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  Edward DeSimone III

Date of Birth: September 15, 1964
Department: Government Bonds
Position: Vice President

Edward was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he graduated Nazareth Regional High School Brooklyn, NY, in 1982. He graduated De Vry Institute in 1984. Upon graduation of De Vry Eddie started working for Telerate in 1984. Then he moved on to Cantor Fitzgerald in 1986, where he was a dedicated employee for 15 years.

In 1993, Eddie married Joanne and later built the home of their dreams and moved to New Jersey. His daughter, Stephanie, was born in 1995 and his son, Edward IV, was born in 1997.

There are no words that can truly express all the love I have for Eddie. Eddie was a wonderful husband and daddy, you could not find a more prouder man. He was dedicated to his family and friends. As a wife, I could not have dreamed or wished for a more perfect man. Eddie was a dream come true. Incredibly loving, caring, romantic, amazing, and very humorous, always putting love and laughter in my heart and a smile on my face. I am extremely proud to be his wife.

Everyday when Eddie was home was like an adventure. In the fall, Eddie would take Stephanie, Little Eddie and I, on nature walks through the woods. Eddie would show us how to find deer tracks by moving the leaves away to see the deer prints in the dirt. Oh’ how Eddie loved to fish. Eddie always said he could not marry someone who did not like to fish. Eddie was so proud when Stephanie started to cast her own pole. He would often say, “the best times in life are with family and friends.” Eddie also loved to cook and loved to teach Stephanie and Little Eddie how to make their own pizza. We would go out to feed the deer, horses, play T-ball, soccer, football, hopscotch and rough house together. There were many times that I would cry when I watched Eddie play with Stephanie and Little Eddie. Eddie would say to the kids look mommy’s crying again. I would tell Eddie how much I love him and how incredibly lucky I was to have him as a husband. Then Eddie would go pick up the telephone and pretend to call the doctor just to put that smile back on my face. I would never have to tell him to play with Stephanie and Little Eddie because he was a dedicated Daddy. Every night Eddie came home it was family night, most Saturday’s and every Sunday were family days.

Eddie was well known and liked throughout the world. Everyone that knew him had more than one hilarious story to tell. Oh’ how he could make people laugh, sometimes he could put smiles on the faces of others that overheard him. Eddie had his own unique way of telling the funniest jokes and stories and simply would not rest until he put that smile on your face, and he always succeeded. I will always remember the little jokes he told Stephanie and Little Eddie, because they are just like him, always telling jokes they learned from their Daddy.

Eddie was very magical with the kids, not only his own, but with others. At Christmas time, Eddie would occasionally dress as Santa Claus for our development and for Cantor, he truly enjoyed making the kids happy. Eddie was a big kid himself. In our hearts, everyday was Christmas just by his presence.

Eddie was a dedicated husband and Daddy. All the love and laughter Eddie gave to me in fifteen years, Stephanie in six years and Little Eddie in four years, most people don’t have in a lifetime. We were truly lucky.

Eddie will be greatly missed but will live forever in our hearts.

Your loving wife Joanne, Your beautiful children Stephanie & Edward

Joanne, Wife
  • I met Eddie back in 1997 when I first started at Cantor. I worked in operations at the time and covered some of his accounts. He and I immediately became friends and he eventually helped me get a job on the govt swap desk. That was the type of guy Eddie was-he looked out for his friends. Unfortunately, after I left Cantor a year ago, I didn`t see too much of him. I will miss you Eddie but I know you are in a better place right now. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Albee Parisi, Friend, co-worker
  • Eddie, to say you made me laugh would be a terrible understatement. A story took on a whole new life when you made it yours. But you were a whole lot more….father, friend. The people who overheard your jokes thought you were a character: the people you told your jokes to knew you were a legend. Your jokes were great, but your bear hug was better……

    P.J. Kelly, co-worker, friend
  • Eddie was one the the funniest and nicest guys I ever met. Even though I met him once or twice he made you feel like he has known you for years. He was always so happy. I could tell by just looking at him that he was a great father and a wonderful husband. He just showed so much love to everybody.
    It was great knowing him for the time I did. He will be truly missed by everyone.


    Paul Zovich, Friend of the family
  • I worked with Eddie for 9 years on the 10yr.desk at Cantor.I will always remember him as someone who embraced life to the fullest and probably the funniest person I ever met.Going to a business dinner with Eddie was always a treat because he always took great pride in doing the ordering.He was one of the people I looked foward to seeing at work because he always made the day go faster with his sense of humor.My thoughts and prayers are with Joanne and the children.God Bless.

    John H., coworker and friend
  • Eddie what can I say? You made coming up to the 10 yr desk a treat! One of the absolute funniest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were never without a smile and a joke. I know you are looking down on your wife and beautiful children and watching out for us all.
    You are missed by many Eddie and loved by all.

    Kate, Co-worker
  • There are a handful of people who, when you meet, you know that you will never forget them. I met Eddie through a mutual friend when we were in our wild and crazy youth, and to this day, he still comes up in conversation. He was truly one of the funniest people I ever met, with a heart of gold. I’m sure Heaven is in stitches right now becuase of some of Eddie’s antics. What a great guy.

    Stephen G., Friend
  • I remember Eddie from the time he was working at Telerate. I watched this vivacious young man work hard at his job. Everyone loved Eddie. I watched him start his career in GSB. He was perfect for GSB. He fit right in and was always one of the gang. Everyone knew that Eddie had what it takes to make it in this business. I still laugh when I think of Eddie asking the new ticket girls…”Do you PEE in the shower?” He was a joy to be around. And I think about him often when I cook because he once told me to “get the pan really hot…then add the oil.” Eddie was a joy to be around, and I am glad that I had the chance to be with him at some point in my life. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your children. May God and Eddie watch over you forever.

    JoAnne (Josie) Mule', Former Co-worker
  • Eddie, my dear, sweet, wonderful friend. I cannot think of you without smiling and, unfortunately now, crying. You are truly one of the most special people that I have ever met in my life. You had this gift, a great BIG heart, that you so easily shared with everyone. We worked together for 13 years. You were like a brother to me. We laughed (a million times), you were there when I was happy, sad or just needed a friend. Sometimes we fought, just like a brother and sister (two hot-headed Italians) but you always ended up making me laugh. I loved listening to your Brooklyn stories. Everyone did. You would put on such a show. “You can take the kid out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the kid.” Who would want to? I have so many wonderful memories and stories of you. I could go on forever, my friend. I know how much you adore Joanne, Stephanie & Eddie. The smile on your face every time you spoke of them. It must have been a constant party at the DeSimone house. I pray for them every single day. I also pray, for your mother, father, sister, grandmother and all of your family. I know how much you mean to them. I will always think of you on Good Friday. I’m sure you’ll still be eating that cheeseburger up in Heaven (with no shoes on). I guess God and the Angels were a little bored up there, so they needed you to make them laugh. Lucky them. I will miss you with all of my heart. I Love You-Scala.

    Josephine Scala, Friend
  • Uncle Eddie-where to start? How about when I was in kindergarten and he used to tease me about girls. “Rocky has a girlfriend. Rocky has a girlfriend”, he repeated, until I was bawling in tears-lol! Or the infamous magic tricks he used to do. I remember I always looked forward to seeing Uncle Eddie; he was one of my favorite uncles. I always knew I was going to have a good time if Uncle Eddie was around. Fishing, ha! If you haven’t fished with Uncle Eddie, you will never experience the definition of fishing. I never caught so many fish in my life. I can’t remember the exact count, but the most fish I ever caught was with Uncle Eddie. The most recent memory was when Uncle Eddie came down to Florida and I was asleep on the couch and awakened by his bare butt in my face and Uncle Al laughing hysterically. That was a good one-lol! Each and every one of my memories was a happy and fun one. As I am growing into a man now, I see on an adult level that Uncle Eddie was a great person and role model. Everybody that knew you has nothing but good things to say. You fulfilled roles as an uncle, as a friend, as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a brother, as a brother-in-law, and as a son-in-law to a tee. Well I just read the directions now. It says limit to 100 words. I am positive that Uncle Eddie is saying “that’s the Florida school system for you”, at this very moment. Uncle Eddie, I will never forget you and will miss you always.

    Rocco, Nephew
  • Eddie, I miss you so much. You were such a great friend, always there to make me laugh and laugh until my stomach ached. You left such an impression on me. I will always smile when I think of you and your crazy stories. I still hear your voice singing rock tunes on top of your lungs in the office. I loved how you spoke of your family. You loved them so much and were so proud. My thoughts and prayers are with Joanne, Stephanie and Eddie and all your extended family. I love you and will never forget you.

    Anne Cakes, friend,co-worker
  • Where to begin? We met in high school and you took me to the prom. You are the reason why me and Ben got together and why Joe and Nicky were born.

    I miss you terribly. You’re part of my heart and I will forever be grateuful to you. Labor Day will never be the same and I will forever remember what November 13th is: that was the day Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his residence. Anyone who knows Eddie will understand what that means.

    Ed, my friend, you are the best person I know and we all love you.

    Nina, Friend
  • Eddie, we met in 1986 when you used to come visit GSB with Al. You were one of the funniest people I had ever met right from the start. I was so happy when you came to work with us and we could listen to you all day long. There are too many stories to tell and laughs to share to fit on this page. Joanne and the kids were everything to you and they are always in my prayers. As far as you go, Allen will always miss those big hugs and kisses ( an Italian thing I understand) and I will miss everything about you, especially my phone call on November 13th! I’m sure you already had all of heaven reciting the Odd Couple. Love you and miss.

    Mary Terjesen, friend/former co-worker
  • I never had the pleasure of meeting Eddie but we spoke on the phone to check out bond trades once in a while. I’ll never forget how he would always identify himself, saying “Hey Pete, it’s Eddie D.” His friendly personality jumped right through the phone wire. I’m sorry I never had a beer with him. I lost my brother Neil at Cantor also. God bless everyone who loves Eddie.

    Pete Dollard, Bond Dealer
  • You were the very first friend I made at Cantor. You made me laugh all day and embarrassed me the whole train ride home to Brooklyn every night. It was like having a big brother at work; always there. From writing up tests so I would learn my prices to going over the menu with me for my wedding.
    I’ve always respected you for the things you thought were the most important in life which was family always comes first. I admired you for the way you loved your wife & how proud you were of your children. I remember calling Joanne at home so she could put Stephanie & Eddie on the phone so I could hear them speak to their Daddy. How your face would light up!
    I find myself, I’m sure like others, asking God how & why? But I also thank Him for the wonderful gift of you. I am so lucky to have had the chance to know you & to have had you as a friend for 12 years. I will always pray to Him to give your family strength and to watch over them.
    By the way, I still believe in love at first sight, everyone pees in the shower & I’ll always remember what November 13th is!
    So my dear friend Eddie “D”, with my forever broken heart, I will end this the way we ended all our conversations, “I love you, I miss you”.
    You’ll always be “The Best”!

    Cabrina Caruso, Friend/Former Co-Worker

  • Eddie was a character. He was probably one of the most independent guys I ever knew. Always trying different things and doing whatever he wanted no matter what any body else said. For that I admired him. He was always clowning around and loved playing harmless pranks on people. He loved riding his dirt bike and sharing his knowledge of hunting and fishing with the other guys. I pray for his wife and children for I know what a great loss Eddie is to them and to others.

    Kevin P. Green, NYPD Sergeant and Friend
  • Eddie was one of the nicest, funniest person I ever met. I remember years ago when there was a dress code at Cantor he would be wearing a suit but he would take his shoes off and walk around the office in his socks. Wherever he was he was at home, that’s the impression I got from him. Whenever I would see him he would alwayd greet me with a smile and say “Hey Robbie boy” I still hear it from time to time in my dreams. God bless him & and his family.

    Rob Emery, Co-Worker
  • There are few people in our lives that we meet that leave a lasting impression on us. Eddie, with his one-of-a-kind personality, was one of them. It didn’t matter whether you knew him for years or you just met him once, he still touched your life in some way that can never be forgotten. Yes, Eddie was a funny guy and he made us all laugh, but he also was one of the most kind, generous, hospitable, friendly and loving people around. He treated everyone he knew like they were family or his best friend.

    My husband once told me that he never met a person who embraced life as much as my cousin Eddie. What truer statement can be made? He lived his life with his family and friends to the fullest. He was truly passionate about everything in his life from his family to cooking to fishing etc… He was a model of how we should take advantage of all life has to offer.

    I was fortunate enough to have a close relationship with my cousin, and I am grateful for every minute of the last 33 years that I spent with him. I deeply regret however, that my children will never get the chance to grow up knowing him as I did, for he was one of the greatest people I ever knew.

    Pam, Cousin
  • Every once in a while, not very often, but once in a while you meet someone like Eddie D. When you do, you never forget it. I met Eddie when I first started at Cantor in 1993 and will never forget his remarkable personality, his unbelievable antics and his razor sharp wit. I will never for get the time he pulled out a three foot length of pipe and sent a 1 inch spitball 50 feet over the trading room hitting its intended target with uncanny precision. I will never forget the poker game where he gave me my nickname, Spyder, which has stuck with me to this day. I will never forget the dinners and nights out with him where I would invariably end up doubled over, holding my gut, in laughter because of a story he was telling or the huge salads he would make at the Cantor salad bar. No, I will never forget Eddie and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to experience his wonderful charm. God bless you my friend.

    Chris Pretsch "Spyder", Friend/Co-worker
  • Where can I start with Eddie, there is just so much, I will always remember Eddie screaming across the ten year room my name Donna Clark and I would laugh and then he would make fun of my laugh I would get embarassed and I think thats exactly what he would want me to be is embarassed but he did it in a kind way, Eddie always made a lot of people laugh. I remember going to his house when Stephanie was born and he made dinner and Joann and I and Eddie drank wine, the next day eddie drove me home and I remember he had a box of bazooka joe gum in his car. I had alot of nice memories working with Eddie and also being friends with Joann when I started Cantor, my heart goes out to Joann and Stephanie and Little Eddie and also Eddies mom and dad his sister and the rest of his family. I will never forget Eddies voice saying my name or his famous “How ya doin”. He was one in a million. When I left Cantor aug 2000 I remember saying goodbye to Eddie and he said Donna Clark, we grew up together here and he stood up and said my name again (Hahaha) and had everybody clapped for me in gsb an I will never forget that. Eddie just to let you know I miss you very much and I’m sure you have everybody up there with you still laughing. Remember Donna Clark “super Hero”

    Donna, Friend, co-worker
  • The thing I remeber most about Eddie was his incredible sense of humor. With Albee (above) I started off at Cantor in the backoffice and we would go and collect the tickets from the 10 year room. Everytime I would pass by I would get a loud “HOW YOU DOIN?” from Eddie. I now work at JPMorgan and one of my co-workers, Eddie Decastro, used to work on the 10 yr desk too. So everyday when I go by we give each other a “HOW YOU DOIN?” and it remids me of Eddie.
    My Prayers are with you Buddy!!
    Erik Sulzbach

    Erik, Former Co-Worker
  • It is with a heavy heart that I pay tribute to a man who touched all that knew him. Sure, he was funny. He would make us all laugh untill we cried. Always inclusive and never mean but always funny. But his good natured humor was just the tip of the iceberg. He was much more than that. I had the good fortune to run into him 3wks before the attack. It was the end of the summer and we talked of Wildwood Crest and how he loved it. He imitated some cantor notables and we laughed. He spoke of the business and we lamented. But then he spoke of his family, how much he enjoyed them and they were why he worked in the first place. He was happy that Stef had learned to swim and was anxious for Eddie to learn. Thier welfare and saftey were paramount. You were a family guy. Your collegues were blessed to have worked with you, you friends were blessed with yourloyalty, and you family was blessed with your sense of fun and your ability to meet thier needs. You will be intensley missed by all who knew you. I will never forget you.

    dan monchek, former co-worker
  • Uncle Eddie was the funniest uncle you could ever have. He was so full of life and laughter. He loved to make people laugh. I remember one time he tried to convince us that he new Christina Aguilera (singer), and that she called him all the time. But of course we knew better than to believe that. He was good at telling us stories. His magic tricks were even better. They were really cool. Sometimes till this day I try to figure them out.
    When I was 8 years old I stayed at Uncle Eddie’s house for vacation. That is when I found out just how special Uncle Eddie was. He was so easy to talk to. We will forever love and miss you.

  • We remember the first day Joanne brought Eddie home. He was so full of life. We knew from that first day how special Eddie was. He was full of humor and adventure. He lived life to it’s fullest. Whenever Eddie was around you knew you would have a good time. You would laugh until you had aches and pains.We will never forget all the great times.

    We loved to watch Eddie with the children. His magic tricks put a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes. The love and laughter lit up the room.

    Now I look at his children and I see the same humor in them. His spirit lives on.

    Eddie, You will live in our hearts forever. Love and miss you.

  • I worked with Eddie a long time ago when I started at Cantor as a ticket girl. Since then, I have never encountered anyone quite like him. His humor, and his zest for life, is something that everyone who worked with him truly admired. I will never forget my first day when (anyone who ever worked with him will know)I got the whole Eddie routine. Such a terrible loss for all on earth, and a wonderful addition in heaven. My prayers go out to his wife and children.

    KB, ex co worker
  • I was lucky enough to have shared my childhood with Cousin Eddie. In Grandma’s house, I lived in the upstairs apartment, he lived downstairs. I participated & sometimes became a target in his early jokes.

    As a child Eddie was smaller, but he had the same personality. He told stories & played jokes. We both got into trouble, as he perfected his humor. I was the Voice of Reason(wasn’t very good at it) when he planned jokes.

    I laugh remembering people trying to pick up a nickel he glued to a step; we were 9 years old.

    At thirteen, Eddie moved 12 blocks away. I looked forward to Ed’s visits. I remember one visit; sitting on the stoop (Eddie would say, stoop means front steps in Brooklynese) minding our own business like our mothers told us Eddie yelled at a guy “Why don’t you walk that dog in the park!” We both laughed. However, the guy wasn’t happy that his girlfriend was being called a dog. We ran & hid in our grandma’s house. Grandma opened the door, we had to apologize to the guy. I knew Eddie couldn’t leave well enough alone, when the guy was a block away he yelled, “The Park is that way!” We laughed for hours.

    I am blessed to have shared my childhood with Eddie & to have witnessed the love & joy he gave as an adult. Playful, entertaining, loving Eddie, an exemplary father, husband, friend, & cousin. Its sad, I can’t remember all the laughs we shared, but today when I am able to laugh, I think of cousin Eddie.

    Sal, cousin
  • We have been blessed in our lives to have known Eddie.. He truly was a funny man even at his wedding he was playing jokes on people…Our love and prayers are with you Eddie and your beautiful family Joanne, Stephanie and your son Eddie IV as well as our prayers for your Grandma and your Mom, Dad, Michele, Danny, Danny Jr. ,Uncle Peter, Aunt Jennie, Frank and all who loved you….

    dolores & joe russo, family friend
  • Working for Cantor I met a lot of a nice, fun people. The first day I started in the 10 year room I met one of the funniest man that was Eddie D. Eddie always made the 10 year room laugh all day long with his jokes. Eddie we will all miss you we will miss your laughs. God Bless You and your family.

    Maria Cunnius, former co worker
  • Eddie, how simply can I say this? I miss you. You had such a wonderful outgoing jovial spirit about you. What a loss, what a tragic incomprehensible loss. I will never forget, almost everytime I came into the GSB room, you introduced me. My gosh, you put me on the spot, in front of all those people. I didn’t care – you were all part of my family. G-D bless you Eddie. Eddie, one last time, I would like to say, Jesus loves you too. Remember, that is what you used to yell across the room to me and I used to yell it right back to you. And now, Eddie, you are with him. Isn’t his love wonderful?

    David Bellows, Co-worker and Friend
  • Eddie D. was definitely one of the funniest guys I have ever met. He had the biggest heart and the ability to win people over. I worked with him for almost ten years and it was always a lot of fun. He was always making jokes or pulling pranks. He made going to work fun because you never knew what he was going to do or say. But most of all, he was a great guy. When I think back to the many memories I have at Cantor, you play a part in most of them. Whether it was going to Chicago to the Super Bowl parties or golf outing with the boys or going out to have dinner which was always an adventure, I just want to say thanks for being my friend. I want to send my deepest condolences to your family.

    Edward De Castro, co-worker/friend
  • I worked for Cantor for nine years, and knew Eddie D. for most of that time. As soon as he saw my last name, we became quick friends. But honestly that didn’t matter because Eddie was everyone’s friend. Eddie had that love of life that was infectious. If you were around him you were smiling. Where else could you talk to a man about frying eggplant, and in the same sentence talk about Bugs Bunny? Eddie was truly one of a kind, and he will be greatly missed. I pray that God watches over his family and keeps them well always.

    Russell Fiordimondo, co-worker / friend
  • Some people spend 100 years on this planet and affect none; some are not as fortunate and spend a much lesser time but affect many. Eddie affected many. He is in my thoughts everyday and everyone else’s as well. As I read all of the tributes to my friend, I realize that God has blessed all of us with the tragically short but precious moments that we shared with Eddie. In the aftermath of our tragic loss, I am comforted when I look at Joanne and Eddie’s two beautiful children, Stephanie and Edward, knowing that they will grow with the soul, warmth and loving heart that their father has instilled within them.
    God Bless Eddie, who will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.
    God Bless Joanne, Stephanie and Edward who were blessed with an Angel who watches from heaven.

    David London, Friend
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Eddie from early teens to adulthood. He is truly one of the most fun-loving, giving, honest and genuine people I will ever meet. He has touched my life in a most special way and has given me such wonderful memories that will keep him alive in my heart forever. I will always treasure his enthusiasm for Fourth of July, The Little Rascals, the Odd Couple, movies like the Godfather, fishing and hunting. I think of the jewelry he made out of Zener Diodes (back in his DeVry days) and how he juggled fruit when he worked at the fruit store, complaining about how early he had to get up after we kept him out so late, making little hangman “nooses” and actually hanging mice on them for me to find in the grocery store we worked at together and drinking cologne (Halston) to freshen his breath! Later on, we didn’t get together as often, but I will always remember the happy, loving look in his eyes when he spoke of his family and especially seeing him shine when he played with his children. I send out my love, prayers and strength to his wife Joanne, and to his children Stephanie and Eddie and also to his Mom, Dad, Sister and entire family and numerous friends who have been touched by his love. The good memories are endless and I will always treasure the time we had togeter. Eddie, you will never be forgotten. Love Always, Charlotte & family

    Charlotte, Lifelong friend
  • So…Where Do I begin…Charlotte, Paulie, Rina, Benny, Bernto…Ahhhh…Balbi….no even better, the Cropsey Corner!!!Luncheonette!! Saturday Nite Fever, The God Father, Good Fellows(Angelo)…!! YOU KNEW ALL THE WORDS!!! to every movie that was IMPORTANT to Brooklyn…..and how many times did I hear you say…”LAUR!!!!!!!what are you doin???”…….Ahhhh…. My 4th of July Party…and calling u the next day and you saying “‘Laur”‘. You only said 2 words the next day (at Dunken Donuts)…COFFEE…BLACK…I was laughing so hard Eddie…but thats what you always did for all of us….made us laugh!! BUT THEN US ALL SINGING MEAT LOAF….AND SQUEEZE!!!!(MY FAVORITE)and all my favorite squeeze songs …ZEP….and just to bust them on Benny.. singing.. all Stones and Beatles!! on his mic !!!in his basement…with him playing the drums with that FACE….AND WE ALL KNOW THAT BENNY FACE!!!lol…AND knowing you both did it to make us ALL laugh, and always had us crying laughing!!!( OUR PARENTS USE TO SAY>>>>>MEMORIES…THEY SAY ARE SO IMPORTANT>>>>I GET IT NOW!…I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT THIS…and I can say no more than that…I LOVE YOU MY DEAR FRIEND!!! Your life goes on with Little Eddie and Stef….Joann, I wish you well, and if you ever need me…I’m here for you…I felt I had to write this …only because I have no other way to say to all what I feel..LOVE U FOREVER IN MY HEART!! u taught me so much !!! if u only knew!!!

    Laura Cangiano, old (old) friend
  • I have fond memories of Eddie. Most of them are from when we were kids and we would visit every Sunday at Grandma’s house (the only family I have). Eating hotdogs in his mom’s kitchen. And he has filled my son’s life with some good memories at the holiday’s. Christmas time was Eddie time for us. And we will miss you Eddie so much that words cannot describe it. My thoughts and prayers (along with cousin Tita & Jonhnny) are with JoAnne and the kids.

    Franny ,Michael and the Rosa family, Cousin
  • “Hey! Do you know what happened on November 13th?” “Do you pee in the shower?” Don’t forget about how our hilariously funny, funnier than anyone else we all know, beloved Eddie used to call information (411). “Do you know the square root of 784?… You don’t? I thought I called information…. Well you’re supposed to have information.. you are ‘Information” aren’t you?… Oh ok. Well do you know where I can find out?….” Eddie is unforgettable. I met him in systems on the 104th back in ’87 when he worked for Telerate. I saw him go to work on the one of the desks upstairs on 105. Cantor was such a great place to work, it’s no surprise that he was still there, doing well, VP, and that he made a great family with his wife and beautiful kids. God bless you, Eddie. And God bless your family too.

    Maureen Shanahan, former coworker
  • My dearest Eddie…there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Songs on the radio especially Van Halen…you come to mind…any Bugs Bunny cartoon that’s on…I think of you…I’m so glad you were part of my life. I’ve known you since I was 17 and all I have are great memories. Like the time you would come to my house and pick me up in the Monte Carlo blasting Planet rock. And then you couldn’t come back into my house because you knew me for so long and my mother still called you Henry. We had a special friendship. I would just have to look at you and we would connect and start laughing to the point that we cried. I’ll miss that so much. I’m so glad that you were in my life and kept me in yours with Joanne and those 2 wonderful children. My son will never forget his uncle Henry and I hope that I can be around your children as they get older because I need to see them so I can see you forever in them. I love you so much and you will never be forgotten. With love always….Rina

    Rina, Very dear friend
  • Eddie

    You were a great friend to everyone you knew. I remember how we use to always talk about Stephanie and Eddie. Not a day went by that I would go into your room and you would yell out “Does anybody smell rice and beans” or your jokes about the Cuban and the Cue Ball. Needless to say I will never forget you and I miss you.


    Teresa, Friend
  • We thought this poem basically described the way that Eddie touched everyone around him:

    To laugh often and love much;
    to win the respect of intelligent persons and
    the affection of children;
    to earn the approbation of honest critics and
    to appreciate beauty;
    to find the best in others;
    to give of one’s self;
    to leave the world a bit better,
    whether by a healthy child,
    a garden patch;
    to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and
    sung with exhultation;
    to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived —
    this is to have succeeded.

    R.W. Emerson

    Louis, Carol & Dana Trimboli, Family
  • Eddie, where do I begin? I guess at the beginning…The first time I met you (a long time ago – I don’t want to start with dates & ages) I thought you were a complete a–. You said things to people that would shock them! As time went on I guess I learned to love all those shocking things, and now I miss them terribly. Who’s going to make fun of me if I have a blemish or who is going to ask me if I peed in the shower that day? I guess Joanne is. Dear Joanne, I expect a phone call every St. Patty’s Day (you know why). The game of pool is forever changed (you know why). Our lives are forever changed, but I also feel so fortunate I knew such a great friend. Now I have Joanne as a great friend and my children have your
    children as friends. May they hold great memories
    as I have. Eddie, I love you and miss you. You
    are never out of my thoughts. Watch over me and
    make me do stupid, funny things you would do.
    You live here in all of us and I wouldn’t want to
    embarrass you.

    Love, The Jerk

    The Jerk, Friend
  • Eddie-
    No words can say what I truly feel. I can still remember the kidding, the laughs and the friendship. I can still hear you yell when I would come into the 10yr room with a new handset for someone, “HEY WHO THINKS MARTY HAS A NICE ASS?” and I would come back with, “HEY, WHO THINKS EDDIE SHOULD GO ON A DIET?” I will keep you and your family in my prayers always.

    Marty Hogan, former tel. tech at Cantor
  • text I met Eddie D in the summer of ’85, down the shore in Belmar with a large group of friends while I was in the Service. We again spent the next summer on the beach in Seaside where I met Joanne; it was one of the greatest times in my life and many happy memories. Out of all the people that I met those summers, Eddie and I managed to remain close friends.
    Through Eddie I met some good friends from Brooklyn, his family, and some great people from Cantor. Going to Yankee games, out to dinner, and even on a ski vacation. I was honored to be a part of Eddie and Joanne’s wedding, and also being around when both children were born.
    I was the one to show Eddie how to ski and play golf. The first time out he struck me on the head with one of his great golf shots (him yelling “YO” instead of “FORE” was all I remember when getting picked up off the ground).
    So many stories, so many GREAT times, so-so many laughs, and so happy to be a part of it all. We would talk on the phone once a week, sometimes just to curse at one another or tell a “mother” joke. A year would often go by where we wouldn’t see each other, but we still managed to stay in touch. I still look at my phone and wait for it to ring.

    You know how they say, “You can count your ‘good’ friends on one hand, Well, I don’t have to count anymore!

    One of the greatest people I have ever met in my life, and I will never, ever forget!
    I miss you brother.
    Semper Fi

    J Lavid, Friend
  • Whenever I saw the World Trade Center, I always thought of Eddie. Mostly, I remember how he survived the first bombing and also how he coached me for a job interview (that he got for me) at Cantor. Really, Eddie was symbolic of those towers; for some, they were the financial hub of America, for others a NYC tourist landmark. Either way, they were prominent for so many people…just as Eddie was for us for many different reasons. 7 years and 1 state separated us, but we all grew up seeing each other often. As the youngest, I was the one who got played tricks upon. My most terrified moment in life happened when Eddie convinced me to pull a fire alarm because he said it was a candy machine. So I did…then the sirens started, and he told me that the cops were on their way to arrest me. I was so young, but all I remember is hiding under a chair crying. I was no more than 7, but the memory is so vivid. A bit more foggy are memories of being the 2 drunkest and most obnoxious people at any family wedding, dancing around with centerpieces, napkins and chafing dishes on our heads. For some reason, people thought he was funny; I always got in trouble (figures!). I only hope his kids will harass their cousins and get drunk at weddings together too; I guess that is the life cycle.

    Joe, cousin
  • Eddie was one of the sweetest fun-loving guys I’ve ever met. Many times when I would come into the 10yr. room he would be up out of his seat, running around, doing something silly to make everyone crack up. He was a wonderful person. God bless you.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker
  • There aren’t enough words in all of the world’s languages combined to write this Tribute. As I read all of these messages I sat here crying and laughing becuase I realized how rich I am to have have had a buddy like Eddie. I grew up with Eddie, and was part of his “Brooklyn Brotherhood”. I call it a brotherhood because I realize one thing, every friend Eddie had and hung out with was made to feel as if they were Eddie’s brother. From the Dinkle Nights in my basement to the fishing nights under the Veranzano bridge when you kissed that fish (It was a real freakin fish too), to the dressing me up as an old man on Halloween at Club 212, WE HAD A BLAST and I LOVE YOU FOR IT and also for making me feel like your big brother. I Miss you Bubby and will always remember you.

    Tommy Camarda, Brooklyn Brother
  • Eddie,
    I miss you, I miss Santa, your voice rising above all others, your pet fly, your famous meals at the desk, your jokes, your love of life.
    And, the way you made us all feel so Loved and Special, usually when we needed it the most.
    For Eddie, the glass was never half empty or filled, it was spilling over the top, as he shared it with everyone around him!
    Even in my tears, I smile when I think of Eddie and the old days, boy we had some fun!!!


    Stuart Fraser, co-worker
  • Eddie D. as I used to call him and he would call me Hosebee, a name given to me by Paul Nimbley. Ed would always make me laugh; I could never be serious around him.

    Jose Pichardo, Friend/co-worker
  • Eddie —

    I only met you once but to say that you had a lasting impression is a gross understatement. You were dancing around with a napkin on your head at your mom’s wedding. I know of you through all of the wonderful and funny stories that we heard from your mom in our office. It is obvious by what she said that you were the most wonderful husband, father and son that anyone could ever ask for. She truly beamed whenever she spoke of you and your wonderful sister Michelle. Your mon was always so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments! I remember the stories of you taking your Series 7 exam and I can relate as I was going through the same thing at the same time.
    May God Bless You and your wonderful wife, Joanne, your children, Stephanie and Edward IV, your Mom and Frank, Michelle, Danny and Little Danny and of course your wonderful Grandmother. It is said that your flight to heaven is shortened by the number of lives you touched while here on earth. Well, I am certain that you must have been in heaven in a mili-second because you touched lives that you don’t even know you touched. May God Bless You and your entire family. It was once said to me when a friend suffered the loss of a child that God only picks the flowers but never picks the weeds – it is safe to say that when he picked you he got an entire bouquet!! May you rest in peace.

    Rosemary, Tom & Jill Bragan, Friend of Familly
  • To Eddie’s Family and Friends,

    I knew Eddie through the eyes of Danny and Michele. Danny spoke of Eddie as a brother who knew how to laugh and loved the little things in life; like taking his daughter to her first day of school or sitting down to a good meal with family and friends. I remember Danny telling me how Eddie, through his example, taught him some important lessons in life.

    For Michele there was the love between a brother and a sister. You could see it and feel it when Michele talked about Eddie. September 11th changed so much of their lives; but it can never take away those special moments, only make them more precious.

    I frequently get asked where was God on that terrible day. I believe He was holding onto Eddie and Timmy and all those who died in the World Trade Center. There is good and evil in this world. What happened on September 11th was pure evil. God is not a God that controls, we have free will. He is a God of Love who will give us the strength to bear our pain, if we turn to Him. God understands our pain and knows our suffering. In my heart I know Eddie is in heaven. I can hear him say to his family and friends; “Remember those special moments. It’s OK to be sad; but don’t get stuck in your pain. Honor me by living your life to the fullest and someday, we will be together again”.

    Love and Prayers Always,
    Aunt Winnie

    Sr. Tommasina Lanski, Aunt Winnie to Danny and Michele

  • To “My” Eddie-

    I guess I always knew that from the day you were born you would always succeed in your life.

    You always filled my heart with love and joy. You laughed, you loved, you were compassionate and you worked hard. Even as a young boy, you delivered newspapers. You worked in two fruit stands and at a beer distributor.

    You went to DeVry and became a computer technician and several years later you went to Cantor Fitzgerald as a bond broker. I remember the day when you came home from work and said you met the most beautiful girl at Cantor with beautiful green eyes. Her name was Joanne.

    Your life was complete when you married Joanne and had my two beautiful grandchildren: Stephanie and Eddie.

    I don’t know why God has taken you form us. Maybe he needed a cook or a fisherman. Maybe he needed more laughter. But I do know that any Mom who had a son like my Eddie could always say he was the best son in the world.

    May you always watch over Joanne, Stephanie and Eddie and guide them always. My heart is broken that you were robbed from all of us.

    The world is a better place that you were here even if it was for a short time. Your left your mark and you filled our hearts with love, laughter, devotion and compassion.

    I am proud to say you were my son, my friend, and my hero – I will love you forever and I miss you terribly.


    Angie, Mother
  • Dear Eddie,

    Since this tragic day of 9/11, our lives have been upside down. You cannot imagine how you are missed with your great smile, personality and fun loving attitude. But most of all I miss your calls when you would say, “Hi Pop – what’s up?”.

    I am so proud of all your accomplishments in your short time here with us. You may have not been my natural son, but you were like a son to me.

    I remember when I was in the hospital; you were almost the first one there. You came into my room, took your shoes off and that’s when I knew that this was an official visit.

    I love you and I miss you.

    Frank, Poppy
  • Whenever I was having a bad day at work, my “cure” was to leave my office and visit Eddie at his desk. He always cheered me up, either with a line from some of our shared favorite movies or
    he would take out pictures of Joanne and the kids and remind me to recognize the true values in life. I thank Eddie for introducing me to some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten. And at these restaurants, he would always know the owner, maitre d’ or at least one waiter. We were at a steak restaurant one night and he talked the kitchen people into making me a pasta dish, even though it was not on the menu. He loved his job, loved his customers but, most of all, he loved his family and made sure everyone knew it. Eddie
    may, like Luca Brasi, “sleep with the fishes” but
    he remains one of the life’s real genuine and unforgettable characters. I now believe in Santa Claus because I understand what he is about.

    David Halpert, Co-Worker; Friend
  • Dear Edward, my brother,

    I am trying my best to exist with you in my life and in my heart as purely a memory. I keep you with me inevitably. Sometimes I share you and sometimes I keep you all to myself, as only a brother and sister could understand. You are truly like a snowflake, unmatched eternally. It’s been impossible to sum up my lifetime of 34 years of memories spent with you and pay tribute to the dearest person I ever knew. I love you with gratitude, pride, dignity, and integrity.
    I can think of no other who would cry for the sheer beauty in something, the heartache of something or because something was so absolutely hysterical. I miss so much your compassion.

    I can think of no other person than you that could: pick out a pumpkin, build a snowman in a short sleeved T-shirt, bait a hook (incidentally, said he would never marry a girl who couldn’t bait her own), share the lesson that we all need at least 200 ride tickets-just in case, do the DeSimone dive into a pool, take an inconspicuous turn on the dance floor at a party, cure prosciutto, smoke a fish, pickle eggplant & make sausage while listening to oompa music and have each of these feats become pure art. You had a certain knack for how to take a quick run into Brooklyn for a “few” things, be at the supermarket by 7:00a.m. “or the day is wasted”, retain unbelievably useless T.V. trivia, fit a 3 liter coke cap in your navel, never actually become embarrassed, tell you where to buy a double boiler & at what temp. you should deep fry a turkey. Who else but you, could make a Halloween costume in 20 min., prepare a holiday feast that included the word “legendary”, be the coolest Santa Claus, memorize “Young Frankenstein”, make fun of someone properly, and of course beyond compare, share the art of a story and master the art of sharing yourself.

    You never ceased to amaze me, especially the day my son was born. I pray someday that he will emulate some of your qualities. I will bring you to Danny any way I can, so that he will always remember deep within his heart his Uncle Eddie & the beauty you shared.
    I can think of no other person than you: that loved, respected and endeared his wife, held his babies with appreciation and devotion, enjoyed his family & friends, and how you embraced life so completely in your brief lifetime with us. It is no small coincidence that I live only 5 miles from your house, I just needed to be near you.

    Missing You Always “Big”

    Michele, your sister "the Kid"
  • We would like to express our deepest condolences to Eddie’s whole
    family, We all feel your pain, you are all in our thoughts and in our prayers, May God bless his family in this there time of need and sorrow.

    Gerry & Marie Brasile (UPS), Family Friend
  • Eddie,
    You were such a loving and caring man. You always made me laugh…no matter what you said. You were devoted to your family, and you loved your wife and kids very much. Every day when I walk past your house, I can’t help but think about you. You were one of the nicest people that I knew. Every time I saw you, you always made jokes about me which made me laugh. You have a personality like no one else, no one even comes close to you.
    You will be in our hearts forever!

    We miss you so much and we just want you to know.
    We love you.

    Theresa, Friend-Neighbor
  • Eddie,
    You were always known as the funny guy on our block. We could always depend on you for a good time or a few laughs, like mooning our whole block on New Year’s or anything crazy like that. Most of all you were a loving and caring man, not only towards your family but towards everyone around you. You would come home from work and Eddie and Stephanie would run to the door, screaming, “Daddy’s home!” and I can never forget how your face would just light up at the sight of Stephanie, Eddie, and Joanne. And I can also never forget the look on thier faces when they saw you. There were days I would come over and see flowers on the table and ask what the occasion was and Joanne would say there was none and I would just think how great of a husband Joanne must have thought you were bringng things home to her all the time just to show how much you loved her. I can remember always seeing you, Stephanie and Eddie fishing outside and just watching you and knowing how much of a great time Eddie and Stephanie were having because of you. It was always like that. Nothing on our blcok would have been the way it was if it weren’t for you Eddie and it will always stay that way. I just hope everyone up there is enjoying all your jokes as much as we did and, even though it is already a great place, we all know you could only be making it better.

    You’re in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

    Your friend and neighbor,
    Jacolyn Gleason

    Jacolyn Gleason, Friend/neighbor
  • How could there even be enough words in the English language to describe the great human that Eddie was. My last year at Cantor I got to sit right next to him. By far the best seat in the house. We laughed all day long. Eddie made sure of that. We ate great lunches. Eddie made sure of that too. Even after I left, he would call and check in on me. The people in my new job loved Eddie and they had never actually met him in person! It is impossible to think about what happened and not be filled with rage and sadness. When I think of Eddie, though, I try and laugh because he could never stand to see someone unhappy. His family will be in my thoughts forever.

    Liz Mulholland, Friend and Co-worker
  • I used to carpool with Eddie to work at Cantor for a couple of years. Even though it was extremely early in the morning, and you weren’t thrilled at all about going to work, Eddie would joke as soon as you got in the car. He would play Jerky Boys tapes until you laughed so hard your stomach would hurt, and it was enough to make you happy and get you through the long day ahead. He would always find the humor in everything. As funny as he was, you could also talk to him about things that were bothering you, and he would listen and not judge, as he did many times with me. I will never forget you, Eddie. Although we weren’t in touch, you will always be in my heart. God bless Joanne, your children, and the rest of your family.

    Elia Vincitore Roselle, Former co-worker
  • Dear Eddie –

    I loved you before you were even born. I used to have fun going to work with your Mom on the train when she was carrying you. When you came into our lives I loved you as if you were my nephew. Everytime I think about you tears come to my eyes even as I write this. I can’t think about you without a lump coming to my throat. Your Mom gave me a beautiful picture of you at the beach with your kids flying a kite. It is next to my bed with my Footprints statue. God will always watch over your family Joanne, Stephanie and Eddie. I love you Eddie. I miss you Always. It was a privilege to know you and to have you in our lives and I am sorry that our time together was short. May God watch over you.

    Love you Mary, Nick and Family.

    Mary & Nick Farino, Your Mom's my Best Friend
  • Eddie,

    Time has past and the phone calls have stopped but your memory will never fade. My deepest sympathies and continual thoughts go out to Joanne, Stephanie and Little Eddie, the rest of your family and everyone else that knew you because to know Eddie was to LOVE Eddie.

    The last two times I saw you, my wedding and in New Jersey at your home, I remember thinking how lucky Joanne and the kids were to have you in their life. You were truly one of the great people I have grown to know and love and I will never forget you. So many of my lifes first experiences included you – my first cruise down 86th Street, my first city club, my first LI club, to name but a few.

    Just last week, July 2002, I was driving passed your parents’ house in Brooklyn and it brought back so many happy memories of growing up knowing you. For so long, I have wanted to go to this site but until today I have been unwilling. I miss so many things about you; how you embraced life and your family, how you always could make everyone around you smile, but the trivia phone calls and the always-present Frankie Cuisine to introduce yourself stands out above the rest. You were a great influence in my life. One of the few people who continued to be a real friend even though I moved to Florida. I barely saw you over the last 10 years and you continually made multiple attempts to get me to consider taking a job at Cantor, so I could move back up to New York where I belonged all along. I missed the opportunity to THANK YOU in person for being a great friend but I need to do so now – THANK YOU.

    In the end, I am very thankful for knowing you but I regret the day you were stolen from this earth. Rest in peace and keep on smiling.

    Love an old friend,

    Frank (Frankie Cuisine) Barone, Long lost friend
  • Eddie D……”SPEAK TO ME!!!” Thats how the day always began….4:30am out here in California, Eddie jammerin’ through the squawk-box like he’d already had 37 capuccinos….always with a kind word when you were down, or a funny one when you weren’t, or a thought on the market that you would have missed. Or the jokes….by god the jokes this man would tell!!! A great broker, but a better friend and entertainer. I constantly waited for him to show up on an HBO comedy jam….. The classic is still the “Hey….anybody got any Tinactin? My feet have that burning sensation…” only for us all to look down and Eddie D would actually have his foot on fire! Tears streaming down all of our faces as the waiters in whatever restaurant we were in would scurry around, completely unsure of what to do. NOBODY took over a room like Eddie D. How many times did we all see that?

    I miss him all the time. It’s August 2002, and I cried last week when a Frank Sinatra tune came on the radio. I still have his CANT/ED button on my turret. I won’t let the phone guy take it off. I want it to ring.

    Matt Frymier, Customer / friend
  • Dear Eddie,

    On the first Anniversary which took you and so many others, that devastating day, our prayers are with you.

    A wonderful man that can never be forgotten.
    Husband, Father, Son and Brother that was cherished so very much. Continue to watch over your family, they miss you so, along with all of us. Our flag still flies at half-mast in your memory for such a tragic end to your precious life. Our prayers to our Lord asking Him to give Joanne, Stephanie, Eddie, Mom, Poppy and Michele the strength to go on.
    Your forever in our hearts.

    Steve,Angela,Steve,Michael Trimboli, Family
  • Eddie, I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary in HEAVEN. You and your family are always in my prayers.

    Michele Balbi, Friend
  • Eddie..You were a good friend. You always brought the people around you to life. Your memory will never be far from family and friends. Thanks for being my friend.

    Bill, Telerate Co Worker
  • Eddie,

    You’ve been gone a year now, and I still can’t find the words to adequately express what your family and friends have lost. What comes to mind more naturally are the wonderful, incredible and thankfully unforgettable memories you’ve left behind:

    Your roaring laugh still echoes in our ears. That wisecrack shout across the roon still makes us smile. Your sinfully delicious recipes still fill our stomachs…but they’re still not quite the same without you in the kitchen. Your sincere friendship still gives us comfort. And most impotantly, your love for Joanne, your “little princess” and your “main man” will forever be in their hearts.

    We all miss you, Eddie. But we could never forget our “Meatball.”



    Ken Sullivan, Friend
  • Eddie,

    You’ve been gone a year now, and I still can’t find the words to adequately express what your family and friends have lost. What comes to mind more naturally are the wonderful, incredible and thankfully unforgettable memories you’ve left behind:

    Your roaring laugh still echoes in our ears. That wisecrack shout across the roon still makes us smile. Your sinfully delicious recipes still fill our stomachs…but they’re still not quite the same without you in the kitchen. Your sincere friendship still gives us comfort. And most impotantly, your love for Joanne, your “little princess” and your “main man” will forever be in their hearts.

    We all miss you, Eddie. But we could never forget our “Meatball.”



    Ken Sullivan, Friend
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Eddie Dee. I met Eddie during freshman orientation at Nazareth Regional High School, and I remember vividly that I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my friends that I met the REAL CRAZY EDDIE.
    Since that day, we were truly close friends.

    From walking through the fields imitating a beagle on a scent while rabbit hunting, to hearing a joke over the phone only to be interrupted by… I GOTTA GO! The memories that I have of you are sincerely precious.

    Whether it was your cooking, your famous impersonations, or your twisted sense of humor, you ALWAYS put a smile on our faces. When you walked into a room your presence illuminated it.
    I am so fortunate and privileged to have known Eddie and his loving family all these years.


    I am so grateful that we’ve shared so many good times together and that you are a tremendous influence in my life.

    You are truly missed by all, me especially.

    God Bless You and Rest Easy.

    May you continue to guide and watch over Joanne, Stephanie and little Eddie.

    Your good friend,

    Robert(BAG) Badolato

    Robert Badolato, Old friend
  • I grew up around the corner from and played as young children with Eddie. I often pass his mother’s home and have wanted to say something but never quite knew what I would say. I am ashamed that I have said nothing thus far. My days of knowing Eddie were the carefree moments of childhood. We wrestled on the grass of our childhood homes living only houses away from one another. When September 11th happened it felt like the things you read about in other countries suddenly were our lives and our lives changed forever that day. I guess that my prayer is this when I pass the home of someone that I remember as a part of my childhood it makes me pause and quietly look heavenward and say a quiet prayer for the people who will remember the son and brother in their hearts forever. I pray for his wife and family and everyone who will not see him again until they are one day joined with him in heaven. I remember how much fun we had and it is that spirit that I am sure is watching over those he loves. Rest in peace.

    Gloria, A childhood acquaintance
  • ed its hard to believe that two years has passed since that terrible day. I will never be able to forget that day. I pray everyday for you and all the wonderful people at Cantor.

    God Bless
    marty hogan
    former tel-tech at Cantor

    marty hogan, tel-tech at cantor
  • You are all in my thoughts and prayers today as always, May your memories of Eddie make you smile and comfort you.

    Gerry & Marie Brasile

    Gerry Marie Brasile, Family Friend
  • The 10/24/03 Telerate reunion was not the same without our dear Eddie around to make us laugh. You were in our thoughts almost every moment! We miss you dearly and will never forget all the joy and laughter you brought to our lives.

    Telerate Co-worker, friend
  • Eddie was the very first person I met at Cantor after my interview with Human Resources. He got on the same elevator and asked me if I had the time. Anyone that knows Eddie knows he was famous for that line when you had tons of paperwork and such in your hands. I could tell right from the start that he was the company’s comedian. I went to work in the same dept as Eddie. I was barely 20 years old and did not even know how to work the copy machine. He helped me with that. He also made me laugh every single day. I have been known to forget important dates but I will never forget what happened on November the 13th. Nor will I forget his prank phone calls or the stories that he told. I especially loved the stories of his wife and children. You could just tell by the gleam in his eyes what his family meant to him. Eddie was so famous my family felt they knew him even though they never met him. My mom still asks me about him and prays for him and his family.

    Eddie, thank you for all the laughter you brought to my life and all the help you offered back in my early days at Cantor. You will never be forgotten. May God bless you and your family.

    Rosanne Briscione, Friend & Coworker
  • Three years since Edward was taken from all who loved him. May Edward be seen in his children’s smiles. May Edward watch over Joanne as she continues to make him proud. May Michele and the entire DeSimone family know that we remember Edward today and everyday. Thank you Edward for being the wonderful husband, father, son, brother and friend to so many.

    K., a friend
  • Happy Birthday Eddie. You are thought of everyday but especially on special days like this the world seems much emptier without you.
    We will always remember your laughter and good spirit and use them to guide us when times get rough. Please watch over your family and friends who will always keep your memory alive. We will continue to share so much of your goodness and spirit (and stories) that you have left in our lives. I know you are always there bringing Heaven that much closer to us!
    Love you always,
    Charlotte & Family

    Charlotte, Lifelong friend
  • Eddie D… The Absolute greatest guy I have ever met in my life! We sat side by side for years and I loved every minute of it …I miss you …you were always there for me ……I wish I could have been there for you more…. I Love You and your family we always talked about our families ….When I think back to our time rockin on the ten year desk it seems like it was a different world.. whatever it was all I know is I had the greatest seat ..next to you…….I will always remember! Love you Joanne and the kids hope all is well………………Ryno

    andy ryan, friend/co worker
  • Eddie was surely a great guy. He had to be – he was from Marine Park, Brooklyn! Every morning now, as I go to work, I pass Gerritsen Ave. and Ave. R – now dedicated Edward DeSimone III corner. Yep, right on the Northeast corner. Eddie, I wish I could hear your voice. Everything I told you before the attack – maybe we could fix this broken country….together. I still have your little mixer you gave me to remember you. Rest well buddy, rest well.

    David "Doc" Bellows, Friend/Co-worker
  • Dear Eddie,

    As the 5th Anniverary is upon us, a day we will never forget, we think of you in heaven and your family on earth. With love,

    Steve,Angela,Steve & Michael Trimboli, Family
  • Eddie, I cant believe it has been 5 years already. I was there on that tragic day never imagining that you or anyone else I was close to would have been there as well. Everytime I hear something on television or read in the paper about 9/11 you are the first one to come to my mind. I cant help imagining that you have everyone in heaven rolling around in stitches from some prank you played or a joke you told. “The completely skinned rabbit carcass was my favorite”. You got my father good with that one. Happy Anniversary in Heaven. I pray for your wife and children. Your friend Kevin.

    Lieutenant Kevin P. Green, NYPD, Childhood Friend
  • Dear Eddie,
    It’s been 5 years today since you were taken from all of us. We all go about our busy lives tending to the things that need to be taken care of. Time does seem to fly but it doesn’t always lessen the pain. For those that know and love you, you still pop into our minds and our hearts and we stop to take a breath, slow down, and think of how lucky we are to have had you as a part of our lives. I still pray everynight for you and your family and everyone that loves you. I am grateful to have known you, I only wish it could have been longer.

    Charlotte, friend forever
  • Monday, September 24, 2007
    Dear Eddie,
    I quietly thought of you this year as I do every year. When I pass your house I quietyl send a prayer hoping that you are doing amazing things in heaven and your family although will always feel your loss have comfort knowing somehow your spirit is nearby and you are still doing wonderful things on the next part of your journey as a spirit. I miss the carefree days of tumbling on soft summer grass as friend’s wrestling and running and playing. I wrote a poem for you a while ago and I guess I just would like to share it now. Every year since your passing on 911 I no longer ask why but when will it end? Why must war and things like terrorism exist in the world when we are all from one heaven. Why must some people have paths of greatness while others seek to destroy? All I know is when we were children the world was ours and ignorance was bliss. I hope that you are spreading laughter in heaven and enjoying green lush hills that you can roll down and play on. Rest in peace!

    Edward DeSimone III

    We shared moments in the sun
    Laughter, wrestling, childhood fun
    Never asking how much time we had
    Never believing we’d ever be sad
    That is what children feel
    That pain and tears are not quite real
    I found out though that life has pain
    Because my childhood friend will not play again
    On 9-11 his life came to an end
    Taking from this earth my childhood friend
    Although as we grew up we did lose touch
    Wrestling as children though our joy held much
    Just being innocent without care
    Now I pray for his family’s despair
    He left behind children and a wife
    So young to say goodbye to life
    I will remember him when I pray
    When I reflect at the end of my day
    If not understanding the loss of life
    Then growing stronger from the strife
    To hold his memory close and dear
    By growing strong and not showing fear
    The flag that flies in terrorism’s way
    Remembers every soul lost on 9-11 day

    © September 17th, 2003
    AngelHart Poetry

    Gloria, Childhood friend and neighbor
  • Well it’s November 13. For those who know and love you – I don’t need to say anymore. You are always in our hearts. Love, Charlotte & family

    Charlotte, just me again
  • Remembering you this Christmas Season and always.
    Rest in Peace Eddie, Keep watching over your family. You were so young, you are so missed. Always in our prayers.

    Steve, Angela, Stephen & Michael, Family
  • Hi, Eddie… It’s the PUERTO RICAN… Diaz:)
    I’m flying to Boca Raton on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 to visit my Mom who’s ill with Alzheimer’s disease. I’ll be smiling, thinking of you ’cause I know you’re an angel in Heaven who’ll be with me. I still tell anyone who’ll listen about your stupid Puerto Rican jokes,:)Calling diners in North Carolina for dilivery in NYC,:)Shooting spitballs across the rooms from a 4′ ft. tube,:)Ordering sushi buffet lunches with tons of wasabe(yum!!) Joanne, Steph,and Eddie IV
    My prayers for you family always with you.

    Debbie Diaz, co-worker
  • Hi, Eddie… It’s the PUERTO RICAN… Diaz:)
    I’m flying to Boca Raton on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 to visit my Mom who’s ill with Alzheimer’s disease. I’ll be smiling, thinking of you ’cause I know you’re an angel in Heaven who’ll be with me. I still tell anyone who’ll listen about your stupid Puerto Rican jokes,:)Calling diners in North Carolina for dilivery in NYC,:)Shooting spitballs across the rooms from a 4′ ft. tube,:)Ordering sushi buffet lunches with tons of wasabe(yum!!) Joanne, Steph,and Eddie IV
    My prayers for you family always with you.

    Debbie Diaz, co-worker
  • Hi, Eddie… It’s the Puerto Rican, “Diaz”
    I’m flying to Boca Raton on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 to visit my Mom who is ill with Alzheimer’s disease. Mira, papi, I’ll be smiling on the plane ’cause I know you’re an angel in heaven who’s with me. I still tell anyone who’ll listen about all of your stupid Puerto Rican jokes,:) the spitballs you spat across the rooms through a 4′ long tube,:) how you sang Buckwheat songs from SNL:)when you called diners in North Carolina for delivery to NYC,:)the delicious sushi lunches we used to order (yum!!)Anyway, lovey, you’re always in my heart. Joanne, Steph and Eddie IV, my prayers are with you always.

    Debbie Diaz, co-worker
  • Eddie you are forever young and very missed.

    Rich Bolton, frtiend
  • Miss you still===Thanks, for taking me on the Cantor trading floor, and I am really sorry I never got that lunch.

    branch richardson, friend//business
  • Ten years later, I still think of you and our coworkers who were there that tragic day. Will miss you always and wish it were different. Despite it all, your light still shines. Rest in peace, Eddie. May your family be comforted.

    Warm regards to all,

    Maureen Shanahan Anderson, coworker
  • My wife & I are very sorry for your loss & we are thinking of you on this day. I drove for UPS in midtown & I am a friend of Danny Y. I was in Manhattan that day & am now retired. God Bless & he will never be forgotten ………. Gerry & Marie Brasile …………

    Gerry & Marie Brasile, Friend of Brother-in-law
  • Eddie, tens years have gone and there is still not a day that goes by where something doesn’t remind me of you. Whether it is a funny story, a certain song or just thinking of you drinking cologne and other crazy things we have done in our youth…it brings a smile to my face. It is on special days like the anniversary of 9/11 that my smile turns to tears when I am forced to realize all the time that was taken away from all of us to have you share our lives. I would have loved for my family to know you better and experience all the goodness you spread to those around you. Rest in peace Eddie and continue to look over all of those who loved you so.

    Charlotte, lifelong forever friend

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