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  Alvin Bergsohn

Date of Birth: June 13, 1953
Department: Institutional Equities
Position: Institutional Equity Trader

Alvin grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and moved to Staten Island in his late teens. His twenties and early thirties were spent in a great apartment on the Lower East Side, a place that holds many memories for our many friends. The same weekend Alvin and I were expecting our first child, we moved into our home in Baldwin Harbor, Long Island. Alvin was a loving husband and a devoted father, whose happiest times were spent skiing and playing baseball with his two sons, Sam, 14, and Harris, 12. He was a loving son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew and friend.
Alvin was a kid at heart, a self-taught guitar player who loved rock and roll, comic books and sports. Much of his social time was spent with old friends who went as far back as grade school and junior high.
Alvin joined Cantor Fitzgerald five years ago, soon after the proposed Dean Witter- Morgan Stanley merger that took place in 1997. He had spent ten happy years at Dean Witter in their Institutional Equity Department.
I love my husband and will always remember that he was so very satisfied with his life and so proud of his sons. The memories are so vivid and will last forever. It is a testament to the wonderful man Alvin was that each day someone will say to me “I think of him every single day”.

Michele Bergsohn, Wife
  • When you think of Alvin (Big Al as his buddies called him) you think of the Yanks, Knicks, fights we enjoyed so much together. His kids and how much he enjoyed their baseball games. Al playing guitar, or his comic book rack and closet so filed with comics, neatly stored away. Gee I remember when he was a kid and he had that curly fro and as he grew older he lost it all. Nothing mattered, Big Al remained a kid at heart and as Michelle said, he loved his life. He also loved his wife dearly as she loved him. They had something very special going. Man, the times we spent at that Grand St. apartment. Partying to all hours or just watching fights and ballgames. Al’s apartment was central runnins’ for that’s where all the boys met to either hang or go out and carry on someplace. How many times did Al lend an ear when needed.I knew him well enough to go to the Felt Forum with him and his Grandpa to see the fights. I can ramble on about this ace of a guy forever. What a 3rd baseman he was. What a great shot he had in basketball. An all around athlete. An all around honest, stand up guy. Al will be missed by many for he was loved by many. We probably will all remember him best as a happy, smiling fun guy to be around, that always had a pound for everyone. G-d Bless you Al
    and I can only hope I go to the same place you and Hoffy are now at one day, for I know your both in Heaven, lookin’ down and waitin on the rest of the guys.

    Ken Mintz, Lifelong Buddy
  • I do not know life without Alvin. My big brother. My protector when we were little. Sharing our room at 183 Wortman Ave, Apt. 5E. Sharing teenage and young adulthood together as friends. Never forgetting our hanging out, Hot Tuna shows, making Mommy and Daddy crazy coming home at all hours. But they knew we were together. Blasting Hendrix. Singing to the Grateful Dead. The countless jokes you’d whisper in my ears. Jet games, Giant games, going to Clapton, just you and me. Bubby and Pop’s Grand St. apartment. How great was that! Bringing Hoff up to Nanny and Georgie’s. Becoming each other best men and brothers. How proud I am of the man, husband and father you have become. How you love your boys. I aspire to your strength and confidence. There is not one second of the day when I do not think, I love you Alvin.

    Renee Hoffman, Sister
  • It’s New Year’s Eve and it will be the first one that we won’t have our dear friend Alvin with us. The Flushing crowd is getting together tonight to bring in 2002. The dinners at Luger’s and the parties we have just won’t be the same without his smiling face but we will drink a toast to Alvin and blast the rock and roll. Michele will be with us and we’ll all be together but I know I will miss that HUG that I always looked forward to. Alvin will forever be in our hearts and we love you.

    Nancy, Greg and Paige Kasick, Friends for Life
  • I remember when I first started how welcome Al made me feel. We would always see each other around that time of the day when you want a snack-3:00. We would always talk of what kinds of healthy snacks we could bring in. He was always so warm and friendly and I looked foward to talking to him every day when he would come down for cottage cheese. We always talked about his boys and my boy, and of course baseball. I will absolutely miss him. I am praying for you (Al’s wife and boys).

    Caroline Carbonaro, Former Mgr Cantor Cafe
  • Alvin was one of the first people I thought of when I was going through all of the wonderful people that we lost in this horrendous disaster. Alvin was such an unbelievable guy, I sat next to him for a year and I think I could give you a play by play of each of Sam and Harris’ baseball games for that little league season. There were a few things that made him glow, one was recounting his sons’ baseball games and the other was busting my chops about the Yankees beating the Sox. Well, Alvin the Yanks couldn’t do it this year and I can’t say I’m sorry about that but, please pull some strings up there and help the poor Sox get one next year. We miss you Alvin and we’ll never forget you. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Ryan Quinn, Friend and co-worker
  • Alvin and I worked at Dean Witter, he in the New York Institutional Dept and I in San Francisco. For several years he was my sole contact with executing customer orders and we developed a close relationship and friendship. He was “the best” as they say, and I miss him. I think of him often.

    Tom Walsh, Co-worker and friend
  • It’s Fathers Day 2002, and three days ago was your birthday. This has been the toughest week. The US Open at Bethpage started on your birthday and you couldn’t wait to go. The irony is you won the lottery, and had two tickets for each of the four days. We all miss you terribly this week. Time doesn’t necessarily make things easier. We love and miss you!!!

    Michele Bergsohn, Wife
  • Hey Al,
    I just can’t believe it has been this long. Everytime I see Billy Kleinfeld and Pat Mooney, we are always reminiscing about you. We always have a good laugh, which is how you would want it. Well buddy, hope things are going well up there with all the guys. And at 3:58, I’m always thinking “2 minutes for all you clock watchers”. We all miss you terribly. You and your family are in my prayer. Take care buddy.

    Ryan Quinn, friend and co worker
  • Oh Alvin. I miss you so much my brother. This is a hard week with the “911 Commision at The New School dowtown. As Michele said, time doesn’t necessarily make this easier. It’s already 2004. We do what we have to for our children. It’s your birthday soon bro…June 13th. Mommy and Daddy are coming up to be with you. We’ll all be with you. You are safe in our hearts and the love we feel is overwhelming. Please know there is not one minute of any day that I do not think about you and how much I wish I can get one of those big bear hugs from you. We will carry on for you Big Al – You wouldn’t expect any less. And by the way, A-Rod was a pretty good acquisition…good lookin’ out.

    Renee Hoffman, Sister
  • Hey Big Al. Jan 3, 2005. Another year has turned the page but my book still remains open to you. I keep you safe in my heart. I love you Alvin. No words seem to come when trying to tell you how much me and Mommy and Daddy miss you, just the tears. Your kids are good Alvin. Michele is an amazing Mom. I truly don’t know how she does it. I was over the house, saw Howie and Mandi. Harris has a head of hair that is exactly the same as you in your teens, even plays the guitar – can’t you hear it now! Love you Al.

    Renee Hoffman, Brother
  • My Dear Brother, Big Al, your birthday just passed again, June 13th, 2009. And Sammy, your first little boy, just graduated from Cornell University. How proud you would be of your family, your two boys, and your wonderful wife, Michele. It’s been eight years since I’ve had one of your bear-hugs. It doesn’t matter how many years go by, the pain of losing you will never go away. Not for me, and not for Mommy and Daddy. Oh Mommy and Daddy miss their boy so! I will never get over it. We all just learn to live with it. I know you are with Nanny and Grandpa and Hoffe, my beloved husband and your friend. I love you Alvin, always and forever! Your little Sister, Renee.

    Renee Hoffman, Sister

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