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  Margaret Conner

Date of Birth: August 27, 1944
Department: Facilities
Position: Operator/Receptionist

Margaret was the receptionist on our floor of the World Trade Center, 103. Every morning, it was her cheery hello that greeted me as I came in to work. It was the same distance to my cubicle whether I went the back way, or the front way past Margaret. I always chose to go by Margaret. Once I heard someone tell her that she was the only person she knew who was always nice. One of the hardest things about coming back to work was not having Margaret there to greet me in the morning. She was a wonderful person!

Virginia Pfeiffer, co-worker
  • Margaret, my wife…my life…

    Margaret was paid to answer phones and meet and greet people. She did so much more. I am told by numerous co-workers that she was good at what she did. She was always there with a smile for everyone who passed by her desk.
    Always with a word of welcome advice, a shoulder to cry on and an ear for those who didn’t have someone to hear them. Margaret loved working at Cantor Fitzgerald and loved the people that worked there. Her “guys”, the security guards, were very special to her. Margaret was a spiritual person and I am sure that when the time came on that September day the people she spent her last minutes with were spiritual also. That is my only source of comfort that has come from this tragedy.

    Margaret’s passing has left an emptiness in the hearts of her Daughter
    Corrine, Granddaughter Nicole, Son-in-law Scott, Sisters Patricia, Francine and Maryann (deceased), and Brothers Kevin, Frank and Robert, not to mention everyone she touched in her time here on earth.

    I love you. Michael

    Michael, Husband
  • A lot of warm words have been passed with sincerity, sorrow and grief from all the people who have crossed paths with my sister Peggy. She possessed a certin kind of sincerity that you rarely find. She listened, and gave support and let you know, she was in your corner unconditionally. She was the essence of giving her all, cause she cared about people whether she knew them or not. Her message is simple, loud, and clear, love rules.. I’m missing her everyday…
    Love Cooey

  • To my surrogate mom,
    I miss your smiling face every morning and hearing your laugh. I miss the good advice and the stories about your grand-daughter. I was so fortunate to know you for such a brief time, I can’t believe that you aren’t here anymore, taking care of all of us.
    I think of you everyday, watch over all of us from above.
    I love you,

    Kate, Friend and co-worker
  • I lost my best friend (Peggy) on Sept 11. For the first couple of months it almost seemed like it really didn’t happen. Now that more time has passed it has become very real. What a wonderful friendship we had. I could talk to Peggy about anything. Her family has many reasons to be proud of her. She loved them so much. It’s not everyday that you meet someone as compassionate & caring as Peggy was. What a blessing she was & I’m thankful that it was in God’s plan for our paths to cross…I miss you Peggy & I love you. Janet

    Janet Schulze, Friend
  • If she wasn’t breaking up a fight at our house when we were kids, she was talking to the nuns and explaining the reason for our disruptive behavior.
    Whatever the “hook” that was caught in our mouths,
    she had the ability to take it out gently like that of a surgeon. When we were “smacked”, there was no better soothing medicine then the “hug” of Peggy. God almighty I miss her and I wonder if we will ever get over this manaical incident. Peggy
    would want us to, therefore we must…

    Kevin Burns, Brother
  • What can you say about Margaret other than just “sunshine”! I didn’t get to meet her family until her memorial, but when I did it was like I knew everyone. When her daughter began renovating her home in 2000, I was doing renovations in our home also. Margaret became the spokesperson for us regarding the different funny “horror” stories we both shared during our separate renovations. It was like I already knew what her daughter’s home looked like..and her daughter knew mine. Outside of being my “fashion critic” and shopping gossip buddy…we loved to talk about everything going in our families. I saw Margaret at least 3 times a day to check on her. The funny thing was that after 9/11, I went to one of my favorite local diners in Park Slope and wanted to see another friend of name Francine. She started to tell me that she lost her sister in the WTC and said she was on 103rd floor. Then she said her name was “Margaret”. I nearly fell out because I’d had befriended her sister 8 mos earlier and would always visit the diner after late night renovations. I guess I was destined to meet Margaret and her family…she was a blessing! I miss her everyday. Love and God’s continued blessings to her family.

    Felicia Gomes-Gregory, Co-worker, QA team
  • I believe it was destiny that I met Margaret last summer one sunny summer day. As she approached me coming up the hill, in Fort Hamilton, where I rest near the sea, I saw light around her. We spoke of life and her faith and I was impressed by her humor. I never understood at the time why Francine, her sister, invited me, just an acquaintance, to join in celebrating her son’s birthday just two weeks prior to 9/11, but I now see that it was part of a Divine Plan. Fran would need a friend. Perhaps some of us are indeed
    “angels” to help others in their time of need. I feel strongly that is the reason I met Margaret and now have bonded with her sister. I will do all I can to be a “friend”. Margaret’s faith brought her to Heaven.
    Sincerely, Joanne Marie DeAngelis

    Joanne Marie DeAngelis, acquaintance
  • Peggy

    A powerful personality
    To meet her and get to know her is like finding a rare gem
    She sparkles in so many ways
    Always there to give her all to those in need
    It came so naturally

    I miss you Peg. You’ll live in my heart forever -Till we meet again

    Love, Colleen

    Colleen Burns, Sister-In-Law
  • What I remember most about my sister Margaret was our childhood. Margaret & I were gutter rats, we loved going to Prospect Park roller skating and Sunset Park to swim and most of all we loved to go Trick or Treat at Halloween & Thanksgiving. The funniest thing we did together was dressing up on Thanksgiving to go begging. Our plan was to visit our neighbors who lived in the lime stone buildings that sit along Prospect Park and hoped that people would love our costumes and give us money to buy Devil Dogs and Pepsi, because growing up in a large family only supplied a small allowance. So we created our own schemes on how we would achieve these things. My childhood spent with Margaret was the most fulfilling memories that a sister could have. Our summer vacations didn’t consist of summer camps and planned vacations, so we had to be creative and find adventure and fun. We found a Public School called PS10, where they had every activity including, ping pong, hop scotch, track and free lunch. My other memories of Margaret was when we both found baby-sitting jobs, so that we could go to the RKO movie house and watch the same movie over and over while eating popcorn until they threw us out. The found memories of these years will always be in my heart.
    Always & Forever, your sister Francine

    Francine Burns, Sister
  • The day I met Peg she was reading a book on spirituality at her desk. We started chatting and we both knew we would become good friends. We enjoyed lunches on Saturdays and sharing stories about our daughters and families. She was so upbeat about her whole life and Michael. I miss her soooo much. I can still hear her “Get out of here” in that NY accent. I love you Peg and I will always miss you. You will be in my heart forever. Love Elaine

    Elaine Williams RN, Friend and coworker
  • Margaret,

    You were my reminder to have faith when times were tough. I will always remember your smile and
    positive personality. I miss you dearly and I miss our chats. Know that you are in my thoughts often.


    Tracy, co-worker
  • Margaret is, by far, the sweetest person I ever met. When she first started at Cantor my desk was in a place that allowed me to pass her each morning and each evening…and numerous times throughout the day. As I moved around the building I wouldn’t get to pass her as often, but even if she got a glimpse of me she would stretch out her arm and wave to me…letting me I know I was worth noticing.

    When you had her attention, you had all of it… She made you feel wonderful about yourself and made the worst days at work much more bearable. I can only imagine what she did for those she knew better and loved more. She is simply remarkable. I will miss her warm greetings, her zest for life, and her openness to hear and understand everyone…and the memory of her will always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

    With love & admiration,

    Dan McCarthy, Co-worker and friend
  • Nobody has had a greater impact on my spiritual life than Margaret. The first day I met her I was overly impressed with how straight forward and honest she was. Nothing was held back, and therefore, I was unable to hold anything back, and that is what made her so special.

    Peggy never took the easy way out. She did not have an easy life, especially in the beginning. But, with the help of God, she overcame every obstacle and taught us how to as well. With her deep understanding of the Truth I can think of nobody better to greet us in the next World.

    God Bless, Love Scott

    Scott, Son-in-Law
  • Margaret was a great person in my life. She made me feel comfortable when I was with her. She was not only a loving Nana to me, but a great person to everyone. She touched everyone’s heart in a kind, nice way. I wish I could be with her again and I am sure everyone else does, too. I am sure that on that day in September she knew she would be in a better place soon, and she will remember us all with love as much as we do to her. I loved my Nana as much as anyone else could. I miss you.

    Love, Nicole

    Nicole, Granddaughter
  • Peggy,
    I always think the most of you the time you came in from California to take care of the kids when I got sick in 1986. We spent so much time together and had so many laughs. Marie in the cast, cleaning, the madness and yet we made the best of it. I remember you calling me when you got home, you were tired for a month. I always felt like you were the older sister. You changed into this angel in the last five years with qualities that anyone would want. Thanks for everything then and now.

    Patricia, Sister
  • I only had the privilege of meeting Peggy once at her sister Pat’s 60th suprise birthday party and she seemed to be the life of the party. I remember people hanging out in the kitchen with the radio playing and Peggy dancing in the kitchen. She was full of life and energy. I’m sorry for her daughter, sisters, brothers, husband and everyone who loved her.

    John Englebert, niece Marie's boyfriend
  • Seeing Margaret’s smiling face every morning on the 103rd floor was something I suspect we all secretly looked forward to!. Who doesn’t recall her positive energy or sincere sense of caring?.
    We all thank Margaret for her friendship and for helping us feel good about ourselves.

    May God watch over those Margaret loved and cherished.

    Christopher Marino

    Christopher Marino, Friend/Co-worker
  • On September 8th, I threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my Mom. Aunt Pegy – AKA – Diva met me for lunch in the city in May and we began planning then. In the weeks before the date, we were talking every few days. I would call her at work, 938-5000, she’d put me on hold a lot because she’d always be inundated with calls but never said she was too busy to talk, never.

    I never dreamed that this party would be the last time I would ever see my Aunt Peggy. I just took for granted that I’d hear her sweet voice and see her bright smile once again. I’ll never forget her sweetness, kindness and thoughtfulness and miss her terribly. She is simply irreplaceable.

    Susan Cuozzo, Niece, friend, admirer
  • I knew ‘Aunt Peggy’ my whole life, but I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her too often in my adult years. One thing I always knew was when Sue would tell me Aunt Peggy was going to be somewhere we were going, we were definitely in for a great time. I wasn’t able to attend Pat’s 60th birthday party, but when my mom got back all she did was talk about how great it was to see Peggy, Pat and Francine. She had such a great time with the girls, I was really sorry I missed it.

    When Sue called me on the 11th to tell me Aunt Peggy was missing I just sat down and cried. I cried for Susan, Pat and the family. I knew I didn’t have to cry for Peggy, she always trusted in God and I knew he would not fail her in her final moments. She is in a better place. And if I know Peggy, heaven is a lot more fun since she arrived.

    Jennifer, niece Susan's best friend
  • The one thing about Peggy is that she could make anyone laugh. Every time she would call I would say “hello” and she would say “Marie” in such a way we would both go hysterical laughing for 10 minutes. She had a great sense of humor. The thing that I regret the most is not getting to see her as much as I could of. When she moved back to New York she was living so close to me that it sounds crazy that we never got together. But at least I got to see her one last time, it was only just a couple of days before the WTC tragedy. That last time will remain my memory of her forever.
    Love Always

    Marie Cuozzo, Niece
  • Margaret was a wonderful person. I knew her as Peggy. I met her when I worked at CBS where her sister and my bestfriend Francine worked, this was in 1981. On a trip to California, when again I spent time with her other sister Maryann (who is also in Heaven)we all had a beautiful day and lunch in Sausalito, CA. I will never forget how beautiful it was. I always treasured that day but now I treasure it even more! Love you Peggy.

    Olga (A Good friend)

    Olga Khoshaba, Friend
  • Hi! Margaret,

    Just want you to know I’m thinking of you and I really miss speaking to you.


    Tracy, Friend
  • Michael-
    I worked at Cantor Fitzgerald until 6/02 and I never had the opportunity to meet to your wife, however I just wanted to tell you that your story in the Daily Word touched my heart. I’ve been all out of sorts this past month due to the anniversary of 9/11 amongst many other changes in my life so I didn’t get a chance to read the September stories until the other day. I’m also a very spiritual person and believe that your wife is in a better place. You will be united with her one day. Until then – cherish your memories. My deepest sympathies.
    Warm Regards,
    Eileen Hopkins

    Eileen Hopkins, Co-Worker

    This how I always called Margaret! I miss her very much, her sense of humour and her smile. I am honored having the pleasure of meeting such a great person.!!!

    Flover Co-Worker

    Flover, Barrero

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