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  Anthony J Coladonato

Date of Birth: January 16, 1954
Position: VP Technology

To my father – one of the greatest people to be around. The man always had a smile on his face. He could be mad, angry, happy or sad, and still find a way to have a smile on his face. He loved his job, and didn’t mind waking up every morning. The last couple of months before my father passed, he was upset that he had to fire people in his section. It was very hard for him. He was a great person to be around. I loved seeing my father every weekend. Just seeing him made me happy. My father would do anything to make a person happy. He always told us to go out and have fun; it’s OK to lose, as long as you are enjoying yourself.
One day I’ll see my father again. His life has been taken from us, but as Billy Joel said many times “ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG” and my father was one of a kind. Dad, I miss you. I love you and I’ll never forget you. – 1.16.54-9.11.01 – RIP, I wanna see you soon.”

Alex, Son
  • Tone…. We will all miss you.

    Every time I see someone with dress shoes and no socks I smile because it reminds me of you.

    I know that Joe G will never be alone with you up there with him.


    James Talvy, colleague
  • I first met Tony 19 years ago when he and Joe worked at ADP. It was there I believe that they began calling each other “Sonnyboy”. A term of endearment that has lasted as long as their friendship. Tony was one of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure to know. That smile. The way he told a story. The way he loved his life, his children, his beautiful wife. Everyone should take a lesson from this man.

    Take good care of him for me, Tone.

    I’ll see ya when I get there,

    Sondra (Whispas)

    Sondra Giaccone, Friend
  • I will never forget my dear friend Tony and I’m certain all of us feel the same way. How could you? He was a gentleman, a character, a sincere, well-dressed, generous and always truthful individual.

    Tony loved his wife, kids, family and friends. He didn’t have to tell you, the look in his eyes as he spoke about them made it clear.

    I miss hearing “Uncle Sal’s” morning greeting, “Yo Yo Yo,” as he walked by my office and seeing his excitement build as Easter approached because he new the homemade pizza rusticas were on the way.

    I will alway raise my Marie Brizzard in his honor. He deserves it, after all he was right, Lynley is the one.

    Your Pal, Joe

    Joe Noviello, Friend & Colleague
  • I’ll never forget Tony and all of his kindness. I remember the day he interviewed me, even then he had his trademark grin on. He always treated me well. He consoled me when my father died and gave my wife and I a gift when we got married. He was a great man who gave me a chance to excel at eSpeed and I will always be grateful to him for that. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

    Ed Hicks, co-worker
  • “Tony-nosocks”-that’s how I remember first meeting Tony. I started in Technology on the 103rd floor in August of 1999. It was summer and Tony didn’t wear socks. As I came to know Tony and eventually work directly with him, we got into a conversation one day about his shoes and not wearing socks. I couldn’t believe the detail he went into with his shoes, he even persuaded me to start buying shoe trees! He lived out on the Rockaways and on occasion he would drive me home to Sheepshead Bay. We didn’t talk about work. He always asked me about my daughter and would always have tips for me. I liked Tony. He always took time to ask me how things were going. The last time he drove me home this summer it was actually a little longer than usual. Traffic was bad at the Brooklyn Battery, so Tony went over the Brooklyn Bridge and eventually through the streets all the way home. I didn’t think about it until now that it took us a lot longer than usual. In hindsight, I’m glad it did.

    Michael Naccari, Co-worker
  • Tony was my boss for a few months at eSpeed. When I think of all a manager could be, Tony was certainly one of the best. He was always so helpful, energetic. He loved working at eSpeed and made you feel proud to be part of his team. When I left Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed, he was one of the people I missed the most. As I go through life and my career, I will never forget him and what a wonderful mentor he was for me. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family always.

    Jennifer Kleissler, Former employee
  • Tony, you are a good man. How I remember the long days at Cantor, and how you would always take care of us. My memories of you, my friends, my life at Cantor Fitzgerald will never fade.

    William Seppeler, coworker
  • Tony, we met twice.
    My husband(Zach) was your employee and he loved to work with you and other co-workers. He was always talking about how talent you were with your employees.
    I know that you guys are all together right now and happy. Please take care of my husband and his friends like you did in this world.

    Leyla Uyar, Zach's wife
  • I met Tony four years ago while on vacation. He remembered my wife, from his childhood days. It started a great friendship with Tony and his wife Debbie. I never met someone as caring,friendly,kind, and warm as Tony. Week 32 will never be the same. You will always be in my heart and everyday life, for I will always remember your warm smile and great friendship I have with you. Till be meet again Tony rest in peace.

    Ronald Clemente, Friend
  • Tony,

    You were a great person. You gained the respect of everyone you worked with not only because you were good at your job but because you so respected them. You were a gentleman. A man of impeccable character and integrity. A man who cared about people. In all my dealings with you these qualities always shone through.

    God bless you Tony. You added so much to people’s lives and are sorely missed.


    George Tambakis, Co-worker
  • Knowing and working with “Tony C”, as he was commonly known, was one of life’s rare pleasures. Tony’s relaxed manner coupled with his keen ability to develop the right approach for any given issue set him apart from many of us. But among Tony’s considerable virtues was his ability to relate to those he came in contact with. Although I don’t think he fully appreciated this gift it was obvious and appreciated by many.

    Like many others my life has been enriched for having known him. I’ll miss his smile, wit, and kindness.

    May God watch over those he loved and cherished.

    Christopher Marino, Friend/Co-Worker
  • I think the phrase that best fits my dad is “one of a kind”. My dad always had a smile on his face no matter what the situation. Good or bad, that smile never left his face. He was a wonderful father, a great husband and a caring son and brother. The one thing that he loved the most was his family. He was always there for us no matter what the problem. He always worried about others before himself, no matter who it was.
    He had wonderful friends that made his life even more special than it already was. He always talked about how much fun he would have when he was with them. Dad, they will never forget you.
    Well daddy-o what can I say. I never thought I would have to face this day. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to call you up and tell you that I LOVE YOU, but I know that you are watching over me. To guide me to do the right thing, to guide me to succeed and to guide me in the pursuit of happiness, which I think I have finally found. Dad, I love you and you will live in my heart forever. R.I.P.

    Anthony Coladonato, Son
  • Hi Anthony, I never would think the day would come that I would be doing this. You were more than a brother, you were my friend & my inspiration. I know we were alway there for one another. When ever I needed advise, you were there to give it. There was a time in my live that everthing I fell apart & you were there to help me to pick up the piece. Your love for me help me to believe in myself & who I am. You are an icon to me & our family & friend. you are a great husband, son, father, uncle, son-in-law, brother-in-law, & most of all a BIG brother that anyone would proud to have. You are a ray of light to this family & everyone you tough in your life. From now & for the rest of my life don’t think for a minute you are off the hook, because I still need you to guide me. Everthing I am I owe to you, how to believe , how to sacrifice, & most of all how not to give up. It is something when music make your feelings go all out. A group name CREED has a new CD called WEATHERED & tracks 6&7 make mine go all out . Track 6 MY SACRIFICE & Track 7 STAND HERE WITH ME, I know they were written about you. I know one person that your making happy & that is MOM, so that makes this just a little easier. We all love you & miss you & I know we will be together again. ALL MY LOVE BROTHER SAL:-}

    Salvatore J. Coladonato, Brother
  • Tony C. was a beautiful man. His demeanor was smooth as silk. My experiences working with him at Kidder and Cantor were made for some great memories. He could always bring laughter to any situation. I remember at Joe G’s birthday party how we laughed so hard it hurt. The “shoes in the oven” story will carry on forever.

    Tone – take care of my boy up there. I know you guys will find some great reggiano and olives to share like we did at Samantha’s Deli.

    You are missed. Tu salute!

    Jim Day, Friend and former co-worker
  • Dear Anthony, I am only so sad that we didn’t spend more of the later parts of our lives together, but will always cherish the happy times we had as young children growing up. I remember the times in Allentown Pa., where many of us gathered on the weekends when we were young. You took me by surprise when you moved into the Neighborhood of Rockaway. I didn’t see you much then either, but when we did run into each other it was like time stood still. We still laughed and loved with each other. It’s almost sad to say but because of your departure in life, many of the relatives are now seeing each other more and trying to catch up on the years we all lost as a family. It is because of you that we will now have a Family Reunion, twice a year that will be in your honor. You may be gone..but you will never be forgotten. I still shed tears when I think of you and I am only so sad we weren’t closer. I pray each night for you and the wonderful family you left behind. You will always be remembered and never forgotten by any of the Coladonatos. May you be in peace and may God watch over the wonderful family you left behind.

    Love, Cousin Marianne

    Marianne Minuto, Cousin
  • We met one summer around 1995 at Monticello Racetrack. I was with my wife and Tony was with his. I noticed they were from Villa Roma so I went over to say hello. Tony was quiet I didn’t really know if he wanted to be bothered or not but we started to talk about Villa Roma and eventually we became friends over the next few years during vacation there. We went to the track with our wives at the Meadowlands and that was the beginning of our friendship. We became very close and we went out every few weeks or so. He was always in a good mood and we had a great time together. Money was no object to him and he was always very generous with whoever he was with. He was always the first one at the bar to pay no matter how many times he went out with friends. He was a lot of fun and a true friend, he would call us at home just to say hello, and was always ready to go anywhere on the weekend with a smile on his face. He was a great friend and we miss him deeply. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. Things will never be the same for us when we go out but I know he is right there smiling with us. He has 2 good boys that any father would be very proud of, Anthony and Alex, and I know that they will grow up to be as great of a person as he was. I’m sure he knows we miss him and that some day we will meet again in heaven.

    God bless you Tony.

    Mr. and Mrs. Dimino, Tony and Roe, Our dinner partner and best friend
  • My Dearest Cousin Anthony,
    Where do I begin to tell you just how much I miss you and your smile? I have been left with treasured memories of our cherished friendship. You were the brother I never had. The laughs we had are innumerable. You were always so shy and I always got you in trouble. Remember all the fun we had, especially in Allentown, PA? You would go to school and when you came home we’d be hiding and you’d start crying. Aunt Helen always chased us with that wooden spoon. She always referred to you as MY ANTHONY. You got her personality; calm, patient, charismatic. The last few times we were together we always reminisced about how much you missed her. Your face beamed when you talked about your precious sons Anthony and Alex. At Sally’s funeral we had a very private talk for a half an hour and now I cling to your advice. I know you didn’t want to go and you miss us more than we miss you. On your birthday I know Aunt Helen made you a cake and Anthony, Sally, Rosalie, and Uncle Paulie were with you.

    Please watch over us and dry our tears….
    Until we meet again.
    Cousin Denise

    Denise Ioviero, Cousin
  • Dear Anthony
    We were only allowed 100 words for a tribute to you. I would need one million words to express my feelings. On Sept. 11, 200l I was watching TV when I saw a plane fly into the WTC. I was in total shock seeing what was happening. How little did I know how more deeply it had affected me and how heartsick I would become when I learned that you were in the building. After all the hope of finding you disappeared I started to go back over the years and thought of all the wonderful times we shared when you were growing up and how your mother would always call you “My Anthony”. I also remember all the wonder holidays we spent together. We were so very close and those were such good times. Soon we will be celebrating the “Coladonato Family Reunions”. I know you would have enjoyed them. One thing is for sure I know you will be there with our cousins Sally & Anthony G. & Rosalie. I know one thing for sure Aunt Helen must be dancing in heaven having you with her. I will never forget you.

    Till We Meet Again Love you Agnes

    Agnes Elia, Cousin
  • When I think of m cousin Anthony, I think of 73rd St. in Brooklyn where we lived across the street from each other, Christmas, New Years and meals that Aunt Helen (Anthony’s mother), and my grandmother made that were fit for a king on the holidays. Whenever I was around him people were laughing, he loved to make people laugh. We grew up together all our teenage lives. As we got older we saw less of each other. When one of our other cousins died, we saw each other again and it was as if time stood still. He was still making people laugh and loving being with his family. We started seeing each other more and he promised to come to my daughters wedding and he did, and as usual he made everyone laugh as he always did. When I heard he may have been in the
    WTC that horrible day, tried to think that he was somewhere else that day, wishing that on that particular day he wasn’t there. As days went by, hope was getting thin, and the only peace I could find in all of this was how happy Aunt Helenmust have been to see him after all these years. That’s where I find my peace dear cousin, where is there a better place to be than in a loving mother’s arms and the Lord’s. And even though there are people here who miss you dearly we will all meet again in a much better place. In case I didn’t tell you the last time I saw you, I Love you dear cousin and it was fun being your cousin. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. Rest in Peace Anthony. All my Love,LISA

    Lisa Bisking, Cousin
  • Anthony,
    Although I didn’t know you that well, I did know about all the stories my mother use to tell me when you were growing up…I’m sorry I didn’t get to know you better, but the few times we talked you were so kind, sincere, and had a great sense of humor….I know I will never forget you for that…I am so proud that I was named after your mother, that’s something that I will always treasure…

    God Bless You,
    Christen Helen

    Christen Ioviero, Cousin
  • “The mountains may disappear,
    and the hills may come to an end,
    but my love will never disappear;
    my promise of peace will not come
    to an end,” says the Lord.
    -Isaiah 54:10

    Thanks for the all the laughs, love and frienship.
    You’ll be missed.
    The Reese Family

  • Anthony,
    I still can’t believe that you weren’t found. With everything we had, we waited and waited for the phone call telling us that you were home with your two amazing boys and Debbie. At every family gathering, good or bad, we could always count on you being there with a circle around you because that’s always where the fun was. That was always a place for a guaranteed laugh. I pray that you didn’t suffer and that you left this world not realizing the horror of exactly what happened on September 11. I know that you are in Heaven with family all around you like always. Now it’s their turn to smile. We will finally be having the family reunion that we all always said we should. We will all be thinking of you and I know that no matter what you will live in all our hearts forever. As always, you will shine through your boys who so obviously are as wonderful, kind, and family oriented as you always were. We miss you! Rest in peace and keep smiling!
    Love you always,

    Randi Dietrich, Cousin
  • My cousin was a great man and I loved him very much. It hurts to know that I will not see him anymore. I refer to him as a “Hub” in our family. After losing “My Sally” and now Anthony I believe more than ever that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle and he works all good things together for his purpose and plan. I’ll never understand why 9/11 happened but I know that like Sally’s life, Anthony’s life touch many people with a perfect love that comes only from God. Anthony understood what was important in life and he never missed an opportunity to experience it. I’m proud of him! Kiss Sally for me and may God’s Angels watch over your family.

    Gina Caponi, Cousin
  • To My Nephew Anthony,
    I can’t express the sorrow I feel after losing Sally, I didn’t think I could ever shed another tear. How wrong I was. When you love someone and lose them, the hurt and tears are sure to follow. Thank you for all the fun and laughs we had when you were growing up with Goomse, Hap, Uncle Baby, Uncle Vincent and Uncle Guy. Those memories will live with me forever. I miss you very much. Kiss mom and Sally for me and give Sally a big hug. I will always be here for Anthony and Alex. Rest in peace and may God bless you.

    Eugene J. Coladonato, Uncle
  • Anthony, well what can I say? When a person walks in your house and you’re the first person he looks for, it kinda makes you feel pretty special. You will never know how much that means to me. I must thank you for all the times you made me and Sally laugh. What a pleasure it was when you would just stop by to see how everyone was doing. The last time you were here I didn’t say much to you, you reminded me too much of Sally and how much I missed the three of us joking around. I always wanted to thank you for being the first one to be at my house when he passed away, that meant the world to me. You have passed on your charm and great personality to your boys, they don’t know how lucky they are. Well Ant, we never had our lunch at Windows on the World, but one day we will. Until then, keep my buddy company and the two of you keep smiling.
    Miss you,

    Margaret Morda, Cousin
  • Well what can I say? This is such a sad moment that I have to write about this, but it’s well worth it for my family as well as Anthony to know how much I love him. Ant…we never saw each other that much but when we did you always made me laugh. Your smile definitely rubbed off on everyone around you…I know now that you are in a better place helping my Uncle Sally watch over all of us. Tell him I miss him and love him as well as you and everyone else we have lost. Love you forever…Little Gina ;*)–means kisses*~

    Gina Zirpolo, Cousin
  • Anthony, I look at your picture every day. I have it on my refridgerator next to Sally’s. I still can’t believe you’re not here with us. How do I tell you how much I love you? One thing I know is that we are all connected with our hearts. I know you can feel that, and I know that that’s where you live on now. I thank God that when he made the Coladonato family, he put us together so we could create precious moments that were priceless–Just like you– with all my heart I love you Anthony! One day we’ll all be back home together again! Love, your cousin, Maria Zirpolo

    Maria Zirpolo, Cousin
  • Tony was a wonderful person to work for, and although I spent a relatively short period of time at eSpeed, I can’t imagine that I will ever again have a manager so good-natured, upbeat, genuine, honest, and caring. Tony seemed to know innately that it’s the little things that make every day special, and it’s all of the little things that I remember most about him…
    His great smile, his good-natured joking with everyone who worked for him (especially Marcello!), the way he beamed when he talked about his sons at the start of Monday morning meetings, the time he called us to his office so we could catch a glimpse of the most beautiful rainbow that had formed a perfect arch over the Empire State Building.
    And for some inexplicable reason, I will always remember that he didn’t wear socks with his dress shoes.
    I am very grateful for every memory I have of Tony, and I am a better person for having known him.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

    Mary Rooney, former co-worker
  • You were the first person to offer me your support when I transferred to NY from Cantor’s LA office and you held true to your promise. No matter how stressful things got at work, all I would have to do is see that smile on your face and I would remember the humor of it all and everything would fall back into place.

    Although, officially, your group was responsible for installing the equipment at customer sites, I often thought that you were perhaps one of the hardest working “sales” people Cantor/eSpeed had! On many nights, I would hear you on the phone in the office next to mine tirelessly working with your counterparts to expand the business by installing the system at more and more customer sites.

    You never stopped believing in the vision; it was because of the efforts of you and your team that eSpeed (and more importantly the US Government) was able to maintain liquidity in the aftermath of September 11th.

    There were many heroes wearing uniforms that day, but many more, like you and your team, were heroes every day, laying the foundation for this war to be won without the benefit of knowing we had marched into battle.

    God bless you and your family.


    Michele MacLeod, Friend and former co-worker
  • I never met Anthony. I live in Utah. Physically I was far away from the tragedy, but my heart was there from the minute I heard the news. I watched the Fox News Channel days on end at the edge of my seat. I saw many families of victims interviewed, but one hit me harder than the rest and my heart was touched deeply. Two brothers of Tony Coladonato. I saw the anguish and desparation in their faces as they held up a picture of their brother and pleaded for any information as to his location. At the time, they weren’t sure he had perished in the tragedy. Today, a year later, I saw his name on the list of the confirmed dead. From reading hsi tributes, he seems like a very sweet man. To his family, I express my deepest sympathies. If I could have been there I would have lifted rubble and searched until I was too weak to pick up another piece of concrete. I wish so bad that I could offer comfort to his family, and I wish solace to Anthony, who, no doubt, is alive and well in a glorious place in the next world. I hope my words will offer you comfort.

    Clinton E. Thomsen, Salt Lake City, No Relationship
  • At this moment Tony i truly apologize for feeding you all those losing tips on horses I had for you at the Meadowlands..I know you handled the losing with the same smile you had when you won, fortunately for all of us you were a winner of tremendous class and dignity..I will never forget the golf outing with Matt,Nick, and you in NJ..When my wife and I had a son in April of this year the only name for him was Nicholas Anthony in honor of Nicholas Lassman and yourself. Your wit and smile are missed and I can promise you I will do all in my power to bring my son up as well as you did with your boys..

    Gregg Anthony Policano, Business Associate
  • I’ve been meaning to write about my boss’ boss for quite some time now. I haven’t found the right words nor the courage to explore my feelings until now. However I owe it to Tony to thank him for touching my life. I think the two outstanding qualities I observed in him was (1)His smile. He always seemed to be smiling. Everytime he walked by my desk his demeanor was upbeat and friendly. Always quick to have a positive comment for me. (2)The second outstanding quality I noticed in him was the way he wore his sandals without socks. Now here was man who had style I always thought:) My position was how can anyone look darn professional and so good all at the same time. What was his secret I always wondered. I can only say I am blessed to have know such a pleasant and warm human being. He most definitely touched my life in so many positive ways. I suppose you could argue that Tony saved my life. You see a few weeks before September 11th Tony called me up to the 104th floor and sat me down with several Human Resource Reps. and announced that Cantor Fitzgerald was cutting back because of a strained economy. He couldn’t stop apologizeing and I could see the strain in his face as he let me go. I actually stopped him and said I understood. As I left Cantor Fitzgerald that day I felt a certain degree of sadness overcome me. To this day I still can’t relinquish that feeling. After September 11 I went to Tony’s Memorial Service. I could barely find a seat in the church that honored this wonderful man. I must say I was quite touched with the people who spoke of him. I think what stands out most about the celebration of Tony’s life was the way his two sons & his wife spoke of him. I think Tony’s smile was generating with Pride as he heard these wonderful people speak so eloquently. It was my pleasure Mr. Coladanoto. I’ll see you soon.

    John Mahoney, Cantor Fitzgerald Employee
  • To my son, Anthony, born, January 16th, 1954, whom I miss very much. To me, he was the father, and I, the son. To know him is to truly love being around him. He was respected and loved by everyone around him. He laughed and joked around and never spoke badly of anyone. He loved all sports: baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. He turned a negative into a positive whenever possible. He was a great man and a tremendous loss in my life. As his father, I knew my son very well. I know what he has done to make my life comfortable all these years. Only we knew what we had in a relationship that no one else out there knows. His pride and joy was his two sons and his family. He loved family gatherings. The joy it brought him when family were gathered was amazing and it showed in his gracious smile and the glow in his eyes. Who knew he would be gone so young in his life? He had so much to live for, his two sons, Anthony and Alex, and a huge family full of LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. He was always there when needed, he never refused anyone in help. I know he is at rest with his Mother Helen by his side. Anthony, you are missed by many. Today, all I have left is your brother Sal, who takes very good care of me. You will always be near me, in my thoughts and heart. God Bless you both and rest in peace, my sweet Helen and my dear son, Anthony…
    I will always love you.

    Anthony Sr.

    Anthony J. Coladonato, Sr., FATHER
  • On November 11, 1990, I was sitting in an establishment called Memories in Staten Island. In walked this person, who knew my girlfriend. This person walked over to me, and introduced himself as Tony. The characteristic that caught my attention was his smile. It was one of the nicest nights of my life. We spoke for hours and all the while he continued to smile. On the following Tuesday, I received 6 yellow roses and the card read “ Have diner with me tonight, Tony” and his phone number at work. After work when I went down to meet him, there was that smile. That was my beginning with Anthony Coladonato.

    Tony’s smile and what he means by that smile has kept me going for the past 11 years. He has used that smile to show the happiness and piece that he had inside of him, since we met. Tony is a great husband, a wonderful father, terrific son, brother and brother-in-law, son-in-law, uncle, godfather, nephew, cousin, and friend. He smiled with us all and made us all smile and laugh.

    Together with Maria, they have raised two boys that made Tony proud. And did he smile when Anthony graduated high school, when he won awards for sports and most of all when he conduct the band in both the St Lutheran church and in Saint Joseph by the Sea. Tony had no different feeling when it came to Alex. He smiled from ear to ear when he played the part of Oscar in the school play The Odd Couple, when he just graduated from Sea, when he choose his college and when he finally bought his car. I am not sure that he would smile if he knew the trouble that Alex was having now with the car. The boys, Tony and I had many vacations filled with lots of laughter and plenty of fun. Some of the most interesting times were when we were driving to the vacation spots and the times that the three of them would sing to me in what they thought were their best voices.

    We all have fond memories of Tony and I would like to tell you some of mine that would give you some of the incite to the love and happiness that we both had for each other in the past 11 years. I would like to tell you how we felt for each other, we were happy together, never out of each other’s reach, we bought the best out in each other, and we loved each other more than life. Tony was the calm one and I was a bit more expressive. Tony was the cook and shopper and I watched. I got the biggest smile from Tony when we were first married. Tony and I got home late from work and of course there was nothing to eat. In the frig were eggs and he said that he would show me how to cook eggs. He took one of the four pots that I had, he put something on the bottom of the pot and then he asked me for the eggs. I took the eggs from the frig and then I asked him if eggs go bad. He looked at me with that smile and then I told him the eggs were three years old. We ate at the diner that night. We talked about how our life would be different from most families and that we both agreed that we did not want each other to change in any way. I knew that no matter what crazy thing I did, I know that he would be behind me 100% and he always was.

    We never really fought, except over the remote control, but this one-day I got a bill in for Visa or Amex and it was high. Well I expressed by displeasure with the bill, in my not so calm way. The next morning, at 9:15 in the morning, I got a call from the front desk at work that I had a package at the desk. There they were, 1 dozen yellow roses, from Tony with a card that read, “Credit Cards are Wonderful” and there was a smiley face on the bottom of the card. I called him and we laughed and laughed and said that there was nothing that we should fight about, yell a little, get annoyed at but not fight. We both talked about how much we had.

    Tony never wanted anyone to worry about him. About a month ago the boys, and Tony and I were at my sister’s house for my brother-in-laws birthday. My sister made dinner and we all went. My nephew has a motorized scooter and of course Tony had to ride it. So there he went, my niece and nephew along side him on another motorized something, my sister, the boys, my dad and me all watching Tony on this scooter that was about to fall apart. Tony decided that he had enough and hit the break. He went three feet in the air over the scooter and landed on his side. All of us watching could not move. He got up, with that smile on his face and said, “I am fine, I know how to fall”. He was full of scratches but fine. Always worried that I would get upset and to him anyone that upset me, upset him. He was great. As his wife I could not have asked or have gotten a husband and best friend in one. He has been my rock.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, Tony and I left for work. We did not say anything until we reached the Brooklyn Tunnel, because that was when Tony woke up; he was not a morning person. We then horsed around, discussed the day ahead and I drove. I pulled to drop him off, he grabbed my leg, I held his hand, we kissed and wished each other a good day and he smiled.

    Deborah Razzano, Wife
  • Tony, it has been three years since you left us. I have such intense feelings for all my friends at Cantor, but you gave me something I treasure more than ever: life. I remember that day six weeks before 9/11 when you called me in and asked me to work in another group as a favor to you. Little did I know then that you were saving my job and little did I know that decision would save my life. Up until I took the new position, I was in at 8:30 every day for two years. So on this anniversary, I cherish life Tony. Every breath of fresh air, every kiss for my wife, every detail, I cherish life because what you did allowed me to live another day. I will always be grateful to you. I have often felt guilty that I was not there for you and the others on that day, but now, instead of guilt, I try and help someone when I can just like you did for me many times. That’s how I keep your spirit alive in me.

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker
  • Dearest cousin Anthony, It has been many years since we last saw each other as we were kids then! I always remember going over your house with grandma, and there would be aunt Helen always cooking something! You, and Sal were always good to me as I was growing up! We had some fun times, even when you would come to grandmas with Sal, and uncle Tut for many occastions. So many years passed us by, Then that one day came where God took you away!I pray for your wife, and kids, cousin Sal, and uncle Tut to stay strong, and may God watch over them!How lucky they were to have you! I must tell you that my mom,your first cousin Marie, and I cried many days not only because you are gone, but because of all the years we could have shared were also gone! We sit in front of the tv every 9/11 and wait for your name to be called, have a good cry and light a candle for you, my mom talks about all of the old stories growing up! I know that you are with grandma,and all of the aunts, and uncles… playing cards maybe?? You will Always Be in My Heart! Kiss Grandma and Aunt Helen for me! Till we meet again dear cousin! Love to you, and may God Bless!!

    Chrissy, cousin

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