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  Davin Peterson

Date of Birth: June 3, 1976
Position: Nasdaq Assistant Trader, Floor 104

Davin was easy to describe and even easier to notice – 6’6″, light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, size 16 shoe.

He didn’t just enter a room, he consumed it.

However, it was not just his stature that filled the room, but the breadth and depth of his heart, soul, and mind.

Davin’s greatest gift in life was his ability to see truly, hear honestly, and speak kindly. He was an old soul…wise beyond his years and extremely perceptive.

Davin reveled in e-mailing and Instant Messaging loving jabs to his mom.

Davin prided himself on being one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave work.

Davin delighted in making his sister’s birthday unforgettable year after year.

Davin loved to tease his brother mercilessly about everything and anything.

Davin devoured The Economist as soon as it arrived in his mailbox.

Davin danced a little jig when he thought he’d outsmarted you.

Davin adored indulging his girlfriend.

Davin created strong relationships with friends all over the world.

And though he was the oldest of four children, he was our baby.

Someone so loving, so dedicated to the people in his life, so tolerant was too soon stolen from us. And we are left to survive with such a sense of awe and appreciation that we were lucky enough to have him at all.

We dedicate our lives to his memory, his love, and his life.

Davin’s Family,
  • Some people just know how to live — full of laughter and bringing happiness wherever they go. Davin did that. He was a guy’s guy but was also equally thoughtful and caring. I had the great honor of getting to know him through his girlfriend and his sisters. Last year, we spent New Years together — all of us laughing at the innocence of our lives. He was a kid who was also very much a mature adult. Well-read, well-seasoned and sophisticated beyond his years. Yes, he was a giant, but not just in physical size, but in the enormity of his heart. Davin, I and all who count themselves lucky to have known you, miss you.

    Vijay Bondada, Friend
  • Davin-

    You were always there to pick up the pieces. Selfless in your love, you always tried to protect me from the world, and perhaps my worst enemy, myself. You listened when others turned their backs. You believed when others did not.

    You brought stability and strength to our family. You saw things clearly, when the eyes of others were clouded by emotions. You carried the burdens of those you loved, but never complained.

    Davin, please do not worry any longer. I promise to take care of myself and stay true to the goodness and strength that you saw within me. I will aspire to live by your example. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Take care of Boofy Woofy Nelly Olson Carter until we get there!

    Anne-lise Peterson, Little Sister
  • I had never met Davin in person, spoke with him almost every day on the phone or over our speaker system. He always sounded genuinely happy to hear from me. He was definately one of the most friendly traders I ever dealt with, never too busy to share a laugh in the middle of the trading day. I can only say I wish I new him better but from what I did know you should truly be proud. He is in my prayers.

    Ryan Quinn, Equity Salesman - Cantor Boston
  • I had never met Davin, but I got to know him real well in a very short time-like another son. I know his mom and dad, his brother, Derrick, his wonderful girlfrind, and his two sisters, Dawn and Annelise. My son, Fred J,or, “Frappi”, to one, watched in horror as Davin perished in Tower One and within a short time perished himself in Tower Two. They had become good friends, having had dinner a few nights before with Davin’s sister Annelise with whom my son had fallen in love. They worked within several hundred yards of each other on the top floors of the two seperate towers. The future of these two young men was limitless. The Peterson family has given me strength and I dedicate myself to do the same.I will grieve for both forever.

    Fred O. Cox, future family
  • It has still not sunk in yet. That I will never walk into a restaurant, a bar, his apartment on Sunday night, and see him standing there smiling, offering a brief grunt “hello daw,” swinging a protective arm around my shoulder. He was the rock, the one who always knew how to respond, the one who we all turned to when we wanted the right answer, not necessarily the easiest. He reserved judgement and was always the first to forgive. Yet I always felt how fragile he was, how he hurt when people took advantage of his kindness, how he felt torn when those he loved (including me) bickered around him, how he took it all in to his giant heart and saved it there. Davin, you were the stongest, best man I knew. I will never get over losing you.

    Dawn Peterson, Sister
  • Davin was an extremely bright, energetic, and humorous guy. I had the pleasure of knowing Davin while attending Muhlenberg College.

    I remember playing against him a few times in an Intramural Basketball league we played on in College. His 6 foot 6 inch statue like body, was enough to keep me from scoring. We always had a great time, talking smack on the court, and being competitive with one another.

    Davin had many close friends during his college years and made a huge impact on the College’s Entreprenuerial Studies Program!

    Steven Brady, Friend from College
  • There’s so much to say about Davin that I really don’t know where to begin. When I think about him, words like adventurous, generous, and genuine come to mind. But somehow, words don’t seem to do him justice. For once, I am at a loss; I just don’t know what to say. The best that I can do is remember the times we spent together, the fun we had, the things we saw, and the people we met along the way. I will never forget these memories, and in this way I hope that I can keep a part of him with me always.

    Justin Riedell, Friend
  • Davin’s childhood was busy with beach, riding horses, travel, and challenged leader among 4 of close age. His greater family grew as he did. He was loved and loved. Brother Derek was travel mate, a source of adulation. Dawn and AnneLise shared in their challenges of adjustments peculiar to the Big Apple. He was their rock. He had a treasured soul mate, friends for pub, basketball, or debate. He saw the folly in worry, the good hidden in crisis. Davin’s friends were there for life.
    I so want to give him a big hug. But he has been taken away. But I have him in my heart forever. Nothing in life or death can take that away. Sometime I expect to hear “Hi Dad” again.

    Dr. Norman Peterson, Father
  • Davin had a gift of melting into any group or conversation he came across. His sense of humor was extraordinary. I had the good fortune of knowing Davin through his girlfriend Sne, and I fondly remember the time we spent together. It is amazing that someone as intelligent and well traveled as Davin could be so humble and easygoing. Davin was unique and I will miss him.

    Udit Nagar, Friend
  • I don’t suspect I will ever get the opportunity to meet another person as dynamic as Davin. Perhaps it was his heritage that made him move beyond his home of Calif. and explore all that life and the world had to offer. Davin was never merely a tourist in anything he did. It never seemed enough to him to just observe or take the most traveled route. He forged his own paths; collected his own experiences, and mastered every place and concept that he encountered.

    I sometimes felt at M’berg that I was watching someone passing through on his way to greatness. I realize now I was not watching Davin on his way to greatness, he was already there. He was a great person, a great friend, and will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him.

    Michael Dawson, Friend, Housemate
  • What we miss most about Davin is his confidence. It may just have been his tall frame, but it seemed like he was always on top of the world. We believe he was the smartest person we have ever met. He gained his knowledge about life through his travels. Davin we will never forget your advice, your stories, and most importantly, we will never forget you. Thanks for always being there.

    Jason and Jen Alansky, College roommate and college friend
  • I always remember Davin as being wise beyond his years, while still maintaining the innocence of his peers. Davin in fact demostrated this to me when we interviewed for the same job opportunity in our last year of college. Davin without question blew me out of the water. He displayed his intelligence, his wit, his cordial nature, and his sincerity in his easy going manner. On our walk home he sensed I was overwhelmed and offered me encouragement and guidance. I know that we will all remember Davin for his superior social skills, his thirst for adventure, and his humor, but the qualities which truly captured Davin and drew us close to him were his generosity and kindness. Thank you Davin!!

    Tom O'Mara, College Friend
  • It has taken a long time to write this but it seems appropriate at this time of Thanksgiving, to give thanks for knowing Davin. He was our son Michael’s roommate in college. Dav was a guest at our home many times and he always had a smile, a joke and never made it seem like you didn’t know him forever. The first time we met him we were wondering what this California boy, with blonde hair and driving a Saab, would be like. After the first visit we did kid him a lot about being from California and having a different sense about things. However, one thing was evident, that was his great love for his family and life. It was an honor, Dav, to know you and you will be remembered with love.

    Dawson Family, Friends
  • At this one year anniversary our family remembers and honors this youngman. On this September 11th, our prayers are with his family and friends who knew and loved him. There will always be a hollow place when our son and his mates from Muhlenburg get together.

    The Dawson Family

    Kathleen M. Dawson, Friend
  • We will always remember Davin from his early years growing up on the beach in Southern California. He was tall, blonde, fun-loving and athletic even as a little kid. He and our son Brandon loved to skim-board on the beach together, play pool at our house, watch movies at Davin’s house, and eat cookies. He loved to tease his sisters constantly, but it was easy to see that he adored them. They came from a very loving family, with a very devoted Mother. We kept up with Davin in the later years through our daughter’s friendship with his sister Dawn. We were very proud of who he had become! When we look out at the beach today, we can still imagine him happily playing there. He will always have a place in our hearts, and we want his whole family to know that they are in our prayers daily.

    Lovingly, the Zinke family

    Audrey Zinke, Family Friend
  • I’m missing your adorning worry for, wait, who is “annelise” anyway? The hole in my heart is there and I will never let it go. Annie

    Annelise, Peterson
  • September 11th comes again and people come together to honor your life and the lives of those who shared your final journey. We think of you often and speak of you with laughter and love. We hope the wounds have softened somewhat for your family and maybe one day we can make some sense of what has occurred. Peace our friend.

    the dawsons, friends
  • Four years. How swiftly they have flown. Time passes quickly but memories linger forever. You our friend will always be remembered with laughter, love and awe. We miss you.

    the dawsons

    dawson family, friends
  • Some have already commented that Davin was an old soul–he was indeed. I did not know that he had been killed in the 9/11 attack but it made sense in that he loved commerce; of course he was in the heart of it! He was a great “kid” and I wish that we all still had him around.

    David Edwards, teacher

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