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  Michael Davidson

Date of Birth: June 7, 1974
Position: Equity Options Trader/Derivatives

It’s ironic that in tragic times or even worse – death – that those lost tend to take on a more mythical or legendary persona. We tend to forget the more difficult times and instead remember the good times that much clearer. I guess that is a way of preserving the memories of a loved one. Michael Davidson – a son, a brother, a fiance, a friend – will always be remembered and not only for his significance, but also for his naughtiness. You see Michael was one of those few people that when you were with him and had the pleasure to be around him, you instantly felt something good because he made sure of that. And, don’t get me wrong, it was never boring!!!

In the Broadway show “Rent”, there is a song that is entitled “Seasons of Love” and the question posed in the song is “How do you measure a year?” The response is “In Love”. When I looked out onto the hundreds of people that attended Michael’s memorial service, I truly understood what that phrase meant and what Michael represented. How could he – only 27 years old – touch so many people in such a short time? Is that possible? With Michael, anything was possible and he proved it.

Mike was everything that was good. Everything that is right in the world. He knew how to love and be loved. He knew how to smile and laugh as well as make others smile and laugh. He cared not only about himself but others around him. He symbolized family and epitomized what a friend should be. He was dependable. But most of all he stood up for himself and what he believed. In fact sometimes we wondered if the cliche “dancing to the beat of a different drum” wasn’t coined for Michael.

Whatever drummer he was listening to obviously had the right beat. For someone that barely graduated Rutgers University he didn’t do so bad. On the verge of becoming a partner at such a young age, about to marry his college love and finally closing on his first home…I would say not bad at all.

But quite honestly, as those who survived his teenage and college years know, that although his heart was usually in the right place, his actions were far from perfect. But then again, who is? Michael was not a god or some supernatural being (though at times he tried convincing us otherwise), he did become the man you could be very proud to call your son, brother, husband and friend.

We miss him so much and our lives will obviously never be the same. Michael lived each day to its fullest. He worked hard and played hard. Now we are left trying to mimic his attitude for life but, as we all know, it is difficult and at times sometimes a losing battle. As we try and redefine our lives and what “normal” means we never stop thinking of how things should really be. Now is the time those in our lives become that much more important. We need to be strong for each other and together we will redefine “normal” as the way Michael would expect it!!!
We’ll Always Remember You as You Mean So Very Much to Us!!
Mom, Grandma, your brother Jeff, your fiancee Dominique & special friend Allan

Ellen Davidson, Mother
  • Mike was always striving for the next level. When Joe G. and I met him at Trattoria Moderna in East Brunswick, he was a hard-working waiter looking for a break. He was also in love with Dominique, who was the gracious hostess and future school teacher who watched over my son in summer “prep” camp. Joe and I pointed Mike at Cantor. Gave him our cards and said “here is a place you can get started on your future”. With his charm and intelligence, he was soon on board working hard to impress the desk heads. He loved working there. Now Joe G. and Mike are together again in a higher place. May they rest in peace.

    Dominique-although we are far away, our thoughts are with you.

    Love…Jim, Linda, Ryan and Justin Day

    Jim Day, Friend and former co-worker
  • To the Davidson family,

    Although I never met Michael, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Jeff for a few years, and I know how much his family meant to him, especially his little brother.

    God bless you all….

    Karyn, former co-worker of Jeff Davidson
  • I met Mike when he started at Cantor his first week. He was to sit with me for a couple of days and get an idea as to what my job was. I guess he wasn’t used to the hours just yet and he would fall asleep next to me when I was in mid-sentence. He would continually apologize to me years later!! He was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. Always so gracious with his “hello’s” and “goodbye’s”, we would bump into each other all the time when he moved up to the desk and he always made sure to shoot the breeze with me every time. It breaks my heart to know that he had just begun to start a new life with Dominique. He spoke about her all the time and the vacations they would take. I found out just recently that he and Dominique had just purchased my good friend Evan Rosen’s house in Old Bridge. In such a “small” world, he made an impression on people that none of us will ever forget. I will miss Mike very much, and I wish Dominique and the rest of his family the very best. Rest well buddy. See you soon…

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • I worked with Mike when he first started at Cantor on the US Dollar swap desk a few years ago. He had such a wonderful and positive attitude towards his job and the people around him. He was happy and determined…simply a joy to work with. This horrible tragedy has taken Mike away from us, but I think of him often. I think of him when I make decisions or if I lose confidence or perhaps treat someone poorly. I think, Mike Davidson would use good judgement, be confident and treat all people the way they should be treated, with respect. It was a honor and I am extremely thankful, to have known him.

    May God Bless Michael.

    Christine France, Ex co-worker/friend
  • Dear Michael,
    I have missed you longer than September 11, 2001. I have memories of me, you, and Jeffrey as kids that I will cherish forever. Playing divorce (Jeffrey and I fighting over you), you adorable in your diaper and bag packed with toys wanting to go home with Uncle Joe, birthday parties, family get togethers, New Hope, shows, Halloween, and holidays. You were such a gorgeous, sweet, and lovable little boy and it seems that you became a gorgeous, sweet, lovable man. I’m just sorry that I missed getting to know the man in person. While your death has reunited our families and for that I am grateful, it has also taught me to never ever take familiy for granted no matter what. Reuniting with your Mom, Jeff, Aunt Shirley has meant more to me than I can express into words. Meeting and spending time with your beautiful (inside and outside) Dominique has also been very special to me. Through all of them I have been allowed to get to know you again. You left many memories and special gifts to those who loved you. You also left many broken hearts behind because so many loved you, including me. I promise that I will be there for your Mom, Jeff, Aunt Shirley, Dominique, and Rocky and I will continue to think of you everyday. I really do hope that you are somewhere peaceful and beautiful with Uncle Solly, my Grandpa, and Sox.

    You will forever be in my heart and you will forever be my family.

    Love Donna

    Donna Schierman, Cousin
  • Mike’s first seat at Cantor was right next to mine and we hit it off from day one. I was supposed to be training him, but we joked around all day. We became friends – went out after work all the time, worked our way up and even after I left we always kept in touch. He always spoke highly of his family and of Dominique and my heart goes out to them. Mike was a very special person, who was genuine with a style all his own. Unfortuantely his kind are few are far between. He will always be missed.

    Erik Sulzbach, Friend & Co-Worker
  • When I think of Mike I think of one of the greatest listeners and friends I have ever known. I look back on every minute I spent with him with a smile. This is appropriate because we used to say that Mike (aka Zucco) had a “smiling” effect on anyone that crossed his path–it was literally impossible not to smile in his presence. If you walked into a room and Mike was there, you simply HAD TO smile. I miss him dearly and I regret the fact that there are less smiles in this world because he is gone.

    Tom Means, Friend
  • Mike was my longest-lasting friendship. We met when he was 11 and I was 12, and there is no one else I kept in touch with as long, and that is all Mike’s doing. He would call me every single year on my birthday, no matter how long it had been since we had spoken or where either of us were living. For 16 years, he never forgot. I missed that call so much this year. He called me often from work to see how my son was doing, how my husband was doing, or to tell me something he and Dominique had recently done. We swore in every conversation that we’d get together soon to go out to dinner, try a new restaurant, but we never did. I still cannot believe that he is gone, and I don’t know if I ever will be able to believe it. He will clearly never be forgotten. I’ll never forget the rabbi at his service, who said, Michael was the most physically beautiful child I had ever seen. He was beautiful, physically and in every other way. I hope his family knows how often I think of them and wish them happiness.

    Linda Bortnick, friend

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