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  Danielle Kousoulis

Date of Birth: September 26, 1971
Position: Vice President, Bond Broker

Danielle grew up in Haddon Township, New Jersey, the third of four children. She attended Haddon Township High School where she graduated as salutatorian in 1989. While at Haddon Township, Danielle competed on the gymnastics and softball teams. She went on to attend college at Villanova University, where she received a bachelor of science in Economics, graduating cum laude in 1993. Danielle was a member of the crew team all four years at Villanova, serving as co-captain her senior year. It was during her early morning crew runs that Danielle honed her running skills and developed a passion for running. Danielle went on to run in numerous races, including completing the New York Marathon in 1999.

After graduating from Villanova in 1993, Danielle went on to work as a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald in New York City. At Cantor, Danielle participated in Cantor’s mentoring program, providing guidance to new recruits admitted into Cantor’s training program. Danielle also served as a board member for the Investment Association of New York, and in 1999 she was chosen as Cantor’s Career Businesswoman of the Year representative for the YWCA/NYC Salute to Woman Achievers. While working at Cantor, Danielle also received her MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business in May of 2000.

When not working, Danielle loved spending time with her family and friends. In addition to running, Danielle also enjoyed playing golf and skiing. Danielle took advantage of every opportunity that came her way, never backing down from a challenge, and always living life to the fullest.

Eleni Kousoulis,
  • Danielle was one of the first people I did business with when I joined Cantor some 5 years ago. She always greeted me with a huge smile and always asked me about my weekend and how I was doing. She was truly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She was always so patient and calm in a crazy business. My heart goes out to the entire Kousoulis family. God Bless Danielle, for she is now in the most beautiful of all places.

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • Danielle was my mentor during the Cantor Fitzgerald broker training program. Like Danielle, I also graduated from Villanova University and was recruited to enter Cantor through the broker-training program. During the program, I was actually paired up with Danielle. She was terrific, being so helpful with any questions or concerns that I had about being in the program or working for Cantor Fitzgerald. One of the last nights of the program, Danielle took me and another student from Villanova out to dinner. I still remember that night, and how wonderful it was to truly get to know Danielle as a friend and not just a mentor. I think about her and her family often and my prayers are with them. As I go through life, I will always think back to the Cantor training program and one of the reasons that it was so memorable was because of Danielle and the kindness she showed towards me.

    Jennifer Kleissler, Former Co-Worker
  • I did not know Danielle very well but we did meet by chance a few years ago on the bus from Mt. Laurel. She was the first person I met that worked at Cantor that was taking that bus. Although, this was not her normal commute we would chat every time she was going home for a visit. My condolences to the Kousoulis family and I want to say your daughter was a fine person. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her.


    Tracy, co-worker
  • Danielle was one of my closest friends from our hometown. Although I knew Danielle as a child through community athletics, our friendship truly began in seventh grade. This friendship continued all these years and is one that I shall cherish throughout my life. Our group of school friends is unique in that we have known each other our entire lives and continue to support each other now during this difficult time. In July 2001, we took a “girls trip” to celebrate our 30th birthdays. We are so blessed to have this wonderful memory of our friend Danielle. She was a truly beautiful person, both inside and out. She will be extremely missed and never forgotten. We are much better people for having known her. Please continue to keep Danielle’s family and friends in your prayers. I love you, Danielle.

    Maureen Gradel, Childhood Friend
  • I was Danielle’s first boss at Cantor Fitzgerald.
    After just a few weeks, I recognized that she had
    all the right stuff to be successful and to enjoy her career. I told her that all she left to do was to work hard. And she did. I frequently ran into her outside the office, always with customers. Because of her and another Villanova grad in her training class, we subsequently recruited hard at Villanova and always made sure that Danielle was part of the hiring process. As a result, more people were hired from Villanova than any other school. My prayers to her family and loved ones for such a tragic loss. Her spirit was as infectious as her smile.

    David Halpert, Co-Worker
  • While it is true that Danielle was an overly successful businesswoman, a natural athlete and a brilliant student I think her greatest accomplishment was as an extraordinary friend. Danielle was always there when you needed her whether it was just to listen or to get you out to have a good time. She had a way of making you feel that she knew exactly what you meant and she was right there with you (even though she would later admit that she hadn’t the slightest clue). She always knew how to make you laugh when you were down. It could have been her contagious smile or her special way of telling a story. She had the ability of quieting a room of ten chatting girls,one talking louder than the next by saying three words. When Danielle said the words “Meanwhile, you guys” we all knew that it was the beginning of yet another hilarious tale of her adventures.

    I have close to ten years of wonderful memories of vacations, girls’ weekends, stories and just conversations that I will always cherish. A day does not go by that I am not reminded of my friend. It could be a song on the radio or just hearing someone say the word meanwhile that brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes. I miss you Dan!

    Diane Zullo, Friend
  • I never realized how much Danielle cared about me. Only recently have I discovered this. She helped me through some very difficult times, and I knew that if I ever needed anyone to talk to or for anyone to be there for me, I knew that my older sister would be there. I miss her tremendously, and I know I’ll never know anyone like her again. She always looked out for other people, and I was no exception. I love her and will never forget her.

    Peter, Brother
  • I never knew Danielle before 9/11. But after this unimaginable evil happened, I take every effort to read about all these innocent people who perished that day….
    I read so much about Danielle and I feel that she’s a lot like me in many ways – her age, job, studies etc. I feel an affinity with her soul. She sounds like a beautiful person with a lot of love for others. I will always remember Danielle as long as I live, for even in her death she has touched many a hearts…
    To Kousoulis family, I offer my deepest sympathy for I can not imagine the pain of losing a loved-one at such a tender age. But please know that even though Danielle is not physically present, she’ll be a guardian angel watching over you…when you’re sad and you feel lonely, look into the twilight sky…and when you see that one bright star looking back at you, you’ll feel Danielle’s love…her presence and her blessings…
    It’s a great loss to this earth, but what a great gain at the gates of heaven…
    God bless you all and may He grant you peace and strength to carry on until you meet her one day…

    Kishani Jayasinghe, Friend
  • I knew Danielle from Crunch gym. She was part of the early morning crew (6am). I always looked forward to seeing her at the gym, because I was guaranteed a hello and a warm smile. Seeing her was a great way to start the day. I never really got to know very well, because we were always in a rush to get a workout in before work. Even though, she had enough of an effect on me to think of her often throughout this past year. She will truly be missed and I know I won’t ever forget her.

    John D'Agate, Friend
  • I wanted to say I am sorry to Danielle’s family. I can’t believe how ambitious she is and how proud her family must have been with her. My thoughts lie with thoes that periled that sad day. Even though Danielle is gone, I know her light shines bright on her parents hearts. God Bless.

    Marty Wood, Stranger
  • Wow! What a list of accomplishments Danielle had. I did not know Danielle at all, but have just been going through the names and her picture caught my attention as she was a beautiful person and much much too young for life to end. She sounds like she would have been a wonderful person to know and a great role model. Her family should be proud to know she was a very successful person. Her memory will live on with all the achievements and her name will probably always stick in my mind as the person I will hopefully become some day.

    God Bless the Kousoulis family!

    Carrie, Stranger
  • May God Bless Her

    Paul Flesias, Friend
  • Danielle, you were such a sweetheart and even though I never met you, it still hurts me to see such a beautiful young generous women like you would lose your life for no reason I feel as if I did know you, just know I pray for you every night, I hope God is taking good care of you!

    Rest In Peace

    Derek, Booth

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