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  Brandon Buchanan

Date of Birth: April 9, 1977
Position: Equity Trading

Brandon was walking when he was 9 and 1/2 months old and was running soon thereafter! He was a bit precocious and a bit of a challenge in that his vast mental capacity was limited only by the small size of infant, toddler and childhood bodies. By the age of 9, he was extremely independent and could have supported himself (if child labor laws permitted). I know now that he had a lot of living to do with very little time in which to do it.
Throughout high school, college and particularly at Cantor Fitzgerald, he matured into a very fine young man. Brandon, by his name’s definition, “beacon light,” was truly a light in our lives and always showed us the good, the daring, the vibrant and the adventure in life. He will remain our shining star, our golden boy.
Brandon was as beautiful inside as he was outside. He was charismatic, charming, persistent, kind-hearted, witty, conservative, hard-working, thoughtful, sociable, gentle and oh, so much fun to be with. He was famous for making the funniest hand gestures, facial expressions and noises. He was proficient in making sounds o We learned so much more from him than we could ever hope to teach. We miss you, Beeje, and will love you always.

Cheri and Ron Buchanan, Parents
  • I actually met Brandon twice, once at UVM as a friend of a friend from high school, and a few years later in NYC as a friend of a friend from college. I am most privileged to be able to say that I last knew Brandon as a friend of mine. He was so easy to get to know and always so much fun to be around. I really have a hard time picturing Brandon without a smile on his face. I am so thankful for the time I did have to spend with him. And I know how much he is missed. I am sure he is still smiling down on all of us right now.

    Drew Colantonio, Friend
  • If you knew Brandon, you knew his laugh. This is the one thing that separated him from everyone. That crazy, loud laugh he had. I laugh every time it pops into my head. He truly embodied the fun you should have in your own life. There was a time the other afternoon where a deal I was working on did not go through, and I actually sat there and said, who cares. There is no time to be upset and then that loud laugh came into my head and everything was great again. I thank Brandon for that amongst thousands of other things! Can anyone else get that laugh out of their head? The great thing is though, I do not want to get rid of it. It constantly reminds me of how fortunate I am.

    Chris Schiller, Classmate, teammate and close friend
  • I first met Brandon back in High School, via mutual friends. Since our first meeting, we went on to share many laughs and memories. Whether it be at sporting events, social gatherings, at many of the many McQuaid dances, or a random encounter on the New York City streets, I could always count on seeing Brandon’s smiling face and being entertained by his many humorous stories and/or remarks. He embodied what it means to be genuine and caring. Odd as it may sound, I feel as though I have grown to know Brandon even better over these past few months. Constantly surrounded by some of his closest friends, I have heard countless stories, seen memorable pictures, and above all, felt the love each of them shared for Brandon. I realized it then, but even more so now, what an amazing person Brandon was and how fortunate I was to have had the moments I did with him. As I wrote on a quilt at a memorial in Union Square in New York City, “Brandon Buchanan, forever in our hearts and thoughts” -Amy

    Amy Mirwald, Friend
  • I was lucky to have met Brandon several years ago though a friend and fortunate enough to become his friend as a result of that. Hanging out with him was always a pleasure and it’s something that I am going to miss very much. Brandon was a great person and I am so grateful to have met him and gotten to know him. I will always remember him.

    Steve Ardovini, [email protected]
  • Firstly, I would like to express my thanks to Cantor Fitzgerald for making this site available for comments and reflections about Brandon Buchanan. My family knew Brandon and his family from the very day of his birth. With both amusement and pleasure we watched him grow up as he made his way through his all too short life. Brandon was the personification of charm and cheerfulness and his presence will be sorely missed by us all. He possessed every attribute of a successful son, brother and friend to all who were fortunate enough to know him. My wife and I have no sons but if we did Brandon would be the perfect model. Our family misses him and he will remain forever in our thoughts.

    Jeff Williams, Friend
  • Brandon was more than one of a kind. He was and is an Angel. Pure of Heart. Brandon made each of us a better person just by knowing him. Brandon was always loking out for his friends. He used to pretend to ask me for a drag of my cigarette so he could take it out of my hand and step on it. He had a smile that was contagious and a hug that healed. I can still feel his hugs, and yes Chris, I agree, I can still hear his laugh 🙂
    I thank God for sharing Brandon’s life with us and I thank Brandon for the inspiration he gave to all of us. We see his smile in the sunshine, share his tears in the rain, and feel his hugs with each breath of the wind. Most of all we feel his love and guidance in our hearts and forever cherish our memories of him.
    Thank you Brandon

    Jessica Miller, Friend
  • All who knew Brandon will tell you that he was a genuine and good-natured person. His positive attitude and joy for living life to the fullest always made it a delight to be in his presence. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to create so many wonderful memories with Brandon, which I will always hold close to my heart. It is impossible to make sense of this tragedy and understand how a person like Brandon could be taken from us. We miss you Brandon and hold on to our memories of you!!

    Austin Miller, Friend
  • I first had the pleasure of meeting Brandon while he was at UVM through a mutual friend (Paul Cascio, who also perished on the 11th) and though perhaps I didn’t know him as well as many of his friends did, I knew him well enough to appreciate his character. Brandon was one of those rare folk whom when met at any random social gathering, always had the the time and interest to catch up, never looking over your proverbial shoulder. I am sorry that we will not get the chance to enjoy Brandon’s company again in a chance corner of some wooden deck in some coastal locale, but I have a feeling that our mutual friend Paul has that pleasure right at this moment. I know those that you have met and touched will not forget you- and I for one, will always be looking for your ear to chew off and your patient humoring. I hope someday to meet you again. Godspeed and save us a couple of seats, because wherever you are, we shall surely wish to be.

    Brendan Keegan, Friend
  • To Brandon: We first met when I became your father’s assistant at Merrill Lynch, you were 7 years old. You were a such a charming and polite lad right from the start. I watched you grow, mostly through your father’s eyes, he was always so proud of you. He shared your exploits, accomplishments and dreams with me which made me feel like a part of the family. You will always be in my heart, as I hear you sing with the angels and watch you ride the rainbows.

    Shirley Simpson, Family Friend
  • The Buchanans live directly across the road from us in Mendon. We had the wonderful experience of knowing Brandon as a young boy and watching him grow up and become a terrific young, handsome man! We had the pleasure of spending a few Christmas Eve’s with the family. Brandon was always there to make sure you were having a good time and if you needed anything. We shared many hours of laughter with the Buchanan’s on those evenings. I will forever be grateful for those special memories. My sadness goes out to the entire family and there isn’t a day that goes by without a pain in my heart for them. We will miss you Brandon, our beacon of light, and we will never, ever forget you.

    Kim Spina, Neighbor
  • I moved to Mendon when Brandon was four years old. Not having children of my own, I marvelled at the love the Buchanans had for their first-born. I watched Brandon grow up into the wonderful, caring young man he was and, although I couldn’t spend much time in his company (my loss), I said to myself “if I had a son, I’d like him to be just like Brandon Buchanan!”

    Peter A. Spina, Neighbor
  • I had the privilege of knowing Brandon in a slightly unusual capacity: as a teenage babysitter. While in high school and living in Mendon, my sister Cheryl and I would occasionally babysit for Ron and Cheri Buchanan and their next door neighbors at the time.

    I remember Brandon always laughing, and always eager to get outside to kick a soccer ball around the yard. I also remember his uncommon devotion and true caring for his younger sister, Lindsey. At the age of 6 or 7, it is a bit unusual to see such a strong bond between siblings of the opposite sex.

    He was never any trouble, always very polite and going to bed at the time his mother had assigned for him.

    My heart truly goes out to his family for enduring such a monumental uncomprehensible loss. Looking back, I really wish I had run into Brandon here in NYC at a party or through mutual friends, so we could have laughed at life’s “six degrees of seperation”–meeting as adults living in the same city after I had been his babysitter some 18 years ago.

    His memory lives on in these touching tributes.

    Craig Foucht, Neighbor and Former Babysitter
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon at his home during the Christmas Holidays over many years. Brandon was always handsome, polite, and well dressed. “What a role model for our son”, many parents attending the same party must have thought.
    I “watched” Brandon grow through the eyes and stories of his father, Ron, a friend and fellow employee. Brandon’s parents took terrific pictures of their strikingly good looking family over the years, and Ron was always proud to hang many of those framed photographs on his office wall.
    Brandon would probably cut loose with his famous laughs if he knew how we teased Ron about always keeping them hanging straight. Often, he’d make a fractional adjustment of one that only his eye would notice as being “off center”. I know realize that Ron wasn’t always just adjusting those pictures. Instead, I choose to believe that it was his way to admire Brandon and the way his smile brightened our entire of office. The prayers of the entire Sullivan clan go out to the hearts and souls of the Buchanan clan. Brandon, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    Barry Sullivan, Friend of the Buchanan's
  • Brandon,

    You will never be forgotten. I know your family was probably wondering who kept leaving tha flowers. Your classmates and friends miss you terribly.

    Heather Kaza, Friend
  • 4/9/03 – Happy Birthday B.
    I cannot believe that it has been a year and a half. We all miss you terribly, but are thankful for the constant reminders we have of you. You made a difference in so many lives. Thank you for the memories.

    Jay Magee, Close Friend
  • 6-22-03
    Happy Anniversary Sweeter!
    It would have been 5 wonderful years today. Hard to believe! You were my rock, my best friend, my partner for life. You made me laugh, shed tears of happiness and gave me so many wonderful memories. I only pray that you can enjoy us still as we enjoyed your beatiful face and generous heart for as we were able. I am thankful that we were able to share such an amazing time together. Though it was short compared to what could have been, we took advantage of every minute. I will continue with your love of life in my heart. You have changed me forever. I heard the lyrics of a song “you were the best I ever had” I hope that I can fufill that. Though you are no longer here in person, you will be my partner for life! I love you and miss you so much. Thank you for loving me
    Yours always.

    Beth, Girlfriend
  • Hey B,

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and miss you so much. A lot has happened with our friends. Katie and Doug are engaged as is Casey and her man, Mac. It’s all so exciting, but makes me miss you! It’s so hard to try to balance…to try to move on and be fair to people in my life, but to have my heart ache. I ask you for strenght and understanding…as you always gave me in life. Please watch over your family, give them strength and hope. I miss you, tell Paul I said hello! Always, Beth

    Beth, .
  • 5/24/05
    The longing for the sight, sound, smell and touch of you paralyzes. We carry you in our hearts, Sweetie. The thought of you is in the forefront of my every moment and your name in my every breath. I miss you, Beeje. I long for what could have been.

    Thank you, Dear Friends, for your kind words of Brandon. The words help get us through our days.

    Cheri Buchanan, mother
  • April 9, 2006.I think of you often, but especially today on your Birthday. Happy Birthday Brandon.
    Shirley & Jim Simpson

    Shirley Simpson, Family Friend
  • 4/9/06
    Happy Birthday Baby! There’s not a day that passes that I don’t think of you. I still miss you so much. I wish we could celebrate like we did! Life is not the same without you here. Love you.

    Elizabeth, Girlfriend
  • Hey Babe, well today would have been your 30th Birthday. I really wish you were here to celebrate. I miss you everyday. Thank you for being so wonderful. Happy Birthday I love you. xo

    Elizabeth, Girlfriend
  • I can’t believe its been 8 years. Never will i forget that morning. I also will never forget how much you mean to me. Miss and love you lots!!

    Elizabeth, girlfriend
  • In memory and in love for Brandon and his family, we pray and offer tribute on this 9th Memorial of 9/11.
    God Bless. Shirley and Jim Simpson

    Shirley Simpson, Family friend
  • Always in our hearts and never forgotten

    Heather Lowe, Friend

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