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  Paul Barbaro

Date of Birth: May 27, 1966
Position: Strategic Development Software Engineer

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Paul and I dated for seven years before marrying in Nov.1992. Our first son, Paul, was born in May 1996 and Joseph was born in Jan. 1999. We moved to Holmdel, New Jersey in August of 2001.

Paul graduated from St. Peter’s Boys High School and the College of Staten Island where he received a BS degree and later received a Master’s degree from Columbia University, both in computer science. He was extremely talented and his passion for his career enabled him to work on a number of high profile projects for many firms, the last being Optimark Technologies before joining eSpeed in Dec. 2000.

Paul was a beautiful man who always had a happy outlook on life, a man who was strong in both character and stature. He was a wonderful, loving husband, incredible father and my best friend. His talents were endless and he was successful in all his pursuits. Paul and Joseph will be overwhelmed with pride, as I am, when they think of him. He was a natural teacher. Most importantly, Paul had his priorities straight. He had a strong faith and looked forward to coming home and spending time with his family every day. Paul and Joseph will stand tall when they think of him: intelligent, strong and compassionate. To think of all his good qualities and the guidance his family will miss makes his absence immense. Paul and Joseph will be in awe of their Dad, as he will be of them. Nothing can ever change what we have been and will always be to each other.

Love Always,
Your Wife, Kim

Kim, Wife
  • Mom and I think of and talk about you every day. We laugh and cry as we reminisce about the beautiful 35 years of your life. You were such a good person who loved life and people and was loved by all. We miss your wit, charm, silliness and your strong steadying influence on everyone. But most of all we miss you and love you very, very much. You will be in our hearts forever.
    Love, Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad, Parents
  • Paul,
    We all miss you very much and will keep you in our hearts forever.
    I promise to never let Paul and Joseph forget their incredible caring and loving dad.
    I will always remember all of the laughs and fun we had together.
    Thank you for being such a terrific brother and best friend.
    I will cherish all of the memories.
    I will miss you forever.
    You are my hero.
    Your Brother, Nick

    Nick, Brother
  • Pauly,

    I was blessed to have such wonderful cousins as you and your family. I know they are hurting and I feel their pain every day.
    I still have your bird KC, she is a very special pet to me right now.
    We put a gold leaf with your name on it on our ‘Tree of Life’ in our hospital lobby, here in Key West so you will be remembered always even by people you’ve never met.
    God bless you.
    Cousin Kenny

    Kenny Cellilo, Cousin
  • Dear Paul,

    I think of you often. When I’m outside working in the yard, I think about you, about how handy you were and how much I enjoyed talking to you about gardening and construction. I miss having those conversations with you. You were a very special young man and you will forever be in my thoughts and in my heart. God bless you.

    Mr. “C”

    Armand Colantuono, Friend and Neighbor
  • My husband, Jim Sands, was also lost on September 11th. In fact, he and Paul were most definitely together in the last minutes of their lives. Paul was one of Jim’s best friends – he admired and respected Paul to the highest degree, always impressed by his knowledge and character. Together, as inseparable friends, they moved from Optimark in Jersey City to eSpeed, where they shared an office. Jim always said the most enjoyable part of his job was time spent with Paul.

    If there is any comfort in this tragedy, it is knowing that Paul and Jim were with each other, as they always were, when madness struck… and they are together now, friends forever in the glory of eternal life.

    Kim, our lives will never be the same without our dearest husbands. But we will continue to love, honor, and cherish them every day. And I know we will see them again…


    Jennifer Sands, Friend
  • When I think of my brother Paul, as I so often do, an endles number of thoughts flood my mind. Paul was kind to all, gentle and strong, caring and always willing to help, forever smiling, and most of all, full of love. And anyone who knew Paul would agree that these words don’t give him the justice he deserves because he was all of them, times 1000. Everything he did was genuine, sincere, and from the heart. To have known him was to have known a wonderful man.

    Paul, I miss you so very much and love you even more. There’s not a minute that goes by that I don’t think about you or remember with the utmost fondness and love all that we’ve shared throughout our lives. I feel so blessed to have been your sister and cherish every memory. I will forever keep you in my thoughts and close to my heart. I love you.

    Jackie, Sister
  • My brother-in-law Paul was truly a special man. He was an incredible brother who always had time to offer advice, lend a hand or just to share a laugh. He was always happy to see us no matter what time we dropped in for a visit. He loved his family above all else and it showed each time he looked at Kim, Paul and Joseph.

    Paul, I miss your silly phone calls every night. I think about you every day. Nick and I laugh about the fun things we all did together. I will remind Paul and Joseph of how much you love them and will tell them all the stories that will keep you with us forever.
    Love, Christina

    Christina Barbaro, Sister-in-law
  • PAULY, your family are my favorite relatives I have. I have 3 beautiful pictures of you that I show often. I coach a girls’ softball team and dedicated this season to you. I hung your picture up in the dugout for every game. Needless to say, we won our division in your honor. I think of you every day as well as my whole family.
    You’re in our hearts and our prayers forever.
    Your cousin, Ronny

    Ronny Cellilo, Cousin
  • Paul,
    Hi!! I’m Ronny’s daughter, Carrie. I believe I met you once, when I was a little girl. Even though I don’t really remember your face, I will always remember your presence. But don’t worry, we will meet one day in heaven. And until then you and your family are in my prayers!
    Love always, Carrie

    Carrie, Cousin's Daughter

  • Paul,
    Looking back now I wish we stayed in touch. I don’t think we spent 5 minutes together without laughing. I think about working together with my dad and I swear I start laughing. Just remembering all the stupid, funny things we used to do. I can’t mention them because my father still doesn’t know about most. We’ll keep it our secret. Remember talking for hours over the fence in the backyard, mostly about nothing. Just making each other laugh. I can’t remember the last time we spoke and that makes me upset. Not a day goes by now that you are not on my mind. It may be for just one second, but that’s enough. I promise to only think about the laughter. My prayers go out to your wife and boys, Mom,Dad, your brothers and sister. Thanks for letting me be your friend and a lifetime of laughs.

    Sal Martorano, Friend
  • I met Paul while working at FD Consulting in Staten Island. I enjoyed working with him. I found him intelligent, soft spoken, and honest. I learned a lot from him and from his work.

    I did not know his personal life. I understand that he has two young sons as do I. It saddens me to think that they will be growing up without their father.

    Paul was a good man and he will be missed.

    Frank Varnavas, Friend
  • Dear Paul

    I am very happy & privileged that you were a part of my life. Since you and Dan became best of friends – you were a part of our family. You calmed me down more times than I can remember when it came to computers. You were my private technical support. I can always depend on you for that and anything else that happened. I have many memories and photos to share with Paul and Joseph in the future. When the world lost you – it lost a very kind, nice, loving person. You will never be forgotten.
    God Bless You

    Diana Macri Antonaros, Friend
  • Dear Paul
    You became part of our family through your close friendship with our son Dan. We have so many wonderful memories of you – your genuine smile, being soft spoken, and your unique sense of humor. We enjoyed many nights playing poker and having alot of laughs and enjoyable desserts. We knew you would be very successful in your future endeavors. You and Dan were very meticulous when you helped us prepare our basement to be finished and you did a great job painting our office.

    We can always count on you whenever we needed your assistance.

    You were like our second son. We truly miss you a great deal. You will never be forgotten.

    God Bless You


    Mr & Mrs Macri

    Dom and Dolores Macri, Family friends
  • Dear Paul,

    Hi brother, how are you? I miss you so much. I still can’t believe you’re in heaven but you are. I want to thank you for standing by me even when things got rough (you know what I’m talking about). The past few years I feel that we’d become very close. I’ve always loved you as a “brother” but now we were friends too. And we still are. Thank you for helping me when I get lost in the car or when I need some help with your Godchild. She’s heartbroken without you. Please watch over her. I know one day we will all be together again in heaven. I love you.

    Your sister in law,

    Lou-Anne Barbaro, sister-in-law
  • Uncle Paul, even though it doesn’t seem like it, I am extremely sad you are gone. But when I think about it I know you are having a really great time in heaven! ^-^ Have a great time and live it up! I’ll miss you and never forget you.

    With love! *Gemma*

    Gemma, niece
  • When I think of Paul, the following comes to mind – intelligent, educated, talented, successful, humble, easy going, caring and a devoted husband and father. To have a few of these characteristics makes a person special but to have all of them makes one truly remarkable. Paul had all those characteristics, which made him extraordinary.

    I think of Paul often and experience many different emotions. My immediate reaction is one of sadness and anger that this great man is no longer with his family. The other feeling I have is pride to have had the privilege to know him and be his cousin.

    Tom McCarthy, Cousin
  • I first got to know Paul whilst working with him at FD Consulting in Staten Island.

    We spent an extremely difficult 2 weeks together in Switzerland that could so easily have ended badly. The fact that it didn’t was in large part due to Paul. His patience, his honesty, his diligence and his incredible calmness and good humour carried us all through it.

    He was always willing to go that extra little bit to help. Always willing to not only fix the problem but educate us all about why the problem occured and how it will prevented in the future.

    A true professional and a thoroughly nice guy. It was a privilidge to have known him.

    You did good Paulie, thank you man. – Andy the Brit.

    Andy Weaver, Ex Colleague

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