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  Thomas Damaskinos

Date of Birth: April 17, 1968
Position: Vice-President of Operations

Thomas Damaskinos was born on April 17, 1968 in Staten Island, New York to Vivien and Ted Damaskinos. Being the last of five boys, Tom was known as “the baby” and learned quickly how to take advantage of the situation. His quick, often sarcastic humor, and his love of terrorizing his brothers and playing practical jokes made him the favorite.

He started Cantor Fitzgerald after the birth of his daughter Jessica in 1988. Starting in Office Services he quickly worked his way through the ranks in departments such as Accounting, Operations and the Swap desk. He was well known and liked throughout the firm. Everyone that knows him has at least one hilarious story to tell.

In 1998, he married former employee of Cantor Fitzgerald, Jennifer Hanna. They live in New Jersey and have a beautiful son Matthew, born in 1999, who looks exactly like his daddy. Tom loved to play golf on the weekends with the guys from work and spend time with his family.

To know him is to love him, and he is dearly missed by all of us.

Thomas’ Family and Friends,
  • I worked with “Bart” for many years and I can’t remember having one conversation with him without him making me laugh. Thanks Bart, my prayers are with you and your family.

    Mary Terjesen, former coworker
  • I worked with “Bart” for several years on the Swap Desk. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t make me and everyone else laugh. He was a great co-worker and a great friend!

    Eddie Billigmeier, Former Co-Worker
  • When I think of my time at Cantor in LA, the two figures who loom largest are Uncle Tom and Kevin Borsilli. These two were the funniest pair I had ever come across. Tom had a tremendous sense of humour. His self-deprecating manner made him an instant friend. I always felt comfortable around him because he had a way of putting people at ease with his smile and his quick wit. He loved his daughter Jessie with everything he had, and it was a joy to witness. When I heard that Tom had remarried, I was so happy to hear that he had found love again. I think of Tom and his family often. I hope Jessie knows how much he loved her. My heart and prayers go out to Jennifer, Jessie and Matthew.

    Holly Agnew, Co-worker in LA office, 1996
  • Tom,
    One word describes you – Special.
    We first met working at Flowertime on SI. I got things off to a bad start, but as time went on we grew to be best of friends. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, but that wasn’t the case with Tom, he ALWAYS gave you opportunities and he always saw the good in people. As time went on we went different ways but we always seemed to keep in touch and then eventually get back side by side together again – most people saw me and Tom as brothers or as a team and I was always so proud of that, and I know Tom was too. I LOVE YOU PAL. P.S. BART – MILHOUSE MISSES YOU.

    Kevin Borsilli, co-worker, friend, co-worker, FRIEND
  • Bart was a great guy. He was very funny in his own dry, sarcastic, and witty way. Many times he would walk away from my desk after delivering a funny quip; and I’d be stunned with a smile as the joke set in. As he walked away, I would shake my head in amusement, as I admired his sense of humor and hard work.

    Bond Broker, Co-worker
  • Bart you sure made us laugh. Jennifer, I am so sad for your loss-Matthew is truly a beautiful reminder of your too short life with Tom.
    When Tom and crew got to LA there were some interesting experiences we all shared, none of which were not fun or hard work. Bart was always there to break up the pressure with some stupid joke or prank or story that always made us laugh.
    It is so sad. I can only wish your family, wife and children strength to carry on, and the ability to always smile in your honor.
    God Bless

    Dawn, co-worker
  • I have so much to say but I thought this might make you smile a little bit,

    The morning of the 11th I saw him, he woke me up for school and we talked while getting ready. He asked me if I knew any Giant fans, and that if I did then try not to laugh in their faces to hard considering the broncos kicked butt the nite before. He also told me that on the MTV music awards Ja-Rule was looking beefy.

    So much more to say about him that I can’t even write it all down, i love you and miss you daddy

    Jessica Damaskinos, loving daughter, best friend
  • I first met Tom(Bart) when he joined the Accounting Department at Cantor FitzGerald. I instantly took a liking to him. His quick wit and the humorous contraptions he made kept everyone laughing.
    A HUGE Bronco fan, him and I took a trip to Buffalo to see the Broncos play the Bills. Tom called every Hotel/Motel in town trying to find out where John Elway was staying. He knew all the aliases Elway used when traveling on road trips. We didn’t find Elway but had a great time with many laughs.

    Terry Buckley, Friend, former colleague
  • As a former CFITZ employee, I had the opportunity to work with Thomas, John Gnazzo, Matt Burke, members of the “Transition Team” for the L.A. TO N.Y. project. Although I did not work closely with Thomas, his loss, like many others is heartfelt. Moreover, Thomas’ wife Jennifer, was also a co-worker of mine (L.A. ofc). Jen, you and your son will be in my thoughts and in my prayers, and just like Peggy states – “never give up”. Keep looking towards the heavens, you have an angel looking down on both of you.
    Keep The Faith!

    J.R. Reece, Former co-worker (L.A. ofc.)
  • Dear Jen, It’s a small world and things like this prove it. I met your step-father on Friday (11/16/01)at the chiropractor’s office I’m working at(in Thousand Oaks, CA). What a nice man, so proud of you and the strength you possess. I think we could have talked for hours about you and Tom, but neither could do so without crying, so we limited ourselves to conversation we could handle. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you and pray for your family every night. Stay strong and focussed. The “kids” need you now more than ever. Much Love,
    peg and bert chappell

    Peggy Chappell (nee Lownes), Co-worker and Friend
  • Tom and my husband John were best of friends. I don’t think anyone could not like Tom. He was so sincere, kind, smart, and funny. He was always there to lend a helping hand. I will miss you Tom.
    Jen: Knowing that our husbands are together makes it somewhat comforting. Our lives have changed forever, but we will be here for each other, and their legacies will live on through their children.
    Jess and Mathew: Know that your dad was a great man (hero). He will be your guardian angel forever. He loved all of you so very much.

    Helene Gnazzo, Friend
  • I understand why Tom will be missed so much; I could not have asked for more in a son-in-law. Once while he was visiting us in Los Angeles, I served a very “California” salad, with a dozen types of greens, pine nuts, etc. Tom looked at the plate for a few moments and said, “there’s a lot going on in that salad.” The quote has remained with us ever since, as being the quintessential Tom. As much as he was, is how much we now miss, and the void is huge.

    Judi Cohen, Mother-in-Law
  • Bart was one of the nicest and funniest human beings I have had the honor of knowing. He had a special and rare gift of using humor to let a person know he cared about them. I used to laugh very hard when I told people about Bart; now that laughter is tempered with a deep sense of loss.

    Bart, you will be missed but never forgotten.


    John P. Burns, Co-Worker. SWAPS
  • You could always tell Damo loved everything about his life. I would ask him about his weekend or how his vacation was, and he would talk for hours on end if he could about his wife and his two children. He would tell me of his trips to Disney and how he would be so content if his life just consisted of him and his family sitting on the couch watching endless re-runs of “The Simpsons'” and old Bronco games. He always made a point of telling me how confident he was in me and the job that I would do. I guess that was just him… always positive about everything and making sure the people he was around always had a laugh and a smile while in his presence. Watching him and Naz together at work was like watching two little boys who could never stop goofing around in the back of the classroom. I salute you my man. Your family is in my prayers and may your love for them shine throughout their lives.

    Tommy Cosenza, friend & co-worker
  • My Brother Tom was a wonderful person. Making people feel at ease was just one of his many talents. Throughout his life he has touched so many people with his kindness, humor and love. When I read most of the tributes printed here they talk about his sense of humor. Yes, Tom was a funny person to be around. He never had a problem getting me to laugh, or making light of a stressful situation. Tom was genuine. You always knew where you stood with him. I am so proud of my brother for so many reasons, but I think Tom would have been most proud of his Family. Being a father and husband was a job he truly loved and it showed. A day does not go by when I don’t find myself thinking about Tom. I still talk to him daily and I know he is together with my Mom watching over all of us that loved him.
    Tom, I love you and we will be together again someday. Till then I will keep you in my thoughts and my prayers.

    James Damaskinos, Brother

  • I remember when Jen met Tom, she told me that this was the guy she was going to marry. Sure enough it came true. I was so happy to be a part of the wedding party, it was one of the happiest of times for all of us.
    Tom’s love of playing pranks, love of the Simpson’s, and of course his love of the Broncos will never be forgotten. Most of all, Tom’s love for Jen, Jess and Matthew will always live forever in thier hearts.

    Deborah Hibbs, Friend
  • Tommy, excuse me, I mean Bart. I came into work today and your laugh, oh that laugh was resonating in my head. Tom and I worked together for 10 years. He made the environment at work a little more bearable, because he had a very positive aura about him. It was a pleasure to be around him – Tom, I miss you. My condolences go out to his family. Especially his wife and daughter, Jessie. Jessie, I uplift you in prayer – in your short young life, you have been through so much. So many changes and so many adjustments. I can relate to your pain and suffering. G-D bless you all.

    David Bellows, Co-worker and Friend
  • I would like to pay tribute to Tom as I remember him from High School. He was the Class Clown (to say the least). The only one I knew who would be absent most of the time, then show up on the day of the test and get 100%. When he walked into the classroom, he would make everyone laugh and had a funny, sarcastic, yet intelligent way of intimidating the teacher without ever getting himself into trouble. I knew that he would go on to be very happy and successful in whatever he did.
    Everyone was disappointed that he never showed up for Graduation Day, and I haven’t been in touch with him since 1986, but just from reading some of these tributes, I can proudly say that Tom (Bart) had left behind a legacy within his short lifetime and has most defintely made the grade to those who knew him well.
    My heart goes out to the loved ones.
    God Bless you all.

    Joe Galimi, High School Buddy
  • I met Tom after transferring into the “cage” from the mail room. I was the worst in math, and he helped me out so much when I was trying to match trades. He was hilarious. While I watched the events unfold, he was the first person I thought of. We had countless nights at Yankee games, laughing and cheering. You will be sorely missed. My prayers are with all family members-

    Bill Ferrie

    Bill Ferrie, Ex co-worker
  • Dear Tom, Like the movie (It’s a Wonderful Life), you need to know how many lives you affected and how many good things generated from you being you. My first trip to New York City was because of your marriage to my niece Jennifer. I fell in love with the city and you took us to a hole in the wall pizza place and I had the best pizza in the world and you gave me the secret to why that was the best pizza….I love Chicago, but NY has the best pizza…thank you Tom. Then I watched you and Jennifer together and how wonderful it was to see how much you loved each other. I was so happy for you both…you two were meant to be together and make a family…but the sadness of you not here is so overwhelming. All I will ask of you now is to help Jennifer, Jessica and Matthew and your family to cope with your death. You were so good I know you are in heaven and you have the Best Connection, so please help all of us to learn how to live without you…
    Donna and Jack

  • Barty was my mentor on the Swap Desk in 1995. When I first started on the desk I was very nervous but Bart showed me the ropes and showed me how to enjoy the job by not taking everything so seriously. I worked side by side with him every single day, and after work we would go out and play darts. His skill with darts was amazing. I will always remember the first time I saw his vast library of “The Simpsons”. One of his special qualities was the ability to make you laugh, no matter how dark your mood. He truly was a special person, and I will truly miss him.

    David Amisano, Friend and co-worker 1994-1995
  • Tom was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. In the time I worked with him I don’t think I ever saw him get mad at anyone. He had a way of finding humor in all situations. He was also one of the smartest guys in the cage. If I ever had a problem I knew Tom would be able to figure it out. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker

  • Tom,
    You were always a class act. If there was a Davidsohn problem you never got upset and would just fix it. Your love for wrestling is unsurpassed. I can remember all of us in the skybox for a Ranger game and there you were watching wrestling on the TV. I miss you and all the others.

    Your Friend Mike Bivona

    Michael Bivona, Friend
  • Although Tom and I did not keep in touch after High School, he is the one friend I will always think fondly of when I think of those years. We became friends in our freshman year and whenever anyone in the school saw one of us, the other wasn’t far behind. Some of the best memories I have with him are of us inventing new ways to try and keep our minds off of us “BEING” in High School. Like during our shop class we would watch out of the window to bet on the “Pigeon Races” or “Pigeon Boxing”. We would both watch the Looney Tunes cartoon of that morning and then give each other quizzes about the shows. We created a new sport on McKee Tech’s broken down tennis courts called “Half-Ball Hockey” in which we used the broken halves of the black handballs and combined the rules of hockey and soccer. The one thing I will cherish the most is how we planned for weeks that we would ditch school by a certain period and head down to the nearest movie theater and see a matinee of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”. We went on the first day and saw the first showing. There were no lines and we got there early enough to get the best seats. After it was over we walked out to a line going all the way towards the K-Mart, and we were so very tempted at screaming to everyone that Darth Vader died and Lea was Luke’s sister. But we didn’t. It was one of the best days of my life. I will love him always for those years when I needed a friend and he was there.

    Sal Gandolfo, High School friend
  • Tom and I worked together for many years and those who knew him as a friend, knew him as Bart. Knowing Tom was knowing a dear friend who would always lend and ear and when he wasn’t working he was being a friend. All he spoke about was the love for his daughter. He would walk on hot coal for his little girl.

    Jose Pichardo, Friend / co-worker
  • What can I say about Tom that hasn’t already been said? I had the great priviledge of being Tom’s friend for the past several years of my life and I will cherish that time forever. He was the most wonderful friend, coworker, son,husband, father. Whatever Tom did he gave his all. He had so many passions in his life, his wife, his children,his friends, the Yankees, the Broncos, the Simpsons, and last but not least…a great meal. We would always laugh about how animated Tom would get when he was talking about a great restaurant, such a little thing like a great meal would have him going for an hour. I miss those conversations so much now.
    Tom was so proud of Jess and “the Boy” as he lovingly refered to Matthew, he couldn’t stop talking about them. I was so proud of everything he had accomplished both in his career and in his family life. Tom had it all, he couldn’t have been more content,and I couldn’t have been happier for him.
    I would like to thank the Damaskinos family for giving us such a wonderful man. Tom I miss you and love you and want you to know that you and your family will be in my heart forever. Jess and Matthew your dad was truly an amazing person who loved you all very much.
    God bless you all now and always.

    With Love,

    Carol Munoz, friend
  • I got to know Tom through Carol. Actually on the Monday before, Tom I guess was slumming, because he was in Accounting hanging out by Carol’s desk.

    It was strange, because Carol and I would usually stop by Operations to chat with the guys and they rarely came over to our side. Their side of the office was much more fun – anyhow I remember how much he was looking foward to the Monday night game because his beloved Broncos were playing-you know he was so nice and soft spoken that day, that I wouldn’t even tease him about Elway owning 95% of Denver and having his name all over town-then later on that day, I saw him, Gnazzo, Vinny, Frankie Monahan and I think a few others leaving together. They all were so happy and laughing and joking around. They said good night and that is the last time I saw them-I will always remember them like that.

    May God Bless his wife, children and the Damaskinos Family.

    Tom is with his mom and with a lot of good company. I am sure the boys are all together laughing and joking around.

    Theresa Nugent, co-worker
  • Damo-
    How you doing up there keeping all the boys in line? Not a day goes by that I don’t think about all those trips I made from my desk to yours looking for some sort of input on a problem. It was starting to become a daily ritual for us.
    I will always remember the good times we all had going to toga or skiing or just to your house for a party or even just going to the field to play softball. We were some crew. I don’t know how we made it as far as we did, not only on the field but in work also. I think it just shows how well we worked together-the whole crew. Tell the boys I said hello and I miss them and I will see you when I see you.

    Jimmy McNeice, Friend / Co-Worker
  • I worked with Jennifer in the LA office and Tom was relocated there for a period of time with John Gnazzo, Matt Burke, Pam, and Turtle (Mike Wittenstein). Both Jill and I will never forget that time in our lives. We were in charge of their relocation and supplying them with the “necessities”. Actually Jill was the person in charge but we both shared in the experience. Jennifer, our hearts break for your loss. We pray that someday you and your son’s lives will be okay. We know that it won’t be soon, but please don’t give up. Jill and I will always be here for you both. Jill is in FLA, I’m still in LA. (not at Cantor) My email is listed above. Please know that if ever you need to talk we are here. Much Love, Peg and Jill

    Peggy Chappell (nee Lownes), Co-Worker of Jen and Tom in LA
  • Tom,
    Alias-Bart, UncleTom, UT…….
    Was more than a boss…Much more than a co-worker…And a GREAT FRIEND that could never be replaced…in my HEART!!!!!!
    You really don’t know what you have in your life, until it’s gone. Well I wish I could have told him how IMPORTANT he was to me and how I really LOVED him, and his outlook on life.
    He was “ALWAYS” there for me…whether I was right or most of the time wrong! He always stood up for me and my SAD ways-that I lived by…
    Tom just wanted to let you know I am gonna grow up and be a man that you must have always seen in me…I LOVE YOU!!! I miss you!!!
    Your PAL,

    David M.Walsh-DiscoSTU, co-worker-Very close friend!!!
  • Bart always had a smile on his face. I don’t think that smile would ever leave his face. Bart would always tell me stories of Jessica. He was so proud to have you as his daughter. You will be missed.

    Jennifer, Co-worker
  • I met Tom when he woked with my mom, Rosanne Lang in the Los Angeles Cantor offices. He was such a nce guy and funny person, he had a great sense of humor. On the morning of Sept. 11th, I lost my mom, cousin, and friends. Tom was a friend; every time I went to work with my mom, Tom would put me to work and take me around the office. Jenn Jenn, hang in there. It’s so hard sometimes but you will make it. Jessica, I don’t know you that well either, but your dad was a great person. He and my mom are up in heaven drinking as much wine as possible and having a good time. Both of them are finally in a better place they so truly deserve and we will all be together again, but Jen and Jessica, you both have a gaurdian angel that will always look down on you. Tom, rest in peace and I will see you again.

    Mike Rogers, Friend of Tom and Jenn, son of Rosanne
  • I had the pleasure of meeting “Duke ” (as he called himself in school) in high school. Fast forward to Cantor, and there he was. What a great guy. As he was “Bart” to everyone else, he will always be “Duke” to me.

    Elia Vincitore Roselle, Former co-worker/schoolmate
  • Tom,
    Little did I know that 9/10/01 around 5PM on the WTC concourse would be the last time I would see you, Vinny and Alf. The three of you were on your way home and I was going back upstairs to the office to finish up. I’m not sure if I ever thanked you for bringing in that book for your daughter’s school fundraiser a few years ago. I bought a Crayola Train for my son. I gave it to him as a Christmas gift that year. He still plays with it. At first I was a little hesitant about getting it, because I thought it was a little too expensive. But, I’m glad I changed my mind and got it for him. It was the best $20.00 I ever spent. He still plays with it every now and then. Anyway Tom, thank you for bringing that book to show me. When I first gave it to him, his little eyes lit up. You made a little boy very happy that Christmas Day. Happy Father’s Day. Wish you were still here to tell some jokes and make people laugh.

    Vinzi, Co-worker/friend
  • Bart,

    I was so nervous my first day of work in july 1993, especially since it was one of the busiest days of the year. I was assigned to work with Bart and he made me feel so welcome and calmed my nerves. For the next five years, Bart always put a smile on my face. I will never forget your positive attitude or laugh and my deepest condolences go out to your family. You were a one of a kind!

    Miss you bud,

    Cory Fleishman, Friend, co-worker
  • Tom is my beloved cousin, who grew into one of the finest human beings I have ever known. His devotion to his family, his maturity, and his sense of humor are memories that I will treasure always.

    I had the happy privilege of presiding at Tom’s wedding, as well as the sad privilege of presiding at his funeral.

    The biggest privilege of all, though, was coming to know Tom not only as a relative, but as a friend.

    Tom, I miss you terribly, but I know you are with God. Pray for us, and we will do our best to honor your memory in the years to come.


    Dennis Tamburello, O.F.M., Tom's cousin
  • 4/17/03

    Happy Birthday Tom. I miss you, and think of you and the boys every single day.


    Carol, Friend
  • Thomas, you always amazed me, with your creative ability to invent games as a child. As an adult you took your intelligence one step further rising up the corporate ladder. I know how much you love your Jen, Jess, and Matthew with your whole heart and soul. I miss having our visits. I want to tell everyone, how much you did for MOM/DAD in making their life easier

    John M. Damaskinos, Oldest Brother
  • 4/17/04

    Happy Birthday Tom. Miss you.


    Carol, Friend
  • Peace Bart

    Kerry Ferrara, co-worker
  • Jen if you’re on this page today (9/11/12), I just want you to know that I am praying for you to be strong today, especially for you son. Tom would be happy to know that his beloved Broncos have a “real” quarterback once again and that there is talk of them possibly being in the Super Bowl. Keep the Faith girl…..Rest in Peace Thomas!

    J.R., Former Co Worker

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