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  Allen Upton

Date of Birth: June 6, 1957
Department: Corporate Bonds
Position: First Vice President

As Allen’s sister-in-law, I was asked to write something about him for this Memorial site. Allen was the central person to our whole family. He played an important role in keeping our family together. Allen loved to travel and did so often. We were all very proud of Allen and how he reached the goals he had set for himself.

Allen was one of the most generous, caring and funny people we have ever had the pleasure to know. He was not only generous with the special gifts, but he was generous with his time. Allen was always very busy because he was a part of many lives, but he always found time to spend with each and every friend and family member. Allen made every person feel special and always had time for sporting events, birthdays, holidays or even those quick phone calls “just to check in.” At his Memorial Service, everyone seemed surprised that they were not the only special people in Allen’s life. That was very comforting for the family because we already knew how special Allen was. It wasn’t often that Allen would express his feelings verbally, but we all knew how much he cared for us and for everyone else he knew. He was an extremely special human being and we feel honored that he was a part of our lives.

He was also a very humorous person. We will all miss his wonderful sense of humor and his way of making light of stressful situations. Whenever any one of us was having a bad day, we could always count on Allen to make us feel better. Allen was always there when we needed him and even when we didn’t think we did. He always knew the right thing to say and how to make every situation pleasant.

He will truly be missed by many people, but mostly by his family. Allen was a very important part of our lives and will forever be remembered for his special qualities. We will be sure to teach his nieces and nephews about how special he was and how he lost his life to make this world a better place for them.

Theresa Upton, Sister-in-Law
  • My brother Robert and Allen worked together on the corporate bond desk for many years. Whenever I would come down from 105 to visit Rob, Allen would be one of the first to smile and greet me with a big hello. We would always end up talking about traveling. My husband and I were planning a trip to Europe one summer and Allen knew just what restaurants in Budapest were worth a visit. We enjoyed each others sense of adventure and love for off the beaten path destinations. I am grateful that Rob and I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Allen.

    Donna Horohoe-Erskine, Former Cantor Employee
  • Babe,
    Think of you everyday, miss you more. You touched so many people with your heart and your humor. Have a legacy of memories, that bring a smile, that will keep you close forever.
    Love, Marialice

    Marialice, my best friend
  • Allen was always one of those people that just seeing him brought a smile to your face. He was always such a nice guy and went out of his way to make me feel welcome. I will miss him and I pray for his family. Allen was very special, and I hope to carry a piece of him everywhere.

    Caroline Carbonaro, former Mgr Cantor cafe
  • Allen and I were best friends for 24 years. I think from the moment I met him my first day at Cantor, I knew we would be lifelong friends.
    I tell an “Allen story” every day to family, friends, even strangers, because that’s what keeps me sane, remembering the lifetime of shared good times and laughter.
    He made me feel as if I were the most special person in the whole world, but really, he was.
    He is never far from my thoughts and is forever in my heart.

    Jody, Best Friend
  • My brother Allen was the most generous person I know. Allen always was there to help anyone. He never advertised the fact that he helped so many people in so many different ways. He never talked about his numerous acts of kindness such as giving money to anyone who needed it, taking care of all of his god children, his warm words, his advice, his foster children, his donations the list goes, on and on. I am sure if you met Allen you were touched by his kindness. He always had a smile on his face and kind words, no matter how bad his day or week was. He had a gift to make people feel special no matter who you were.
    I am sure many people wish Allen were here. We all will miss him. I will miss him because he was my best friend, friends like Allen don’t come along too often, and I was very lucky to have him in my life. I love you Allen.

    Victoria Yager, sister
  • Uncle Anee,
    He was such an amazing person, and I think of him everyday. My mom and dad were best friends wih him as well (Lori and Richard). He had a heart of gold and was loved by many. He will be missed and loved by my family and I forever.
    We love you.

    Jessie, "niece"
  • I was deeply saddened to read in the SUNY Brockport Alumni News that Allen was among the WTC victims. Although many years have gone by, the wonderful memories of Allen came flooding back to me.

    While reading the tributes posted on this site, I have been comforted to know that the fun, loving, generous Allen we knew as college students had continued to live a life of humor, sharing and kindness. I hope he had someone special to share his life with.

    My Brockport roomies and I always looked forward to “that special feeling” Allen gave us. Barb, Jackie, Kem and I are lucky to have had him in our lives.

    Patti (Atwell) Rhynders, college friend
  • I started at Cantor in 1981 – my first job out of college – and I was lucky enough to work closely with Allen for the first few years, but, more importantly, to begin a long and loving friendship with him. Even after I left Cantor in 1990 we kept in touch and always got together with the gang – Allen, Marialice, Jody & me. I looked forward to our dinners at Portobello – the laughs, the fun & the Godiva! (Allen never showed up without bringing us Godiva chocolates – he spoiled us as he did all of his friends). He was generous, funny, kind and a great friend who we knew we could always count on. I miss his frequent phone calls – he made all of us feel so special, but he was the really special one. I think about him everyday and miss him terribly. It was too soon for him to leave us and our world is a much smaller place without him.

    Deirdre Donnelly, Friend
  • Miss you cookie man! God bless your family.

    Gigi Al-Saidi, former co-worked
  • Allen,

    I never told you but you were like my big brother. I’ll never forget the time you called the office and said “Michael, I need to be stroked.” After a few minutes of stroking, you said “that’s enough, good job.”

    Your kindness, generosity, caring and warmth were legendary.

    To this day, my daughter refers to you as “my friend who wnted to meet her.”

    Allen, I can only hope that you are in Prague and drinking an Absolute. See you at Accapella.


    Michael Bonevento, Friend
  • I can hardly believe that it has been five years already. Our loss is, in many ways, felt more now than it was in the beginning. Allen, Connor, and Brooke think of you and talk about you often. I, for one, really wish that you were here. I hope that you can still help to guide us all on the right path to finding you again. You are dearly missed. We all love you and we will never forget you!!!!

    Theresa Upton, sister-in-law
  • This is the 1st time I have looked at this site. It has taken 5 years, but I am here. Allen, you are missed by your family and friends, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you or miss you. Keep watching over us and keep giving us the signs that remind us that we need to live life to our fullest. I love and miss you, your brother, Richard.

    Richard Upton, Brother
  • Happy birthday, Merle. Miss you.

    Merlette, sister
  • Dear Allen, I for one have missed you more then I even relized. When I miss you I look at pictures of you and makes me feel closer to you. I can still remember your voice and that comforts me as well. I know you are watching me and guiding me to do the right things. I thank you for everything you have done for me and our family. I know that one day we will be together again and have a long due visit. I hope there are martinis where you are so we could have one together. Love you and miss you, your bother Raymond

    Raymond, brother
  • Happy birthday, Merle. Love, M’ette

    Merlette, sister
  • Ten years and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Miss you like mad!! Wish you could see the kids. You would be so proud of them!! We all love you and miss you very, very much!!

    Theresa, Sister-in-law
  • hey Merle.

    Merlette, sister
  • Andy.

    Merlette, sister

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