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  Scott Hazelcorn

Date of Birth: August 14, 1972
Position: 30-Year Treasury Bond Desk

Scott Hazelcorn, raised in New Jersey, attended Governor Livingston High School in Berkeley Heights, N.J. After graduating from Penn State University in 1994, Scott joined Cantor Fitzgerald in the 30-year Treasury bond desk, 105th floor.

In his short 29 years, Haze had figured out what was important in life. He never let a day go by with out telling those he loved how much they meant to him. He did not shake hands he hugged people.

Scott never got caught up in the materialistic side of life. He never cared what you did but who you were. When he spoke to you he made you feel like you were the only person in the world. He led a life filled with friends; both at work and at home, and never missed the opportunity to laugh.

Scott lived his life by a few simple rules:

– Ask as many questions as you possibly can, the world is filled with many wonderful things.

– Always lend a listening ear to a friend their problems are greater than your own.

– Talk to and play with every child that you see they have so much to teach us.

– Give hugs, even to strangers, so they know that you care.

Scott was a person that will never be forgotten. He left a mark on all those who knew him. It is because of him that those close to him will try to live their lives with a little more patience, compassion and kindness in the spirit of his essence and his zest for life.

Scott’s Family and Friends,
  • “Always approach life with a smile.” This was something Scott strongly believed in.

    He was a angel with a heart larger than himself, who truly loved every minute of his life, and enhanced the lives of those around him.

    He infected life with a compassion and goodwill that was contagious to all that came in contact with him.

    He understood that life, love, and friendship were truly gifts, and never missed an opportunity to enjoy and recognize them.

    He had found true happiness and left this world with out any regrets.

    He was an incredible friend and brother, and his amazing outlook on life should be an example to us all.

    Thank you Haze.

    You will be forever in our hearts.


    Matthew, friend
  • I worked with Scott at Cantor, and seeing him every day always made me feel better. There was never a time when you didn’t see Scott smiling. It didn’t matter if you saw Scott in the hallway or on the elevator at any time of the day, he always had a smile on his face and a hello for you. Scott was truly a wonderful person to know and he will never be forgotten.

  • scotty
    I think about you all day long. I hope you are in a place where everything is so beautiful and
    you are so very happy. You are missed by all the people whose life you have touched. You have made such a difference in this crazy world we live in.
    Whenever I walk past somebody I will always say hi, wave at children,and take the time to be kind
    just like you would do. I will love you forever .Mommy

    janice Hazelcorn, mother
  • Scott would always go out of his way to help someone. He was the most happiest person I knew. His smile always lit up the room. Scott, we will all miss your smile.

    Jennifer, coworker

    Jennifer, coworker
  • The Haze what can I say simply one of the greatest people I have ever been fortunate enough to know. I will never forget the great times. Thank you. Every hug I give is a tribute to you.

    KennyP, friend
  • I remember working with Scotty. Not a day went by that i didn’t get a nice big hug from him.I hope he is happy where he is.My prayers are with the Hazelcorn family.

    God Bless

    kim, former co-worker
  • The first time I met Haze a mutual friend introduced us, and instead of the usual handshake he jumped up on me and hugged me. I thought he was nuts. Getting to know him more I realized that his actions were so genuine and caring that even not knowing who I was or what I was about, he jumped on me because he embraced meeting people like he embraced life, with joy and wonder. I’ll miss him alot.
    A philosopher once wrote, “In every real man a child is hidden who wants to play.” Scott was a real man, a person to learn from, and a wonderful friend.

    Ernie, Friend
  • Scott you are missed. You were such a wonderful person – so full of life and blessed with a spirit that propelled you to enjoy life. Keep smiling – I was honored to have known you.

    David Bellows, Co-worker and friend.
  • Haze-
    You will always be the light in my eye and the love in my heart. Through your love and kindness you not only helped me to become the person I am, but made me realize for sure that true love exists. I miss you every second. Our time together was much too short. We had a great future and so much love to give this world together. I will try my hardest honey to keep your spirit alive…through the children. You were my greatest gift in this life, I would never trade a second. May we meet again in a place called forever… I will never stop loving you.

    Amy, Love
  • Haze you truly were a great guy!!! Always raised my spirits when I was down. Hope you are in a place as beautiful as you. Will miss you…

    Steve Papini, Friend/Co-worker
  • Scott,

    We grew up together and nobody knew me better than you. No matter how far apart we lived we always looked out for each other. You were truly a special friend. I know you are in a happy place now looking down upon us. I pray for you and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you.
    I love you…David

    David, Lifelong Friend
  • It’s not very often a person meets someone like Haze. He had the unique ability to make those around him happier, just by him being around. The 6 years I worked with him gave me a lifetime of fond memories. My heart felt sympathy goes out to his family and friends, and my gratitude also goes to them for sharing this truly special person with the rest of us. You will be forever missed.

    Food, co-worker
  • Hey Scotty just wanted to say you are missed and thought of one year after that aweful day. Hope you are happy, and with all the guys up there. Just go easy on them…ha

    keep shining on us, let us know you are here every now and then..


    debbie, business
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Scott you were the happiest Fellow I have ever met. It was a pleasure working with you and joking with you all day . Your family has to be very proud of you because you carried yourself with class and your laugh was infectious. It’s now march 14th 2003 and now more than ever I feel your family should know that some of us have not forgotten. Congrats on living your life the way we all should, miss you. Fella

    kieran, co worker
  • Haze, I have a picture of you, Sean and the boys. You are front and center, big smile with two thumbs up. It was a classic Haze night and was the last night I saw you. I’ll always think of you that way…Thumbs up and smiling.

    Greg Wagner, Friend

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