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  Michelle Renee Bratton

Date of Birth: April 26, 1978
Department: Marketing
Position: Executive Assistant

Michelle was a determined spirit, as evidenced by her numerous accomplishments as a NCAA diver, choral awards and scholastic recognitions. Having just completed college (S.U.N.Y. at Oswego) in May of 2000, Michelle set out to make her mark on New York City. She enjoyed her short four weeks as a member of the Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed family, relishing the new challenges and opportunities. As well, Michelle was absolutely ecstatic about working “On Top of the World” on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

At Michelle’s Memorial Service, one of her classmates and best friends from Pine Bush High School authored the following poem, which best captures Michelle’s spirit:

A Poem for Michelle

A voice that sang beside me
A harmony on the flute
A treasure you are to all
For this is your tribute

From a glide down a diving board
To a twist in the air
From a walk down a hallway
To a flip of your curly brown hair
A never forgotten smile
That went from ear to ear
A laugh heard around the world
You are that beautiful girl
From a “Pretty Woman” prom dress
To a princess at the ball
From trips to the Jersey Shore
To your favorite place – the Mall
From a blue and yellow parka
With a hood pulled over your head
To a lap down the swimming pool
Pushing yourself to the end
From chants standing on a starting block
To arouse our team
To a parade route on a truck
A look in your eyes – A Gleam!
So from now until that day, Michelle
That day we will all meet again
We each take with us
A piece of a treasured friend
So this I say to you Michelle
Your family and all that can hear
Today is but a tribute to you
And a legacy we will all hold near

Lisa Imperati
October 20, 2001

William, Mary, Bill, Chris, Erin and Laura, Michelle’s family
  • I only knew Michelle for a very short time, as her manager at eSpeed. From the first second I met her, I knew she was the perfect person to join our team. She was enthusiastic, intelligent, so positive and always had a huge smile on her face. She brightened my day every time I looked at her. I only wish I had more of a chance to get to know her. My thoughts are with her family.

    Amy Nauiokas, Colleague
  • Dear Michelle,

    It’s been 6 months
    it seems so fast
    since that dreadful day
    when I found out you went away

    Could this be true
    Of this girl I knew
    A friend for life
    Could I bear the knife
    In my heart so deep
    I feel it in my sleep

    I miss you so much
    when I think of the stuff
    the times we shared
    the way you cared

    I swear I see you
    up in the sky
    when I’m alone in my car
    yet it seems so far
    I can feel you though
    I know you’re there
    I can feel you shell
    in the wind in my hair

    I see you in my dreams
    in this place I don’t know
    It always seems like
    its covered in snow

    I think that it’s heaven
    where else would you be
    an angle in the making
    I wonder if I’ll be
    up there with you
    sometimes I can’t wait
    just to see one more time
    that beautiful face

    I hope that I find you
    when it’s my time to come
    because I know your up there
    stirring up some fun

    So wait for me Shell
    someday I’ll be there
    So then I can tell you
    how much that I care

    Then maybe life will seem
    seem like it’s fair
    when I get to see you
    way, way high up there.

    Bratton family,

    I love you all I think about you guys and Shell everyday. You all mean more to me than you could ever imagine. I will always be by your side… I love you ….Love always, Lisa Nicole

    Lisa Nicole Imperati, Friend
  • Michelle had an incredible smile and vibrant personality that I knew was going to make her a great person to work around. Unfortunately, I only got to work with her for a short time. In those four weeks, it became obvious that she would be a person that I would enjoy getting to know. I only wish that I was given that chance.
    My thoughts are with her family and friends.

    Mike Morroni, Co-worker
  • Happy Birthday Shell!! I remember a couple years back Shell showed up at my house on my birthday and pulled from behind her back a cake…but not just a regular cake, it was a chocolate chip cookie cake with icing that said Happy Birthday Lisa Nicole. I remeber how excited she was to give it to me. That was Michelle always being original and creative. Always making things like birthdays special and making sure you were happy. Happy Birthday! I love you, Lisa Nicole

    Lisa Imperati, Friend
  • Shelly was my cousin, and I used to call her Ya-Ya. I will never forget the day I was talking to her online while she was at work. That was the day I found out she worked in the WTC at one of the most highest floors. I always looked up to her and it seemed like she was a sister (we also looked alike). We used to have so many jokes when we would hang out together. I know she is watching down on us…to me a rainbow represents her smile and her laughter. Ya-Ya, I love you and miss you…my prayers are always said for you to enojy life!!

    Colie, Cousin
  • Hi Shelly, I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I always smile when I think about the SDT scavenger hunt we had your senior year at Oswego. We had so much fun that night, and the picture of our team on the bus is in a frame on top of my office computer. It is hard to look at knowing you are gone. You always made every night out in Oswego more fun. Miss you,
    P.S. Love in SDT

    Athena Hoesten, Sorority Sister, Sigma Delta Tau
  • I love and miss you Michelle!!!!!

    Kimmy, Cousin
  • Just thinking about you and miss you……

    Lisa Imperati, Friend
  • Happy New Year Shell!!! Miss ya!

    Lisa Imperati, Friend

    Lisa Nicole, Friend
  • Happy 27th Birthday Shell! Love Ya

    Lisa, Friend
  • I was recently had to do a research paper for my English class. I was give the topice to find someone who had perished in the tragic september 11th attacks. It was hard to pick someone but when I found Michelle’s name i knew I should pick her. It was hard to find some of the information on her but with what I did find, I felt that I knew her forever. I know it happened a long time ago but my heart and prayers still go out to her friends and family.

    Harry Shiles, A student a Spruce Creek High School
  • I am married to your cousin Kimberly Landri. (you probably already know that huh?) We were married July 2000, and we did not get up to New York before this terrible tragedy to meet you . It’s now four years later, Sept.11th and I want to tell you that I have met your family and they are all wonderful, caring people, so I know you were the same. You are not forgotten Michelle. I’m in the Navy and we are doing everything possible to get the bad guys Michelle. I never even met you, and my heart hurts for you and your family and for my loving wife, your cousin Kimmy. Kimmy misses you Shell. Alyssa is 12 now and growing into a beautiful young lady. You did not get to meet Brooklyn, now 4 or Christian, who is almost 2. We have your pictures in our home in our living room to always think of you. We love you and miss you. Jeffrey Matthiensen

    Jeffrey Matthiensen, Cousin-in-law

    Lisa Imperati, Friend

    Lisa, Friend
  • Shell – 6 years later and it still feels like yesterday – I miss you and love you – XOXOX

    Lisa, Friend

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NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed by our administrator prior to being posted. Please limit your tribute to 100 words and be sure to check your spelling as tributes are posted as submitted. Also, please avoid pasting Microsoft Word documents, which can cause character problems.