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  Jason DeFazio

Date of Birth: July 12, 1972
Department: Zero Coupon Desk
Position: Bond Broker

This was the eulogy written for his memorial:

I know that you are here with me and can hear me but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows the full extent of my love for you and to share in that love.
It’s so difficult for me to put into words how I feel about you. From the first moment I met you, I knew my life had changed. After 2 months, I just knew that you were the one I was going to marry and that day, June 23, 2001, was the best day of my life.
I love you because of all the things you are and because of all that I am when I’m with you. I love you because you have shown me in hundreds of beautiful ways what love means. Not only were you selfless in your love with me but with everyone you associated with. I never met someone like you who was so kind, trusting, compassionate, and caring. You taught me how to love and trust people even when I didn’t have any faith anymore. I never thought that love could be this endless, deep and true. Thank you for bringing out the best in people, especially in me. You always supported me even if you didn’t want me to do something. You are my hero. You are the joy in my heart, the meaning in my life. You are my world – my love. You’re my best friend, my life, my companion and my soul mate.
Right now I’m in disbelief. When we married we vowed to love one
another until death do us part. My love continues to grow stronger and
stronger for you each day and even death can’t sever the bonds of our love. When you died, I died too. Half of me is gone and I feel empty inside. There’s such a void in my life. You were my whole life. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. My heart hurts so much thinking about the plans that we made, the dreams that we shared – now all shattered and unfulfilled. The only reason I am still here now is to remind people of the wonderful person you were and how knowing you changed my life and many others. All I have now are the memories and I promise that I will never let them die. I count the minutes and hours until that day we are reunited but until then I will wait for you in my dreams. You are my breath, my soul, my life and will be forever. Until we meet again.

Your loving wife,

Michele DeFazio, Wife
  • Jason, I will never forget that day. I wanted to call Michele that night and tell her I have you and not worry. But that never happened. Jason you and that night will be in my memory forever. I will do anything I can to help Michele out in this time of need. I love you both so. I wish I would have met your parents before to see what beautiful people they are. I wish I could have told you how much they mean to me. But I know you know. I know you are an angel now and forever looking down over us all. Love, Joanne

    Joanne, A friend
  • Precious Jay
    He was only so young they had just begun
    To live together and have so much fun
    Meeting Michele his life was great
    He knew she would be the perfect date

    But something went wrong on that terrible day
    The day she knew she would never go away
    That was the day she lost her precious Jay
    So confused she wept and mourned
    Trying to find out what went wrong
    Trying to search and look for answers
    Answers she hoped will heal her faster

    Although this ache in her heart will last for long
    and will repeat with every song
    Every song she hears about love will reminder her of the one true love that has gone away
    She still does not believe it was her precious Jay

    Joanne, A friend
  • I will never forget the happiness you brought to our family and my life when you met Michele.
    I will always remember how much you loved Michele and made her smile every single day since the day you both met. I thank you for that with all of my heart. I will miss you and never forget you with all of my heart…

    I will always miss you…
    -You and Michele teasing each other and me being on her side (of course!)
    -On Sunday dinners at Momma M’s house
    -Every time you made fun of me for just about everything!
    -When you imitated me in your girlie voice any time I felt like breaking up with someone (yes, that was often!)
    -Watching you and Michele play with Alexis; she laughed all day long!!
    – You and I talking about serious stuff (like boy trouble) and you not paying attention because you were watching Dragon Ball Z (he he he!!)
    -Just YOU…..

    (a song about Michele for Jay)

    Yesterday, all her troubles seemed so far away
    Now she needs a place to hide away
    Oh she believes in yesterday
    Suddenly, she’s not half the woman she used to be
    There’s a rain cloud hanging over she
    Oh yesterday came suddenly
    Why did he go? I don’t know, God couldn’t say
    Now I don’t know I just long for yesterday
    O believe in yesterday
    I love you Jay———-

    I will never stop praying to you, for life here with out you.

    Grace Moss, Sister-in-law
  • Dear Michelle,
    You may or may not remember me from the Flamingo or Swim meets at Curtis, but I cannot tell you how deeply sorry I am for your loss. I remember seeing your engagement and wedding announcements and being so happy for you. You both looked so happy. I know those and so many more moments will be with you forever. Take time to enjoy all your blessings and remember “it is better to loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. Try and stay strong, lean on those who care for you and know that no matter how much time passes, people stay with you, in person and in spirit…out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind”.
    All my love and wishes for strength…
    Jaime Malone

    Jaime Malone, High School Friend of Michelle
  • Dear Jason,
    Unfortunately we did not know one another, but over the last few months I have learned a lot about you. Everything Michele has said about you makes me regret even more that Michele and I drifted apart. You sound like such a wonderful man/husband. I am so glad you made Michele so happy.
    I want you to know that Michele and I are back in touch and I will be there for her no matter what. I can only hope she knows this and will turn to me if she needs to.
    I know you’re standing by Michele and looking down on her. Please help her to heal. I know that Michele will never forget you and I look forward to the day that she will introduce us.

    Marisa, Friend
  • Jay,

    From the moment that Brendan, Pistol, Vinny and you stepped off the Staten Island ferry, the mailroom was the place to be. GSB knew that there was a number of over qualified guys making deliveries for the mailroom. Joanne asked me for someone and I gave them you. Not because you were the smartest but because I knew that you could handle yourself in any environment. Although, I struggle with the fact that I made your move to GSB happen, I know that I made the right decision. You were definitely on your way. A successful bond broker. A happily married man. And that was just the beginning. Not bad for a kid who started in the mailroom!!
    I know in my heart that you are OK. I pray for you and the rest of the crew. We will meet again someday. Don’t stop punching!!

    Your Friend Always,

    Rick Cabal, Ex-Supervisor
  • Jason,

    Words cannot express how deeply we are saddened that you are not here with us today. We are truly blessed to have had you in our lives, and are better people because of that. Thoughts of you and your humor, your ever-smiling face, all the amazing times we had together (and the numerous times you would make fun of Laura – remember the backpack?) always make us laugh.
    We know that you are up there, smiling down on all of us.

    Jason, you are an angel. We will continue to stand by Michele, ready at any given moment for anything she needs. We know that you are watching over her – her own personal Guardian Angel.

    We love and miss you,

    Laura and Jimmy

    Laura & Jimmy, Close friends
  • Dear Jay

    I can’t tell you how much I miss you, but I know you are an angel now some where up there with GRANPA looking down on the family and watching over us. I didnt go to New Orleans with you, now I regret that I didn’t. I Promise to look after Michele, she will always be my niece. I didn’t get the chance to tell you how proud of you I am and how much I love you, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, I can only hope to be the person you where. I know we will be together again, until then I will try my best to look after the family until we meet again.


    Anthony, Uncle
  • There are so many things I wish I could say to you. Although we only knew each other for a few years, I will always cherish that time. You have brought so much into all of our lives, especially Michele’s. Thank you for showing her what true love really is. You could make any person happy no matter what kind of mood they started out in. I loved filling you in on all the gossip and giggling like little kids together at the silliest things. I will miss you more then words can say and the memories you have given me will always put a smile on my face. Until we meet again, my friend…

    Kristin, Friend
  • Dear Jason,

    I did not no Jason but my uncle did he would always talk about him. Anyway, my wishes go to you.


    Ethan, Not known
  • Michele, I did not know Jason but I work for Cantor/eSpeed and frequently read the tributes posted here and write ones for people whom I knew that were lost on 9.11. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you so that God will give you the faith, strength and courage to get through these very difficult times.

    Rich, Cantor Employee
  • Dear Jason,

    When you married our daughter Michele, we were so happy. We knew you were a very special person. Not only were you intelligent, handsome and strong, but also you were very caring and giving.

    You would come over to the house and take charge of the barbeque and when we moved, you never gave a second thought to jumping in and helping us. We remember, with astonishment how you carried a piano up the stairs!!!

    You were like a son not a son in law to us. We inherited your family as well and grew to love them as much as we love you. This love we feel will never diminish.

    We felt Michele had met her soul mate with a marriage that would last all your lives.

    Now, Jason, we will cherish our memories of you and you will always be in our hearts. This is how we will always remember you and the wonderful things you brought into our lives.

    With all our love,

    Nat and Angela
    (“Pop” and “Mom”)

    Angela and Nat Moss, Mother and father in law
  • Dear Jason,
    When I saw your picture in the paper, my heart sank. I hoped and prayed so much for you and Neil and all the “zero” guys to be o.k.
    You were one of the nicest, sweetest guys I had ever had the pleasure of working with. You always helped me with trades and with irate traders and never once complained. I hope you are with Neil, laughing and joking and looking over everyone. I know you are definately an angel and one of the Lord’s right hand men!
    I pray for you and for your beautiful wife and the rest of your family, that they may have the strength to endure each day without you.
    God bless.

    Christina, Co-worker
  • Dear Son,
    We are so sorry we didn’t get an opportunity to say goodbye or to tell you how much we love you or how proud we are of you. We never realized that there wouldn’t be another opportunity. We miss you so much. Wherever you are we hope that you are safe. Some day I’m sure we’ll be reunited. Be strong my son, for we shall be strong as we carry lasting memories of you in our hearts and minds.
    My thoughts have been with you since that day my heart broke – that horrible day when in my heart I knew you were gone. We brought you into this world and watched you grow to be a wonderful, loving son. You filled our lives with so much joy. You grew to be a kind and sweet man who cared about so many. You were a gentle soul; a gentle man.
    You have such wonderful friends – your bonds of love and friendship continued to grow with you as you grew from children to men. The fact that you had so many friends tells me that I raised a wonderful person who loved many but, more importantly, who was loved by many. Now we will try not to cry but instead draw strength and comfort knowing that you are now in heaven with my father. How you loved Grandpa.
    We love you,
    Mom & Dad

    Rose and James DeFazio, Mom & Dad
  • Jason and my brother Neil were friends as well as colleagues. They were together on September 11, and I can’t help but believe that they were there for each other in the end. I recently saw a picture of Neil and Jason together, and they looked so young and full of life. Although I’ve never met Jason, I feel like a friend. I know that Neil liked him a lot, and I learned from his wife and family that he was a caring, strong and dependable young man. I know that Jason and Neil shared many laughs at work, and I hope they are still laughing together. I will always mourn the loss of Neil and his friend Jason. Someday I will finally get to meet Jason and it will be an honor.

    Megan Fajardo, A friend
  • Jay,
    I’ll never forget that Gino Sepe raised you and my brother Neil, “The Sweathogs”, at Cantor. I’ll fondly recall the conversations we had on the X-bus and over the phone at work, especially when we were making fun of my “pathetic” little brother. The dinner I’ll most remember is the one when Gino took me, you and Neil to that Italian restaurant.Whenever I was with The Sweathogs, I always felt safe. You guys were my Twin Towers. I admired how easy-going and focused you were in your life. My heart goes out to your dear parents, your loving wife Michele and the rest of your family and great set of friends. Take care of our buddy Neil and remind him that our lives down here will never be the same without you guys.

    Pete Dollard, Brother of co-worker
  • Jay,
    The past two days have been so hard for me. On February 13, 2000, you proposed to me. I will never forget how happy I was and how much I was looking forward to spending a wonderful life with you. Now my life is terrible. I miss you so much it hurts. They say that in time my pain will lessen, but it hasn’t. Every day since Sept. 11th has been the same—horrible. I can’t imagine life without you. I miss your smile, your voice, your touch. I miss everything about you. On February 14th it was supposed to be the first Valentine’s day together married but we weren’t able to have that day together. I can not wait until the day that we will be able to celebrate this day together and every other day. You are always in my heart and I miss you more and more everyday. I love you so much.

    Love always and forever,
    your loving wife, Michele

    Michele DeFazio, Wife
  • What’s up Jay-Bird –

    Just another note to let you know how much we MISS YOU DEARLY. Jimmy and I
    are in the process of doing our “yearly closet cleaning” and found a bunch
    of very silly duplicate pictures of you (duplicates of what we had given to
    Michele at one time or another) – made us laugh and reminded us of how great
    you are. Just wanted to drop by and say hello again!

    PS – Resident Evil is in the theaters today – we know you were sooooo
    excited to see this movie and we’re going to see it at 11:45 tonight (yes,
    it’s opening night Jay) – we’re sure you’ll be there with us because we KNOW
    you wouldn’t miss this movie – and we also KNOW you’d be pretty mad if we
    didn’t see it on opening night – so we’re going! See you in 15 minutes!

    Love and miss ya always…

    Laura & Jimmy

    PPS – we’ve been going through Code Veronica without going to the cheats
    website – we know you’d be proud 🙂

    Laura & Jimmy, Close Friends
  • Last night while I was trying to sleep, My son’s voice I did hear.
    I opened my eyes and looked around But he did not appear.

    He said, “Mama you’ve got to listen, You’ve got to understand, God didn’t
    take me from you,
    Mama, He only took my hand.

    When I called out in pain that day, The instant that I died,
    He reached down and took my hand, And pulled me to His side.

    He pulled me up and saved me From the misery and pain.
    My body was hurt so badly inside, I could never be the same.

    My search is really over now, I’ve found happiness within.
    All the answers to my dreams And all that might have been.

    I love you so and miss you so, And I’ll always be nearby.
    My body’s gone forever, But my spirit will never die!

    And so, you must go on now, Live one day at a time.
    Just understand – God did not take me from you, He only took my hand.

    unknown, friend
  • I used to talk to Jay all the time when I first started at Cantor – we would fix all the trading errors on the Zero’s desk. We would always be joking on the phone. Later, I moved up to another desk, but would still call Jay to chat and would stop by for a laugh. Beers after work or just talking in the hallway – Jay was that kind of guy. Always friendly and taking time out for his compadres. His wife and family are in my prayers….

    Erik Sulzbach, Former Co-Worker & Friend
  • I didn’t know Jason personally. We would stand next to eachother on the bus stop in the morning waiting for the express bus. He always smiled and said good morning as we exchanged small talk from time to time.

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to his wife and family and that I will keep all of you in my prayers, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Bobby, NA
  • Happy 30th Birthday, Baby. I always wanted to have a surprise party for you and I planned on doing it this year. I’m so sorry I was unable to, I know how much you wanted one. It is so hard to believe that you’re not here to celebrate your birthday. I always envisioned throwing your surprise party and being able to tell you I was pregnant on that day (or already being it). Time has been going fast but it still feels like Sept. As the days go, I just miss you so much more. On your birthday, the movie Halloween came out and I went to see it with your family and friends because I know that you wanted to. We also went to dinner and your mom made your favorite cake. I saved a piece for you. I hope you were there, too. I love and miss you so much!
    Love, “your sweetie” Michele

    Michele DeFazio, Wife

  • Jay-
    In a couple of hours it will be exactly one year since you gave me our last kiss. I can’t believe it. I miss you so much. I feel like I have been dead for the past year.
    Tonight we ironed pictures of your beautiful face on t-shirts that we are going to wear tomorrow in your memory, we lite candles at 9:11 pm in your memory and we went to angel’s circle to pray to you. How is this our life? I am supposed to be sitting on the couch with you talking about how your day was, not this.
    In the past year I have been through the worst thing anyone can and I am still getting up in the morning. The only reason why I think I have been is because I am now living for you. Everything I do is for you. I know you are with me because you have given me strength to do some things I could never imagine doing. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life, even if it was for too short a time.
    I miss your touch, voice, eyes–everything about you. Tomorrow will be a very hard day but I know you will be with me. I will honor you publicly but know that every day I do that and will until we meet again.
    I love and miss you so much.
    Your loving wife and “sweetie”,

    Michele DeFazio, wife
  • Hey Bird, today is 1 year and I still can’t believe that this has happened and you are gone. It seems like only yesterday I talked to you and shared a laugh – I just wanted to check in and say that not one day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and missed. You will always be a great friend and I love you like a brother. We will all see you again one day and you will be my starting center when we get up a game.

    Love your friend, Brown

    Jim, Bruen
  • In the past year, I have felt it almost my responsibility to read tributes to those who were taken so tragically on 9-11-01. Some say it is morbid, I say it is one way to pay my respects to those who died, who should NEVER be forgotten.

    I must say, of the many heart wrenching tributes that I have read, this one has touched me the most. I did not know Jason, but I can tell by the words here that that is a loss to me. He seems like he was a wonderful man. Yesterday, as I watched the memorial service and heard his name called, it sent chills down my spine. I thought instantly of his beautiful wife and how much she, and the rest of his family must be suffering.

    Please know, I keep Jason and all of you in my prayers every night. I mean that sincerely, and I will until my dying day.

    We will never forget what happened on that awful day – and we will NEVER FORGET the wonderful people whose lives were cut far too short.

    Lots of Love,


    Elsa, No Relation
  • Dear Michelle,

    First I want to begin to tell you how I know you and your husband Jason. I met Jason in Curtis High school when I was a freshman, he was one of my brother’s freinds (Paul Matthews) and you were a classmate of mine in the graduating class of 1993. If you look into your yearbook you will see a picture of me above or below you (Donna Matthews) so you can get an idea of who I am. I have never seen Jason since he graduated Curtis nor you. I want to let you know that you, JASON and your family are in my prayers every day. On September 11th of this year I went down to ANGEL SQUARE and went to his candle and said a prayer for you, him and your family. I hope you are doing ok. I did not loose anyone close to me that devastating day last year, but I can’t help but feel for people that did, my heart mourns so much. My first instinct the day after Sept. 11 was to look in the paper and watch the news for anyone that I might have know threw the years. Jason was the first person whom I recognized my heart just broke and I felt pain. Michelle, I can not fully feel your pain and what you are going through, but I do hope that you will be ok. God is with you in every step you take every day. Jason was a kind a person, and like me and everyone else remembers JASON as “THE MAN WHO MADE EVERYONE SMILE WITH HIS UNIQUE WAYS”. HE LIT UP THE ROOM WHEN HE WOULD ENTER. Stay strong and remember, he is watching over you and Alexia every minute of the day and you are surely not forgotten in his life up in heaven. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    Donna, Acquaintance
  • Jason~

    You were the sweetest guy in high school! I can not believe that this happened to you! I pray for you that you are safe now and I know that you are watching over Michele and your loved ones everyday!


    I huge hug goes out to you! If only I could take away your pain. You are a hero. For everyday you get up and face a new day in Jason’s name. I’m sure he has blessed you with strength, courage and that he is with you every second of every day.

    You will be together again!

    Mary Garrity-Vera, High school friend
  • Last night while driving with my family I remembered a story about Jason. It was “Sinor Day”, June of ’91 at the Statten. Jason and I both pulled into the parking lot at the same time, just to see that we both decorated our cars the same. We both made an Indian headdress for the top of our cars, Jasons had a huge tongue hanging down across the windshield. We were both determind to win the $100 prize. He told me that he would win. Well, I pulled out a sign from my car and attached it to my rear window. I had dedicated my car (the Warrior) to my brother and the rest of the troops in the gulf war. I won!! Jason gave me one look, but it was all smiles again when I told him I would buy him a beer at the beach that night. Jason is a Warrior, and I dedicate that car to him now!

    Mary Vera (Garrity), Friend
  • Jason,
    How can I express my feelings for you and your family in so few words? I don’t think that any of us find it easy to sum up your life and what you mean to us.
    We went to Curtis and graduated the same year, and yet I never really got to know you well. I do remember having classes with you and how you were one of the popular guys. It wasn’t hard for anyone to like you-you were so real, so genuine, so sweet. I remember you always had a smile and a great sense of humor. How I wish we could go back in time. Especially so that Michele could have more time with you. I remember Michele from Curtis too. Swim team, cheerleader-another popular person.
    Who would have thought way back then that you two would become husband and wife? It does seem like it was meant to be.T wo wonderful, sweet people destined to be together!
    I feel for you and your family and think of you often. Mary Garrity and I keep in touch and speak of you.W e will never forget you. I promise you that.
    Michele, I truly believe Jason is there with you. He never really left. How could he leave the love of his life? He wouldn’t-he’s not that kind of person.
    I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts, heart and prayers yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.
    Let us never forget Jason. I know I won’t.

    Beth Borrero (Bowcock), Curtis class of 1991

    Beth Bowcock-Borrero, High School Friend
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • My dearest Jay,
    The holidays are here and I miss you more everyday. I can’t believe this is the second Christmas without you. I remember how you loved
    Christmas and New Year’s so much. They are so sad without you. I still can’t believe that you’re not here. Sometimes I think I am crazy writing these tributes but I want everyone to know how much you are missed and loved. I can’t describe how much my heart hurts. I can talk about it now and everyone always says I look good but I think they say that because they don’t know what else to say. From the minute I wake up in the morning to the minute I fall asleep I am thinking about you, missing you so much. I just hope you are with me always.
    Merry Christmas in Heaven my love.
    Love always and forever,
    Your sweetie, Michele

    Michele DeFazio, Wife
  • Jason~

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or Michele. I pray for you and your family every day. I made a memory book and I have in it a copy of your wedding photo and a dedication to you. Though I really don’t know Michele all that well, I admire her grately. Everyday I wish I could go to her and just give her a hug. Maybe when I visit NY I will catch up with her. May God bless you and hold you close for you are so precious. In turn may you guide your famly and hold them close as well. your memory will shine on forever.

    Mary Vera, High school friend
  • To Michelle:

    I never knew your husband but after reading about him and the tributes by you, I feel I’ve known him all my life. He sounds like the perfect husband, son, brother and friend. I’m so sorry this happened to you when you two had just begun your life together. It’s really unfair and very tragic.

    Michelle, I know you must be hurting badly, so bad that no words could really console you. Every little thing must remind you of him…I know how terrible losing a loved-one can be – I’ve been there. But time will heal your wounds…I know for sure. Right now, nothing will make sense to you, but as time goes, Jason will help you overcome this grief…he will guide you slowly but surely to believe in life again…because you two are destined to be together, you will meet him again some day, never to be parted again…until then, have hope and carry on, for that’s what Jason would want you to do. Like you are already doing so fabulously, keep his memory alive.

    Please take care,
    My prayers are with you…

    Kishani, Friend from afar...
  • My dearest Jay,
    Today is exactly 1 1/2 years since you are gone. It is so difficult to be here without you. I came across a poem that expresses my feelings of sadness and emptiness I feel everyday…
    “I’ll Keep You In My Heart”
    If tears could bring you back to me,
    You’d be here by my side.
    For God could fill a river full
    With all the tears I’ve cried.
    If I could have one wish come true,
    I’d ask of God in prayer
    To let me have just one more day
    To show how much I care.
    If love could reach to Heaven’s shore,
    I’d quickly come for you.
    My heart would build a bridge of love,
    One wide enough for two.
    But this I know, the day will come
    When we will never part.
    Until that day we meet again,
    I’ll keep you in my heart.

    I Love you Jason so much!!!
    Always and Forever, Your loving wife,

    Michele DeFazio, wife
  • My dearest Jay,
    We just had your fundraiser and it was such a success. It was raining a little during the day but so many came out for you. Jay, you were loved by so many and I feel so honored and privledged to be your wife. I miss you more everyday but your family and friends are very supportive. Your birthday is in a couple of days and I can’t believe you’re not here. I loved making a fuss over your birthday…Of course we will celebrate it with your family and friends to honor you. That’s all I want to do..honor such a wonderful person that I was lucky to marry. I love you so much and miss you more and more everyday.
    Happy 31st Birthday my love…
    Love always and forever,
    Your loving wife, Michele

    Michele DeFazio, wife
  • Dear Jay,
    Happy Birthday my son. I can’t believe it has been almost two years since you have been gone. It has been so long since I have heard your voice or looked at that smile that could light up a room. I miss you everday. Every moment I think of you. Sometimes a song that is special will bring tears and seeing movies that we’ve seen together will remind me of all the funny times we had watching them. Now I watch them alone and only have those wonderful memories of you. Michele found pictures of your last birthday we celebrated together. Although I will never forget your smiling face, these pictures captured your happy personality that I miss everyday. So today is your birthday, a day that is hard for me, the day you came into my life and changed it forever. My Jay, you will live in my heart forever. You were the best son, best husband, best brother, best uncle and best friend to all who knew you. I love you so much and I know that someday we will be together. Until then Happy Birthday Jay.
    Love always, Mom

    Roseann DeFazio, mother
  • Michelle,

    I noticed that your wedding anniversary just passed last week. I hope you were able to experience some joy in remembering that day. I know it must seem bittersweet to think about it. I pray for you often and send good thoughts your way hoping that in some small way it will help boost you and lift your spirits. Jay hasn’t left you, he never will totally. And even though I didn’t know him nor do I know you — I believe that when you love someone you don’t want them to feel robbed or cheated, which is surely how you’ve felt. Instead revel and take comfort in the gift you were given — the time you got to be part of his life and capture his heart. It’s easier said than done. Be happy and live –I’m certain he would want you to!

    Good luck. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts.

    A friend, A friend
  • Dear Michele & Family:

    It has been two years since this tragedy struck millions around the world and took away loved ones from there families. Days & nights pass on, but yet we can’t ever forget the ones who have been taken from us. I want to let you know that I think of you and Jay’s family all the time, praying that you are all ok and the wounds are healing from the LOVE AND MEMORIES that you have of Jay. I go to Angel Square to his memorial and say prayers for you. I think it is the most beautiful place that they have here on Staten Island as a memorial for the families of September 11th. I can’t even image how hard this must be for all of you, but what I know is that he is up in HEAVEN looking down on you every single day guiding you every step of the way, he is taken you threw this with his love that he still has for you that will never ever fade away. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND KEEP YOU STRONG FOREVER.

    Donna, Freind
  • Jason,
    You are in my heart and in my prayers. I pray that wherever you are you are safe and happy and you are never too far from Michelle’s heart. Michelle, I think of you and Jason’s family often and pray for you daily. May you someday find peace.

    Erin, Friend
  • Dear Jay-Son,

    I have wanted to write something to pay tribute to you for so long but have had a very difficult time putting the right words together. First of all, I want to thank you for making my best friend so happy. It was an honor for me to take part in the wedding of two people that I love so dearly. When you had proposed to Michele, I didn’t feel like I was losing a best friend. Instead, I felt like I was gaining one. I remember running into you on the train the day that you picked up her ring and how big the smile on your face was. You were truly one of a kind and loved by all that knew you. I will always remember how good you were to Michele and how much fun it always was to be around you. Whether it was out at a bar, your apartment or you teasing me on the phone, you were always able to make me laugh. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and pray for Michele and your family. Please continue to keep an eye on Michele from heaven and give her the strength that she needs. I will continue to try and do what ever I can for her, while I’m still here on earth. If I do make it up there someday, I will be sure to bother you right in the middle of WWF, just like old times. Rest in peace my friend and Happy Second Anniversary in heaven. You are missed and loved so much by everyone.



    Jen Lobdell, Friend
  • Jason and Michele~

    sept 11, 2003 I woke up at 6:22 AM pacific time. I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the memorial service this year. But I felt I had to. For the second year ina row I turned it on just as Jason’s name was remembered! He’s still with all of us. I think of you all the time! Michele~ I so often wonder how you are doing. I pray that you are finding strength to live life as JAson would have wanted you to do. I pray that you are able to wake up a little easier each morning and go about your day, knowing that Jason is there with you. I strongly believe that he is there watching over you and guiding you each day and protecting you from harms way. I was in NY last May and I went to ground zero. There are no words to express the sadness I felt. I wish I had known about angel square, I would have loved to been there. My next time there I will for sure. Michele and Jasons family stay stonge. Stay close together. I’ll pray for you all!

    Mary vera, friend
  • Jason & Michele,

    It has been three years since this tragedy has hit NEW YORK CITY where we lost thousands of loved ones. As time has passed there is not one day that goes by where i dont think of it. I pray that you & the familys of you and Jason are ok and hope that you are coping as these days come & go, just remeber that he is in heaven looking down on you and he is with you every single day…..he is your GUARDIAN ANGLE.




    Donna, Freind
  • Hi, my name is Michael Quinn…I never met Jason but my brother Jimmy worked on the same floor as him at Cantor. They might have known each other. I met Jason’s wife Michelle recently. We were both shocked to find out that we both lost someone who worked at the WTC same floor same company. From reading Jason’s tribute I wish I had known him. I share your pain. After all this time I’m still blown away by what happened. God bless your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Michael Quinn, friend
  • I am Tommy Cahill’s sister and I will never forget the way Tommy talked about Jason as well as Michele. He loved you both and I know they are still together now in Heaven. It has been almost four years and it seems like yesterday, seeing our family dealing with this horrific loss and knowing about your family I had to add a tribute… What similiarities Jason and TOMMY had it is amazing. You are all in my thoughts and prayers ALWAYS. Michele, I MET YOUR SISTER SHE WAS SO WONDERFUL TO US SHE CAME OUT TO THE HOUSE ACTUALLY TOMMY’S HOUSE AND INTERVIEWED US I HOPE SHE HAS MUCH SUCCESS WITH HER BOOK. I HAD TOLD HER IF YOU EVER WANTED TO TALK I WOULD LIKE TO, BECAUSE TOMMY LOVED YOU BOTH… THE WAY YOU FEEL JASON’S LOSS IS THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT TOMM’S LOSS ALTHOUGH I AM A SISTER NOT A WIFE…. OUR FAMILY FEELS LIKE YOURS LOVE AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL… ALSO ESPECIALLY TO JASON’S PARENT’S BECAUSE I KNOW FROM SEEING MY PARENT’S THE LOSS OF A CHILD IS SO HORRIBLE, BUT I KNOW THEY ARE TOGETHER IN HEAVEN WITH ALL FROM THE DESK.. KATHY CAHILL-PSIROGIANES

    kathy, Tommy Cahill's sister
  • Jason,
    I came across this company tribute by chance and clicked on your name. I’ve spent the last hour reading tributes to you and your fellow co-workers. You were very loved. I am walking the 83 flights of the Aon building here in Chicago with the Chicago Fire Department on 9/10 to remember those lost on 9/11/2001. I will be walking for you, your family, and all those who lost their life that day. Know that you have not, and will NEVER be forgotten.

    Maggie, a friend you never met

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