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  Frederick Hoffmann

Date of Birth: July 5, 1948
Position: First Vice President/Partner, Corporate Bonds

Many of my husband’s good friends fondly referred to him simply as the “Big Guy”, however, I will always remember him as the “Big Guy with the Big Heart”. He earned the love and respect of many, not just for his remarkable success on Wall Street, but also for his remarkable willingness to give so unselfishly of his time, energy, and possessions whenever the need arose. Early on in our relationship, Fred won me over easily with his sensitivity, kindness and sense of humor, not to mention his good looks.

My husband took an active role in the lives of his family and friends. He was the kind of guy that worried about others, often putting the needs and desires of others before his own. Fred did not simply talk about how much he loved his family; he continually demonstrated his love through his actions. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, brother-in-law and uncle. I found a strong and loving partner in Fred. I rarely faced anything alone; he was always there to lean on in the most difficult of situations.

Our two daughters, Nicole and Michele were his pride and joy. There was no limit to what he might do for them. One year while Nicole was attending Purdue University, he arranged for a flight home on a moment’s notice after learning that she would be spending the upcoming three-day weekend alone in her dorm. Another time, he journeyed out, without hesitation, in one of the worst snow storms to hit our area in order to pick up Michele and a friend who had become stuck while trying to make their way home from Staten Island just as we were about to sit down to a quiet dinner by the fireplace.

I don’t think that my husband’s feet ever touched the ground after his two grandsons, Derek and Justin, were born. He adored them and enjoyed his time with them to the fullest. I am saddened that the boys will no longer have their grandfather in their life, but I know that Fred continues to watch over them as he watches over the rest of us.

I feel most fortunate to have had Fred in my life for almost 34 years. His absence leaves an immeasurable void that will remain with me always. As I struggle through this new life without my partner, I feel unbalanced and incomplete, for a big part of me is now missing. Not a day goes by that I do not think of the good times we shared or of the future we had planned.

Fred, I pray that my memories keep you alive in my heart until that day when we are reunited again. Until then, kiss Michele for me and enjoy God’s Heavenly Peace.


Gail Hoffman, Wife
  • Taken from the eulogy read by Emma and Carl Betta at the Hoffmann Memorial Service:

    As the Greek philosopher Plato said, “Without friends, no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”

    Something quite special happened to our family approximately 22 years ago—we met Gail, Fred, Nicole and Michele Hoffmann. From simple acquaintance grew friendship and, ultimately, extended family. We have had the privilege to share in joy and grief, to rejoice in watching children grow, to grow together. We consider Gail and Fred’s family as our own.

    When we think of our friend Fred, we smile, although we ache. Fred had a tremendous sense of humor that helped to keep us all in balance. No matter how serious the situation, he could find a bright side. Fred was as generous, as giving a person as we have ever known. You almost hated to ask him for a favor because “no” simply was not in his vocabulary. If you were family or friend and you needed a dollar, Fred would readily give up his last. If you needed a hand with a chore, an ear to listen, encouragement, Fred was there. Never have we known anyone as dedicated to family and friends as Fred. Others’ happiness and comfort came before his, and he exhibited the virtue of giving without expecting any kind of return.

    Fred epitomized love. Fred loved life in all of its aspects. One day he would ride in a limousine, and the next he would go out and muck through the woods to cut down a Christmas tree that Gail would like. Fred loved his family, his friends, his job. His love manifested itself in the class and grace with which he dealt with every situation. He wanted nothing but the best for others and was not satisfied with giving anything but his best. The love that Fred gave earned him the love of many.

    Michele and Nicole were Fred’s princesses, his joy, his passion. Fred once commented to us that nothing would make him happier than to have his children and grandchildren live under his roof forever.

    Fred would want us to move on, to go back to living our lives. After all, Fred knew how to live life, to enjoy life.

    Fred, we are certain that flights of angels have sung you to your rest and that you are cradled in God’s arms. We will forever hold you lovingly in our hearts.

    Emma and Carl Betta, Friends
  • For me, it is a nightmare that Fred is gone. I will remember his zest for life, his love for Gail, his wife, their daughters and grandsons, his
    sense of humor, and all the laughs we had at barbecues and at golf in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I will remember his passions – antique cars and decorative figurine displays at Christmas time. But most of all, I will remember the twinkle in his eyes forever.

    With love,
    Evelyn Kiken

    Evelyn Kiken, Friend
  • Remembering a Friend Forever

    Dear Fred:

    We have been friends for 15 years, and in that brief time we have shared many happy occassions. I will always remember you for your quick wit, loyalty to your family and friends, and that you were always there for someone to talk to, particularly, the young newcomers to the business world. I’ll remember the experiences we had making wine together, the jokes we played on each other, and especially our golf games and how excited you were when you witnessed my hole in one. Words cannot express the feeling of emptiness I have knowing that I lost such a good friend and a wonderful human being. I will miss you forever. Your friend Mike C

    Mike Castellano, Friend
  • Dear Fred,

    What a dear friend you are. Always making sure everyone was OK. We loved your caring ways, the twinkle in your eyes and smile. You loved a good joke and delighted in kidding your friends. You could also take a good razzing. If you could talk to us now you would probably kid yourself telling us that Heaven reminded you of the Poconos. We will always remember your love for Gail and daughters, Nicole and Michele. We think of you often and will always remember our years together. Heaven is a better place with you there. We will treasure the time we had with you.

    Love you,

    Malcolm and Janie

    Malcolm & Janie Gealt, Friend
  • I honestly don’t know where to start…I’ve tried so many times to write and today, exactly a year later, I am still unable to bring to words the way I feel. There is not one single day that goes by where I do not think of my uncle and how much I miss him. The memories I have of times spent with him are so strong and will be with me forever. He was such a warm and caring man with such a huge heart. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for anyone. I have this one picture of Uncle Fred that I took when I was younger that I always say shows how I and many others remember him; shows in a way his personality. In it, he has on this huge smile and you almost can’t get away with looking at this without cracking a smile yourself. That’s how I remember him, always made me smile or laugh. I think one of my favorite memories though is that whenever I walked into his house, I’d see him standing there with that same big smile….and a glass of wine in one hand. He loved being around his family, and it showed, and he was such a welcoming and generous man. My last memory of Uncle Fred is when he welcomed my boyfriend Jeff, and I to stay with him one weekend while we went to the beach. He was always making sure we were happy and never hesitated to help us with anything we needed. Upon their first meeting, Jeff commented to me that Uncle Fred was an “awesome and great man.”

    Uncle Fred, whether you knew it or not, I want you to know now that I looked up to you in so many ways. You are such an inspiration, not just to me but to so many others, I’m sure. I can’t say enough how much you are missed and how much you are loved. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers every day that goes by. Give Shelly a big hug for me. I love you so much…..

    Jessica, Niece
  • We only knew Fred and Gail through our family, Janie and Mal. We would visit them in the Poconos and met their friends. I remember golfing with Fred, because it didn’t bother Fred to golf with “the girls”. My favorite memory was when I chipped up onto a blind green and the ball went in. Fred came running from the other side of the green all excited to let me know. He was just as excited as I was. In the short time that Vince and I had with Fred and his family we came to consider Fred a warm and generous friend. We hurt knowing that we’ll never get another chance to spend any time with Fred.

    Wendy and Vince Angelucci, Friends
  • It’s taken me almost four years to get on this site and leave a tribute to you Uncle Fred. I just never had the words and as I sit here I feel that I still don’t.

    You were not only an uncle to me, but my godfather and now an angel. You’ve come to me in my dreams to tell me that you will always be by my side but you still do not come enough. I miss your laugh. I miss being able to go up to your desk and talk with you when I should have been working instead. I was so lucky to be able to work with my family on top of the world. God how I cherish those days! I miss being called your “Pal O’ My Heart”. But most of all I miss those HUGE bear hugs you would give when greeting me at your door on the holidays.

    We’re always thinking of you. Take care of Shelly up there. We miss you both.

    Love always,

    Tommy Cosenza, Nephew

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