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  Andrew Alameno

Date of Birth: January 12, 1964
Department: Securities Lending
Position: Partner/Repo Sales

Andy was one of the good guys. The really good guys. He grew up in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, and never left the beach too far behind. He was a lifeguard who loved Elvis, a scratch golfer, a natural athlete who scored home runs when the desk played softball. He was a devoted son and a loving brother, brother-in law and crazy “Uncle Andy” to thirteen nieces and nephews. He was always loyal to his Philadelphia Eagles no matter how long he lived in New York Giants land. Andy was, simply, a great friend.

He was completely comfortable in his own skin. A lot of people move to New York City and reinvent themselves. Andy liked who he was and never tried to be something he wasn’t. And it worked – everyone loved Andy.

We had a wonderful life. Andy was a family man. He probably should have entertained more after work, but he wanted to come home to be with us. Imagine Andy on his bike, with our son Joe on the back, me with our daughter Nina, chasing down the ice cream man through the streets of Westfield. Think of Andy driving his beloved Miata with those ever-present sunglasses and baseball cap on, Joe in the booster seat next to him, sunglasses and baseball cap on, just like daddy. This summer he was teaching Joe how to play golf and was so proud of his little boy’s swing. He would take Nina for long walks with her doll stroller and invariably end up carrying Nina and the stroller all the way home. He adored us and we adored him. He was never happier.

How do you sum up a life? It’s far too early and far too sad. Andy lives on in his children, in my heart, and in the wonderful memories we all have of a really, really good guy.

If you knew Andy, please share your thoughts and memories here. It would be a gift to all of us. Thank you.

Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • We have been friends with Andy and Sally for many years and have enjoyed watching our children grow up together. Our memories of Andy were not only of him as a good friend but also as a wonderful father and husband. He always put Joe and Nina first and was so proud of their accomplishments. We were lucky enough to spend the day with Andy and his family only two days before this tragedy. It was a great day of golf for the husbands and a lovely dinner with our families. We will cherish this and all our other memories of Andy forever. Sally, you are our dear friend and we will always be here for you and the kids.

    Sara Jane and Jeff

    Sara Jane & Jeff Enslin, Friends
  • I was so lucky not only to have worked with Andy for the past 8 years at Cantor, but we both worked together at The Bank Of New York for several years. I can remember just a few months after I started working at Cantor that Andy joined us, I was so happy for him. He is and always will be, one of many of “The Greatest Guys” I was fortunate to have worked with. Andy was always laughing and joking and he never liked to see me without a smile on my face. He always went out of his way to talk to me and we would share stories about his children or my children; it was just how he was, very caring and just a great guy. I miss him dearly. There are no words to describe the void in my life and how much I miss the Securities Lending and Repo Desks. They were more than colleagues to me-they were my family.
    Andy, you were part of the “best” and I know in my heart you are all together and I miss you all so much. I do know one day we will meet again and we can share our favorite lunch “lollipop” chicken. You are and always will be in my heart and prayers forever. Unitl we meet again…
    Sally, Joe & Nina, I wish there was some way I could take away the pain. But I am sure you know how much he loved and cherished all of you and I know he watches and protects all of you each and every day, minute and hour. My thoughts and prayers are with you always and you are forever in my heart.
    Karen (KC)

    Karen Costagliola, Co-worker
  • Andy was modest, kind and ever sarcastic. He would sweat the small stuff in life, like the ever present bugs in his sidewalk, yet the big things never got him down. He was the most even keel individual I’ve ever met.

    In each life that was lost there are the living that are forced to go on with an irreplaceable void. In that I think of his wife and his children. His wife Sally, is carrying on with dignity and grace. His children would wait for their daddy to come home every day. Andy would say hello and immediatly walk in the door and take off his work clothes. Even in the days of corporate casual, Andy needed to change. Then it was on to his children.

    Andy did everything a loving father would do. His children may be too young to remember their father, and that may be one of the biggest tragedies of all. In a world filled with people driven by material gains and personal successes, here was a man whose life revolved around his family. May his children be reminded every day of their Daddy, who thought they were above all else. A man who would have given anything to take away their sadness. May his wife always know that he chose her and if he saw her now he would be proud that he did.

    I take it for granted some days that Andy’s car will pull up to his house; that he will embrace his wife; throw the ball to his kids; that Sally will complain about his need to get changed. We could only wish.

    Anne and Shane Edmondson, Neighbors
  • Andy will stay alive in the hearts of Sally, Nina, and Joe, because his heart was always so full of them. I never knew a man who took such joy in the basic important things, the company of friends, the accomplishments of his growing children, gentle bantering with his wife, the occasional ride in his weekend convertible, gentle humor at the expense of no one. A truly excellent golfer, he didn’t see himself as part of the country club crowd. Andy knew what was real and what was only tinsel.
    Andy was rock solid. I hope the children he loved so much take on his sound values, his decency and his kindness. I am grateful to him for his love of my daughter, and for two grandchildren we will cherish.

    Richard S. Cohen, Father-in-law
  • I think Andy was a really nice guy. When we were at Aunt Jacky and Uncle Leo’s pool party, he was the one who taught me how to play volleyball. Whenever I messed up, he would correct me. When I was doing better he went to play with Nina and Joe, that shows he was a great daddy.

    Sally we are very sorry and we are thinking of you always.

    Catie Merendino, 2nd Cousin
  • Many times when I called the Cantor trading desk to speak with my brother Paul, Andy would answer the phone. He was always pleasant, upbeat and asked how my kids were doing in sports. As everyone knows, Andy not only played golf but made golf clubs. Paul mentioned this to me one day about four years ago and I asked Andy to make a set of clubs for my son’s 16th birthday. The clubs were a great gift and my son still uses them. What I’ll remember about Andy is he loved to chat. He favorite subject was his kids, family and golf.

    Steve Jeffers, Andy worked with my brother Paul
  • Sally and I have been great friends since we met in college….I knew Andy mostly from the phone. What I remember most about him is that every time I called, Andy always took the time out to talk. Call after call, year after year, he would inquire about me and my family and then talk about Sally, Joe, Nina and golf. Sometimes we would then talk about parenthood or relationships. Andy was so insightful and he would often fill me in on the “guy’s” version of life! I really appreciated that and it was often a help to me in my life. Every time, when he would hand over the phone to Sally I would think, “What a great person.” You only meet people like Andy a few times in a lifetime. My heart aches for Sally and her children, having someone so wonderful ripped out of their lives.

    Sally, you have always been such a loyal and caring friend. I hope you know I am here to support you and your children.

    I love you!


    Laurie Enslein Bain, Friend
  • Andy was not only Turtle’s co-worker, he was his friend. I will remember the many chats I would have with Andy when I called up to the desk, the way he would tease me, the compliments he would always have for me when I saw him, but mostly I will remember him as a true good guy. He knew what was right, and he did what was right. Not to receive a pat on the back, but because it was the way he was. I’m glad that I knew him. And, I’m glad that he is with Mike and all of their friends. I know that they will always watch over us.

    Carrie Bernstein, Turtle's Fiancee
  • My remembrances go way back to many holidays and family gatherings, watching Andy grow from a little boy into the fine man, husband and father he became. He, as Sally said in an interview recently, always asked how you were and really meant it. I know how much he loved you Sally, Joe and Nina; you meant the world to him. When I think of the Christmases you spent at our home I remember my Mother-in-law always baking a cheesecake for Andy to take home for his birthday. So many memories! Sally please know we love you and will be but a phone call away.

    Aunt Paula and Uncle Sandy

    Paula Merendino, Aunt
  • Three days after the disaster, I got a phone call from a friend saying that “Andrew had perished at the World Trade Center”. All I could think of was Andrew who? You see, I didn’t know Andy as Andrew Alameno. I knew him as the fun, considerate, athletic guy from the gym. I worked out in the fitness room with Andy for about a year. All I knew was that his name was Andy, and he knew my name too. I was going through a divorce and relocation, and he never once failed to ask how I was doing–or if I had found a place to live. He was that kind of guy. He talked of his wife and kids, although I had never met them, even though we lived in the same community. I have since been fortunate enough to meet Sally. I see a strong, kind woman. Someone who is determined to keep Andy’s memories alive. I am glad to have had the time to know Andy. I am now glad to call Sally a friend too.

    Susan Lent, Friend

    Susan Lent, Friend
  • I didn’t know Andy, but have gotten to know Sally since September. I am the author of My Father’s Love, a memory journal that has been given to over 1600 children for them to remember their Dad. Sally has single-handedly given out at least 100 of the books herself- rising out of her own pain to act and think of others. She is also responsible for getting the info to Cantor’s web page. I am so proud to have gotten to know her.

    Kathleen Maleski, Friend of Sally
  • My earliest memories of Andrew are of our childhood family gatherings. One memory stands out. When Andrew was about twenty, he took us water skiing. I was horrible, and could not stand up. Andrew was so patient. He kept encouraging me not to give up. After MANY tries, I finally did it. I remember thinking what a great guy he was.
    Andrew’s sense of humor is a memory I will always cherish. I would laugh uncontrolably as I listened to Andrew and his siblings joking and “teasing” each other during holiday dinners.
    I also remember a time when Andrew took us out during a trip to New York. I’m sure that “entertaining” visitors to the city can get old rather quickly. But looking back, it was just another example of Andrew’s kindness.
    I remember meeting you. I thought you were wonderful right away. You were so easy to talk to. Your combination of intelligence, compassion and confidence, made me see why Andrew loved you. I’ve always looked forward to spending time with you both.
    I remember watching Andrew playing with Joe and the other children at Uncle Leo’s this summer. He was laughing as he watched the kids eat their water ice with stained mouths. It’s these gatherings that I think of when I think of Andy. And it’s at these future gatherings that we will watch Joey and Nina grow up. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you since that horrific day. We will always be here for you, Joey and Nina!

    Carol Bergman, Cousin
  • General Patton once said that “it is foolish and wrong to mourn those men who have died, but rather we should thank God that such people have lived”. This quote would certainly apply to Andy. I worked with Andy for a brief time, but knew he was very special person who meant a lot to many people and his family. God Bless him and his family.

    Joe Albano

    Joseph Albano, Former co-worker and friend
  • I think I talked to Andy on the phone more than I did my own husband! As many have mentioned, Andy loved to chat – to see how you were doing, how were the kids, to talk about golf. Andy was such a warm and loving guy – Jimmy talked about Andy constantly because they had so much fun working together. And of course, Andy made great golf clubs – I have many of them in my garage, waiting to be used again.

    We were fortunate enough to spend time outside of the office together and I cherish those memories. We love you Sally, Joe and Nina. God bless our boys.

    Trish Straine, Friend
  • “Time is too slow for those who wait,
    too swift for those who fear,
    too long for those who grieve,
    too short for those who rejoice,
    but for those who love, time is eternity.”

    Andy introduced me to my husband which was a little bit out of his character to play matchmaker. I thanked God every day for Andy prior to 9/11 and I will continue to do so.

    Sally, Nina and Joe,

    Mike, Thomas and I consider you a part of our family. We love you !

    Anne (Reynolds) Colucci

    Anne (Reynolds) Colucci, College classmate, friend
  • Andy was like a brother to me. His sister Susan and I were best friends, but it seemed as time went on I became one of the family. Those who know me know that only that famliy was allowed to call me “Reds”-a nickname that has stuck with them. I still remember when Rugrats first came on Nickelodeon and I was going out with Susan, so when I went to pick her up, I rang the front door bell (which was rare) and Andy answered and said ” Oh it’s you Reds. Why didn’t you just walk in? You made me miss some of this new cartoon I’m watching, and you are Chuckie and Susan is Angelica.” My response was, “So I guess you won’t be coming out with us?” Anyway, years later I am sitting and the kids have Rugrats on and I thought, “I cannot believe that Andy called Sue and I Chuckie and Angelica.”
    I truly loved Andy and his family. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and all the wonderful times we had togeter. I hope my kids are lucky enough to have friends like all of them. I hope my kids will grow with Andy’s family as well as the rest of the Alamenos. I tell Sam stories a lot now. I still remember Sally saying to Sam, “I have a brother Sam” and I think of you as well.
    I miss you Andy,

    Lisa Fitzpatrick, Friend
  • I spent my summers in Wildwood Crest. My family had a big home right on the bay. It wasn’t till my early 20’s that I discovered a great family lived down the street. I have so many cherished memories with Susan, Madge and especially Andy. He was a special friend to me and always fun to hang out with. We continued our friendship after college and used to visit each other while he was in New York, and later Hoboken. We lost touch the last 10 years, both finding our spouses, and raising our families. I knew he would be the greatest Dad. I regret not keeping in touch with him, even before September 11th, and I feel so privileged to have known one of the most genuine, sincere, and fun-loving people on this planet. My thoughts and prayers are with Sally, her family and all the Alamenos every day.

    Meghan (Conran) McGillian, Friend
  • Dear Andy,

    The train feels so empty with out you there. Even the driver of the train asked were you were. Anyway, goodbye dear friend.

    Subay E, Victor

    Victor, LIRR buddies
  • I’ve stuggled for some time trying to put together a fitting tribute to my friend Andy. I still can not come to terms with his loss, and I miss him terribly. There aren’t words good enough to describe how great a guy Andy was, or strong enough to describe how much he will be missed by everyone. I worked with Andy on the beach patrol in Wildwood Crest, and years after he left for New York we still kept in touch on the phone and played golf whenever he was back in town. At this time, Andy’s family, friends, and myself are planning a Golf Tournament in his name, and as we dicuss some of the details I have to stop myself from saying things like “Andy’s really going to be surprised when he sees this!” Things just won’t be the same without Andy in this world. Sally was absolutely right when she said that Andy truly was one of the really good guys. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Sally, Joey, Nina, and the entire Alameno family. Andy was a true gentleman among men, and he will never be forgotten.

    Tim Sorensen, Friend
  • A few years ago, while riding the elevator to 105 I first met Andy. It was during the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Philadelphia had just beaten the Rangers to move to the next round. Being from South Jersey, I thought I was the only Flyers Fan at Cantor as I wore my Flyers cap in the elevator that day. But Andy high-fived me and we found out we had a bit more in common. We both graduated from the same high school and he knew my youngest sister. I had actually coached his brother, Carmen in high school one cross country season. Such a small world. And what a great guy! I can only begin to imagine the ripples of grief his passing has caused.

    Joe Stockridge, Flyers Fan
  • That is a great picture of Andy. I miss talking to Andy on the phone all of the time when I would call John. He would always ask how I was doing and how my family was. He was so friendly and easy to talk to. John had so many stories from the desk. They all got along so well together. They were a really great group of guys. The only consolation I have from that day is that they are all together. God bless Andy, Sally and the children.

    Nancy Badagliacca, friend (husband was co-worker)
  • Andy, you were an exceptional father to Joe and Nina. We all missed you horribly today. We spent the day with your family – on the dock – you would have been doing cannonballs into the bay for the kids. Every night before she goes to bed Nina says “goodnight, Daddy, in heaven. We love you and we miss you sooooooo much”. I promised her that you could hear everything. Joe does cannonballs now, too. We love you.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • Well buddy it’s the day before the official start of the “summer of 2002”. These were our days, the days of summer. I can’t stop thinking of the countless memories that you and I created between June of 1969 to the last time I saw you, July 15th at Cape May national. You were and always will be the greatest friend I could have, a true friend who was always great to be with. It’s been a tough 9 months not having you here. It was always comforting to know that if I needed someone to talk to you were always a phone call away. I read all of these tributes and Not one surprises me, you touched so many people in your short 37 years. I’ve been to 2 tributes in your honor and every time I leave I still can”t believe your gone. I want you to know however that Sally gave me the best gift I ever could have, she gave me your “Eagles” rain slicker that was in your golf bag and I wear it proudly. Also for the summer Sally is letting me take you around the golf courses with me in the form of your pitching wedge(the one you made) I promise to take good care of it And I know your probably looking down saying that club has never been hit so badly. My children know all about you Andy you are very present in our lives with my constant talk of our friendship. I can’t lie buddy, this summer is gonna be rough without you but then again so is every day. You were the best and I am proud to be known as your friend. I miss you! your friend Magpie

    Dominic Nappi, Long time friendof 32 years
  • I don’t recall the first time I met Andy, but he and his family have been such an important part part of my life for over 20 years. I initially was befriended by Donna through Dave- then came Susan, Mary, Carmen,and Andy. To be a friend to one is to a friend to all- It is a package deal! I had the pleasure of growing up and hanging out with them spending summers at the shore. As we got older- the friendships and bonds grew into relationships I treasure.

    I may not remember the first time we met, but I do remember the last time we were together… It was Labor Day weekend 2001. All of us hanging out on Crocus Ave Beach. The weather could not have been better. It was the PERFECT DAY at the beach! All of our kids were playing together, plenty of conversation, laughs, food, and schemes of trying to get together to out for drinks like the old days! It felt too good to be true. Life was good and I felt blessed to have such wonderful friends and to watch our children grow up together to be friends…
    Andy and Sally unfortunately left early to beat the holiday traffic… there were plans to do something next time they were down….

    A week later 9/11 occurred, how quickly and profoundly did things change.

    Another summer has come to pass and I must admit- I don’t think there will ever be another PERFECT beach day like that one last year, ever again.

    To Sally, Joe and Nina- we look forward to many years of continued friendship – we love you!

    To Doc, Grace, Donna, Susan, Mary, Carmen, Dave, Ken, Steve, and Kelly- You are all a part of my extended family … our love, thoughts, and prayers are forever with you.

    Andy- You were a great guy, you are loved and missed so dearly…………..

    Love always,
    Kim, Mike, Joe, and Jenna

    Kim Giordano ( Buckethead!), Friend
  • Andy, I just want to tell you it has been a year and I think of you and everyone each and everyday. Missing you all more and more, I hope you are at peace and I promise one day we will have lollipop chicken again. Miss you and you will forever be in my heart and prayers.

    Karen Costagliola, Coworker
  • Being somewhat of a distant cousin, I never knew Andy or his siblings very well as adults, only as small children. After reading all of the wonderful tributes from his co-workers, friends and family, I feel as if I knew him all along. How can one not believe that Andy was a genuinely great guy. I do know he is sadly missed by everyone who knew him, especially his family. My thoughts and prayers are with them and with all of you whose lives are so beautifully blessed by Andy being a part of them.

    Ann Bilbrough, 3rd Cousin
  • While I didn’t know Andy, I am fortunate enough to have heard some wonderful anecdotes about him from his brother-in-law, David, my out-of-town rabbi and friend. I said a silent prayer for him while David was talking about him in his Rosh Hashanah sermon last week. I am so sorry for your loss and I know that you, Joe and Nina will have Andy in your hearts forever.

    Mara, Friend of Andy's brother-in-law
  • Andy’s smile! It has been exactly a year since all of our lives have been changed forever. For the entire year I have struggled to find inner peace. For two months this tregedy was only something that our family had narrowly escaped here in Washington DC. Then in December, by Christmas card, 9/11 became a name and a deeper sorrow. In the summer of 1984 I was working in Wildwood Crest as a lifeguard at a hotel. Andy’s brother Carmen was stationed on the beach just in front of the hotel. I became friendly with Carmen and through him and a mutual friend, Patty, I came to know Andy and Madge. I always found it strikely amazing the fondness that each of the siblings had for each other. They embodied the definition of “Wildwood Days” with their infectious energy and smiles. And, although I never came to know Andy well, when I heard of his death the vision of his face with that big grin became forever embedded in my memory. Sally, I don’t know you but I pray for you and the Alameno family every day. May Andy smile upon you, Nina and Joe in your hearts and memories. His life impacted not just his family and his close friends but people who had mere brief encounters with is life. I now teach my boys the importance of smiling everyday, that they never know, one day they may make such a huge impact on someone elses life. Andy will always be smiling in my mind! God bless.

    Jennifer Wilson Springs, Friend
  • Oh honey. A year. I went to the ceremony and heard Guiliani read your name – Paul would have been proud! We sent you dozens of white balloons from the front yard and planted a paperbark maple for you in the back yard. The kids talk about you every day. Joe is in first grade and Nina is in the Tree Room. You would be so proud of them.

    We love you and miss you more than ever.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • A year ago today many of us were hoping that this nightmare was not going to become a reality. For me, each day that passes I find it more difficult to believe that my cousin Andy is gone. I have vivid memories of when we were kids and I spent some of the best summers of my life down in Wildwood Crest with my aunt, uncle, and five cousins. Andy and his brother Carmen were Crest lifeguards and I can still picture them returning from the beach and Andy standing in the kitchen eating Oreo’s (his favorite cookies) which my aunt Grace made sure she always had plenty of. Memories like beach days, late late nights, lifeguard balls and just good times flood my mind each time I think of him. Nanny was alive then, or as we all called her “Peach” and everything was great! Nanny has been gone for a while now and I know deep in my heart that she and Andy are together. I can hear his voice as he calls for her and picture her as she embraces him.
    I remember earlier days when they lived on Charleston Avenue and Snowy was the newest addition to the family. Snowy was loved by all even after taking down the Christmas tree several times that year. Things were so simple then and I only wish they could be now. My heart goes out to Sally, Joe and Nina but especially aunt Grace, Uncle Carmen, Donna, Cookie, Bunny, and Madge who lost a son, brother, husband, and father much too soon. I wish all of you peace and strength as you continue to take each day as it comes trying to cope with the tragic loss of Andy. Andy, I know you are watching over all of us. We love and miss you very much. Please give Peach a big kiss for me and tell her I love her!
    Love your cousin,

    Valerie Schmutz, First cousin
  • We spent the day in Manhattan this past Sunday and with every step we took we had Andy in our hearts. We will be thinking about you, Joe, and Nina this week as we have each week this past year.

    Amy & Craig Damast, Friend
  • I did not know Andy, but I knew his brother Carmen, who I worked with for several years. Carmen would talk of his days as lifeguards with his brother Andy as if they were among the best times of his life. After reading all of these tributes I have to say, Andy had to be a very special person. My deepest condolences to his wife and children, as well as the other members of his family and his friends as well. There is an angel in heaven looking over all of you. You’ll see him and his smile again in heaven!

    Sue, Friend of brother, Carmen
  • I do not know Andy. I have made it a point to go through the Cantor site and read the bio and tributes of every single person that was lost. I live in Texas, and by God’s grace we were spared any direct tragedy. But I feel I have lost so many that I will never get to meet when I visit New York or cross their paths somewhere in these United States. Andy sounds wonderful. His tribute has moved me. He sounds like one of my friends, or a cousin, or my favorite uncle. I just feel desperate, and unable to help. So unattached to what happened. Yet I feel a loss. I will pray for you, his brave wife, and keep his adoring children in my prayers. I promise. God Bless.

    Stephanie, A Fellow American in Texas
  • We just received a Holiday card from Sally with pictures of Joe and Nina. They are so beautiful and getting so big. They look like you Andy, at least I think they do. I come to this site often and my heart just brakes. I know you are in a better place, and I know you are watching over your wonderful wife and children. Sally is doing a great job from everything your Mom and Dad and sisters say. Merry Christmas Andy. We miss you.
    Love, Aunt Paula and Uncle Sandy

    Aunt Paula, Aunt
  • Christmas has just passed and we all went to your parents. Huge storm with incredible winds and the highest tide I have ever seen….flooding the street. I just knew it was your way of letting us know you were there. I don’t know why we all think that writing in here is a way to communicate, but it does give comfort. The new year and your birthday are coming next – look for the balloons. Aunt Paula is right .. the kids are getting so big and Joe, especially, looks like you. But you already knew that, right? I love you.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • Happy Birthday, Daddy. We love you. I scored a basket for you today.

    Joe and Nina Alameno, Son and daughter
  • Hey Andy,
    Here I sit planning the 2nd Annual Polar Plunge for Andrew. What an awesome event that was last year,but I don’t have to explain because I know you were there. When I woke up the next morning and saw the red, white and blue ribbon in front of my door I new it was you. Well I thought it would be alittle easier to plan this year, and it is and isn’t. Sure the money comes in and the outpour of support is just wonderful, but then I take a minute and think about who and why I am doing this and that feeling comes back again. But it’s ok because I know you will be there with all of us again on March 8. Send us good weather again
    ok andy?

    reds, friend

    David Lee, Friend from Crest
  • August, 2003…I’m sure I’m not the only one losing sleep due to the coming of the second anniversary of 9/11. When I sat with Sally and her family 2 years ago at her Father’s home I could not imagine the struggles ahead. I wanted to fast forward time to get a glimpse of how this circle of grieving family and friends were faring, and how the larger world would be.I wasn’t sure how we would just plain get by. Well, here we are. And the struggles have been enormous and seemingly insurmountable but the families and friends so strong. The anniversary of this horror coming up again stirs so much raw pain…seeing Andy’s face…and seeing the kids grow (and we had some big birthdays this year)makes me realize Andy will be forever young.. Sally, I’m so inspired by your strength. Thanks for being a great friend. You are always in my thoughts. See you soon. Love, Laurie

    Laurie Enslein Bain, Friend
  • It’s two years today and your yahrzeit is coming up. Just wanted to say that I was thinking about you, Sally, Joe and Nina today.

    Mara Gollin-Garrett, Friend of David, his brother-in-law
  • Two years have passed and it is still so vivid, we think of you every day and always will. Your entire family misses you so much. Love, Aunt Paula & Uncle Sandy

    Aunt Paula, Aunt
  • Oh Andy. Your mom is all better but Aunt Jackie died today. Look out for her. Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah are upon us – we miss you more than ever. Joe started basketball – Jeff is his coach…. we love you.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, wife
  • Daddy, Gracie died today. Nina thinks that you are petting her in heaven. We miss you.

    Joe and Nina Alameno, Children
  • Daddy, today is your birthday. We left flowers and stars at your memorial. Grandpa is getting two new dogs – one is a puppy. We like to watch The Simpsons now, just like you. Happy 40th birthday – are you playing golf in heaven? We love you.
    Mommy says hi and she loves you, too.

    Joe and Nina Alameno, Children
  • Well buddy you would have joined me today as a 40 year old. I remember when we thought 40 was real old, however it really isn’t. I thought of you all day today on your birthday,little Dom turned 13 yesterday and he was asking me how old you would have been. We were at the Eagles game yesterday and at one moment during the game I looked on the large screen and there was a guy who looked just like you cheering for our Eagles, suddenly I got real calm and knew things would be fine. It’s just a game but I find myself often trying to connect with you through all of the things we enjoyed and bonded with throughout our friendship. I miss you Andy! Happy 40th Birthday my friend, thank you for some great memories. always, DOM

    Dominic Nappi, Good Friend
  • Hey Andy, well here we are year 3 for the plunge I don’t know where the time goes seems like we just had it last year and its time again. I think you would like this years theme, we will be honoring all the victims along with you and I think it will be nice. Of course I do this again with an extra heavy heart this year because my dad won’t be here for this one, but I know you are both gonna be there that day shaking your heads and again saying we are all nuts. Well not me and bunny because you know we love you but just can’t shed our turtlenecks till April! You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Reds, friend
  • Tomorrow is the third Fathers Day without you here. We miss you and love you more than ever. Every time Nina sees a cardinal or a pink cloud she thinks you are sending her a sign – she loves you so much. Joe is growing up so fast. You were the best daddy in the world. We love you.

    Sally, Joe and Nina, Wife and children
  • Daddy, we painted clam shells for you and went swimming in the ocean with Shane, Anne, Jack, Kate & McKenna. The waves were really rough. We can’t believe it has been 3 years. You would be proud of us. Nina starts kindergarten and Joe starts third grade on Monday. We miss you a lot and we love you alot.

    Joe , Nina & Sally Alameno, Kids and Wife
  • Not a day goes by that we don’t miss Andy. We think of Sally, Joe and Nina and wish we could take away their pain. We are sad that we are not closer (in every way)! Every year we put an extra candle on Skylar’s birthday cake on January 12th! We will never forget Andy!

    Hillary and John Geoghan, Old Friends
  • Sally and children,

    A picture of Andy still remains on our fridge and I still think of you every day and hope and pray for brighter days ahead. Lots of love, Laurie

    Laurie Enslein Bain, Friend
  • Every year on the Anniversary of 9/11, I watch the news station and wait for them to announce Andy’s name. I make the sign of the cross and pray for his wife and children. Though I never met them, I did know Andy’s brother Carmen and he always spoke so wonderfully about his brother. God bless all of you on this solemn anniversary. Sally, I hope you are doing well and that the children are thriving. You are always in my prayers.

    Susan, Former co-worker of Andy's brother Carme
  • Just like everyone around the country, the story of the family of Cantor Fitzgerald touched my heart in the days surrounding 9-11. I wish I had visited these memorials sooner. I did not know Andrew, but he sounds like the picture of the American dream. A wonderful wife and adoring children who are determined to keep his memory alive. Please know that I will keep you in my heart and prayers. May the good Lord spare you from any further pain. God Bless.

    Jessica Woodworth, A fellow American
  • Andy Alameno was most definitely one of life’s good guys. I had the great pleasure of playing golf with Andy several times and I still have the set of clubs that he made me. I will forever remember his sense of humour and the wise cracks at my expense for being an Aussie. I miss him and love to Sally and the kids.

    Marty Robinson, co-worker
  • With prayers for your wife and chikdren, as well as your family. May God bless you, Andy, and hold you in the palm of his hand.

    “It is not length of life, but depth of life.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Joseph McCormick, WCHS '82
  • Andy, it is hard to believe it was five years ago tonight when our son and your friend David called us while Mr. Lutnick, was being interview on television to tell us that it was your company Cantor Fitzgerald that had lost all of their employees in the North Tower.
    Since your untimely leaving us I have had the pleasure of being with Sally and your two wonderful children each year at the “Andy Plunge” and many Sundays on the beach at Crocus Rd. In fact last year on 9-11 we spent the day them and your three sister’s and their families doing what you liked most hitting the beach and the riding the waves.
    Sally, is doing awesome raising your Joey and Nina. Joey, is growing fast and Nina is such a “Cutie”.
    Having known you since you played baseball and football on my teams and knowing how much you liked all sports and especially golf I am sure you are playing all sports they have in Heaven.
    Today I was with your Dad and Carmen at a Memorial Service held at a little park at Miami & N.J. Ave., that has a memorial to you that your friend Lisa Fitzpatrick, makes sure is kept in good shape. It gives us all a reminder of the void in our lives caused by the loss of you Andy.

    Joe Lloyd, Coach & Friend
  • I spoke with Andy almost daily for years on the Repo desk and he always made me laugh. He did business with honesty and integrity. He was very good at his job. Andy was so proud of his family and always had good things to say about them. Andy has been missed, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

    David Maher, business associate
  • It’s been 6 years and it feels like yesterday and an eternity. We miss you every day. Life does go on, but there is always some sadness because you are missing so much….and Joe and Nina are missing growing up with you by their side.
    We love you always.
    Me,Joe and Nina

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife

  • Sally, Joe and Nina: It’s September 11 / 2008 and I find myself at work looking at news events covering yet another anniversary: Somehow I was drawn to this tribute page…I was not personally touched by that tragic day but in reading your entries, Sally and you Joe with your sister Nina. Here I am feeling soooo much pride for all 3 of you and I don’t even know you, can you just imagine how PROUD your Husband and your Father is. Never deny yourselves moments of sadness. They help the healing and sure feel good afterwards. I lost my Mother when I was 5 years old, I’m 45 now and I cherish all the moments I have thinking about her…happy and sad….Andy’s biggest gift he ever could have given all of you, you have….each other…..miracles are all around us….look for them….keep your faith…


    Mary Carole Daly, neighbour (Canada)
  • daddy-
    we remembered the 7th anniversary by going to the phillies game. we kind of thought you would approve…. we got to meet ryan howard and shane victorino and prince fielder and more guys. aunt mary, uncle steve, olivia and will came, too and we saw uncle carmen, too. it was really fun but we wish that you were with us. we love you and we miss you every day.

    Joe, Nina and Sally, Kids and wife
  • Seven years have sure passed quickly, but not to those who knew you and remember the events of 9/11/01. May God continue to bless your family here on earth and may you be enjoying the peace of heaven.
    In fondest memory,

    Susan, Friend of brother Carmen
  • i’m not sure what brings me here today Andy but here I am. it’s feb 22, 2009, almost 8 yrs later & this is my 1st entry. I’m sorry. Billy and I have always put off coming here, it makes us miss you even more. But today I think its therapy for me. It must have been the late 80’s when I 1st met you, not long after meeting Billy of course. You were one of, if not the most polite and gracious men I had ever met. By far a true gentleman. Your smile alone warmed a heart. I think of you everyday, especially lately. You & Sally were there when I got engaged, in my wedding. I know Billy never got to see you as often as he would have liked to. He loved it when you would stop by the restaurant with the kids. I miss seeing “Cantor-Fitzgerald” on my caller ID. I hope someday my children find a friend as true as you, as grounded as you, like Billy did. People don’t realize what they have until its gone Andy. It’s a hard lesson to learn. It doesn’t matter how many yrs have passed, so are still missed dearly.
    love you, bonnie jo

    bonnie jo feraco, friend
  • Dear Andy, It’s been a week that your beloved father joined you in heaven, but my heart aches and misses him so. Please tell him that. Your Sally gave the eulogy and what a wonderful one it was. Joe and Nina are just the best. Miss you still but at least now you have your Dad. Love, Aunt Paula

    Paula Merendino, Aunt
  • God Bless You on this eighth anniversary.

    Susan, Friend
  • another year …number 8. 2nd year at the Phillies game – we beat the Mets, 4-1…..of course. Our kids are so big and so beautiful and they miss you so much … as do I. We love you and miss you every day.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • It’s your birthday…first one with your mom and dad in heaven with you…we miss you and love you more everyday.

    sally, wife
  • Nine years later, we miss you more than ever.
    Joe is in high school and Nina is in middle school…I still can’t believe we are doing this all without you. Love you.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • Andy,
    You and your family are often in my thoughts!

    Carol Bergman, Cousin
  • You would have been 47 three days ago…and life goes on here and you are not forgotten. We love you and we miss you.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • I did not know you in life and just wanted to pay my respects…it’s so clear from reading here how after nearly a decade your presence is still so missed by your wife and children. I’ve never ceased to mourn the loss of so many young, unfinished lives and heartbroken families…especially the children losing a parent from this earth. I will never forget and of course it’s obvious that your family will not. Tracey P XX 28 August 2011

    Tracey P, Passer By
  • 2 days until the 10th anniversary and the hype and the build-up are unrelenting. We miss you every single day of every single year.
    We will never forget.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • God bless you all! It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. Be strong as you have been. Your strength is giant, as I can’t imagine how difficult this has all been for you. Andy would be proud.

    Susan, Former coworker of brother Carmen
  • Hard to believe that it is 10 years. I remember High School and your family and how close. I would see Doc and always ask about you.
    I pray for your family every day pray.

    Ruth E Manlandro, WCHS '82
  • I lived in Milwaukee then, 9-11-01 and I went to services and heard David share about his personal tragedy. I moved back to Philly. All the news and memories, stirred things up…some memories stick. I was curious about the past and the present. What became of your family. This note is just a reminder that we don’t forget.
    God bless you all!

    ZK, Former congregant of Rabbi David
  • Well Andy, here we are 10 years later and it seems like yesterday. Just came from the Crest where Lisa organized, (with help from many) HANDS ACROSS THE WILDWOODS, it was a great turnout. Your children are just great and Sally is doing such a good job with them. Joe is becoming a young man (looks just like you) and Nina is a knockout!!!! We all miss you so much, give Mom and Dad a hug from me. Love, Aunt Paula

    Paula Merendino, Aunt
  • Rest in peace my fellow “Mountie”. Amazing that it has been 10 years. My thoughts and prayers to all who love you so much…

    Michele, Fellow "Mountie"
  • Today marked the 10th year you were taken from us.
    Susan, Lisa and Buddy Johnson headed a wonderful “Hands Across the Wildwoods” that started on the Beach at Rambler Rd. and all of us joined hands at 9:00 AM and there were thousands of people head both North and South of WCBP Hqs. street. Most of us wore t-shirts that had your name on them. I sent one to both David and Rob, in Fort Lauderdale.
    The best part of the morning for me was when Sally wanted to take a photo of Joey and Nina beside the boat that was dedicated to your memory.
    Joey started clowning around just like you did when you were his age and I said to him “Joey your are truly your father’s son”. He finally posed for the picture and Sally said it might be one of the best photos she has of her two children.
    Andy so many of your friends were there and we all miss you but we have Sally, Joey and Nina as well as Carmen, Donna, Susan and Mary to show us how to not just miss but celebrate your life.

    Joe Lloyd, Friend
  • Andy, I know that your 10 years in Heaven must have been filled with loving prayers to allow your wife, children, family and friends to endure. Thank you for the special peace you have given those who love you. We will all meet again when our day comes. We will never understand why the Lord asks some to come home early, but your wonderful spirit will touch us forever. Thank you for your friendship.

    Bill Winkelmann, former co-worker and friend
  • The 10th anniversary just passed and I still think about those who were lost and pray for their families. Your wife and children’s tributes bring tears to my eyes at what was really lost that day. I know you are watching over them and showing them you are there is your own way. Keep them close! God bless Sally.

    Becka, passer-by
  • I did not know Andrew but have read his tributes for the past 10 years. I’m not sure why I chose Andy but I did and I just wanted his family to know he is remembered. I cannot imagine the loss, the pain you have endured, I just hope knowing Andy is remembered by a complete stranger gives you some peace.

    Sharon, no relation
  • As Christmas 2011 approaches I am sending my warmest wishes from England to the family that misses you so much – they sound wonderful. Thinking of you and them. Tracey P XXX

    Tracey P, Passer by
  • Eleven years and it still feels like yesterday…but also a lifetime ago. You live on in our hearts and in the smiles and dry humor of your amazing kids.
    We love and miss you deeply and think of you every day.

    Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife
  • Andy, it is now 11 years since that horrific day, but your positive and loving spirit lives on in the hearts of Sally, your children, your family and friends. Smile down on this troubled world and help all who cope with loss. Your prayers are appreciated today – your memory endures forever. Bill

    Bill Winkelmann, former co-worker and friend
  • I still find it so hard to believe that such a thoughtful and vital man was taken from us. I know you rest in peace, Andy, and I pray that the passage of time may somehow be easier for Sally and the children. Shine on, good friend

    Bill Winkelmann, Former colleague at BNY
  • Twelve years went by so fast. I always pray for the entire Alameno and extended families. Prayers and thoughts are with you today and every day.

    Susan, Former co-worker of brother Carmen

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