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  Brian Thomas Cummins

Date of Birth: January 6, 1963
Position: Equity Market Maker, Partner

Brian Cummins was born on January 6th, 1963 in Somerville, New Jersey, the fourth son of 6 boys. We grew up in Belle Mead, New Jersey, a small town outside of Princeton, New Jersey. We had a remarkably close family and as brothers we still remain the closest friends, speaking with each other every day and seeing each other almost weekly- Brian was truly a
unique individual- everyone who met him was impacted by him. You knew when you met him that he was not the average guy on the street. From the time he was little, he showed a remarkable talent in school and in the way he absorbed everything around him. He was a natural math whiz. He won state math awards starting in 5th grade. He had sharp, quick, alert eyes that took you in with every conversation-He could immediately grasp situations for what they were. He had fun. He went on to college at the University of Colorado, then on to Rutgers for his MBA. He surfed, he loved skiing, and he loved going out. He always showed up to work early or on time though. He worked harder than most people ever will and earned every success the hard way. He was committed to whatever he got involved in. After college and during grad school- he started a highly successful waterfront seafood restaurant which he gave up after his MBA was earned to go on to start as an assistant for DLJ. He worked on the floor of the NYSE before moving on to Cantor Fitzgerald in 1993-where he survived the first terrorist attack. He started as an assistant trader and earned his way up the ladder, becoming an Equity Market Maker and Partner at the firm. His colleagues and bosses would all probably say the same thing about Brian- he was driven to succeed. I believe he enjoyed the process of accomplishing and shunned the idea of his own success and replaced it with the desire to do better. He was one of the sharpest guys I’ve ever met. He prodded and pushed you to do well and was the first to help you out the second you needed it. He was generous. He did a lot of good deeds and kind favors we’re only just learning about now. He was my big brother. Some people might say he burnt the candle at both ends-and we’re glad he did. He was a Roman Catholic and believed in God. He worked on the 104th floor of World Trade Center #1. Firemen recovered his body on October 30th and he was buried at Madonna Cemetery in Fort Lee, New Jersey on Saturday November 3rd, 2001 next to his brother Patrick. He is survived by his parents: Martin & Maureen Cummins of Manasquan, NJ, His 4 brothers and their wives: Martin & Karen Cummins, Michael and Catherine Cummins, John & Kathleen Cummins, and Brendan & Kathleen Cummins as well as 9 nephews and nieces. In lieu of flowers, Checks can be sent to SunlightKids-Brian Cummins Memorial Scholarship for the Blind, P.O. Box 75, Old Greenwich, CT 06870.

Brendan Cummins, Brother
  • Brian,
    I have seen so many pictures of you with your beloved fiancee Debbie that I feel like I know you. I only wish I had the opportunity to meet you. Life has been so unfair. I cried when I saw your fiancee put your picture up on the memorial wall next to your friend, she wanted you to be with your friend. I hope you are with your friend now and maybe even my fiance that died along with you that day. I know you are greatly missed by Debbie as I feel the pain of loss also. Please look down from time to time and throw a kiss to her for strength…and have a drink with with my fiance for me.

    Lucia, friend of fiancee
  • Brian and I were great friends, we had a lot of laughs together. He definately lived a fun life but it was cut way too short. I remember I was really down one year around my birthday and Brian showed up at my apartment with two tickets to Cabo San Lucas and we flew out the next day. We had tons of laughs there as it was July and hotter than heck – he couldnt believe he picked such a hot place in July. Another great memory is when he took a group of us our on a chartered fishing yacht in Brielle, NJ – he laughed because I was hungover and seasick the entire trip. All of the men were having beers and could not use the bathroom because i could not get out of it due to the sea sickness – finally i said stop the boat and jumped in the ocean just to make the sickness stop – eveyone laughed. My last story is when a group of us went to a black tie – Brian would always bid up the silent auction sheets with his friends names which caused for tons of laughs as well – quite the practical joker, like a little kid actually. On Sept 7th, 2001 (my birthday) Brian took me out to dinner – he always said no one should be alone on their bday. That was the last time that I saw him. On 9/11, I raced over to his apartment and buzzed the bell hoping that maybe he had “had a big night out” or was on a ski trip or something – but no answer, I was devistated. Brian was such a good soul, totally caring for others and life of the party. I think of him often and just smile with the memory. He is in a good place and looking down on us all.

    Allie Durr, a good friend

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