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  Kimberly Bowers

Date of Birth: February 7, 1970
Department: Global Networks
Position: Administrative Assistant

“Set me as a seal upon thine heart, for love is strong as death –
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it”

Kim, you live on in our hearts.

We Love You and Miss You.

Allison, Rick, James & Matthew Treulich, Sister, brother-in-law, and nephews
  • Kim, I just can’t find the words to tell you how much I love and miss you. Pictures don’t do your beauty justice, they only show you at face value and that was only a quarter of your beauty. I miss you dearly, please watch over all of us that love and miss you so.
    I love you,

    Kate, Friend and co-worker
  • I’ve read the tributes posted before this one and find that, though I never met Kim face-to-face, she was intelligent and kind. And all the fine attributes above. I only spoke to Kim over the phone when I called my son, Joe Giaccone. I felt there was always a smile in her voice. Joe always spoke highly of her. May she rest in peace.

    Betty Giaccone, Friend
  • Like so many I had the rare pleasure of working closely with Kim and discovered her intelligence, and passion, as well as her unconditional friendship and love. Kim had so many diverse fascits-be it her profound love of animals or her strong desire to expand her knowledge and grow.

    I miss Kim’s smile, wit, but most of all her friendship. I cherish our all too brief time together.

    My God watch over those Kim cherished and loved.

    Christopher Marino, Friend & Co-worker
  • My two oldest children, Jillian and Kyle, knew Kim from visits with their dad, Harry. Kim was always so sweet to them, buying them candy and giving them trinkets from her desk which they still have. Kyle would come home from a visit asking if he and Kim could have a sleepover, he was quite smitten with her. Jillian warned me that daddy had a pretty girl working for him, and we got such a laugh when Jillian asked Kim if her daddy worked her like a slave. Harry had nothing but praise for her, describing her as a sweet girl and a dedicated worker who was eager to learn.

    Rest in peace Kim.

    Lauren Raines, Wife of Harry Raines- co-worker
  • I did not know Kim very well. Our entire relationship was conducted over the phone. But considering the fact that she spent more waking hours a day with my husband than I did I probably knew as much about her life as she knew about mine. And I truly believe that given the opportunity we would’ve been very good friends. In a lot of ways we were very much alike.

    My kids spent a great deal of time in the office. Max relished the battles they would have over their favorite NY teams. He, like his father, a die hard Met fan. She loved that other team. And then there’s Alex. My 14 year old daughter worked with Kim 2 days a week last summer. She really made her feel like she belonged there. I wish I had had the time to thank her. Alex will always cherish that summer.

    Thank you Kim. Thank you for taking such good care of my little girl, and for putting up with my crazy son, and especially for being such a good friend to Joe. You were very special to him. You made him laugh, and at times drove him crazy, but I don’t think he would have had it any other way.

    Sondra Giaccone, wife of Joe Giaccone,co-worker
  • Kim, was an inspiration to me. She was always there to lend an ear, never judgmental. She was not a quiter! It’s because of her that I strive to succeed in what I do. I miss and love her so much. I thank God for blessing me with the friendship I had with Kim. The Lord placed an Angel named Kimberly in my life, and she still lives in my heart. If you knew Kim, you would never forget her! I know I never will!!

    Rose, Loving Friend
  • I remember emailing you exactly one year ago on 9.10 asking you how your day was. Your response was “just glad the day is over yo……”.
    The madness of 9.11 seems just as unrealistic now as it did 1 year ago. Kim you were always cool with me…….well except the one time you hassled me about some expense bill. We still laugh about the time when you flipped out on Bunin when he was getting totally out of control. It was probably one of the funiest things I had ever seen up todate. Just wanted to let you know your not forgotten. May your soul now and forever rest in eternal peace.

    Rich, co-worker
  • We will always love you – you and I have the same eyes, but mine are always crying now. Vinny @ Suzie!! (our new dog – obviosly named after you!!) are heartbroken as well. I pray that there is something I can do – I miss you – Love Melissa

    melissa bowers, sister
  • Hey! Thinking of you – You had better be watching out for me! Love you! Melissa

    Melissa, Sister
  • Thought of you all day today, 9/11/11. I know you’re with me always

    Love Melissa

    Melissa, Sister
  • Kim, even though I did not know you, I am a fellow admin. assistant and feel a kinship with you. It’s the same with us as it is with firefighters, we share a bond with what we do with every other administrative assistant. We are (and you are) the backbone of the companies we work for; they cannot function without our intelligence, hard work and dedication. So from a fellow administrative assistant may you rest in peace and my you and I be able to meet some day. God Bless You.

    Sharon Jones, Fellow Admin. Asst.
  • Kim-
    Our train rides and talks and the station cafe in Kew Gardens, our walks to work, our moments at the overlook in Forest Park, moments spent that linger in memory. I learned of your untimely passing while trying to find you again. Such a beautiful spirit and person, heaven is lucky to have you. So sorry I didn’t stay in touch. God keep you.

    Walter Eisenhardt-friend
  • I am thinking of you today Kim. You were a fun and sprightly presence on our job site at 2 Broadway! Always smiling, effervescent and full of energy. I recall our conversation about the job offer that you were considering – I was to find out later it was with Cantor Fitzgerald. We now understand that we were graced with the gift of you! Wishing your family peace.

    Carolyn Jinks
  • Althoug brief, Kimberly and I were very close. She truly was amazing as anyone who knew her could attest. The time we spent was so powerful. I carry you in my heart forever. Thank You for coming into my life. You will never be forgotten as you live on in all of Us!

    Richard Ganzer, Loving Friend

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