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  Seth Morris

Date of Birth: October 17, 1965
Position: Managing Director Partner, Bond Desk

My husband Seth Morris grew up in Milford, Connecticut, the youngest of three boys. He attended Fairfield Preparatory High School where he was an honors student. He played on the hockey team and competed for the state championships in 1983. He always said he had average talent as a player, but it was his drive that made him a great athlete. You could see that drive in everything Seth did. He graduated with high honors from both the University of New Haven and Southern Connecticut State University.
Seth was a bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. He loved his job and his colleagues. It wasn’t long before Seth was promoted to Managing Director and Partner, one of the youngest on Wall Street at age 34.
Seth was an amazing “people person”. He could connect with everyone. He never judged, only made each person he came in contact with feel important. To him, they really were. When confronted in the 1993 bombing blast of the same trade center, not only did he carry a woman down the stairs on his back, but he told jokes along the way to put her and everyone else at ease.
Seth had a tremendous amount of energy. He rarely slept more than four hours a night. He could be found working out in his basement gym, renovating our house or just paying bills at 3:00a.m. When I would get on him about the crazy hours he kept, he would say, “Lynn, you can sleep when you are dead.”
Seth was all of these great things, but this was not the heart and soul of this man. The heart and soul of Seth revolved around his family. We would have been married 11 years on October 27th and yet it seemed as if we were still on our honeymoon. We have three beautiful children whom Seth cherished. Madilynn, now age 10, Kyle, age 8, and Hayley, age 6. Seth spent every non-working hour with them. If he wasn’t coaching them on the town recreation leagues, he was helping them with their homework, or just rolling on the floor with them. One of the last conversations Seth had was with my brother-in-law, Patrick. They were at the beach on Long Beach Island. As Seth watched his children playing in the sand he was beaming with pride and love. He said, “I know I should be just a father to them, but they really are my best friends.”

Seth, you were a wonderful husband and father. My best friend and my biggest fan. My heart is broken without you. I will always love you.
-Lynn, Forever your wife

My dad meant everything to me. He was the kindest person I knew. He was always there when you needed him. He was always helping people. In the 1993 bombing, my dad helped a lady get out of the building and told jokes to make people feel better. He was my Hero. Daddy, I miss you very much. I’m going to make the best out of it. I love you.
-Madilynn, 10 years old

My dad was my best friend. He had a way of playing. We played sports every day. I don’t have the words to say how much he meant to me. I love you very much and I miss you. I just wish you could be here now. All my uncles are taking good care of me. Uncle Bobby is going to take me to all of my football games. I went fishing too. You are my hero Dad.
-Kyle, 8 years old

Daddy I love you. I wish you were here. I’m glad you’re in a happy place with no more bad people. I’ll always be with you and I’ll always be your “biscuit” and “chunky monkey”. I’d like to know how you are doing up there sometime.
-Hayley, 6 years old

Lynn Morris, Wife
  • Seth, you were a special guy. I will never forget you or “SYMS” I just wish you had told me what it meant sooner! I miss you buddy.

    Kate, Co-worker
  • My brother Ron is married to Seth’s wife’s (Lynn) sister. Living 1,000 miles away, we only had the pleasure of seeing Seth a few times. Over the last ten years, we have heard many wonderful stories about Seth. He had a heart of gold and always made everyone in our family feel welcome. He was a rock for Ron when we lost our brother. Our hearts go out to Lynn, Madilynn, Kyle and Hayley – they have been cheated of so much. Lynn, our love and prayers are with you every day. We pray that you will find comfort in the love of family and friends and that you will find the faith and strength to get through the difficult times. Love, Marlene and Mike & family

    Marlene & Mike Rees, friends of the family
  • I hope the tribute for Seth will honor him for all he was– a friend, a son ,and a wonderful human being. We think of him every day, and I still have the hand written note I taped to the back of my truck as I started my journey to N.J : Goodbye, Seth”. Our thoughts and prayers still go out to his family. And revenge for his death will always prey upon me. As always,Read

    Read Charlton, Uncle
  • We met Seth a few years back while visiting my cousin (Seth’s brother-in-law) Ron. Seth met our family in the morning and rode the train with us into New York City. While going our separate ways, we must have looked a little apprehensive. I remember Seth saying “You have nothing to worry about, New York City is the best place to be.” Though we only met briefly, I knew he was a kind and thoughtful person.
    To his family, I would like to say that though we haven’t met, our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. God Bless

    Lynn & Mick Christianson, Friend of family
  • Seth – Your strength, your spirit and your “being” will always be a part of me. I’m so incredibly grateful for the time we spent together: in laughter and in serious conversation. Your picture will remind me of what it is that I WILL NEVER FORGET! Thank you for being you – you know how great I always thought you were. I love you!

    To Lynn:
    We have so many great memories of us all together that can either make us laugh so hard and get an ab workout, or make us cry at any given time. The last weekend we spent together Seth and I were talking, and you were across the room. He stopped talking, looked at you, and said to me “Look at Lynn, isn’t she beautiful” it wasn’t a question but the reply was simple: “She is an awesome person”. We both smiled and hugged. I will always remember the two of you leaving our house the next morning, walking with your arms around each other down the driveway, stopping to kiss before getting into the car. We always made so much out of the time that we all got to spend together. This is the greatest gift any friend could give another and our gift to eachother continues.

    I will always be here for you and for your family, and I promise you that I will not forget Seth, who he was, what he meant to me, and the lessons of Love.

    I love you.

    “Don’t Stop Dancing”
    At times life is wicked and I just can’t see the light. A silver lining sometimes isn’t enough to make some wrongs seem right. Whatever life brings, I’ve been through everything, and now I’m on my knees again. But I know I must go on. Although I hurt I must be strong, because inside I know that many feel this way.
    – Creed.

    Lauren Quarmby, Friend
  • To Madilynn, Kyle and Hayley:
    The last time I saw your dad, the first thing we did was to talk about the three of you. He brought pictures of your vacation and he showed us each one. When I say to you how proud your dad was of each of you, I want you to know that he carried his pride of his family with him, in his eyes, in the way that he walked, and in the way that he talked. It wasn’t just when we were looking at pictures or talking about each of you. It was all the time. And to know your dad is to know this.

    I look forward to watching each of you grow. I wish I could change what has happened, but I can’t. I can promise that I will never forget your dad, and each day I will work toward becoming a better person because of having known him.

    I love you all.

    Lauren Quarmby, Friend
  • We shall never laugh again the way we laughed when we were all together.

    You are the embodiment of heroism, humor, loyalty, paternity, compassion, ambition and pride.

    You are our hero. Wherever you are you must be so proud of how your soul mate, Lynn, has been so courageous. She is a hero too.

    But still I feel your presence everytime I see the way your childrens eyes light up at the slightest recall of their father.

    You shall always be a part of me, and I love you very much.


    Julie Avren, Friend
  • Dear Lynn and family,
    I don’t know if you remember me; I am a cousin of Rob Howarth’s. I met you and Seth on different occasions. I was so very sorry to hear what happened. Since I’ve heard, your family has been in my prayers. I hope you have found some amount of peace and comfort. I know there is nothing anyone can do or say to make the pain go away, but I remember one time at my Aunt Ann’s house, Seth and Rob were in the corner laughing so hard about some story Rob had told. These are the things I hope you will find comfort in-remembering his smile and laughter and all the love he had to give. I will continue to pray for you.

    Jennifer Lepore (Gulfport, FL), Friend
  • I met Seth on Tower Hill Lane. It was a hot summer day and I was driving by his house. I saw the perfect family in the front yard…A husband & Wife with their children playing in the yard. There was a lemonade stand by the curb where the children were serving lemonade for $.25/large cup. I stopped, parked my truck and bought some lemonade from the children. I discovered who the family was & that I had in fact taught his son swim lessons. Thirty minutes later, after meeting the whole family, I got into my car and drove down the street to my parents house. After this I was in contact with Seth numerous times as we were in the same business and exchanged e-mails and phone calls from time to time. This family is the “perfect family” and always will be. My heart goes out to the family.

    – Keith Schablik

    Keith Schablik, Neighbor
  • We were once the best of friends, and although it had been many years since we last spoke it now seems like it was just yesterday. I remember well all the things we did together. We could tell each other anything and I always knew that when I was down, you were the one who could make me smile. There are so many things I want to say but I just can’t find the words. You will always be in my heart and when I go to Heaven, we will be friends again. You will be missed but not forgotten.
    Your friend,

    John Ingmanson, Friend
  • Your picture is on our family room mantel. We think of you and talk about you all the time, usually because we loved spending time with you, Lynn, and your family. We often wish you were still here, and always appreciate the times we spent together.

    Our Love Always,
    Camille and Tom

    Camille & Tom Bishop, Friends
  • It’s been more than four months and this is the first tribute I have written. I bet Seth and the boys are surprised I wrote this one. I attempted many times, but could never find the words. Until now.

    Let me explain first by saying this isn’t just for Seth, it is for the many friends I lost. It was never me or I, it was always we or us. I can’t, nor will I try to explain the extent of our friendships. We met through work, but I didn’t consider us co-workers, we were friends who worked together.

    This is written on Seth’s page for two reasons. First and foremost Seth was one of my best friends, not just at work, a best friend everywhere. The other reason you will understand as you read this.

    I was sitting at my desk, writing out bills, when I decided to go through my photo collection. In the background a “Chicago’s” greatest hits CD is playing. As I am going through the section of Seth Morris photo’s, I realized I could barely hear the CD. I turned up the volume and at that moment heard the words I was looking for. The words are the title of the song.

    This is for all my dear friends lost on Sept. 11. Seth, Dennis, Seany, Cahill, Mike C., Johnny G., Hagis, “The Haze”, Isky, Chico, Murf, Roachie, Strobie, and the many others. Not a day goes by I don’t think of you guys. You have given me a lifetime of great memories, thank you. Oh yea, the words.


    Tom Sylvester, Friend
  • The four of you are making the angels laugh. I’m sorry I never got to meet you but Scott loved you and that meant you were one of the special people in this world.

    Chuck Hazelcorn

    Chuck Hazelcorn, Scott's Father
  • Seth – You made my last years at Cantor a pleasure. Your energy is contagious. REST IN PEACE. Lynn – God Bless you & the children.


    Joe Weinman, Friend

    James La Rose, Friend
  • Lynn, This is Joanie, I know it’s been a long time but I just heard through friends about Seth..I tried to find your phone number but I guess you’re not listed. I just wanted you to know even though I haven’t seen you in a long time when I heard I just felt the need to tell you I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I hope you get this message may God be with you.

    Joanne Ballard, Friend
  • Dear Seth,
    We knew each other when we were growing up in CT. Our parents, the Foley’s, are still to this day so very close. Your mom, Barbara and your dad John, were always supportive of us growing up. Our family misses you very much. When we think of growing up in CT, we think of the boating when we were young and when my sister got a “Jart” stuck in her foot at your mom’s one summer. I know we all grew up, we all got married and went in our own separate directions, but the memories will always remain. My parents miss you terribly and my mother has been spending a lot of time with your mom lately either in VA or on the phone from Florida. We all miss you and your family is in our prayers.
    Sheila Foley Touhey

    Shelia Touhey, Friend
  • For Seth and his family,
    It still doesn’t seem possible. I can remember all the times of growing up when our moms played bridge and all the trouble we got into. I think you were the leader and I just followed along. Remember shooting bb’s into the ceiling, stabling our fingers, your close and play (record player) and then chasing each other around outside. You always smiled and brought laughter to the room. I know your family will miss you dearly but the memories will always bring a smile to all. Keep the peace and smile down at us. My son told me “that you are the brightest star in the sky..and when I want to see you, just look up for you and you will be watching us”.

    Cynthia Schulte, Friend
  • Seth, you were an amazing person with a wonderful sense of compassion and a true sincerity about the love you showed to everyone. You were a strong helping hand who showed guidance to all around you. I take great comfort in knowing that you were there with the rest of our fallen brothers, Hazel, Sean, and Dennis, to help them through what was truly your most trying time together. I know you kept them under your wing and probably kept smiles on their face until the end, and for this I THANK YOU.
    Your strength has been reflected through your family, they have been incredible, you would be proud.
    I love you and miss you. Keep showing us the way Brother.

    – Matthew

    Matthew Papio, Friend
  • Hey Seth –
    I miss talking to you guys everyday! Thank you for always being so good to Haze! He loved you and your family so much – especially those kids of yours! Can you tell Haze I miss him and love him…I know, I know, you have to see if you can wake him first…

    Lots of love,

    Amy Callahan, Friend
  • Hi Seth,
    Just wanted to say that you were the best. Always laughing, trying to make the best of everything, I remember when you used to take your skates to Cantor, and skate around the office. But anyway I will miss you and miss your friendship.

    Your friend always,

    Cheryl Pupo, Friend
  • I am so proud that my daughter was able to know you and your family. Her life was changed because of the love and strength you gave. Your example of family love will always be remembered.

    – Vicky and Carrie Belden

    Vickie & Carrie Belden, Friend
  • I am a friend of the Morris Family in Fredericksburg Va who dealt with this hardship. My heart goes out to them and the rest of the Morris families who also had to deal with this. I love you Momma Liz.


    Nicole Zwileneff, Friend
  • Dear Lynn and family,
    What can possibly be said?…but many many many thoughts are had and I feel that these are truly prayers. Like tears are beads on a prayer chain. I wish you love and bonding and strength and all good things to help you in your new challenge at life. I wish you all love and continuity.

    Very Sincerely,
    (from Dr. Nina Reynolds office)

    Patricia Reynolds, Friend
  • I will never forget sitting in the bustling cafeteria of Mathewson Elementary School in Milford, CT. , when our principal walked in. a hush fell immediately over the room. Mr. Crowley walked over to my table andd tapped me on the shoulder. He said “Come with me, John.” I couldn’t imagine what I had done wrong. When I reached the hallway, I saw my Dad. “Why was my Dad here? ” The two of them said “let’s go outside, we have something to show you.” Waiting in the car was my mother and my new brother Seth. They let me hold him. That was the first of many wonderful memories of Seth. I could spend hours telling people how great he was but everyone who ever met him knows that. But I did want to share some of the thoughts of my children. Their words are pure and heartfelt.
    When I asked my son John about his Uncle Seth, he said “he was funny, caring and loving. When you were sad, he would always cheer you up.” He recalled staying with Uncle Seth and having fun at breakfast. Seth would gather all the kids in the kitchen and ask everyone what they wanted to eat. Of course, everyone wanted something different but he cheerfully served everyone in assembly-line fashion. John said Seth liked to tease him but never in a mean way. He recalled his great sense of humor and how he always made him feel safe.
    My son Michael refers to him as a ” great guy”. “He was always happy. He was smart and very strong with a big heart. He always took time for me. He acomplished alot in his life and was well rounded. He was good at everything he did.” He talked about when he first joined our family and how Seth went out of his way to make him feel a part of it. Michael said ” I realize now how much I will miss him and I want to be just like him when I grow up.”
    On behalf of Seth, I would like to thank our parents. They taught us to be proud and to be strong. I know that strength will get us through what lies ahead. I am confident that Seth would not want us to mourn him. But rather to focus on the good memories and to celebrate life. Go forth and celebrate Seth.

    John R. Morris III, Brother
  • We are very sorry for your loss of Seth. May his life and love live on through all who love him. May you always feel his warmth and love radiate to your hearts. Our hearts cry with you.

    America Cries
    We see your sorrow –
    and our hearts cry…
    We can not erase your pain
    but you do not have to face the anguish alone – for we –
    The American People
    are beside you.
    We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
    the strength that gives you courage,
    and the words to lighten your spirits.
    And when we are left speechless
    may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
    to ease your sorrow.
    May you find healing through our nation’s strength – as we –
    The American People
    face this difficult time together.
    Our hearts are with you.

    Teresa Jahn
    Dixon, IL.

    Teresa Jahn, American Citizen
  • Like a Brother….Never will be forgotten!

    Seth was like a big brother to me for many years and I will never forget him. May God bless his family and always be with them. As we all know he will always be watching over them.


    Michael Coyne, Friend
  • I will never forget the first and only time I ever played golf with Seth. He could hit the ball pretty far. So I tried out his driver and Seth ended up giving me his golf club (Taylor Made Bubble Shaft driver) because I was hitting it better than he was. What a generous guy he was and he paid for the round of golf. You are a tremedous guy Seth. My prayers are with your family.

    Tommy B., Friend/ former coworker
  • Although I did’nt know Seth very well, I knew his family. My children went to his wife’s family’s school. Everytime I would see him he ALWAYS would smile and you knew he had this “ora” about him.You knew he was a really nice guy.The love he had for his children always showed through at all the birthday partys I saw him at with Madi.The last time I saw him I was lost in his development trying to find his sister-in-laws house for a party.Out of the blue came this pick up truck and he reconized me and could tell I was lost. He had me follow him all the way to the house. Again I said what a nice guy this was and he left a mark on me.Our hearts cried out when we heard obout the loss of Seth.My daughter Rebecca and Madi always played and Rebecca adored Haley. I always think about Lynn when I get my kids off to school and I know she and the kids will find strength because of the close knit family she comes from.I know the kids’ uncles will help pick up the slack and always be there for them.You are always in our prayers and I know Seth is always watching you and will guide your children along. God bless.

    Rhonda Capozzi & Family, Friend
  • Dear Seth,
    I have known you since you were a teenager, hanging out in the neighborhood. Soon you became very close to my family, seeing you almost daily. Remember helping to put up our pool and earning your “membership” as my Dad would say, planting the trees in his yard you got from WHERE?? we will never tell!! We remember your first truck, the movie Stripes and how you quoted many lines from it, like “lighten up Francis” only to nickname me “BF” for Beth Francis , which I am still called to this very day by my brother. You were the one who insisted I meet your lifting partner(even though I had a boyfriend) and as you know it was love at first sight, engaged after four months and now married 15 years and two kids later. I am forever grateful to you for knowing both of us well enough to make a match for life. The memories are many and will never be forgotten.

    We attended your service in Kinnelon, N.J. Six of us in an SUV making the 3 hour drive from CT. The first hour was very quiet. Then as if you were there and annoyed we were not laughing, we began telling stories of fun times we had with you. We laughed till it hurt!!. We saw your parents and brought them photos of you for them and your children. We can’t say enough about how beautiful your kids are. Lynn and you should be very proud.
    God bless you always and I know without a doubt you are watching over your family everyday and are a part of all they do.
    Beth & Mike Gerwien…or should I say “BF”!!!

    Beth & Mike Gerwien, Friends
  • There’s not a waking hour that I don’t think of Seth. So many good memories flood my mind.
    The new born being held by his heels and shouting his defiance to the world.
    The little boy and his faithful dog “Snoopy”fighting over his security blanket.
    The high school athlete badgering his Mother to patch him up so he could get back in the game.
    The long walk on a winter beach with the college student who was concerned with his future.
    The young man saving me from a London soccer crowd. It was then that I realised that the defended had become the defender.
    The handsome bridegroom dancing with his mother to “You Were There” as a tear of joy rolled down his cheek.
    The proud family man elated by the accomplishments of his wife and children.
    The adult that would call to discuss problems on a one to one basis.

    A wise man once said that we can’t control the length of our lives, but we can control the breath and depth. In his short life Seth lived more that most of us will who were given twice the time.

    I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I’m sure he knows how much I love him and how proud I am of him.
    Until we meet again via con dios my son
    Dad (Popsicle)

    John Morris, Father
  • My “little brother”, Seth. Oh, how he hated it when I said that. He asked me time and time not to do it, but you know how brothers are. You find something that gets their goat and you keep harping on it. My “little brother” was said with affection, like calling a tall guy “Shorty”. Out of respect for his wishes, I have tried to refer to him as “my younger brother”, but I can’t. It doesn’t feel natural. So, Seth, I’m sorry.

    There was nothing little about Seth. Part of the reason he was so big was because of the effort and determination he put into everything he did. He used to be the roly-poly kid until one day at about age 13 or 14, he decided he didn’t want to be the fat kid anymore. He threw himself into dieting, exercising and weightlifting. It wasn’t very long before he maxed out with the barbell set and was asking mom & dad to buy him more weight.

    Then he got the ice hockey bug. The more he played, the more determined he became. Al we would hear was the constant sound of slapshots being taken against the basement door. Slap, Bang, Slap, Bang, until we thought we would go crazy. Then, during a critical moment in a game, Seth let the puck FLY from deep in his own area. The referee started to signal “icing” but soon realized it was a shot on goal. That puck went past the goalie so fast that I don’t think he ever saw it coming. And at that moment, all the headaches from his constant practicing went from being noise to music in our house. Practice all you want to, Seth.

    Seth was fiercely loyal, a gentle giant to his family, friends and teammates. A fun loving, non-violent guy until you messed with him or someone he cared about. Then look out. Seth was a defenseman and hockey defensemen are very protective of their Goalies. One game, another player was playing dirty and taking cheap shots at Seth’s Goalie. This kid then fouled the goalie and scored. The referee refused to call the penalty and allowed the goal to stand despite Seth’s protest. So, Seth literally took the matters into his own hands against this player. After he finished making his point, he skated over and placed himself in the penalty box, ready to serve his time for Unsportsman-like Conduct.

    Seth was also Godfather to my youngest son Paul. At times, I see how much they are alike. They are both happy-go-lucky, life’s-a-party and a friend to everyone. A good friend told Paul that Seth is now an angel looking out for him. Seth will be the voice telling him not to do something that is bad or wrong. I, unfortunately, had to inform her that Seth will be the other voice saying, “Go Ahead, do it…it will be ok!”

    Seth love to play and he showed that love with my sons. From pushing Geoffrey higher and higher in a tire swing while he squealed with happiness, to the Soccer games in his basement.

    So, to my big, “Little Brother” I say good-bye. You may be gone from this earth, but you are never-ever forgotten. My Son, JT and I wore our Fire Department Uniforms to the Memorial Service in honor of Seth and the valiant efforts he made to get his co-workers safely out of the World Trade Center during the 1993 bombing. Seth is a hero to many.

    I would like to close by quoting my wife Elizabeth. “Seth is just the most wonderful guy. He’s the uncle everyone wants.”

    Love, your “Big Brother” Jim Morris

    Jim Morris, Brother
  • From the time Seth was a youngster, he was sensitive to the needs of others. At age 8, he had surgery. Returning from the recovery room, he reassured the other parents that he had seen their children there and they were alright. He had notcied the parents’ concern.

    Sean encouraged his classmates and teammates in sports. He would rather assist in making a goal when he played hockey than be the star. He was a real team player. He loved coaching the youngsters om his children’s teams. He felt a terrific sense of accomplishment when he was able to help a young girl, who had lost her father, throguh a most difficult year. In discussing it, I told him that I was so proud of him, because making a difference in a child’s life was the most important thing he could do.

    Seth was generous with his time, and his love, encouraging his family, brothers, nephews, nieces and friends to always do their best. He was fun to be around. Wonderful stories have been told to us since September of the many ways he helped his friends. He offered his yearly bonus to prevent a co-worker from being laid off, for one example.

    Of all his successes and accomplishments, Seth was proudest of his family. He would often phone telling of their latest escapades. He had so much energy. He was always ready to play with the children, help Lynn,do some sort of building project, landscape or cook.

    Madi, Kyle, and Hayley and his wife, Lynn, carry his legacy of love. We all miss him terribly but we carry his love in our hearts forever. Seth was the child of my heart, being the youngest of my three wonderful sons.

    With love, Mom

    Barbara Morris, Mother

    Seth was my godson. In all honesty, when Seth’s parents—Barb and John—honored me with this role in their newborn son’s life, I first envisioned little more than a dictionary definition of my responsibility: I would be his sponsor at baptism. The thought also arose that, at some critical moment in Seth’s life, I might appear and share a wisdom that would help shape the rest of his life. I never had such a moment with Seth. Nevertheless, like each of us, Seth certainly had such moments, but there were others—many others—to share with him a wisdom or a tender mercy or a touch of love. His mom and dad were there—his grandparents, his aunt, his brothers, his friends, that marvelous greater family that surrounded and supported him as he grew up in Milford—they were all there. The result was an outstanding success, even though there were times when the outcome seemed in doubt. But to my ears the reports from the proud parents left no doubt: Seth had truly grown in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

    The story that most profoundly touched me concerned his heroism following the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. To bring a pregnant woman safely out of a burning skyscraper by carrying her down more than a 100 stories is the stuff of legend. It permitted in my mind a sense of Seth’s indestructibility—in a way, his immortality. How easily I deluded myself. Two hours after the first attack on the 11th of September 2001, I learned at a typical dull government meeting about the planes crashing into the WTC. Immediately I thought of Seth. I wanted to call his parents, but recognized that my fears were nothing compared to theirs. I would only be a distraction from their greater concerns. I turned to God and prayed that Seth had survived, that he would be seen rising from the ashes of destruction and leading coworkers to safety. The next moment, however, I was demanding of God why, at this critical moment in Seth’s life, He hadn’t taken a godfather instead. After all, a godfather has a responsibility not only to bring a child into relation with God but also to keep alive that relationship of love.

    Unfortunately, none of us negotiates with God. I wish at times that we could. I wish that I could understand the mystery of God’s ways when human life is sacrificed so cruelly. But, I can’t. I can only thank God for the precious gift of faith that He has given to me—an amazing faith that sustains me in these darkest of times. In the light of this faith I see that maybe I was not seeing clearly God’s relationship to each of His children. Now, perhaps only dimly, I can see Seth—raised up on eagle’s wings and held in the palm of God’s hand—for now and for ever God’s son.

    Al Fensleau, Godfather
  • Seth
    I have so many memories. The first time I saw Seth he was in his play pen and less than a year old. But I have a special and unique memory; because he lived with me when his parents moved out of town. What a blessing that turned out to be. I went out of town after a hurricane. Seth dragged in a couple of his buddies and cleaned up all the damage. When I got home it was all done.
    My fondest memories are because he never forgot me. I can still see him and Lynn at my surprise 60th birthday with that big Yucca plant in his arms.
    Every Christmas I got his card with his kids picture. I treasured those cards every year and have them all. As I said he never forgot me.

    Joyce Wagner, Family Friend
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Try hard. It’s hard, but try to think of Seth Morris without being reminded of the Twin Towers Attack. What happens? You feel good, you feel loved, you smile. This is what he would have wanted.

    In August 2001, while on a trip with a friend to the Adirondacks, we caused an accident and totaled her car. Needless to say, that was the end of our vacation. She decided to fly back to Virginia and we chose to rent a car and to drive. In silence we drove – shrouded by a great dark cloud. As we approached the New York/New Jersey state line, at practically the same moment, both Read and I said, “Let’s spend the night in Kinnelon with Seth and Lynn. They always make us feel good.” We did and they did. We spent a wonderful evening with them all – being wined and dined in Seth-and-Lynn style – and relaxed and laughed and as always, felt loved. As we proceeded on to Virginia the next morning, Seth reminded us of how good life is and that a car is just a replaceable thing. The fact that we were alive was what really mattered. This was the last time we saw him.

    It has taken me over a year to push myself past the horror of September 11 and then to be able to remember the Seth who was our nephew, our good friend, the man with the huge heart who generated love and happiness and could always make us laugh. This is what he would have wanted.

    Ann Morris Charlton, Aunt
  • The first I time ever heard of Seth Morris was at last years rememberance ceremony on sept 11, 2003. There were two young children reading out names. Then they said” and our father Seth Morrise” As they said his name I said it with them, not knowing who he is. My son asked me if I knew him too, and I simply said “no” as a tear fell down my check. He then asked how I knew his name and I couldn’t answer him. Later that day when I signed on to AOL. the news story had an interview with Seth’s wife. I later found myself on this site, while paying tribute to a lost friend, and I seen your name again.
    After reading all the wonderful and heart felt tributes to you, Seth, I know that you are a wonderful, careing, and loveing person. now that another anniversary is upon us, I find myself thinking of you again. Angels from heaven to watch over us all. how I knew your name when your children read it out I will never know. You are still with us and I know you are watching over your family and guiding them everyday! To your famlily, I wish you all the best for peace and comfort. Your Seth will ALWAYS be a part of you. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you!!!

    Mary Vera, (Never met)
  • To the Morris family~

    I hope and pray that as each day has passed you have found happieness in all that you do. I pray that the children are coping and that life is being good to them. I pray that Mrs. Morris has found a new “normal” in life and that the days pass a little easier. My heart goes out to each of you! Seths’ soul and spirit is so stonge!! I know he is with you, watching over you and guiding you every day. His arms are around you holding and wrapped around your hearts!

    My God bless you!

    Mary Vera

    Mary Vera, never met

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