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  Monique Dejesus

Date of Birth: December 26, 1972
Position: Administrative Assistant

(The following is the eulogy from Monique’s service)

Hello, my name is Miriam Caceres and I am Monique Dejesus’ Aunt.

I remember the day Monique was born, December 26th, 1972. My sisters and I became Aunts for the very first time and my mother became a Grandmother. God could not have blessed us with a more precious gift for Christmas.

Monique was one of a kind. She was the kind of person that would always think of others. She was generous and always helping people. She had a compassion for those in need and was always there for her friends and family. If you asked…she’d deliver! She was always helping people find jobs and was very well known for playing Cupid. She introduced many couples, some of who have married and have children today.

Monique enjoyed getting together with her friends and family, I called her the “Coordinator” because she was always planning a get-together. When she entered a room, her elegance and beautiful smile would make her shine. She had the kind of personality that would build curiosity; she was always the center of attention. This charming personality was natural and effortless. The beautiful aura that she possessed was definitely noticed.

I was fortunate enough to have spent September 8th with her. She took me to see a friend I had not seen in 11 years. We had a wonderful time during our 4-hour ride. We talked about many things and, of course, she played her Diana Ross CD over and over again…as usual, she had me laughing the whole day. It was a perfect day.

Our friends and family have gathered several photos of Monique. These were our happy moments, pictures of her and her very good friends, one of which was Angie Rosario and another photo of her boyfriend, Lloyd Brown. They, too, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. They, too, are in Heaven with Monique. There is one particular photo, which was taken on Labor Day weekend when we attended her cousin’s baby shower. As always, Monique was the life of the party. She kept insisting that everyone gather together for a family photo. There were so many of us I thought it would be impossible, so I told her if you really want me to take the picture, you gather the crowd together. Within minutes we were all grouped together and Lloyd Brown snapped our first family photo. We will forever treasure that photo for as long as we live. I’m sure Monique would like us to remember her that way and to treasure her memory in our hearts and never forget all the laughs that we shared. I will miss her emails and how she would always end them with “Feliz Navidad” or how she would call and say in a southern accent, “Hellllllllooo, it’s Wilma”.

I remember Monique telling me how she admired her mother for her strength and determination and how she admired her father for being such an avid reader. Monique loved her parents very much and enjoyed spending time with each of them. Being and only child she was able to excel because of the recognition and attention she received, from her family; she was well rounded.

On September 10th, Monique and I had emailed each other. It was quite unusual. We often emailed and spoke everyday, but on this day it was a great deal. I made it a point to delete all the messages at the end of the day. Nevertheless, upon returning to work in October, I knew all the emails were erased and I was very upset.

Ironically enough, for some strange reason, one emailed remained in my inbox. I would like to share Monique’s message with everyone, which I have framed to always remind me of the importance of unselfishness and appreciation. I ask that you listen carefully because due to the past circumstance, I believe this was a message that Monique sent to me as if she knew she would be called away by God….

“When I was getting off the expressway yesterday, there was a man at the exit sitting there with his head down. He obviously was homeless. I felt really bad for him – I thought, does this man have family, friends, maybe he’s hungry???…Miriam, it made me think, people in general, that no one is ever completely happy with what they have, with themselves, partners, their homes, etc. Some wish they can have more. People in this world should THANK God for what they have…”

Those were her last words to me…I love you Mo, and I will miss you till my last breath of life.

Miriam Caceres, Aunt
  • Monique was the life of every party. A fun loving person with meaningful conversation. She was always emphasizing the importance of being a strong, independent individual. We were lucky enough to share our lives with Monique while she lived here in Miami.

    To her family, we send our deepest sympathies. You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Monique, thank you for all the laughs and wonderful moments we shared. May you rest in peace along side your beloved friends and colleagues who also lost their lives on that tragic day. They say there is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart. We believed that to be true when you moved back home to New York, and now we believe it more than ever.

    We will never forget you. Love always,

    Sara and Gloria Garcia, friends

    Sara and Gloria Garcia, Friends
  • I am Monique’s youngest Aunt, she was a year older than me, she often reminded me how my mother had me because she used to be around Monique as a baby and so I came to be because of Monique. Monique used to tell me that story all the time, I would look at her and say “yeah, thanks” and we would both laugh. Monique was always the life of any crowd or party. She always managed to make everybody laugh. There is such a gap in our family since the September 11th events. I still sometimes think that I can call her or e-mail her and she will respond. She was very loved by her family and we miss her a great deal. Life is not the same but we try to be strong. I pray that she is among the heavens and angels waiting on each and every one of our arrivals. I pray for her to be the wind beneath my wings.

    Elizabeth Cacace, Aunt
  • Monique was one of my neighbors. She use to hang out with some of my friends and my sister, brother and cousin knew her. I didn’t know her as well but everytime I saw her with them she always had a big smile. That is what struck me about her. Her smile could light up a room. She seemed like such a nice person. She was always so positive. When the tragedy of 9/11 happened, it was felt throughout our neighborhood. Especially, when we found out that someone we knew was lost. And it was so strange when I heard that Monique worked for Cantor. Because my cousin Lorraine Antigua also worked for them and we lost her too. Two very special souls were lost on that day. So I’d just like to tell Monique’s family that they are in my prayers always. May God see you through this.
    Yours Truly (a Bergen Street neighbor),
    Carmen Mejia

    Carmen Mejia, Neighbor
  • Hello, my name is Belinda Dejesus. I am Monique’s cousin. To me I think I didn’t really spend enough time with her. She use to be just my couisn, but now she is my angel. Eveytime she came I would give her a peck on the cheek. On my cousin’s babyshower in New Jersey(Labor day weekend)which Monique had went to, she came out the car and I ran to out the door to give everyone a KISS. It seemed like it was a special day,for some reason. I remember that it seemed like she was trying to walk, like she had high-heels. Then I remember that she bend down to give me a kiss. The day went on. We started to get together to take a family picture. I saw Llyod there taking the picture, I felt really bad. But he was happy him self, to take the picture for us. That day was the only day my family was together. It was the only day that I will remember 4 ever. If Monique you see me writing this remember “I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU!”
    Belinda Dejesus 11yrs old

    Belinda Torres, Her cousin



    Jennifer Delgado, Friend
  • To my precious daughter aka as my peanut,
    I miss you so much..A huge piece of my heart went with you..I want to thank you for being such a wonderful daughter and a magnificent human being. Because of you I am the women that I am today..It was because of you that I learned independance and was able to take care of both of us..I miss your telephone calls when you always said hi mom its me Monique..whats for dinner I’m hungry..ok my precious baby until we meet again..I will love you forever and will miss your friendship.. Love your mother

    Wanda Hernandez, Mother
  • this goes to my gaurdian angel that sits on a cloud dangling her feet.. wit her pic tails watching over me.. who i walk this earth alone insearch 4 answer that no one can give.. so Monique, till it’s my time to see you at the crossroads.. put in a good word 4 me.. it is a powerful feeling to know you are not here.. and you won’t ring my bell.. or call.. but Monique.. 21 gun salute to you.. 4 every heartbeat.. every pulse.. and till the day my breath is taken from me.. we stand together.. walk together.. and you live as long as I live..
    love.. Nandy…

    Nandy, Lil' cuzzin
  • Hi Monique,
    You didn’t know me, but I also work with your mom at Long Island College Hospital. I had my first child during the time your mom was working at the Materity Ward, and she was such a pilar of power and prayer to me. My son was born on 8/19/01, and she helped me so much, you would be proud her. I used to see you both in the St. Clare Restaurant on Smith Street once in a while. I told you once you guys could be twins. I remember you when you were a little girl, watched you blossom into a teenager and then a woman. I know you are leading the charge in heaven and keeping things in order. Say hi to my mom and dad. God Bless you always, and I will keep an eye on Mom here.

    Eleanor Merola-Calderon

    Eleanor Merola-Clderon, Fiend of mother
  • I met Monique only once, at a Christmas party that she attended with her Mom, Wanda in 2000. She made such an impression on me. First because she looked so beautiful in her holiday party dress, and second because when I spoke to her I got to see that she was just as beautiful on the inside. We all had a great time at the party. Monique had everyone in the holiday spirit, upbeat, smiling, and on the dance floor. I will miss Monique because people like her are rare in this world. But I feel blessed because I had the chance to be in her company one night of her brief precious life.

    Lisa Heine, friend of mother, Wanda
  • Hi my precious baby,
    I miss you so very much..there are days that I just can’t take the pain in my heart..I feel as though I were dying..I wake up thinking about you and go to bed thinking about you..I can still hear you teasing me about silly stuff..I miss your smile, your laughter and your great sense of humor. I especially miss your friendship..titi nini misses you also..she cries everyday.. ok baby I will love you forever..I am glad that god gave you to me as my daughter I’m just sorry that you were taken away so soon..until we meet again my precious baby.. love your mom..

    Wanda Hernandez, Mother
  • Monique was not only my cousin she was like my sister. Monique and I had a lot of good times together, but a year ago Monique and I did not talk over a heated e-mail conversation. We said some really mean things to each other. We stopped talking to each other for a few months which was weird since we spoke everyday on the phone or by e-mail. She would call me and play pranks while we were both working. I would always know it was her. “What’s up Monique” I would say and she would just laugh. “How did you know it was me”? When we didn’t speak I felt like something was missing that day or I was forgetting something. We were both hurt and sad. I remember going into work one morning and opening my e-mails Monique’s name appeared a sudden excitement streamed over me. In her e-mail she put I’m sorry about everything. Life is too short and we can’t stay mad at each other forever. I thank God that we made up and our conversations and friendship resumed. I loved her and still love her for that. Monique was always concerned about me and would get “into the business” because she loved me and wanted to help all the time. That’s the way she was always helping others with a smile. I have dreams about Monique and in the dreams she is always smiling and we are once again “hanging out”. Everytime I have those dreams I fill with a warmness like she is hugging me to let me know she is fine. I love you and miss you so much that my heart aches.

    Jessica Beauchamp, Cousin
  • I met Monique in Puerto Rico at my aunt marcolina’s house the summer of 1983. She was a skinny little 10 year old. I was 22 years old and going through really hard times. Back then Monique wanted to be a doctor, so she suggested that she would be my shrink. I thought it was so funny, but we spent about 3 weeks together and after talking at length with this innocent child, she gave me all the simple easy answers to lifes problems from a childs perspective and it really helped. So you see, Monique will always be my angel of the summer of ’83. The next time I saw Monique was 2 years ago at my house in florida. She had blossomed into a beautiful woman of great character. We talked and laughed about the time we shared together in P.R. I thank God that I had the opportunity to tell her that I loved her, she showed me her beautiful smile, gave me a hug and said she loved me too.
    Monique you will always have a place in my heart, I love you, tell titi marcolina I miss her and love her too.

    Tito Romero, Mothers Cousin
  • To Dearest Monique;
    Your gentle face and patient smile
    With sadness we recall,
    You had a kindly word for each
    And died beloved by all.
    The voice is mute and stilled the heart
    That loved us well and true,
    Ah, bitter was the trial to part
    From one so good as you.
    You are not forgotten loved one
    Nor will you ever be
    As long as life and memory last
    We will remember thee.
    We miss you now, our hearts are sore
    As time goes by, we miss you more,
    Your loving smile, your gentle face,
    No one can take your vacant place.

    Until we meet agian.

    Amy Stromecki, Friend
  • Monique…today, for the first time since September 11th, I spoke with your mother. I also work at LICH, and have seen her at meetings…but I couldn’t say a word. I lost my dear brother-in-law, Elvin Romero, on that day…he was on the 104th floor, a Cantor-Fitzgerald employee like yourelf. Maybe you spoke every day while at work, maybe you rode the elevators together, maybe you stood side by side when the angels came to save your beautiful spirits. I could feel your Mom’s sadness, but she spoke of you with such pride and strength. Your last message to her contained words of love…and that is her comfort. Know that I am available to your Mom whenever she needs to talk, or cry, or simply feel her pain. Enjoy the splendor of heaven.

    Debbie Sammut, Friend
  • I spoke to Monique very often on the phone, however I only had the pleasure of meeting her twice in person. She would cover Debbie’s phone while she was away and when I called my husband Fred I would always hear her sweet voice. I never got to know her personlly, I’m sorry for that because the rest of the tributes about her are beautiful. Monique was always so pleasant and helpful when I called looking for Fred, she was such a professional, she would have gone very far in her career. There were many people I thought about that day praying that they had not gone to work already and one of those was Monique. I was truly saddend when I learned that she was in work with Fred and so many other wonderful people. She was a beautiful person.

    Eileen Varacchi, wife of co-worker
  • Monigue was my niece she was the greatest daughter a mother can ever have. I not only speak for my sister Wanda but I also speak for myself. Monigue (Nikki)was her nickname to me and my children, since my son Michael could not pronounce her name. She will always remain Nikki to us for ever. She was always at our house every possible weekend so that her cousins and she can love and tease each other such as my daughter Laverne smacking her with a pancake. Monigue then screams “Titi look” and when I turn to look at her, syrup was dripping down her face and of course I yelled at Laverne and they all started to laugh. Another time my daughter Jessica had a cold Laverne and Monigue stuck two skinny straight pretzels down her nostrils. These are precious moments that can not be taken away from us. The only thing that is taken away from me is her phone calls during my birthday. She always made sure that she did not forget her Titi Nini. I love her dearly and she will never be forgotten.

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • Neeki, I have been left with a void too big to ever fill now that you have left us. The night of September the 11th I sat and asked God with much anger in my heart why he would take such a wonderful person, along with many others, away from this earth. I wondered, since all you brought was happiness to everyone who had ever been in your presence, why would God do this. My faith was in trouble and I wonderd if there was a God. After being comforted by my family and closest friends, I was reminded that God has reasons that we can’t understand sometimes for everything. I never believed in that before this happened. God had his reason for taking you away from me and it was to teach me not to take life, family or friends for granted, which I have been doing for a long time. I realized that no one ever knows when they are going to go and that is why I must treat everday like it is my last. That way if I do go I will have no regrets, friendships lost, and no one will be confused about how much I care about them. I know I would have felt much better after I found out about your passing if I had done this all along. I would have let you know everytime we spoke how much you mean to me. I would have let you know how much I appreciate you as a SISTER because you are too close to me to be considered my cousin. I love you Neeki and will never take anything for granted. Thank you for the happy memories we shared and for touching my life.

    Michael Carbajal, Cousin/Brother
  • Monique was my niece she liked to spend her weekends with her cousins Laverne and Jessica. They all had a fabulous time together. Monique was always that special child for me, you see I lost my fist born child on December 15, 1972 and Monique was god sent on December 26, 1972 to sort of fill in that empty gap. I thank the lord for the years we had with her. Monique was family oriented and during the holidays she like to be around the family. We are already missing her very much. May the lord keep her safe for us and Nikki we will see you soon. Mom misses you the most.

    Love your Titi Nini

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • Monique and I grew up together. As children we lived together. Both our mothers were single and leaned on each other through the ups and downs of life. We fought, played and shared life experiences as sisters do. As you grow into an adult and as time passes and life takes you in esperate directions we found ourselves drifting ways. I moved to Florida with my husband and 2 children and was able to rekindle the type of relationship with Monique that we had as children. I am grateful for that time. My children grew to love Monique very much. Though they knew her for a short time she made a loving impact on them, as she did with everyone she knew. My heart aches each time my little ones ask for her. I live with tons of regret. Its a heavy burden to carry with day to day, and since I didn’t speak with her before she was taken away, I have to believe in my heart that she knows how I feel..I love you and miss you everyday…”Monique please forgive me.”

    Laverne Beauchamp/Grajales, Cousin
  • Monique,
    You were were such a beautiful, friendly, loving woman. I love and miss hanging out with you and my cousin Angie. I think of you girls constantly, especially if I go to a good party. You are greatly missed, but never forgotten!!
    All my love, Tweety

    Tweety Quijaon, friend(Angela Rosario's cousin)
  • This is one of the hardest and saddest things I have ever done. I miss you Monique and I love you dearly, I wish we could’ve had more time together. We all see miracles every day in so many ways; it sometimes gets difficult to recognize them as we see them. You left us far too soon, fortunately God has given me memories to keep you close forever and I cherish them all. God also granted me the gift of having been touched by you and to have had the time we had together. I never thought I would ever know the pain of losing a child. Children are not supposed to die before their elders. I promise to you that I will never let anyone ever forget this terrible thing that was done to you and the others and I will never forgive until all the guilty are punished.
    Now sweetheart I will say goodbye, I know God is keeping you well and you are in the company of your Grandmother. Now you can watch over us, and I will smile when I look up.


    James, Family
  • Monique, what can I say? It hurts so much, everyday. I think about you everyday, on my way to work, on my way home, and I dream about you. You hug me in my dreams, thank you. Sometimes when I’m driving in my car I start crying. I just can’t understand. I ask myself why? It’s not fair! At first I was so sad, then I just became so angry. I wish I could have told you how much you meant to me. I always looked forward to seeing you, I loved to hear the hilarious stories you told. You always made me laugh. Girl you were soo crazy! I’m so happy we were able to see you at Leslie’s house, the day you came with Titi and Lloyd. We spoke about old times when we were kids. We laughed and laughed and laughed! I miss you Monique, I still can’t believe you’re gone. Amber draws me pictures often, and sometimes she draws an angel high in a sunny sky, and says “thats Monique,your cousin”. We all love you, we will never forget the wonderful person you were. God bless you. Until we meet again cous…
    Thinking of you always,

    Melinda Rosa/Van Cleaf, cousin
  • I see you resting in a place of peace and comfort unburdened by the tears and sorrows of this world. And though you are gone you live…you live in the hearts of everyone you touched because nothing loved can ever be lost and you were loved so much by so many. In that instant that our joy turned to mourning and our happiness to despair we asked, as thousands of families asked…why? Why my son, why my daughter, my husband, my wife? Why you Monique? Why would God take you from us when you still had so many hearts to touch, so many lives to influence, so many infectious smiles to share? Questions left unanswered, sorrow unyielding. As I reflect on the horror that took you from us I’m left to consider that this world, Monique, was never meant for one as beautiful as you. “Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand”.

    Michael McMorrow, Heart Broken Friend
  • Hi Mo, it’s your girl from Miami. I miss you very much!!!!!!!!!! But, I know that you are in good hands. Your hopes and dreams were cut short one horrible morning because of someone else’s rage, but they could not take the life of your essence. We met because you were dating my sister’s bestfriend’s brother, but we remained close because our hearts understood one another. I look at your picture here and I wish I could of said how happy and glad I was to be your friend more often! But, God gave me the chance to see you two months before this tragedy and I will always be grateful for such a blessing in disguise. Because of you I was able to meet a great person who will always find a friend in me, your Mother. Her burden is immense, and will have a lifetime of its own, but we will keep her shoulders warm for you!
    If only I had had your cell phone number with me that morning, so I could of said something, anything, to help you out of there, but I guess life is funny that way. Be good up there and don’t get into too much trouble. Thank you for trusting me as part of your life. many hugs and kisses,
    Your forever friend, Vanessa

    P.S. Say hi to Angie for me
    ~Till we meet again..

    Vanessa Martinez, Close Friend
  • I MISS YOU!!!

    Vanessa Martinez, Close Friend
  • Monique and I met thirteen years ago at Murry Bergtraum High School. I was a transfer student and didn’t know anyone – she changed that very quickly as she told EVERYONE we were cousins; that would be our little secret for the duration of our time at M.B. We instantly became the best of friends. Monique, Angie, Margarita and myself were often called “the 4 stooges” or better yet as a friend once called us on our way out to go dancing the “4 tired old crew”. Monique had a dynamic personality. She was a strong woman yet those who knew her well knew she was a big kid at heart. The day of my wedding, exactly one week before the tragedy, the girls plus Wanda made a circle around my husband and me as we danced our first song. Moe gave me a big hug and said I love you! That was my last memory of her. The unfair and cruel ordeal we faced on 9/11 makes me furious because I don’t understand and I don’t know if it will ever make sense to me but I trust that God had his reasons and although our friendship was cut short I thank him for giving me such a special friend and many fond memories to cherish. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime – Monique will forever be my lifetime friend.

    Moe – I love you too and I miss you so very much. Until our souls unite.

    Glenda Paulino, Best Friend
  • Monique I’ve been sitting here trying to write something for some time now and every time I’m almost done I erase everything and start over. I guess there’s no easy way to say my heart aches for your mom. I’ve always known her for being a single parent and you her only child. I must say she did an excellent job at raising you because ever since I can remember you were always so kind and lady like. I’m sure your in a better place and I know we’re not suppose to question Gods action, but everytime I think of your mother I just want to cry!!!! I wish more than anything in this world that I can bring you back to your mother. No one should have to suffer what she’s suffering right now—-IT’S JUST NOT FAIR
    Friends forever,
    Love, Rita
    Bed-stuy Brooklyn

    Rita Rivera, childhood friend
  • This shouldnt have happened to anyone so beautiful as yourself. This extreme pain in my heart for you and your mother is overwhelming. I hate the fact that this tragedy took place and for the sole purpose of happiness I would kindly trade places with you. Monique in my heart and soul I will keep your memory alive and to all the friends we share in our neighborhood (Bed-stuy)I’ll make sure that they never forget you are down with us love, Rita

    Rita Rivrea, Childhood Friend
  • This morning, August 1, 2002, I was on the G train going to work. I sat across from a guy and girl who both knew you. This two had obviously not seen each other in a while so they began “catching up.” I normally try not to intrude on people’s conversation because I think that its rude, but there came a time when the young lady mentioned you. This sparked a long and enduring conversation. The young man, an employee at Deutsche like myself spoke so fondly of you. You can see tears rise in his eyes when he spoke of how you were such a great person. About how you tried to get him a position at Cantor. The young lady said that she had not seen you since 5th grade, but came across your mother, a nurse, during her delivery of a baby daughter. She spoke of how your mother informed her that you had recently gone through divorce, but remained positive through it all. A while into the conversation, I recognized that I was listening intently and felt that I was intruding so I tried to tune them out. But, alas, I could not help myself because I began to feel that the person they spoke of was truly a special person and someone I am certain I would have liked to have known. I formerly worked at 130 Liberty, but was no longer there due to pregancy. That whole day (Sept. 11) as I walked from 52nd street to my home in Brooklyn, I kept praying for the families and asking God to spare me of knowing anyone personally. He did, at least until today. I feel like I know you because of the very kind words your friends shared on that G train this morning. I am certain that God has already given you a glimpse of how special you were to many- He made you anyway, huh? (Smile) I pray for your family in only a way that God knows how to get through. You, my dear, were well loved, and a special kind. Continued thoughts of you will be on the minds and hearts of many to come. When my son, who is now 6 months is old enough to know of the tragedy that day, I will share with him a story of you.

    Justice Stamps, Caring stranger
  • Today is August 29th, 2002 and it’s going to be a year that you were taken from your loved ones. So many times I’ve come to this site and and just couldn’t find the words to express my emotions. You certainly are not forgotten, and defenitely are loved. There are times that I’ll be driving in my car and a song will come on the radio that will spark a memory of you. A freestyle song..”Loving You”. I remember how we used to stand by Kelvin’s cage and sing like we were stars. Poor Wanda, how we made her ears bleed with our voices. We had a lot of fun during High School. Wanda was the coolest mom, she was always more a friend than a mother. Always understanding always steering in the right direction, in her loving way. Wanda, I miss seeing you, you and your family welcomed me and made me feel like I was one of you. I can’t imagine the hurt that Wanda is feeling, but know that you and your mom are always in my prayers.
    Monique and I met in 1990, our freshman year at Murry Bergtraum H.S. I can’t exactly remember how we met, but I do remember that we became fast friends. She used to crack me up so much. Always fussing with her hair. Monique was a unique person, always smiling even when she was down. Its funny, Monique was always spreading herself around, because I remember Senior year her, myself and a friend Madeline were always together, we even went to the prom together without dates. Unfortunately after H.S. we parted a bit and I lost contact with her, but she was always on my mind. Then one weekend when she was visiting from Miami I got a call and had the opportunity to go dancing with her. What a blast. Unfortunately that was the last time we spoke or saw each other but I will be forever greatful for that last chance. Forever I will have our crazy pictures and wonderful memories to keep you alive. Keep your light shining……for eventually we will meet again.

    With lots of love, hugs and kisses.

    I love you girl!!! Melanie Valentin-Rivera

    Melanie Valentin-Rivera, Friend
  • Mo,

    God has truly darkened our skies when he decided it was time for you and B-Angie-B to come home together, but he is now blessed with two beautiful ANGELS. You will be truly missed, God Bless.

    Rest In Peace,
    Robin Laibhen

    Robin Laibhen, Friend
  • Dear Monique,we work with your Mom at LICH, and she is holding strong. She has her moments but your light still shines for her everyday. She talks about you often. All the great memories, shopping sprees and vacations… She knows you are watching over her and all she does. Even now you bring her more luck and happiness too. We only got to meet you once, but you will remain in our hearts forever. Wanda,we love you Michele, Tanya, Louisa, and Lynn.

    Michele Kunz, Mom's Co-worker
  • Monique was an exceptional person: she always had a smile on her face and it seemed there was no hurdle she could not jump. During the time that I was fortunate to work with her at Hilton International in Miami, she was always planning some kind of function for all the employees to attend: whether it be the Christmas party, the company picnic or a softball league. Amazingly enough, everything always turned out to be fun and done in team spirit!
    I was really upset to find out the terrible news and feel very sorry for her mom, I know that they were really close.
    Monique, although you are gone, you are everything but forgotten and I am sure that the angels are around you.
    We love you!

    Alicia Diaz, Co-worker from Miami
  • Hey Mo! It’s September 11th, a year to the date of the tragedy and I just wanted to say how much I still think of you and miss you. I find peace in the thought that you are in a place where love and tranquility surrond you constantly, you most definetly deserve it. Extra special thoughts and feelings of love and prayer are being sent to you and your family today!!! Though from me you shall find them daily. Give a special hug to your mom from me okay~ Love you! Vani

    Vanessa Martinez, Close Friend
  • It’s September 11th today, on this special day, the family chose to spend the day together with your father, we watched the televised ceremony which was very emotional for everyone. I felt a special closenss to you. It’s now 368 days since I last saw you, September 8th, 2001. Monique, I will never forget our conversation of that day. How we laughed and reminisced of our funny family moments. I especially remember when you told me to have another baby and not to be discouraged, and to have a positive attitude. You gave me hope.
    Monique, I miss you so much, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, pray for you. I miss you so much, but in my heart I know you are always with us. It does not feel like a year has gone by, like many others, everyday feels like September 11th. I find comfort talking to you, I know your listening and guiding me. I know on July 31, 2002 when I was delivering my baby which was an emergency delivery, due to complications, I know, you were there with me. My daugter was born pre-maturely by 4 weeks, she spent 5 days in ICU, but she made it Monique, she is alive and healthy! I named her, Elana Monique Caceres… when your little cousin grows up I will tell her about you and how special you are!

    I love you Monique..I will hold you close to my heart for a life time….

    your Aunt Miriam

    Miriam Caceres, Aunt
  • Hello …
    I was reading some of the tributes (having lost someone myself that I cared for deeply one year ago today) and I came across Monique’s name. She seemed like a wonderful young lady and I feel like she some how she touched me without even being on earth. She touched my heart from up in Heaven while I was reading her tributes. I have the same birthday as Monique and just wanted to share my thoughts with her loved ones. God Bless

    Lacy Marie, A touched stranger ...
  • My heart goes out to Monique’s family.
    My dear Wanda… no words can alleviate the loss of a child.

    I have several Monique anecdotes that I take with me. I was fortunate enough to be Monique’s classmate at Bergtraum. I’m not surprised that Monique did not change; she was always a genuinely conscientious, humorous and thoughtful person.
    She was sensitive but she knew how to take a joke; she was very forgiving and generous.(Monique always forgave us when we would poke fun.)

    The world was a nicer place with her.
    My dear Wanda, I share your pain. All of us who had the privilege to meet ‘Nique feel the loss.
    I’ve never come across such an admirable relationship between mother and daughter.

    My condolences are long overdue. My deepest compassion goes out to you all.
    Wanda, I could not muster the courage to contact you. Perhaps one day I will call and we’ll chat the way we used to – in your kitchen and living room on Bergen Street.
    For now, with my heart in my hand and a knot in my throat, I wish you and your family the very best under the circumstances.

    Chris Echegaray

    Chris Echegaray, high school friend
  • You were so very special! When you met my son and afterward was introduced to me, you captured my heart just like you captured David’s. I was always known to be so serious and you just melted that all away. You are loved and missed by me and my family. I am so proud to have been a part of your life.


    Rosa Collazo, Friend
  • Dear Wanda,

    Yesterday we received many calls from team members remembering her and expressing so many good feelings about her! You should know about all the love they send you and how much they care about you and Monique.

    We will never forget Monique. She is alive in our hearts and beautiful memories are kept in our minds forever. We are thankful for the privilege of working with her so many years. She has made a difference in our lives!

    In behalf of our team of 8,000 members in The Americas, please receive a warm hug and all the love to carry you through these days.

    I am looking forward to meeting with Monique and you in a new system of things,where death will not longer exist. With lots of love, Mirta

    Mirta Rivera, Friend and colleagueat Hilton Internatio
  • SEPTEMBER 10,2002


  • Hey Ma!
    I’m just at work thinking about you for the day. Say hi to Wanda for me!
    This is how we get
    down in BK!!!
    wish you were here
    Rita 😉

    Rita Rivera, childhood friend
  • Oh Mo, I miss you so much. I dreamnt with you yesterday, I was brushing your hair, you had beautiful curls. Then you stepped away and when you returned you were all grown up. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about but you made me laugh, I felt such happiness. Then I hugged you and told you I loved you. I feel such happiness when I dream of you. I only have my memories of the times we shared and to me that is the most precious gift from you. Not a day has has gone by that I don’t think of you, pray for you and hurt for you. I miss you Mo, I miss you so much. I love you my angle in heaven….Love titi Miriam

    miriam, aunt
  • My dearest daughter, it has been extremely difficult for me to go on without you, but you know I do because you would never have it any other day. I feel you around me all of the time saying Mom you have to go on..please life is for the living..the holidays are here and I miss you so very much. I was at a christmas party at the hospital and I wanted to cry so bad, but I didnt because I felt your spirit not allowing me to. We all started singing Christmas carols..and I actually enjoyed myself..I will never never forget your beautiful smile, character, beauty and your sense of humor..I will love you forever..no other human being will ever touch me in the way that you did. Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful daughter and for making my life so beautiful. It was easy being your mother. I love you. Your mother for always.

    Wanda Hernandez, Mother
  • Hey Mo, it’s the holidays again and the agony in my heart pains an awful pain. You know I was talking to my husband about you last night. And I concluded that you had to be an angel. How can your love and friendship be so powerful? As I promised, your memory and legacy will continue. At least from a friends stand point.

    Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

    Love, Rita

    R. Rivera, Childhood Friend
  • Monique,
    Time has flown by since that horrible day, but your spirit lives on. You have no idea how often we remember you. The memories are many. Some are wonderful, some are extremely funny and others very emotional, but we cherish all of them.
    To your Mother and family we send our warmest wishes during this holiday season and always. Today is your Birthday, so I hope you’re up in heaven celebrating it in style!

    Lots of love always,

    Sara & Gloria Garcia, Friends in Miami, FL
  • Monique
    Happy Birthday in Heaven. You are loved and missed.
    Michael McMorrow

    Michael McMorrow, Friend
  • I miss you so much, Monique. I always remember the times we had together while we were young. The three of us always fighting: me, you, and Laverne. Us playing in the schoolyard. You and Laverne sticking those skinny pretzels in my nose while I was conjested, sick, and trying to sleep. Hearing the laughter in the background (you and Laverne) “You, guys are so stupid, MOMMMMMMMMM”… Us dancing to Copacabana…Laverne slapping you with a pancake…Me and you fighting and knocking over the closet doors and then putting them up back together. I especially remember the last time we actually hung out. It was your idea to hang out at the Hilton. Me, you, Angela, Mona, and Titi. We had so much fun. I was two months pregnant and you would always want everything that I was eating. You looking at yourself in the mirror getting ready for South Beach. We all went except for Titi. Titi said that there were only heedens down there.. :)We went to ALL STAR CAFE. We were dancing and you wanted me to show you one of my moves. After a night on hanging out and letting every guy that I was dancing with know that I was 2 months pregnant we went back to the room and you woke up Titi so that I could show her my dance move… I miss those phone calls, WILMA… I had a dream the other day. I threw you a surprise party for your birthday. You were so excited smiling and conversating from person to person. Walking around, smiling, laughing… I was doing what you always did which was being the “party coordinator” anything to get the family together…I love you and thank you for being always there for me. Your physical being is not here but you are with me spiritually and I thank you for that. You will always be that cousin that we shared a special bond together. I LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH…

    Jessica, Cousin
  • It’s a year and 6 months since you were taken from us, and although you are not here physically your presence lives on. I love you.

    Miriam, Aunt
  • Hey Mo, just had you on my mind and thought I’d drop a few lines. I’m a mom Mo! I had a baby boy on December 20, 2002, his name is Jeremy Ray, could you believe it? My due date was Dec. 25, I thought for sure it was going to be later. So, of course I immediatley thought of you and how you would have turned the big 30.

    I miss you girl. Wanda, hope you’re doing well. When I find your number I’m going to call you to say hi.

    With much love and prayers always.


    Melanie Valentin-Rivera, Friend
  • Hey Nikki your cousin/brother Michael graduated on May 10, 2003 from the Citadel with a Bachelors of Science in Business administration. It was a happy moment for all of us including your mother, however we truly missed you there physically but spiritually something happened- when we entered the University the song your mother dedicated to you played on the radio and immediately after the graduation because of you played in the radio station. Your mother immediately thought of you and she wepped. Of course I told her do not start because my makeup is going to smear and she then laughed. I think is because she knows what I look like without makeup. We truly miss you and love you so so much and Michael felt lost without you. I remind everyone every time that you are in good hands and I for one look forward to seeing you in my fathers kingdom. Once again I love you and I am sorry I did not tell you enough times, that will always be my only regret.

    Your Titi Nini

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • I never met Monique but in so many ways she reminds me of myself. All of the tributes posted by her family and friends truly reflects what a spectacular human being she was. I admire her zest for life, and love for friends and family. I know Angela Rosario was her friend because they both were exeptionally wonderful human beings. I would of loved to have been her friend. I know we would of had a lot in common as I too have a huge Puertorican family like hers.I know that she is now one of Gods angels.

    Jinessa Vargas, Stranger
  • On this somber 2 year Anniversary, I send my prayers of comfort and strength to Wanda and Monique’s family and friends. Monique, although you are gone, you are ALWAYS in our hearts.

    My love to all.


    Melanie Rivera, Friend
  • Hey Monique,

    Today is September 12, 2003. I can’t believe 2 years have gone by. We are living in a nightmarish world since 9/11. I pray all the time that you, Angie, Lloyd and Darryl are at peace, safe and joined with gods forces to help protect us here on this earth. I went into the pit yesterday at ground zero. It made me think about the past, growing up! the times we shared. The annoying little things you would do to get me upset! The silly lies you told me to fool me. It was all good. I remember always trying to get you back, but you were always one step ahead.
    I took five roses with me yesterday, one for each of you and the last for all the victims of that day. I felt a little comforted being their yesterday, because I know soon they will rebuild and I might have not had the chance to be there, like it is now. I love you and I miss you so much….Peace be with you and I will see you when it’s time.

    Love you always, Titi Ely

    Ely, Titi
  • It has been 2 years since they took you away from us all. I remember the day…I watched paralyzed with fear…hoping, praying I didn’t know anyone. Horror came to me 2 days later when Aaron called and told me you were in there and had not come home.
    Mo,we met over the phone and bonded instantly…Aaron said we were a lot a like and he was right…with your crazy self!! You were never selfish. You shared all – even your friends, thank you for Omar by the way…he is doing great, looking great (I’m sure you know that already). Thank you for being my friend and sharing yourself, your friends, your life with me. I was really worried at that time in my life and I almost didn’t make it. You were there for me, thank you beautiful girl.

    I watched the ceremony yesterday, hoping, praying to see your face. Just one more time…I waited, worried there wouldn’t be a picture. I had to see that beautiful face…if only once more…then there you were. I was so moved by your beauty, images in my mind of the jet-ski ride we took. Remember the jelly-fish?!?!? I cried for 30 minutes, but then I calmed down and remembered that my grandma will be there for you…I prayed and asked her to look for you, show you all the good places to people watch, show you all the love she showed me while she was here on earth with me to you up there in heaven. Now I know your grandma’s there too and I know you are okay.
    Monique, I want you to know that I love you…I miss you…I am sorry we never had the chance to reconnect here in NY…it is something I will always regret…I will see you again and I will hug and kiss you for all the times I didn’t!
    Wanda, my thoughts and prayers are with you…you raised an exceptional young lady, be proud (as I know you are). Her beautiful spirit lives on…we will NEVER forget.
    Momo, I will say goodbye now, I just can’t go on…so you fly free baby, may your soul fly free to see all the beautiful things this world has to offer…I will love you always, Your friend Lo

    Lorraine Acosta, Friend
  • If it is true what is said (and I have no doubt), then you are indeed reading this from Heaven. My name’s Miguel Armenteros. You may not remember me, but we met through your friends Gloria and Sara Garcia down here in Miami over 5 1/2 years ago while dining at an IHOP. Unfortunately, our encounter was brief. I do though remember a girl with a charming smile and lovely personality… I guess sometimes that’s all we need to remember. 🙂 May God bless you in heaven, and speed your family and loved ones down here on earth.

    Miguel Armenteros, acquaintance
  • As the holidays approach us again, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach knowing once again you are not here with us. I miss you terribly!
    I know that you are in a much better place, I just try to stay focused because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s getting easier talking about you and the old times. You are always in our conversations.
    You’d be proud of your cousin Albert, started John Jay, he recently had to write a report about people that have inspired him in his life, and he wrote about you, it broke my heart. He made me proud, he received a B+. We miss you so much, you still manage to touch the lives of so many. I love you so much my angle in heaven, and until we meet again, I will always have you in my heart.

    Miriam, Aunt
  • Mo,
    It’s two weeks before x-mas and I was thinking about you because your birthday is coming up. You would have been 31 years old this year. My 30th B-day just passed and I know we would have celebrated that one. Amanda (my little one 5yrs old) still cries for you. Sometimes she amazes me because she truly doesn’t understand everything, however she is very aware that you are no longer here, but that you are in heaven and it makes her very sad. She cries and asks me why did you have to go. I know she will never forget you. Your father (my brother) just sent me a website he wanted me to visit so that I can write something about you. I know he doesn’t get much credit for you, but one thing I want everyone to realize is that without him there was no you. He loves you so much and he misses you deeply.

    I miss you so much….Titi Ely

    Elizabeth Cacace, Aunt
  • Dear Monique, your 2nd birthday with the angels. I continue to see your smile and hear your laugh. You are loved and missed dearly.

    Michael McMorrow

    Michael McMorow, Friend
  • Your second birthday with the angels. Time passes but the pain remains. You are loved and missed by all who knew you.

    Michael McMorrow

    Michael McMorrow, Friend
  • Dear Monique
    Three years later….As I look at your mom I can see your beautiful face. However, I know and feel that you are living through her. I am sure she yearns for you, everyday, but Wanda has your joy and spreads it to others wherever she goes, whoever she is with. Monique, continue to send your love through your mom, for she is doing a great job!
    We all love you Wanda….Michele….

    Michele Kunz, Wanda's friend
  • Dear Monique,

    Nothing will ever cause the memory of your goodness, your caring spirit, your love for others, to fade. You will never be forgotten.

    Michael McMorrow, Friend
  • Hi Mo,
    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you are often remembered here in Miami. A lot has happened in the last few years, and I wish you could have been here to share it with us. Sara is a married woman now! We often talk about you and the best thing is remembering the hysterical times, they really bring a huge smile to my face. Many people have written tributes about you, and we all share one feeling in particular. That you are indeed a very unique and special person. Your smile, your thoughts and your friendship are missed by many.
    Your Mother and family are forever in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love,

    Gloria, Friend
  • Dear Monique,
    Always in our thoughts, always in our hearts.
    Happy Birthday in Heaven.

    Michael McMorrow, friend
  • Hi my precious Angel,
    I miss you terribly. I live my life and make important decisions based on the love that I have for you.Even now I would never do anything that you would disapprove of. I will never disgrace your memory. And will forever hold my head up high keeping my integrity and respect.I love you more today and will wait for the day that god will once again allow me to hold you in my arms again.Until we meet again my beautiful baby.
    Your Mother that lovesyou

    Wanda Hernandez, Mother
  • 12/26/2005
    No amount of time can cause your memory to fade or mend broken hearts. Happy birthday in Heaven.

    MJM, friend
  • Hi Nikki,
    Five years already and it still feels as though it was yesterday when we lost you. I miss you so very much. I wish everyday in my life,I can go back to that very first day and change everything that happened. I know you are in a safe place and hope to one day see you again.

    Titi Nini

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • Nikki I miss you so much. I wish I could have seen you b4 all of this happened. It has been 5yrs it went by so fast but for the memories of you it goes by so slowly and the day is still fresh in my mind.We all miss and love u very much. We all know u are safe with our heavenly father. So many things have happened that I wish u could have shared with us. Ariel started high school this year and im in my 3rd semester of college. I also have a boyfriend that I have been going out with for 2yrs I wish you could have met him so you can tell me what you think. But I know your looking down at us and protecting us from above I love u and u will live 4ever and wont b 4gotten never.

    ~some times I cry out your name
    without realization of why sometimes
    I cry even when I am having a good day
    sometimes the memory of you is so strong
    and other times it cease to exist
    i miss you I really do
    the thought of you never walking through the door scares me
    it scares me that I can no longer find you or see you
    but I can feel in my heart and I know you are watching over me night and day
    I love and I miss you so very much

    Your Cousin ~Brenda

    Brenda Rodriguez, Cousin
  • Hey Monique! Happy 5th anniversary in heaven. Sorry for not writing sooner. Derrik(Deroc)& the kids send their best to your family. Everytime I see your picture it reminds me of the Church dances @ p.p.p. Some how a fight always broke out but the next day we would all be hanging out talking about the drama from the night before. I will always remember your beautiful smile.It would just light up a room.

    Wanda I don’t know if you remember me from LICH, I just wanted to tell you to keep living for your daughter’s memory. I always looked up to your relationship with Monique and I hope to have that one day with my 2 daughters.

    And to one of Monique’s aunt’s who paid a tribute in my cousin’s page(Lorraine antigua), Thank you for your kind words.Sometimes these pages make you realize how truly special our loved ones are and how many people they’ve touched in their short life time.

    God Bless to you all!
    Love a friend, Kassi and family

    Kassi, Friend
  • December 26, 2006

    Dear Monique,

    Your life is a beautiful memory, your absence a silent grief. Years go by and still we mourn, for the pain of our loss is never forgotten. Happy 34th Birthday in Gods’ Garden. Michael

    Michael McMorrow, friend
  • We all miss you very muck nikki 6yrs and still feels like yesterday. Mom and dad went to go see you. Me and Ariel are back at home we wish we could have gone. Love you forever and always xoxo

    Brenda L Rodriguez, Cousin
  • Hi Nikki:
    I finally made it to the 911 memorial this year. I miss you terribly. Mom gave a beautiful picture of you to be put out in the museaum across from ground zero. We all still miss you tremendously wishing things could be diferent. I Love you always.

    Titi Nini

    Adriana Rodriguez, aunt
  • My Dearest Niece,

    I always enjoy reading all the messages friends and family members have left for you, and all have something in common, you remain in the hearts of many and are unforgettable. We miss you so much. Keep watching over us… until we meet again, I love you my titi monique!

    Miriam, Aunt
  • Hi Nikki:
    It is now eight years later from that terrible day and I am still missing you very much. I never stop thinking of you and will always love you.

    Love Titi Nini

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • Hey Monique

    Today is Sept 11,2008, I cannot believe its been 7 yrs since that sad day, the weather is very dreary and everyone walks around a little more sadder today. I know you are smiling down on your mother and family. We all lost that day, if not a family member, we lost the care free way we live our lives. Heaven is a brighter place with you up there. We all miss you, the ones that you were around, and those that knew you through your mom. Give my parents my love Monique.
    See you one day in Heaven
    Eleanor Merola-Calderon
    friend and co-worker of Mother,
    Wanda Hernandez

    Eleanor Merola-Calderon, mothers" co worker
  • My beloved niece,

    Today is September 11, 2008, I can’t believe it’s 7 years later. It still feels and hurts like if this date (9/11/01) happened yesterday. Most of the family was down at Ground Zero today. I am so sorry I couldn’t be there today but I was there emotionally and mentally. Guess what, LIL AL was there today on that stage saying your name. It was down to either him or I to be there and so he did it. I was so proud to have him up there saying your name rather than a stranger. I miss you sssooo much today it hurts so bad. I love you with all my heart, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I was just reading through one of the messages where your cousin Jessica mentioned how you would call and say WILMA!! I had to laugh because you would always do that to me too. My angel in the skies, I love and miss you always and forever.

    Love your Titi Ely

    Elizabeth Cacace, Aunt
  • dear my best cousin in the world,
    when my mommy tells me about you i always cry.
    i miss you soooooooooo much. You are my hero forever and so are my daddy and mommy and my sisters.i wish that you are still here with all
    of us.but i now that you are waching over us and protecting us.you can see me but i cant see you,
    i will always see you in my prayers and dreams.i miss you sooooo much even though i was still a baby.but i see pictures and here stories it makes want to be with you agin.

    love always,

    amanda cacace, cousin
  • Hi Mo,

    I just wanted to let you know that we remember you often. You are not forgotten my friend. Your family and loved ones are forever in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love always, Gloria

    Gloria, Friend
  • Hi Monique, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I think about you often and all the promise your life held. You are forever missed and loved.

    Michael McMorrow, Friend
  • Happy 36 birthday nik I was thinking about you today and always. Merry Christmas I hope you and Jesus are celebrating both your birthdays. I miss you very much and I will always miss your calls for my birthdays. I expect the phone to ring and hear your voice behind it.
    Love you always,
    Your Titi Nini

    Adriana, aunt
  • moniqe i no you are watching down on us,but really wish you were here no matter what happens i will always think of you,and i love you so much. love, elana

    elana, counis
  • dear monique, i went to the memorial 2 years in a row, and i went there for you and so did some of the family.i know it has been 8 years since it happened.i miss you so much,and i no it is not good to cry but i cant help it, but i know once i stop i know you are in peace but until then i will see you everyday.i love you. love,amanda

    amanda, cousin
  • My dearest niece, we honor you on this 8th anniversary of September 11th. We will never forget you. As the years go by, time does not fade our memories of you. We share our memories of you. You will forever live in our hearts.

    We miss you so much…

    miriam, Aunt
  • Eight years later and it never gets easier. We were at the rembrance ceremony today in zucatti park and it was raining and sooo windy. I felt you there. I miss you so much. I will always keep you close to my heart. Love you always and forever.

    Titi Ely

    Elizabeth, Aunt
  • Monique…..Happy Birthday with the angels. We love and miss you

    Michael McMorrow, Friend
  • 03/22/2010
    Hey Mo, I was just thinking about u…

    Rita, childhood friend
  • it has been a while since we have talked. but there is everyday where i here a name begining with the letter M and i say hey monique. your name is beautiful, and u are beautiful to. i am gonna leave now, i will see you in my dreams. love,amanda

    amanda cacace, very close cousin
  • Hi Monique:
    Ten years already it still feels as though it was yersterday. I dreamed with you this week, in my dream you never died you had just lost your memory and came home to us. I was sooo happy to see you I cried. This is probably God letting me know that you are living you have everlasting life. Hope to see you some day. I love you with all my heart and soul. Miss u

    Love Titi,

    Adriana Rodriguez, Aunt
  • Mo,

    You are forever in my thoughts.

    Love always

    Gloria, Friend
  • I got to know Monique and her family when they moved in right next door. I watched Monique and her cousins, Laverne, Jessica & Michael grow-up during the years. We had so many fun times, talking out the window to each other each night or just hanging out in the house laughing and acting foolish. Later in life, we would go out on the weekends to the clubs. One of the funniest things I remember about Monique was that she always told us when we met someone in the club, before we gave him our number, to “put him under the light” to be sure he really was cute! I miss her smile and laughter, her kind heart and sincerity. On this day, I lost more than just a friend, I lost a sister. RIP my dear friend….I miss you deeply!

    Annette Garcia, Friend
  • Hi Monique,

    I’m sitting here at work thinking of you!

    Thinking about how much I admire you as a person and admire your energy and spirit. You always were the life of any party! I miss you girl and will always remember your beautiful smile. xoxo

    Laquet Moore, Friend
  • Dear Monique, we never lose the person we love… their memory stays forever in
    our mind and hearts. Rest In Peace with Jesus.

    Words might not heal the pain of losing someone who was close to you. May
    God’s blessings and memories of (Monique) your loved one, support you

    Love Always A Friend & Co-Worker (IMC)

    Olga Gattling, A Friend of Monique's Mom Wanda & Aunt A
  • Every day something reminds me of you. Most people try to let the painful memories of lost loved ones fade, but I see my consant reminders as you staying with me after that tragic day. I love you and that is something I will never forget. I miss you ‘nique-y.

    Mike Carbajal, Cousin
  • Monique,
    words can not express how much I miss you…I miss the days that you would go over grandmas house with Titi Wanda and you and I would sneak off and have our girl talk…Whenever you would step into a room, that room would be brightened by your smile and you always made everyone laugh with your jokes (I know you got that from your mom b/c Titi Wanda does the same thing)…tomorrow marks 11 years that you have been taken away from us but It still feels like yesterday…I love and miss you greatly!!! )3

    Jasmine Martinez, cousin
  • Hi sweetie- I stopped going to graduate school after that horrific day . I dropped out because I was depressed and then one day decided that I had to get it together. I started school again and got my Masters in Nursing in 2009 and I bought an apartment. Life is going on and there are many changes but one thing is constant in my life- The pain in my heart is still there and I still miss you terribly. I still wake up thinking about you and I go to bed thinking about you. There are many nights that you come to me in my dreams and you look happy. It warms my heart to know that you are in a good place. I will forever love you.
    LUV u Mom

    wanda Hernandez, mother
  • Hi honey I was listening to the Temptation and memories of you we’re just happening. I missed you tremendously. I need to tell you finally our Michael is getting married. I’m happy for him but sad because you won’t be there.i believe you will be there in spirit and we will feel you in the room. I Love you Nikki I wish you would have met Shannon she is a wonderful person and I know she loves our Michael.

    Love you my precious niece
    Adriana Titi Nini for you.

    Adriana, Aunt
  • 12 years have gone by and it still feels like yesterday. Thoughts and memories of you have never left my mind. I miss your smile and laugh. I miss spending time with you and my sisters. Thank you for being a positive influence on my life. America will never forget this tragedy and I will never forget you. I miss and love you with all my heart, Neeki.

    Mike Carbajal, cousin
  • Happy 41st birthday honey we would have been celebrating tomorrow. You are greatly missed. Your mommy got engaged today Christmas 2013 and I know you are celebrating for her in Heaven. I Love you Nikki and miss you like you would never imagine.

    Adriana, Aunt
  • Hi angel, it’s September 8th 2021 and it just hit 2:22 am. I feel like I’m always in alignment when you visit me in my dreams or when I feel your energy surrounding me. After all these yrs, I still hurt as much as I did the day I found out I wouldn’t have the chance to hug you ever again. As young as I was when you passed, my memories of you are still so clear, now at 29yrs old (right now realizing that’s the same age we lost you) … like I said, it’s almost like you’re speaking to me.

    My mother loved you like a daughter and you were not a distant cousin to me & my siblings, you were our sister. The thought of my mother begging you not to work in the world trade still haunts me but God has been working through me for yrs to understand that tragedy also opens so many of our hearts to the things we take for granted. Last I saw you we were in the car together listening to Aaliyah while I begged my parents to stay with you, I was so upset I didn’t even bother to say goodbye.

    Fast forward through all the rough nights & moments our family has had grieving you … I’m now a writer and have been one since 9/11. I only mention it bc this passion of mine may have been sparked by the pain I was carrying from my heavy heart but I was able to push through while creating bc your life was the light that remains to be the source of energy I need to continue bringing out the best of me, my vulnerability, ability to love and express out loud (or on paper). Either way I’m reminded daily that your spirit is with me and everyone of your loved ones.

    Btw, I have your name tattooed on me. People often ask about the tribal angel tat and then realize each of my siblings and parents initials are on your wings bc we know you’re still here to guide us. We all miss you terribly. Wishing I can hand deliver this letter to heaven but for now I’ll visit you in my dreams. Love you always Monique.

    Ariel Rodriguez / Cousin

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NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed by our administrator prior to being posted. Please limit your tribute to 100 words and be sure to check your spelling as tributes are posted as submitted. Also, please avoid pasting Microsoft Word documents, which can cause character problems.