upon your chest, smelling your scent, and listening to your heart beat, the rhythm of safety.
As we grew and began to traverse our individual paths, you never ceased to guide, support and love the women we have become. We each looked forward to the car rides back and forth from college or airports or basketball tournaments, when each of us could have you to ourselves for a few hours, as you played us your favorite songs, told us stories of your life, and passed on your wisdom. Liz, Michelle and I looked forward to your surprise phone calls, just to check up on us and tell us you loved us, while Kacee and mom enjoyed your company every day at home, be it at the dinner table or relaxing together on the weekends.
We all remember you playing the guitar Michael Hart gave you, your sweet voice as it filled the room with James Taylor, Neil Young and Jackson Browne. We vividly recall the quintessential image of you as you barbequed on our deck, whether it be on a hot summer day or frigid winter night. The traditions we shared as a family were very special to all of us: the enormous Sunday dinners, the holidays shared with our wonderful extended family, the SPECTACULAH vacations on the Vineyard that meant so much; our times at the Vineyard were the portion of each year set aside solely to eat, drink, be merry and let the love of our family and friends saturate the air around us.
Dadzo, you’ve taken such great care of us, always putting us and mom before yourself. You were an amazing provider, never were we in want or need of anything. You’ve shown us what it means to be generous, thoughtful, selfless and compassionate. You learned from your own parents, our beloved Grama and Poppy, the importance of opening your arms and your heart to anyone who would come into our home. You opened the door of 60 Highwood to all of our friends, frying up Eddie McMuffins for one and all and offering paternal affection for those in need. You gave so freely of yourself to others, yet you also allowed for a bit of self-indulgence in life. You taught us to live each day to the fullest. The resounding glow of your spirit will live on in each one of us, in every moment of every day, in everything that we do. We know you will always be here with us, for the rest of our lives, holding our hands, encouraging us to follow our dreams and the paths that we choose. We will take care of mom and we will take care of each other, as you have taken care of us all these years.
We love you so much Dadzo.

Patricia Papa, Wife

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  Vinod Parakat

Date of Birth: April 26, 1967
Department: Central Development
Position: Programmer

There are no words to explain how much we miss you…

Jayasree and Saraswathi Menon, Vinod’s Wife and Mother

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  George Paris

Date of Birth: November 11, 1967
Department: Purchase/Sales of Govt. Bonds

George Paris was born on November 11, 1967 to Michail and Rose. He grew up in Brooklyn and Queens in the Greek Orthodox tradition. He loved to play baseball and football with his friends in Brooklyn, and the friends he made lasted his whole lifetime. When he got older he became interested in playing the drums. Later on he played with many bands in nightclubs around Manhattan. After high school, he got his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Baruch College. In 1990 he met Christina, and they dated for 11 years while they both went to school, Christina studying Veterinary Technology and George studying Business and Finance at C.W. Post campus of Long Island University. During those years they had fun taking Christina’s daughter Stacey to Disneyland and other places, horseback riding, hiking, traveling to Greece and London, going to plays and comedy clubs in the city, and just being in love. George and Christina got married in June of 2001, and had baby Constantina the same year. She had only three months with her father. George was working for Cantor Fitzgerald, and only one semester away from his MBA degree when he was taken from this world by terrible hatred. He is very much missed by his family and friends, but will always be remembered for his love of life, silly sense of humor, loyalty, and generosity. Rest in peace, George.

Christina Paris, Wife

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  Robert Emmett Parks Jr.

Date of Birth: April 22, 1954
Position: Bond Broker

“At this moment, words cannot express the loss of my oldest son. Naturally, I both love and miss my son.”
Mary Elizabeth Fitzhenry Parks, Mr. Parks’ mother

“My brother Bob woke up every day, eager to work and endeavor. He loved the energy of NYC. He’s a great all-around guy”.
David, Bob Parks’ brother

“My brother Bob had an unbelievable memory not only in work and school-related issues, but also for sports trivia. Through his many colleagues both on Wall Street and globally, tons of whom knew him rather well, they could ring him up and get the correct answer about whom it was who hit a homerun at any U.S. stadium, threw the winning touchdown, or even which horse and owner won any Triple Crown. And though his mind simply brimmed with facts about sports, he was also no slouch on the movement of the stock market since 1929.”
Carol Parks Clancy, Bob Parks’ sister

“Bobby was the quintessential of all that is good – a wonderful, gentle family man, a man of wisdom, virtue and faith. I could talk with him into infinity about anything on every given subject. He was always there for not only me, but his entire family, always with his smiling and charismatic self style.”
Elizabeth (Betsy) Parks, Bob Parks’ sister

“My brother Bobby always encouraged me to stay focused. In fact, we both had begun new jobs at the same time last year. He always put his children, Bridgette and Kevin, first in life.”
Lauren Fitzhenry Parks, His youngest sister

At age 47, Robert Emmett Parks, Jr., was the father of 2 teenagers. He was content to barbecue burgers on the pool deck of his home in Middletown NJ. His enthusiasm for education and sports played out through his encouragement with his children.

His 16 year old daughter, Bridgette Parks, is a successful high school team swimmer as well as a summer lifeguard. Bob attended her swim meets and helped time her, train her, and cheer her on.

Bob was also very involved in the education and sports of his 14 year-old son, Kevin Robert Parks. He was a coach for Kevin’s teams. He coached for the Middletown Youth Athletic Association for many years. Appropriately so, Bob was given an award for his parental involvement.

He was a communicant of St. Catherine’s Church, Holmdel, NJ, where his family are parishioners.

Bob had been a personally successful golfer, belonging to Bamm Hollow Country Club. He himself had played varsity basketball and football at St. Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City. And he went on to play sports in College and while attaining his Master Degree. He had been a NY Jets fan since their inception.

Betsy Parks, Sister