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  Debbie Bellows

Date of Birth: March 25, 1971
Department: Corporate
Position: Executive Assistant to Frederick Varacchi

Debbie was such a beautiful and caring person who touched many people in so many ways. Her exceptional looks and style made her one of a kind. Her dynamic personality would fill any room with happiness and joy. Her innocence was true and so pure. To know Debbie was to love her.

Debbie worked at eSpeed because she wanted to. She loved the interaction with such young, powerful, intelligent people. Whether it was arranging the board meetings or preparing organization charts, Debbie felt proud in contributing to the success of the company.

Debbie meant the world to me. My life will always shine in the light of her life. My heart will always be filled with the love and beauty that filled her soul. My body will always ache with the burden that I bear.

I miss her so much.

Sean Bellows, Husband
  • I will remember her smile, her beauty her courage, her determination. Deb, I miss you every day. I miss our chats. She was a very sweet girl. She always asked me about my kids. She could not wait to have kids of her own. Sean, my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. I hope you find strength and peace in the coming days.

    Rosemaire Reginald, Friend
  • Debbie was one of my very best friends since we were 13 years old. We grew up together. Through the years, we shared each other’s sweet sixteens, graduations, spring breaks, clubs, concerts, parties, weddings. We were always there for each other, and we always had a great time. Debbie was so much fun. Losing her was like losing a part of my childhood. I miss her so much. She was a beautiful girl and a beautiful person, someone I truly loved and will never forget. Deb, you live on in my memories and I will always remember you and all the good times with a smile on my face. Love you.

    Michele Guzzardo, Best Friend
  • Yes, Debbie was a beautiful person and wanted beautiful things but we saw Debbie’s more enduring qualities. Debbie complimented and completed Sean’s life. She meant the world to him and, as such, she meant the world to us. Debbie had the ability and strength to keep Sean in focus for their future together. Debbie knew what she wanted and what was best for her and Sean.

    * We remember them planning the most wonderful wedding. How everything had to be just so for them.
    * We remember them looking for a home. It had to be in the right community.
    * We remember them picking out colors and extras for their home. Well not “them” – it was Debbie’s tastes and preferences. Sean just went along for the “ride.” What a striking home it is. Debbie was just getting started on the furniture and decorations. Her tastes were impeccable.
    * We remember the great times we had at dinners. Debbie’s favorite wine was ours.
    * We remember her with Connor and Madison, she loved them so much. Debbie and Sean were going to have children. Can you imagine how gorgeous our grandchildren would have been!

    Debbie, although your physical being was taken away from us in the prime of your life, your memory will be with us forever. May your spirit help Sean with his grieving and keep him focused on what you both wanted.

    We love you!

    Dad and Janet, In-laws
  • For someone to have known Debbie was a person who was very fortunate. She was a quality human being – a very pleasant person. Never a morning went by that she didn’t smile and beat you to saying, “Good Morning” first. I am very glad to have known her. My condolences go out to her whole family, especially her husband. Seek your strength in the Lord. He alone will carry us through this horrible episode in our lives.

    David Bellows, Co-worker
  • We’ve spent many nights trying to put this tragedy into some sort of perspective-some way to think about 9-11 so that we could digest and process this horrific event. When we think about our beloved friend Debbie, we try to concentrarte on how much she loved life, how she lived everyday to its fullest…how, when she walked into a room, a warm and joyous light walked in with her. And while we know we can never make sense of Debbie’s premature death, we will always feel so blessed to have had the honor of knowing such a beautiful and fun-loving spirit…we will always love you, Debbie.

    Mary and Adam Greenspan, Friends
  • Thinking of you every day Debbie….my son was very fortunate to have you in his life…you made him shine..how his heart is aching now…you were his “best friend” and partner…How lucky he was to find his soul mate…He was so proud of you…you both had a wonderful loving relationship…may you find peace wherever you are Debbie…the Bellows family will never forget you and one day you will find us all together with the Lord…Loving thoughts are with you…
    P.S. I do miss our frequent emails back and forth in the mornings trading gossip from the tabloids….

    Kathi Bellows, Mother-in-law
  • More than just cousins who saw each other at weddings and funerals, Debbie was always special to me. Even as a kid spending weekends with us, she was never a bother like some kids can be; she always seemed grown up, a friend. We shared secrets and a lot of laughs together. From taking her out on dates with me to sneaking her into the midnight show of Rocky Horor, she was always one of the girls. Later on Debbie, always happy and out for fun, would come to my apartment with her girlfriends to get dolled up for their big Saturday nights out. It has been one of the most treasured things for me to be part of Debbie’s life. I was so proud of her as an adult, meeting and marrying Sean, her wonderful career at Cantor that she loved. She was happy. I loved watching her blossom into the beautiful, fun, always cheerful, confident woman she became. As I said at Debbie and Sean’s wedding, “You may have been born an only child, but you have 3 sisters”, and she always will. The void of her life, her presence, and her future will forever be mourned by me.

    Carol Herbert, Cousin
  • We really miss our friend and neighbor. There is an emptiness, not only in our hearts, but in our small community that you left behind. There is not a day that passes that you are not thought of. Our hearts go out your husband who is suffering unmercifully. We will continue to pray for him so that the Lord will comfort him and heal his broken heart. The love that he has for you is truly amazing. You are and will always be sorely missed by our family.

    Your friends and next door neighbors,
    The Giampolo Family

    The Giampolo Family, Friend and neighbor
  • The first day I met Debbie Attias, I thought “Wow, she’s got Style”!.
    Debbie was a classy person, who always had a kind word for me and a smile. Whenever I had a chance to speak with her or see her she would ask about my children without fail. I remember how happy she was when she got her little puppy, she showed me pictures just like a proud parent. She would have made an excellent Mother. I will always remeber her beautiful smile. To her husband and family, my prayers are always with you.

    Judy Despian, Co-Worker
  • Debbie was the Executive Assistant to my brother-in-law, Fred Varacchi. Anytime I went up to see Fred, Debbie would always greet me with a big smile and we’d invariably joke around about something or other. I’ll always remember her friendly personality.

    Matt Spero, Former Co-Worker
  • I am Julia’s husband, one of Debbie’s closest friends. Soon after I met Julia, Debbie & Sean became two of the most prominent people in my life. I was the 50 year old guy she had dancing at her wedding, nightclubs in NY, hot spots in South Beach or on our living room floor. And in return, I terrorized Debbie in speedboats and fast cars. Many nights Debbie & I were the last two standing. The old crazy guy who will miss her forever. Sean & I grew a wonderful relationship. We were fierce competitors on the golf course and enjoyed jet skiing. Julia, Debbie, Sean & I spent countless hours, days and weeks together these past four years. The difficult decisions Debbie & Sean had to make regarding their new home or work all seem so trivial now. I wake up every morning to see Debbie’s picture prominently displayed in our bedroom. My emotions change from reliving giddy times together to deep sadness. We are extremely lucky to live but 30 min. from the cemetery where Debbie rests. Julia can visit often and was blessed to spend another New Years Eve talking to her. Boy could they talk. Debbie & Sean signed my wedding document. I am honored to own any original by Debbie. She introduced us to many wonderful, loving people. We love you; we miss you and will be here for you eternally. I will do all I can to help keep happiness here on earth as you watch down upon us.
    God bless you.


    Jeffrey Brite, A Friend Forever
  • There are many wonderful things I can say about my cousin Debbie, and stories of arguments we shared together. But there are truly no words that describe the painful feelings that I will carry for the rest of my lifetime. I have been lucky in life to have not dealt with the death of a loved one for 31 years, 9 months, and 11 days. Now my family and I, face what I have evaded for years. One truly does not understand pain and sorrow until you have lost someone you love. She is not with me anymore, but she will always have a place in my heart. Debbie, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t pray for you and Susan. One day I hope to have a little girl, and I will name her Debbie, and I will tell her all about her wonderful aunt.

    And to everyone who was fortunate enough to know my cousin, you can celebrate her life by living yours to the fullest.

    You’re always in my heart.

    Steven Cohen, Cousin
  • Deb, I miss you girl! I wish I could call you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and I know that you’re in a better place and having a great big party with the “crew”, but selfishly I want you here! Miss you, love you always.

    Claudine Morales, Friend
  • Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings, where our loved ones shine down to
    let us know they are happy…

    You are in my prayers Dear Debbie…

    Sandy, Julia Brite's Mom
  • It is hard to imagine that Debbie is not in our lives anymore, physically that is. She has left a very strong prescence that has created a void in the lives of the people associated with her. I am feeling it and living it each day since September 11th. She was introduced into my life about 7 years ago. Little did I know that the city girl with the leopard bikini would be more than just a girl that Sean brought to our home and to us. I can remember that day as if it was yesterday and how sunny and bright it was just like her smile. Over the years we shared so many milestones in each other’s lives. Their courtship, the honor of being in their wedding, their marriage, their new home as well as our marriage, the birth of our children, our new home and the promising life that was evolving around all of us. Our lives couldn’t be more different yet we shared a special bond that no one will ever know or understand. Debbie had a way of telling you like it is whether you wanted to hear it or not. She was a little naive yet at the same time a woman full of confidence and zest for life. She was strong willed and knew what she wanted. These were some of the qualities that I had admired in her. She took pride in what she did such as her new home and the decorating and choosing of everything.

    I was so glad that Sean and Debbie had moved to the “country”, as she would say, and that our families would be closer to each other. We shared so many laughs, dreams and hopes for our futures. I am going to miss knowing what she had planned for and hoped for.

    Debbie’s greatest love was for Sean and for the life that they had together. They shared a love that few people ever know. She was so proud of her position and her job. She enjoyed going to work and often talked about it. Jada, her dog, was her baby and I’ll never forget the two of us chasing her around in our pajamas with Debbie in her high sandals in our front yard running around in circles. When I think back at the numerous memories I catch myself laughing out loud through the tears because she always tried to make the situation better than what it was or could be.

    Our children will always know who their Aunt Debbie was. Scott and I will not let them forget her. In Connor’s short life of 4 years he has shared and created many memories with his Aunt Debbie. Madison, shy of 2 years will always be reminded of her aunt since they both share the same birthdate. When March 25th comes we will celebrate both lives. One that has so much to look forward to and the other who was taken from us, yet touched our hearts forever and made us the lucky ones to have known and loved her.

    I will miss the times that we SHOULD have spent together, the holidays, the shopping, the aunt that I was supposed to be her children, the planning of our future as a family, talking about the Bellows boys, the past, the present and the future. But with every tear that is shed I could smile ten times as much when I think of the great memories that were created when Debbie was introduced into my life. I truly do miss her.

    I will not only remember Debbie as my sister-in-law, Sean’s wife, my children’s aunt but as a friend. A very special one who was my sister away from home. I loved her like one and I only hope she knew that. She will always have a special place in my heart as well as Scott’s heart.

    Debbie will truly be missed by us and will not be forgotten.


    Janet and Scott


    Connor and Madison

    Janet Bellows, Sister-in-law and Friend
  • I first met Debbie when I went to work for Cantor. She worked on 103 and I on 105. When Fred was promoted and she was moved right next to me on 105 we knew (and so did everyone else) that there would be trouble. Debbie and I hit it off immediately from day one and we had the best time-EVERY DAY. Everyone used to comment on how much laughter was going on in our section. We loved our jobs, we loved working for Cantor and most importantly we LOVED our bosses. I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss her – her voice, her wisecracks and JUST HER!!!! We were such great friends and kept in constant contact even when I left Cantor. I MISS HER TERRIBLY!!! I got to speak to Debbie the day before this terrible terrible tragedy and I will cherish her voice and her face in my heart FOREVER!!! Sean-my heart, prayers and thoughts are with you and Debbie’s family forever. I miss her so much and think of her every day!!!

    Claudine Morales, Friend FOREVER!!
  • If you ask anyone, what would be the first word that comes to mind when you say Debbie’s name? It would be beautiful.
    Debbie was a beautiful girl from the inside out and so full of life. She would walk into a room and fill every inch of it with her presence.
    She would always make you laugh with her quirky way and be there when you needed a shoulder.
    Debbie was my best friend with whom I confided in on a daily basis. She not only knew just what to say, but she also knew how to listen and be a friend.
    So many memories, so many photos to look back on, but with each, I smile. Everything I did with Debbie was fun and we would laugh so much. Even something as simple as going food shopping.
    From the first day I met Debbie, she took me under her wing and I will always be grateful for the true friendship that I had with my Debbie.

    I think of her every hour of every day that goes by.

    Julia, Best friend
  • I knew Debbie from the day she started to work at Cantor. She was a wonderful person, always smiling and very polite to her co-workers. It’s hard to beleive that I can’t talk to her anymore, but she will be remembered always.

    Venkateshan Pundi, Co-Worker
  • I only have one regret that I didn’t get to spend more time with Debbie before September 11th. On the few occasions that we spent together, I really enjoyed her company. From all that everyone has said and written about her in the last few months, I can see that she was a beautiful person both inside and out. I only need to look across the street to be reminded of what the world lost on that fateful day in people like Debbie. Debbie- I hope that wherever you are, you know that the neighbors will be there for Sean to help him through these tough times. I also hope that you are in a better place.

    Bonnie Crisco, Neighbor
  • I didn’t know Debbie very well but we started working together when I started Purchasing the Tickets for Cantor’s Clients. She was always very nice and wouldn’t hesitate to ask me if I wanted to go to a game when there were leftovers. She was also a very beautiful woman and I offer my condolences to her husband & family.

    Rob Emery, Co-Worker
  • Most of my moments with Debbie were over the phone. Monday thru Friday I spoke to her more than my husband. She was Fred’s right hand person and he could not have been as successful without her.Debbie always had a happy and pleasant hello, always asking how the kids were. My daughter and son loved to go to Daddy’s office because they knew Debbie would make it a fun day for them. She always went above and beyond for our family and made Fred’s life so much more manageable. She had a real talent for protecting the people she worked for.If it weren’t for Debbie, Fred would have never got such wonderful tee times. I miss our little chats about everything and nothing. I don’t know what really happened that horrible morning but I do know if it was at all humanly possible Fred was protecting her till the end. I miss you!

    Eileen Varacchi, Friend and wife of co-worker
  • When we came up to New Jersey in August to visit family and friends, we got together with Debbie and Sean. Never did we ever think this would be the last time we would ever see and hang out with Debbie.

    There are few times in life where you come across a person with a certain style, vibe, and personality that grabs people’s attention. Debbie was one of those few people. She was a loving and caring person. She had a devoted, loving husband in Sean and a very successful job, which she truly loved, at e-Speed. The best years of her life were now and ahead.

    We feel cheated, as I’m sure everyone feels, that we won’t be able to see and hang out with Debbie anymore, but we will cherish the times we spent with her. She can rest in peace knowing that she had a husband who loved her with all his heart and friends who thought the world of her. Our loss is Heaven’s gain. We will miss you.

    Ivan and Suzanne Katz, Friends
  • When it comes down to actually trying to write something to describe how losing someone this close to you feels, you throw away many drafts of your failed attempts, which is why I have visited this site a number of times and, until now, have not left any of my thoughts.

    I have decided that there is nothing that can be put on a screen or on paper, no matter how prolific a writer, that could ever come close. So instead I will say that I am thankful every day for all the time that Debbie and I spent together. I am thankful for each holiday we spent together, each phone call, each e-mail, every trip and vacation, every conversation, note, message and every memory that I keep. She was the closest person to a sister that my brother and I had, and perhaps we were the same for her.

    I am thankful for each time that I made her smile, and for the smiles she gave me every time she made it so clear that her opinion was the only one that counted when it came to me. Whether I liked it or not, I could always expect a direct and honest opinion delivered with a “if I hear one more time” or a “you better do what I’m telling you”. It was classic Debbie for those of you who knew her.

    Debbie, I will miss you more then can be described by these few words or any witty analogy. You’re always with me in my heart, and will always be by my side in my thoughts forever.

    David Cohen, Cousin
  • Deb took me under her wing the first day I started working at Cantor. Almost immediately, we went from co-workers to friends. Debbie was so dynamic, so energetic, so happy, and she was funny as hell! I could go on for hours about the fun we used to have! Thursday nights were always the big night out. As soon as the clock hit 5:30, everyone would run out the door and usually head for Southwest, a bar in the World Financial Center. More often than not, I would get held up at the office and would end up meeting everyone there. Debbie, in her loveable wise ass way, would call me from her cell phone EVERY TEN MINUTES, just to let me know that I wasn’t there yet. When I finally did get there, I’d walk through the door, and there would be Debbie standing right in the middle of all the action, holding a drink she had already ordered for me. We’d always have a great time, and would spend the next day reliving the night before laughing our heads off! I would give anything to be able to do that just one more time.

    I have so many happy memories. That mirror she had strategically placed on her desk – our daily 4 o’clock girl talk – the Christmas party – Tuscan Steak – Eminem – parties at Mark’s – sharing chocolate with Timmy – her lipstick (how amazing was it that her lipstick was always absolutely perfect??!!) – our discussions about the latest episode of Sex and the City – I could go on, and on, and on!

    I keep replaying in my mind the last conversation I had with Debbie. I can’t get through it without crying. But now, as the tears fall, I kind of smile a little. It makes me smile because those words, the last words Debbie said to me, were just SO Debbie. As she was running out the door to go home on Monday night, she yells to me “G’night Mar, see you tomorrow.” I can hear the clickety clack of her heels running down the hall. They come to a stop. She runs back and says to me “By the way, I’m available to hang out on Thursday night, so if you already made other plans, CANCEL THEM! G’night Hooch, love ya, bye.”

    Debbie, I love you too Hooch! I miss you so much it hurts. Please give everyone up there with you a big hug and kiss for me.

    Maryann Burns, Friend/co-worker
  • I don’t know you, but I feel like my family should never forget you. I cried, like so many other strangers did on that fateful day, and I wish I had the power to change those events. My future children will know about this day and they will know that you, like so many others, are true heroes. Wherever you are, I just want you to know, that if I have a daugter some day, I’d be so proud, if she was half as beautiful and succesful as you. God bless you and my prayers will always be with you and your family.

    Robert, None
  • I will never forget the way Sean’s eyes beamed when he talked about Debbie. Sean and I were co-workers at Price Waterhouse when they met and from the first time Sean told me about her, I could see how crazy he was over her. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone so in love as Sean was.

    Though I only met Debbie a handful of times, it was enough to leave such a lasting impression. Her striking presence and beautiful smile instantly left a mark in my mind. Through my conversations with Sean, I learned what a wonderful, special person Debbie was. From reading this memorial I see how much joy Debbie brought to each life she touched. Let us never forget the imprint she has had on each of our lives.

    I wish you peace, Debbie, as you rest with the Lord.

    Joseph Sassone

    Joseph Sassone, Friend
  • Sept. 11th changed the Nation’s lives but especially those who knew and loved Debbie. We got to know Debbie through stories and how she touched so many people’s lives in different ways. From the moment we met Sean every word out of his mouth was “My wife this and my wife that”. Till this day, nothing has changed and it’s so incredibly touching how unconditional your husband, Jada, family members & friends love and miss you. Your beautiful soul will forever be eternal. We hope you’re in a better place and we’ll do everything to try and help Sean find peace again. He misses you so much and it breaks our hearts.

    Michelle & Jason Goudsmith, Friends/Neighbor
  • I remember when my oldest and closest friend, Sean, met Debbie Attias for the first time. I could tell immediatly that she was not just another girlfriend simply by the way he spoke about her. When I met her, I understood why.

    Debbie possessed one of the qualities that I respect and admire most – she was the same person in all circles, she never tried to alter who she was to impress anyone, and she said it like it was & if someone didn’t like her, then that was their problem. Not many people have that courage!

    I never had the chance to truly bond with Debbie. I took for granted that there would always be time for that in the future, knowing that Sean would always be a part of my life, I assumed that Debbie would also. I’ve learned a painful & valuable lesson not to take anyone’s presence on this Earth for granted.

    I’ve known Sean since we were infants and nothing in his life has made him happier and more fulfilled than Debbie did. I only hope that, with time, he will heal and be able to find happiness again in this life. I know that’s what Debbie would have wanted too.

    Steve Stone, Sean's Best Friend
  • I remember that dreadful morning on September 11th and saying to myself how helpless I felt. I immediately started thinking of everyone in those towers and instantly Cantor Fitzgerald came to mind and I thought to myself “oh my god, Debbie and Fred!” I considered Debbie and I telephone buddies. Till the end of July, 2001, I worked downtown for Sullivan & Company/Heidrick & Struggles and remember when Debbie and I initially started talking on the phone, how we instantly hit it off and how we got to know each other on a personal level. I remember when she married Sean, how she sent me the website link to the wedding, how beautiful she looked and how excited I was for her. I remember when she started telling me how her and Sean were going to start building their home, how she had to pick out the bricks and how she made me laugh so much because she couldn’t believe she had to pick bricks out. There was a time in my life that I went through some difficulties and Debbie was always lending an ear and how she was so kind and how her warm words just made me feel so much better. She was so excited for me when I got engaged and she was giving me pointers. Debbie and I continued talking on the phone I would say a good 5-6 years but unfortunately we never got to meet each other in person. Although I never met her face to face, I considered her a good friend, she was so sweet, such a nice person and so much more. We always said to each other that one day we would meet at Windows on the World and I regret always saying to her next time definitely, oh goodness, how I regret it. When I took another position in midtown, Debbie and I wanted to continue staying in touch but sometimes you think that people are going to be around and you keep putting it off on calling or emailing that person. I’m so sorry that I didn’t give myself that last chance to hear Debbie’s sweet voice or just to tell her how much I admired her and how great of a person I thought she was.

    Sean, unfortunately we never got to meet but all I heard were wonderful things about you and my prayers go out to you and your family, may god watch over you. I know that you know what a beauitful, loving, wonderful best friend and wife Debbie was and I’m sure she’s watching over all of you.

    Debbie, I miss you terribly, our conversations but I think about you every day. I wish that I had one more day to talk to you. You are so missed and you really touched my heart. There is so much I want to say but such little space to write. Watch over everyone and I love you dearly.

    Your Telephone Buddy

    Carmen Mercado Reveron, Telephone Friend
  • Debbie was a very good person. She was genuine and kind and made Sean very proud. I’ve known Sean the better part of my life and ive never seen him happier than when he was with or speaking about Debbie. Debbie made Seans life complete – she was everything to him. We will all miss Debbie and I regret only that I didnt have more time to know her. Debbie you need not worry for Sean – you’ve given him everything and we will always be there for him to help him through these trying times. Goodbye Deb

    Jason Brown, Old Friend
  • Stephanie and I moved in to Woodmont Park around the same time as Sean and Debbie. Once we met, the four of us started to get together occasionally on Friday nights for Chinese take out. This neighborly relationship felt very natural and we knew that this could be the start of a long lasting friendship.

    The last time we saw Debbie was at our house on Labor Day for a barbecue, just several days prior to September 11th. That day Debbie spoke about her career and working at the WTC.

    When we heard the news on the morning of September 11th, we immediately thought of Debbie, and prayed that she would make it home safely. Our prayers were never answered.

    We often think of Debbie and feel that we’ve been cheated of a good friend. We are saddened by the immense pain and suffering that Sean has endured from losing Debbie, and hope that our companionship throughout this difficult time has at least helped him in some small way.

    Sean, we know that Debbie will always be with you, and it is her eternal love for you that will someday guide you to a life once again filled with peace and happiness.

    Jay & Stephanie

    Jay and Stephanie Teitelbaum, Friends and neighbor
  • Sean and I have been the closest of friends over the last 10+ years. We have experienced many ups and downs together and I got to say his meeting Debbie was surely one of his best moments. I remember the day of their marriage, Sean could not be more proud of the woman he was to spend the rest of his life with. Sean and Debbie belonged together and each seemed to thrive off of each other.

    Cindy, my wife, and I, did not get to spend as much time with Debbie and Sean as we would have liked as we moved to California in 1996. However, we spent enough time with Sean and Debbie to know they were made for each other. We planned to spend time with each other on vacations in the future. I am truly sorry that we did not get the opportunity to really get to know Debbie. Based on what Sean and others say about her, it was truly our loss.

    Debbie you should know that we are all here for Sean and will support him in anything he does. You helped to mold him into the man he is today and will be forever.

    Craig and Cindy Wadler, Sean's Best Friend
  • Hi Deb,

    I can’t believe its been a year. It seems like yesterday we were gossiping on the phone.. I still can’t believe what happened .. you are as fresh in my thoughts today as you were a year ago and I miss you so much. I know your watching over your family and friends and helping everyone get through these tough times. I smile, and I laugh everytime I think about our times at the Greatest Bar, Moran’s and Southwest. Geez, did we had fun!!! And we will again someday!! God Bless you Debbie

    Love, Claudine

    Claudine Morales, Friend
  • I met Debbie’s father on the anniversery of the tragedy. We met while waiting to enter Ground Zero to meet President Bush. We were there very early and began sharing stories and pictures. I lost my cousin Jenine Gonzalez in the towers and had a coworker who lost her husband, too. My coworker’s husband also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. Debbie’s dad was so in love with his daughter and spending that day together broke my heart knowing that someone so beautiful and full of great life is gone. Jenine and Debbie sounded like they had very similiar personalities and would have made good friends. Lately I find myself missing the old man a lot and wished I would have given a number for him to call on those days when he doesn’t feel so strong. I know that must happen because he lost his heart last year and I can only the pain that comes with that. God bless you Debbie, God bless you Jack…

    Orlando, Friend of Debbie's father
  • Debbie, I never knew you, but find I still visit here on ocassion. I remember the first time I ran across this page, and I was taken aback. You were beautiful, vibrant…we’re about the same age.

    I’m so sorry this happened, you will never be forgotten. May your family continue to find peace and strength as the days and years go on.

    Jasmin, Visitor
  • I never knew Debbie, but I found her tribute shortly after September 11. I have visited often and feel like I have a glimpse of her spirit and love of life. I am so sorry for the beautiful and vibrant life taken far too soon and for the sadness her family and friends now live with. I hope that the years bring some comfort and that your memories of Debbie bring you joy.

    Suzanne, Visitor
  • Hey Deb,
    GOD BLESS YOU, on your second anniversary in heaven!! You are still always in my thoughts. I will never forget you!

    Love, Claudine
    ([email protected])

    Claudine Morales, Friend
  • I always go to this website and to Debbie’s tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. From all of the stories, Debbie was a wonderful person who was loved by everyone she knew. She was a beautiful yound woman and I have a daughter and when she is old enough to understand 9/11, I will directly go to this website and Debbie’s tribute, so she will know all about all of the wonderful people who we loss.
    God Bless you debbie & your family

    Carissa, A Stranger
  • Debbie…Today would have been your 33rd birthday. I always think about you on your birthday because mine is two days later, and like you, and I am Executive Assistant in the Chicago area. I came across the Cantor tributes several months after 9/11 and come back to visit periodically. I have always felt a special connection to you as we share a birthday month, but also the same profession. I have read all of the tributes that people have left about you and you must have been an incredible person. You had so many friends who loved you, and who surely miss your physical presence but they will always have your spiritual presence with them. Happy Birthday, Debbie. May you have enternal peace in Heaven.

    Susan, Visitor
  • Happy Birthday Debbie. We miss you.

    Dana, Visitor
  • Debbie, I don’t know where to start. I am just a stranger from Texas who came across this web site after that terrible morning. I can’t beleive it has been this long already. Me and my husband are going to New York next week to see his family and we are going to make the trip to go and pay my respects to you and all of the people who perished that day. I don’t know you but I feel that part of me does. I want to make sure that my daughter knows about you and everyone. from that day. I pray for your husband and family and I know that God is helping them through their tough times. I have to let you know that you are thought of each and everyday. God Bless you darling. I just wish we could have met.

    Delia Crroccetto, Visitor
  • Though I did not know Debbie, I have seen her picture on this site and I remember the words written about her. Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of that awful day. So I am taking time to read about those who perished, as I do often, because they deserve to be remembered. I hope the world will always remember the amazing people we lost on that day – and will NEVER forget them. To Debbie’s family & friends, you have my love & prayers.

    Elsa, visitor
  • Now that the holidays are almost here, I wanted to just go to Debbie’s site and and wish Debbie’s family a Happy Holiday and that I will light a candle for Debbie on Christmas Eve Mass. God Bless you and let her sprite shine on.

    Carissa, A Stranger
  • Deb,

    Im back to let you know that Nicole and i are going to have a little girl soon. Your mom was happy to hear that Shai Debbie Cohen who will be joining us in November 07 will carry your name…..I cant wait to tell her all about her aunt Debbie. So many good stories!…May your soul and character be shared by my little girl!

    We love you Cuz

    Steve Cohen

    Steve Cohen, Cousin

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