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  Wilbert Miraille

Date of Birth: May 19, 1972
Position: Mail Room Clerk

Wilbert was one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Everyone who encountered Wilbert would leave him with a smile. Will had a big smile and an even bigger heart. He worked very hard and was always willing to help anyone who needed him. I will miss him immensely !! Wilbert will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.

Rick Watson, Friend/Manager
  • (Text taken from the handout at Wilbert’s Memorial on 10/20/01)

    Our Fallen Hero

    To know him is to love him.

    His kindness and gentleness is beyond our belief.

    His smile brought out the world.

    His determination to be honorable was apparent through all he did.

    The amount of love he spread was like rain falling on a quiet cozy summer night.

    The warmth that his love gave us is still in existence.

    He was an angel in life and he’ll be an angel watching over us.

    God Bless us all and God Bless America.

    Wilbert's Family,
  • Wilbert was the only one at Cantor that made everyone laugh. He would always come to my desk to bust my chops. I would look forward to his vist each day. I can’t remember Wilbert without a smile. Wilbert thank you for always putting a smile on my face. May God bless your family. We will all miss you. Until we meet again.
    Jennifer M co-worker

    Jennifer Megna, co worker
  • Wilbert was a very special person. He was kind, funny, generous and always there to help. He would constantly go out of his way to help me when I needed it, without a fuss or a hesitation. I think of him often and how much I miss his smiling face and joking demeanor (I didn’t even mind when he teased me unmercifully!). I will always remember him.

    Sabreena, co-worker
  • Wil was one of my best workers. He was always in a cheerful mood, never saw him upset. I still think about the time he went to my wedding reception and was dancing merengue with my aunt. He also showed up at my daughter’s 1st birthday with great gifts and played with the kids. Wilbert was just a kind hearted person naturally. He knew how to put a smile on someone’s face. I miss you Wil.(PAL)

    John Roman, Supervisor
  • Wil-
    I truly believe that you can hear me when I talk to you, especially when I light a candle each week at church for you. You always told me that God would protect me and he did. I just couldn’t figure out why he didn’t do the same for you but then I realized that you are in a better place and are now reunited with your parents.

    I gave you a hard time from the start but you told me that one day my heart would open up to you. You were definitely right and I’m thankful that it happened prior to 9/11 so you knew how I really felt. I spent more time focusing on our differences instead of our similarities. I thank you for your patience. I didn’t realize how far you had come in life until I met the Haitian Community at your Memorial Service. You are and always were a class act! Thank you for loving me. I miss you very much. Je’ Taime Wil. Those words will never be said again in French because they belong to you and you alone. Keep smiling that bright smile that enlightens everyones day.
    Eileen (alias Sweetcake to you!)

    Eileen, Girlfriend
  • I saw Wilbert every morning at 06:00 am sharp,he would come into the computer room to pick up all our reports. We would talk sports, most of the time basketball(Wilbert’s favorite team was the Trailblazers) Over the years we grew to become good friends. Wilbert always would make me laugh, he had a way with words.He always wanted to bet and would say come on $20 or better. His favorite line he said everyday before he left was DO OR DIE then we would shake hands and say see ya til tomorrow. Wilbert buddy I miss ya man and will always remember you,rest in peace.

    Rob, Friend/co-worker/buddy
  • Wilbert, never saw you upset since the day you started at Cantor. You were always a comedian. Kept yourself funny and friendly throughout History.

    Jose Pichardo, Friend
  • 5/19/02
    Happy 30th B-Day sweetie. I miss you!

    Eileen, girlfriend
  • Wilbert was my mailroom buddy. He always took care of me when I needed something. I even brought Krispy Kreme donuts for him and the other guys a least once a month because of all the kindness they showed me. Wilbert loved to flirt and he normally made my day (even when I felt miserable) with his nice comments. He was really funny and it was great watching him interact with the rest of the crew in the mailroom. We were always laughing! I used to come to the mailroom so often, he joked that I could get a job a Macy’s wrapping gifts! I miss him and all my other buddies from Cantor. God bless you my friend…

    Felicia Gomes-Gregory, Espeed co-worker (103rd fl)
  • Wilbert, you were one in a million! I remember you for your big kind heart and the funny faces you would make at me while I was in my last term of pregnancy. You always made me laugh. It is rare to find such a quality of gentleman – and you truely are (I can’t say were). I’m sure you are in a better place and I am sure you still hold the door open for the ladies. Bless you and may God give strength to your wonderful girlfriend.

    Gigi Al-Saidi, former co-worker
  • Wilbert was one of the sweetest fun-loving people I knew. I remember seeing him days before the attacks and I remember the joy he seemed to spread with his great smile. He was always genuinely concerned about the well-being of others. He is TRULY missed and will never be forgotten.

    Erica, Friend from the neighborhood
  • When I first met you at church with my son, you were all smiles and laughter. You were always the gentleman and in these times that was then and is now “hard to find”. You would see be coming up to the steps of the church and take me by my arm and led the way…you would ask..”Where is Kyle?” and I would say he is walking slowly down the street and you would laugh and seat me and then go and get him and bring him in to me. (lol) The first time you heard me sing, you asked if I did that for a living and if I didn’t that I should and when I informed you of who I sang with…you actually knew who that was. (smile) I am sorry that all of my shows were out of town and you never were able to attend on in person as you wanted to…but I KNOW THAT YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR ME SING EVERYWHERE NOW! My heart sank when I saw your face and name on the board at church after that fateful day…but I know that you were consoling others that were around you to make them feel better in that desperate time…because that “is” the person that you are and will forever be. I am sitting here now with tears rolling down my face because and I so glad that I found this page and I am able to write this for you…though you know what is in my heart…know that my son asked why he no longer saw you at church and he cried when I explained that you had gone to be an ANGEL in heaven because GOD has called you home. Thank you God for allowing us that were touched by Will to be “touched by Will”. xoxoxo, ChinaDoll

    Katherine(China Doll of The Platters), friend/church partner

    God Take Care of Him for us…HE IS ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS!

    XOXO, CHINA DOLL 9/11/2011 NWB4gt10

    China Doll, friend/church partner
  • 20 years later and it still feels unreal. It’s hard not to question God on this one…. A truly Heroic man. You’re deeply missed.


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