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  Lloyd Brown

Date of Birth: October 23, 1972
Position: Administrative Assistant

When I think of LLoyd I have a huge smile on my face. He was a great guy. He alway looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine. He was a good friend, a good father and I miss him very much. To his family my prayers are with you always.

Judy Despian, Co-worker
  • Lloyd graduated from Evander Childs High School in 1990 and after sever years of soul searching, Lloyd chose to enlist in the United States Navy from 1992-1996. Lloyd served at the Anacostia Navy base in Washington D.C. and the Norfolk Navy Base in Norfolk Virginia on the USS George Washington during his service in Washington D.C. he received several accolades, a medal for good conduct and an inaugural medal. In addition he received special clearance to serve as a ceremonial guard at the White House. He was very proud in his life. His children would be his motivation to continue his college education several years later at Fordham University. Until 1999 when he began working for Cantor Fitzgerald after several years of hard work Lloyd became an Equities Manager and hoped one day he would be a trader. Unfortunately his life was cut short on September 11, before his dreams were realized.

    Everton James Brown, Father
  • I spoke to Lloyd on the phone several times over the last year working on various tasks. He was a very hard working man who was always trying to help things work out better for me. I only got to meet him in person once, but I could tell right away that he really was a great guy. You should be extremely proud of your son. It is devastating to see such a bright future cut short. Lloyd and his family are in my prayers.

    Ryan Quinn, co- worker
  • Lloyd had been dating my niece Monique Dejesus, who unfortunately was a victim of the Sept. 11th tragedy as well. They met at Cantor Fitzgerald and were hoping to make a life together. Lloyd had visited my family on September 1st for Monique’s cousin’s baby shower. Lloyd had volunteered to take a picture of all us. He took our first family photo which we will treasure a lifetime.

    In the short time that I knew Lloyd, he was a joy to have around the family. Lloyd told Monique, I really like your family, they are a happy festive bunch! I will never forget that day. The family was just sitting around in the yard chatting and the sun was starting to set, Lloyd and Monique were the only two dancing on the yard deck and we just sat there and watched them. They looked so very happy.

    I pray for Lloyd every night along with my niece. My condolences go out to his family, we share in your pain as well. May the peace be with all of you.

    God bless…
    Miriam Caceres

    Miriam Caceres, Friend
  • It’s so hard to hear that you are not around to say what’s up and laugh about the good old days. My friend, I thank God every day for your friendship and advice, both in good and bad times. You helped me to learn a lot about the facts of life and what it means to be a true gentleman. Every day, I still think about you and can’t believe we won’t be able to hang out as before. Your name and memory would forever be engraved in our hearts. God bless. Peace.

    Ejiro Inweh, Friend
  • He was one of the nicest guys I ever met. I worked on the 105th floor in the 10 year room. As the gov’t bond brokerage business was rapidly becoming more electronic the boys upstairs were trying to further themselves by taking as many licenses as possible and that was where I met Lloyd. He was extremly helpful and a true gentleman. He was a class act, one that definitely touched everyone. Lloyd my friend, I just want to say thanks. It was a pleasure and honor to have met you.

    Edward De Castro, Co-worker
  • I worked in the 10yr. room, and as our buisness changed it became necessary to gain more licenses. Lloyd was tremendous at helping us navigate the paperwork and setting up classes and exams. Though we didn’t know each other that well, any time we talked he always struck me as a true gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. My condolences go out to his family.

    John H, Co-worker
  • I am Monigue’s aunt she was also lost at the World Trade Center. I had the pleasure of meeting Lloyd at another niece’s wedding they both attended. The little time we spent together I knew that they both care for each other. Lloyd also spent time with my family and all I heard was great things about him. To Lloyd’s family, my sympathy goes out to you all and especially his little girl that he loved so very much. I never met his child but I saw pictures and I knew he loved her dearly. May you rest in peace with the Lord at your side.

    Adriana Rodriguez, Girlfriend's aunt
  • I met Lloyd once at my cousins wedding, but it seemed like I knew him longer because my cousin would talk to me about him. We really didn’t talk that day to each other but for some reason he knew how I was feeling that day. It had to do with my parents. He told my cousin “man, Monique your cousin seems hurt, I used to feel like that.” It’s like we had something in common that day. Even though I just met him for that day he was a caring and loving father/man. I knew and felt that he was. You could tell that he loved my cousin and they were going to take care of each other. I wish I could of known him better and hung out with them both. He is missed. My condolensces go out to his family and his beautiful daughter…

    Jessica Beauchamp, Friend
  • Lloyd,

    I always had such a great time playing hoops with you as well as against you. You were so smooth on the court.. gliding here and there. I hope you, Jemal, and Whitfeild are playing together these days. Our games won’t be as fun without you guys. Honestly, the rest of us haven’t played together since that fateful day… I think we’ll feel a big void when we finally do, so we’re avoiding it as long as possible.

    I wish the best for your family. You were always a good person, a good man, and a gentlemen.


    Dan, Co-worker & teammate
  • Loyd
    Although did not get to know you better, I always remember your attitude. You never had anything bad to say, and always positive. The world is trully not as good as when you were in it.
    ~Your Buddy

    Edward Diaz, X-Co-worker and Friend
  • Lloyd,

    You were such a sweet soul. Smart, senstive, caring and handsome with a promising career ahead of you. You had just passed a series of difficult exams and aspired to be a trader. You were a proud and dedicated father who loved his children very much. I am so sorry the world will not benefit from you contributions. I miss you very much.


    drina, co-worker
  • It was just some random day that we met after the train ride home, and for some reason or another a conversation stuck up between us. You were studying for your Series 7 and I was already a trader forever teasing you that I didn’t need a license to trade currency. You, always volunteering to eat whatever it was that I cooked (if I’d only cook) and Me always volunteering to drive if you picked up the check for dinner. I remember racing into work to see who would e-mail who first (ya know, you never did beat me)…. And so, on the morning of September 11th, I sat at my desk and watched the news broadcast and was instantly devestated. You were the nicest guy and definitely a bright spot in my life the for the short time that I knew you. God bless you wherever you are.

    Tiffany McQueen, Neighbor and Friend
  • I just want to say sorry for the loss of your son and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Sheena, no relation
  • Got so much too say but I’m going to keep it brief. I love you, miss you, think about you everyday of my life. I grieve everyday over the lost of my brother/ best friend. Yes the days will go by each day but not your legacy. So much to live for but your life was cut short. You have two kids to keep pushing that “Brown” blood. Since your passing I have had three kids. They will know their uncle and how much you mean to me. There’s no word that can describe how I feel about you. I will always love you, and never forget you Brownie. R.I.P

    Andrew Parkes, Brother
  • It took me 20 years to write this. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that you were gone. You were a good person and good friend. I could never forget the last time I saw you, I was on the train on my way to downtown Manhattan when you stepped on the subway heading to work. You sat next to me and I was so tired that I fell asleep on your shoulder. You woke me up when it was my stop and we said out goodbyes. I could never forget that day because it seemed so peaceful and serene, never did I think that would be the last time I would see you. I will forever treasure this memory. I hope that your kids are blossoming and you’re enjoying heaven with your fiancé and all your friends that were lost on this dreadful day. You will never be forgotten.

    C Collins, Friend

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