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  Richard Poulos

Date of Birth: January 5, 1946
Department: Security
Position: Assistant Security Officer

Richard Poulos led a full life of love and laughter. He has a wife Margaret of 33 years, whom he met on a blind date back when he was 17. Together they had 3 children, Lisa, Richard, and Erin. Lisa and her husband Chris gave him 2 grandchildren, Christopher and Joseph whom he adored. His love for his family was so profound, always there for them and always willing to do anything for them. He always wanted the best for his children. For 20 years he was a New York City police officer, he retired in 1993 as a detective. Then he began work at Cantor Fitzgerald as a security guard.
Famous for his humor and his one-liners, he always had a smile on and was always ready for a gathering whether it be friends or family or both. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle and friend who will be missed greatly. All that knew him loved him dearly and now feel a piece of their heart missing without him around. He is now at peace with his brother-in-law Jimmy Hopper who also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. They are now our guardian angels who will be with us forever. We all have wonderful memories of the two of them together that will keep them alive in our hearts forever. Our family chain is now broken but one day it will link up again one by one.

Margaret Poulos, wife
  • Rich was such a funny man! I worked with all the security guards, and Rich was such a warm and caring guy. He always had a story for me! I will never forget his kind face.

    Cathy O'Connell, Former Cantor Employee
  • Richie was a wonderful person. When ever I would bring in Fund Raiser from my children’s school he would always get something. He love the Cappuccino Mud Cups. He would always get them. They were his favorite. He would tell me “they were for his wife. But I sometimes wondered if they weren’t for him. Especially when he would come in the next day. And tell me “how good the Cappuccino Mud Cups were”. He was always smiling and telling jokes. He would be able to cheer up the most depessed person in a matter of minutes with his sence of humor. He was very kind hearted man. Never had a harsh word to say about any one. He is truly be missed not only by me but by everyone that knew him.

    Vinzi, Co-Worker
  • I remember Rich when I would get off the elevator he was always smiling and always said hello, he was a very ncie guy. he will be missed

    donna, co worker
  • Richie would greet me every morning with his famous line ” ya here because ya here kid”. Richie was a great guy and was always willing to lend a hand if you needed one. He will be greatly missed.

    The Poulos and Hopper family are in my prayers.

  • Rich, was one of my favorite security guards! I had to reserve a room weekly on the 101st or 103rd floors and he knew my voice the minute I called (I never had to say my name). He made my “last minute” calls for the room(s) a little easier. I always made sure to talk and laugh with him whenever he was at a security desk. Sometimes he’d ask if I could get him some money out of the ATM, since I came by very often on 101. I’d always tell him “next time” (smile). He was a wonderful person and I will miss him and all my other friends at Cantor. The place isn’t the same without them! God’s continued blessings to his family.

    Felicia Gomes-Gregory, Cantor Friend
  • Uncle Richie had to have been my most favorite uncle of all. He was always the one who made me laugh and made the family gatherings fun. He’d always ask “did you eat?” at least 5 times a night…and tell you about how great the food was.
    The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that he isn’t alone and didn’t go through this disaster all by himself. That he’s with my daddy, the two of them heros. And I know that together they are watching over all of us, and laughing as they watch us cry.
    Love you uncle Richie…make sure you eat good..and don’t let Daddy get any fatter!

    Lauren Hopper, niece
  • Rich was one of the kindest and gregarious indiviuals I have ever met. Being the daughter of a retired Lieutenant of the NYPD (now dec.) I felt a bond with Rich. When my mom passed away unexpectedly in January of this year and I was having an extremely hard time, Rich was always there with a smile and a joke. I was also having problems with my blood pressure because of stress and we found we had something in common. Each day Rich and I would great each other with TICK..TICK..TICK. People would stare and we would just laugh. It was our inside joke.
    My prayers go out to his wife and children . I know Rich is up in Heaven with my dad, St. Michael and others like them and they are truly protecting the gates of Heaven.

    Theresa Nugent, co-worker
  • Rich was one of the funniest men i knew. He’d always tease me. I’m going to miss him and our rubberband fights.

    mo, co-worker
  • Rich was a nice guy that I have worked with for a long time. He has known me for about 6 years. He was there once I started as a bluecoat. We used to always joke about a few guys that used to work at Cantor. The one thing I remember about Rich is when he used to always ask me for the pizza kid. I will always remember him as well as all our co-workers who are gone.

    Gene Ramos, Co-worker
  • I miss my brother more than I could have ever realized. We grew up together playing ball on the streets of Brooklyn, whoever thought it would come to this. It is good to see how many lives he touched with his humor and his kindness. He always liked to make people laugh and I can never remember him being depressed. He will always be remembered for his love of family and the many things that made him special to us all.

    Bruce poulos, Brother
  • On September 11th the most important man in my life, the person who I looked up to the most in life, my dad, was taken away from me. Since then, my world has fallen apart. Words cannot descibe how much I miss him or how empty I now feel. My dad was an original, he could make anyone laugh and he had a nickname for just about everyone. It’s wonderful to read about the impact he had on his co-workers, he was such a wonderful man, I don’t think anyone that knew him could say any different. I take comfort in all of my memories of him, that’s what now gets me through the days. I know that both he and Uncle Jimmy will be with us forever, they will live on always in my heart..Daddy, I love you, you were the “bestest” !

    Erin Poulos, Daughter
  • I met Richie about 3 years ago through his co-worker and friend, Gene, better known as “Gene the dream”. I was “Ames”. Whenever I saw Richie, he was always smiling and happy, and had something nice to say to me. So many people loved him, and will miss his caring ways and sense of humor. I will miss him too.

    Amy, friend
  • Richie was such a wonderful and funny guy. He made everyone laugh with his quick wit and funny sayings. He was a wonderful father to his kids and had a great relationship with his wife, Margaret. He was a hell of a funny guy. He always made sure whenever a party was being catered that the menu included keilbasi and sauerkraut. He will be truly missed by all that knew him but I know he is looking down on all of us and smiling. Rest in Peace, Richie, you will be missed!!!!

    Laura-Jean Jordan, Friend
  • Richie was a great guy. I would work the midnight shift in technology with Dennis the guard and Richie would come in at 6am and we’d have some laughs. He was always good for a morning smile. He would always called me Kid, I’m sure like he called many others. Richie, you will never be forgotten.

    Charlie Ferrito, Former Co-Worker
  • Rich was the first person I met when I came for my interview with Cantor Fitzgerald. He was joking with me that day as I waited for my appointment with HR. My first day on the job, almost a month later, I was shocked as I got off the elevator and he said hello to me, calling me by name. He remembered me from my interview! Rich was the first person I would see every morning and always greeted me with a big hello and a smile. He would make me smile every morning. I left Cantor almost a year ago, but I made a lot of friends and am so sad to see many of their names on “missing” lists. My heart goes out to all the families who are missing their loved ones. The holidays must be so difficult for you all and I am praying each day for all the victims and their families of these terrible acts of terrorism. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    Julie, Former co-worker
  • We met Richie & Margaret when our daughters became friends in kindergarten. It created a very special 17 year friendship with enough memories
    to last a lifetime. Richie & Margaret were like family to us. Richie was extremely humorous, caring and intelligent. I would always turn to him
    for his wise counsel. We loved going on day trips and out to dinner to our favorite restaurant Don Peppe. If heaven is a beautiful place, and as Richie would say “It’s a beautiful thing”, then I know it’s also a hilarious place to be right now. Until we meet again, I’ll say goodbye with two of your famous one liners “I’ll be suing ya – & – I’ll see ya when I see ya”

    Kathy & Pete Gregorius, Friends
  • He always had a friendly smile for everyone and was always eager to help when I inquired about something. He is missed!

    Virginia Pfeiffer, Cantor employee
  • Richard greeted me with a smile and a good morning and how are you today? Good person to know, he always had time to talk to you and tell stories of his family at holidays. He never was in a bad mood what so ever, he greeted all of us with gentle words. I will miss him a great deal because he gave me great advice about certain issues I didn’t understand but he will always say tomorrow will be better I promise. And you know it usually was. So I am greatful that god gave me this person to be a guiding angel when I was in need of one. To me he was a precious friend and he will always be in my prayers and in my heart. My love and prayers go out to his family. He was the nicest person any one would want to know.

    Alicia LeGuillow, co-worker
  • I feel for you and your family, Erin. Everyone has written such beautiful things about your father. I wish I knew your dad, but i can tell theres a part of him in you. Im here for you anytime. Stay the strong person you are Erin, and keep smiling!

    Woody Woodworth, a friend of Erin
  • Richie, You have touched many lives with your beautiful personality and great sense of humor..Its nice to read how much you will be missed by your fellow workers and family friends..The thought that you were with Jimmy Hopper at least gives us a sense that you both are in heaven looking down at all of us, and that neither or you were alone…Rest in Peace Richie..Our prayers and thoughts go out to Margaret, Lisa, Erin & Richie as well as your Dad,Mom,brother and your 2 beautiful grandsons, and you son-in-law Chris…

    Dolores & Joe Russo, friends
  • Richie was the first person I met and he was so warm to me right off the bat. He was always teasing us when we served swordfish. He was such a great man. I had to go from floor to floor and we would always be teasing each other just to help the day go by. He was one of the first people I thought of on September 11th. I know I will miss him and Hopper very much!! I pray for both families and hope the best for you. I am sorry!

    Caroline Carbonaro, former mgr cantor cafe
  • Richie, you are one of a kind. You and both know how you and the rest of the number one security team ever helped me and I will always be thankful for it.

    Gigi Al-Saidi, former co-worker

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