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  Nestor A Cintron

Date of Birth: November 2, 1974
Department: FX Options
Position: Broker

Nestor always thought of others before himself. He was unselfish, caring, loving and so optimistic of life. His mild mannered ways won the hearts of many whose lives he touched (and he touched many). His love of life was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. He listened intently when you spoke to him and always offered his shoulder to cry on if you needed it. He had so much wisdom so early in his life that I wonder where he acquired it. He was the real thing! Besides the genuine love he had for his family and friends, he had a passion for reading. He taught me about unconditional love.

Nestor, you saved my life on that horrible day when you beeped me not to enter the building. If only I could give you life one more time, I’d do it in a heartbeat by trading places with you. You made it so easy caring for you and I am so proud of the man that you became. I know that it’s unfair that you were taken from us especially because we had so much more that we could have learned from you. I can feel you
standing beside me like my Guardian Angel and my only consolation is that you are in a better place. You are my hero and will always be forever in my heart. Rest in peace my sweet Angel.

Alicia Leguillow, Mother and co-worker
  • I didn’t know Nestor, but I work at the World Financial Center and saw the attack that morning from my office. I would like to send my condolences to Mrs. Leguillow, Nestor’s family and friends. I lost a dear friend that day and can only imagine the pain that you are now suffering. Mrs. Leguillow, your words to your son touched me. My heart goes out to all who knew Nestor.

    Mildred Rodriguez, Stranger
  • I have often thought of Nestor over the past few months, and I also think of you Alicia. I know how much Nestor and all your kids meant to you and cant begin to imagine what you are feeling or going through. I lost alot of friends, but you lost your flesh and blood. I hope you do know that people are thinking of you and through you his spirit will be kept alive. Nestor was a wonderful person and to you I credit that, you raised him to be a fine young man. I am sure he is watching over you just like he was on the 11th and he will always walk beside you.
    I think of you often and love you very much
    Kate (from communications)

    Kate, Co-worker
  • Nestor,
    Extremely genuine person, great friend and with enormous determination for success and passion for his loved ones. I feel very fortunate I had the opportunity to work with you and your mother, we had really good times, it seems like yesterday when we took that business trip to Mexico, dude you’re great! I will always remember you with a smile on my face.

    Alicia, only an absolutely great mother could be the reason for such a wonderful, caring and loving person like Nestor. You’re the best !!!!
    I know his in great hands now, looking after you as always, all my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family to find the strength and courage, to live life with joy and happiness, like he always did, with his memory in our hearts.

    Alicia, muchos besos

    Miguel Barroso, friend, former co-worker
  • Nestor,
    I only met you a couple of times when Todd Ouida, my boyfriend, took me to Cantor parties and events. From the moment I met you I knew why Todd spoke so highly of you. You have a special mother who you saved and she will forever keep you close to her heart as we all will.
    We all miss you Nestor…Please take special care of Todd for me too…Amy

    Amy Schwartz, Friend
  • I thought of you before September 11 and continue to think of you today. I miss our college days when we’d hike into town to get some of that old fashion rice pudding. It was the best I’ve ever had. Most of all I miss those wonderful talks we’d have on the way there. Thank you for allowing me to share some time with you. You’re deeply missed.

    To Nestor’s Family & Friends: My thoughts and prays are with you. Words are just not enough.

    Marlene Rajan

    Mel, Friend/Peer
  • I knew Nestor all his life. Shortly after he was born, my very dear friend Alicia gave me the honor of becoming more than just another acquaintance of his. Nestor was a gentle and compassionate person who gave unconditional love to all without hesitation. He’s the son I never had and could never have. I always felt this way and only wish I had told him more often. I believe that a person like Nestor could only go to Heaven. So, Nestor, please hear me: “Ma” & I are so sorry that we couldn’t protect you from this horrible day. I miss you and I Love You!

    Janet Eck, Madrina (Godmom)
  • I knew Nestor all of his life. I didn’t see him often, mostly just at family gatherings. When he was young I used to carry him around and play with him. Back then he was probably about two feet tall and I was about four feet tall. Life got in the way and growth spurts happened and I didn’t see Nestor for quite a few years. Then during this past summer, Nestor’s grandmother passed away and I went to the viewing. When I stepped up to give my condolences to him and his mom, he politely shook my hand, looked down at me and said “you used to carry me when I was a kid”. Now this wouldn’t seem like much but the funny part of it is he had grown like a tree: tall, strong and handsome. I, still a little over four feet tall, looked up and said “YUP”. He got a kick out of looking down at me. What I remember most about Nestor, besides the fact that his mother adored him and lit up every time she spoke of him, was his pleasant, kind and gentle demeanor. Even if he hadn’t seen you for a while he treated you like he had just seen you yesterday. He was a good decent guy and Alicia, you have a lot to be proud of. Hopefully, find some comfort in knowing your angel is at peace and thought of with much respect by those of us who had the privilege of carrying him around. Peace! Grilla.

    Ana M. Cintron (Grilla), Cousin of his cousin
  • Alicia: I didn’t know Nestor that well and I am not sure if you remember me, I was a trainee in the Cantor training program and sat at your desk for awhile. I wanted to express how sorry I am for your loss. I know your son meant the world to you, and I can not imagine how painful it must be. Please know there are people thinking of you and Nestor. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Jennifer Kleissler

    Jennifer Kleissler, former Co-Worker
  • Nestor and I had long talks during the year I worked at Colgate University and every conversation included you, Alicia, and his brothers. He loved you all so very much and wanted to do everything in his power to show it. He was intelligent, compassionate, and so open to learning about everything. We talked, danced,laughed-he was at my wedding, visited my home, played with my baby boy…Thank You, Nestor for being our friend. My mom and sister pray for your family. See ya’ in heaven where we can discuss the Celestine Prophecy!

    Joanne Martinez, Friend
  • It has taken me a long time to write a tribute. Maybe b/c I don’t want to accept that you are physically gone my brother. Maybe b/c I am not ready to say goodbye or maybe b/c I miss you. You have shared your life and wisdom with me through my college experience, my marriage, my life and the birth of my son. I can honestly say that you have made me the man I am today. At times, I hear your voice amidst this whole tragedy saying “Joe, everything is going to be ok.” I hear you say to me, “A man lives his life by his accomplishments in life and not by what he fails to do.” You have lived and accomplished your purpose by your words actions, love and by your friendship. Every day, I take these words of treasure to motivate me to be the man you continue to be in my heart. I will continue to make you proud until we meet again mi hermano.

    Joseph S. Ugarte, Friend & brother
  • Nestor,

    We spent most of our time at Colgate playing around and joking about martial arts but I always knew that you were a good person with a kind soul. You always had a funny word to say and a way to make someone laugh. Your light in this world may have been extinguished but your memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew you and loved you.

    Take care and I’ll see you on the other side

    Tyree Stokely aka “Ty-Weed”

    Tyree M. Stokely, Friend
  • I knew Nestor as a person. He was very caring person to others. He was always there when others needed him. Nestor never turned his back when someone needed his help. I will have in my memories and I will never forget him.

    Julio Ramirez, a very good friend


    Manny Gonzalez, Best friend/ family member/college pal
  • I had the great honor of meeting Nestor through his mom, my “second mom” Alicia. I could not have asked to meet two people more wonderful then the two of them. Nestor was a wonderful person who always made his mom and his brothers so proud of him. I remember the joy and pride in Alicia’s eyes when he graduated from college and them went on to enter the business world. When he took the job at Cantor I was so happy for him because I knew how close he was to his mom and this gave him the chance to both excel in the trading field and spend more time with his mom.
    Nestor always had a smile on his face and a gentle word whenever I saw him. I will miss not seeing him, but I know he is with us always. May Alicia, Chris and Fred know that you are all always in my heart and prayers, and that I love you all. May God Bless, rest in peace Nestor.


    Carol Munoz, Friend/co-worker
  • Although our humble Nestor would most certainly cringe at the site of this tribute, this outpouring of emotion is definitely warranted. For me, thinking of Nestor brings me back to Colgate when we shared a crib, a radio show and many funny & profound moments. He will be missed by too many to count. My sympathies go out to his mother, brothers, father and extended family and friends. Since I owe my activist origins to Nestor, it’s only fitting that my tribute to his legacy be my never-ending pursuit of social justice. Thank you Bro!

    Jose Davila, Friend & College Roommate
  • Dear Nestor,

    Although we never met, I feel that I know the incredible gift this world had in you. Through God’s grace, my grieving family has come to know and love your mother who continues to be a source of inspiration and strength to us and so many other families. We will never forget your courage and heroism. There is no doubt that you are guiding and helping us everday. With all my love, Marie Granieri, 9-11 Family Member

    marie granieri, 9-11 Family Member and Friend
  • Meeting Nestor, during the summer before his freshman year at Colgate in 1992, was one of the many pleasures that I had as a summer counselor. He brought an enthusiasm and energy that truly made him different. I fondly recall his warm friendliness in small group sessions. I will miss you, Nestor.

    Sean R. Delgado, Friend/Colgate Summer 1992 Counselor

    manny gonzalez, family friend
  • Nestor I finally brought you home. I know this is what you wanted. I just cannot believe that you not here with me. I am still hurting from the broken heart I am having a hard time with this and I ask god to help me everynight. The dreams are so real going back to that day and knowing that you and all the guys are not here is just so hard for me to cope with. I wish I was with you because I would have not been hurting like I am. I miss all the guys and it hurts me everyday. I know you are in a better place but I miss you and can’t seem to live without you. So sleep my sweet angel for I will someday be with you.

    With all my love your mother
    Alicia LeGuillow

    Alicia LeGuillow, Mother
  • I knew Nestor through his friendship with my sister. Although I only spoke with him when he would call the house or the occassional e-mail, I remember many things that were wonderful about him, like how much he loved his work and how he had this great way with words and advice.

    Karen LLanos, sister of a friend
  • Nestor was always the guy who awed me. Not only with his wisdom but with his natural talent to be the guy. He was always wiling to give before recieving, one thing I enjoyed recieving from him was advice. He was always insightful and a pleasure to be around. I will always miss his humor and wisdom very much.

    Jose E. Fortuna

    Jose E. Fortuna, Close Freind
  • Hi Nestor it is November 24, 2003 and yet I wait by the door to see if you come home. I miss you so much and your brothers too. Your brother love the dreams in which you come to see them. They feel if that is the only way you can communicate they embrace it with open arms. I too wait for you to come into my dreams just to hold you and tell you how much I really love you. Your niece is going to be two years old now on January 16. You would love her so much because she came out just like you in smart ways. She will go places when she grows up. She see your picture and said to me that is my uncle. I smile and tears come down upon my face. Thanksgiving is this week and I know it won’t be the same without you. Please remember we have you in our prayers and hope to see you again. With all my heart. Love your mother Alicia

    Alicia LeGuillow, mother
  • Damn bro it took me so many years to finally come up with something to say about you. You showed me what it really meant to be a man in life all these years I had the GREATEST honor of knowing you. I still struggle today with your loss and I know you are around me in spirit. Today as of this writing marks the 4th year since my life was destroyed. I find it soooo hard not to brake down(Must stay strong for Mom and Aries your once future wife) walking down the big ramp to put flowers for you and the rest of the victims who some i know personally that worked with you on 105 Tower 1 Cantor. I will never forget visiting you and mom and hanging out with the Cantor crew who treated me like if I was apart of the family, it hurts me still knowing that Mom, Chris and myself could have perished with you on that most horrendous day. Nestor theres so much more to you than ANYONE would other than me know about you, your talent and ingenius mind were so far beyond anyone ive ever met that it hurts to see someone such as yourself go down like that. My brother I pray you will be there when my time comes, I PRAY that we will be together again bro I LOVE YOU man.

    Fred Gonzalez Jr, Brother / Apprentice
  • 5 yrs has passed, and not one day i dont think about ya.
    I know you would say to keep strong, and live my life. As many of us have found out, you were such a big part of lives, that it is difficult

    but we mange to live, some way some how
    i guess you have given us strength to continue even when your gone.
    but until next time …

    manny gonzalez, brother, friend
  • Dear Nestor:

    On this, the Fifth Anniversary of
    September 11th, please know that you are still deeply missed and loved by the Davila Family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family, and you will be forever in our hearts. Jose, Melinda, Cian, D.J. and myself will love you always!

    Debra Ann Davila
    Mother of Jose Davila
    Colgate Class of 1997

    Debra Ann Davila, Mother of Jose Davila
  • Friday, November 2, 2007

    Dearest Nestor:

    Thinking about you today and wishing you a
    Happy 33rd Birthday in Heaven.

    With Motherly Love,
    Debra Ann Davila
    Mother of Jose Davila
    Colgate University, Class of 1997

    Debra Ann Davila, Family Friend
  • Alicia, I’ve been worried about you since that day, Finally, I’ve found to this page and that you’ve been going through this hardship… I’m in deep sorrow. Although I’ve never met Nestor, I feel like I’m familiar with him. I still can recall one day in summer ’96 when I worked at Cantor as a internship student, you showed me pic of Nestor, and told me about him and your kids proudly. You are very close to each other and I know how much you love Nestor and other sons. Nestor must have been a great young man because you are a wonderful mother. Please remember that I think of you. May his soul rest in peace.

    Megumi AJIMA, Former co-worker of your mother
  • its beena whiles, 20 yrs later , and still missing you. just wanted to let you know we still think about ya, and all those who we lost that day.

    Manny Gonzalez

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