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  Bruce D. Boehm

Position: Government Agencies Broker

Bruce Boehm (49), known as “Chappy” was a lifelong resident of Long Island. He was born and raised in Franklin Square and graduated from Valley Stream North High in 1970. He graduated from Binghamton University in 1974. He met his wife Irene in November of 1980 and was married on September 11, 1982. Bruce and Irene made their home in West Hempstead with their daughters, Brittany and Stacey. Bruce was also a devoted son to his mother Dorothy.

The beach was Bruce’s first love. He was a Nassau Beach lifeguard for about 15 years. During those years Bruce formed many close friendships which he nurtured until this tragic event. His greatest pleasure was boogie boarding with his daughters and friends at Jones Beach West End 2.

Bruce loved physical activity. He worked out everyday by running, swimming or biking. He ran about 10 New York City marathons and participated in many Long Island marathons and triathlons. He loved competition.

Bruce was also an avid fan of Hofstra University’s football, basketball and lacrosse teams. He attended most home games. Bruce and 14 of his friends had just celebrated Hofstra’s opening football season with a tailgate party on September 1, 2001. They enjoyed cheering the Hofstra Pride football team to victory.

Bruce will be missed by many people especially the people who saw him running throughout the streets of Franklin Square and West Hempstead, He truly loved his family, friends and country. Bruce was passionate about life.

Irene Boehm, Wife
  • I have many fond memories of times spent with Chappy. The common theme of these memories revolves around just having a good time. Chappy’s simplistic nature made him a great person to be around as his enthusiasm for life was contagious. Whether hanging out at the beach, going for a run, or celebrating a successful triathlon, Chappy was always fun to be with. It is these memories that have helped me in these diffult times, and will continue to inspire me in the future. Chappy will be missed by us all, but will continue to make us laugh as we recall the many fun times we shared with him.

    Tom Bottini, Friend
  • Chap,

    I am watching the NY Marathon today and only thinking of you. Until we met, I never even knew what a marathon was! I was always proud to tell people that you ran this race at least 10 times. In my mind you will always be the winner. I love you and miss you more each day.


    Irene Boehm, Wife
  • Although I never met “Chappy” my thoughts and prayers are with Irene and her family. I feel so sad for them and can’t begin to imagine how they must be feeling. I sat next to Irene often at work.

    My prayers are with her and her family.

    Susan Gillen, Co-worker with Irene Boehmn
  • Memories of a lifetime…the Point Lookout Triathalon, the Ocean to Sound, the RVC 10K, the GC Turkey Trot, winter runs to the Lake and at JB, the parties, LOUD rock and roll and “Fig, come on, have another beer”, lifeguarding at NB, the summer (and winter) solstice, years ago stopping by Cedarhurst Ave. with Irene on Sunday coming home from the Beach….You were a man who knew what mattered in life and, more importantly, you lived it right. Times with you (far too few) were nothing but great times. Your friendship meant more than you could ever imagine. Your Memorial Service confirmed how you were loved and the many people you touched. You will be with us always. Thank you, King.

    Brian P. Gallagher, Friend
  • I actually only met Bruce once. It was the night before the first marathon my Uncle Peter DeMarco ran with him, and he spent the night at my Grandmother’s house in Staten Island so he could start the race there. He was so friendly, and I can distinctly how thrilled my Grandmother was to entertain him. Our prayers go out to his family, he will be missed.

    MaryGrace Granucci, Niece of Friend, Peter DeMarco
  • Chap,

    Have fun in Heaven’s Turkey Trot!! Miss you.


    Irene Boehm, Wife
  • Dad, there is not one day that goes by that I do not think about you. Everything I see and I everything I do reminds me of you. You are in my thoughts all day long. I just don’t understand why something like this had to happen to someone as special as you. You touched so many people’s lives; more than you could ever know. It was little things that you said and did that people remember about you. Although there are many things that I miss about you, the thing I miss the most is the music. Don Henley and the Eagles will always remind me of you, the summer, and parties at Fig’s house. I can just picture you guys dancing and singing and trying to remember all the words to the songs. Songs from Jimmy Buffet remind me of our beach crew parties at the Kilroy’s. I try to play the music at home, but it is just not the same. It comforts me however, when we are at the Kilroy’s and John has the music on. Hofstra games, going out to dinner, and summers at West End 2 will never be the same without you. I know right now you would be telling me to get off the computer and go outside because it’s a “dynamite” day today. I love you Dad and I miss you more and more each day. Keep running in Heaven…

    Brittany Boehm, Daughter
  • Well, Chap, we are all together as usual (this year — at John’s house) for New Year’s Eve. Everyone will have only one thought on their mind — it is how much they all miss you. John has no companion to watch sports and drink his beers with, Bill has no one to run with, MaryJoe has no one to tease her, Maryann, Dave, Diane and I have no one to annoy us and Laura has no one to yell at. But we all have wonderful, funny, loving memories of you. You were always the life of any party. So even though you are no longer here physically, your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Remember, we all love you and miss you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Chappy was a great man who made everyone happy and made them laugh. He always made everyone get in the water at the beach because it was a “Beautiful Day”. And it was. Walks down to the Jetty will never be the same because he always wanted the kids to run. Irene, Britt(bnoo) and Stacey(bone), I will love you always and you know that I will be here for you.

    Jenn, Friend
  • It’s hard to express feelings about somebody you never met, but wished you had. I was Irene’s next door neighbor from “diapers” through third grade. Her Mom & Dad and my parents were best friends also. I saw Irene last in 1996 when she showed her grace and class by attending my mother’s wake with Buddy & Helen. What I recall about Irene then was how happy she was, and it all makes sense to me now, after reading about Bruce. I just found out about Bruce while visiting my Dad in FL. I spoke with Irene’s dad and was shocked and saddened to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Irene and the girls, along with all of Bruce’s family, friends and others lost on September 11th.

    Jim Klecak, Oxford Place Friend of Irene Boehm
  • Bruce Boehm was a fun, friendly and generous man that believed in enjoying life. Although we lived in different states and saw Bruce only in the summer and at holidays we loved him very much. At times it is very hard for us to believe that he could be gone. We took that time we saw him for granted believing that we were going to see him every year for decades to come. We can only hope to follow Bruce’s example and live our lives doing the things we love. Uncle Bruce you will live in our hearts and memories.

    Caryn Boehm + Sarah (Boehm) LaRue, Nieces
  • The guys from Valley Steam North HS (Doug, Kevin, Billy, Glenn, Bruce, I and sometimes others)got together on Christmas Eve nights to sing carols at each other’s homes and our friends’ family get-togethers. Doug had a very good Santa outfit and we stuffed him with pillows. The rest of us were elves. Bruce always brought what he called astronaut juice: vodka and tang, in a blender jar. We practiced our songs at the high school bleachers, then off we went. The children in the homes we visited looked forward to us each succesive year. We got to Bruce’s house and were greeted by Dorothy and Charley. Bruce would encourage us to sit close to the fire. I knew Bruce didn’t have a fireplace. Bruce was busy pulling the 19-inch TV on a rolling cart closer to the center of the living room. Channel 11 was on and the traditional yule log was flaming and carols blurted out of the speaker as Bruce turned up the volume beyond what anyone in the room could tolerate. He would warm his hands by the heat from the picture tube. We would depart, dropping each of us off at our homes. Every Christmas since, and whenever I see the NYC channel 11 yule log, I still think back on those special Christmases. It’s ironic and fitting that Irene, Brittany and Stacey will be on the Maury Povich TV show Christmas Day, on Channel 11 immediately after the Yule Log carols. Somehow Bruce orchestrated the event and got us to enjoy the Christmas fire one more time.

    Rob & Florry Brenner, Friends since high school
  • It should be very noisy in Heaven today —

    50 years ago today a kind, wonderful, sensitive, sweet loving man was created. God only let us have him for a short time, but what a great time we had!

    We were supposed to be celebrating your 50th birthday with a surprise party this weekend. What a party it would have been – too much food, beer, loud music, John singing and dancing, Tom and Fig beating you up, Chris complaining, all your lifeguard and high school friends from years ago acting like they are all still 17, Dave falling asleep and Bill “getting too deep”. While we will not be able to share this day with you, all of us will be having “just one more beer” and we will crank up “just this one song” on the stereo.

    YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED by me, Brittany, Stacey and all your family and friends.

    Happy 50th Birthday in Heaven – I love you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I am sorry to say I only met Chappy once on the beach with my boyfriend Eddie who lifeguarded with him years ago and who still is a lifeguard. I attended his memorial and it was a beautiful tribute. I realized from all the wonderful things that were said about him that he touched many peoples lifes. I’m sure that not a day will go by when his wife or mom or daughters step foot on the beach that they wont think about all the love they have for him. I, too, will think about him on the beach, the only place I met him. Rest in Peace Chappy. Betty Duffy

    Betty Duffy, Chappy's friend Eddie Z 's girlfriend
  • My husband Don Spampinato worked at Cantor as well. But I met Chappy and Irene at the Point Lookout Triathlon a few years ago. What a great guy! On Sept 8, Don and Chappy did that race with Tom and Figs, and they loved it. Irene, I find some comfort in knowing they were together. Chappy was one of the friendliest people I have ever met. I know how much he will be missed.

    Laurie Spampinato, Friend
  • Just the mere mention of Chappy’s name brought smiles to the faces of his friends. He knew what was important in life and enjoyed those things to the fullest. He always made those around him appreciate what life had to offer.
    Every party, triatlon or vacation rewarded us with a new endearing story of Chappy. He was quite a character. More importantly, Chappy was a very caring person who is sadly missed but fondly remembered.

    Susan Bottini, Friend
  • Chappy was a good friend of my Dad, Rich Bolton, who also worked at Cantor for many years. I have many memories of Chappy running, always running. I can barely picture him in anything other than running clothes and running shoes. He was at every race I can remember running and always with a smile on his face and pushing my mom and I along as we ran. I also remember he was a big fan of “The O’Jays” and would crank it up on the stereo when he visited our house. I don’t have many memories of Chappy but the ones I do are of a very friendly guy with a love of life. Rest in peace Chappy, you will be missed by many.

    Matt Bolton, Friend of the family
  • I met Chappy in the summer of ’69 as on ocean lifeguard for Nassau County. Our careers and lives were to cross many more times. We were always happy to be in each other’s company. He and I would remember past times together, and have great belly laughs that you only have with someone you really cared for. We might see one another five days in a row at Cantor or not see each other for weeks at a time but every encounter brought knowing smiles and laughs to the both of us that only good friends understood. When I think of Chappy, I think of a husband, a Dad, an athlete, a waterman, my friend. Chappy was strength, energy, happiness, and determination personified. He made friends appreciate the overlooked things in life. The Big Picture to Chappy was a sunset, a storm cloud, a laugh from Irene, his girls, Brittany and Stacy, P.B.s (personal best), whether in school, swimming or life. Many friends have Chappy stories that they hold dear because he always made us laugh and smile. This is the gift he gave us all, a laugh and a smile. There were to be so many more of these. To his family go my prayers and thanks for sharing him with us all. I’ll miss you buddy.

    Rich Bolton, Friend
  • Wrestler, father, marathon man
    husband, competitor and summer solstice fan.
    A classic guy with a hearty smile,
    a trailblazer; not one of the rank and file
    On Sept. 11, a fateful day
    Angels came to take Bruce away
    But the road ahead, we must not fear it
    For the King of the Beach lives on in spirit.

    Rich Brenner, Friend
  • March 8, 2002: Well you made it, Ooose, 50 years old today – Happy Birthday! We’ve called each other on each other’s birthdays for years. We always caught up on the families, the kids, vacations, work, sports, jokes, and our current states of mind. I told your Mom that you kicked St. Peter out of his job and you now greet everyone at the gates except when you go out on runs. I heard you let almost everyone in, even Giants fans. I miss you, bud. Happy 50th.

    Rob & Florry Brenner, Friends since high school
  • Dear Chappy,

    On this, your birthday weekend, since I cannot celebrate it with you or get you a gift, I will recall the gifts you have given me.
    Because of you I appreciate the sunsets more, because of you I keep running even when I want to quit, because of you I try to see the good in everyone, and because of you I have learned to never, ever take life for granted.
    Thank you for these gifts.
    Happy Birthday.

    Love, Rose

    Rose Gallagher, Friend
  • Chap,

    Happy Easter!

    I remember how you used to run to Helen’s on Easter and I would meet you there. You would make a fire even though it was 60 degrees out! Helen would make raviolis and, of course, ham (just for you!).

    I remember how we went to Myrtle Beach with the Connors and the Kilroys’. Remember our drive through the night with the full moon. It really was usually too chilly to be in Myrtle Beach, but we made the best of it!

    I remember just last year going to Marilyn’s house. You were so excited about the new professional lacrosse league.

    This year we will not be able to create any new memories with you, but we will be thinking of you and missing each minute of the day.

    Enjoy your run in Heaven.



    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Chap:

    Today was the first warm day of the year as the temperature climbed into the 70’s. A day when you would have called me to discuss our training regimen for any upcoming triathlons. I miss those calls, but think of you often when I need some motivation to work out. Only 4 1/2 months to the PT. Lookout Triathlon. I think the Fig needs some extra motivation this year. Do you think you could take care of that?

    Tom Bottini, Friend
  • Well Chap, it is my birthday. I am reminding you because you really never knew what the date was. You only knew it was around the Long Island Marathon. But that was okay, that was just you! I always undersood and I always knew you loved me. That is what really mattered, not what gift you gave me.

    The Long Island Marathon is this weekend. Since you are not here to bug everyone to run, no one who ran with you is running it.
    I remember you even got me to run the half marathon one year. I promise you I will do that again someday – just for you.

    I will miss you today, just like everyday, But, I will be try to be happy remembering the birthdays we did spend together – even if we did nothing. Have a cold one for me in heaven!

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Hey dad…the weather is starting to warm up and I’ve been to the beach twice so far this season. I have yet to travel to West End 2; I know it will not be the same without you. This Sunday is the Jones Beach lifeguard test. I’m very nervous, but I know that you would have been here to watch me and coach me through it every step of the way. Thank you for talking about the ocean, the tides, the sea-puss, the jetty, the rescues, the waves, the boogie boarders,lifeguard entries, the fish, the annoying jetskiiers, the beautiful breeze, the gambling boat, the Budweiser blimp, PB&Js, frisbees, beach glass, body boarding, surfing, and even those half-naked women down by the jetty. I will be thinking of you this weekend during the test. I know I can do it…give me stregnth. I have to start training for the Point Lookout triathalon, too. I think Tom might kill me if I don’t do it!!! I love you and I’m always thinking of you.
    )3 Britt

    Brittany Boehm, Daughter
  • Hey Chap – its the summer solstice! Your favorite day of the year. It is beautiful out today. You undoubtedly would have taken off to be at the beach today. This is the first time in a few years that it will not be cloudly tonight. I know you must be in charge of the weather in heaven. MaryJo and I will be there tonight thinking of you. Stan, Richie and Mancino and me are also going tomorrow in memory of you.
    The beach is really not the same without you. We have nobody to tell us to move up to the water and nobody to tell us that this is “one of the 10 best days of the summer”. I find myself staring at the water and seeing you in there playing like a little kid. I remember how amazed you were in Florida when the little fish were swimming around my feet. Thank you for all those incredible memories.
    Brittany starts rookie training at JB tomorrow. Our little beach crew will be at the beach tomorrow watching the training like we did every year. The test was difficult but you pulled her through. As it stands now, she is a “weekender” just like you were. You would be so proud of her.
    As always, we all miss and love you.

    irene Boehm, spouse
  • It’s me again. I just came back from the beach and you would have loved it. Clean water, nice waves, beautiful breeze. Stacey and her friends were boogie boarding all day. I even rode a few waves.
    Stacey is really enjoying Jr. Lifeguarding this year. This week Stacey was in the regionals in New Jersey. She won the paddle competition and the distance swim. She also came in second in the run-swim-run. She caught a great wave on the surfboard and I know you were riding that board with her. She also did very well in the Long Beach competition. It is so amazing to see how much Stacey is becoming more and more like you each day. You would be thrilled to see how tough she is in these competitions. It gives me comfort because I know that you will always be with us.
    I love you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Dad,

    This is the first time I have been to this website. Seeing all of these tributes, I have done nothing but constantly cry. I never realized how many lives you touched and how many people you’ve inspired. Every race I swim and every event I compete in, I keep you in mind. It’s hard to find strength to go on these days. Nothing is the same–the beach, the hangouts, basically everything is different now that you’re gone. I miss the music in the house and the way you looked like a penguin when you walked down to the water with the boogie board case on your back. Although I know you are in a better place now, it is still hard when I realize that you are never coming back. I try to be strong and remember all of the good times we had. I’ll never forget the time we took the path down to West End so you could teach me how to surf. It was dark and cloudy and the water was freezing. You tried to teach me anyway but I wasn’t having it. We walked all the way back to the car and we went to the marine life center at Field 1. You bought me a keychain that lit up. I remember how you asked so many questions about all the animals and how fascinated you were by everything. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. I know your in heaven watching over us and drinking a Bud…I love you more than you’ll ever know.
    Stacey (Marie the Bumble Bee)

    Stacey Boehm, Daughter
  • May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face.
    And rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the hollow of His hand
    God Bless you! Your charm, character and happiness will never be forgotten.

    An Irish Blessing, friend
  • I read your story in the paper today here in Brisbane, Australia. Although I have never met you I want you and all the Cantor families to know that we in Australia are thinking of you and praying for you all this week.

    Barbara Leis, Concerned Australian
  • Irene
    Your story, and that of your husband, feature in an Australian newspaper today. My family wants you to know that we are thinking of you, your husband, and the thousands of people affected by the events of 11 September on this anniversary day. We will never forget you.

    Bronwyn McLaren, supporter
  • This is a message to Irene and the girls.

    I read about you today in the Sydney Morning Herald and my heart went out to you.

    I am in the financial markets myself and, whilst I was lucky enough not to lose any friends on September 11 2001, I still feel a deep sadness that so many young, talented and well-loved people died so needlessly.

    Please know that there is much love and good wishes coming your way.

    God speed and God Protect America and her people.

    Colleen, well-wisher
  • I didn’t know Mr. Boehm. I read about his story in an Australian newspaper.

    My family’s thoughts and condolences go out to Mrs. Boehm.

    The events of 9/11 affected us all. God bless all the victimes and residents of New York.


    Tomas, None
  • G’day from `down under’.

    My name is Brian Tate, I live in a small coastal town called Ballina, which is on the north coast of the Australian State of New South Wales. I am a retired police officer and my wife Marilyn and I have 2 sort of grown-up children, a 20 year old daughter, Danielle and an 18 year old son, Regan. I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning (it is 11 September here in Australia already) about you Irene and felt I just wanted to say something about Bruce `Chappy’ Boehm .

    Irene, Brittany and Stacey, obviously I never knew `Chappy’ but after reading the wonderful tributes from his family, friends and co-workers here, I think I know what sort of man he was. Eighteen years as a cop gives you some finely tuned skills on summing people up quickly! And I have little doubt that `Chappy’ was a great husband, father, friend and worker; what we down here would call a `good bloke’ and that’s about as good as it gets.

    Like `Chappy’ I too have a long-term love affair with the beach and am lucky anough to be able see the ocean every day. I also love listening to the Eagles and Jimmy Buffet. But sorry `Chappy’, the running thing just ain’t my stick!

    Irene, you are a good woman and I know `Chappy’ is very proud of you and how you are keeping the faith. Brittany and Stacey, walk strong into the future knowing your beloved Dad will be at your backs every step of the way.

    Warmest regards from `down under’ – Brian

    Brian Tate, none
  • This email is to Irene

    Irene in this mornings newspaper in Sydney Australia there is a large tribute to September 11 and it’s victims with a large story and photograph about you and your husband Bruce. I justed wanted to say how sorry I am for you and your family and all the victims and I can’t begin to imagine your sorrow except to try and put myself in your place and I know how lost I would feel if I should be in the same situation – take care of yourself and your family and all Australians grieve with you.

    Maggie Lignell, A reader
  • Bruce,
    From what your wife writes about you touched me. I am living in Australia and came accross her story through the newspaper here. With it being a year to date since this horrific event I thought I’d add a tribute. The strength that has been shown by those who have lost loved ones is amazing and it has made me appreciate what I have so much more. My thoughts are with you all today as you try to pick up the pieces of something I will never be able to understand myself. May you all share eternal light. George.

    George., reader
  • I read about Bruce and Irene in a Sydney newspaper today (Sept. 11th, 2002) and I extend my best wishes to the family in your continuing struggle to overcome the loss of husband and father. May your spirit prevail.

    Donald Day,
  • Dear Bruce,

    I dont know you and I never will, I don’t know what life you lead and your trials, sufferings and your Joyful moments.

    I read Irene’s story on Sydney Morning Hearld (Australian Newspaper) – http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/09/10/1031608244982.html

    After I found you, I only then realized how Irene is fighting hard.

    Dear Boehm & All Cantor families, only in last few minutes I have relized your pain.

    I pray to the Lord all mighty to give some of your hurt and pain to me and for peace and happniess to be in your families forever.

    With All My Soul Felt Sorrow.
    Uday Gupta

    Uday Gupta, Unkonwn
  • I’ve just finishing reading (in a Sydney newspaper)a very moving story that featured Irene Boehm and the heartache and sorrow that is still very evident.
    Reading the tributes to ‘Chappy’ and the others from Cantor Fitzgerald puts the tragedy of the day into perspective. The statistics don’t reveal the human face of the tragedy.
    My best wishes go to Irene, her family and friends. Your grief and pain are shared throughout the world, and while we Australians are often competitors against you Yanks, we share so many common attributes.
    We will never forget Sept.11, nor those who died that day.

    John Hall, None
  • Bruce,

    I am sitting on the other side of the world today, reading your story in a Sydney paper. Although we have never met, or spoken, Irene’s story has touched my heart. You will never be forgotten – I will make sure my family understands the sacrifice you have made, and pray for the family you have left behind. We may be strangers but tonight we will light a candle and remember you.

    God Bless
    – from Down Under

    Sarah, a new friend
  • Irene

    My name is Kylie Smith and I am a 28 year old from Sydney Australia. Today is September 11 2002. I’ve just been reading the Sydney Morning Herald, specifically your story and the sad loss of your husband.

    Having never met you or your husband, I hope you don’t mind me adding to Cantors website. I’ve never written to a stranger before however, having said that after reading your story touched it touched my heart. The one thing that certainly came across in your strength, chin up matey. Strength and love will bring you through. Your husband was put on this earth to touch your life and the two of you brought your children into the world. Never lose sight of that!

    Take care and god bless.


    Kylie Smith, An Australian
  • Irene, I just read about you on our newspapers here in Australia, and instantly I felt I had to send in a tribute for your husband…

    I never knew him or any of the victims of 9/11. But this catastrophe has changed my life forever…I cannot imagine losing a loved-one in such a terrible way. It must be very hard for you and your children. But please know that we are all mourning along with you even though we’re thousands of miles apart…

    We will never forget…your husband’s memory will live forever.

    God Bless his soul and your family. Be strong.

    Kishani, Friend
  • Hi. I’m not sure if this is appropriate for your website. I am an American living in Australia, and read about Irene in the local Sydney newspaper. I visited this website to leave a note to wish good luck and god bless to her and their family. It doesn’t matter whether this submission is posted, hopefully she could see this note and see that someone she didn’t know wanted to say something without knowing what to say. take care

    SLC, stranger
  • Mrs Boehm,
    There is a large picture of you in todays’ Sydney Morning Herald accompanying a story on the tragedy that has befallen you and many others who had family working for Cantor.

    I can never imagine what pain you have gone through this past year but just want to say that I will pray that God can give you and all other survivors of that horrible day the strength to go on with your lives.

    God Bless America and God Bless You.

    Tim Bullen, Fellow human being
  • Irene, Brittany & Stacey

    Your photo (Irene) was in our local Melbourne (Australia) paper today & I felt the need to look at the face of this wonderful man. I have this image of Magnum P.I. crossed with David Hasselhoff – what a truly gorgeous man he must have been. You are an inspiration to courage & he would be so proud of the 3 of you, as you are of him. I’m sure he is running rings around the Pearly Gates.

    Nicki Myers, Australian inspired
  • Bruce
    I only know of you through the words of your loving wife as reported to Caroline Overington. Today here in Melbourne (Australia)on the eleventh of September I have read about you and your family in “The Age” newspaper. The momentus events of 9/11 have been commemorated throughout our nation. This morning at 0847 all cars in this city of 3.6 million souls had their headlights switched on. Light is life. Bruce, you are remembered along with all your colleagues and all in the US who paid the ultimate price on this day one year ago. We live in hope.
    Victor Steiner

    Victor Steiner, None
  • Dear Irene,

    I have just finished reading the article about you, which was printed today in the Sydney Morning Herald, in Australia. (Sept. 11)

    I read of your morning ritual, and I wanted to respond. I wanted to let you know that people across the world feel your pain and want to stand by America in their fight against terrorism.

    There are no words that can be said to ease your pain, but just to let you know that other people feel for you, binds us together as humans who care for each other and share each other’s burdens.

    God bless you and your family,

    Robyn Cocks

    Robyn Cocks, Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reader
  • Hello Irene, Brittany & Stacey,

    From one side of the world to the other, my teenage daughter and myself send our love to you. How very brave you have been.We cannot pretend to understand how you feel.
    We can only say that we care. It isn’t much, but it might comfort you just knowing that strangers so far away want to hug you and hold you tight.

    Big Aussie Hugs and Kisses are yours to keep forever.
    Janine & Caitlyn Fletcher

    Janine & Caitlyn Fletcher, Australians who care
  • Irene, I do not know you, or anyone from Cantor for that matter, but I wanted to say that I am totally amazed at how many people from the other side of the world have responded to the article in the Australian newspaper. I read it and it shows how much you and your girls loved and cared for him.

    I will keep your family in my prayers.

    Lara, Stranger
  • King,

    I had thought to enter a tribute this Friday evening to, in some lousy way, replace the call I would otherwise be making to you, or you to me, Friday night to discuss who would kick whose ass in the Triathalon Saturday morning, September 14, 2002. You would be happy to know that after all these years of your insisting, I finally “shot the lock off my wallet” and went to Brands for a bicycle. With my new vehicle, I’m certain I will win this Tri!

    Today, as I read your many tributes, I noticed you’ve got yourself some well earned notoriety with our great friends down under. But having read a description of you as a Magnum P.I./David Hasselhoff cross made me get to work immediately-before you suffered the wrath of Bo.

    It seems like yesterday, on 9/8/01 that we completed the 2001 Tri and had our traditional post-tri morning beers, day at the Beach, beers at the Beach, etc. Who could ever have imagined what was to follow days later-that you and Don would both be lost at the Trade Center. Saturday won’t be the same without the two of you-we know it. Bo and I have often said that these races mark time-it certainly didn’t take this tragedy to know how special this day was together. The importance of those Tri-days spent with you, Don, Bo and our families, and future triathalons and races that will be spent without the two of you, will be appreciated and cherished even more-I promise you that King. You were loved and respected for many reasons, but your appreciation of each day you had, your love of nature and of all the simple, yet important things in life, was to me the most incredible of your many attributes. I think of you often. I’ll never forget you. You and Don will be with Bo, I, family and friends this Saturday and, God willing, for many races and days to come.


    Fig, Friend
  • Hi Irene.

    I was going to add a message yesterday (9/11 here)when I first read your story in the Sydney Morning Herald. But I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how “appropriate” it would be.

    I changed my mind last night while I was watching the live coverage of the WTC memorial service and I heard Bruce’s name in the roll call. This was immediately before the second minute of silence, and the roll call paused – with Bruce’s name and photo on our tv screen.

    I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and your family at that time.


    Rachel,, Another Australian!!!
  • Dear Irene,
    On my way home from work I read an article in one of our Sydney papers about you husband and your morning ritual and felt I had to write to you to say how sorry I am for the loss of a husband and father. From the tributes I have read, Chappy was a wonderful man who will be so missed by everyone. My heart goes out to you and your girls for the pain your feeling from this senseless tragedy and I hope when you wake and read this you will not feel so alone. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless you always.

    Alana, None
  • Oooose,
    I think of you many times, sometimes as I am walking into work, other times in different places around the house, once in a while in dreams, it’s just as you’ve heard, it’s as if you are always with me. Anyway, I saw you tonight, once again on TV, this time ABC, and you had the same grin as always, looking at the camera while running a race, maybe July 4th, or Labor Day. You would be soooo proud of Irene. Of course on national TV, the first thing she mentions is how much she misses the sex. As soon as I heard it, I heard your deep gutteral laugh, half embarassment, but almost all lion prowess – always “The King.” Irene, Brittany and Stacey all did you proud. You would have liked today in metro NYC, beautifully sunny, with a strong powerful wind, just the way you loved it. I miss you, yet we’ll share another beer and good tunes in heaven.

    Rob, Florry, DJ, Mike & Joe, Friend
  • Chappy,
    It has now been a year and this is the first time I have come to this site. I just wanted to tell you that today was a rough one. You are missed by all especially Brittany, Stacy and Irene. I know by reading all the messages that you have touched a lot of lives in so many memorable ways that you will never be forgotten and always in our thoughts and prays. I only wished we lived closer so that we could be a part of the loving family you left behind. The girls are doing well and Irene is doing the best she can with you in her thoughts. The girls are growing up and they will suceed and continue to grow with you in there thoughts all the time.
    God Bless

    Anne Bilancia, sister in-law
  • Good morning Irene,

    I encountered your story printed in ‘The Age’, Melbourne Australia. The photograph highlighting this article touched me deeply, it is of you holding a pillow bearing the image of your husband. (He has a lovely warm smile).

    Now knowing the ritual you follow each day after waking, I am able to leave a tribute of my own.

    Reading your letters to chap in heaven made me smile. I have such a vivid image of a fun-loving wonderful person. You must feel so proud and blessed for knowing and loving him. Your courage and strength is nothing less than inspirational.

    I hope you wake each day knowing that there is a world out there thinking of you and your daughters.

    Melbourne Australia

    Dennii Stanbridge, Australian
  • For Chappy’s family, like so many other Australians, our family read the article in the Sydney newspaper. We extend our love and friendship to you and in return you have shown us that the love you & Chappy shared has given you courage and strength to look up every morning and believe that there is still a lot of good to be had. Your children and their words to their father on this site inspire me to enjoy my children everyday and I am now spending more time with them and letting them know I am here always.We have a candle alight for you.Remember, you will never be alone, even so far away. You are welcome to contact. Thinking of you.Judith

    Judith Chee, Sydney reader
  • I never knew any of the victims of 9/11. But all my sympathy goes out to each and every family who suffered.I just wanted to send a condolence to Mr Boehm’s wife after having read a story in my local newspaper of how she gets up every morning goes online to say hello to him, just to let you know, no mattter where people are in the world and although we will never know everybody’s name, people like you husband and all the others that left us so needlessly they will never be forgotten
    and our hearts go out to you all.

    Monica Simpson (Australia), nothing
  • Chap,

    Well, it’s our 20th anniversary and I still don’t have my diamond band. But I do have my
    wonderful memories and, of course, Brittany and Stacey. They are the two greatest gifts that you
    could have possibly given me.

    I know the entire world is mourning today – but for me it will still be “our special day”. I want
    the whole world to know just how much you changed my life. You knew me better than I knew
    myself. We used to joke that I had two lives, (1) “BC” (before I met Chappy) and (2) “AC” (after
    I met Chappy). You were absolutely right – my life started when I met you.

    I miss your kiss and your arms holding me at night since I am always cold. I miss all your funny
    ways, your loud music, your running clothes, your obsession with your bike and, of course, I miss
    you at the beach. I miss watching football games with you on Sundays. I miss how you used to
    watch 3 hockey games at once on television and then listen to another one on the radio at the
    same time. I never knew anyone before you who watched television without any sound so that
    they could listen to the stereo at the same time. You never wanted to miss a second of life.

    Your friends all miss you too. Sunday nights at the Kilroys, Hofstra games, runs, bike rides and
    parties are just not the same.

    No one will ever love me like you did. I know you knew I loved you but I regret not having
    said it nearly enough.


    Irene Boehm, Wife
  • Bruce-thank you for your wife–she e-mailed me a few days ago and informed me that she was sure that Ann had picked up the phone when she called for you—-just minutes before the first plane hit tower #l—–for months I’ve made many contacts with brokers around the country to see if anyone had talked to my Ann that fatal morning–Thank you it has meant a great deal to me – I know that all of you are well and in God’s hands–Gary

    Gary Nelson, Coworker's father
  • Hi Chappy,
    This is the 15th year Tom will be competeing in the Pt. Lookout Triathlon. It would be 16 years but as you know Katie decided to come into this world on her Dad’s race day.
    Chappy, you left this world just one year ago…in fact the last time Tom was with you,was last years race the Saturday before Sept. 11th.
    I’m so sad you are gone…but I know you will be running along side your friends in spirit. thanks for being the kind of person you were. I know how much you meant to Tom as a friend.
    Do everyone a favor and Kick Tom’s ass this year!
    See you at the race
    P.S. I turned the stereo up really loud today for you…did you hear it?

    Sue Bottini, friend
  • Irene,
    I am another Aussie who read the article and saw your photo in a local Sydney newspaper. I am so pleased to see so many other Australians felt compelled to make contact with you. It is hard for me to imagine the depth of despair you and your family have suffered and yet I feel enormously saddened by your loss and truly moved by your daily ritual of checking in on Bruce’s tribute page.
    I just wanted you to know that many people are thinking of you and your girls and wishing you strength and courage for the future.

    Pam Robinson, well-wisher
  • Irene,
    I just ran across your story, somewhere here on the web, it just popped up so I thought I would come here to view the memorial that you mentioned. I know i cant ease your pain any, but I want you and all other family members of victims to know how my heart aches for all of you . I think it is wonderful that you communicate your thoughts to your husband this way , it in deed will help the healing. Im sure Bruce is looking down upon you, being thankful himself that he got to enjoy a wife like you .. God be with you and your family

    Dixie, friend from afar
  • To all who wrote tributes:

    Thank you for the wonderful tributes you have put on this memorial page. I read them over and over again. I usually laugh and cry at the same time, but I appreciate each and every one. I feel like Chap is still with us when I read these and it makes me feel close to him. Thank you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Irene and girls,

    I am another person who has read the story about you and Chappy in the Age (Melbourne newspaper). It is now Oct 18th and I have saved the newspaper as I was unable to read it at the time and I was looking for a quiet time to myself. Having now read about your situation I felt compelled to visit and give you my best wishes – I hope there is a God and that He is looking after you and Chappy.

    I did not know him, but you can judge a man by the company he keeps and the quality of his friends, and obviously in your case, his family. Reading the entries here, it is easy to see how he measured up and how he enriched the lives of others. I cannot begin to imagine how much you miss him.

    My thoughts are with you and all the other Cantor families who have lost family. The recent events in Bali have really brought it home to Australians here the horror of 9/11 last year, and I hope there will be no more wives and daughters like you in the future, waiting for their husband/father to come home.

    Good luck and God bless.


    Michael Fagan, Irishman in Australia
  • Chap, how I wish you were here today.

    Our beautiful daugther Brittany has been nominated for Homecoming Queen!! She says she won’t win, but she gets to be in the parade in a convertible! I wish you could see how beautiful she looks.
    You would be so proud of her. She is applying to Cornell. She came in 11th in her class. I am so sorry that you are not here to share in her success and happiness since we all know her intelligence,strength and perserverance came from you.
    She is having a lot of fun this year in school- living life to the fullest each day in memory of you. Please continue to smile down on us from Heaven.
    We love you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Oct 26, 2002. Like so many others I happened on yours and Irene’s story in a 9/11 tribute.

    I don’t pretend to understand but I did want you to know that I am just one of the millions of strangers who truly care and desperately wish there was a way I could help ease your grief.

    This message and my promise to “Never Forget” is all I can offer.

    Chris, Australian supporter
  • Dear Irene, Brittany and Stacey, I am a New Zealander reading the Sydney Morning Herald which our friend passes on to us. I read about you and the awful loss of your beloved “Chappy” and felt moved to add this message. Until a few days ago terrorism was something removed from us, but now New Zealanders and Australians have been killed by terrorists in Bali. We feel so sorry for all families affected by such madness, but we have a name and a face for your husband Bruce,hence this personal message of condolence. God bless and be with you.

    Rosalie Bennett, A reader
  • To Irene, Brittany and Stacey, I am very saddened at the loss of Bruce. I only wish we could of kept in touch through the years Bruce was one hell of a guy and i was in total shock when I heard the news about him. My daughter Christina and I attented a Mass at Saint Catherine of Sienna in Franklin Square for the lst year of 9/ll and we prayed for Bruce and lit a candle as well as the other people who lost their lives on that horrible day. I just want to extend my deepest sorrows to Irene and the girls and my prayers and thoughts will be with you always. My maiden name was Sharon Cash I graduated with Bruce in l970. He was very athletic in High School a guy always on the go. May he rest in peace and god bless you Irene, Brittany and Stacey. I’m sure you are just as wonderful people as i had known Bruce to be. God Bless you all…Sharon Klimatas

    Sharon Klimatas, High School Friend from North
  • I am thankful that I had you in my life for 20 years. I miss you more each day and love you more each day. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, Friend
  • Hey Chap – Well, it is coming up your 51st birthday. It is on Saturday this year. I am sure we would have went out for Chinese food or Mexican. I think of all the times you wanted to take the kids to Janis or a Mexican restaurant and they wouldn’t go. Well, now Brit loves to go to Janis and Stacey loves Mexican food! You continue to influence all of us on a daily basis.

    Stacey’s birthday is also coming up. She has turned into a beautiful 15 year old. I will be getting her a surfboard for a present. How we both wish you could be here to help her with it.

    Brittany will be deciding on a college within the next month. She wonders all the time where you would have wanted her to go. I know you will help her make the right decision.

    You would be glad to know that I am working out again. Of course, I think of you throughout all my workouts. You were such an inspiration to me and anyone else who knew you. I am working on doing the half marathon again that I promised I would do for you.

    Whoever said “time heals all wounds” obviously had never met you. My heart has a hole in it that never will be healed.

    I will love you always.


    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • King,

    Happy birthday. I think of you a lot and in many places, but always when I ride through the back of Jones Beach heading home from wherever. We speak of you often with the kids. We want Kelly, Michael and Kathleen to remember you and know the many good and important things about you and the life you led. We miss you and you will be on our minds even more as spring comes.

    Fig, Friend
  • Hey Chap – we just gat back from Cancun. It was a wonderful vacation for the kids and me. I spent the entire time thinking of you. You would have loved the water and the beach. You would have loved the outside bar overlooking the ocean. Remember when we were in Florida and we found the only outside cafe between Palm Beach and Lauderdale? Well, I pictured you sitting at the outside bar looking at the ocean and enjoying a beer.
    I, of course, got a terrace with a sunset view (something you always insisted on). Every day I sat on that terrace at sunset and had a drink and thought only of you! Every night (while the kids partied) I went down to the beach and enjoyed just being outside listening to the waves. It was so relaxing. Thank you for making me appreciate the beauty of such simple things like the sunrise, sunset and just the beauty of the ocean. You were with me in spirit every minute of the vacation.
    As time goes on, I realize more and more that you were not just my spouse. Our souls became one and will continue to be one forever. I love you.

    Irene Boehm, Wife
  • Irene and family,
    Finding the words to express my admiration and repsect I feel fo you and your daughters is very hard. I’ve just recently visited this memorial site and have choked up on just about every page. I used to commute into Manhattan through the Trade Center and have yet to bring myself to visit the site, still too emotional for me. I felt I had to write something here because I’ve rarely been so touched as I am now reading the words you’ve written to your late husband. I am truly and deeply awed. I hope that the love I have for my wife can in any way approach the love you obviously had for ‘Chappy’. It has made me realize more than ever what a blessing I have. May God bless you and your wonderful family and friends and comfort you forever.

    Bob, well-wisher
  • Hey Chap, its me again. The summer is quickly coming to an end. It was not a particularly good one as far the weather was concerned. I think you are falling down on your job in Heaven.

    Stacey did very well in the LB, Regionals and National Jr. lifeguarding competitions. I am so glad you got to see her do her first one in Long Beach. I am still remember how excited you were for her when she was finishing up the swim. I will forever see you in my mind jumping up and down and yelling Go Stacey Go! How I wish it were that day once again and you were still here with us.

    As for Brit – I am about to take her to Penn State. Even though I know we would be arguing the whole day – that is the only way we could get through the stress, I will miss you. I can’t believe I have to do this alone.

    It is so unfair that you are not here with us for this experience. I know in my heart that Brit chose this school because she believed you would have wanted her to go there. All the Hofstra football games, etc. are forever etched in her heart. You gave all of us wonderful memories.
    Jack has asked me to come to a game and tailgate with him and Nan, but I know the one he really wanted to tailgate with was YOU! So on August 30 (the first game), raise you beer and be proud of Brittany as she enjoys her first Penn State football game!
    Love you more each passing day.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Irene, I, like others on here, read about your family in an Ohio newspaper yesterday (September 11, 03) and was completely touched by the article that I wanted to come here to express my thoughts and sympathy to you and your family. It’s been incredibly moving to read all of the tributes. What struck me most is where you wrote my “life started when I met you.” From what I have read, I can only hope to find someone that I feel the same way about…to share life, love and happiness as it seems the two of you did. God Bless.

    Kristen, well-wisher
  • Hey Chap, its me again. Right now your two daughters are at the Penn State v. Indiana game. I know you would have loved this. Brittany tailgated with Jack at the Ohio State game. She had a great time, although she missed you terribly. She said you would have loved it, that you would have known every player’s name, their stats and all the other parents. Well, at least she knew you well!
    Stacey continues to go to the Hofstra basketball games with John, Jen and Rich V. I know you would have wanted her to do that too. They are trying to live their lives as you would have wanted. You would be proud of both of them. They are more beautiful each day and they both have your spirit.
    You mom is incredible. She is doing well physically and, like you, she is so strong. She continues to go out each day. She is always doing something. I guess you took after her.
    I, unfortunately, sit home here alone longing for you. I still can’t believe that you are truly gone from us. I love to dream about you. But, when I do, I wake up and the loneliness is just incredible. I am trying to start a new life, but without you there doesn’t seem to be any reason. You are forever etched in my heart and no one will ever take your place. I love you and miss you terribly.

    Irene, Spouse
  • Hey, its me again. Well we had another Christmas without you. It was ok. I missed you on Christmas Eve sitting with me at 12:00 and having a beer. I could picture you listening to the Holiday Express CD. Of course, we had that on. Brittany actually put it on really loud. Did you hear it?
    Your mom, Jeff and Sandi were here for dinner. Jeff’s car broke down on the way here and I swear I could hear you laughing out loud. You always said “Cheap people pay twice”.
    We are doing something different for New Year’s Eve this year. Me, Maryann, John and MJ are going to a party with the FS group. I know you would not want to go, but without you, John has to party with only women! He told me how much he misses you. He thought it would get better with time – but it hasn’t.
    So remember you are loved and missed not only by me but by all of your friends too.
    I love you,

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Mr. Boehm,

    I never met you, yet I feel like I knew you. I am friends with Brittany and Stacey from swimming and hanging out at West End II as my own father is a lifeguard there.

    Your two daughters are wonderful young women and I aspire to be like them. I worked with Brittany at WBHP this summer and it was awesome. Her lifeguard skills are exceptional, probably just like yours were. Like you, I had worked at Nassau beach (not this summer but last summer) as a Town of Hempstead lifeguard. There, I gained experience as an ocean lifeguard so this summer at Jones Beach, I would know exactly what I’m doing. When my dad goes surfing with my brothers and I, I always think that you could be surfing or boogie boarding with Stacey and Brittany on the next set.

    I wish I could have known you since everyone in your family is so funny and up-beat all the time and you seemed like the center of it. Even whenever I’m at a party, I think that probably you’d be drinking a beer too. I could picture you at the crazy WEII tailgates every weekend. The stories you would be telling would probably be better and funnier than some of the lengends I hear all the time. Mrs. Boehm, Brit and Stace were lucky to have you even if it was for such a short time. It sounds like you had enough fun and memories to last 100 lifetimes. If you had still been here, I bet all those great times would add up to ten thousand memories of lifetimes– much more than most other families could dream of.

    Katherine Adler, friend of the grls (WEII/lifeugard/swim)
  • Hey its me again. I need to talk.

    I am about to have Stacey’s Sweet 16 party. I know you really didn’t like these parties, but, we did it for Brit and now it’s Stacey’s turn.
    I am so stressed out and nervous. She worries about every little detail – making me crazy. Gee, I wonder who she takes after!
    She bought a pink gown and is going to look beautiful. She has turned into a beautiful young woman. You would be so proud of her. She looks and acts more like you each day. There will not be a moment at this party that we won’t be thinking about you. I will miss you dancing with her like you did with Brittany. Even if the two of you did feel silly!

    Speaking of Brit – she is having a great time on the Crew Team at Penn State. She is getting an apartment next year. It is so hard to believe she is going to be 19. She really grew up so fast. I wish they were both babies again and you were here with us. Those days went so fast. I remember when you worked at the News and you were home with us all day. We would hang out in the side yard and enjoy the weather. It comforts me to know that at least we enjoyed our children when they were little together. They loved playing that silly “ketchup and lettuce” game with the big wheel toys.
    Our time together seems like a life time away right now. There are so many things that have changed. To a certain degree, our beach crew has fallen apart. I still talk and see everyone from time to time, but without you (the glue) the group is not the same. Even John has taken up golf!!! He knows you are laughing at him in heaven.
    I am trying to get a job in the schools. I should have done this years ago, but the money in NYC was too good. It angers me that I have to change my life at this stage. All I wanted to go was grow old with you. I didn’t want to have to start my whole life over.
    One thing hasn’t changed. We all still miss you each day. It gets harder each passing month. I thought by now the pain would ease. But, it hasn’t.
    Well, I won’t talk to you again for a while. I will be thinking of you on March 8!! I can’t believe I would be married to a 52 year old!! Anyway, I am going out to dinner with Mary and Rich on that day.
    Look down on us on March 6 – for the party – I will have a beer on the table for you!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Chap,
    Well, it seems as if nobody ever comes to this website anymore except me. That’s okay. I still need to talk to you.
    The summer is going along nicely. You are doing a better job with the weather this year.

    Stacey was in the 1st Annual JB Jr. Lifeguard Competition yesterday. She won the distance swim again and even the beach flags! Brit was helping out with the other JB lifeguards. It was raining but we had a good time anyway.

    The girls are really doing well. Brit has a new boyfriend (you would like him). She keeps telling me that he is just like you. He is a JB lifeguard too. You would be happy for her.

    Stacey is working out really hard this summer. You would be so proud of her. She has your work ethic and heart.

    I was at Stans on the solstice. On the way home, I drove along Ocean Parkway. I wasn’t even looking at the road. The sunset was beautiful and I knew you were looking down at me on that road. I felt your presence there.

    It seems so long since you were here with us and sometimes I feel as if our life together was just a dream. I am trying to get a job in the schools now. It just sucks to have to make my life over.

    A lot of our friends are celebrating their 25 wedding anniversarys in the next year or two. We would be married 22 years this September 11. It pains me to hear them talk about all their plans. I still feel as if we are married even though my status is “single”. Remember how we used to talk about how we would dread to be “single” again. Well, it is as bad as we thought. So, for me, I just continue to love you and cherish the time we had together. At least, we were lucky enough to have had 20 years together.
    I miss you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Irene,

    An acquaintance lost a loved one who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald and in trying to find his tribute I came across yours. For some reason I was drawn to your letters and read every single one. I was so indescribably touched that I felt compelled to write you. I felt a connection because I view writing as somewhat therapeutic and see how often you wrote and continue to write to Bruce. You update him on life and voice your frustrations through this website. The writing aspect is something I very much identify with. Your love for him is so strong and real. How much you miss him is almost palpable. I found myself crying as I read your letters. I can see you lost your husband and best friend. I don’t know how you feel but I do know I am so profoundly sorry for your loss.

    After reading this whole tribute I was very upset. Upset that such a great man was so senselessly taken away. Upset for you losing your husband and your daughters losing their father. Yet I can see the good things too. Like the fact your girls have been so successful!After such tragedy I imagine it would be easy to take some sort of a bad road in life. But your daughters are so strong and are making good solid decisions resulting in very optimistic futures. How proud Bruce must be! My guess is that he watches all of you and helps you in ways you might not even be aware of. I saw many great memories too. What an awesome person Bruce is! He has so many friends and fond memory after fond memory. He obviously blessed so many people by being a part of their lives.

    The love of my life (who is also my best friend and most cherished gift) is in the military. He is on his way to Iraq as I write you until 2006. I will never be happy his life is in danger nor will I agree with him having to go over there. I find myself very bitter and anxious anymore. But reading this today has made be remember part of the reason he has to go. He is fighting to find the people responsible for horrible crimes like 9/11 and he is fighting to make sure other families don’t have to suffer as yours has.

    I hope you don’t mind me writing. I just felt compelled to tell you how touched I was by your story. I also wanted to let you know in some inadvertant way I feel connected since I see the War in Iraq as a result of 9/11. My loved one is fighting to stop the people who took your loved one away-at least that’s how he and I see it.

    Your most recent letter said people no longer come to this site. I wanted to let you know they do. And that your strenth and love floored me. Your strength especially because I need that right now. Your husband, your kids, and yourself have touched my life, given me some new perspective, and helped me to be a stonger person. You didn’t set out to do that of course, but I thought you would like to know. The world sometimes works in funny ways. I think I was meant to read this. You and your girls are role models.

    You and your family are in my thoughts. God blessed you with Bruce and I hope he continues to bless you throughout life. You guys all deserve it.

    With love and prayers,

    Kara, None
  • Mrs. Boehm,

    Today is September 4, 2004….closing in on the 3rd anniversary of that horrible day. I don’t know what led me to look at the Cantor website tonight, but I saw your husband’s name and started looking at the tributes. I had seen you and your daughters on a program, I believe on the first anniversary of the tragedy and recognized the name.

    Anyway, all of the tributes written about your husband are very touching. It’s so obvious he touched many people and many hearts were broken the day he was taken away. But what touched me the most are the words written by you. The only thing I can say is that I hope to one day find the love of my life, my soul, just as you found yours. One can only hope to experience that kind of true love. I am so incredibly sorry he was taken away from you, but be sure he is always with you !!

    May Glod Bless you and your Daughters !!


    Mrs. Boehm, None
  • Daddy…

    Tomorrow will mark the 3rd anniversary of 9/11, which makes a full three years that I’ve been without you. I remember my final day with you, Sept. 10th, very clearly. It was the day I passed my road test and got my driver’s license. I called you at work, for the very first time in my life, to tell you that I had passed. You were very happy for me, and very proud to say the least. I saw you only once more that night. You were cleaning the kitchen as I sat at the dining room table doing my homework. We laughed about something, I can’t quite remember our exact conversation, but it was definitely a joyfull one. I try so hard to remember our last words, but they escape from my memory.
    I’ve grown a lot in the past three years and always try to involve you in my everyday decisions.You have taught me so much about life, friends, family, and have taught me to care for and respect others around me. As I grow older I slowly realize how alike we are. I will be truly blessed if I become even half the person you were.
    I hope you know that I miss you terribly, and that I think about you every single day. I absolutely love talking about you, to almost anyone who cares to listen…which I’ve found to be a great number of people. You continue to touch the lives of all our friends and family, and you will NEVER be forgotten. I love you with all of my heart.

    Love always,

    Brittany, daughter
  • Chap,

    I am going to the Penn State game tomorrow with Stacey, Jen and some of her other friends. We will be with Jack and Nancy and their kids and, of course, Brit and her friends. The weather is supposed to be very bad because of hurricane Ivan. How I wish you were going with us.

    Everytime I go to Penn State I can’t help but think how much fun you and I would have had together visiting. I know we would always have a drink outside one of the pubs there before going to the hotel. You would be acting like you were still in college. It is just the type of environment you would have loved and I know you would be so happy that Brit is there.

    Well, the 3rd anniversary has come and gone. This was the hardest one for me yet – our 22nd anniversary. Where did all those years go? The memorial at Point Lookout was very nice and there were a lot of people because it was Saturday. Many of your friends and mine were there. We all went to Richie’s for breakfast.
    The next day was the triathlon. I didn’t go this year. Fig was hurt, but Tom and Rose did it. I am so sorry I never saw you in that triathlon. I was always busy on Saturdays with the kids and swimming. If you were here, there would be no way we would miss it. Funny, how our priorities change.
    Your girls are still amazing. Busy at school and very social. We used to kid and say that Stacey was a female “Chappy”. Actually, it is Brittany who is more like you each day. She thinks the way you did. Stacey has your drive and perserverance. It is incredible how much influence you had on their lives. You may not have been here with them for very long, but your imprint is there.

    My heart still aches for you but I guess I am learning to live with it. You always said “it is what it is”. I actually hated when you said that, but unfortunately that is my motto these days.

    Well, continue to look after us and also your mom. We love you always.


    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Irene:
    We don’t know each other, and although I worked at Cantor many years ago, I did not know your husband. But I want you to know that you are not alone in your sorrow, although I’m sure it feels like it. I’ve seen your and your husband’s name over and over, in books, articles on 9/11, etc., and my heart is broken for you and your daughters…they both seem amazing, and I’m sure that you are so proud of them. I always stop on this page to read what you’ve written and to see how you are doing. My heart hurts for you, and I hope that time will really help heal you, please don’t forget that your husband is looking out for you and your girls, and wants you all to be as happy as you can be. Please know that although I don’t know you, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking of you. There are many of us that will NEVER forget. I hope that one day you’ll let us all know that you don’t hurt as bad as you do now. Please take care.

    Janine Marano, stranger
  • 1/7/05-I still hear that laugh.

    Rich, friend
  • Hey Dad…

    Mom just called to tell me that Andy Gallagher was found dead two days ago. The news upset me more than I think it should have. Somehow I feel like another part of you has been taken away from me. Andy was one of your best friends, and I can only remember happy memories of him and his small house by the bay. Both him and Ronnie were always so nice to me and Stacey. We all used to joke about me living with them one day while I went to Stanford for college. I didn’t exactly make it there…but it was a nice thought! I keep thinking about the one picture we have all together of our family, Chris, Colleen, Cheryl, Christen, Fig, the Bottini’s, someones dalmation, and of course Andy and one of his old girlfriends. We are all standing in front of someones car, and all the guys are drinking some Buds. It must have been sometime in the fall since we are all dressed in sweats and jackets. Everyone is so happy, so young, and smiling. I just wish I could go back to that beach right now. You were here, Andy was here, and things were happier and easier back then. I know Andy did not take your death very well, and your absence probably did not help his alcohol abuse. I know if you were here things would be very different. I just hope that you two are together now, reminiscing about all the good times spent together. I love you and miss you…please take care of Andy and his family.

    )3 britt

    Brittany, daughter
  • Hey Chap – its me again. Wanted to tell you that I am now working full time (stop laughing!!). I needed something to do with my long lonely days without you. I am enjoying being in the work world again – although I am a bit tired.

    It’s Friday night and I am, of course, alone. This is the hardest part of my week. I remember how you would come home and go work out at the pool on Fridays. Then you would blast the music and have a few beers. You always wanted me to listen to the music instead of watching the TV. I only wish I could have one more Friday night with you.

    The kids are going great – Brit is now pledging for a sorority at Penn State. She has decided to quit crew for this semester. She wants to try something different. You would be so proud of her – she is really trying to get the most out of college.

    Stacey is still swimming and getting ready to take the SAT. She is just like you – she does everything in excess (studying, swimming, socializing!!)I can’t believe our baby is going to be 17 already.

    You mom continues to do well. She is truly amazing.

    On a sadder note, I see that Andy’s death was hard for Brittany. It was hard for everyone. Just like Brittany, I also felt like a part of you had died all over again. We all loved Andy. He was such big part of our lives – and he was around so much when the girls were little. I know that you felt like he was your brother. At least you weren’t here for this tragedy. I don’t think you would have been able to handle it.

    You know, when you died, my dad told me “Renie, I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t get any better”. I remember thinking what a lousy thing that was for him to say But now I know he was just being honest. The emptiness and loneliness I feel without you is just getting worse. I know you know, but I have to say it again – I love you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • happy 53rd daddy!!! )3

    i love you.

    britt, daughter
  • King,

    I think of you often and miss you.


    Fig, Friend
  • Mr. Boehm,

    I have obviously never met you. I am one of Brittany’s sorority sister’s at Penn State. My first memory of Britt was during rush when we were playing 2 Truths and a Lie. One of her truths was that she was on the Maury show. Of course no one believed her so we made her explain. Thats when Brittany first talked about you (at least in front of me). She mentioned September 11th, but she did so with such strength. It was obvious that she deeply missed you, but knew that you would want her to stay strong. I know you are soooo proud of her. She is an amazing person and so much fun to have as AZD sister (baby clownies…right britt…hehe). But I have been reading the many, many heart-felt tributes given to you. It is very apparent that you were a loving husband, fun dad and friend, and an overall awesome guy. I only wish that I could have had the opportunity to meet you.

    Say hi to my Uncle Jamie (a fellow New Yorker),
    Dana Baker

    Dana Baker, Brittany's Sorority Sister
  • Hey Chap – I know you are smiling very proudly in Heaven. Stacey is now officially a Jones Beach Lifeguard. She took the test and came in 12th – only 3 girls were hired!
    Brit is working on the ocean at Field 6 with her boyfriend. I guess all those years of practicing entries has paid off! I am so proud of both of them and I know you are too. I am just very angry that you can’t be here to see them. They are more beautiful each day and have grown into wonderful young women.
    Keep smiling down on all of us. We love you and miss you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Miss you so much.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Four years later and I miss you more than I ever thought I could. These past couple of weeks have been difficult for me for so many reasons. I just wish you were here to tell me it will be alright…

    i love you daddy.

    brittany, daughter
  • Happy 23rd anniversary.
    Love you,

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Mr. Boehm,
    I had the honor and pleasure of being crew teammates with Brittany. She always made practices fun (especially the 5am ones) with her humor. While on the team, Brittany never gave up; from what I have read, it seems as though she got that characteristic from you. Although she is no longer on the team, I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her and befriend her. You have a very special daughter, Mr. Boehm.
    My thoughts are with you and your family,
    Amy Ruttenberg

    Amy Ruttenberg, former crew teammate of Brittany
  • i love you so much, i just wish i would have had more time to show how much i really did/do…it sounds corny but it really is true; you don’t know what you got till its gone. i love and miss you soo much dad. watch over us and keep us safe )3 every day i try to live like you

    stacey, daughter
  • Irene, I remember like it was yesterday cursing Bruce every rainy day that he came to swim at the pool. I was at Rath this summer one day when it was raining and all I could think was that I would sit through a hurricane if it meant he was here. It is so beautiful to read how much you truely love him and I hope that one day I can have half as many great memories with my husband and family that you have had. Some people may be lucky enough the have 40 or 50 years with their husband, but few will have the powerful connection that you have with yours. Keep talking to him, because we all know that he is listening. Love always, Steph

    Stephanie, friend
  • Mr. Boehm,

    Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting you personally, I feel as though I have known you for quite some time now. Between your wonderful wife Irene and your beautiful daughter Brittany, I have heard the many comical stories and quirks that made so many people love and adore you. I have spent much of the past two years being around your family and getting to know of the man that looks over a beautiful, cozy home on Long Island filled with much love and three outstanding women. I cannot explain to you how grateful I am for the hospitality and care that I have received while in the company of your family as they have made me feel very welcome and fortunate.

    Throughout my life there are two very distinct memories that I will hold onto forever. I first met your daughter Brittany at the Jones Beach Lifeguard new-hire test in June of 2002. I believe the first words she ever spoke to me were “Nice swim,” as she had just finished one spot ahead of me in the ocean swim. I, being hunched over with my hands on my knees, barely muttered a much muffled, exhausted response.

    The second image that will forever remain in my brain is of the time when I fell in love with Britt. Both she and I had successfully completed the new-hire test well enough to be hired as the newest members of the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps class of 2002. It was a beautiful evening at the West End as a day of rookie training was coming to an end. The sky was a golden-purple color and the beams of the sun were shining through the silky smooth clouds of the same color. Brittany was standing on the deck of the West End shack, her hands firmly on her hips, staring at the crystal clear Atlantic. The sun had illuminated her face so perfectly in those few seconds that I am almost positive it was, and still is, the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

    Brittany and I have been dating for the past two years, which have, quite honestly, been the happiest 24 months in my life. She is an outstanding, beautiful, caring person who I love very deeply. We have many wonderful memories together that I can never forget. However, we have fallen on rough times as of late because of my selfishness and untruthfulness. I have betrayed the young women that I love, and for that I am truly and deeply regretful and sorry as words cannot express the amount of disappointment that I have felt. I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to convince Britt that I am remorseful for my actions as I feel that not only have I let her down, but also Mrs. Boehm, Stacey, and yourself. It is my desire to restore the faith and trust that has enabled Brittany and me to sustain our love for each other over the past two years as I am indeed miserable without her in my life.

    It is truly a pleasure Sir, as I can only wish that people look upon me with the same love and high regard as they did you.

    Sincerely Yours,

    John Aurrichio

    John Aurrichio, Brittany's Boyfriend
  • Dear Mr. Boehm,

    I did not know about this sight until this evening when your daughter Brittany sent me the website, but after reading all the wonderful tributes to you, I felt compelled to write something as well.

    I come from a small town in New Mexico, and when September 11th happened, of course none of us were directly effected. All we could do was watch the news and send out our prayers to everyone affected by the horrible tragedy.

    When I came to Penn State, Brittany and I lived on the same floor and we soon became friends. Being from a small town in the west, I was immediately intrigued by her New York accent and just her entire demeanor!

    We moved in together our second semester, which is when we truly began to be great friends. When she told me about you, I don’t think my heart had ever broke so badly for somebody else than it did that moment. I know that you were Brittany’s hero, as is my dad, and I found myself constantly wondering how she did it. How did she get up everyday, and go on living her life even though probably one of the most important parts of her was missing?

    I admire your daughter Brittany is so many ways. She has this stregth that seems indestructable. She is human, and she hurts, but she gets up every morning and goes on with her life like nothing can stop her.

    What I admire most about Brittany, Mr. Boehm, is that instead of mourning your death, she celebrates your life. I never had the pleasure of meeting you Sir, but I can see a piece of you through your daughter Brittany.

    I know you are watching down from heaven, so you don’t need me to tell you just how wonderful your family is. But I do wish to tell you that your daughter Brittany has taught me so many valuable lessons, and she doesn’t even know it.

    You are survived by 3 women who couldn’t be a better representation of the wonderful life you led.

    I probably won’t remember everything about my 4 years here at Penn State, but I know I will always remember your daughter, because she got me to see things about myself that I never knew existed.

    Thank you Sir, for raising such a wonderful daughter…probably one of the greatest people I have ever met.

    Hilary Keptner
    Brittany’s Roommate- Freshman/Sophomore Year

    Hilary Keptner, Brittany's Roommate
  • This is such a wonderful tribute to all who were lost…I wish I had known about it sooner…

    To the man who always got me to go into the ocean….I want you to know how strong your wife and girls are. I remember walking into your house on Sept.11, 2001 and looking into Irene, Brittany and Staceys’ faces thinking “how are they going to get through this”. As the years have passed since that terrible day I realize what strong women they are….I remember driving by your house around Christmas time 2001 and seeing Irene decorating the Christmas tree in the livingroom…it was then that i knew that they would be ok…the pain they are going through is still unmeasurable but they are so strong for eachother and working to keep your memory alive…everytime I’m with Irene there’s always mention of you and of course we laugh at the funny stories.I guess its true what they say…remember a man by how he lived and not how he died!
    Once a summer I make my way into the ocean,no matter how scared I am, with the words “come on..the water’s beautiful” in my head.
    Please continue to watch over you girls and bless them with the strength and peace they need to go on….keep the sun shining for us….

    Shannon Aguece, Family Friend
  • Hey Chappy,
    I think of you often. You can sure be proud of Irene and the girls.

    I can only hope that you and “Big Mac” are having a few cold ones, cranking the tunes and causing a ruckus.

    Keep your faith and strength, girls. Chappy loves you.

    Steve "Stinky" Riordan, Old Lifeguard Buddy
  • Irene,

    God Bless you and your daughters

    Linda, Stranger from Texas
  • Chap,
    Well, I watched the NY marathon last week and cried for the first hour. I remember the first time I watched it. We were at Cathy and Mike’s in upstate New York. We had just got engaged and life was wonderful. It was a great finish – you would have loved it.
    Stacey was nominated for homecoming queen. She didn’t win, but she did look beautiful in the parade. She has become such a great young woman; so well adjusted and well rounded, smart and very pretty. She is applying to a bunch of schools – she is waiting for Penn State’s decision any day now in the mail. I know you will help her make the right decision when she is finally deciding where to go.
    Brit is having fun at the Penn State football games this year. They finally have a good time again and the games are much better than prior years. John and I have been watching closely too. I guess you have watched over Brit and John since they are together again. It is just nice to see her happy again.
    As for me, I have a new job in a different school. It is ok. Just trying to pass the time away in the day. I can’t help but think how great things would have been for us now. We would have had so much more time to be together. Next year I will be all alone and I fantasize about us going out to dinner, and just being alone together. Our lives were robbed from us and I am now feeling the pain even more than before. I go out with friends and fill up the time, but it really doesn’t help. I miss you terribly. I am not looking forward to next year when I will be rambling around by myself. But, Stacey deserves to go on to wherever she wants and I would never discourage her from going away.
    I know this is all so depressing, but I had to talk to you. Take care of us.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • hi daddy,

    I just heard this song and it made me think of you…

    So what would you think of me now,
    so lucky, so strong, so proud?
    I never said thank you for that,
    now I’ll never have a chance.
    May angels lead you in.
    Hear you me my friends.
    On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
    May angels lead you in.
    And if you were with me tonight,
    I’d sing to you just one more time.
    A song for a heart so big,
    god wouldn’t let it live.

    i love you dad.

    — britt

    brittany, daughter
  • Happy New Year Chap!
    We were at the Gallaghers last night and I was thinking about how you would have really had a good time there. Nice people, food, drinks and a fireplace (even though it was about warm!).
    Brit went into NYC and had a good time. She was at a private party in an office overlooking the ball when it dropped! Stacey was at a party in town. Wow, how things have changed! Remember when we stayed home since the kids loved New Year’s Eve! Well now, they have their own lives and wouldn’t think of staying home!
    I missed you last night and thought that this is the 5th New Years celebration I spent without you. It never gets easier. I love you and miss you.

    Irene, Spouse
  • Happy Birthday Chap – We love you and miss you more each day.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Chap,
    Well it is final! Stacey is going to Boston College. She got into so many great schools and it was hard to choose. It came down to Univ. Of Southern Cal, Penn State and BC. Penn State was hard to give up, but she really loved BC. She is going to swim there also! I know you would be so proud of her. I also know you wouldn’t want to spend this much on undergraduate tuition!
    Brit is finishing up her junior year. Where did the time go?
    Next year I will be all alone. I keep thinking how wonderful this would be for us with the kids at school. We certainly enjoyed our children, but it would have been wonderful to be like “newlyweds” again. We had such great times before the kids, I am just so angry that this was robbed from us.
    Well, I guess you will have to root for BC and PSU next year (and, of course, Hofstra!)
    Love you,

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I was really moved to see this tribute and this living diary of Bruce’s wonderful family. My thoughts are with you all and I hope that each day gives your more strength to carry on.

    kris, stranger
  • Well Chap, your baby is graduating this weekend. I am missing you more each day. Her graduation will probably be inside since it has been raining! I am sorry you are not here to see how beautiful she is and how well she did in school! She has all of these braids to wear on her gown because of all the honor societies she is in. We will be thinking and missing you so much tomorrow.
    As for today, both of your girls have started today again at Jones Beach! I am still amazed that both of them are working at the beach.
    Also, Jenn told me the only patron to be at Rath Park today (in the rain) was your mom!!! Sound familiar!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Chap – unfortunately I have just come back from Dennis Connors’ funeral. I still can’t believe that he is gone. I am almost glad that you are not here because I know you would not have been able to handle this. It, of course, bothered the kids but Brittany took it a little harder. I think she remembers the times we spent with Dennis, Lori and the kids in Selden and West Islip. Remember the deck on the Selden house that you said was like an airport runway! Remember how all the kids would ride their big wheels on it all day long! I remember being on the boat and just having a great time with Dennis, Lori, Brian, Jess, Casey, Brit and Stacey. We had never been “tubing” before Dennis took us. Dennis was so careful with the kids on the boat. We had so many great times with them when all our kids were little. What wonderful memories!

    Dennis was the first friend of yours that I ever met. We were skiing at Killington and Dennis and Arty came up in the middle of the week. Dennis and I immediately hit it off and got along very well. It was Dennis who told you “you need a challenge – you need to
    marry that girl”. Of course you listened to Dennis. There was not a person on earth who you admired more than Dennis. I will always be grateful to Dennis. I don’t even know if he realized how much he influenced you.

    As I sat at his wake and Billy Tyree spoke – I realized that you were one of the few people who Dennis actually kept in touch with all through the years. I guess it was because you knew when to back off and leave him alone. I was sad at that moment that you were not here to speak because you did know him better than any other friend.

    There were many old lifeguards at the wake which, of course, made me miss you more. But as I sat there, I was grateful that because of you I was lucky enough to have known someone like Dennis. I hope you, Dennis, Big Mac and Andy are all having a few beers tonight in heaven. Remember, take care of all of us here who are missing all of you and still hurting. I guess it’s true – ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Dear Irene, Brittany, and Stacey,
    I never knew Mr. Boehm, but I found this tribute online and I just want you to know that your family will be in my thoughts and prayers forever. I can’t imagine going through the pain you must be feeling. I went to PSU, and reading the messages saying how Brittany is there now really hit home for me. When I think about this tragedy, all I can do is cry. God Bless You.

    Ann, stranger
  • Hi Mr. Boehm,

    I just wanted to say I was thinking and praying for you and your family today, on this unforgettable anniversary.

    I feel priviledged to be able to call your daughter my friend and honored that she would share with me this very difficult part of her life.

    5 years ago today, I watched along with the world, never truly affected by it. But now…through your daughter, I now feel it more personally because I know people- your family- who have to live without you for the rest of their lives.

    I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet you, but although we never met, I will never forget you.

    God Bless,


    Hilary Keptner, Brittany's Friend
  • dad– today, 5 years later i miss you terribly. things are different now, ive grown up a whole lot. its so unfair, i feel like i barely got the chance to know you. the last time i saw you i was a rambling 13 year old, just entering my all-too-awkward teenage years. now im 18, a freshman in college, finally starting to figure things out on my own. everyday i just get so mad that i didnt get the chance to learn from you, to listen to your crazy stories, and to appreciate you for the amazing human being that you were. you were stripped from my life like a bandage from a wound, and now today i am left to feel the pain. In writing this, i just want you to know that you’re my hero in every way. Ive been told that i am like you in so many aspects, and i hope to god that this is true. When i am older, i pray that i can look back on my life and know that I lived it to the fullest–that i seized every moment i was offered, and lived my life to do all that made me happy. I know this is what you did, and above all else I vow to do the same. You are not only my father, but my mentor, my role model, and most of all, my hero. Five years later as I sit alone in my dorm room, I know i will never be without you. You are in my mind, my thoughts, my actions and most importantly, my soul. Through your strength I have found my own and my god, Daddy, i can not thank you enough. I love you and I miss you forever and ever. You will NEVER be forgotten.

    stacey, daughter
  • Well another NYC marathon has come and gone. I watched it from the very beginning. It was wonderful to sit and drink my coffee and watch this event and think of you. Brit and her boyfriend also were watching. I was telling them the story about the time you ran and accidentally became “Rosie Ruiz”!
    I guess it is good – I finally watched the Marathon without crying. Once again though, I am reminded of how much you gave me and how much you influence me on a daily basis. I went out after the race and walked a quick 3 miles (something I haven’t done in quite some time). Stacey is planning on running the whole Long Island Marathon this year. We always said she was the “female Chappy”. We miss you, think about you and love you more each day.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • 2007

    Rich, friend
  • What an awesome family..your dad would be so proud. Amidst all of the tragedy you have excelled. That speaks volumes of the way your dad involved himself in your lives.
    I admire each and everyone of you and gain strength from your tributes.
    God bless..
    a friend in oregon

    Sally Johnson, friend
  • Chap,

    You touched my heart you touched my soul.
    You changed my life and all my goals.
    And love is blind and that I knew when,
    My heart was blinded by you.
    I’ve kissed your lips and held your hand.
    Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
    I know you well, I know your smell.
    I’ve been addicted to you.

    Goodbye my lover.
    Goodbye my friend.
    You have been the one.
    You have been the one for me.

    Happy Easter – I love you!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Irene,

    When I first read your lovely daughter’s tribute to her father and wanted to send a note, I thought this website was no more. I pray that things are getting a little easier for you and your girls.

    Linda, Stranger

    Linda, Stranger
  • It’s May of 2007 which means in less than 2 weeks I will be graduating from Penn State. I wish you could have been here during my four years at this amazing place. You would have loved every second of it and I would have loved sharing my experiences with you. Im going to NYU next year for nursing school and will be living in the city. We all miss you very much.

    I hope I make you proud 🙂



    brittany, daughter
  • As I sit here in State College, PA, I can only think of you. Our beautiful daughter has graduated from Penn State this weekend. It was a wonderful graduation with me, your mom, my dad, Stacey, Cathy, Colleen, Katie and John all proudly watching Brittany.
    It, of course, is bittersweet since you were not here physically to see it. I know you were here though – somewhere. This school is wonderful and I know you are proud of Brit and so happy that she got to experience all of this HAPPY VALLEY! We continue to miss you more each day and of course our love for you will never end. Please keep watching over Brit and Stacey as you have these last 5 1/2 years.

    Irene Boehm, wife
  • Chap,

    Our 25th anniversary! How I wish you were here with me to celebrate like me always did – just a casual dinner at a pub. It was nothing special yet it was always special.

    It is now just about 6 years since I have felt your arms around me, your kiss on my lips and the love that you had for me. I still feel as if you are here with me. After all these years, I still can’t fully comprehend that you are gone.

    I am working out again and feel much better than I have in a while. It is because of you that I understand how wonderful it is to be in shape again. I wish it were 25 years ago again and you were urging me to go for a run through Hndrickson Park from our apartment. Remember 410 North Corona Avenue? It was such a special time of our lives – that first year of marriage. All the dinners we had, the drunken nights at the Ozsvaths and the wonderful walks through Hendrickson Park. It is so ironic that I am now working in Valley Stream. I go past that park sometimes on the way to work and I can only think of you. It feels like yesterday, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago.

    I miss you Chap..


    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Over the past six years there have been times where I have felt a strong, warm breeze blow and it has caused me to stop in my tracks. I stand still, close my eyes, and swear that it is you surrounding me….I know you are with me always.

    Not one single day goes by where I do not think of you. I miss you very much.

    I love you.

    – britt

    Brittany, daughter
  • My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    God Bless!

    marie, stranger
  • 9/11/2007 – 6th 9-11 Day:

    Ooose, King, Chappy,

    Different names but always the same One-of-a-Kind.

    I had to move the VSN High School ring I wear for you from my ring finger to my pinky – a sign of growing – umm, older. We got an elliptical to keep the pounds off and it is easier on knee joints. Of course you no doubt are still doing your daily x-mile runs. You loved those cool-downs afterward with bottled beer in-hand.

    Just to update you on the families like we always did, D.J. is in Carnegie Mellon U., junior year Biomolecular Engineering, and Mike just started at Lehigh U., in Business-Engineering. My science guys. My plan is they support me down the road. Joe is in high school sophomore year enjoying meeting a lot of new people from the various regional feeder grade schools. They are all well as are Florry and me. We vacationed at a lake house in northwest N.J. this year that you and Irene would have loved to visit. D.J. was able to commute daily to a summer internship with Honeywell in Morristown.

    I never know when it is going to happen but many times each year something occurs, a brief picture, a sound, an event or memory, like this year’s Preakness Race, that brings you back front-and-center as if you could be standing next to me. Love of Life is usually what comes to mind and it makes me young again. Thank you for that – it was always your trademark attribute. That, the beach and the beer.

    I miss ya, bud.

    Rob, Florry, and the Guys

    Rob Brenner, Friend
  • Happy 2008!!! I just got back from Vegas with Cathy and Mikey. It was fun, but you would have hated it! You would have hated the casinos and the “glits”, but you would have loved the “vista”!!!
    Spent the night with Maryjo, Kilroys, Gallaghers and the FS crew. It was fun. My thoughts only drift back to you and all of our new years together. I remember laying in bed drinking our beer and wine and listening to Bowser when the kids were little. We stayed awake till 12:01 and then kissed and went to sleep. It was one of the best new years eve I ever had.
    Both the girls are out having fun – just what you would have wanted them to be doing.
    Just in case you have any doubts, my heart will always ache for you. I will always love you and continue to miss you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Chap,
    Today was the snowflake race and I ran it!!!

    I was so nervous at the start, that you would think I was trying out for the olympics! I got up this morning and asked you for your help to get me through this race. It was so important for me to do well. I did not do a PB but I am back running again and that is SO important to me! I ran it in a minute faster than I wanted to and I thank you for that. Of course, this run is not the same without you and Andy. I miss the mimosas we had after at the party and the barbecued Turkey. What great times we all had in Long Beach after this race. It was weird for me since there wasn’t anyone there that I knew from those days.
    I did meet someone from my “new life” there. The psychologist, Dana, who I work with was there with her mom and friend. I realize I have a new life now. Work is good, kids are doing well and I feel great. I feel as if my life is back! Of course, I still miss you each day but because of your love and strength I feel wonderful again.
    I thank you for making me realize what I am capable of doing, for making me push myself past that I think I could do, for making me get out of bed on a cold Saturday morning so I could enjoy the full day! If I had never had you in my life I would never had done this today. You were an incredible person who continues to influence me daily. I love you Chap!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Chap!
    Wish you were here to celebrate your 56th birthday with me!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • dad,

    im running a marathon in 2 weeks, and i’ve stumbled on some injury… HELP!

    stacey, daughter
  • DAD!!! i ran my first marathon!!! Boston 2008. I was very slow…about 4:40, but I didn’t walk at all. I had your picture in my shoe the whole time (even though you didnt help me avoid an EIGHT INCH blister!!) But it worked out great, thank you for making me crazy about this kind of stuff. I know now why you we’re so into running and pushing yourself like that…I plan on doing it again next year.

    miss you, wish you could have been there to see it in person (but i know you saw it anyway)

    stacey, daughter
  • Well Chap – you were right!! Stacey is the “female Chappy”.
    You would have been so proud to see her in the Boston Marathon. She finished and didn’t walk a step!
    I only wish you could have been here for her training. I was trying to remember how you trained and what you ate and drank during those last few weeks before your big races! Stacey and I joked that if you were here you would have DRIVEN HER CRAZY!!! But we both knew just how thrilled you would have been.
    All her friends came out to see her when she ran by BC and some even ran with her. She finished in pain with many BIG blisters, but like her dad – she finished!!! So – celebrate and have a beer for her!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I Miss You…

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • When I sat down tonight I wanted to write a nice thing for you for our 26th anniversary. But I have only sad thoughts tonight. It is almost 7 years since you were here with us. Where did those years go? I realized the other day that I don’t cry as much anymore. It is not because I don’t miss you – I do. My life just seems to be about going through the motions. Most of the friends that we had as a couple have drifted away. It is not their fault, it is not my fault – “it is just the way it is” (your favorite saying).
    I keep busy with work and working out and of course, my two greatest joys – Brit and Stacey keep me very busy.
    I know I never will truly be happy without you in my life. Most of the time I am ok because I keep moving. It is when I stop and take a breath that I realize I will never have the happiness I had with you.
    I was watching a tape of 9/11 (I don’t know why, but I did) and I kept trying to find you somewhere in the broken windows of the buildings. It still feels so unreal to me even after all these years. I wonder sometimes if I will ever fully comprehend this nightmare.
    I put in a hot tub in the last year and whenever I am in there I gaze up at the sky and think only of you and your incredible blue/green eyes. You would have loved the tub and it gives me peace to be in there and think of you.
    So just in case you were wondering – Brittany, Stacey and I love you and miss you more each day. Happy 26th!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I love and miss you more than anything else in this world.

    Brittany, daughter
  • Hi Irene

    I came across your story by chance last year, and ever since, I have occasionally checked this page just to see how ye are doing.

    I have been so inspired and moved by your story. I cannot imagine your loss. The way you write about your husband is so full of love and happy memories, and it has made me cry many tears for him and also for you and your daughters.

    It’s really weird, but ever since I stumbled across Bruce’s story on the internet, rarely a day has gone by when I haven’t thought about you and what you must have gone through.

    I know I am a stranger to you, but if you ever feel like you would like to chat about anything, I am here.


    Louise, Irish friend
  • First Andy, then Dennis, now Stan. Dad I hope you are all together again…enjoying an endless summer in heaven.

    We miss you all.

    Brittany, Daughter
  • Chap,

    Only the good die young. I can’t believe that Stan is now with you, Dennis, Big Mac and Andy. I just got back from Stan’s memorial – all the old lifeguards and of couse hundreds of Stan and Joyce’s friends. It was so fitting for Stan that the memorial was at the Y! Of course, he would not have even wanted that much of a fuss. What a great, smart, personable unassuming guy he was.

    As I sat there I was remembering all the good times we had with Stan and Joyce when we first were dating and in the early part of our marriage. Remember when we slept on their dining room floor since there wasn’t any furniture and we both drank too much with Cheryl and Eddy! Lots of good times!

    At the memorial, Matt even mentioned you in his speech about his dad. There was an old surfboard you had given Stan. Once again a funny story was told about you and we all had a chuckle.

    And, once again – I am glad you were not here to experience this.

    I just hope you are all in Heaven drinking beers and cranking the music up! Poco, Fogelberg, Crozby, Stills, etc!!!

    Love you and continue to miss you daily!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • happy birthday dad!

    stacey, daughter
  • I miss you…Happy Birthday!

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Chap,

    24 years ago at this very moment, our beautiful daughter, Brittany, was born. We had no idea what we were in for and we had no idea what to do! Somehow we made it through and it was the best thing to happen to us until Stacey was born.

    God, how I wish you were here right now with me. Remember you used to count her age by the number of Fridays she was alive!! That means she is alive 1,248 Fridays!

    Brit is a little stressed about something this week – please help her get through it with good results.

    Remember, we think of you every day many, many times and we will always love you and miss you.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Forever young and very missed.

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • 8 long years without you….

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till its gone)3

    Daddy i miss you terribly please come back. 8 years and it still hurts so much. Make it all a dream )/3

    Stacey, daughter
  • Chap”

    9/11/09. Thinking of you on this day. Tomorrow is the PT. Lookout Triathlon which always reminds me of the great times we had at these races. Down to Fig and me. Will miss our post race celebration.

    Tom, Friend
  • Irene…Happy Anniversary…while I can’t imagine what this day feels like to you, and the girls, I hope when you arise on this day, each year, you think about all the joy that this day brought you some 27 years ago (I think I got that right). I wanted you to know Christina and I are thinking about you today.
    Bruce..I miss you…all the time. But, I don’t get somber when I think about you. When I’m down, about anything, I reach down and think about you. Not because your gone…not because I need a reality check…no, I think of you because your love..heck addiction to life was contagious..Thanks for always reminding me how good life is.

    Stephen Liddy, Fried
  • The worst thing about grief is that we can’t control it. The best we can do is feel it when it comes, and let is go when we can. The very worst part is the minute you think you are past it, it starts all over again.

    Stacey, Daughter
  • Chap, Well your favorite holiday is tomorrow. We will be going to Cathy’s and bringing your mom so that Jeff can pick her up. I really wish we were staying home and running the Turkey Trot like we used to do all those years. I miss you so much…..love you….

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Chap – Danny and Eileen sent me a letter. It was so great to hear from them. They did not know that you perished on 9/11. I emailed them back and tried to fit in 20 years of life! Anyway, I am sure you would have been thrilled to hear from Danny. We had so many great times with them from Mineola to Montauk! Wish we could redo all those years!!!
    Brit is trying to get a new apartment – a really nice one – see if you can put in a good word up there!
    Stacey is in Mexico with all her BC friends. I can’t believe she will be graduating in May. She is having the time of her life!
    I am going to a personal trainer since January and loving it. I guess it is my “mid life crisis”! Anyway, you would be proud of me since I am in the best shape of my life! Without you, I would never have cared about that! I just wish you were here since you only got to see me at my worst!! But, thank you for continuing to guide us and give us strength. We miss you terribly and love you more each day.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Happy 58th Birthday! I wish you were here…

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey Dad-

    Haven’t written here in while, so I just wanted to give you an update…

    Graduating COLLEGE in about three weeks. I literally have no idea where the time went. I’m taking the summer off to be a lifeguard, cuz’ why not? I have 1000% taken on your personality and i couldn’t be happier.

    I wish you were here to experience these last few weeks of school with me. You would have loved it, and you would have loved my friends. I hope all is well up there…I know you have quite the crew.

    Please watch over us all at graduation, and let me know you are there watching. I hope I have made you proud.

    Love you always,
    Bumble bee

    Stacey, Daugher
  • Chap,
    Well, our baby has graduated Boston College. You would have been so proud of her. She graduated Cum Laude and looked so beautiful. Your mom, my dad and Brittany and I spent the entire weekend at BC. Of course, you would not have liked ALL the ceremonies and the mass, but you would have loved the graduation and the weather!!
    Of course, you know, it was bittersweet since you were not there. When it was time for the dad’s speeches, I spoke on your behalf.
    You would also be so proud of how many great friends Stacey made at school. She seized every day as if it was her last. She continues to live her life just as you did, with passion and love.
    I miss you terribly and love you more each day.

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Hey there Chap,
    Well my summer is over – I am back to work. Wanted you to know I am going away for this year’s anniversary. I don’t want to be in New York for some reason. I am going to North Carolina with MJ and hopefully will be on the beach on the 11th. I will, of course, be thinking of you on our 28th wedding anniversary. That is the only anniversary I care to think about anyway! MJ and I will have a drink in your honor and hopefully enjoy some good weather. I know that is what you would want me to do. Remember the kids, your mom and especially me love you more each day.

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Just wanted to let you know I plan on having a beer today, and go for a run….

    Katie, Neice
  • Dear Irene,
    For 9 years I have followed the story of your love and life without the love of your life. Even though I have never met you, I am inspired by your resolve and commitment to honor the love your shared with “Chap!” On this day, and every other day, I will not forget.


    Linda Kistler, none
  • Mrs. Boehm,

    I did not know your husband, nor do I know you, but I did read about your husband through your words. I cannot even express my sympathy to the degree of what you and your family have been through. We do have one thing in common, my wedding anniversary is 9/11 too, 9/11/1999 I married the love of my life, as I know you did. I thought that my life was over and my days were filled with grief after my husband took another man’s life. You see we had a great business together, worked together, and were in the process of building cabin together. One weekend he went without me, and did so because I no longer wanted to be there with him, you see he tried to kill me in the same place that he took another’s life. I did not report him for beating me. I stayed with him even after he claimed he shot the man in self defense. He ended up leaving me and my children to fend for ourselves and everyday since has been pure hell. But, I read about you and know that I do not know the depths of grief as you do. My thoughts are with you today on what would have been my 11th Anniversary, and yours as well. God Bless

    Kimberly, none
  • Irene and Family,

    I stumbled upon this site way back when it was first posted, and I have checked back every so often. For some reason, I have always remembered Bruce and whenever I visit the site I always check his memorial to read your special thoughts and memories of him. Today I read his memorial and just cried and cried. This tragedy has always been hard for me even though I live way out here on the West Coast and didn’t lose anyone I know. May God bless you and your family today and always.

    Maggie, Well Wisher
  • May you rest in peace Bruce. I bet you were a wonderful man and I wish all the best to your family, especially your wife Irene.

    Andrea Cronshaw, Stranger
  • Well Chap I did it! I ran the RVC 10K for the first time since you have been gone. I did better than I had expected. I have you to thank for making me realize just how great it is to challenge yourself. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like a runner! When I was hurting around mile 5, I kept hearing you say “just put one foot in front of the other”! MJ and I went to lunch afterwards. Of course, we didn’t do the nickel beers like we all used to go when our group ran this race. Life is different now, but because of the strength I get from you, life is good. I continue to love you and miss you daily…

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Wish you were here so I could tease you about getting old!
    Love you,

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I tiptoe silently through many memorials on this site, quietly reading and paying my respects but often saying nothing as I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t leave here though without saying that I don’t think I have seen anyone on this site with so many messages written to them. Your wife especially has managed in a spectacular way to keep you as a living part of her and her children’s life. It is heartwarming and touching to see that even today nearly 10 years later you are as much a part of her life as you were before that awful life wrecking day. Your lives together sound like total paradise and I am glad you both had the chance to experience such an idyllic relationship. You sound like an amazing person Chappie who lived life “to the Max”. I’m just so sad for all of you that it came to a halt long before it could possibly have been your time. I admire your wife’s spirit and courage immensely – you must have made one heck of a couple. Loving thoughts to you and yours, Tracey XXX

    Tracey P, None
  • Irene, still thinking of you…we have not forgotten him

    Louise, Irish friend
  • Stopping by to say hi…

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Chap,
    You favorite day of the year just passed – summer solstice!! I sat outside as long as I could before the bugs got me!!
    Just an update – girls are both JB part-timers at Field 6 this summer!! I remember your “weekender” status at Nassau!
    Just wanted you to know I ran my first “destination” race – a 10K with Dennis in Michigan! It was fun and I had a PB!!!
    Brit and Stacey are doing well. Stacey is having a little difficulty at work this week – see if you can get her some help!!
    Your mom is doing well – back to Rath Park with all her “old” pool friends. She said they all made it back this year – so that is good!!
    We all continue to love you and miss you more than you could ever know.
    Send us some great weather for the summer please!!
    Love you,

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Chap,
    I am at work and we are awaiting Hurricane Irene. I remember the last hurricane Irene when I got stuck in LaGuardia and you sent a car for me.
    I wish you would be here with me – I am a little scared to be alone though this. I remember Hurrican Gloria when you insisted on standing outside on the front lawn. You always loved the weather – whatever it was! Maryann and I were also joking about the time we had the Chinese place across the street deliver in a blizzard! Well, now maybe the pizza place with do that!
    Brit will be at her apartment with her boyfriend for the hurricane. I think I will sit on the couch, drinking wine, looking out the window like you used to loved to do in a storm! Your mom, of course, will be with Stacey and me.
    Please help us all to be ok.
    I miss you so very much!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Thinking of you and yours as the terrible date approaches for the tenth time…may memories of you comfort your family. It must seem like so long since they last saw and spoke to you – yet at the same time only like yesterday. XXX

    Tracey P, Passer by
  • Hi Dad,

    Its September 7th, a few days before the ten year anniversary. I just got home from a 12 hour shift at work, and started to break down for the first time in a long long time. You can’t get away from this anniversary even if you tried. It’s all over the news, all over the papers, all over TV. I’m usually pretty strong this time of year, but being forced to think about that terrible day has finally gotten to me.

    Now that I am older, the thing that hurts me the most is the fact that you were so YOUNG. I was so YOUNG. Stacey and Mom were so young when all of this happened. I see 16 year old girls now, with their 40 something year old fathers, and think about how I would do ANYTHING to have that time back. I can only hope that these fathers and daughters are thankful, and appreciative of the precious moments that they have together.

    I miss you Dad. A lot. I feel as if I never got the chance to TRULY know you. I am so thankful for websites like this one however, since it is a place where I can read about the father that was taken from me too quickly. I love hearing stories from your old friends, and would like to think that one day you would have told them to me too…over a few beers of course.

    Although you are gone Dad, I want you to know that I am OK. I have a ton of amazing people in my life that love and care about me very much. I am thankful for the opportunities that were given to me when you were alive, and the opportunities that have come about after your death. I try to live my life to the fullest, the way that I think you’d want me to. I try to be determined, kind, loyal, and friendly. I try to appreciate sunsets, a beautiful crisp fall day, and the feeling you get after a great workout. These are all things you have instilled in me in the short 16 years that we were together.

    I hope I make you proud every day. I am so proud to call you my father. I love you.

    – Britt

    Brittany, daughter
  • Chappy,

    I didn’t know this website existed until today. It breaks my heart to read the letters from Irene and the girls. You were a great spirit and you are greatly missed.

    As for me, I will always remember you as the happy-go-lucky guy joking with my dad at Aunt Helen’s on the holidays. I’m sure you’re all yukking it up together in heaven.

    God Bless You,

    Teresa Nolan, Cousin
  • Chap,
    10 long years…
    Love you always,

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Happy Thanksgiving Chap,
    Just an update. Your mom is in the hospital again and once again your brother did not do the right thing. See…some things never change!
    This time is different because I am having some issues with my dad’s health too.
    Anyway, I am going to Cathy’s tomorrow with Brit. Stacey is working at the hospital.
    Stacey has a new apartment in Manhattan and she just was offered a new job in the city.
    Brit has started a new job at Columbia, Cornell. So because our kids are doing well, I am ok.
    I will miss you (like I always do each day) on Thanksgiving, but you will be close to my heart each moment of the day. I love you…

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • I saw the news of the recent Empire State stair climb and immediately though of you Bruce and the quiet way that you participated in so many charitable events. You were and continue to be an inspiration, challenging me to remain strong, helping others and gaining so much along the way. thank you…

    Marie C. Patton, Former Colleague
  • Chap,
    Happy Birthday in Heaven! I can’t believe you would have been 60 years old this Thursday! I will miss going out to dinner with you, but I will definitely have a glass of wine and toast to you. Brit, Stacey, me and your Mom will all be thinking of you as well as all of your friends.
    I know you will be celebrating up with Big Mac, Andy, Dennis and Stan. I am sure we will hear the music down here!
    Love you always,

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Well Chap another summer solstice has come and gone without you. I did go to the beach after work and just thought of you. I would not have even known about the summer solstice if it had not been for you.
    Remember how we started the Nassau Beach solstice party? It was originally just you and me and then you, me Nancy and Jack. Then it just got crazy!!
    I remember how you almost fell into the fire pit and then we couldn’t find you because it was so dark! Such good times.
    Well, now I sat there by myself watching all these people enjoying the beach on the best day of the year – the first day of summer! Thank you for making me stop and enjoy this day. You still influence me on a daily basis. I love you!

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Hi Chap – its been a while! Just had a great workout and decided for some reason to read all the tributes to you! I guess this is not the best way to start a weekend, but I needed to read them.
    Lots has changed in the last few months. Your mom is living with Jeff and Sandi. She really couldn’t handle being alone anymore. I know if you were here, she probably would be with us, but I really could not handle it anymore. I do feel guilty, but it is “just the way it is”.
    Brittany and Stacey are doing very well. Stacey has just moved into another apartment. She is going to classes at NYU and is considering going to medical school. I don’t care what she does, I just want her to be happy in whatever job she does.
    Brittany is living with her boyfriend. Actually, they have been living together for about a year. He is a great guy and they get along very well. I am very happy for her.
    As for me, I just go to work and work out. I do go to dinner a couple of times a month – mostly with my 9/11 friends. Although Maryjo and I do go out too! There really is nothing left of the “beach group”. It is really just Maryjo, me and the Hechlers!
    Actually, I am not sure we have a beach to go to since Hurricane Sandy destroyed most of the south shore. It is very depressing to see our beaches in the condition that they are.
    I have a new position at work and I am actually enjoying going to work! It gives me a reason to get out and get dressed everyday.
    Oh, I never told you that my sister and Mike have a grandson – Gavin. He is so adorable, you would love him!
    Christmas is coming and I am going to my brothers. The girls are both working and wont be home anyway. Holidays are just not the same anyway. I hate that the girls have no traditions on the holidays since we never spend them home and are hardly even together. I guess when they have their own families, they will start their own traditions.
    Well that is all for now. Please continue to help the girls be happy and have great things in their lives. Remember – we all miss and love you!

    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • Happy 61st Birthday Chap,
    We are still missing you and will always love you!
    Me, Brittany and Stacey

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Dad,

    It has been far too long since I’ve been here. Far too long, because this is the only link I have to you.

    As I read through these posts, I see a timeline of my life over the past 11 and a half years. The more I read, the more it hurts. So much of my life has happened, and I didn’t have you here to experience it with me.

    I do not even know where to begin.

    I am 25 years old. 25!!! That officially makes me an adult. When you were taken from me, I was a rambling, awkward teenager. Somehow, all this time has passed, and I’ve grown into a (somewhat) functioning, real live human.

    I work in the city as a nurse. In that role, I was recently a part of a very important evacuation during the last hurricane. It was so stressful, but the entire time I kept my cool and thought “one foot in front of the other”. I know it’s only a figure of speech, but it got me through that horrible, terrifying night. The entire time, I could only think that you would be proud of me. It was a much needed reminder of my determination and work ethic, largely owed to you and your persistent ways. You and mom taught me so much in so few years.

    I still don’t think Mom realizes it. I am appreciated by the friends that love me as a hardworking, genuine, kind person. I would be none of those things if it weren’t for you and mom. As I get older, I realize I want nothing more for my future/potential children (scary, that that’s even a thing now, I know.). I feel like the luckiest person in the world, because I was raised by 2 awesome, not so normal, but most down to earth parents ever. You taught me what was right by example, not by punishment. I still don’t know what “being grounded” means, because I knew whatever would warrant it would have been something atrocious. You guys raised me to be a confident, kind and caring person and I cannot thank you enough. I am grateful everyday for the luck I’ve been granted.

    Please continue to look after Mom as she continues this journey with Britt and I. We are a handful still, trust me. Age only guarantees candles on a cake, not maturity. Mom is incredible. She has taken on the role of both of you combined and has become a super woman. She is too stressed for her own good, and I just want her to be happy. As Britt and I are both adults now, we want her to worry less, and enjoy the life you and her started, that she should now live.

    I know you already know all of these things, but every once in a while I’m sure you don’t mind the letter.

    I love you daddy, and I’ll miss you forever.


    Stacey, Daughter
  • Hey Chap,
    Just had the summer solstice. I tried to stay out on the deck, but it was COLD!!! Please do your part up there and get the summer started!
    Just wanted to update you – your mom went into Assisted Living by Jeff. I guess they couldn’t handle her. She should have done this two years ago here when I wanted her to. Anyway, she is adjusting ok. Not really happy, but there is not much I can do.
    Brit is in the process of purchasing an apartment on 74th right off of Central Park West. It is small but beautiful and the park is really her back yard! It is scary to spend this much money, but she feels like it is a gift from you!
    I am finishing up another year working for the school district. I do love my job now, but I am looking forward to the summer. I am going to my brothers, Montauk, the Hamptons and Pine Lake. But I would rather just stay home and hang out with you! Oh, West End II has reopened!!! We walked to the jetty and of course I thought of you. Memories of you and the girls boogie boarding is all I can think of when I am there. I am at peace there, because your spirit is all over the beach! I love you and still miss you so very much.
    Help us to all have a great summer!

    Irene Boehm, Wife
  • Bruce, my condolence to your family and love ones; sorry you leave this world in such mystery but god will comfort your family always.

    Jenny Christie, Co-worker of Stacy ( NYU)
  • Chap,
    12 long years without you. This would have been our 31st wedding anniversary. I am still just so mad that I don’t get to spend any more time with you. It still pains me so.

    As you know your Mom has joined you up in heaven. I hope she forgives me for failing her in the end. I should have made her go into the assisted living by me. I think it killed her to go to PA. Anyway, I hope you two can have a drink on the 11th and celebrate our anniversary.

    Rich will have my friends over for bagels again on the 11th. Then I will go into the city with our 2 greatest treasures, Britt and Stacey. We will go to dinner with Shane also. Brittany has purchased her apartment and is settling in. Stacey is still in the same apt. with Keri.

    You did a lousy job with the weather this summer – it was just terrible. I did however manage to go to Sunset Beach, NC and the weather was just beautiful there. Thank you for giving me that. You would love the beach there and, of course, the running.

    Please continue to watch over us and keep me strong. I love you as much as I did 31 years ago when I said I do.


    Irene Boehm, Spouse
  • “In a place far away
    Where the water meets the sky
    The thought of it makes me smile
    You are my tomorrow”

    I miss you every single day dad. I hope we make you proud, and that you are here with us. You are never far from my heart or mind.

    love always, britt

    Brittany, daughter
  • Chap,
    Happy 62nd birthday to the love of my life! Still love and miss you!

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Hey Chap,
    Its me and I need to talk to the only person who really ever knew me.
    I find myself looking ahead to a life of loneliness and because of this I am finally trying to meet someone else to share my life with. It is so hard since I haven’t done this in so long.
    I know you would want me to be happy. Please help me to make good decisions and to get through this transition.
    I don’t need to say it but I will…I love you more each day!

    Irene Boehm, spouse
  • Hey Bruce, I have thought of posting here every year as the anniversary draws near. We lost touch before you were married and I never knew you as Chappy, though it suits you. while I regret not reconnecting, I’m glad you had such joy and love in your life. I will never forget our friendship. As so many others have said, you will always have a place in my heart. Your old (literally) friend Nicky

    Nicky Duffy Dalbenzio friend
  • Hi Irene
    You probably won’t remember me but I wrote to you 19 years ago when I read an article about Bruce and your family in an Australian newspaper. Now it’s 20 years since 9/11 and it prompted me to revisit the tribute page and I have spent the last hour both laughing at your funny anecdotes and crying reading all the heart-felt tributes. I have 3 daughters ( 20, 18, and 15 years) who are all surf lifesavers and ironically my mother in law is American and went to Penn State too. My youngest daughter went on exchange to the USA and literally arrived home days before the pandemic started. She lived with a family in Chappaqua and loved NYC. Thank you Irene for letting me ‘meet’ your husband through this page. He was definitely in Australian terms ‘a ripper bloke!’ Irene, you may feel lonely but you are never alone. Thank you xx

    Merryn Olive, Australia
  • 20 years later. Our 39th wedding anniversary. My world has changed so much,. Life is good for me and the girls. I feel guilty saying that but i know you would want us to be happy. Brit is married to Shane for 5 years already! They have a beautiful home and 2 beautiful daughters, Sadie Catherine snd Maeve Dorothy. You would love them!! Stacey and Greg will be married 2 years They have a beautiful daughter Keira Helen snd a beautiful home also! It pains me that you are not here to see these beautiful daughters we had and their families. I have someone in my life who loves me and it’s wonderful, Please remember you will always be my love and i miss you everyday. Thank you for giving me my daughters who are my life.

  • Bruce and I were little league teammates in 63 and high school classmates at North. Oose oozed life always and my heart breaks to this day for his family and friends. Remember the Alamo and may God Bless Irene and family.

    Michael Porzio

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