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  Paul Acquaviva

Date of Birth: October 24, 1971
Department: Corporate Development
Position: Vice President

Love, laughter and light: words that describe Paul, my high school sweetheart, my husband and my best friend. Paul was a gift-to his friends, to his family and to me. Although it would be easy to remember him most for his list of accomplishments-achieving in 29 years what many take a lifetime to: a solid career, a loving home and adoring family, we must also include his shining smile, sharp wit and most of all, his devotion to his family.
You could write a book about his love for his 2 1/2 year old daughter, Sarah, who captured his heart at birth. To her he was “da”-her Daddy who cooled her hot French fries one by one, wore blue (her favorite color) almost every day and slid her down the staircase banister, relishing in her squeals of delight. He took her on carousels, flew her Elmo kite at twilight on the ocean beach and took her for “little” walks, hand in hand. On the morning of 9/11 as he said his daily good-byes, Sarah grabbed his face in her two small hands and gave him two big kisses: big enough to last a lifetime.
I will remember Paul and the small things: like Sunday mornings on the porch with a mug of coffee and the papers, matinee movie dates, arms entwined and fingers in popcorn and the sound of his steady breathing as he slept. I will remember Paul and the big things: like exchanging our wedding vows tearfully, him proudly holding Sarah for the first time and clasping hands as we learned our second child (due December 2001) was a boy. I will remember Paul’s last words to me from the 103rd floor of tower 1 at 9:05am on 9/11-“Court, I love you”-words I will not forget or let go of.
It would be easy to focus on the loss of his life, of our future and of our dreams together, but we will focus on the luck we had, my family and I, to have had Paul in our lives…he was a gift. We will focus on what his children will give us-little bits of himself every day, gifts he has left for us to cherish. Paul will always be loved and never forgotten. He lives through his children and through me. He is in our hearts and souls.

Love, laughter and light: “Paul-UAMFE-I will remember…always.”

Courtney, Sarah and Paul Acquaviva, Wife and children
  • I was touched by your beautiful tribute to your husband and by his smile. As you choose each day to focus on the good that Paul brought to your life and your precious children, may you be strengthened and carried by the thoughts and prayers of all America. May God Bless you each day with what you need for that day.

    Tammy Benson, touched by your tribute
  • I couldn’t imagine what you must be going through. I came across your tribute as I was leaving a tribute for a cousin who worked at Cantor. I pray that God gives your the strength that you need to go on and that your husband remains forever by your side watching over you and your children.

    Elizabeth, Just read your beautiful tribute
  • Paul was a sweetiepie. He was an attentive listener, and a gentle soul. I’m glad I got to know him, and he will be missed by us, your “extended extended” family. You, too, Courtner, are a gift…. Love, Gail

    Gail Berger, friend
  • The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

    Eugene Seitz, Paul's Father-in-Law
  • We miss our nephew dearly. We loved and admired him for his engaging ways, his quick smile, and outgoing nature. We loved him for knowing early in life what was important and what was not, in particular his dedication to family and friends. He was the kind of son of which a parent could be proud. He was the kind of nephew who felt like a son.

    He left us with a precious legacy; his wife Courtney and children, Sarah and Paul. We see him in them. We are proud of Courtney’s courage and determination to keep Paul’s memory alive in her dedication to the family.

    We love you, Paul.
    Uncle Frank and Aunt Fran

    Frank and Fran Troccoli, Uncle and Aunt
  • DA – SA loves you.

    Sarah, Paul's daughter
  • Paul,
    The things that I remember may seem odd…But it’s how I remember you for being you.
    When I spent my 1st Christmas with the family, you made me feel so welcomed and accepted because you told me that I got my Christmas stocking so much faster than it took you to get yours. Thank you for the warm welcome!!
    At our wedding, you were not only there as a groomsman, but you were there celebrating with us and enjoying every moment of our big day. Thank you for being there for us!!
    When Sarah was born, Colin and I had just bought a new home. You told us that we should expect our own baby in about 9 months. It wasn’t exactly true… but it wasn’t that much longer until we did have our own. Thank you for being excited for us!!
    When Aleigh was born, you always looked at her with oogling eyes and a big smile. You said that hearing her cry was almost worth it just to see her precious pouty lip. Thank you for loving her!!
    My final memory that I have is of you at Aleigh’s first birthday party. You were so bright and cheery that day…and I NOTICED!! Thank you for being you, for always taking interest in our lives, and for the wonderful neice and nephew that you have given to me. Thank you for the memories, you are greatly missed by all. I think of you every day, and I (we) will ALWAYS be there for your beautiful wife and children, Courtney, Sarah and Paul Andrew.

    You are forever in my heart,

    Heather Seitz, Sister-in-law
  • Paul,
    Last night, I wrote you a long letter…I knew that you were standing over me reading and listening. That was just one of the many things I always admired about you…the way you listened to and tried to understand other people. It never mattered who they were, how old they were or anything else. It did not matter to you that perhaps someone was was not a scholar, like yourself graduating with honors from Columbia University. It didn’t matter to you that they were not the wealthiest or most athletic of people. You had everything it seemed but never once looked down upon those who had less. You treated everyone around you warmly. I feel blessed having you as my couisn. I remember all the nice things you did for me, the little things that matter most, like giving up your favorite sticker book to me and my sister. I remember boogie boarding with you at the Jersey shore when we were kids, and the most recently seeing you at my wedding reception. You took time off of work, packed up little Sarah who was two at the time, and drove five long hours into Virginia. That was the last time I saw you. I was so happy that you came to be with me as I celebrated a special moment in my life. You are an excellent person and an excellent cousin. I love you always!

    Lori Negrin, Cousin
  • I miss Paul. I miss hearing him laugh, and seeing his face, as he is about to say something mocking towards Ryan. The friendship the two of them had was so unique. Courtney and I used to make fun of them, because they would have hour long conversations like girlfriends! They would discuss everything- fantasy football, cards, business, and family.
    I still sometimes speak to Paul. I tell him about everyday things that I know he would appreciate. I especially miss him when Ryan and I disagree, because Paul would always be on my side. I constantly picture his reactions to strange or funny things. Our son Aaron scared Paul Andrew the other day and made him cry, and I could just hear Paul, “Guys, control your kid!”
    I will never forget our times together. I miss Paul.

    Tracy Warsaw, Friend
  • Words can not describe the saddness we all feel over the loss of Paul. In his 29 years of life, he managed to touch the lives of many people. As a cousin, Paul was a role model and friend for both my sister and me. He was a caring person that would go out of his way to help others. When I was about 5 years old Paul took me out on a “date”, so that I would not feel bad about not being able to attend a party that my sister could. As I got older, Paul still looked after my sister and me, often repremanding my mother for allowing us to wear makeup or certain clothes. He possessed values and morals that were to take him far in life. We are all saddened by the fact that his life was taken all too soon. He is missed greatly and will live on in our hearts forever.

    Renee Troccoli, cousin
  • I worked with Paul during my 9 months as a fellow VP of Corporate Development with eSpeed.

    Paul was a very nice person. Possessing a wonderful sense of humor and was always in a good mood, he was refreshing to work with. Paul was also very devoted to his family keeping a picture of them on his desk inches from where he worked.

    Working with Paul was a wonderful experience. He possessed a quick analytical mind and both understood a new business idea and whether it would succeed or fail. Paul was also an accomplished lawyer who allowed this business development mind to gain a very rudimentary understanding of the law.

    I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Paul and I will miss him dearly.

    Stephen, Former eSpeed colleague
  • Paul, I cannot find the words to pay you true tribute or describe a loss so great. You are…still…in Courtney’s eyes and Sarah’s smile and Paul Andrew’s tiny hands. You are…still…in all our hearts and will forever be. God speed.

    Nancy Seitz, Paul's mother-in-law
  • I was extremely shocked and terribly saddened when I heard about Paul. I read of it and saw his picture in one of my trade publications. I met Paul through his lovely girlfriend and later, wife, Courtney. Courtney and I lived in the same residence hall for one year at Douglass College. Paul and Courtney were truly matched for each other. Both very kind, always smiling, gentle, lovely people. True soulmates. Courtney, I just want to extend to you and your baby girl my deepest condolances, and I hope your faith and your family gets you through this difficult time. Paul will forever be your guardian angel, watching over you and protecting you.

    Kim Fitzgerald, College acquaintence
  • Courtney –
    I went to middle school with Paul and was saddened to hear he was lost on 9/11. I read your story in PEOPLE magazine and when I saw the inset with Paul’s picture I was stunned. He was a fantastic person, always had a smile on his face. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Michele Hogan

    Michele Hogan(Wawroski), Acquaintance
  • I saw your story on the Today Show this morning. I went to the Cantor Tribute site to read more about your husband and was touched by the beautiful words you wrote about Paul. It is evident that you had a wonderful marriage and my sympathies are with you and your children for your loss. As we come to the 1 year marking of 9/11, I keep you and all those whose spouses died that day. I am so saddened that your children will never get to know their father. I pray that you can get through the pain and hard days of missing him and live your life as he would have wanted you to, loving your children and keeping his memory alive every day. He left two amazing gifts behind, his son and daughter. May God be with you.

  • Will always be remembered for his bright smiling face.

    Loved as part of our own family.

    Gone but never forgotten.

    Pam Tomaskovic, Friend
  • My heart is with you in the lost of your husband. 8 years ago my husband drowned and left me with 3 young children to raise…my husband was not killed by the monsters that yours was but they still left us widows…please live your life knowing that you were blessed to have him. I often think of all the women who don’t know what it’s like to have a wonderful man to love you and protect you and father your children, we both have had that, maybe not as long as we wanted but long eongh to carry with us the rest of our lives…8 years later there is not one thing I do that I don’t feel that my husband is by my side still loving and protecting me. Time will help you, you will only learn to except his death but you will never stop missing him…but in time you will think of him and smile instead of cry and when you speak of him you will know he is listening…God bless you…my prayers are with you and for your hero husband.

    Debbie, Caring friend
  • Dear Courtney and children:

    I am deeply saddened and touched by your heart-breaking tribute to your husband and father. I never knew him but now it seems like I’ve known him an eternity. He sounds like the perfect, most remarkable husband, father, son and brother a family could have. I’m really sorry about his untimely death…it should never have happened.

    But life must go on for you and the kids…Paul would want you to carry on. He would watch over you, so be strong. I wish you and the kids peace, joy and love in your journey without Paul…it must be very hard but please know that he’s rid of all pains of this Eartly life…he’s at eternal peace. He will be your guardian angel watching over you from heaven…have hope that you’ll all be together again one day…never to part.

    Peace be with you all…

    Kishani, Friend from afar...
  • Paul, as I sit here now, I can’t help but to cry. Been 2 years. You worked hard, but you were always willing to share your ideas. Take Care

    Cedrick Johnson, Acquaintance
  • I know how your heart hurts. It gets easier with time, but it never gets lovelier. I hope you and your family are able to preserve his loveliest memories.

    Matthew Gregg, Composer/Lyricist of Nine 11
  • I will likely never forget the time I first saw you, Courtney. You were at ground zero, a picture of Paul in your hands. I can still hear your determined, desperate voice as you told the reporter about your daughter and your baby-to-be.
    It was you that took the enormity of the moment and humanized it for me.
    It was the first time I cried – wept – thinking of you, your family, me, my family.
    Suddenly this event had a human voice – kinship in the trajedy.
    May God bless your family, and may the good memories you hold carry you through the pain, which I know still sneaks up on you. Your strength makes us all a bit stronger.

    Eric K. Morris, American
  • Paul, No-One will every forget you or the other 911 victims.May you rest in peace.GOd Bless you!!

    Maria, stranger
  • What a beautiful tribute and story of love. I would have never imagined being so touched and emotional over reading something about a complete stranger. My heart goes out to you and yoru family for your tragic loss. It is truly heart breaking. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you today and always.

    Lauren, Stranger
  • Our sincerest prayers for peace in the hearts of Paul’s family. We did not have the privilege of knowing Paul, but we honor his memory regardless. Wishing you blessings from Louisville, KY.

    Pam Acquaviva Kalbfleisch & Family, Distant cousin

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