On the morning of September 11th, we lost more than a team. We lost  family. We mourn the losses of our siblings, our best friends, and our partners. We cannot imagine work or life without them nor their many  unique qualities and characteristics. They have enriched our lives immeasurably, and in us, their spirits shall live on.

This Web site was created for the Cantor family of companies and all employees of eSpeed, Inc., Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P., and TradeSpark, L.P., to commemorate all those lost in the World Trade Center tragedy. It is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the memory of our families, our  friends, and our colleagues. Please join with us now in paying tribute to  those who have so deeply touched – and continue to touch – our lives.
Cantor Fitzgerald would like to thank the staff at Critical Mass and Rapp Digital for donating their time and resources to the creation of this memorial.