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  Alok Agarwal

Date of Birth: May 3, 1965

He was a man of principles and was so helpful to others that the God needed his help, too. It is hard to believe that disaster, which has ruined the life of thousands, was the act of human beings.

Shafali Agarwal, Wife
  • He was a hard-worker and a sincere person. He knew his job very well. He’d always put up a brave face amidst great odds and would never give up. I will miss a great friend in him.

    Pragya K Manglik, Co-worker
  • Alok was a wonderful person to work with. He was always cheerful and calm, even when the rest of us were agitated. He was so smart and knew so much. I miss him.

    Virginia Pfeiffer, co-worker
  • Alok was a great guy. It was a real pleasure to work with him while he was here in Arizona. I would like to convey my sincere condolences to his family.

    K. Pillai, Office collegue
  • Alok was a really nice person, He was a very cheerful person he always had a smile on his face I really miss him.

    Rosemarie Reginald- Beepath, Co-Worker
  • It’s not easy to say goodbye to a good friend. I cannot forget the good times, me & my family share with Alok in Arizona. I really learn a lot from a wise person; not only his professional skills but his principles as a human being … principles that made him unique. To Shalif and son, my sincere condolences from your friends in Costa Rica.

    Luis C Gonzalez (Costa Rica), Office colleague and friend
  • Alok was a fantastic person. His calm, steady approach was very settling in an extremely hectic time. He rose to meet every challenge we were faced with.

    Outside of work, I remember him making the most out of every opportunity. He had great plans for every long weekend. I always thought I should try to model his enjoyment of life.

    Alok made great sacrifices to be in the US. I always admired the strength it took to be that far away from your family and the place you grew up. I use that example frequently when I think about my family across the US and realize how easy I’ve got it.

    Paul Guidry, Colleague
  • Alok was a very sincere and hard worker. In the short period he was with eSpeed he did a great job. There is not a single day I forget to think of him and his good work. I miss him very much. May his soul rest in peace.
    Venkateshan Pundi

    Venkateshan Pundi, Co-worker
  • I worked closely with Alok for about a year when he worked at Intel in Chandler, AZ, prior to him coming to work at Cantor. When I joined our group, Alok taught me 1-on-1 most of what I needed to know about my new job. He ALWAYS had the patience of a saint. He never minded when I would ask him to explain something to me for the second or third time! 🙂 He always had a warm smile and kindness in his eyes and his voice.

    I remember when his contract came to an end and it was time for him to leave us and move on, I told him that in my twenty year career, I have seen many people come and go, and he was one of the people I was sorriest to see go.

    Although Alok’s life has been tragically cut short, he left a positive touch on many lives.

    Dave Hughes, Former co-worker
  • Alok was always smiling ! His great attitude and his excellect work ethic made it a great pleasure to work with him. He was also a very good person. Losing him has made this world a little poorer.

    Sarbari Chowdhury, Former collegue
  • I never knew this young man, but the first four letters of his name are the letters of my maiden name, so I felt drawn to read about him and to pray for his soul. Those who knew him considered him very special, by their comments. My best wishes and my prayers are with his wife and son. God bless them. Sincerely, Ruth Agar Lowry

    Ruth Agar Lowry, None
  • Alok came to work for Cantor a few months before I left the company. We worked in the same group for about 3 months and I learned right away that he was a very hard working, smart guy. He would always find an original solution to the problem and would be able to implement his ideas fast. We talked a lot about his home country India and my homeland Russia, he loved his family very much and often talked about them. Rest in peace my dear friend.

    Yuri Goldberg, Ex-coworker
  • I feel so blessed to have known Alok. Not once did he ever pass judgement on another. Alok had a way of making you feel better…no matter what you were discussing.

    He had great strength of character. I hope this will live on through his son, who I know he cared about deeply. He sacrificed much to come to the US. And we have all sacrificed so much in losing him.

    May his soul be blessed. And may he guide us all through his example in life.

    Sherry Stapleton, Coworker, Intel
  • Alok was a wonderful person. As a coworker, he made me feel at home when I started my new job. He was always smiling. I remember his gentle attitude, kind words, and professional work ethic. I sincerely miss him; he made this world a better place.

    Jim Braidic, Colleague
  • Though I knew him only for a short time, I still remember the good person he is. He is a very gentle and caring person. He and his family were good to me and prepared everything for my move into the appartment that he was vacating before he was moving to Arizona. Later in 2001 we met and were planning reconnect, but unfortunately this happened. He was always concerned about his family and his parents.
    May God rest his soul in peace and give his family a good future.

    Jibu, Friend

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