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  Paul E. Jeffers

Date of Birth: November 30, 1961
Department: Partner, Repo Sales Manager

Paul had passion and drive for so many things in his life but nothing compared to how he felt about being a father. His son, Brian, was Paul’s greatest joy and whether it was searching on the internet for an elusive Thomas the train engine, teaching Brian how to swim or showing him how to plant flowers in the garden, Paul’s devotion and love for his son was limitless.
When I first met Paul he told me all about his beautiful son and then he proceeded to tell me about his nieces and nephews, all nine of them. He adored them all and boasted of their talents as if they were his own. He loved being part of the ‘Jeffers Team’ and was a devoted son to his parents. This was evident when we planned his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party with his sister, Dede and brothers, Dick and Steve last summer. All spring he planned with Dick and Steve the songs they were going to jam to in the basement. We painted the house inside and out, picked the biggest dining table possible and meticulously designed 20 uniquely colored t-shirts for every member of the family.
Paul also felt passionately about music, especially the Eagles and loved playing the guitar. He was a competitive tennis player and enjoyed coaching his friends and family members. He also loved to garden and work on his home in West Hampton. Most of all Paul loved long, summer days we spent together that included all of the above.
At Paul’s memorial, his closest friends spoke of his commitment as a father, his dedication as a friend and the impact that he had on their lives and their families. Paul valued his friendships and like all things in his life, he invested his time and energy into them. Paul made sure to reach out to so many people on a daily basis, even if just for a minute. The void of not having him in our lives is indescribable.
In the last few months, I have gotten such strength from Paul’s love and his drive for living each day to the fullest. We had such hope and plans for our life together, I will forever treasure each day that I shared with him. Paul was such a presence; it is so hard to accept that he is gone. Paul lives on in all the memories he left us of his generosity, loyalty, and humor and of just being the wonderful person that he was. We will always hold him in our hearts. I miss you terribly and will love you forever.

Nancy Evans, Fiancee
  • I was a trainee working with Paul on the Repo desk 8 years ago….. he always pushed me to know more about the Treasury Markets.. with daily quizes, he was very generous, each summer he invited me out to his home in the Hamptons to play hoops, tennis and for a swim…. his BBQs included the finest foods, I had an invitation even though I had not worked there for quite some time. I am very sorry for the loss, and think of him often.

    Michael Zacharia, Co-worker
  • Dear Brian,

    Your Daddy loved you more than anything in the world. He loved you from the moment that we knew we were going to be your parents. He would talk to you and play you Beach Boys songs while you were in my belly. For nine months he would tell me to “Gimme that kid!” because he was so excited to meet you. The day that you were born was the happiest day in your Daddy’s and my life. You were so beautiful and we immediately fell even more deeply in love with you. From those first moments your Daddy was so proud of every thing that you did.

    I know that your Daddy was thinking of you those last moments on September 11th. I know that the love that you shared with your Daddy gave him great joy and peace, as it did every moment that you spent with him.



    Ali Jeffers, Ali Jeffers
  • My fiance, Mike (Turtle) worked on the desk with Paul. They always had so much fun working together. Paul took a large role in giving Mike the opportunity to work on the Repo desk. Mike was always grateful for that.

    A Paul story: One time I called up to the desk, and I didn’t recognize the voice on the phone. I was, of course, forced to figure it out. After going through, what I was sure was everyone, the call was passed to Mike with the words, “Mike, you’re in trouble.” I didn’t think that Paul would ever talk to me again. But, I finally squirmed my way back into good graces by telling him that I couldn’t figure out who it was, because he didn’t tell me he was the good looking one on the desk.

    Nancy, Brian, and all of Paul’s family continue to be in my daily thoughts.

    Carrie Bernstein, Co-worker's Fiancee
  • I worked along side the repo desk for Securities Lending and from my first day at Cantor over 8 years ago Paul was another one who welcomed me and made feel at home. He was a very unique person and always looked out for my best interest. He was just another one of the greatest guys that I have worked with and miss dearly.

    I can remember my first days when I would have chocolate and Paul would say KC what do you have for me and I would say do not worry I saved some for you and when I was pregnant and I would eat so much chocolate he would tease me that the baby would not want anything but chocolate formula.

    Paul you were a good friend to me always had time for a chat and always complimented me on my hard work. I thank you for for all of that and miss all of you dearly. Please rest in peace until we meet again…

    To your son Brian and all of Paul’s family and friends my heart and prayers are with you daily.

    Karen Costagliola (KC)

    Karen Costagliola, Co worker
  • Working at Cantor was my first real job out of college. It was about 8 years ago, yet it feels like only yesterday. I remember being the “new girl on the block” and having to learn very quickly how to deal with a group of rambunctious guys. Paul, it seemed, was always at the front of the line with his witty remarks and quick comebacks. But when all was said and done, Paul had taught me so much – not only about work, but about life itself. He was a big influence on the person that I have become and I would not change one minute of my time with him. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know Paul as well as all of the guys on the desk.

    Paul, I never had a chance to thank you for all that you did for me. You truly had a great impact on my life and you will always be remembered. Just try to take it easy on the guys upstairs, will ya? 🙂

    Debbie Arbeeny, Former co-worker/friend
  • It was bad enough to lose Andy, but not Paul, too. I adored him. He loved to poke fun at me – a liberal Democrat! Horrors! He sent copies of the NY Post home with Andy, with all the anti-Clinton articles highlighted. I loved helping him navigate the crazy NYC private nursery school scene. We had so much fun with Paul – going out to dinner, at his house in Westhampton, getting to know, respect and love Nancy, who made him so happy. He was an exceptional father, I pray that Brian will always know that.I miss you, Paul. Take care of Andy.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, friend, colleague's wife
  • Paul, I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Jeff 3+ years ago. Jeff worked at Cantor with you guys for a long time and he always liked the people on his desk. I remember it was at Brian’s 1st bday party that you said you had this nice guy from work that I should meet. Immediately you were playing Mr. Setup telling me all the reasons I would like him. I agreed thinking it will never happen and when I got to work the next day you called me and gave me no time at all to think about it before putting Jeff on the phone. I thought this is awkward but surprisingly it wasn’t. I guess it was meant to be. I had always wanted to say thank you for many reasons and just never got around to it. We are getting married 8/17/02 and I know you never really liked weddings but you and Ali are responsible for this one. Brian is doing well. I see him often and he is such a little cutie. You would be proud of him and there are many people around him who love him and will never let them forget the memory of you. For many reasons, you will always have a special place in my heart.

    Kim, Friend
  • Dear Paul,

    I think of you all every day and remember all of the happy times that we all spent together. Getting together at your house every summer was an event I always looked forward to. I enjoyed cooking some Italian dish that none of you have every had and knew to always bring the Ralph’s ices. I miss talking to you on the phone every day and the stories John would always come home with. God bless you and your family.

    Love Nancy Badagliacca

    Nancy Badagliacca, friend (husband was co-worker)
  • Paul. It was a name often mentioned at our dinner table.

    “Paul said this.”
    “Paul did that.”
    “Paul nearly fired me again today…”

    My fiance Juan worked as a trader on Paul’s desk.

    Unfortunately, I only met Paul a handful of times, but he left a strong impression. Since September 11th, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the beautiful woman he left behind – Nancy Evans. Seeing Paul through Nancy’s eyes has shed new light on the outspoken and often intimidating Paul Jeffers. The man Nancy loved was warm and sensitive, a man driven by a sense of loyalty and honor. He was a man who weathered many storms only to emerge stronger, more determined to find happiness. Paul and Nancy may not have had enough time together but the time they did have was filled with love.

    My deepest sympathies to Nancy and the Jeffers Family,


    Stephanie Albert, My fiance worked on the desk with Paul
  • Paul was the first guy Jimmy met at Cantor and they immediately hit it off. Paul was thrilled to get another right wing conservative working on the desk and Jimmy was thrilled that there was someone else on the same page as him to bash Clinton and laugh at all the crazy Democrats.

    Paul was so excited when we had Finn. He kept asking Jimmy when he could come over for a visit and of course, me being the new mother, I wasn’t quite ready for visitors yet (especially from the office!). That didn’t stop Paul. He showed up at our place in Hoboken (arms loaded with gifts) and we all went to dinner to celebrate. That’s the kind of guy he was – thoughtful, generous, wonderful – and handsome!

    When I look at that photo of Paul you can see his warmth shine through. He was such a loving, caring father. Brian was his world! He was so proud to show us the basement he and Nancy had painted for Brian. So many plans for the future in that house, in that basement…. I think back to that Saturday we spent at Paul’s out East last July. It was an annual event, but the first I was able to make it to. I am so grateful for that day – to have been able to spend more time with Jimmy’s buddies from work. I still cannot believe that almost every adult at that party is not here with us anymore. I cherish those memories (and those photos Nancy – thank you!). My only comfort is that Jimmy was with other men he loved on that dreadful day. I pray that they are having fun up there watching over us. Love you.

    Trish Straine, friend, husband worked on desk

    Lawrence G. Coughlin, Cousin
  • Paul,

    Happy Birthday!

    I am sorry you’re not here to celebrate this day with your family and friends but I am sure your buddies in heaven are throwing you a great party. I wish I had some magical words of comfort for your family and close friends but unfortunately there are no words to ease the pain of losing a loved one like you. I hope you are reading this page so you will know how unforgettable you were to all of us. We only met a few times but I will always have fond memories of getting together with you, Steve, Dean and Peter and I will never forget your great smile, honesty and direct questions. You had a strong impact on everyone including me and you are sorely missed. May you have the eternal Peace and Happiness that you deserve.

    Lorraine Danza, We have mutual friends
  • On September 11, 2002, the first anniversary of the WTC tradgedy, following a memorial mass celebrated at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, our 10-year old son read this tribute about his Uncle Paul to his 270 schoolmates:
    My name is Matty Mullen and I want to tell you about my Uncle Paul. I remember riding our bikes up to 7-11 for candy and a slushy. My Dad & Uncle Paul would do rock, paper, scissors to see who would pay. Dad always lost. I remember every summer playing tennis with him & once I beat him. He told me to meet him on the court in 2 hours for a re-match. Uncle Paul used to say, “Hey did you see that?” and I’d ask “see what?” He’d answer, “I just got better looking”. I fell for it every time.
    I really miss my Uncle Paul. He was the funniest & most loving uncle to me and my brother JP, the most generous brother to my Mom & Dad, a wonderful son to my Grandma & Grandpa and the BEST Dad in the world to his son Brian.
    My prayer for Uncle Paul and all those who died and all the families who lost someone on Sept 11th is:
    Dear God,
    Take care of Uncle Paul in heaven, let him know that his family & friends love him and miss him, he will always be in our hearts & prayers, until we see him again in heaven. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

    Dede & Joe Mullen, Sister & Brother-in-Law
  • Well, I finally did it.

    I turned on my palm pocket organizer this morning to see the note I
    had left myself last June. All I wrote was rat bastard’s 40th .
    When I entered that data I was proud of myself for being so organized; usually I’m not; so many things to remember, few of which make the palm.
    I have known Paul Jeffers, or Rat Bastard (the nickname we used to greet each other daily) since 1987. We spoke on the phone at 8 am nearly every business day.
    Paul provided me with valuable insight on the US Treasury market. He helped keep me from loosing my shirt, and to endure the daily battle to fight on the winning side in our world of debt capital markets.
    Many November 30th’s have come and gone, and afterwards I’ve always felt that I missed an opportunity to create havoc for my friend, on his birthday.
    This year……… that was all to change. After our last meeting, lunch last June, while walking back to my hotel, I had pecked this little electronic reminder in my palm, and I knew I’d finally remember.
    I left the café that sunny June day in uptown NY (near 72nd & 3rd) after we had munched on big burgers and appraised the local female passerby’s, (honest Kath, I did this to humour Paul) thinking Paul’s 40th will be a day to remember.
    Would I send a strip-o-gram? That would be very 90’s of me I thought. Flowers…….. no pansies to his office? Did that already when I knew he was really hung over. Maybe tennis lesson videos starring Chrissy Everett? He had a court installed at his home on Long Island. I meant to go have a game with him there……….but I never got the chance, or took the time, to pay him a visit, and kick his frigin ass.

    I am sending you, some of our posse, this message… simply to help with the passing of this day and my friend Paul. I needed to do something.

    Paul is a father, and was a student of the business, SVP of Cantor Fitzgerald, who was working at ONE WTC 102nd floor, the morning of September 11,2001.
    Paul was one of my best friends……………Happy 40th Birthday Pauly..


    Jamie Grant, trading client/ friend
  • I never found out how he got the nickname ‘Jaguar’, but I heard Ian Schneider yelling it out from across the room every day for years. It seemed that the moniker was appropriate, considering he, like the automobile Jaguar, was a class act. Smart, funny, knowledgeable, unforgettable. -Geno

    Eugene Hoffman, Former Co-worker
  • I’m writing this on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I guess it’s taken this long for me to finally acknowledge that Paul is gone.
    I used to talk to Paul several times a week when I was working on the repo desk of a bank in London. He always came across as a really great guy in what was, and still is, a very cynical business.
    I had that confirmed when he visited us in London and we went out to dinner. The conversation came round to the fact that I had recently become a father. Paul’s eyes lit up and he insisted that I take my wife out to celebrate and send him the bill. My wife and I always thought that was a really touching gesture but reading the tributes here and our (mutual) love of family, I can now see why that was.
    by the time of that fateful day, I had left the repo market and was working for an IT company, ironically on the floor above Cantor’s London office.
    I remember calling a mutual friend who I knew was in daily contact and saying “please tell me Paul was on vacation today” !
    Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

    My wife and daughter never had the pleasure of meeting him but we raised a glass to him when we sat done to dinner this evening.

    Our thoughts are with Paul’s family.
    I hope I get the chance to repay that dinner sometime, mate !

    Paul Arnup, Friend
  • While it’s been twenty years since we lost Paul, I often think of how he and that incredible personality of his would have contributed to the growth and memories of each one of my kids. He was a terrific uncle, brother and father. We all lost so much.
    Rest in peace Brother

    Steve Jeffers
  • Paul,
    Missed by us all at Tokai (London).

    Let perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace with you, Amen.

    Terry Keeley

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