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  Timothy Betterly

Date of Birth: December 27, 1958
Position: Corporate Bond Broker, Canadian/Yankee Desk

To quote my oldest daughter: “Daddy was kind, loving, caring and most of all funny. He could make anyone laugh.” Tim had a way of telling a story and finding the humor in any situation. His outgoing personality, his engaging smile, his warmth and laughter were contagious. Tim was passionate about life and his wonderful sense of humor inspired smiles from everyone he interacted with. Tim had the magic to make a day special.
Tim and I met at Gettysburg College, PA where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and played football. Tim loved football. He loved to play it, to watch it, and to throw the ball around with the kids. He joined Cantor Fitzgerald 10 years ago. What Tim loved most about his job were the relationships he developed with his customers and co-workers that transcended business into true friendship. Tim was a man of great integrity and compassion. He was never afraid to stand up to an injustice or speak out when a wrong was committed. He had that ability to do and say the things we all thought about but would never have the confidence to do.
Tim was a loving husband and father to our two daughters, Samantha, 12 and Christine, 9 who were his world. He brought joy and laughter to their lives and gave them the confidence to believe there was nothing they couldn’t do if they put their heart into it. Whether it was in inspiring enthusiasm and confidence when he coached softball and basketball, or in riding the roller coasters and the big waves, life with Tim was always a wonderful adventure. Simply put, Tim made life memorable. He transformed the everyday into a fun day, and the fun days into funnier days. As Tim strode through life he created in his wake an abundance of memories for his friends and family to cherish.
I am very thankful to have the support of family and friends who have reached out to us during this difficult time. I find strength in the knowledge that Tim’s spirit will live on in the hearts of all who knew him. If there is a legacy for Tim, it is that he enjoyed seeing others enjoying life and took pleasure in making other people happy. He loved his family, loved to laugh and lived to make others smile.
I feel truly blessed that I had this wonderful man in my life whose love will live forever in my heart.

Love, Joanne

Joanne Betterly, Wife
  • I was fortunate enough to know Tim for over twenty years. There are three things that I will remember about him forever: his willingness to help the underdog and less fortunate, his love of life, and his devotion to his wife (my sister) and two daughters. But most important, this world was a much better place because Tim was in it.

    God bless to all that has shared their prayers with Joanne, the girls and our family.

    DJ Fahoury, Brother-in-law
  • Tim was a friend and a person unlike any other. His enthusiasm and joy for life were contagious to all. Our children miss him so much, as he brought incredible joy to all their young lives. His legacy will be the positive, joyful attitude with which he walked through his tragically shortened time on earth.
    I visited Tim on the 104th floor on August 29, 2001 with one of his daughters and my family. We looked out from his desk on a beautiful clear day, marvelling at the view. We met all his co-workers at Cantor and toured the offices. Our hearts and prayers are with the families of all of those bright, energetic people whose names fill this site.

    God Bless you Tim, we all miss you terribly.

    Bob Ferraris, Friend
  • I didn’t know Tim, but a close friend of mine was a friend of the Betterly Family. Ed Fergus was a second father to me, who worked with Tim and died on Spetember 11. I want to let everyone know that my thoughts, prayers, and tears are with all who have lost a loved one in this horrific event. Everyone will be truly missed
    Love, Samantha

    Samantha, Friend of a Friend
  • I met Timmy my senior year in high school, on a football recruiting trip to Gettysburg. It proved to be one of my most memorable times at G-burg and most likely the reason I went there. Many years have gone by and we all lose touch through the years, but I reflect back then and think what my life would have been if I didn’t spend that weekend with Sprout. That was the kind of guy he was thenand I’m sure he never lost that touch. He was in a phrase “a great guy” !!!
    Jo, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your girls. Just remember, Timmy will always be there with you, right inside your heart.

    Mark Kennedy, Sharky, fraternity brother
  • I met Tim when he and Joanne lived at the Skyline in Hoboken, and we formed a group of friends within the building. Tim was always attending our outings and I came to know him for the kindhearted, funny person that he was. He was always the life of the party! I will always remember him affectionately and am glad that I knew him during his lifetime.

    Vicki (Marks) Morgenstein, Friend
  • Tim was LOVE. Sometime after the towers fell, I called one of my daughters to give her an update on Tim. I told her that I had heard that after the first plane hit, someone called and said Tim was OK, but still in the office; but that was the last anyone had heard from him. My daughter’s immediate response was “That’s Timmy. He would not leave anyone behind.” We do not know what happened that morning, but we sure do know the high regard we have for him. The last time I saw Tim was at his Grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was snowing and I had to go out for beer. When I returned all the children attacked me with snowballs. When Tim realized I had the beer, he came to my rescue. When it was all over, I found out he was the instigator in the first place. He had fun. The kids had fun. His brothers, mother, father, cousins, aunt, uncle, and wife had fun. Thanks Tim, we miss you. NO greater love…Uncle Jack

    Jack Wagner, Uncle
  • You are in my thoughts and thinking about you brings a smile to my face. I wish Angus could have met you. Love Ya Ellie

    Ellie MacKnight, cousin
  • 09/11/2009

    I miss Tim’s easy smile, warm friendly personality and quick wit. remembering him makes me smile. Love you Tim.

    Susan Miller, cousin
  • Missing you – thinking of you and your/ my family today with much love and big hugs to everyone.
    Kisses and hugs to Aunt Joan.
    Love, Suzi

    Susan Miller cousin

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