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  Francesco Garfi

Date of Birth: October 20, 1972
Position: Trader

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Martin and Frank was my best friend. From the first day we met, the 2 short years that I’ve known him, we had many similarities and you could say that we were inseparable.

I’ve known Frank to be an articulate, warm hearted, generous and loving individual. After having the privilege of meeting and spending time with
Frank’s family, it was no coincidence or question in my mind where these values were founded. You could say that I looked up to Frank, he was like the brother that I never had. Every time I needed Frank he was always there. He helped me grow on many levels and develop into a better person.

We had great energy whenever we were together, nothing could stop us! Our spirits remained young and free. When Frank and I entered a room, people took
notice. Frank had a great personality as well as a wonderful sense of humor, which gave him the best rebuttals around. We turned Manhattan
upside-down. I have more stories than Walt Disney of the great times we had together. You could say that we lived everyday to the fullest. Memories with Frank will always remain the fondest in my heart.

I will never forget how Frank was always concerned for others before himself. He wanted me to do well in life, and I loved him for that.

Ironically, I recently remember him telling me, “Marty do you think we are going to be friends forever”? I replied, “Sure why not” and then he said,
“Do you think we are going to see each other in heaven”? I said, “Frank, we have to go somewhere, we are made from energy and in physics energy only
transforms and isn’t lost.” I didn’t understand what he was getting at, but I strongly believe that we will see each other when my time is up. I know I
will have other friends in the future, but none of them will ever compare or come close to the friendship that I had with my best friend Frank.

Frank, if you could hear me: ( tu serai sempre nel mio cuore ) You are always in my heart (in Italian)

This is a picture of Frank and I at the Cantor Fitzgerald Christmas Party in The Windows of the World at the WTC.

Martin Maliga, Best Friend
  • Frank started at Cantor right about the same time that I did. I remember that the moment I met him I liked him instantly. He was one of the very few people that could get away with calling me Katie. I remember going through the waiting for his Series 7 results, both times, and how he and Frank K. would bicker like an old married couple when he was just an asst trader on the desk. I also remember that no matter what he was doing, whether he was in the middle of a conversation or on the phone, when he saw me he always made a point to say hello or wave or do something to get my attention and let me know that he knew I was there. I miss that, along with his smile, along with bugging him about when he was going to get a girlfriend and settle down. I miss him altogether.
    Take care buddy, I will be seeing you again someday…

    Kate, Co-worker
  • Upon meeting Frank you immediately knew that there was something different and special about him. The first thing that stood out
    to me was his unforgettable smile. His smile encompassed such warmth and
    enthusiasm. He had this exuberant personality with such a childlike
    spirit. He was so friendly and so much fun to be around. Frank seemed honest, sometimes brutally honest, but that’s what
    made him so real.
    I know that I will never encounter anyone else with these unique
    I miss bumping into him, whether on the subway or on weekends…..I will miss comparing places to go and him asking “hey..how did you hear of that
    place before I did?”
    Those places will never be the same without the possibility of Frank
    entering the room. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Mine…..like many of our lives will
    never be the same without Him in it.
    I will truly miss you Frank.
    La Tua Mancanza ci lascia triste nei nostri cuori…….

    Gina Schinelli, Friend
  • I went to high school with Frank and just now learned of his passing on 9/11. I was a Freshman when Frank was a senior and I had the biggest crush on him, but then, who didn’t have a crush on Frank? He was beautiful, and sweet and extraordinarily kind to a little Freshmen who followed him around like a lost puppy. Frank and I became good friends but unfortunately lost touch when he graduated. This tragedy only proves that we should treasure any and all relationships that come our way, because you never know how brief they may end up being. My deepest condolences go out to Frank’s friends and family, and he will be in my daily prayers. God Bless you Frank, I will miss you.

    Christine Caglianone, High School Friend
  • According to James N. Watkins, grief is an emotion of separation and loss.

    Grief and love are two very, very similar emotions. If you’re capable of love, you are capable of grief. Only a person, who never loves, never grieves. When you love someone, you feel a oneness and fulfillment with that person. But, in turn, you also open yourself up to the possibility for grief when you two separate, move away or die. The relationship is over and that strong emotion of love transforms into equally strong grief.

    My best friend loved Frank unconditionally. She is silently grieving.

    I will never forget how she spoke of Frank before his death. I will never forget how she speaks of him today. I mourn with her, her family, his family, and his best friend (as I am a best friend).

    Frank, God be with you always. Please watch over those you love dearly, especially my best friend and yours.

    Frank, you will be missed, always.

    Anonomys, Anonomys
  • To me, Frank was one of those Brooklyn guys, friend of a friend, you see ’em every now and then, at a club or at the shore. Actually, Frank stood out, though, because he was such a gentleman. I used to call him Frank Manero, because he looked like a young John Travolta. I barely knew what Cantor Fitzgerald was until 9/11, we all just knew Frank worked in financial services and was doing great. DJH

    DJH, Friend
  • To the boy with the most amazing blue eyes and amazing smile — one of my fondest memories of Dewey would be that day I cut class to go shopping with you and spend the afternoon at the park. I still feel the warmth of the sun onmy face and the way it felt to be held in your arms. You made me smile, you made me feel like I was special and I will remember you for that always. The world is is a little less brighter without you. My prayers are with your family and you will always be in my heart.

    Stacey Wechsler, High School "Friend"

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