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  Deanna Galante

Date of Birth: August 1, 1969
Department: ESPEED Product Developement
Position: Executive Assistant To Glenn Kirwin

Deanna, I will forever keep you and our son to be – Matthew – in my heart and my life. We all miss you both dearly.

Love Always,
Your Husband
Anthony Galante

Anthony Galante, Husband
  • I worked for Forte Foods at Cantor for almost 8 months and Dee was the first person i wanted to see every day because she would always bring me a smile, because she always was . You’ll always be missed Dee.

    Joseph Palazzi, Former co-worker
  • Dee, you were a wonderful friend to me and I hope to see you again one day. Your smile is etched on my heart and I will love you always.

    Lucy Rorech, Friend
  • Deanna,
    I loved your energy and your fun-loving spirit… you will be missed.

    Jill Gordon, Former Co-Worker
  • I sat next to Deanna for almost a year at Cantor. D was one of the most well-liked people in the entire company. Everybody knew her and everybody loved her. She emitted happiness and energy, and once you were her friend, you were her friend forever. D, thanks for the great memories and thanks for being such a beautiful person. I know we’ll see you again one day. (Anthony, we’re thinking about you, too).

    Your Friend, Matt

    Matt Spero, Ex Co-Worker
  • Miss Deana,
    I miss you everyday. I miss our chats over our picnic lunches at your desk or outside in the sun. You brightened my day and I thank you. I know you and baby Matthew are safe and happy with all of our friends. And don’t worry, I’ll still chat with you at lunch.

    With love,

    Monica O'Leary, Friend and Co-Worker
  • God Bless you Anthony…I’m sure your two angels are sitting safely beside him, watching down upon you.

    A Friend,
  • I remember Deanne for her laughter and easy way. She was always smiling at work and in a good mood. I will keep her family im my prayers.

    Erik Sulzbach, Former Co-worker
  • I worked with Deanna at Espeed for almost a year. She was always the nicest person and one of the happiest people to be around.

    Jennifer Kleissler, Former Co-Worker
  • I didn’t know Deanna personnally, but I have been praying daily for Deanna’s family and friends; through mercyband.org – “Bearing Another’s Name Daily” silver bands were created with names of those victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy. I wear the band with Deanna’s name on it, which reminds me to pray for her loved ones. I think and pray of you all often, and pray the Jesus would hold you close to Him, as you mourn the loss of Deanna and Matthew. I pray you will find comfort and peace in Him. In His strong love, Denise

    Denise Benson, Prayer Warrior
  • When I went to work in Cantors NY for a week in 97 Deanna was the first person I met at the office. She was by far one of the nicest, happiest, most helpful I have come across in my life. She will be deeply missed by myself all who knew her.

    Emily Grimshaw, Former Cantor Employee
  • Dee always knew how to make us all smile. I loved to hear about her camping trips. She was always full of life. She was always on the move to help someone. Dee you were a good friend to me. I’ll never forget your smile.

    Jennifer, coworker

    Jennifer, coworker
  • I remember Deanna as one of the funniest and most cheerful people at Espeed. She was always a delight with a smile on her face. – Angier

    Angier Johnston, Former Espeed Employee
  • Deanna was one of the most genuine and uninhibited people I have ever met. I don’t recall ever speaking to her without a smile on my face. She was a breath of fresh air in a world full of egos and self consciousness. I feel lucky to have known her and will miss her. She brought happiness to everyone who came in contact with her and did it day in, day out.

    Donal Daly, Friend & Former Cantor employee
  • Dee was the sweetest girl. I’ll miss our talks when we’d rome the halls.
    My heart and prayers are with her family.
    God Bless

    mo, co-worker
  • I did not know your wife, but I can imagine
    how much you miss her. I lost my mother that horrible day. I hope you find strength and peace. May God bless you.

    Lisa, fellow victim's family member
  • Dee, I love and miss you.
    Anthony…my heartfelt sympathies to you and your

    Kelly Freese, former co-worker
  • I never had the pleasure of actually meeting Deanna. I heard and learned wonderful things about her from Anthony. I did speak with her briefly on Sept.11. I will always feel honored. I know that Deanna and Matthew are watching over Anthony. You are both missed and loved.


  • I have an aunt that’s beautiful as a flower. She has 1 child on the way and is happily married. I love her to death, but I’m worried. I’m worried she’ll go away today. She used to be happy and ok until you came and took her away, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do. Words cannot express what I’m going through. I start to cry just thinking about the whole situation. She won’t be there to see my graduation, she won’t be there to see the middle one grow up to be a beautiful young lady, she won’t be there to see the little one get past kindergarden or to see her nephew grow to be a handsome man.

    Amanda, Niece
  • Deana,
    I miss that sweet and happy voice. Whenever I called you made me smile. Glenn referred to you as his right hand and could barely make it through a day at work without you. May God bless and watch over you and Matthew. Love, Joan

    Joan Kirwin, friend
  • I met Dee in kindergarden back in 1974. Dee and I had always stayed friends even though I became best friends with her sister, Tina. I was in shock when I learned Dee was one of the missing. My heart goes out to her husband and all who loved and knew Dee. She was a special person to all of us.

    AnnMarie Fortunato/ Mullins, Childhood Friend
  • Dee,

    You always made each day brighter. You always made everyone around you happier. I will always remember you. God Bless You.


    Tom, co-worker
  • Dear Nanna,
    I miss you very much and I don’t think I can live my life without you. “You were my eyes when I couldn’t see, you were my strengh when I was weak, you lifted me up when I couldn’t reach”, you were and still are my everything . What am I going to do with out you? I cry and cry thinking about you and my cousin. I was looking forward to babysitting, dressing him, buying nice clothes, bringing him to the park, bringing him to school and showing him off to all my friends. I’ll miss you and I will never forget you. Never.
    Love, your niece, *Amanda*

    Amanda, Niece
  • Dee,

    You were my constant reminder to live for today. I will miss you more than you will ever know.


    Tracy, Co-Worker
  • Deanna,
    The shock has not worn off yet. It’s hard to put into words how wonderful you are. Everyone liked you which is very rare. When you worked at your previous company, we talked every day, you came over after work and we talked and you read with Stephanie. During my low time you sat and talked to me, you were always there. When you started your new job we did not talk as much, but I knew you were happy and doing well, you blossomed into a mature lovely young lady and had a wonderful new life with someone special(finally found a good guy). I was so happy when I found out you were pregnant. I started buying so many things, and it was a pleasure to finally see after 8 years of knowing you, you were FAT 🙂 I love your family like my own, and my heart breaks for their loss. You will always be in my heart.

    Melissa, Cousin/pal
  • Our sister Deanna, life will never, ever, be the same without you. You brought smiles to every one that was around you and always smiled yourself. You are thought of every minute of every day and the seconds in between. We love you and miss you. You will always be in our hearts.
    Love your brother Joey and Elisa
    and your nephew Joseph and niece Ashley who also miss you soooooo much!

    Joey and Elisa, brother and sister-in-law
  • Dear Deanna,
    I remember speaking to you everyday as you answered my husbands phone.
    You were so funny and happy always.
    I never knew we shared a birthday.
    There is no understanding to this whole tragedy
    I for one will never understand or recover.
    May you rest in peace.

    MAC, friend
  • We think about you every day and remember your beautiful and warm smile. You and baby Matthew have secured a special place in our hearts. We love you and miss you both very much. It won’t be the same without you. Keep smiling!

    Joe, Margaret, James & Anthony, Anthony's brother and family
  • Deanna was a giving and caring person. She loved Anthony so much and they were so happy together, especially when they found out that Deanna was Pregnant. They couldn’t wait for that day to come.
    Grace and Deanna would talk every day about having kids. Grace and I were also trying to have kids but did not reach that. How I wish we did, because that meant so much to all of us. Deanna was such a hard worker and loved life to it’s fullest. I hope that she and my wife are looking over us, because I know I try to talk to them.

    Giovanni Galante, Cousin
  • To know Dee was to love Dee! She could light up a room with her smile! I’ll always remember her kindness, sense of humor, and her energy.

    May God watch over those she loved and cherished.

    Christopher Marino, Friend/Co-Worker
  • Deanna,

    A new year has come and the holidays have passed and I wanted to tell you that I miss you so much. I miss the daily emails you sent to me at work, I miss all the phone calls you would make to me, I miss going dancing with you, I miss going out to dinner together, I miss watching movies with you, I miss you being there by my side and most of all I miss baby Matthew. The nights are cold and lonely without you. We worked so hard to get to where we were in our lives and it was all taken away from us in minutes. In my dreams I could see you walking around with baby Matthew in your arms. I know you are taking good care of him. I love you and miss you both.
    Anthony Galante

    Anthony Galante, Husband
  • Deanna,
    I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or baby Matthew. The holidays were so hard without you. You were always the most festive out of all of us, you made every holiday so special. Even though I’ve only known you for about 3 years, it feels as though you were always there. Everyday I wake up with this immense regret of not being here this past summer and missing the family cruise and most importantly, missing your wedding. I would give anything to go back and change that, just to have more time with you. I miss you so much and I miss meeting my new cousin Matthew. I guess you were just too good for this place and God needed more angels in Heaven. I know you are watching over us. I will never forget you and will always love you.
    Love always,
    your niece,

    Rose Galante, niece
  • I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to write. There are no words to describe how badly I miss you. Life will never be the same for me or the girls. Every day is filled with tears and pain and such an emptiness in my heart. You were not only my sister but my best friend. I talk to you always but it’s not the same – you can’t answer me. I would give anything to bring you back so everyone can have you in their lives again. I miss your wake up calls at 8:30 every morning, the laughter we shared, your hugs, your smiles, everything about you. Amanda & Angel talk to you and about you every day. We will never, ever forget you, you are forever in our hearts.
    Always & Forever, your Sis, Tina xoxoxoxoxoxox

    Tina, Sister
  • To everyone reading these messages of love, listen closely and you can hear Deanna laughing. I was just reading them and I could hear her, clear as if she was sitting behind me in her chair…talking and laughing.

    Oh, Deanna, I miss you. I was just telling someone yesterday how we used to go for ice cream, especially ben and jerry’s ice cream shakes thanks to Shawn who got us addicted to them! I was remembering how you drank a large shake within five minutes and when I exclaimed, “deanna!”, you simply said, “the baby was hungry!” Thanks to your encouragement, I had plenty of afternoon ice cream breaks!

    Monica O'Leary, friend & coworker
  • Dee always had a smile, but for those who knew her, knew when Dee was mad, get out of her way. Always forgiving, loving, caring, taking care of her family was always number one. And I know she’s watching over them.

    Adrea, Like an aunt
  • Deanna,
    I miss those days when we were kids.. Those were special times. I sometimes go back to those days in my mind and they bring a smile to my face. You will always bring a smile to my face when I think of you now and forever.. You are safe now…Take care of yourself and your son and remember we will all be together again one day … You’re truly missed and loved…

    Kathy Upenieks, Forever Friend
  • Nana,
    Every day I think of you. The tears and the hurt of losing you never go away. You were my niece and my friend. You brought so much joy into my life. You would hurry in with a kiss and a hug, then life would have you running again. In your short thirty-two years, you lived eighty-five years of life. Always on the go, always helping everyone you could, but you always found time to call just to say I love you.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
    Aunt Sue

    Sue, Aunt
  • I’ve know Deanna since she was born. Her aunt is one of my best friends, I watched Dee grow up into the beautiful woman she became. She always had a nice word or gesture to whoever she met. She used to cut my hair, I never went to anyone else, even after I moved across the country to California for a short period of time, I would come home for Dee to cut my hair. She will always be in my heart, as well as her family. I miss her dearly, and always will.

    Susan Mailloux, Almost Family
  • To My Deanna,
    I’d give my life for you and Matthew to come home and live your lifes with Anthony. It was not your time to go, you had too much to look forward to. I Miss you too much, my heart is broken beyond repair. I’ll Love you as always.

    Margaret, Mother
  • Deanna,
    I miss u very much that you are not here with us anymore. I love you.


    James, Nephew



  • Dee you were not only my cousin but one of my closest friends, you were always there to pull me out of whatever I was into, pick me up when I was low, fill my heart with laughter and always bring me back to reality. I miss being able to call you to go out dancing, I miss your hairsyling advice, I miss sharing clothes, but most of all I miss your hugs and smiles. You were a genuine person, a precious being. I looked so forward to our kids growing up together. It seems like yesterday we were dancing at your wedding. My heart aches everyday you are not here, I know I will see you again and that you are watching over me and Samantha. I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS…
    LOVE AND KISSES Your Little Cuz, Lis

    Ilissa Micciulli, Cousin
  • Dear Deanna,

    We didn’t see eachother often, but whenever we did you were always happy to see me. You were always smiling, laughing, and so full of life. This is how I’ll always remember you. I pray that you and your son, Matthew, are at peace in heaven. God Bless. Love, Aunt Flo

    Florence Ruhland, Deanna's Aunt
  • Deanna,
    We didn’t get to see each other a lot, but when we did, you were so fun to be around. I remember when I was little how beautiful I thouht you were. You still are so very beautiful and I will never forget you. I think about you and Matthew every day. I miss you and love you very much.
    God Bless.

    Katie, Cousin
  • Dee,
    Where do I start? I remember the first day I met you and Tina, sitting on the stairs on Brighton Court. I was 7 or 8 and you were 5 or 6. I just can’t understand how this can happen. It’s all so unreal. Every time I read something or see something relating to you, I start to cry. May god bless you, Robert, your baby and family.
    Your friend forever,

    Mickey, Friend
  • Dear Deanna, I know you are looking down on us and helping us to do our best. We are still grieving, not one day goes by that we don’t think of you. Your Wedding Day, you looked beautiful, or when you were little I lost you in Kings Plaza, so many memories will always be in our hearts. We will never forget you, you brought joy wherever you went and we love you very much.

    Aunt Tess & Uncle Dom, Aunt/Uncle
  • You are a important person to everyone, when needed you are there. When I was ill and Mommy panicked, you picked me up and took me to the doctor. We read together and went places together. I will miss your 100 watt smile, I looked up to you. You will always be in my heart. The pain hurts Mommy and I terribly, but I know you would want us to remember the good times. Hugs and Kisses to you and Matthew. Love you always Steph 🙂

    Stephanie, Cousin
  • Dee, words can’t express how I’m feeling. I think about you and baby Matthew all the time. I miss you dearly. I miss our chats on the phone and the way you made me laugh. You were a great friend and you will always be in my heart. Anthony, I think about you as well, I hope you have found peace.

    Jessica Jensen, Friend & Former Cantor Employee
  • Hi Dee Dee,
    You have the most tributes out of everyone! I think about you every single day and last night while driving up the West Side Highway I was remembering the bachelorette party I threw for you at my apartment and how beautiful you looked showing off your big belly with Matthew inside. I have to believe that I will see you again one day in Heaven because if I don’t believe that I might as well give up. If you can hear me you will know that I loved you truly. xxx

    Lucy, Friend
  • It has been six months since that horrible day. I still can’t believe it all happened, can’t believe you are gone Dee. When I was moving this past Dec. I found pictures from when we were kids. The dance recitals at 209, my 7th birthday when you and I smiled for my mom and we were both missing almost all our front teeth. There’s one of you from our teenage years – you have this thick green slim like stuff on your face we bought at Ceasar’s Bay Bazaar to clean our faces with. I got a tattoo for you Dee on my back; it’s of the towers and the Brooklyn Bride with 3 birds flying through a sunset. You’re one of the birds flying free in the heavens. I will never forget you Dee.

    AnnMarie/Fortunato, Childhood Friend
  • To think it’s 17 years that we have been friends and we met in a fist fight. Too many times we went our different ways and didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but you always knew what was right and wrong. I always took your advice but had to find my own way. I miss you Dee. I go by the tribute to you in Bedford Park and I feel a little closer to you. You are in my heart and I cry a lot for the times we had and the times we didn’t. I can’t believe you’re gone. You are in my dreams and we are out there hanging like it used to be. I hope you are holding your son right now and smiling down at your mom and dad and everyone who loves you. I will look forward to seeing you, so hold open the gates for me. I love you!!!!!! GEE GEE

    Gia Concheiro, My longest friend
  • I’ll never forget the first time we met on Brighton Ct. You had moved in the night before and that next morning you knocked on my window and I looked out to see this little heart-shaped face with a smile from ear to ear staring back at me. From that moment on we became family. The five of us (You, Me, Tina, Kelly, and Joey) formed our own Brady bunch, and a strange bunch we were. Nevertheless we all grew up and went our separate ways however, never forgetting our bond. I was so happy for you and Anthony when I found out you were pregnant. I know how much you both wanted that. I was so looking foward to see you pregnant, for once in my life I was going to be skinnier than you (ha ha). But all that is gone now and I can’t believe it. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and remember when we were kids. Dee, I will always remember the loving, caring, strong, happy, full of life person that you were. I’m not sorry for those of us that lost you, but for those who were not lucky enough to know you. I Love You and will miss you Forever.


    Dawn, Friend
  • This is to YOU…Dee & your Dearest Anthony.

    I remember you at my house always; we were teenagers and you were Gia’s Best Friend and that I love you for. I remember sooo many times you calling me how Gee was. Deanna, you are one of the most strongest people that I have been blessed to know!!!! I love and admire your inner-spirit, your kindness and true altruism, that I will not ever forget. Girl, you always wore your heart on your sleeve. Again, Dee I admire you and not one day goes by that I do not think of you, Anthony and most of all your Baby Matthew. I know God, had a plan for you guys and I know you are very happy and looking down at all the people that love you.

    Lee Concheiro, Childhood friend/Brooklyn
  • Dear Deanna,

    You will never be forgotten in anyway. You have touched many peoples lives and left good memories with all. I know deep within my heart that you are okay and one day we will see each other again. Your smile, your hugs your love is missed so deeply. I look forward to that day. I love you always and forever. You are my angel.

    Suzanne Lamoutte, Cousin
  • Dear Deanna,

    We all missed you yesterday on what would have been your first Mother’s Day. I know you would have been ‘The Best Mom Around’.

    Missing you everyday,

    Anthony Galante, Husband
  • Dear Deanna,

    I can’t believe it’s already 8 months that I haven’t heard your voice, seen you smile and especially felt your hugs and kisses. Life has been hard to bare without you. Amanda & Angel talk about you everyday. Angel made me take her to the fountain at the mall, so she could throw a penny and wish for you to come home. We all Miss you Deanna and want you to know we will love you always & forever and that you are always in our Hearts and On Our Minds. Hugs & Kisses from all of us Mom, Dad, Joey, Elisa, Willie, Amanda, Joseph, Angel, Ashley & of course Me. No One could ever take the place of YOU in MY life. EVER

    Tina, Sister
  • Hi Dee,
    I think about you all the time. I can’t stop myself from playing “Crazy for you”.I’ll never forget the times we had when we were growing up. I remember watching Madonna videos and concerts when I was little and singing “Crazy for you” all the time together. I’ll never forget the times we had together and I still can’t believe there will not be more memories to create. I know I will see you again one day and that you and your little angel Matthew are together in Heaven watching over us all. You always knew what to say to make me happy and I know how happy and in love you were when You met Anthony, you lit up when ever you talked about him. I pray everyday that the lord will give him and Your Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers nieces and Nephews the strength to go on with their day. One things for sure you will Never, Ever be forgotten!! and even though we haven’t talked in a while, you are in my heart everyday. Love you always and Forever.
    Your cousin and friend,
    Jaime xoxoxoxo

    Jaime Fusco, Cousin
  • Deanna I did not know you but I know your sister Tina and threw her I have come to know what a special person you were and are. I love Tina like she is my own sister and will live the rest of my life trying to make her as happy as you lived your life doing. You are truly loved and missed.

  • I was washing dishes last night and I was remembering the time you babysat for me. I must have been 11 or 12, and you were yelling at me cause I was washing the dishes with cold water. From that day on I never did it again. Man, Dee, I miss you. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since you were taken from us all. I think of you and Matthew every day. It’s not the same around this family with you gone. You were a very strong link that kept us all close. Just know that I love you dearly and miss you tremendously. Love your little cuz, Lis

    Ilissa, Cousin
  • Hi Dee, just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you on your birthday. We think of you often and miss you very much. We love you.

    Melissa & Stephanie, Cousins
  • Deanna,

    Happy Birthday, wish you were here.


    Tracy, Friend/coworker
  • Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

    Anthony Galante, Husband
  • Dear Deanna, Aug. 1, 2002
    Hi Sis, just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that I miss you badly. Dad had Father Leach do a special mass today for you it was beautiful. So many of our family and friends were there, but I’m sure you saw us all. I felt you with me all day. Sis, I love you Always and Forever. Give the baby a big hug and kiss for me. Know that you are and always will be in all our hearts. Amanda & Angel also wish you a happy Birthday. All my love

    Tina, Sister
  • Deanna,
    You were an angel on earth. Your constant smile, open heart, and joy of life will always be a part of the lives you touched. I think of you often. With much love…Julie

    Julie, Former Cantor employee
  • Deanna,
    I dedicated a candle to you at my Sweet Sixteen and had to stop talking so many times because I couldn’t stop crying. I told you that I wouldn’t forget you on our birthday. I know we didn’t see each other much, but being at the picnic this year without you was hard. Softball isn’t as fun as it used to be. I miss you Dee. I hope and pray that you are happy with Matthew. I know you are giving all of your family and friends the strength to live their lives without you here. I love you.

    Nicole, Cousin
  • Deanna,

    Someone famous once said, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”. With the abundant love you had for everyone, you made a lasting mark in this world and earned your place among the stars. We miss you dearly.

    Joe and family, brother-in-law
  • Deanna,

    You always made my life easier when I came to call on Mr. Kirwin. I appreciate that. You were a truly special person.

    Joel Weiss

    Joel Weiss, Cantor Affiliate

  • Hey Legs, where did the time go I can not believe it is one year since you left this earth. Johnny and I rode in a motorcycle parade on sept 11 2002 in honor of you and all those this world lost that day. I started the ride with a prayer for you and your son and your husband and all of the family. I was hoping you were riding with us or at least saw us. as the ride went on i saw a car plate that read mat and dee forever i got chills and smiled and looked up in the sky and smiled feeling in my heart you knew where i was. i know you and mathew are safe we here are the ones living in fear and with pain. everyone misses you so much dee. see ya when i get there

    AnnMarie and JohnnyBoy, Childhood Friend
  • Dee, Nov 13

    I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes. I was dreaming of you over and over.. I couldn’t seem to wake up but then I heard you laughing. Dee I swear you were here with me. I felt you. I never spoke to any of your family since 9/11, I feel scared too. I am weak and I dont want to hear your gone. Its over a year later and I still think this is a dream . I can never face the scary things in life. You best of all know that. There are so many things I would like to change in life. I would never change having you as a friend. You were the only real one. I love ya Dee and miss you like crazy. Give your son a hug because I know your a great mom and in a better place then all of us. I know your at peace..

    Love you , GEE GEE

    Gia Concheiro, Childhood Friend
  • Anthony-

    There are a few life stories at Cantor that touch my heart more than others, and yours is one of those stories. To lose 2 family members is an unbearable grief to deal with, and to lose a child, even worse. I wish I could erase all the pain for you as I know what Deanna and Matthew mean to you and the love you feel for them from all that is written. I also know that you now have two of the most wonderful Guardian Angels that will watch over you for the rest of your life and make sure you get through these very tough times. I have no doubt that with Deanna looking out for you, that as time goes on, you will be able to smile at the thought of her rather than cry and get great comfort in knowing she will always be there. Though she cannot speak to you, I know she listens. Keep your faith Anthony and everyday the sun shines, know that Deanna is there smiling down at you. God Bless.

    A Friend From Cantor Los Angeles, Co-Worker
  • Deanna,
    How we all miss and love you, you made us laugh when we were down. It is around christmad time of 2002 and I want to tell you I still remember 2 years ago christmas when you were there cheering everyone up with that smile of yours. Best wishes to you and Matthew.
    Love your darling cousin Stephanie

    Stephanie, Cousin
  • Wow! I was just checking some names of loved ones i lost and by accident click on this name and i had to write you and your family even if i dont know you…. I can tell what a great person you were and what an impact you left on people’s life. My heart goes out to your family but most of all to your husband….May God grant all of you the peace, and strength to keep on going.

    God bless you, the baby and your family.


    Bebe, A Perfect Stranger
  • Deanna,

    I hope that you and Matthew are walking hand-in-hand through the hallways of Heaven at peace. I have no doubt that you’re both watching out for your beloved Anthony and giving him the strength to live his life as you would wish for him.

    God bless all of you!

    A Passerby, Stranger
  • I have friends here in North Carolina named Galante, I wonder if youre related. I dont know any of you, but I feel my heart breaking when I see these pictures, when I read these memories, and I feel like I’m intruding on a visit, so I’ll leave, but oh Holy Mother of God, I am so sorry for the loss you’ve all suffered,and for as long as I live, you all are in my prayers.

    Steve Miller, None-just another human
  • Dear Deanna,

    3 Years have passed since I last saw you. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and at times it feels like a lifetime. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and Matthew. Keep on smiling for me!

    With love and kisses,

    Anthony Galante 9/11/04, Husband
  • Deanna-
    We’re still thinking about you and miss you so very much! Four years have gone by, and still, the pain remains deep within our hearts. Be happy with Matthew in heaven and shine your rays upon us.


    Dana, Friend
  • Deanna,

    Missing you today on your 36th birthday, missing you everyday! Wish you were here.

    Love always,


    Anthony Galante, Husband
  • Each year I read the tributes of two Cantor employees, Deanna Galante and Edward J. Papa. While I recall reading many tributes in the days and weeks following 9-11, for some reason these two beautiful people seem to have made an impression. I make it a point to remember and reflect on what we’ve all lost by reading each of their tributes. Like I said, I never knew either of them, but the reaction, the emotions, the feelings that I had the first time I read their tributes has stuck with me. So, whenever I feel that day’s memory slipping away, I take time to reflect and remember you and your loved ones. God Bless.

    P. Haynes, Stranger
  • Deanna-

    March 2006-I still think of you and your beautiful smile often, 4 1/2 years later. Time will never erase all the joy you brought to so many people. You will never be forgotten. God Bless.

    A friend, Co-worker in Los Angeles
  • hey, nana
    i know i havent wrote to you in 4 years but i couldnt its to hard to think of you ,i still wake up wishing its a bad dream . Once in a while i’ll wake up in the middle of the night and call your cell phone hoping you’ll pick up , but instead i get some lady . I miss you more than anything .some days its so hard that i cant even look at photos of you. you promisedme that we’d be together you said we’d never part , people say that i’ll get better , but deep in my heart i know thats not true… well got ot go talk to you soon mommy is in one of her moods i love you hope to see you soon !!!!!! lover your #1 niece

    Amanda, niece
  • Deanna-

    Just thinking of you and Matthew 5 years later and hoping you are at peace. You will never be forgotten. Anthony-I hope time has helped ease your pain. As hard as it may be at times, you know Deanna wants you to be happy again. Even though we never met, I think of you too and hope you are ok. God Bless.

    Ex Co-worker, Los Angeles, Ex Co-Worker
  • A Memory- by Stephanie Vitale

    I remember the warmth of her skin

    The huge smile she put on

    The holiday gathering

    Only once a year

    The strength she had

    She always cared

    I remember her taking

    Me to the doctor

    On Christmas Eve

    When i was really sick

    I remember her being by my side

    Saying everything will be okay

    She was smart and sweet

    MIne to Keep

    Her life was taken from her

    on the Day Of Sadness

    And Madness

    Smoke, fire, crashing

    Yelling and screaming

    Like a bright light


    In the night

    Terror destroyed her life

    And her dear son’s too

    He was never born

    Taken away like a stolen book

    All i could do was look

    At how this ruined our family

    Crying day after day

    Tears frozen on my face

    Not only one, but two

    Souls stolen out of my arms

    The pain, agony

    That will never be forgotten

    My beloved Deanna and Matthew

    We cherish you so deeply

    May you both rest in peace

    Watch down on us

    And may we meet again

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • You are my hero, the wind that i breath and you were there at times of need, i never spent a lot of time with you, like i wished your heart shined like the moon and your presence sparked many people. you were taken on a day of sadness but i will never forget you warmth because i love you with all my heart forever and always. Matthew too!!!!!- Stephanie

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • Hey Dee,

    Wow I don’t know where to start. So many things have changed since your gone. The family just isn’t the same. You are so loved and so very missed. I Just wanted you to know we will all be thinking of you even more than ever today for your birthday 8-1. Keep an eye out for your balloons we will be sending them up as we do every year. Happy Birthday Sis ! Until we meet again. I Love You ! Give Matthew a kiss from me.

    Tina, Sis
  • I can’t believe it is seven years your gone. I talk to Tee almost every dy either on the phone or in an email, she misses you so much. The girls miss you too. Amanda hasn’t been the same since your gone.
    You were such a big part of their life. They need you by their sides Dee.
    I pray where you are is all we imagine it to be and that you and Matthew are at peace.You are missed and loved by so many Dee. None of will ever forget what you meant to each of us.

    AnnMarie Onorato, A Family Friend
  • I can’t belive it has been almost seven years since you have been gone. I wish we would have been closer because I know you are special to everyone in your life. When I did see you I Remember your spirit and energy and your love and caring thoughts.Your essence inspired everyone around you. To this day I find people just like you and attach myslef to them because I never got to attach myslef to you like I wanted to. I thought of you highly and you helped me so much when I was younger. I will send you up a balloon today because I love you with all my heart and Matthew too. Stay Strong because we are stying strong for you down here. With all my love. May we meet again.

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • Deanna-

    Thinking of you 7 years later and hoping you and Matthew are in the most peaceful place. This was so unfair to you and your family. The only solace is knowing that where you are is a better place than here and if we are all lucky, we will all see you again someday up there. Keep smiling down on your family, they need it.

    Friend, Co-Worker from Los Angeles
  • Nana,
    i find myself starting every letter the same …speechless! it seems lately ive been missing you more and more. at times i find myself going crazy thinking about you with the whys? and what ifs? I NEED YOU to please come home (somehow)! i know i might sound a little crazy but im mad at you, ive been begging for years for this one thing just for you to come home and you havent ….i never understood why god had to take you so soon you missed everything !!!…..and what about all times all i need was to hear you say things will be fine and you werent hear to tell me ….i miss you nan and ill never stop loving you

    i watched our movie last night )3
    some People might leave
    People will die
    But true Love Last ForEver!!!!

    Amanda Maldonado, Fav. niece (just Kidding)
  • It is the day after your birthday and i gathered the ballooms yesterday and sent them up to you. i hope you and Matt enjoyed them. I miss you so much and your energy and spark you brought to family gatherings. I hope you are having fun up there because i know you are a star and are inspiring others up there just like you inspired us everyday and continue to inspire us down here. things will never be the same without you but we love you dearly!!!!!! i love you with all my heart forvere and always!!!! you are a hero to all. God bless you and we all wish you all the best. you are deary missed HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! love you

    Stephanie, Beloved
  • You are always in our thoughts. we still miss you keep watching over us and happy birthday. we love you.
    Aunt Tess and Uncle Dom

    Theresa and Dom, Aunt and Uncle
  • Deanna I love you with all my heart and here is a poem I wrote for you. You will never be forgottten and you will remain in special place in my heart along with Matthew.I love you.

    By: Stephanie Vitale

    I can’t believe it has been eight years
    Since we were shocked with fears
    It felt like it was just yesterday
    Yesterday we heard your voice
    Yesterday we heard you cry
    Yesterday we heard you scream
    Yesterday we saw the new tattoo on you
    Yesterday you took me to the doctor
    Yesterday you held my hand
    Yesterday you drank beer
    Yesterday you ate the sandwich
    Yesterday you opened the presents
    Yesterday you smiled with joy
    Yesterday you hugged us
    Yesterday you embraced us
    Yesterday you showed us spirit

    Yesterday the phone rang with devastating news
    Yesterday two planes crashed into your heart
    And ours
    Into thousands of lives
    Yesterday they burnt and fell to the ground
    Yesterday when the tears did not stop falling
    Yesterday when you were calling
    Yesterday praying for you and your’s sons lives and many others
    Yesterday wondering if you were coming home

    Yesterday I heard your voice in my head saying
    “Steph, when the going gets tough
    And you miss us so much
    Think of the good times or the scary/funny ones
    Like when your grandma lost me in the mall
    Or when I cried getting my first tattoo
    Or when I took you to the doctor
    When you had a high fever on Christmas Eve
    When no one else would
    You may not have seen me or known me that well
    But that does not mean
    You are not hurt
    Or are not sad that I left
    But remember Matt and I are right by your side
    We love you
    And the whole family
    Don’t break apart because of this
    Stay together
    You all need each other
    We see you all everyday
    And are guiding each one of you
    And no matter how hard things get we all love you
    Tell everyone to be strong
    For Matt and I
    Let no one mourn
    Celebrate my life and help others who struggle
    Build yourself as a person
    And remember Matt and I
    And keep us in your heart
    But continue to love and move past the pain
    Strive for the best
    And remember we love you”
    That is what I heard

    I love Deanna and Matt so much
    And even though I was not around them much
    They still hold huge, special places in my heart
    That can never be replaced
    I think of them everyday
    Along with the others that lost their lives on 9/11

    Yesterday I was in pain
    But now I am free
    Because of Deanna and Matt
    So Celebrate!!!!
    Sprint, Run, Jump, Fly , HAVE FUN!!!!!!
    For everyone!!!!!
    But mostly yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Deanna, I love you!!!!

    Stephanie Vitale, BELOVED COUSIN
  • Deanna-

    I cannot believe it has been 8 years…you will never be forgotton. Rest in Peace Deanna.

    LA Co-Worker, Co-Worker
  • dear nana, jan 19,2010
    its been so long since i wrote you , but like i said i always seem to say the same things. everyday is still a struggle without you , i just became better at hiding it. i’ve grown alot since you’ve been gone cant believe you missed so much of my life , cant believe your gonna miss my big 21! its funny after so many years my wounds are still so fresh. on the outsider i can hide it but on the inside my soul is 1/2 gone , my heart is missing a piece n my life is and always will be incomplete. i will always have that feeling that somethings missing n its you . i never would have imagined losing you would take such a toll on me n my future because everyone always promised me that with time it would be easier but they lied . some bonds are stronger then others n can never be broken just like ours . i wish you were still here you were the one that kept the family together n strong me n mommy are slowly falling apart more n more each day and i hate it. well sehijas getting tired soo until next time i love you with all my heart.. miss you badly . its funny how people always take the little things for granted i would give anything just to hear you say i love you

    Amanda, #1 niece
  • Deanna,
    I have been thinking about you lately. A lot is going on and I am doing well in school. I made President’s list and got two scholarships and am in the Honor’s convocation but I still feel really depressed. I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me. I wish you were here. You made things better and would do anything to help anyone. I could use one of your hugs. You helped me when I was sick and now I am hurting and I know you would be here in a second. Edward/Tyler/Robert Patterson was not the reason I cried when I saw remember me. It was you and Matt and Carlos and all others that lost their lives on 9/11. None of you deserved to die. You were the sweetest most encouraging people and deserved to live. I would give anything for you to come back and help our whole family. You were always the strong one and we miss you dearly. Love you forever and always!!!!!!! Blowing you a kiss!!!! Watch over all of us and shine your light on our whole family especially Amanda who loves you deeply!!!! Miss you. Love you!!!!

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • I miss you so much. This July 4th,2010 I am thinking of you. You were so inspirational!! You were an amazing person and always kept everyone smiling and happy. You are missed emensely!! Evere since you left our world things were never be the same, we laugh but not as much as when you were here, we sing but not as much as when you were here, we talk but not as much as when you were here!! I became more patriotic and I honor all those that risk their lives for our freedom!! I wish there was peace on earth because then maybe you woudld still be alive!! Troops protect our freedom and they earn honor and on the day of our independence I think of you wishing that others could see our independence as a gift and if all did then maybe we would still have you. But on this day I think of you and I love you so much!! Hope you are enjoying heaven and looking down on us and singing our song!! I love you DD and nothing would ever change that!!! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART )3 xoxoxo smiles

    Stephanie Ireanna Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • We all miss you so dearly!!! You are so loved and I know you are doing great things up there with Matt, look for the balloons I am going to send you! Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day with Matthew, I love you with all my heart forever and always!!!! My aunt has two new children and one is named Matthew and I think of you and Matt everytime I see him!! Well wish you the best on this great day!!1 Love ya!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! )3

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • I miss you emensely and words can not explain howmuch I wish you were here right now. You are in my thoughts and mind forever. I can’t believe it has been nine years but I miss you Dee and I wish you were here now!!!! Love you. Thinking of you now!!You are my hero!! Here is a poem for you!!! )3

    Here it Comes Again
    It’s rolling around again
    I want to go home
    To protect and spend time with my family
    They need me
    I need them
    Things will never be the same
    Without her here
    It has been nine years
    But the pain
    Is new and deep
    In my eyes
    The fire flashes through my brain
    Millisecond by millisecond
    The smoke lingers in my nose
    The hot flashing ashes
    Blow through the air of my heart
    This day will be haunting every year
    I feel bad for everyone
    Because this was a shocking moment
    One day you have a hug
    And a bowl of love
    Then all of a sudden
    There is a dead halt
    Where the world stops
    She’s gone
    Her smile
    Her beauty
    Her energy
    Her charisma
    Her love
    Her voice
    Her determination
    That we could never hear
    But we could use
    All her positive vibes
    And all the optimism she provided
    Now it is all faded
    How can we live in a world of happiness
    If innocent heroic strong people’s lives
    Are taken
    Within the time it takes to wiggle your finger
    This is unfair
    But there is not one minute
    I don’t believe
    She is still here
    In the air that I take in
    In the bright beaming yellow sun
    In the droplets of the cold rain
    In the flaky white snow
    In the gusting cool winds
    In the misty covering fog
    In the brisk leafless trees
    In the trees full of life
    Just everywhere
    As I am writing this
    She is guiding my words
    Because she means more to me
    Than anything can express
    They say you need to know someone
    Exceptionally to be sad that they left
    I say that is not true
    Because just one minute of knowing someone
    Can cause a bond that is irreplaceable
    One that causes so much pain
    On days like this
    When it comes around again
    If ic ould go back
    I would spend more time
    Break the barriers
    And talk as a family
    Finally strive to be apart
    Of the bigger picture
    Years of just one holiday
    Years of trying to get
    Every moment of the year told
    In the span of three hours
    Not enough time
    To know someone like her
    She saved me
    When no one else could
    She was willing to lend a helping hand
    Give advice
    Give love
    And no matter what
    Was always here when we needed her
    She is a hero in many eyes
    And now in many worlds
    My love for her will never fade
    And my empathy for my family
    And their pain
    And for all others that lost their lives
    And their families
    Because nothing can bring back
    Their loved ones
    The hole will never be filled again
    But I have faith
    I will get past this
    And I hope to offer
    As much help and love
    To others who are hurting
    Because no one deserves to be hurting
    Everyone deserves happiness
    And if everyone had that
    I wonder if tragedy
    Would even exist
    All I know is I miss her
    And no one can stop these
    Tears from falling
    But I will be the boulder
    For everyone else
    Because I know one day
    I will see her again
    And I will catch up on
    All that I missed through the years
    Because I miss
    Deanna Lynn Galante
    And she will be in my heart
    Along with little unborn Matt
    Forever and Always

    LOVE YOU!!!! )3

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • It has been 10 years and I can’t believe it. It feels like I just saw you get your first tattoo yesterday and you just took me to the doctor on Christmas Eve. You were always smiley and the highlight of the once a year gathering, Love you so much. Here is another poem for you!

    There is not a year
    By: Stephanie Vitale 9/11/2011
    There is not a year
    I don’t think of you
    There is not a month
    I don’t think of you
    There is not a week
    I don’t think of you
    There is not a day
    I don’t think of you
    There is not an hour
    I don’t think of you
    There is not a minute
    I don’t think of you
    There is not a second
    I don’t think of you
    1 day I think what happened
    1 week I still wonder
    1 month I ponder
    3 months I worry
    6 months Where are you?
    1 year you are not at Christmas Eve
    2 years this can’t be true
    3 years Am I dreaming?
    4 years You are not coming back are you?
    5 years You are missing my sweet sixteen
    6 years I feel alone and I can’t turn to you
    7 years got my first tattoo was suppose to be with you
    8 years in college trying to make something of myself to make you proud
    9 years of remembering you with a poem each year
    10 years and I’m graduating and you can’t be here
    10 years has passed so quickly
    I feel as if I heard you crying and yelling when the needle was on your skin
    I feel as if I heard you talking to me telling me to continue on a path to success
    I feel as if I heard you tell me that I will get past this sadness
    I feel as if I heard you say take care of everyone
    I feel as if I heard you tell me that I mattered even though things were difficult
    I feel as if I heard you tell me that just because we barely saw each other does not mean you don’t love me
    I feel as if it was just yesterday you came to my house and hugged me
    I feel as if all these years I tried to find another you
    I feel as if time slows down without you
    I feel as if my heart skips a beat knowing you are gone
    I on a long journey to recovery and I just want you to know

    You are my eyes,
    You are my ears,
    You throw away my fears
    You are my heart
    You are my brain
    You take away my pain
    You help me learn
    You help me live
    To be positive
    You are everything that makes me, me
    I miss you
    10 seconds to 10 years
    There is not a year I do not think of you
    There is month I don’t think of you
    There is not a week I don’t think of you
    There is not a day I don’t think of you
    There is not an hour I don’t think of you
    There is not a minute I don’t think of you
    There is not a second I don’t think of you
    I love you
    Deanna Lynn Galante
    And I always will

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • Good Morning Deanna,
    The sun is shining the clouds are moving the wind is blowing and I miss you dearly.I have been thinking of you a lot lately. I know we did not see each other often and I know that I did not get to know you as well as others did but I loved you more than words can imagine. I’m at camp and having fun with the children and I’m thinking of you and how you loved children and how you played with all of us at Christmas Eve and always brought a smile to the room. I love you with all my heart. Every time we raise and lower the flag here I think of you and how much I wish you were here with me! I send you a kiss during these times also. It is approaching your birthday and I’m thinking of you. I love you with all my heart! I know you are doing wonders up there and we will meet again someday! Love you, give Matthew a kiss for me! )3

    Stephanie, Beloved Cousin
  • Good Morning Deanna,
    The sun is shining the clouds are moving the wind is blowing and I miss you dearly.I have been thinking of you a lot lately. I know we did not see each other often and I know that I did not get to know you as well as others did but I loved you more than words can imagine. I’m at camp and having fun with the children and I’m thinking of you and how you loved children and how you played with all of us at Christmas Eve and always brought a smile to the room. I love you with all my heart. Every time we raise and lower the flag here I think of you and how much I wish you were here with me! I send you a kiss during these times also. It is approaching your birthday and I’m thinking of you. I love you with all my heart! I know you are doing wonders up there and we will meet again someday! Love you, give Matthew a kiss for me! )3

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • Deanna,
    There is so much to say to you. I can’t believe it has almost been 11 years since you have left us. It seems like just yesterday I watched you get your first tattoo and you took me to the doctor on Christmas eve. I truly miss your smile and your happiness around. It has not been the same without you. A lot is going on, many changes for all of us we wish you were here for. We know yoU are watching down on us and we love you with all our hearts. Thank you for having such a positive impact on our lives and we know you are doing the same in heaven. I sent you two balloons today, I hope you received them. I am thinking about you and I’m wishing you the happiest birthday ever! I love you Deanna! Take care! )3 xoxo love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • Deanna,
    I wish you were here right now and we were not crying every year at this time because you were stolen from us. You were so grateful, so caring, so loving and so strong and you did not deserve to be taken from the world where you had such a great impact! I love you with all my heart and here is the poem for you! XOXO! )3

    Your Everlasting Embrace From Above
    By: Stephanie Vitale
    The blissful cool breeze
    The bright ember sun
    The sapphire sky
    The diamond voice
    The peaceful aroma
    The beautiful sensation
    Your everlasting embrace from above

    Years past
    You were falling
    Years past
    You were fleeing
    Years past
    You were stolen
    Years past
    You were scared
    Years past
    You were hurting

    Calling us
    Telling us
    Everything will be fine
    You were being saved
    Matthew was healthy and growing
    You were
    So calm
    So sweet
    So embraceful
    So loving
    Our hero
    And now you’re gone
    And we miss you more than
    We can truly understand

    It was the day
    The day that
    Will live in our hearts forever
    The one you and many others
    Went through the scariest
    Most shocking experience
    That anyone could never imagine going through
    You are brave
    You are strong
    You are aspiring
    You are inspiring
    You hold a special place in my heart
    Forever and Always
    I feel your everlasting embrace
    From above
    And Always will

    As the years past by
    I miss you more and more
    I strive to become someone
    Strive to help others
    Strive to live my life
    No matter how down I am
    I feel your everlasting embrace
    From above
    I pick myself up
    Feel the blissful breeze
    The bright ember sun
    The sapphire sky
    The diamond voice
    The peaceful aroma
    The beautiful sensation
    Your everlasting embrace
    From above

    I will keep spreading
    Your spirits
    Keep spreading
    Your energy
    Keep spreading
    You loyalty
    Keep spreading
    Your determination
    Keep spreading
    Your dedication
    Because if you were here
    I know
    You would be doing all of this
    And more
    And in your honor
    Along with all others
    Who died on 9/11/01
    All others who fight for our country
    All others who risk their lives for our safety everyday
    I will rise
    I will succeed
    I will love
    I will live
    Through your everlasting embrace
    From Above

    LOVE YOU!!!! )3

    Stephanie Vitale, Beloved Cousin
  • I love and miss you everyday! Hugs, know you are watching over everyone and are an angel in heaven! xoxo!
    12 YEARS

    The Immense Dream

    Can you believe
    I see you in my
    Immense dream
    In my awakening eyes
    In my embracing loyalties
    In my joyous fingers
    You are there
    Despite your physical decease

    A black and red bird
    Flying, shadowing
    On my blanket
    Telling me to breath
    Telling me to love
    Telling me to go on
    Despite missing you

    One you are
    A faithful stone
    Two you are
    A sparkling window
    Three you are
    A gorgeous tone

    Four you are
    A whisper that speaks loud
    Five you are
    A calm breeze on a fall day
    Six you are
    The sun creeping out on a dreary day

    Seven you are
    The moon bringing brightness to every darkened hole
    Eight you are
    The grass growing and teaching all around you
    Nine you are
    The clouds rolling around making happy faces in the sky

    Ten you are
    The yellow on a blue day
    Eleven you are
    An atmosphere of peace and strength
    Twelve you are
    An everlasting angel guiding everyone you see who needs it

    What does that mean?
    This is how long you have been
    Gone from this tragic moment
    You are never fading.
    You are always there.


    Sept. 11th, 2001-Sept 11th, 2013
    In an immense dream
    I see you
    I hold you
    I hug you
    I breathe the air you breathe
    I love you!
    Always on my mind
    In an immense dream
    I love you!

    In loving memory of
    Deanna and Matthew Galante
    And all others that lost their lives
    On 9/11/01!

    Stephanie Vitale, Cousin
  • Dear Deanna and Matthew,

    Thinking about you on this sad 12th anniversary.
    We miss you both dearly.
    Your love and smiles always shine upon us.

    God Bless you both.
    – Joe, Margaret, James & Anthony

    Joe Galante, brother-in-law
  • Dear Deanna,

    20 years have gone by. Miss you and Matthew dearly. Sending you you both hugs and kisses.
    Love Always,
    Anthony Galante

    Anthony Galante

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