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  Jeannine Damiani-Jones

Date of Birth: October 7, 1972
Position: Government Agency Bond Broker

A person’s life cannot be measured by the number of years on this planet. It must, however, be measured by the impact a person has on our lives. To that end, Jeannine, wife of Shawn, daughter of Bob and Cathy, and sister of Brian, had a gift. Jeannine always knew how to make you feel special and loved; when she loved you, she loved you unconditionally. She had an extraordinary way of putting others first. Her generosity had no boundaries, nor did her smile. She had a way of lighting up a room that was matched only in intensity by the way she lived her life.

Never in a bad mood, Jeannine lived every day to the fullest, leaving us all gasping for air, but never leaving us behind. As one of her best friends said, “Jeannine lived every day like it was her birthday.” (For those of us who knew her best, however, we know she didn’t just have a birthday, Jeannine had a birthday week). She traveled to places many people only dream of, and spent most summer weekends at the beach perfecting her, what seemed to be, year-round tan. She even persuaded her pale-skinned, Irish husband that he, too, can “get color”.

Jeannine’s life was also enriched by the passion she had for her work at Cantor Fitzgerald. She was recruited upon graduation from Villanova University and started in the training program in 1994. Upon completion of the program, she was assigned to the Agency desk where she was the only female bond broker at that time. Jeannine knew she would have to work very hard to prove herself in this male-dominated business. Always willing to accept a challenge, she used her talent, work ethic, aggressiveness and personality to excel as a broker and gain acceptance as “one of the boys.”

Intelligent, fun-loving, loyal, fearless and beautiful are all words used to describe Jeannine. Yet as beautiful as she was on the outside, she was even more beautiful on the inside, and that is what makes us most proud. We miss her every day and she will never be forgotten.

Shawn, Mom, Dad & Brian, Jeannine’s Family
  • I can not put into words the type of friend Jeannine was to me. After becoming friends in middle school I knew we would have a friendship that would last forever. The memories we shared are endless. We went through so many parts of our lives together from meeting in the sixth grade to proms and to Jeannine being my maid of honor.
    I can not count the amount of times Jeannine was there for me. No matter what it was I knew I could count on Jeannine. Those who knew her know what a busy person she was. She had her weekends booked months in advance. Yet, I will never forget the time I needed a friend. With one phone call to Jeannine she assured me she would be home the next day–and she was. Jeannine would never let one of her frinds down. She was always there with a smile on her face.
    Jeannine and I remained very close even after her moving to New York. It was what she always wanted. Growing up, Jeannine always said she wanted to work in New York and have her own place in the city. Jeannine always accomplished what her goals were. Once she had her mind set on something, she accomplished it.
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Jeannine and the cherished memories of our friendship. She truly was a special person, not only to me, but to everyone who knew her. She will never be forgotten.


    Dawn, friend
  • Jeannine was together with my cousin Shawn for so long that referring to them was as one word: “Jeannine and Shawn, Shawn and Jeannine.” I went through Villanova with them, lots of family events, graduations, weddings. I worked downtown for awhile as they both did, and I can’t help going over the memories of seeing them there, bumping into Jeannine on the escalator, meeting them for a drink after work, places that physically don’t exist anymore but will forever be etched in my memory.
    Jeannine was so wonderful, such a bubbly, friendly person and I always looked forward to talking with her about things going on in our lives. This past year was especially exciting for all of us as we planned our weddings. We celebrated each others engagements, wedding showers, went out to dinner to discuss wedding and honeymoon plans. I will never forget their beautiful wedding, how touched I was by everything, seeing her dance with her dad, her first dance with Shawn. She was truly stunning, beautiful both inside and out.
    There is a picture from my wedding in July, I am dancing with my father-in-law, and Jeannine and Shawn are to my left, and both Jeannine and I have our heads thrown back in laughter towards the sky. I wish we could go back to those times.
    My heart breaks for my cousin Shawn and for Jeannine’s family. We will always remember you, Jeannine, as the shining light you are.

    Sheila Bartley, cousin-in-law
  • Jeannine was one of my oldest and dearest friends. I fondly remember our girlhood together, when we collected baseball cards and sat for hours organizing them, how she tried to teach me her kooky tennis serve, her unbelievably neat room, and simply how she made my teenage years so wonderful.

    In later years, my memories are just as vivid—how, ever the optimist, she referred to the color of her first car, a tan Aries K car, as “champagne”, her extreme generosity in gifts for my two babies, how her handwriting had literally never changed since middle school, and how our phone calls could take place several weeks apart and yet we never skipped a beat. The most recent calls in which we shared her wedding planning stories left me wiping away tears from laughing. Jeannine was the only person I know who could get away with writing all of her emails totally in capital letters.

    Jeannine was beautiful, smart, funny, loving, stylish, generous, and one-of-a-kind. The last time many of us saw her was her wedding day and she was utterly radiant. I am devastated by her loss. I think of her every single day, and always will. I am blessed to have known her. To Shawn, her Mom, Dad, brother Brian, her family and friends, I wish you all peace of mind and heart, and a fading of the pain that we now bear each day.

    Michele (Mystrena) Kowalski, Friend
  • I did not know Jeannine but I was touched by her story starting on 9/11. I am a nurse who works at a hospital on Staten Island. On 9/11, everything was just in utter chaos…we all were shaking and worried but knew we had a job to do – and were ready to do it. I was on duty when a man who I believe may have been Jeannine’s dad came in to the hospital with a picture of Jeannine. He was visably shaken and desperate to find Jeannine. He asked that we all keep our eyes open for her. Jeannine’s was the very first picture that I saw of the many faces of this unspeakable tragedy. After I finally went home and tried to keep my own family in order, I couldn’t stop thinking of this beautiful girl. I hoped and prayed that she would be okay. I checked papers and online information, and then one day I found that Jeannine was one of the people at Cantor. My heart sank because I knew what that meant. I think that I had her image in my head so often because her picture was the first. Reading her tributes has brought me to tears – I cannot imagine the tears that her family and friends shed. I just want you all to know that even people who did not know her or any of you do have her and you in their prayers, and at one time had a lot of hope for her safe return. My deepest condolences to all of you for your loss. God bless…

    Maria DeSilva, RN, No direct relation
  • Jeannine is my godchild, cousin, friend and the daughter I never had. She holds a special place in my heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t cry for her.

    We spent alot of time together these past several years shopping (till we dropped), dining, sunbathing, planning her wedding, 6/16/01, and just getting together. We enjoyed each other and I will cherish the times we had together.

    I admired her determination from the time she was a baby. It was a determination that no one could stop. She exceeded in all she did from grade school, high school, graduating at the top of Villanova and proving herself in a male-dominated workforce. She always wanted to excel and be the best, and that she did. She grew into an intelligent, classy woman with extraordinary qualities. Giving, caring, sharing and loving are just a few. There was an aura about her that made people turn their head. She had a certain kind of flare and a character and personality that is indescribable.

    I still feel her presence. I believe it is because of a “Cantor” piece of paper found on my office roof (across the river in Brooklyn) two days after the WTC attacks. This piece of paper was her spiritual message to me that will remain with me forever.

    Her family and her husband were her whole life. She loved them unconditionally and with this love they will go on.


    (Aunt) Annette

    Annette La Barbera, Godmother/Cousin
  • Jeannine, My Cousin, My Best Friend,

    A moment doesn’t pass when you are not on my mind. You were so much a part of my life, from childhood on. And whether we were side by side or many miles apart, I always felt close to you.

    We knew each other so well that whenever we were together I always felt at ease. No words had to be spoken to know what the other one was thinking.

    I always knew that if I needed a mood lightened, a secret kept, advice given, help offered, a memory relived, a sucess celebrated, anything..I could always count on you.

    You were the sister I never had. No better person to be Godmother to my daughter, Kelsey. She thought the world of you. Your memory will live on through her.

    Your thoughtfulness, beauty and love of life truly made you one of a kind.

    “Someday we will meet again, someday I know not when. We shall meet in a better place and never part again.”

    We love you dearly and miss you more!!!

    Love Elizabeth & Kelsey
    Cousin and Goddaughter

    Elizabeth, Cousin
  • It is so hard to put in to words what your heart is feeling, especially since the events of Sept. 11th and losing Jeannine. Jeannine and my brother were only married for 3 months when this tragedy occured. However, Jeannine had been a part of my life and family for 11 years. She was like a sister to me. I admired her for the person she was & the life she lived. I loved that she made my brother so happy. I loved that she always made me laugh. I loved that she was a part of my life and I had looked forward to many years ahead with her as my sister.
    In the days since Sept. 11th, my husband and I struggle to make sense of it all. We try to accept Jeannine is gone, but how can we? My husband and I talk about Jeannine everyday and we remember funny little stories that help bring a smile to our face.
    I will forever cherish the memories of the past 11 years, but most vivid are those of the past year…Jeannine & Shawn’s wedding preparations, trips to visit them in New York, the suprise Birthday Party she threw for Shawn, and most of all, their wedding day on June 16th. I had never seen my brother as happy as the day he married Jeannine; they were true soul mates. I will cherish sharing some of the happiest days of her life with her.
    So, for the rest of my life, I will remember Jeannine for the beautiful person she was. I will remember her smile, her energy, her love of life.
    We will always love you and forever miss you.
    Dara & Eric

    Dara & Eric Roach, sister-in-law & brother-in-law
  • A tribute from Ireland:

    Caed Mile Failte Jeannine. Dia Duit Jeannine.

    This is the Irish greatest blessing— of a hundred thousands welcomes Jeannine and lastly the tender Irish greeting— Go with God.

    I will always carry the joy of the 982 photos. They say that once we carry someone in our memory– they live forever. Forever with us.

    Slan abhaile–the Irish journey words. Safe home Jeannine.

    I love you!!

    Fran, Cousin
  • We will forever be saddened by the loss of Jeannine. Our son was so blessed to have found such a wonderful and beautiful girl to spend the past several years with. There is nothing more a parent wants in life then to see their chidren happy. Jeannine was that happiness in our son’s life.
    June 16th, 2001, we shared their beautiful wedding day. The joyful memories of that day are still so fresh in our minds. Jeannine was a most radiant bride and the day was flawless due to her effortless planning. The memory I will hold closest in my heart occurred during the wedding mass while giving the Sign of Peace, when Jeannine kissed me and told me she loved me and I responded in kind.
    The heavens above gained a special angel on September 11th. To our son, Jeannine’s parents and brother, we share your sorrow. May time and memories bring you peace and comfort. Jeannine, may your days in Heaven be filled with eternal bliss.
    Love, Mom and Dad Jones

    Madeline & Allan Jones, Parents-in-law
  • I first met Jeannine in 6th grade and we quickly became good friends. The friendship grew stronger as we went through high school and attended Villanova together. We remained close even after she moved to New york. It was always my responsiblity to give her the updates regarding our old classmates at Steinert High. She would always ask me, “Got any gossip”? Since September 11, I can’t count the number of times I have reached for the phone to give her a call only to realize that she is no longer with us. She was such a big part of my life that I still can’t believe she’s gone.
    Not a day goes by when something doesn’t trigger a memory of her. Whether it is a song by Journey -because that’s the only tape I had in my car when I used to give Jeannine and Dawn driving lessons on a stick shift car back in high school(the tape survived, but my Honda went through 2 clutches) -or if I see an old “champagne” colored Aries K on the road.
    A special place in my heart will always be reserved for Jeannine and the memories we shared together. I know somewhere along the line, I am going to meet up with my old friend and I’ll be sure to be prepared with years worth of “gossip” about our old classmates at Steinert High.

    Dave, Friend
  • I was extremely pleased to be chosen as Jeannine’s Godfather. The memories and joy that this honor meant to me still exists today. Jeannine was born at a time in my life when I needed another person to love. I always had a loving relationship with my sister Cathy, and Jeannine was a natural extension of that relationship.

    As a result of her tragic death, I miss her more than I consciously realize. I have been showing her photograph to almost everyone I meet. This seems to help in my own healing, and promotes who she was and all that she stood for in her lifetime.

    It is so hard to put into words what Jeannine meant to us; for my wife Linda and I she was the daughter that we never had. We shared so many laughs over the years, and have so many memories to cherish. Linda fondly remembers watching her dress for the prom, endless hours of shopping, and sunbathing at the beach.

    As preparations for her wedding day approached, we knew that these events would be memorable for all those involved. Jeannine and Shawn’s wedding day was exactly like they had planned, perfect. They both showed a deep love for each other which touched everyone. That love will stay with us always until we meet again one day. Jeannine, we love and miss you.

    Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda

    Charles & Linda Marciano, Uncle and Aunt
  • Hey Jeannine – The days don’t seem to be getting any easier, just harder… you come into my thoughts all the time.. of course when I’m shopping, or when I’m walking on the avenue, when I see a bunch of fresh flowers or a dress with matching shoes, when I go to the nail place or when I walk into the deli and see your picture, or go to 101, all the things that remind me so much of you. I miss your spunky energy, you were so full of life and you lit up a room when you entered it. When I sit in church I laugh to myself thinking of rolling up the runner and hiding all the bulletins because had these things not been done, you would not have been a happy bride and my mission that day was to keep you calm and happy! I have such fond memories of you and you will forever be in my heart – I hope that your having a FABULOUS time in heaven, for no one deserves it more than you! Jeannine, please watch over your family, give them the strength they need – You’re missed more than you’ll ever know and I will “forget-you-not”
    – Love, Ann

    Ann (Brooklyn, NY )
    March 27, 2002

    Ann O'Keffee, Friend
  • Who can turn the world on with her smile?
    Who can take a nothing day,
    And suddenly make it all seem worth-while?
    Well it’s you girl and you should know it,
    With each glance and every little movement,
    You’ve shown it.

    Love is all around no need to waste it.
    You can have the time,
    Why don’t you take it?
    You’re gonna make it afterall
    You’re gonna make it afterall.

    Jeannine made it, lived it, and loved it — but her time was too short.

    Jeannine wove color into our lives and left a tapestry of beautiful memories.

    When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

    Jeannine you are our family treasure.

    Love, The Carnevale Family – Aunt Liz, Uncle Lou, Cousins Giulia, Dante, Christopher & Laura

    Elizabeth Carnevale, Aunt
  • It’s been over two years and I wanted to let you know that your daughter will not be forgotten. I do not know you or your family but I force myself to read these memoirs because I will not become complacent to what was lost that terrible day. I have a feeling many feel the same as I and do not post. Please know that your loved one is a hero and a symbol of ultimate sacrafice. I will keep you and her in my prayers.

    Anonymous, No relation
  • The most recent memorial is 100% correct. I read the tributes regularly as well. PEOPLE MUST REMEMBER. And remember we will. Please know that you have the love and prayers of many, and we will never forget the precious souls, like Jeannine, that were lost on that horrible day 3 years ago…tomorrow. All my love.

    A visitor, No relation
  • For the past three years, Jeannine has been on my mind nearly every day. I had never met her, or had any connection to her; however, I feel compelled to tell those of you who were lucky enough to know her how much she’s thought of.
    In the days following September 11, a newspaper printed all the photo’s of the victims and time and again when I would look at it, Jeannine’s gorgeous face stood out to me, as well as the fact that she was so young and looked so full of life! In recent years, I have looked for as much information as I could about her—-I’ve especially loved finding this tribute page because it gives such great insights as to her personality and some background on her. She just seemed wonderful and like such a fun person to know—-I am just blown away by all she accomplished!!! It saddens me to no end that she was taken away so soon, I literally have to catch my breath when thinking that she is gone. And I know that I feel just a tiny bit of what everyone who DID know her feels like, my heart just breaks for all of you. If anyone who had the honor of knowing her reads this, I would be SO grateful if they could email me; I just have this intense desire to learn everything I can about Jeannine!!
    I have been reading her tribute page for awhile now, and feel today, Jeannine’s birthday, is extremely appropriate to write and add something. In closing, I also want to add that Jeannine is thought about every day and will NEVER be forgotten. I have her family and friends in my prayers—God Bless You!!!

    Dana Andersen---Minnesota, No relation
  • Hi Jeannine,
    Well it’s another Father’s Day without you. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss you and think about you. It’s especially tough coping with another Father’s Day without you to celebrate it with me. Mom and I are in California visiting Aunt Lucille and Uncle Jack but even being in beautiful California does not ease the pain.
    Mom and I will always love you and miss you so much it hurts.

    Love Always,


    Robert Damiani, Father
  • Hello Jeannine,
    Today, October 7, 2005, would have been your 33rd birthday. We all would have celebrated it, not for one day but through out the week as was your custom.
    Mom, Brian and I miss the sound of your voice, your contagious laugh, your beautiful face and wonderful smile. We will never get over losing you and will never forget you.
    We think about you every day but your birthday is especially tough for us.
    Rest in peace.

    Love Always,
    Mom, Brian & Dad

  • Hi Jeannine,

    I probably have viewed this site hundreds of times and read the tributes people have wrote about you. Even those who never met you, somehow seem to know you. Your beautiful smile stops us all. Your mom and I would laugh when we would be walking with you in a mall and women and men would look at you and then give a second look, you never seemed to notice. It was not just your beautiful face, but you had an inner beauty that seemed to dazzle people.

    Uncle Chuck and I have our house up for sale, and are hoping to join your mom and dad in California. Who would ever believe we all would be moving to California. I know you would be happy for us.

    I miss our times together and think about you everyday.

    Love Aunt Linda

    Linda Marciano, Jeannine's aunt
  • Jeannine,

    I find myself reading the various tributes that are written about you over and over again. What amazes me is how people who never met you, seem to know you. Your beautiful smile stops us all. Your mom and I would laugh when we were walking with you at the mall and men and women would give you a double take, not that you noticed. We would be shopping until the malls closed this time of the year. I miss your smile, I miss you.

    Uncle Chuck and I have our house up for sale, we are going to move to California near your mom and dad. It’s hard to believe we are doing this, but we are looking forward to it. The mountains are so peaceful and everywhere you look there’s gorgeous flowers. I know you would be saying go go go!

    We celebrated your birthday this year with Jill, Megan, and Maureen. We all rented a house in Montauk and took your mom for a girls weekend. We had champagne, great food, laughs and lots of tears. You are missed so much. It’s like a puzzle that cannot be completed, because a piece is missing.

    My beautiful niece, I wish you piece for this holiday season.

    Aunt Linda

    Linda Marciano, Aunt
  • I come to Jeannine’s site often…..I think she is so beautiful, and I love reading all of her tributes. I just want her family and friends to know that she will never be forgotten. She seemed to be so full of life!!
    Know that she is remembered every day, she did not die in vain. God bless you—-Dana in Minnesota

    Dana Andersen, No relation
  • Jeannine,
    Well today is another birthday for me. I don’t really celebrate any more since you are gone.
    Birthdays just get more difficult and will never be the same without you. I miss you more and more each day.

    Love Always,

  • On this 6th anniversary of the tragedy, I would just like to say that Jeannine is truly thought of and loved each and every day…..she will never be forgotten. I know she is at peace, and is an angel in Heaven. She was beautiful!!! Love always, Dana in Minnesota

    Dana, None
  • You will never be forgotten. You live on in the hearts of your loved ones and in the hearts of those whom you never knew that you touched. My thoughts and prayers are with Cathy, Bob, Brian, and the family and friends of Jeannine.

    Nancy Williams
    September 11, 2008

    Nancy Williams, Family friend
  • I want to wish sweet Jeannine a VERY happy Heavenly birthday today 🙂 I know she is much-loved by family & friends, today & every day. She was beautiful & I know she is an angel looking down on everyone. Happy Birthday and rest well, Jeannine!!! Dana in MN.

    Dana, No Relation
  • Jeannine,
    Right after the tenth anniversary of the tragedy I wish I could somehow let you know how much you have done for me, though we never met. You changed my life in 2001, and your spirit lead me to meet some truly wonderful people; your family and friends. Your love has brought them all together and allowed them to create multiple scholarships, raise money for camps for children and relatives of 9/11 victims, raise money for other worthy foundations, and has let everyone who loved you then and now become better people upon your example. I wear a bracelet with your name on it every day, and have since June of 2005 when I received it. It is a constant reminder to strive to be someone worthy of rememberance, as you were. Thank you for being a wonderful role model and the reason I have been lucky enough to come to know some of your loving family and friends.

    Elise, Jeannine's Memorial Scholarship Recipien
  • Happy Birthday to Jeannine. I know she is an angel, probably celebrating in Heaven 🙂 Please know she is not forgotten, ever. I wish I could have known her….

    Dana, None
  • I don’t really know what to say….but when passing by I was captivated by your beautiful smile and the way you shine. Love and peace to you and your family. XXX

    Tracey P, Passer by
  • On this 11th anniversary of the tragedy, I hope Jeannine’s family and friends know she is not forgotten, but is remembered with love. She was beautiful and I love reading the nice words about her……

    Dana, No relation
  • I did not know her. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Benjamin Donahue no relationship
  • Jeannine –

    20 years have gone by and we will never forget. We have never met, but your legacy lives on through all the stories your family has shared with me. Almost 4 years ago I married the most wonderful man, your brother. I will never forget our wedding day and I know you were watching over us on that special day. One of my favorite stories from the wedding was that Brian didn’t know he was suppose to give me a wedding day gift. Your mom had said that if you were here, you would have already gotten the gift and it would have been wrapped. (Brian still doesn’t think a wedding day gift is a thing, but I think we both know that it is a thing). I promise to love and protect him all of our days. You would be proud of all that Brian has accomplished and what a fantastic husband and person he is, but I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. Your family has opened their arms and hearts to me and I’m so thankful for their love. Please know there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of you. We love you tremendously.

    Love ~ Michele Damiani

    Michele Damiani, sister in law
  • Dear Jeannine,
    I cannot help but think of you quite often, especially around this time of the year.
    I knew you as a high school student and college student who spent many times with our family because of your friendship with my son. I can’t go through photo albums without seeing pictures of you as the beautiful girl you were; not only on the outside; but also through and through. I was privileged to know what a wonderful person you were and the totally caring and giving family you came from. You touched the hearts of our family as well and always will.
    You were a gift to all whose lives you shared.

    Julie Eller, Mother of a friend

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