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  Joseph Giaccone

Date of Birth: April 26, 1958
Position: Director of Global Infrastructure

My sweet Joey. How I miss him.

Those beautiful green eyes… Carly Simon sang “met a boy with eyes of
green , warmest eyes I’ve ever seen he gave his loving all to me, the way I always heard it would be”…And it was. For almost 19 years it’s those eyes that I fell into every time I looked at my husband. I read those eyes almost as well as they read me.

From our very first kiss at the stroke of midnight January 1, 1983 until the very last time I looked into his face on September 10th before going to sleep, it’s in those eyes that I have always found exactly what I needed.

And those strong arms. The ones that held me so tightly for a million
reasons or none at all. The arms that cradled our babies moments after they were born. How small and fragile they looked surrounded by their father, yet so protected. And as they grew it was in those very same arms that they were comforted after a bad dream or in the midst of a thunderstorm as they counted the seconds as it passed by.

And his hands. Joe hated his hands. Too many broken fingers from years of Sunday afternoon football.

But it’s those hands that held mine and touched my face at the same time they touched my soul. They wiped tiny tears from tiny eyes and held tissues to little noses as he told our children to “blow really, really hard and wake the neighbors.” And those same hands clapped for Alex at her recitals and high-fived Max or patted his backside at so many little league games.

He was the best dad.

Joe did everything he loved, and with few exceptions, loved everything he did. He loved to be busy, but he took great pleasure in relaxing, too. He golfed, he skied, and he cooked. He loved fine wine, ice cold beer, great music and everything Disney. He loved his work, his friends, and his life. He was content. And everything he did he did with great passion. Anything worth doing was worth doing right.

He was my best friend, my balance, and the calm in the storm that is my

And when I look at our children I understand now more than ever who they are. My beautiful, graceful Alex. She carries herself with such dignity, such quiet strength. And my sweet, crazy Max. There are few people I know with such lust for life. They are such contradictions of each other. But each such an extraordinary being.

Together they are Joe.

And for that I am ever so grateful.

Sondra Giaccone, Wife
  • My dad was the greatest dad in the world. He would always be there for me and he always found a way to get to my games which I never knew how he could. Even though I only spent ten years with him those will be the greatest ten years of my life. I will always be with my dad and he will always be with me.
    I miss you and so does everyone else.

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • Joe was a loving man who cared deeply for his family. We all have great memories of the times we spent with him. He particularly enjoyed the golf outings to South Carolina that he took with our dad, our brother Jim and cousin Bill. Whenever he was in Southern California on business, he always made a special effort to visit me and my family. Many times I would come home from work to find that he had already made dinner. Last year he and Alex made a special trip to check up on me after I had surgery.

    He became an excellent cook but his cooking career got off to a rocky start. We always teased him about the hamburgers he made for us when we were kids. He cooked them so long that they turned into checkers.

    Our classic family movie is the one of Joe learning to roller skate. We laugh so hard we cry.

    Joe was very proud of the work he did at Cantor/eSpeed and sometimes emailed me with pictures of things he was working on.

    We had a family reunion here in California in August 2001. For some reason we all felt that this reunion was particularly special. We got to spend 10 days with Joe and his family. How precious those memories are now. Looking at the pictures is very comforting now but I can’t bring myself to look at the video of the surfing lessons.

    Joe, we miss you so much. Our family has a huge hole in it. At least we have wonderful memories and, as Sondra says, no regrets.

    Lisa Feldon, "Sis"
  • All the memories of our childhood keep playing in my head like a looped film reel. Like the time Joe ran away from home and then hid up a tree as my father repeatedly passed under, looking for him, much to Joe’s delight. Not a day passes that I don’t reach for the phone to call him to tell him my new joke or to see if our families can get together to do something.
    Family was most important to my older brother Joe. He had finally hit his stride. He seemed so at ease in his on skin, calm, like he finally got to where he wanted to be. I never gave much thought on how much I loved my brother, but I miss him so much. I constantly look at his picture, only to look away with a sad smile.
    Joe, your dry wit, your great sense of humor (I never did get Monty Phython) and your great sense of family will be missed. How I wish you would be on the other end of that phone. Who will help me throw Marie and Suzie in the pool at the next reunion?
    To all those who never really knew my brother, you missed out on a good guy.

    Jim Giaccone, Brother
  • Dear Joe,

    I awoke one morning last fall and my first thought was I had to write you a letter. So, here goes — I hope you are well wherever you are as we are here now (though we miss you terribly). Many times during the day I think of you. I see the photo you had enlarged for me. The one taken during one of our fun family reunions where all the grandchildren are grouped around the huge waterwheel in Arizona. One of your thoughtful gifts to us.

    I find I have many wonderful remembrances of you. I think of you persevering to learn how to roller skate. As a teenager you went on to save your paper route money ($400) for skis and became an expert skier. Too, as a teenager you helped me bridge the generation gap by persuading me to listen to “Jesus Christ Superstar”. You enriched my life. Thank you.

    You criticized my method of cooking hamburgers and with your first attempt created checker as Lisa said. But you went far beyond my abilities. Making a gourmet leg of lamb over a charcoal fire was way beyond me. And bread from scratch! Thank you, too, for the bread machine.

    You had a big heart. Remember Red? When our Irish Setter’s paws got encased with snow and ice you carried her home even though she weighed as much as you.

    One of life’s great pleasures is watching your children grow. I’m so glad you and Sondra shared that joy with Alex and Max.

    We’ll always miss you. Love, Ma

    Betty Giaccone, Mother
  • Hey,

    Here I am writing (with tears in my eyes) to you on what would have been your 17th wedding anniversary and the “love letter” I gave you that great day. I will never forget and cherish the kiss and thanks you gave me for that letter. Since then so many things have happened and changed. For one, on that day (February 1, 1985) you became a man committed to your principals, committed to be a great husband and provider to Sondra and eventually to become a great father and guardian to two great children, Alex and Max. You know Joe, I am proud to say you fulfilled your commitments and then some. I am sure if you had more time you would have completed many more of your dreams and goals.

    Many of the people who wrote before expressed many of the things I wanted to say. All of the sentiments reiterated what a person you were and how you loved life and all the things that go with it. Believe me I could go on and on but will not except for the following: when I went back to golfing at Douglaston after several weeks, I approached the thirteenth green and from that green you can see the view of the New York City skyline. However the Twin Towers now were missing. I made the sign of the cross to say a prayer and broke down crying. And so did the other three members of the foursome (Reno, Peppy and Chuck). After regaining our composure I had a difficult putt to make. I looked up to the heavens and asked you for help. I knew the ball would break sharply from right to left. I approached the ball, hit and felt the ball would go into the hole and it did…I looked up again and thanked you.

    Words can not describe how deeply you are missed. There is a void and every time I see your face I say a prayer.

    Say hello to your grandparents for me.

    Love you – Your Father

    Vin Giaccone, Father
  • Are you Joe Giaccone? I’d respond, “No I’m Joe Noviello, Joe G. is the older one.” or “No, I’m the Joe on the right, Joe G. is on the left in the office next to me.” I can’t count how many times people confused Joe G. and I. We always joked about it and probably intentionally contributed to the confusion at times. After all we were both Italian, we loved our wines, we
    loved our food, enjoyed the same restaurants and loved to cook. More importantly we loved to share our cooking. I can still taste the green apple risotto cakes that Joe brought to one of our office cook feasts. My pasta fagioli was good, but his risotto was amazing. ( Tony – thanks for bringing 2 lbs. of grated cheese )

    Joe was a true friend and colleague. We worked side by side for the better part of six years and together we led the technology department. We spent countless hours developing the system, infrastructure and company that stands today. Joe deserves more credit than most realize. Rochelle Park was a product of his determination and hard work. Without he constant pursuit for this facility, eSpeed may not be in the position it is in today. Joe, for this we all thank you (including the bright orange walls you so passionately insisted on). Through all of this, Joe always found the time to get home for all the sports and dance recitals. How he found this energy I will never understand, but I’m not surprised. He loved his family and could not resist the opportunity to brag about Max or Alex.

    And who could forget, the “Big Night”, Lynley and I spent with the Giaccones. After 8 hours of cooking and an equal number of bottles of wine, we produced a perfect Timpano.

    Primo, we did good. I’m proud to have been your friend.


    Joe Noviello, Friend & Colleague
  • My best friend,

    If I had to describe Joe in a word it would be passionate. His love of life was all consuming. His passion ran the gamut from family, friends, food, wine, work, play, movies and music. It was contagious and those who were privileged enough to share some of these passions with him quickly learned that Joe didn’t do the things he loved to do half way.

    One of the best experiences Joe and I shared was tied into that awesome building we loved to work in. It was when our wives presented us with an unbelievable Christmas gift: wine school at Windows on the World. So for 3 hours on 8 consecutive Monday nights, Joe and I would walk 4 flights up the back stairs from our offices in those majestic twin towers and truly be on top of the world. For 2 months in the winter of 1997, getting up for work on Monday became an event to be celebrated instead of a burden.

    A part of my family is gone and we are forever changed.

    Sondra, Alex, Max – even though we are far away, we are always with you.

    Joe – I miss you.

    Jim Day, Best Friend
  • I just had Ryan and Justin come in so they could add their tribute. The moment they walked in they saw Joe’s face and you should have seen theirs, the smiles were larger than they are. They yelled Joey, then asked me “how did you get him up there?”. Their innocence is pure and so was Joe. Joe loved my family dearly as we love his. He has always brought smiles, joy, laughs, and happiness to us and he always will.

    Linda Day, Friend for Ever
  • Joey was a good freind to me even though he is much older than me. He was really nice to me and I liked when we were together because he played with me. I remember when our families went to brunch together every year to celebrate Christmas, and then going back to our house or their house to swap presents. Joey was like a second father to me. I wish you were here.

    Ryan Day, Age 8, My Dad's Best Friend
  • Joey, I really like you and love you very much. I like when you play with me. (Justin is on his thinking couch right now). Joey, I really liked when you threw me up in the air and when you tickled me. And I wish you were here with me. I really miss you and I really wish you didn’t die. I like to make you happy in Heaven by being good.

    Justin Day, Age 5, Godson
  • Joe was my cousin. Seven years my junior, there was a time in our lives when we had nothing in common, and knew little of each other. But as the years passed things began to change. He lived in NJ; I live in Phoenix, so there wasn’t a lot of intermingling, with the exception of those family reunions held every three years. Joe and his younger brother Jim could always be counted on to be there and to bring lots of fun and hijinks to the party. There is no doubt in my mind where Joe got his love of life from – his parents, Vin and Betty. They bestowed upon all four of their children a zest for living, laughing and loving.

    A few years ago Joe came to Arizona on business and took the Phoenix branch of our family to dinner. We had a great time, and it was then that I realized just how successful Joe had become. He was staying at the Phoenician, undoubtedly the best resort in town. He mentioned this in an off-hand way, not trying to impress us. I asked him how he had become so successful and he replied modestly, “I just got lucky”. WE all know better than that – Joe worked hard and was obviously brilliant.

    Our last family reunion was held just one month before September 11. I am grateful we were all together
    for one last time before we lost one of the bright stars of our family. Joe, we are very proud of you and your family, Sondra, Alex and Max, and we will miss you.

    Marie Merritt

    Marie Merritt, cousin
  • Joe lived right across the street from me in Flushing. We were only about nine years old when we became aware of each other, and I still remember that moment – an almost imperceptible head nod from one to the other. This grew into a close friendship. We did a lot of stuff together: fishing, sports, racing Aurora cars, hiking, camping. We were “best friends” as boys growing up, in that special kind of friendship that only kids can have. We were good friends for much longer. Joe was a great companion – funny, good-natured, easy-going, loving life. Even the arguments were fun.
    My favorite memories of Joe are simple and silly: doing imitations in the mailroom at Hayden Stone, having a few beers and making friends with the locals at The Pickle Barrel in Killington, getting free cans of soda from impressed tourists while hiking on the Appalachian Trail, watching thousands of fireflies while camping on the Delaware River, sitting in Joe’s room listening to music and arguing endlessly about what band was more talented: Yes (Joe) or Jethro Tull (me), collaborating to write funny questionnaires, watching Joe score an exciting touchdown by diving over the goal line in Kissena Park.
    Even when we began to go our separate ways, there was always a strong connection, always the hope that each of us was happy and doing well – which is why I now miss him so much.
    He will always be my first and best friend, and I will always love him.

    Gerry Loiacono, Friend
  • Dear Uncle Joe,
    Hi, how are you? All of us are doing fine. I really wish you here with us today. I miss you terribly. You were a big part of my life.
    What does heaven look like? Is it beautiful like everyone says it is? I wish you could tell me.
    Do you remember the time when everyone kept asking me how my flight was after I got off the plane to visit? Then Uncle Jimmy asked something no one had asked before “Did you throw up?” Then you came down to visit us in California and the first thing I said to you was “How was your flight?” Ha Ha!!!
    When we went to your memorial service, we saw a beautiful rainbow and we knew you were looking down on us! It made everyone feel good.
    It’s going to feel weird without you at the reunions. But I will always love you and remember you no matter what.
    Love Your Niece,

    Sara Feldon, Niece in California
  • It is very hard to find the right words to express the sorrow that so many people feel because of the loss of Joe. I remember him as a young boy at many family gatherings-always with a smile and happy. I have a picture in my mind of his Dad, Uncle Vinnie, swinging him around and up in the air along with his little brother Jim– then to see him grow into such a handsome man and good husband and father. I remember telling Joe at our reunion in Phoenix that he was the most handsome fella of all the cousins-he was really very surprised and I think very flattered. Our family reunions will never be the same-all of our hearts are broken over the loss a such a young, vibrant person-he will always be in our hearts.
    Love – to you Joe and your Sondra, Alex and Max-Susie

    Susie Robinson, cousin
  • To the Giaccone family. We did not know Joe intimately because of bicoastal separation but knew him from time to time in family celebrations here in California. But he represents the Giaccone joy of life, family closeness, and such great “foodies”! We offer our sympathy to all of you, and we care, very much.
    Our love,
    Milt and Vicki Feldon

    Milt and Vicki Feldon,, in-laws
  • Our son in law, Joseph, has been an integral part of our lives for the last nineteen years. Our decision to move to New Jersey eleven years ago was partially due to wanting to be near our granddaughter. Today we can be thankful, for it afforded us eleven years of being close to Joseph and watching him develop into a man who was unpretentious, yet so cosmopolitan.
    We saw how his face would light up watching Alex onstage, or Max at bat. He always knew how to get our daughter’s attention, with that one word SONJ!! If we had been able to choose a mate for our daughter, it would been without reservation, Joseph. He was her rock, and she was his fire. He was firm, yet fair, mature yet playful. We knew that in his heart was family, friends and career. He will always be in our hearts.

    Anna and Gary Seiden, mother and father in-law
  • We grew up together as cousins, children playing at the beach or having a barbecue at Rocky Point in the summer, and dancing away at Christmas parties in the winter. For a while, I was your babysitter, trying to get you to sleep before your Mom and Dad came home. And then we grew up, had families of our own, and only saw each other at family reunions. That last reunion in August was spectacular – long and slow enough to really spend time together. I had the chance to see you with your beautiful wife and children, to appreciate your patience, kindness, caring nature, and most of all, your sense of humor. There is an aching hole in the heart of the family, but you have left behind a wonderful legacy in your children. Joe, we miss you, and will keep you in our hearts forever.

    Janice Sniffen, cousin
  • Roses are red, violets aren’t – Joe wrote in my Junior HS year book. I deserved that, after all I was just the 14 year old brat brother of the women he would eventually marry. Man of few words I figured. Even then, before my sister had changed the way he dressed, the way he ate, the way he lived, and before he found the finer things they grew to love, his passions were contagious. His love for music caught on quick. He took me to my first concert – Genesis at the garden. Making cassette mixes to perfection. A lot of love went into his tapes. I still have a love for music that was a little “before” me. He drove a cool car, any 14 year old’s hero, it was manual shift, how cool. I still drive a stick. There was Monty Python and Faulty Towers, English humor at 14, This was required to save till later in life. Then there were the Mets and Jets. We shared the agony of being fans from Queens. This lasts as well.

    I got to know Joe in three lights. I saw him in the work place, social arena and family life. He was an inspiration in all. His professionalism and work ethic as well as his non “self-promoting” nature or “one of the guys” attitude is a model I can only dream to achieve. His social presence was always felt. He was always good for a one-liner or ten and at least five movie quotes (mostly Monty Python). Family was what he did best. Joe loved his family, he lived for them. His beautiful wife, his gorgeous daughter, and his son who will have many passions of his own, were in his eyes and kept all three lights burning bright, always.

    My friend Joe was an inspiration on how to live life. I will miss him.

    Keith Seiden

    Keith Seiden, Brother-in-law
  • I can’t remember any family celebration when Joe wasn’t a major part of the scene. Over the years, I saw his transformation from little cousin Joey to grown-up husband and father Joe. When I think of family, great meals and good times, both in Rocky Point and at his parents’ house, I remember his smiling happy face.

    At several of the past family reunions, Joe and Jim made sure that Mark was included with the kids. Mark recalls fondly that Joe was a strict and loving dad. At the last reunion, Beverly and Dan had the privilege of being Joe’s golf partners. They appreciated Joe’s tolerance of their game and his great sense of humor.

    I treasure memories of that reunion, when we played volleyball at the beach, sat around in Lisa’s backyard trading stories, and learned much more about one another. The last time I saw Joe was at Disneyland City after he had taken the younger kids to Disneyland. It was obvious that Joe had had a great time!

    Joe, my children and I will all miss you.

    Margaret Newhouse, Cousin
  • Upon being asked to create a spreadsheet Joe orders me to place my right hand on the “Micosoft Excel Bible” and goes on to say “do you swear to graph the whole graph and nothing but the graph so help you God?”. With my reply being a clear “yes” Joe smiles the smile only he could and asks “what are we doing for lunch?” This was classic Joe- taking his responsiblities seriously but injecting a little humor to lighten the load. No doubt many of us who had the rare pleasure of working and being Joe’s friend could share similar stories.

    His love for his family was boundless as was his zeal to ensure that he never miss his chidren’s sporting or cultural events. In that we spoke constantly he often expressed that he was “smart enough to know just how lucky he was”. Obviously he was right and equally modest but as we suspected it was his friends and family who were the lucky ones.

    Joe…We all miss and love you. May God watch over those you love and cherish.

    Christopher Marino, Friend/Co-worker
  • How many times Joe brought Monty Python into our working day over the years I can’t remember. I do remember his dedication to his work and family. I remember his risotto, wine tasting at Windows, talking about families, our frustrations and successes at work, but most of all, I remember a rare find, a beautiful, talented and caring guy with a huge heart. Joe touched my life more than he knew. Hardly a day goes by without something that brings him back into my thoughts. Like so many, I miss him. My heartfelt sympathies to all his family and friends.

    Don Oakes, former coworker
  • Betty, Vinnie, Lisa, Jimmy, and Michael,
    I am so sorry I haven’t any words to adequately express my humble respect for you and Joeey. I HAVE NOTHING BUT SINCERE GRATITUDE THAT YOU WERE A PART OF MY LIFE GROWING UP. I haven’t reached the level of success that Joe did but I stand ready to be of any assistance to the fulfillment of any concern Joe might have had. Please let me know if there is something I can do. Also, if there are e-mail addresses of any Giaccone.

    Ken McGrath, Friend
  • Joe was the second person whose face I looked into on the first day of the new millenium (my wife was the first) – I’m sitting on a bench of the PATH station at Exchange Place thinking, “why me?” and looking over at another loser like me who had duty so early that morning when most people were sleeping off their Millenium-Party hangover; there he was sitting next to me on the bench. We looked at each other like, “what are YOU doing up?!” I’d bump into him often on the Ferry home, and to this day, I still expect to run into him. I know I will someday…
    Go get ’em Tiger!

    Chris Nierth, Former Co-Worker
  • Joe and I were friends for over 20 years and I have been a Joe Giaccone fan for a long time. The best years for me, are the years we worked together at ADP, 42 B’way in Manhattan along with our pal Tony C. During that time I spent a great deal of time outside of work with Joe playing football, softball, racquetball and of course golf.
    Since this tragedy, I can be driving in my car and people could look over at me and see me crying like a baby one minute, and laughing uncontrollably the next.
    Because there are so many great Joe memories that I would remember and there was just no way that I could stop these emotions. One thing about Joe, he had a great sense of humor and had the ability to remember funny lines from shows that he loved: He could recite line for line episodes from:
    The Honeymooners (SonnyBOY), Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Faulty Towers and of course the Little Rascals.
    I will miss Joe very, very much, but I know that while I am writing this, he is here today with me, looking over my shoulder and laughing along with me (and probably correcting me) as I tell these stories and saying to me “Hello Sonyboy!”

    Sal Trovato, Friend
  • “Before” it didn’t matter how long our families hadn’t been together, if we hadn’t spoken in days or had a special occasion. It didn’t matter if we were in Flushing, New Jersey, Laguna Beach or Bayville, it all fit like a glove when we were together. There was golf, good food, lots of laughs, always planning for the future. The next reunion, the next golf outing, the next vacation, the next holiday-who’s cooking? Joe was my first friend in the Giaccone family and for 21 years I admired his wit, intelligence, decency, and amazing ability to get along with pretty much anyone. For my children, he was so much fun (a little crazy like their dad), but also respected, admired and loved. They have seen first hand that it is possible to be a great dad and good person and still be successful in the corporate world. For his younger brother Jim-he was the first call to pass on a great joke, set up a golf date or plan a night out to try a new restaurant, and I took for granted that he would always be there-for Jim. For me, the quality and quantity of his life is immeasurable, as my memories span weekends skiing and at Rocky Pt. before the weddings and babies, some of the best and worst days of those 21 years, and so many plans unfulfilled. “Now” I cannot think about the future without missing him there, and I don’t know if that will ever change. Joe, you really were one of the good guys and I am lucky to have known you.

    georgia giaccone, sister-in-law
  • Joe’s zest for life was contageous. Joe didn’t just live life, he embraced it. When you were with Joe, you couldn’t help but be swept away by his enthusiam. It didn’t matter where we were; the baseball field, DisneyWorld, dinner or even the backyard, it was going to be good…as long as Joe had anything to do with it.

    Well, it’s baseball season again Joe, and I guess it’s only fitting that you are on my mind. How many countless hours did you spend coaching Max and Adam? How many countless hours did we spend “discussing” the games over a few Coronas? I can hear you now, “Adam give Max a target”!

    There won’t be another like you, Joe. Larger than life and with us always. We love you.

    Nancy Peterson, Friend
  • Dear Sondra, Alex, and Max-

    I met Joe many, many years ago when he was in Monterey, California on business with my then boyfriend (now husband), Frank Madigan. Frank had worked with Joe in New York and then again when he had transferred to California. I remember dropping Frank and Joe off at the golf course that afternoon, and then getting together with them for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Monterey.

    My husband admired Joe tremendously, and thought he was a special man. We think of you often and hope that you are able to find comfort in your memories of your wonderful husband/father.

    I know Joe was a man of honor and was loved by so many. I am sure his legacy will continue on in the lives of those he loved and touched.


    Lisa Madigan
    Northern California

    Lisa Madigan, aquaintance
  • Well, it’s been a while buddy. I miss you still. I found myself thinking of you last week as my Mom passed away and I was back in NJ, grieving again. It’s been a rough 10 months. Bright side is I saw your beautiful wife and those amazing kids you both created. You should be proud. We all continue on but the void will always be there. Say Hi to my Mom.

    Jim Day, Best Friend
  • If Cantor/eSpeed owned the property in Rochelle Park, and if I had any say on it, I would name it the Joe Giaconne building (or something like that) in honor of you Joe.

    Rich Pascual, Co-worker
  • For the past year, I have looked at several sites dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and have been reading tributes in this site daily for over a month. I have cried, laughed and seen the hurt that losing a loved one can do to a person. I am deeply touched by the tribute to Joseph Giaccone by his wife, children and friends. As I read the tribute from Mrs. Giaccone, I cried because she described her husband the same that I would describe mine. That is exactly what everybody searches for when finding a partner for life and you truely were blessed to be a part of his life. He sounds like the best husband, father and friend anybody could ask for. Thank you for sharing your story. It inspired me in so many ways.

    Leslie Sellers, stranger
  • September 11, 2003

    Here we are two years later and I still think about you every day.

    Love, Lisa

    Lisa Feldon, Sister
  • Joe,

    Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. I swear I see you in the clouds-always smiling-we all love you-Susie

    Susie, cousin
  • Sept. 11, 2003
    This year down there was especially tough. I took for granted how easy it was to pick-up the phone and try to set-up something to do together. Maybe this year its sinking in.
    See ya sometime. Hope your using this time to work on your swing.

    Jim, brother
  • hey third year anniversery its wierd how time flies by. I’m still missing you and I always will. I will always be thinking of you.

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • Green Apple Risotto Cakes, Pasta Fagioli, Grated Cheese (by the pound), Sophie’s World and the Word FINE…These are some of my favorite things…..

    Rosanne Briscione, Co-worker & Friend
  • feels like yesterday i was jsut writing in here……jsut thought id say hi…..the jets lost today but what can you do…………well im going to go now bye bye miss you

    max giaccone, son
  • Hey dad 5 years has gone by like that. The jets won yesterday unlike last year when i left you a post they lost. Even though they won last night it doesnt look like a good season at all. But the good news is the Mewts are gonna make the palyoffs for the first time in 6 years. I rmeber when they clinched the world series back in 2000 we had jsut dropped kyle waldron off at his house and we had the game on the radio and i think bennyag byani hit like the game winning hit or something, and me and you went crazy and we were like jumping out of our seats then they palyed who let the mets out that was such a great night. and now everytime i here that song i think of you and the mets haha hopefully the mets will get another try at the yankees in the subway series and shut up all those ignorant yankee fans that would be awesome. Today was a pretty ok day i saw your name on the t.v. when they read all the victims names and then after i watched it until they called harry raines name and i jsut thought of the great times we ahd in the office i miss that office putting golf balls down the hallway hitting every one in the foot and then going into that computer room thing and playing football and watcing tv in there wich was always alot of fun. And then taking that r/c ca you got form one of your vendors and driving it around the building. I always had fun with you when you brought me to work. I rmeber one time you brought me to work one day and then we went to madison square garden to see the knicks game and i fell aslpeep and u carried me as far as you could when we left. well it sounds like people are here upstairs so I’m gonna go see who is here and i will leave another psot here in about a month to let you no how the mets did say hi to ahrry and tony for me

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • Hey, I just got done reading Max’s tribute from Monday and I’m smiling and teary eyed at the same time.He has so many great memories. I had no idea that you carried him out of the garden. But he was much smaller then. 15. He’s 15 now, can you beleive it? How did that happen? and big, Joey he’s huge, almost as tall as you, but with a much bigger frame, at least from what you had at his age!!! I don’t think you could lift him now if you wanted to, but then again if that’s what he needed you’d proabably be able to throw him over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Cause isn’t that what Daddy’s do?? He’s so into music, current stuff, but “our” stuff as well. I took him to see Santana last night with Nancy and Adam, we had a great time. We’re we just there??? Tomorrow The Who and next week The Stones. I hope it doesn’t rain, cuz you know it always rains for the Stones. See if you can do something about that please, you know i melt in the rain. Remember the last time we saw them and that crazy guy in the duck suit next to us danced like a lunatic through the entire show. How bout when Adam fell during Rain King. That was a geat night. Tarp, duct tape and all!!!! but getting back to Max, i wish he had as much interest, ok half the interest in school as he does in music. but we didn’t care all that much either and we turned ok. Better than ok!! Besides, with that personality he’s destined to rule the world. i know, “where did he come from”? And the princess……19. Dig the new do!!! She looks great doesn’t she? i’m so glad and so proud that she went back to BU. It got a little hairy there for a while, but she came full circle, and i’m so glad. besides, now she’s there because she wants to be and not because it’s what she’s suppossed to do. remeber what they told us when she was born, rough starts make for smooth finishes. And the single room certainly doesn’t hurt. that and the fact that she has her car there now. oh that car!!! Jealous!?! i keep telling people that she’s just like you with enough of me thrown in to make her lethal. Fair assessment? And in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve officially lost my mind……..i got them a puppy. Max named him Sparky and you know why. ya think you could stop him from peeing on the floor so much??? He really is sweet, and the kids love him. I know, I’m smacking myself in the head as i type. Joey,we miss you so much. And please know that no matter what changes in my life, that until i take my last breath i will always love you. Sonj xxxoooxxx

    Sondra, wife
  • Hey, dad i promised I would come let you no how the Mets did but I forgot i’m sorry haha. Well they amde it to game 7 of the nlcs but lost… sad to say, they had such a great year but what can you do. well i sjut thot i would pop bye and say hello and see how you were doing bye daddy

    Max, Son
  • hey dad its me again jsut thought id say hello once again….. devils are doing good this eyar, the mets didnt make to many deals but they should be fine, the jets lsot in the playoffs, next year they got it, miss you a whole lot…..bye for now

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • Hey Dad,
    6 years is a long time. It seems so long ago but I can remember the last night I spent with you like it was yesterday, You chasing me around the house being the panther. That was a great night and I will never forget it. Every time I listen to Please Forgive Me by David Grey I remember those early morning saturday baseball games and always listening to him on the way there….. So yes, I got a tattoo and it really is a good one I promise. It took me a while to really get the right idea for it, it’s a broken heart with the skyline in the middle of the heart with two cross bones running throught he back and on top it says IX-XI and on the bottom it says Dad…..Mom found my kindergarden notebook the other day and there was a page where you wrote the score to me of the mets game the night before…i really used to love when you did that since i couldnt stay up for the games you would leave me a note on my night stand for me every morning when i woke up….Well daddy its time for me to go get ready for dinner mom alex and I are going out to dinner with susie and the kids….bye bye dad I miss you.

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • So it’s your 50th, I wish you were here so I could call you “old bastard”.

    Jim, brother
  • Well, it’s 7 years. I can’t believe it has been that long. Almost half of my life. This truly sucks. I really miss you dad. I really do.

    Max, Son
  • just about this time 24 years ago today i was in a mens shoe store with my dad and i was pacing. i was running late for a hair appointment. “the” hair appointment. The one where they attach that veil to your head. you know the one i mean. What a dreary day that was. Snow, sleet, freezing rain. maybe somebody was trying to tell you something! but it didn’t matter. the sun was shinning in my heart. corny? yes, but true. i couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle and begin my life with you. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. you were the calm in the storm that was my life. and thankfully all that you’ve taught me has stayed with me always. sometimes i have to dig deep, but it’s there and i thank you for that. you taught me so much just by being you.

    Sondra, wife
  • Happy Birthday! It’s a beautiful day. But you always got beautiful days. Sunny and unseasonably warm. But you probably know that. Max is off to a Met game. He really did you proud last night. He’s finding talents in places he’s never gone before. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I have a suspicion that there’s more to come. We did good work Joey, we have two amazing kids. I see you in every step they take. So how could they possibly go wrong??? Tonight, as we do every year on this day, we’ll raise a glass in your name—maybe a little steak arturo, who knows. The only thing for certain is that you’re missed.

    Sondra, wife
  • Happy Birthday! It’s a beautiful day. But you always got beautiful days. Sunny and unseasonably warm. But you probably know that. Max is off to a Met game. He really did you proud last night. He’s finding talents in places he’s never gone before. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I have a suspicion that there’s more to come. We did good work Joey, we have two amazing kids. I see you in every step they take. So how could they possibly go wrong??? Tonight, as we do every year on this day, we’ll raise a glass in your name—maybe a little steak arturo, who knows. The only thing for certain is that you’re missed.

    Sondra, wife
  • Happy Birthday! It’s a beautiful day. But then again I don’t think I can remember your birthday being anything but beautiful. The sun is shinning and it’s going to feel like summer, but i guess you already know that. Max is off to a Met game-maybe you’ll run into him there. He really did you proud last night. He’s finding talent in places he’s never gone before. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I have a suspicion that there’s more to come. We did work Joey, we have two amazing kids. I see you in every step they take. So how could they possibly go wrong? And tonight, as I do every year on your birthday- as the sun goes down I will raise a glass to celebrate the day that brought you into this crazy world. Happy Birthday sweetie, we miss you.

    Sondra, wife
  • I miss you today. I miss you everyday. Just got to keep going strong and “be a duck”. Miss you dad.

    Max Giaccone, Son
  • So you’d think after 8 years this day would get a little easier, but it hasn’t. Seems like yesterday. Think about you all the time bro. Still say hi to you every time I see a rainbow. You’ve left behind a legacy in your two fabulous kids. You’d be so proud of them. Rest easy.

    Love, Lisa

    Lisa, Big Sister
  • Today is your birthday. I don’t know what to say. I’ll try and just remember the good today.

    Jim Giaccone, brother
  • 4/26/11

    SO it’s your birthday-another beautiful day. Hot and sticky, but oh so welcome. and just when we thought the clouds would win,the sky cleared and the stars shone brightly-dipper and all! your dad compared YOU to a star……..we miss him. but he is certainly in good company!earlier today when i started the car fire and rain was on-the first lyrics i heard were “but i always thought i’d see you again” it certainly hit home. we had a good nite- your children are amazing…..your presence is felt here almost as much as it’s missed. we love you……..happy birthday joey

    Sondra Giaccone, wife
  • I just read your tributes to your Husband and Dad on his birthday and max I’m in tears….Your Dad was a heck of a guy and my husband Ron liked and worked with him they died together that day and my son Dherran was the same age as you. I hope you know we think of you and feel the same every day.
    love and best wishes to you
    Liz Gilligan wife of Ron Gilligan

    Liz Gilligan, friend
  • Can’t seem to get through a day without crying. First you, then Dad, I’m trying, but I miss you both. I feel like that popsickle stick we woild let go along the curb after a heavy rain, sometimes I’m able to hang on and other times I just get dragged along. I went fishing last week and I couldn’t stop thinking about you and our trips upstate, we should have been two old men fishing together. Give Pop a hug and a kiss for me.

    Jim, Brother
  • I have been reading your tributes to Joe for many years and it is so touching to see how you (Sondra & Max) have stayed in touch with your beloved husband and father. Keep the faith!

    John, Just some guy from Grand Rapids
  • 4-26-13

    So it’s your birthday. surprise, surprise it’s a beautiful day! so much has changed, so much remains the same. your presence certainly lingers, i see it in the way max comes down the stairs, or the way alex looks at me in amazement when i say something “brilliant”. What a crazy month- princess is 26, and me well hello 50!!!! You never stressed about age, one of the million things i admired about you. you made me better. better in so many ways……for that and so much more i thank you.

    Sondra Giaccone, wife
  • Lisa, Jim, Mike. and Ms. Bernice, thinking of you all and lifting you up in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and comfort be with each of you, God Bless, Vince and Rhenda


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