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  Anna De Bin

Date of Birth: June 19, 1971
Department: Legal
Position: Administrative Assistant

Anna was born in Elk, Poland. In 1985, at the age of 14, she and her family immigrated to America. In July 1993, Anna became a citizen of the United States, and in September we married. On June 20, 1999 she gave birth to our son, Timothy Joseph.
Anna was incredibly devoted to family life and deeply absorbed in the joy of raising our son. She dedicated all of her time and efforts to creating a peaceful, warm family environment for us. She loved life. She was involved in a range of family activities, creating fun parties for our son and organizing summer pool parties for our friends.
Anna valued spending quiet weekends at home with her family. Often she prepared delicious meals or baked our favorite goodies. She also appreciated nature and loved animals. Occasionally we enjoyed hiking in the woods and frequently visited petting farms with Timmy.
Anna was a wholesome and vibrant woman. She was full of surprises, and her passion for nature was truly reflected in the nature of her loving character. She left this world far too early, but has brought eternal joy to everyone who knew her. She was a beautiful person with special gifts and unique qualities. She will be missed by all whose lives she has touched…she will never be forgotten.
Anna, you will always be in our hearts!

George J. DeBin, Husband
  • Anna was a warm and easygoing person at work. She was also unfailingly helpful and reliable. There were so many times when something had to be done quickly and everyone was showing stress, except for Anna, who just took care of the task at hand without fanfare.
    Timmy, your mom was a very sweet woman who loved kids and loved talking about you at the office. She enjoyed showing pictures of your family.

    Stephen Merkel, Co-worker
  • Our Darling Anna will be missed to the end of our days. And she will keep us laughing until then, too. If there could only be one word to describe Anna, I think it would have to be “Grace”. I have never met anyone so genuine and true, kind and compassionate. Her loving nature always made me feel safe and cared for. Her love for George and Timmy was inspiring. Her sense of humour made my day, several times a day, every single day. I consider myself blessed to have known her at all, and even more so that I was able to share my entire work day by her side for almost three years.

    George, You have not left my thoughts for one moment and Mom and I send all our love, strength and support. Anna will always be loved, remembered and cherished.

    Julia Heath, Co-Worker
  • Anna… lovely Anna…

    I have know her for so long… predating her time at Cantor… about 10 years. Everyone who knew you knows how your kindness and beauty radiated out to touch all around you.

    How you loved your son Timmy and your husband George.

    Timmy your mom will always be watching over you whether it be in the sun or the stars.

    James Talvy, co-worker
  • My friend – I miss you and our long talks about life, our husbands, our sons. I started Cantor in June 1993, and sat next to you in the executive area. We have been friends through so much over the last 8 years and I will never forget you. We were pregnant together and shared so much of how we were feeling and looking. You are the most kind, caring, devoted, unselfish person and friend. I see your name on my e-mail system and I lose my breath for a moment at the sight of your name – knowing you aren’t there anymore. I have pictures of us with Timmy and Jacob and I cry. I’ll love you always. Randi

    Randi Giller, friend, former co-worker
  • Timmy – your mommy was so beautiful, a woman who loved you more than life. She devoted each waking moment to loving you and your daddy.
    George – we will always be your friends. Anna and I always said that we hoped Timmy and Jacob would grow up together to be good friends. That will still be the case.
    Anna – I have pictures of you holding Timmy together with me holding Jacob and I cry. You are a true angel in heaven and I will miss our friendship more than you could ever know. Love you. Randi

    Randi Giller, friend
  • My Anna, Lord, she was beautiful inside and out. I will miss her all the days of my life. Anna to me was kind, generous, thoughtful and full of wisdom. She always made me feel special and loved, she was an excellent friend. Her life revolved around Timmy and George. Her love for them was amazing. Timmy, your mom was a very special person and she loved you so much. I was blessed to have known her. To work with her everyday was both an honor and a privilege. To George, Timmy and the entire family you are all in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. I love you.

    Judy Despian, Co-Worker
  • I knew Anna from the Legal Department at Cantor. She was a very sweet person who always made a point to say hello to you. She was the secretary for one of the attorneys I worked for, Arlene Fried, and I know for a fact that Anna was one of the hardest workers in the entire department. Anna, God bless you and your family.

    Matt Spero, Former Co-Worker
  • Anna was the sweetest person. I had to deal with Anna on a daily basis. Thank god she was the way she was. She is deeply missed. My prayers are with her family.

    Mo, co-worker
  • Anna was a wonderful and very sweet girl. Every time Anna and I would run into each other we would always talk about each other’s kids and that is because I have a son who is the same age as Timothy. Whenever she talked about Timothy she had that glow in her face; I will never forget that. Anna, thanks for our chats. I really miss you. My prayers are with you, George and Timothy.

    Smile the day this soul was born,
    for there were
    a lot of good things
    headed for the earth
    in that one package–
    kindness, generosity,
    integrity, love…
    even a little humor —
    all the things
    a person would need
    to make a good life…

    And Heaven
    is rejoicing now,
    welcoming that soul
    back home…
    dusting off the suffering,
    throwing out the shortcomings,
    polishing up those same
    good qualities
    in preparation for the day
    we all meet once again.

    Rosemarie Reginald, Co-worker
  • I didn’t know Anna too well; I would pass her in the hall from time to time and she always had a good attitude and a pretty smile for anyone she would see.
    I can only add my prayers for her family and hope that things get better.

    God bless………….
    all our friends are in a beter place

    Jimmy, Co-worker
  • Anna, you were more than a daughter-in-law, you were my friend! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I miss the fun we had on our shopping sprees, sitting around watching TV and talking when George was at work.

    Thank you for my beautiful Grandson, Timmy. I wish you were here to see him grow up. He is so much fun to be with. Whenever I look at Timmy I see so much of you in him. He will always be a part of you.

    There will never be anyone like you. No one can ever take your place. You will always be in my heart!

    Love, Mom DeBin

    Dorothy DeBin, Mother-in-law
  • 6 months has gone by – so much time has passed. I miss you everyday. I see a picture of the building before and think still how unbelievable it all seems. Your presence is still felt. Sometimes, I have a hard time realizing how real it is. Our friendship, although sometimes we didn’t speak for weeks at a time, was a strong one and always will be in my heart. I miss you my buddy.

    Randi, friend
  • Anna,

    I think of you very often and how much your son and husband must be missing you. You were the most devoted mother. Your life revolved around home and family. You were sweet, gentle, helpful and beautiful. Timmy: you were the most important thing to your mom. Remember that always. My prayers are with your family.


    Drina, co-worker
  • 6/19/02 Happy Birthday my friend. You are always in my thoughts. Timmy will be 3 tomorrow. Can you believe it? How time flies. Where did all these months go? Well, I hope you are looking down on us and knowing that you are thought of on this day and you are remembered as a good friend. I love you. -R

    Randi, friend
  • I wake in the night and see gloomy darkness
    I wake in the day and see the faithful light
    I dream of you in the blue skies of sweet heavens
    Thinking of you as the blissful angel upon the skies

    When we were young the little cherubs embraced our hearts
    Filled our prayers and guided our thoughts,
    Now that you’re gone I pray to thee
    To lose my despair and for restful sleep to come

    I dream of you every night and reminisce
    Of all the good times we had,
    Of all the love you have given me
    And of all the kindness surrounding your soul and your heart

    What is left now is my utter love for you
    And my hope that you will not be forgotten
    As you, my sis, was my guardian angel
    I am dreaming of seeing you when I shut my eyes

    I yearn to hear your voice upon the blue ribbons of eternity
    And to see your lovely face in my unsettled dreams
    To know now and always that wherever you are
    You are still with me the way you always have been…

    I say goodbye in painful sorrow…
    For I do not wish to waive my hand at this time,
    I truly hope that one day we’ll meet, and then,
    I will say hello and you will fill my heart with our usual petty chimes

    Good bye for now my darling sis,
    I miss you so my heart is torn into million parts
    I now you are living in serene peace
    And I hope that you are watching over us…

    I love you now and always,

    Your sister,


    Joanna Pietkiewicz, Sister
  • Dearest Annie, I was unaware about this site, otherwise you know I would have wrote sooner. From where you are, you know that I have been a wreck without you. A year has past and it has not gotten any easier. I miss our “kismet”, how you always listened and how special you always made me feel. I miss you sooo much baby sis. I am having such a difficult time writing this. I couldn’t have gotten through the last couple of years without you and now I have to deal with things on my own at least in this world, because you know I talk to you all the time anyway. Anna, you have done such a great job with Timmy. I told you so! He is turning out to be quite the little mansy. I know that you are watching over him. Keep up the good work. George misses you terribly, but I guess you see that. Marek says, “I miss you, boss” and Mikey and Jessie miss you and ask about you all the time. Anna, thank you for giving me so many special memories (especially the last weekend we all spent up at the cabin) and for being the best friend in the whole world. You are sorely missed. I love you. You will always be my sunshine!

    Donna, best friend
  • I just read a story about a Polish kid in Greenpoint. I thought of you and prayed I wouldn’t find you here but I knew you always arrived at work so early.

    For that first month I was at eSpeed, I sat up in Legal with you. You were sweet and had such a gentle spirit. It was pleasure knowing you. You were one of the nicest people in NYC.

    Jason Wiener, Used to trade IM messages
  • Anna, you will always be in our hearts!

    Galina Markhovsky, friend
  • Anna,

    Rest in peace.

    Betty King (Jackson), Former Co-worker

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