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  Patrick Joseph Buhse

Date of Birth: March 16, 1965
Department: Government Bonds
Position: Vice President / Limited Partner

I do not think I have the words to describe the man, my treasure, my hero, Patrick Joseph Buhse. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Patrick will remember his light, his spirit and his love in their own special way.

Although his time was cut much too short, I will look back with no regrets. I am only thrilled that I had my time, my love, and my children with him. Patrick lived a very rich, very full life. He never held back on anything and knew the true meaning of the word F-U-N. He loved vehemently, spent generously, acted unselfishly and laughed wholeheartedly. We will never forget the humor, the stories, and of course, the dancing without smiles on own faces.

I do not think I have to say how sad I am, how enraged and how cheated I feel for myself, Sloan, and William. So many unfulfilled dreams all shattered in a single moment of a single day that will live forever in infamy. But Patrick’s legacy will always live on. He will always be in our hearts and in our souls. I see him every day in the faces of my children, in the eyes of his sister and brothers and in the love that is his family. Each time I see our friends I will remember the good times with joy and be very proud to have known him even if for only one second.

I trust that wherever you are now will have many televisions to watch the Knicks, March Madness, the Jets and any comedy even though you have seen it a thousand times. I hope the Budweisers are cold and the Absolute Citrons (no fruit!) flow. I hope the radio never stops playing Rap, Disco, Country or whatever is your latest find.

I trust that you and all the guys are looking down at us knowing we WILL be okay even now in our despair and sheer insanity and know it was ALL worthwhile.

Please know we will miss you dearly, will treasure you always and will love you every waking day of our lives.

Our love, our hugs, and smiles,
Susan, Sloan & Wil

Susan Buhse, Wife
  • What can one say about the Bev? He was the best, and will never be forgotten. I know you are in a better place and I miss you. My Bud is never going to taste the same.

    Bobby O., Friend
  • I really don’t know what I can say but it is all about this sweet family and Patrick. I have never met Patrick but I have heard about him. I know that he was a great husband and father. When I am looking at Patrick’s kids and wife I always see him in their hearts, in their eyes and in their memories. I am Sloan and Wil’s babysitter and it is a real pleasure to take care of such sweet children. I love you all and wish you all the best. You all deserve happines and bright futures.

    Ia Mirotadze, Friend
  • Patrick, Thank you for being the friend that you were. You were there for all the important times in my life, good and bad. You made me laugh until I cried, and stopped me from crying by making me laugh. Thanks for all the wonderful memories my special friend, I love you and will miss you always.

    Mary Terjesen, Friend
  • In a business full of hard living individuals, Patrick seemed to set the pace. He played hard, worked harder, and his laughter was contageous. He never let success deminish his devotion to his family or his loyalty to his friends. Right and wrong were black and white and there were few things finer in this world than a cold bud at a yankee game. In a fit of rage he once said to me( and we laughed about it for years) “dont answer my questions with questions. I need you to answer my question with answers”. Simple and to the point, it isn’t funny anymore for there is no answer coming, that can explain to me, why such a good man died so young. God bless you pat!

    Dan Monchek, former co-worker
  • I never had the pleasure of meeting Patrick, though I feel that I know him well through the shared memories of his father-in-law.

    It is obvious that Patrick was a doting husband and father. What greater legacy can a man leave than two wonderful children. As Susan raises Sloan and Wil, I have no doubt that they will always know the love that he had for them and through them, Patricks passion for life will live on.

    Mark Barnett, Family Friend
  • Things I loved about Patrick Buhse, “The Beaver”, my bro, my friend: The softball games, Bay Ridge bars, the cab rides, Brannigans, our trips to the Keys, our annual Jets-Dolphins get togethers in Miami, your terrible jokes that were funny only because you laughed so hard, your golf game (or lack of one), driving for years with a passport as your license, always being there for family and friends, watching you mature over the years into a successful professional and a loving husband and father. You were priceless. Here’s to you and all my other friends who left to soon!

    Ron Wise, Friend
  • There are no words to express how much I miss you.We will never forget what a wonderful man, husband and father you were. To Daniel and me much more than a son-in-law, you were our second son.In my head I know you are gone but in my heart you will live always. I see you each time Will looks up at me with his mischievous face and in Sloan’s sweet smile.

    God Bless until we meet again.

    Love always

    Elaine Doherty, Mother-in-Law
  • I only knew Patrick through his father-in-law, Dan. When Dan spoke about the Buhse family you could feel the love he had for all of them, especially Patrick. Dan left you feeling like you actually knew all of them at a personal level.

    Over the years I have heard many stories about Susan and her life with Patrick. When Susan and Patrick were married, Dan was extremely proud to welcome Patrick as a true “Son”. Then Sloan and Will were born, only adding to the joy.

    Patrick truly had a passion for life! His memory will certainly live on in their two beautiful children.

    Your are in my prayers,

    Margaret Cuba

    Margaret Cuba, Family Friend
  • This tribute to Patrick is a testament to his tremendous spirit…a man that I’ve never met, but heard so much about. I know Patrick’s father-in-law; that is the only connection, but what a connection. Each memory conveys the bright light of his soul. To me, he brought an uncompromising standard for excellence and a celebration of humanity. What a great gift. What an absolutely wonderful gift. I light a candle and raise a glass to a man who I never knew personally but through the memories of his father-in-law. I wish those that personally and intimately mourn the loss of his personal presence in their life strength and comfort.

    John B Horsley, Family Friend
  • Although I never knew Patrick personally, I feel like I know the family in dealing with his father-in-law, Dan. Just hearing the stories that Dan has told to me about Patrick, his wife, and his wonderful kids, I can imagine the type of person that he was and the devoted father he must have been. There is no way he will be forgotten and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

    Matt Kielman, Friend of the Family
  • “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is IMMORTAL”- Albert Pike

    Patrick, my youngest brother, lives on; forever in our hearts and minds, in our reflections of his smile, in our recollections of his life and adventures, in his generous spirit and his zest for life.

    From his first day on earth to his last he lived gregariously and loved unequivocally.

    Knowing Patrick he is busy holding places in heaven for all who those he knows and loves. “I hear ya brother”

    Tom Buhse, Brother
  • Cantor was a place that was filled with wonderful, vibrant people…and Patrick certainly was one of them. We were team mates for quite some time, and I know that there were times that I wouldn’t have made it through the day if he wasn’t there. Just a funny look and a smile would make the day better. The day I left Cantor for good was a very sad day for me. I was crying my eyes out because I was going to miss these people. Patrick went down to the lobby with me trying to make me laugh the whole time…it worked, like it always did. I am very grateful that I had my chance to know Patrick. I think of him often. I hope that healing, and happiness will find Susan and the children. I will think of you, and pray for you…God Bless All…

    JoAnne (Josie) Mule', Former co-worker
  • I remember many stories about Patrick but, what I cherish the most between Patrick and I was our late night conversations over cocktails… at our yearly winter/summer vacations: I can still hear him say, “I hear you kid”.
    I’ll miss you very much; you are and always will be our Mischievous, good-hearted Leprechaun!

    Shannon L. Doherty, Sister in Law
  • Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, the stories Susie shared were warm and sincere. You were a provider in every sense, whether to your family, friends or any fly by night that needed your friendship. My thoughts and prayers go out to my dearest friend Susie, and your two beautiful children who will know you and remember you as their hero. You are in a safe place now and know that your family and Elaine and Dan, and myself will look over and provide the best for Susie, Sloanand Wil. God bless you. You are a true American hero.

    Tara E. O'Neil, Friend of Susie
  • I had the honor of knowing Patrick for all of his thirty-five and a-half years. In the beginning he was known as; P.J. He had golden blonde hair, big blue eyes, and the biggest grin of a smile. We grew up close. We shared our hopes and dreams. We shared our lives. We celebrated family victories, and defeats, ALWAYS together. Our unspoken (but always understood) motto;”If something happened to one of us, it happened to us all”. Some of my fondest memories, are of us all being together. Laughter was a main ingredient, and as usual at the center was P.J., laughing the loudest, and smiling that beautiful smile that light up the whole room. He loved all aspects of his life. I admired his dignity (especially when he danced), and his strength of character. He was more than my brother, he was my friend. I have no choice, but to honor his memory, for that is all that I have left. Dearest Patrick, you are never far from my thoughts, and forever in my heart. Love always, your one-and only, Sis.

    suanne kazanecki, sister
  • Dear Patrick from the first day I walked into the Buhse household I’ve watched you grow,from a young boy to a happy teen than into a responsible adult ,finally I saw you as a loving husband and wonderful father of two children. I have also grown to love you as your family has, although I’m only your brother inlaw, I felt closer to you than my own brothers! The tragedy of 9/11 has left me with great sadness and a piece of my heart missing, until we meet again and I bring you a frosty BUD goodbye. Love Always Your Brother inlaw Jimbo

    james A Kazanecki, brother inlaw
  • My Dearest Uncle PJ,
    Words can not describe how much I miss you. I miss our talks,I miss our trips..hey whats florida gonna be without us? boring..you got that right!..I miss the smiles you have bought to my face over the years. I have nothing but the best memories of you that I will cherish forever and ever! “Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me., FOREVER IN MY HEART.” I know your the angel that walks beside me each and everyday, Ill see you there.You are forever on my mind..I Love You Always Dee

    Desiree Buhse, Neice
  • I’m no writer, but the best description I could give of Patrick was a man of heart and soul.
    We grew up together, we had so many great times together, we laughed, cried and hugged our way through our teen years. In recent years, we didn’t see each other very much, me on the West Coast with my family; he and his family in NYC, but when we did get to share a moment, it was like we were next door neighbors.
    His strength and love will always be with me and all who knew him.

    Jane Ellen Buhse Jones, Cousin
  • I will never forget the day Feens made me sit with Patrick and Mary because I thought, great! busiest seat in the house I’m sure this will be fun. Turns out it was the best time of my life. Everyday we had a good time, always quoting movies or The Simpsons or making fun of everyone else. Patrick was probably the sharpest guy I have come across and I really valued his opinion, except the part about me getting in earlier. He was the life of every party and was M.V.P at my wedding. I think of him each and every day and Pat I miss you “Kemosabe” (private joke)

    kieran franks, co-worker/ friend
  • I lived up the street from the Buhse family for 25 years in Bayridge. Patrick and I walked to school together for 8 years in O.L.A., I too worked in One World Trade and recently moved to Monmouth County.The Last time I saw Pat was in Gemellis on the Plaza, he was meeting his Brother Michael for “Happy-Hour” . We talked about the similarities in our lives. I Told him I was hosting an annual Kentucky Derby Party and how I would send him an invitation, and how he would see some old familiar faces. Pat, I am sorry we never got the chance to get caught up , and to talk about the old days. I have read many of the testomonials and I am glad to see that you were very happy in your life and seemed to squeeze every ounce of happiness out of your short time on earth. I know we will meet again someday, until then God Bless you and your family.

    Thomas O'Dowd, Childhood Friend
  • To My Godfather,
    Not a single day goes by without me thinking about you and the person that you were. You’ve given me so much more then I could have ever asked for, including the unconditional love that continues to mean so much. All of those who knew him, felt this love and should consider themselves truely blessed. I most certainly do. Uncle PJ, no matter what happens in my life, i know you will always be a part of it. Because not only are you my godfather, you have become my guardian angel. I Love You and I will miss you Always.

    Alicia Buhse, Niece
  • Dear Uncle Pat,
    It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face, heard your laugh,listened to your voice, and hugged you.It’s been a year but it seems like an eternity.I love you uncle pat and so does every one who ever knew.You meant so much to me and our family.I hope god treats you well and you’ll be in my heart and in the hearts of many people who were close to you also

    Daniel, nephew
  • Patrick seemed to be an intense person who was always ready to smile, always ready for a good time. He struck me as someone who lived life to the fullest. It was always a pleasure to deal with him and my payers go out to his family and friends. God bless you.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former Cantor employee
  • Patrick (PJ) was a wonderful man who appreciated Life. As the baby of the family he could have grown up spoiled. Instead, he became a loving, caring, generous man. Like his father, family and friends were the most important things in his life. We still talk about Susan and Patrick’s wedding, where we had the best time! After 9/11, Life would never be the same. Yet even at his memorials, his spirit was with all of us. Laughter reigned as good times were remembered. That is his legacy. Thanks, PJ!

    Cathy O'Sullivan, Cousin
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend

    Mary Terjesen, friend
  • Dear Patrick,
    It’s been almost 2yrs. and it feels as if this nightmare happened yeterday. We worked the P&S Dept. together. Little did you know, your conversations made it a little less hectic for me. Thank you for that,and all the laughs you gave me on the RR train back home into Brooklyn. I will pray for you, and all the others who did not deserve this. Watch over your family, as I know you are already doing so.

    Patty Benc Mazzeo, Former co-worker (early 80's)
  • Dear Uncle Patrick,
    Its been two years since I last saw you, but I will never, ever forget our last words, the last bear hug, the last goodbye. Who would have thought that it would all just end so out of the blue? I can still remember when you lived with us in the blue house on the weekends, the motorcycles you kept in our garage and your room with all the sports pennents hanging up. Your laugh was always contagious, you always had something good to say, and you were always surrounded by people you love. I aspire to share my life and my happiness with everyone around me like you did. You truly are a hero, and I love you.


    Allyson Buhse, Niece
  • Just wanted to wish you a happy 40th birthday, and I was thinking, that would have been some party! think of you all the time, and hope you are at peace, my love to you and all who are with you . love always sue

    suanne, sister
  • Happy Birthday Beav think of you every day

    BOBBY O, Friend
  • Happy Birthday!! Will have a few drinks tonight in your honor. Miss you

    Joe Moderski, Friend
  • When I think about you I can only see the best smile ….you were always having fun……thanks ryno

    andy ryan, co worker
  • patrick-will never forget you or your laugh,your imitations of smitty and getting tossed out of kelly’s w/ mary myself and bobby o..u r the best..rick allison

    rick allison, co-worker at cantor
  • Its been four really long years. I miss you more and more everyday. Until we meet again, know that I love you and think of you every day.

    Desiree Buhse, Neice
  • Dear Patrick,
    A couple of weeks ago at the race track, I bet a horse named “nothing but fun” in honor of you of course. Naturally it won! Thank you for all you have given to me in my life —your laugh will live on forever. You were the best. You always made me feel so comfortable and welcomed.
    I am sorry I am writing to you so late, but losing you was such an heartbreak, and I miss you so. Much love to Susan and Sloan and Wil. Their smiles remind me of you. Rest in peice my true freind — I miss the good times so much—until we meet again, I keep you and your family in my heart— Young Patrick. I wish you could have met Steven and Ava. Maybe someday in the way ,way future. Until then Please keep watch over them and me, and your family.

    Love always, Your Freind, Annie

    Anne Giambrone, Friend
  • I remember walking into the trade center that 1st day of work and taking the long elevator up to the 105th FL. It was April 1997 when I met Patrick and Mary. I was seated between the 2 of them as an assistant. It was an experience I will never forget. The details I will hold back but the lesson I learned, I will hold on to the rest of my days. Patrick, if you are looking down on me now I think only you will understand. It is funny the people that make the largest impressions on you, are not always the ones you think will. How often I have told the story of sitting, watching you guys, watching how you did your little dance with Ike.
    Well I am back in California now, it is 2006. I saw the movie, “World Trade Center” and I thought I’d say hi. I miss those days sitting with you and Mary T. and T. Van and Mike F. and Joe B. and Mary. I miss the loud screams of, “Hit the 5’s” or Joe B’s classic, “I’ll pay it”.
    I was just an anonymous person that was there only a year or so but I remember and will always remember the man Patrick Buhse.

    Michael A. Damian, CO-worker 5yr desk
  • 5Ys already think of you all the time miss you all the time

    Bobby O, friend
  • I was sitting on the train the other day and I heard your laugh. I couldnt help but to smile. I know your with me every step of my way. I love you and you know that I miss you so very much. Until we laugh together again…I love you.

    Dee, Neice
  • today you were here in my thoughts. I think of happy memories, and wish we were making new ones. Your loss is one that I can’t seem to reconcile. I would trade places with you in a heart beat. forever

    Y.O.A.O., B.D.
  • Happy Birthday

    Bob O'Neill, friend
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, thinking of you today, as I do everyday. I hear your song on the radio, and think, he knows how much we all miiss you. Tonight, I’ll have “a COLD LONG-NECK love always, sue

    sue, sister
  • Brother, your smile says it all! I will never forget your friendship. I will never forget the good times or the tough times. You meant the world to me.

    Tom Issing aka Hollywood, Great Friend
  • Happy Birthday! Miss you all the time.

    Desiree Buhse, Niece
  • Happy B-Day another year goes by still think about all the good times

    bobby o, friend
  • happy birthday my dearest, miss you all the time, time goes on thank you for watching out for all of us love now and forever

    suanne, sister
  • Happy Father’s Day Godfather!

    Miss you)3

    Alicia, Niece
  • Amen still look for you

    Bobby O, Friend
  • It really gets harder and harder with each passing year. I wish you were with us everyday. I miss and love you always.

    Alicia, Niece
  • Heres to you HAPPY B-DAY

    Bobby O, Friend
  • thought about you today, it’s your birthday, wanted to talk to you have so much to share keep a close eye out miss you every day

    suanne, sister
  • I often think of you and miss you soooo much.. That laugh the smile and the love of life. Thank you for being my friend..


    Liz Colon, Friend/Coworker
  • Still smiling when I think of you. Still laughing at our memories. Somehow.
    Miss you, Love you…

    Desiree, Neice
  • This ones for you Happy B-day

    bob oneill, friend

    Suanne, sister
  • Happy Birthday, miss you all the time, thanks for my lights…03/16/10

    Desiree, Neice
  • Think about you all the time and miss you.

    Kieran Franks, Friend
  • 9 years later and I still miss you terribly….why you ask…because I can…I am so grateful to have had you in my life…love you

    nancy, friend
  • Rest in Peace Patrick…

    Charlie Gallogly, Friend
  • the date says that ten years have passed, but for me time has stood still. It seems I miss you & need you more than ever, There will always be a piece of my heart that is missing, they took it when they took you away from All of us, you remain our “shining star”, I long to hear the sound of your infectious laugh, & to see your incredible smile

    sue, sister

    suanne, sister
  • happy birthday miss ya

    bobby o, friend
  • Another year…I was advised that I should continue to write, not that I ever questioned whether to or not. I was told it makes things easier for me now and for us when the time comes to see eachother again…that way we wont have to spend so much time “catching up”. I’d be lying if I said its gotten easier. Love you always, Happy Birthday. 03.2011

    Desiree Mercado (Buhse), Niece
  • 10 years. You are always with me . Your family is beautiful but you know that. We all miss you very much.
    Nancy, Ronnie, Melissa and Christine Wise

    Ron wise, Friend
  • I always felt that our little family was blessed, because, when other families argued, & didn’t speak to one another for years, I couldn’t imagine that happening to us. The fights,never broke us up, rather they cleared the air, & we went on. The only thing that stopped us from speaking was this type of loss, but I can still “speak to you”, & I hope you can hear me. We are blessed, for having had you in our lives, & we are better for it.

    suanne, sister
  • I love you and miss you, you meant the world to me.

    kieran franks, Friend
  • How could it be 10 years already. I miss you all the time and our parties have never been the same. You would be so proud of Jayme as a mother, Bridgette as a teacher and soon to be bride and Rob as a “chip off the old block”….they may have taken you but never the memories…….”Welcome to the 90’s Mr. Banks”..Love you and miss you always….until we meet again, RIP

    Nancy, friend
  • again happy birthday will have a few for you

    bobby o, friend
  • Thinking of you today, especially more so because it’s your Birthday, a day that I celebrate Miss you everyday. Love forever & always, still we’re together again

    Suanne, sister
  • I wear a memorial bracelet with your name on it on a daily basis. When I volunteer…you are with me. When I focus on insignificant issues…you help me refocus. It might be 11 yrs but I have not forgotten.

    John B. Horsley, Family Friend
  • Time marches on. Children are growing up, moving
    on, new generations are born.
    All as it should be. Hope you are still there watching, laughing, & being a part of it all. Your love & caring heart will be with me& All that had the good fortune to know you Always & Forever

    Suanne, sister
  • Uncle PJ,

    It most definitely does not get easier with time. I miss you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow. I think about you everyday and every time we are all together, especially when we are celebrating, I think to myself how much more fun we would be having if you were there. I know you are watching over us all and I hope that I make you proud. I love you with all my heart and I miss you more than I could ever express.

    Love, Alicia

    Alicia, Goddaughter
  • My Dear Patrick
    My youngest son’s middle name is Patrick..in honor of you. I gave him that name and you have given him your spirit ( and sense of humor) Sometime when He does things and I keep telling myself it’s because I put a piece of you in him. You would be proud. I miss you as much today as I did 11 years ago. Our good times will never be forgotten. You were one of the best friends I will ever know. I love you and miss you..and the Jets will win the superbowl before we meet again. R.I.P. my friend

    Mary, Friend
  • patrick-9/11/2012..i think about you often..when i see your picture i remember your great laugh and the times u did imatations of bill smith!!!and most of the time he caught youto a great man..i miss you…rick

    rick allison, co-worker
  • Another year passes another birthday happy birthday

    Bobby O, friend
  • If I old turn back time… Obliviously, I can’t. I pray that you &all that left are at peace.

    Suanne, Sister
  • Happy Birthday another yr gone. Miss ya always

    Bobby o, Friend
  • 20 years. I can’t help but to think if you were still here today our lives would feel so different, especially with what has become of the world around us. You would’ve been the one to lift us up, hear us out, keep us together and help us see things through. You are spoken of often in our home. My JP may have never met you but knows of you well enough to know how much you’re loved and how much you loved us. We know you’re wrapping your arms around all of us today and we you. Keep watching over us. We miss you terribly. 09.11.2021

    Desiree Mercado, Niece
  • It doesn’t seem like 20 yrs ago this happened. As you get older you remember those who truly impacted your life. Pat meant so much to me that 20 yrs on I’m typing with tears in my eyes. Love you and will never forget, Kieran

    Kieran Franks Co Worker

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