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  Kevin James Hannaford

Date of Birth: October 8, 1968
Department: Tradespark
Position: Commodities Broker

Kevin James Hannaford, 32, of the Basking Ridge section of Bernards Township, died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. He was employed as a commodities broker for TradeSpark, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald. His office was located on the 105th floor of the tower.

Kevin moved to Basking Ridge with his family when he was 8 years old. He was an avid swimmer and soccer player for the Somerset Hills YMCA, as well as a triathlon contender. He was also on the undefeated State II championship soccer team. His swimming experiences afforded him the opportunity to be a lifeguard at Long Beach Island. He continued his soccer enthusiasm up to the September 11th disaster as a member of the Montville Men’s Soccer League.

He thoroughly enjoyed skiing and bought our son, Patrick, his first pair of skis at 18 months old.

Kevin’s greatest passion and pride was his family. In the words of many of his friends, Kevin was seen, standing back and watching, smiling with pride at the many accomplishments of our son, Patrick.

Kevin moved to Hoboken in 1990 and lived there for several years. It was there that Kevin and I rekindled an earlier relationship we had in our college years. We were married on April 4th, 1997 and later moved to Basking Ridge in March of 1999. Later on that year we had our first child. Patrick James was born on May 12th, 1999. Patrick will be joined by a brother or sister in January of next year, 2002.

In the words of his mother, Nancy, “He was a very good friend and he had many good friends. Everyone will dearly miss him.”

In addition to myself (his wife Eileen) and son, Patrick, Kevin is survived by his brother, Patrick Hannaford; his sister, Beth and her husband Bob Saraceno and their son, Evan; his mother and father, Nancy and James Hannaford; my parents Mary and Patrick McGinley and my brother, Patrick McGinley.

Kevin was special and God called him. In his short time on earth, he left us fullfilled and enriched. He will make a special place for us all in the future.

A dear friend is putting together memory books for Patrick and his-soon-to-be brother or sister, so that they have many memories of their daddy, Kevin. Please send them a note containing stories, thoughts or memories about Kevin.

Address letters to Patrick and Baby Hannaford. Include photos/mementos if possible and send letter/items to Susan Regan at 501 Adams Street Apt #2M, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Contributions may be made to the Hannaford Bereavement Fund, c/o Soloman Smith Barney Co., Attn: Michael Betzag, 767 Fifth Ave. 7th floor, New York,NY 10153.

You can contact me, Kevin’s wife, Eileen Hannaford at 27 Juniper Way, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920.

Eileen Hannaford, Wife
  • Kevin and I started working together a few years ago, just a few months after his son Patrick was born. His wife Eileen was just getting ready to go back to work, and I was just getting ready to start my maternity leave to have my first child. He told me the day I left, “Stay home as long as you can. Sure we’ll miss you here, but spend as much time as you possibly can with your new baby. That’s more important than anything.” That summed up Kevin to me. His family was his life. Nothing made him happier than telling me what Patrick was up to and what they were going to do together. Since our sons were a few months apart, he always gave me the heads-up on what to expect next.
    He always spoke about Eileen, his parents and brother and sister. I know how much he loved going to Ireland that First Christmas and showing off his new little boy, and first great-grandchild, I believe. I remember thinking how brave he and Eileen were to take him on such a long plane ride! He told me that Patrick was an angel the whole way over and back.
    I think of Kevin often with all the other friends I lost in September. I couldn’t attend the Memorial Service because my husband was quite ill at the time and passed away shortly thereafter. I tell my son James every night that Daddy is watching over him. I know Kevin is watching over Patrick, Eileen, his baby and his family.

    Liz Lynch, Former Co-Worker
  • I grew up with Kevin just a couple of streets away and have many great memories that I will treasure.. We went to school for many years together and graduated in 1986 two of the youngest in our grade and although after High School we all went our separate ways.Kevin has never left my thoughts! Kevin use to have a funny way about joking around to the point you would want to get so angry with him but, one look at him with that SMILE you knew that Kevin was about love, caring, friendship he was about LIFE! I lost my husband after three months of marriage and he always reminded me a lot of Kevin they both would give their shirts off their backs to anyone! Kevin was a unique man and he will be greatly missed! My heart and soul goes out to Eileen, her children, and Kevin’s family in this trying time in their life. I want to extend to them that even thought I know they have a lot of support that my door is always open! Though our memories of today will soon be yesterdays, they will forever live in our tomorrows. Those special people who can touch our lives, are like precious jewels amongst life’s treasures. They shine on us and leave a lasting impression; a unique mark on our heart; Kevin is one of those people and will remain forever in many hearts that he has so magically touched forever. God Bless~

    “Once I dropped a tear in the ocean. When I find it is when I’ll stop loving you.”

    Cindy Critelli (Harris), Long Time-Classmate
  • Kevin and my sister made a wonderful couple. He made Eileen very happy and that of course made me happy. I am glad to have known him. His memory and legacy will live on through his family and children. God bless you Kevin

    Patrick McGinley, Brother-in-law
  • Kevin was a gentleman and a gentle man.
    He led an uncluttered life, deriving enjoyment from the truly important things…time with friends and family.
    The joy his beloved son Patrick’s latest accomplishment would always be written all that face…he was simply a wonderful father.
    Kevin was quick to laugh, smile, help a friend with a project or go out of his way to run an errand…and always with good grace.
    I think he was that way because in Eileen he had found his partner for life and just felt so completely comfortable in their relationship and the life they led.
    Although his memory lives on in so many wonderful ways, we are all the poorer for his passing.
    The loss of Kevin is a tragedy for all of us that had the genuine privilege of knowing and spending time with him.

    simon perry, friend
  • Special people bear special children. To know Kevin’s parents verifies this. Nancy and Jim are two of the most generous, caring, unselfish people; it’s not surprising Kevin was the same. He was a beautiful and happy baby, a kind, adventurous toddler, a handsome, athletic teenager, and most importantly, the most loving husband to Eileen and the very best father who knew every nuance about his son, Patrick.

    We were proud to have Kevin as godfather to our son Jimmy, even though he was only 13 then; it proved a perfect choice.

    When he and Eileen were dating, I remember Nancy saying, “She’s a keeper.” Nancy knew her son well. Eileen was the perfect one for Kevin.

    All our love will continue in Kevin’s memory and I can only thank him for bringing into our family the added love of Eileen, Patrick (who is as kind and wonderful as his dad), and Baby Hannaford.


    Kathleen Hannaford Compton, Aunt/Godmother
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin while he was searching for a condominium in Hoboken and what a pleasure it was !!! Kevin was light-hearted, sweet, polite, sensitive and thoughtful…not to mention, always good for a laugh. He knew what he wanted,and after looking at only a few places, he took the plunge into home ownership.
    Kevin kept in touch with me, and in fact, introduced me to his girlfriend, Eileen whom I also helped find a Hoboken home. Shortly thereafter, Kevin told me that he and Eileen were going to be married. He was so excited and talked about how he could not wait to become Eileen’s husband and hopefully, not too long thereafter, a Father. I got such a kick out of his enthusiasm and there was no way he could temper expressing how much he loved Eileen. I told Kevin how refreshing it was to hear a young man talk so openly about the woman who was the love of his life and his dreams for their future. It warmed my heart then and continues to do so everytime I think about the conversation that day.

    From the tributes I have read about Kevin, from many who knew and loved him, he certainly was the consummate family man, a loving husband and adoring Father…but, then again, having known Kevin myself, I could not have expected anything less !!!

    He may be gone from our physical lives, but will never be forgotten. Love to Eileen, Patrick & Baby..Prayers are with you.

    BarbaraTulko, Friend
  • Kevin’s was among the first smiling faces I saw when I started to date his Aunt Kathy in the late 60s. I remember him stretching to peer out the screen door of their Metropolitan Ave apartment in Staten Island as I ascended the cement steps to the door. He was in diapers but he wasn’t afraid of strangers. He had his trademarked impish grin and the let’s-make-trouble gleam in his eye. He was the joy of a family that had seen hard times and symbolized their first hope for the next generation. It was written right there in his baby face.

    He didn’t disappoint. As he grew, his family’s hope bloomed and was fully realized before he was killed. We can be at peace in the assurance that Kevin got a chance to see that same hope in young Patrick’s eyes.

    Glenn Compton, Uncle
  • It’s taken me this long to write Kevin’s tribute b/c I wanted it to be perfect; for me to say everything that I wanted to say. But I figured out that it’s impossible – Kevin’s life can’t fit into some short blurb. I wanted to say Kevin was my teacher (Kev, I promise you I’ll finally learn options!), my confidante and one of my best friends at Cantor, but that would merely be an understatement. As we sat next to each other, I knew everything about his past, present and future, as he did of mine, all learned within the first few weeks. Even after I left Cantor, we spoke just about every day, emailed constantly and kept up our drinking “meetings” (when he was allowed, of course!).
    Eileen, I never met you, but I know you very well – through Kevin. Kevin talked incessently about the two loves of his life – his wife and son Patrick. Now he will soon have a third.
    I will use the cliche of saying that I am truly honored and privileged to have known Kevin James Hannaford b/c for me, it’s the truth. He taught me about the business, about dealing with people, but most importantly, about life. Kevin was a great man, a great father and husband, and a great friend. Kevin, I love you and will miss you always. Thank you for everything, my friend.

    Chris D'Ambrosio, Friend/Co-worker
  • September Song
    c. Barbara Hines McKeegan

    Lady Liberty silent
    With tears in your eyes
    Your children murdered before you
    By deception and disguise

    Our towers fallen to ashes
    While no one takes blame
    Their horrid message is clear
    It is always the same

    There are those filled with love
    And there are those filled with fear

    And the martyrs go first
    In the history of all lands
    Their final prayer that we know
    The world of every man

    They died for world peace
    The greatest miracle we may ever see
    And they will be called the patron saints
    Of the Land of Liberty

    I remember Kevin as eager and hardworking and understated and enthusiastic and always wearing a little smile.

    A few years ago, Eileen and Kevin invited Barbara and me to “The Hunt”, a kind of horserace in New Jersey. It was a great day.

    Barbara and I parked in a field and made our way through the crowd to find Eileen and Kevin and their friends. We spent the day laughing and talking and occasionally even watching horses run.

    Then, late in the day, storm clouds burst down upon us. No one minded the downpour, we just continued to have a good time.

    When the racing ended, we walked back to our cars to drive to a spot where the party could continue. Kevin came with Barbara and me to direct us.

    When we found our car, it had sunk six inches deep into the field. I proposed that Barbara take the wheel of the car and that I push it out of the mud. But, somehow, I took the wheel while Kevin and Barbara pushed.

    I knew what would happen and it did. The car swerved and spluttered and finally climbed out of the mud. I looked back at Kevin and Barbara and they were covered with mud. But, they were laughing and laughing and just having a good time.

    I believe that a lot of people just had a good time when they were with Kevin — that’s how he made you feel.
    c September Song
    c. Barbara Hines McKeegan

    Lady Liberty silent
    With tears in your eyes
    Your children murdered before you
    By deception and disguise

    Our towers fallen to ashes
    While no one takes blame
    Their horrid message is clear
    It is always the same

    There are those filled with love
    And there are those filled with fear

    And the martyrs go first
    In the history of all lands
    Their final prayer that we know
    The world of every man

    They died for world peace
    The greatest miracle we may ever see
    And they will be called the patron saints
    Of the Land of Liberty

    Kevin Hannaford

    I remember Kevin as eager and hardworking and understated and enthusiastic and always wearing a little smile.

    A few years ago, Eileen and Kevin invited Barbara and me to “The Hunt”, a kind of horserace in New Jersey. It was a great day.

    Barbara and I parked in a field and made our way through the crowd to find Eileen and Kevin and their friends. We spent the day laughing and talking and occasionally even watching horses run.

    Then, late in the day, storm clouds burst down upon us. No one minded the downpour, we just continued to have a good time.

    When the racing ended, we walked back to our cars to drive to a spot where the party could continue. Kevin came with Barbara and me to direct us.

    When we found our car, it had sunk six inches deep into the field. I proposed that Barbara take the wheel of the car and that I push it out of the mud. But, somehow, I took the wheel while Kevin and Barbara pushed.

    I knew what would happen and it did. The car swerved and spluttered and finally climbed out of the mud. I looked back at Kevin and Barbara and they were covered with mud. But, they were laughing and laughing and just having a good time.

    I believe that a lot of people just had a good time when they were with Kevin — that¹s how he made you feel.
    George P. McKeegan

    George P. McKeegan, Friend
  • I have known Kevin for more than twenty years. Although I would only see him once or twice a year he made a big impression on me on how easy it was to talk to him. We would take an annual bike ride from Rahway to Lavalette in May which took us all day but it give us a chance to catch up on what’s been going on. He would show up with a bike that would need some work. Lucky for him there were a few people at the house that were handy. I sometimes think he planned it that way. I’m going to miss Kevin because he always found a way to take a bad situtation and make something good out of it.

    Jay Higgins, Friend
  • We will never forget Kevin at the Spring Lake 5 mile run…He always made sure he got his glass and T-Shirt…He always had a smiling face.
    Everyone loved Kevin and he has such a special family that meant so much to him. I also remember the bike rides from Rahway to Lavalette as I was the person that had to bring all the clothes down to the shore(GO FER) Kevin loved the bike rides–always with a smile.. Much love to all the Hannafords. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you…
    Love, Linda

    Linda Cambria, friend
  • We are pleased to announce the birth of our son and brother Kevin James Hannaford, Jr. – January 9, 2002.
    Eileen & Patrick Hannaford

    eileen hannaford, wife
  • Kevin James Hannaford

    Youth and Maturity

    He bent over to kiss his sleeping 2-year-old son. He patted the belly of his pregnant wife, and told her again that he loved her. Then Kevin Hannaford melted into the predawn darkness. That was the routine — reassuring, expectant — in one house in Basking Ridge, N.J.

    Some three hours later, Eileen Hannaford was standing in the shadow of the World Trade Center’s north tower, where her husband worked as a commodities broker for Cantor Fitzgerald, 105 stories above. The first plane had hit, she and other commuters had been evacuated from the PATH station below, and now she was frantically trying to reach him on her cellphone. Finally, she decided it was best to go to her office across town.

    “If Kevin had been looking for me, which he would have done, he would have gone directly to my office,” she reasoned.

    Kevin James Hannaford was 32, young enough to enjoy playing soccer, mature enough to be an attentive husband and father. In the delivery room after the birth of Patrick two years earlier, he had thanked her for her friendship, and for their son.

    On Jan. 9, four months after her husband died, she gave birth to their second son. He is healthy, wonderful, and his name, of course, is Kevin James Hannaford.
    Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on January 22, 2002.

    Eileen Hannaford, wife
  • Kevin,
    I was blessed to have the opportunity to share so many moments with you! As Doug’s best friend you came and visited Scranton often…so often you participated in some of our intramural games. I remember times on Friday nights when you would walk into our house, with a case of beer under one arm, and a load of enthusiasm and joy under the other. I always envied your joy for life and good natured attitude. You continued that joy and enthusiasm as you matured into adulthood, fatherhood, and husband-hood…all right, maybe not adulthood, but thats what I loved about you! You were a great father, husband, and friend…I miss you.

    Hokan Ojert (Doylestown, PA ) March 29,, Friend
  • It has taken me a long time to find the right words to say here.
    Kevin -I am proud to have been your friend. I am so glad to have shared such regular, every day, nothing to say much about times with you. I am lucky to have shared some very memorable times with you. I am heartbroken watching my husband ache at the loss of his dear friend. I am filled with happiness when I remember walking into Ted and Jo’s to meet my then essentially blind date (and now husband!), knowing you and Eileen were there to make the first date go smoothly. I am honored to call you my old landlord. I have great memories of living with Doug in your awesome apartment – complete with some minor flooding issues! I, most of all, loved knowing how much you loved and how much you were loved back. You and Eileen were a perfect role model to teach Tom and I how to be married and how to treat one another with the respect of a friendship and the love of a mate.
    I am so glad you were at my birthday party, Kev. It was the last time I saw you and the first time I met Patrick. He astounded everyone by how perfect he is. Right down to how he sat at the table and ate with his little utensils like he’d been doing it for years.
    Kev – I will miss you. I will miss your sexy wink! I will miss your laughter no matter how dumb the joke. I will miss your energy and your passion for life.
    I know we are guarded by another angel now, although it doesn’t quite seem fair. Drink lots of beer, take care of all of us from above and know that we are loving you from across the universe.

    Lisa McConville (Cranford, NJ ), Friend

    Joan Comando, Friend
  • Dear Eileen, Patrick, and Kevin jr.,
    My memories and friendship with Kevin span several decades, and many special moments. From playing soccer together as children to going through our junior and senior high school years. After high school, it was off to LBI during the summers in order to live life as fully as possible. There were so many great times spent with all of our friends, Doug, Ted, Mike, Duffy, Kevin….and Kevin always had an open heart, giving nature, and love for his friends. Over the years, time and responsibility would take us each in our own direction, and then throw us back together from time to time. I saw Kevin on Thursday, September 6th and it was as if no time had passed. We laughed and spoke about the things going on in our lives, and how Kevin had truly found happiness in his. We made plans to see each other in the near future so that I could catch up with Eileen and meet little Patrick. The mark of a true friend is when someone is as genuine and caring at that moment as they always were, as the passage of time has not changed their character. Kevin had this quality, along with many more wonderful ones. I miss him dearly, and think of him often. Kevin will live on in our memories forever, and his spirit is evident in Patrick and Kevin jr.

    Mark Hannon, Friend
  • I have never been formally introduced to either you or your husband. I, however, get tremendous joy each day of the school week spending time with Patrick at TCC. He is such a sweet, kind natured, intelligent, talkitive, imaginative and energetic child. Everyday I am greeted with his hands on his hips saying “Hi Miss Sarah, want to play?”. This is a child who has been granted unconditional love, respect, nurture and happiness. Every beautiful smile he has, and he has a lot of them, shows this.
    I am truly sorry for your loss. And I thank you for allowing me to rejoice for the new life you have in Kevin Jr., relish in the wonderful boy you and Mr. Hannaford created in Patrick. Thank you.

    Sarah Weaver, Friend
  • Dear Eileen..
    I came to know you through the Painting For America program. This program came was born following the tragic events of 9-11-01 and is run by the Tolefriends Painting Community. While I have never met you, I do consider you to be a very special friend. I hope to meet you one day in person and give you a for real hug. For now, all I can give you are cyber hugs. I never knew your Kevin, but I know enough about him to know that he was very special. I will soon be receiving my mercy band that bears his name. I will be wearing it everyday. I hope you know that even though we are miles apart and know each other only through email at this point in time, I will always be here for you and for your boys.

    Jan Woodard, Friend
  • In your loving memory Kevin,
    I didn’t know you as well as I would have liked. I know you were a terrific person just by how happy you made my dear friend and how much love you gave to her. You know Eileen and your sons are loved deeply. You are now their angel shining down upon them from Heaven.

    Dearest Eileen,

    We’ve know each other for so long. I always looked up to you, and not just because you were so much taller then me. You don’t always have to be strong. I’ll always be here for you, to listen, to cry, to laugh or even to swap “raising boys” stories. You and the boys will always be in our prayers.

    Patrick and Kevin Jr,

    You can feel all the love around you. You have a very special Mom who will love and support you and raise you in your father’s love. I look forward to watching you grow into the wonderful men your father would be proud of.

    Love always and forever,
    Brian, Yvette, Joey, Eric & AJ

    Yvette Maglio, Friend
  • Eileen, these past months I have had the honor of getting to know you and the incredibly strong and beautiful person you are. All from a gift of a mercy band bearing the name of your dear husband, Kevin, which I wear proudly every day. I met you on January 10th, in the hospital where you brought your precious baby boy, Kevin, Jr., into this world with strength, love, and dignity. I carry Kevin’s picture in my wallet, and I carry a heartfelt friend in you with me always. I wish that I could have known you and Kevin before this tragic day, and I pray that you find strength and healing in all the love that so many desire to provide you and your children. I love you, Eileen. I promise a lifetime of friendship, love, caring, time, and sharing of family pictures. I hope that we become closer over time as friends and can share in the joy of watching our children grow up. My children, Sarah, Matthew, and Glen, are anxiously awaiting their first trip North to play with Patrick and Baby Kevin. You are forever and always in our thoughts and prayers. We are here for you 24/7. “Thank you Lord for giving Eileen the strength, wisdom, and your eternal grace to continue to live after facing such tragedy. Please, Lord, continue to give her all the resources necessary to care for her and her dear children. May You bless them with an angel on their shoulders, and may Eileen always remember mostly the exceptional life and happiness that she shared with Kevin, and the life that forever lives in their baby boys, Patrick and Kevin, Jr. Kevin is watching over you Eileen, and I know he is protecting you and glowing with pride. Blessings my friend.

    Susan Vaughn, Friend
  • Although I only met Kevin a few times, I’ve known Eileen since about 1978. Eileen is one of the strongest women I know. Growing up, Eileen never had a bad word for anyone. She was always the one to support everyone else, and to jump in with something good to say when everyone was upset. When I met Kevin for the first time, I could tell that he and Eileen were very much in love. He was so good to her. They visited my home for my child’s events (I have 5 children and I don’t remember who or for what), and he was so good with my two oldest boys. I remember them laughing and playing together, and I thought, “he’ll be a great dad, someday.” The one time I saw him with Patrick, it was obvious that my prediction was true. I love Eileen and her two children dearly, as does the rest of my family, especially my grandmother. Kevin will always be remembered as a loving husband and father. May God bless him, Eileen, and their two beautiful children, and may be watch over his children from Heaven above throughout their lives.

    Love, Siobhan, Michael, Derek, Kellina, Ryan and Sean McConnell

    Siobhan Fuller-McConnell, Friend
  • Dear Hannaford Family,
    I never got to meet Kevin but heard only good things about him. I am Charlie Doherty’s wife. I know Kevin’s Mom and Dad. I can’t begin to imagine what it is like to lose a loved one in such a manner but I hope you know that so many share your pain. May Patrick and Kevin know their father through all of your happy memories and may those memories comfort you in your times of sorrow. Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with you always.

    Love, Charlie, Beth and Charlie

    Beth Doherty, Friend
  • Dearest Hannafords:
    I’m a friend of your Kevin’s dad, Jim, who has been my good friend though these past 11 years since moving to Basking Ridge. Quietly watching and listening to you all in St. James at the funeral graced me with your strength and obvious care and love for one another, so I share this with you out of my respect and admiration. The death of another beautiful person like Kevin prompted me to write the following poem.

    These thoughts are generated from years of dyings and grievings. The painful events produce a hollowness of longing within my being. Deaths of loved ones — the young, the old. Why do they now all converge, cutting this gray spirit of mine deep into fresh crevices of unsubtle despair. How do we go on with enjoyment? Where is our security? We cannot tread assuredly on the path of this uncertain destiny.

    Yes. We can, I suppose; — we do; don’t we? It’s all part of the journey. How do we bear it? It will happen and happen until there is no more.. Until it is each of us.

    Fill the hole with the glad moments as they unfold. See the flower; listen to the bird, hear the wind; forget the pain. Stay with the flow of life.

    It’s the vehicle, the single ride we’re on. The shortness of it is a travesty as our loved ones leave. The sole answer to our solitude is to be together as we continue separately the journey. Surely we will all arrive there, if not together, then, alone.

    I know together you are strong – maybe sad but not defeated. sincerely,

    Kathy Collins, Friend
  • Kevin,
    You are missed very much, and thought about constantly. Even though we did not know each other as well as we could have. I am glad that you were my cousin.

    Eileen, You will always have a friend and someone to lean on in me.

    Love, Cousin Sue

    Suzanne Doherty, Cousin
  • I hope you know how much and in how many different ways you are missed.

    Simon Perry, Friend
  • Kevin,
    Although I never met you I feel like I know you. Eileen is my buddy from the St. James Bereavement Group. I promise that I will continue to be her friend and to be there for her whenever she needs me. All of us from the group have a special bond which will help us to move forward. I know that you and my husband Tom will continue to watch over us and give us the strength we need to go on with productive lives for ourselves and our children.

    Jeanne Reing, Friend
  • I knew Kevin from playing soccer with him the past few years in Montville. He seemed to have the whole game in perspective. He’d play as hard as anyone but never let the wins or losses get to him. My last memory of Kevin is from our game of Sept. 9th. I was walking off the field behind him. He had Patrick on his shoulders and was talking to his father-in-law. We had a beer in the parking lot and talked about some plans he had for his house. As Herb Schraft from our team said after Sept. 11th, “We may have 11 on the field but we’ll always be playing a man down”.

    Jeff Alper, Friend
  • My thoughts and prayers are with Eileen, Patrick, Kevin Jr., the rest of the Hannaford and McGinley family. I am floored by your strength. Kevin will never be forgotten. God Bless.

    Chrissy Shannon Wolfe, Friend
  • Kevin, I just read about you in the New York Times list “Remembering” and I was deeply moved. I salute you, young brother, and send your wife and two little children my heartfelt condolences. To you, sir, rest in the peace of our Lord. Good man, rest and know that you live in the hearts and lives of your loved ones.

    The Rev. Jose Bove, Friend
  • I will always remember the Spring Lake 5 mile run–Kevin did this every year. And of course the party after at his Aunt Kathy`s house..Kevin will always be in our hearts..
    Much love goes out to Eileen, Patrick, and baby Kevin and all the Hannaford family..Many special Memories–and the Jersey Shore Bike Rides… Love,

    Linda Cambria, Friend
  • Our hearts and prayers are with you each and every day. May you find warm comfort in the memories of Kevin and they way he lived his life, as a husband, father, son, brother and friend.

    Megan & Kevin Gunn, Friend
  • Merry Christmas to you Kevin . I can not begin to explain my sadness..
    I will forever miss you my friend…
    God bless you and your family…

    Paul McVeety, Friend
  • Kevin:
    Every time I’ve wanted to write something about you, the words haven’t come. Every time I wanted to speak about you, I close my mouth and stay silent. Every time I hear your name, my heart sinks a little lower. I feel all these things because I can’t sum you up. I can’t sum up all the times, all the laughs, all the wonderful memories. I can’t sum up all that you gave to me. I can’t sum up the special moments: the weekend road trips to Scranton, the soccer games with you and Doug, the time we “deactivated” the Rolling Rock with Pat, Doug and Jim Grace, the day of your wedding to the beautiful Eileen, the parties, the nights out, the wonderful friendship. While I can never sum you up in these words, I can say this. Kev, you are still a great friend, you are still one I can always count on, you still are the husband, father, brother and son we are all proud of. In short, you still are, and will always remain, the Kevin Hannaford that brought undeniable joy and life to others.

    Love you my friend.

    Tom McConville, Friend
  • Eileen, Patrick and Baby Hannaford. The date Sept. 11, 2001, will live in my memory forever. In the days following, I watched, Eileen, as you refused to lose hope, as you showed a strength and courage that was a marvel to all of us privileged to know you. Kevin will be with us forever. I can tell you that this dark Winter of pain and suffering will pass, but the love and memories will never fade.

    Sean Gallagher, Cousin & Friend
  • There aren’t adequate words to express the sorrow I, and the whole world feels as a result of the events of September 11th and although life goes on, there will always be a void in everyones’ hearts for not only the people we knew who perished in the tragedy, but for every innocent victim and all of their loved ones. Please don’t ever think, for a moment, that Americans and people throughout the world have forgotten or will forget to pray for you and the one you lost. To the family of Kevin Hannaford whom I had the pleasure of knowing…Kevin will live on in our minds, and a part of him will always be here in his son, Patrick and his soon-to-be-born child. God Bless You!

    Barbara Tulko, Friend
  • I didn’t know Kevin, but I am wearing his name on a sterling silver mercy bracelet bearing his name. To his dear family and friends, his wife Eileen, To his son Patrick, and his precious baby on the way….you are all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You all and Be With You. Love,

    Susan Vaughn, Stranger
  • Kevin was one of 3 good friends I lost at Cantor Fitzgerald on September 11th. While I miss them all terribly I have some very special memories of each. My memory of Kevin is the most recent. In July my brother threw a surprise party for his wife. Kevin attended, bringing his 2 year old son Patrick with him. There were a bunch of little kids at the party and I noticed how Patrick was in the middle of all the action, having a blast in the process. I also noticed that Kevin was right by his side, having just as good a time. I mentioned this to him and he laughed and told me that he was psyched that he had a kid that loved to have fun. I told him Patrick was like that because his father was like that. All he did was smile.
    Kevin was the type of father I hope to be. Fun, smart, enthusiastic, loving. Its why he was a terrific friend. Eileen I miss him a ton.

    Pete McConville, Friend
  • Condolences and prayers from a fellow resident (part-time) of Basking Ridge. You are in our hearts at this terrible time of loss and sadness.

    Kathleen Fitzsimmons, Friend
  • Eileen,
    Your strength astounds me everyday and I know that Kevin watches over you always. I will never forget each and every time I saw him look into your eyes. He was, and always will be a very lucky fellow…

    A Friend (NJ), Friend
  • Eileen, Patrick & Kevin, Jr. Our Prayers and Best Wishes are with you daily. We can only imagine what you are feeling. Kevin was a Wonderful Husband & Father. You were a Special Couple. We watched as you both brought your adorable Patrick (a special little boy) to church. His behavior was admirable as was his parents. We now watch you as you continue the work you and Kevin began. He is also watching you, little Patrick and now baby Kevin. He is so happy knowing that he left his two babies in such good care, He is still assisting you from above. God will bless you and Patrick and little Kevin. You are the strength and model of all parents.

    God bless.

    Admirer/Friend (Basking Ridge, NJ), Friend
  • All the Gallagher family really enjoyed meeting Kevin when he came over to Ireland. We hope his memories will stay with us as they are all happy memories.

    The Gallagher Family (Ireland), Family
  • Even though I never met Kevin I know him through his amazing son, Patrick, (who is proof of what a great father he must have been) and also through his lovely wife Eileen.

    Eileen – you are the most wonderful mother to your children and an example of the kind of mom I want to be someday. I admire you in so many ways – for your strength, your love, the way you inspire those around you, and your faith in God.

    As for my little buddy Patrick… you stole my heart the very first day I met you at The Children’s Corner. With those big innocent eyes and the smile that makes me give in at almost any request… You are a little grown-up with an amazing capacity to change the world around you (which is why I chose you to be my little ringbearer). I will never forget the first time you cried and told me how you miss daddy and all I could do was to hold you and cry with you. Always remember that I love you buddy – ALL the way AROUND!

    Kevin Jr. – God has given you to this family, a perfect, healthy child – a proof of His love for all that mourns the loss of your father.

    You are all in my prayers and in my heart.

    Always with Love and prayers,

    Elise Koekemoer, Friend of Family
  • Eileen,
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or pray for your happiness. I knew Kevin and his family a long long time ago….I never knew him as well as I wanted…I can tell you I remember he was always surrounded by friends, always laughing…and everyone wanted to be around him because he was always having the BEST time…no matter what he was doing.
    I would have loved to have known him better. I never have had the pleasure of meeting you but I have heard wonderful things about you, your strength and how much you loved your boys. I loved that you named them Patrick and Kevin. I hope one day our paths will cross.
    You, Kevin and the boys are always on my mind.

    S Kennedy

    S. Kennedy, friend
  • I looked at my clock at 8:46 this morning and I couldn’t believe that exactly nine months had passed since September 11th. It seems like just yesterday that I heard that Eileen and Kevin were expecting their second child and we were trying to coordinate schedules to get together. This tragedy is still so unbelievable – I feel as though we will soon wake up and Kevin will be walking in with a smile on his face.

    Kevin – You are missed greatly and thought of every day.

    Eileen – You are an amazing example of strength and grace.

    Patrick & Kevin, Jr. – I know that your Dad will always be watching over you with love and pride.

    My prayers and thoughts will always be with the Hannaford and McGinley families.

    With love,
    Sue Regan

    Sue Regan, Family friend
  • Kevin,
    May God bless you and your family. May you know the peace of God and may your children grow up with the knowledge that their father was a great and loving man. Although we only knew each other for a brief time and I haven’t seen you in some time since moving to Boston, I will always remember you. You and Harry together were a great team and going out with you guys was always a treat.

    I now have 2 kids who are almost identical in age to yours and I think of your two boys often. I’m sure they will grow up to be great men.

    Again, God Bless.

    Chris Hatton

    Chris Hatton, Friend
  • I met Kevin along with Doug in the summer of 1988. One of my High School friends dated Doug at Scranton and we all met at a party at the house they rented on Bay Ave. on LBI. Doug and Kevin were lifeguards in Beach Haven with my best friend, while I worked on another beach patrol. What amazing memories I will forever have of those summers – parties, The Ketch, Softball Games and a roadtrip to Scranton in the fall. Fun was an understatement. The years passed, we graduated from college, and ended up working in New York. I worked across the street from Kevin and would occasionally bump into him on the street or at Morans, or in Hoboken with Doug, where we all lived. Time passed and our lives went in different directions. I knew Kevin had married and moved out of Hoboken, but I would occasionally (and still do) bump into Doug there. I last caught up with Doug along with Mark Mahon when I was nine months pregnant. As usual I laughed a lot. When the horrible events of September 11th unfolded, I happened to be at a safe distance, on LBI. My husband and I were staying with my parents while I was adjusting to being a new mother, after the birth of my son less than 2 weeks previous. At the time, I had no idea Kevin worked at Cantor (where a cousin of mine did). About a week later, my Mom showed me the front page of the “Beach Haven Times” where it had a story on those connected to the island who were lost on 9/11. She asked if I knew any of the people in the story. It mentioned “former lifeguard, Kevin Hannaford, and the Mother of the Edwards brothers.” My heart sank in disbelief. Having lost touch with Kevin years ago, I feel like I don’t have the right to feel as I do that he is gone – but I do. He had such an amazing presence, and he is often in my thoughts. I suppose that is why I have written here. I never met Eileen, but I think of her often as well. I hope and pray that she is going to be OK, as well as Patrick and their new son, Kevin. I am positive that Kevin’s presence continues to be with them, and will be always.

    Jennifer Walsh-Cunningham, Friend
  • Father we entrust our brother Kevin to your mercy. You loved him greatly in this life: now that he is freed from all its cares, give him happiness and peace forever. Welcome him now into paradise where there will be no more sorrow, no more weeping or pain, but only peace and joy with Jesus your Son, and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.

    Michael Iezzi

    Michael Lezzi, Friend
  • I just want to say thanks Kevin. You taught me a few things about the markets over the years and it has made me a better broker. Oh, sorry for running the A/C so much back on July 4th, 1993. It was Wayne’s fault, he couldn’t handle the heat. Also, whenever I slap hot sauce all over my food, I can’t help but to think of you and how you smothered your eggs in that stuff. Life isn’t easy without you guys, but we have to move on and between you and me, thanks buddy. You know what I mean! Next time we’re at Hobson’s I’ll be sure to raise a few coldies for you and the boys!

    Buck LaPointe, Coworker
  • I received my mercy bracelet with Kevin’s name on it almost a year and a half ago. I looked up his name on the Internet and found out a little about him. He was married like me, my age, and had a son the same age as mine. I hug my wife and son a lot more now. Even though we’ve never met, somehow Kevin has taught me a lot about family. He has made me dedicated to being a better father and husband. I think about him a lot. I wonder what his favorite baseball team was, or what his favorite beer was. I know it probably doesn’t make much sense, but I miss him. Can you miss someone without ever having met him? Each time I have a beer with friends I lift my beer in a silent toast. No one notices it, but I hope Kevin does. I just went back to “ground zero” last week. I attached my mercy bracelet to the fence that serves as the temporary memorial. I put it right below his name. I guess I wanted to give it back to him, as a way of saying thanks. Even now as I write, I miss him…and I can’t wait to meet him in heaven and share a cold one.

    David Gasak, Friend
  • Thinking of you on your wedding anniversary and wishing peace and comfort to your family 04/04/2011.

    Tracey P

    Tracey P, Passer by

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