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  Brooke Jackman

Date of Birth: August 28, 1978
Department: Agencies
Position: Assistant Trader

Affectionately known as “Brookie Cookie” or “The Brookster,” she had big beautiful brown eyes and a dancing smile. To know Brooke was to love her! She was fiercely independent, determined and compassionate. After graduating from Columbia University in the class of 2000, her first job was in publishing. She then decided to give Wall Street a try, but the night before the attack, she told her family there was more to life than making money. She was filling out applications to Berkeley University School of Social Work. Brooke truly enjoyed helping others; during high school and college she volunteered in a soup kitchen, a thrift shop to benefit cancer patients and a school for disabled children.

From the time she was a little girl, books were her passion. She would read almost a book a day. She had an incredible mind with great recall. Ask her about something that happened 10 years ago and she would tell you the date, time, who was there, and what you were wearing. She loved to walk around the city, covering miles at a time with her water bottle, backpack, and sneakers.

At 23, Brooke knew what was truly important in life. She loved her family, unexpectedly stopping by her parents’ apartment after work, talking and shopping with her sister Erin, or hanging out with her brother Ross and his wife Iris. She always tried to see the best in everyone, measuring friends by the size of their hearts. We were always proud of her. She will forever be treasured and loved by all those who knew her.

Brooke’s Family

Bob Jackman, Father
  • To the Jackman Family:

    I can’t begin to express our sorrow for your loss and the changes it has brought to your family. If Brooke remotely bears a small fraction of what I know to be true of you all, the world has lost a significant piece of it’s heart. We wish you peace in the coming days, and hope that amongst your family, and all who love you, you find the strength and courage to continue her memory amongst all who truly had the benefit of her company.

    Our best to you and all your family. Be Strong.

    Jason and Jodi Meklinsky

    Jason and Jodi Meklinsky, Friend of Ross, Brooke's brother
  • To my baby sister Brooke who will forever live on in my heart. We only had 23 years with you but the joy you brought to friends and family will last forever. Brooke no one will ever forget you, your beautiful smile, quick wit, and your tremendous heart.
    Love Always, Ross

    Ross Jackman, Brother
  • Brookie- I write this tribute with a broken heart, with tears in my eyes and with thoughts of you every single day. I am picturing your smiling face and this just seems so unreal to me. There are many times since Sept. 11th, that I have almost emailed you, called you, wanted to meet you in the city or I expected to see you at your parent’s house. I can hear you laughing, I can picture you eating and I can feel us hugging one another. Many people are not as lucky as me and you are- to be able to be soooo close with their cousins. You and I always had a very special relationship. We had so much fun together growing up and those memories will always be so dear to me. You were more than just family to me, you were one of my closest friends. There were times that we didn’t see each other as often as we would have liked to, we were both busy with other things in our life, but when we got together– it was simply just Brooke and Gillian, as it always was before. It’s usually a person older than you, that says you turned into such a beautiful woman, but I can say it, you did!!!! I watched you grow from an adorable, brown eyed lil girl with her head in a book to a beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent woman with a heart of gold. You have always showed me nothing, but love, warmth and friendship. I just want you to know that I will never ever forget any of our times together. I love you Brookie!
    I miss you!
    Love always, Gillian

    Gillian Kushner, cousin
  • Dear Brooke,
    I will always remember the summer day that I met you and Erin at the house in Long Island. From that moment I knew that there was something very special about you and your family. I remember thinking how much I wished I could have a sister just like you. You are kind to everyone at the same time always standing up for your beliefs. You are warm, outgoing and funny. Your smile and laugh would light up the room. I loved when you would come over to eat, chat, show me your latest purchase, and work on our computer. Ross and I would comptete for your attention. I really felt like you were my sister too. This was a feeling that I absolutly loved. Thinking about it now, I don’t think I ever really got to tell you how special you were to me. I admire your passion for what you believe in. You will forever be in my heart and you will never be forgotton. When Ross and I have children they will always know their Aunt Brooke.
    Love Always,

    Iris Jackman, Sister-in-law
  • I always used to look up to Brooke, I always will. When I was younger and people used to ask me who I thought I looked liked, I would answer Brooke, or at least that was what I would hope. I don’t exactly know why I looked up to her. There were many reasons. Her ability to do good in school, her beauty, her dancing smile, the way she could remember things that I didn’t even know about, how she loved reading~and read more books then I will ever be able to read. Her great sense of fashion~always knowing whats in, the way she could eat so much and not gain a pound, how she knew what to do or say in almost every situation. She was a perfectionist. These are things I will always remember about Brooke, along with how she introduced me to “I Can’t Belive It’s Not Butter” at my Aunt’s and we ate almost the whole cracker plate. How she wanted to see me so badly when I was born, but was to young. And how she always carried a picture of me in her locker. These are just some of the things that I love about Brooke and always will…the day of the attacks I was worried when they told us…and as soon as my mom came to pick me up, I started listing names of everyone in my family asking if they are alright, and as soon as she said, “Everyone is OK. The only one we have to worry about is Brooke,” my heart sank. I will always love her. She’s gone but never lost~always in my heart.

    Maddy Mindich, Cousin
  • Brooke and I practically grew up together…1st in Oyster Bay, then at Hebrew school, and of course, Camp Pontiac. Through all of those years, Brooke always remained someone that all of her friends admired for so many reasons. She was so beautiful and smart. I was always envious that she owned and read every Sweet Valley High book. Over the summers, people used to “fight” over who would be her closest friend, since everyone was always drawn to her. She was always so kind to people and never took part in anything that would hurt someone else, because somehow she was always above that. She was too self-confident, considerate, and respectful to take part in any of the events which so frequently went on in our bunk. I will truly miss her, and regret that we did not stay in close contact after college since she is someone that I have always loved and admired. She was also so much fun to be around. We used to all sleep over in her basement and eat the 5000 tons of junk food that Barbara would get us, and stay up until 5AM, literally. I am so sorry to her family who has lost something so great that I can’t even begin to imagine.
    Knowing Brooke for so many years touched my life in a profound way, and I will think about her every day. She set a standard for what every young woman should strive to be like. I want to thank her for being my friend.
    Love always,

    Jennifer Sipkin, old friend
  • I know that anyone who has Brooke as a part of their life realizes just what a special woman she is. This was evident by merely speaking with her; she glowed with this special beauty that very few possess. It seems crazy how I can remember meeting Brooke in camp when we were little kids, and even then, though we were only 7, I knew she was special. From that point on, she would be a major reason that I would look forward to every summer, because in the back of my mind I knew I would get to be with her for 8 weeks at Camp Pontiac. And fortunately, our friendship went beyond camp as we grew closer and closer over the years.
    There has always been something about Brooke that has made her stand out ahead of everyone else. Maybe it was her intelligence; or her beauty; or her care for others; or maybe it was an amalgamation of these factors that made her one of the most precious people that I will ever know. Not a single moment goes by that Brooke is not on my mind, and I don’t expect that to ever change. Even now, despite the fact that I can’t hear her voice, she is still helping me every day, as I continue to try to impress her and gain her approval as I always did before. There are few people that we meet in our lives that have this sort of life-long impact, and I am blessed to say that Brooke has been one of those for me. Brooke, I will never stop thinking about you. You will be in my heart forever.
    I love you.

    Marc Stenzler, Friend
  • Dearest Brooke,
    I treasure the times that I have spent with you. I always loved to give you a kiss and a hug and say, “How’s my Brooklyn?” You were always the special baby in our family and I loved to hear about all the things that you were doing and about all of your accomplishments. Your smile and laughter could light up a room and always made everyone else happy. My memories of the last time I saw you will always be in my mind. I couldn’t get over how beautiful you looked. I was so happy that you came to visit me and seeing you made me feel better. You will always be in my heart.
    I love you,
    Aunt Ann

    Ann Kushner, aunt
  • Brooke,

    There is so much to say and who knew what little time we had. When I first met you, you were just a young teenager who always had a book in front of her face. I remember arriving at your sweet 16 and couldn’t believe the blossoming young woman that I saw. As time went on, I realized how much you reminded me of myself. Your compassion for others, your inability to accept prejudice, stereotypes or discrimination(even if this made others uncomfortable), your love for your family and your desire to enjoy life. When you told me you wanted to attend social work school, I was so proud and knew it would be a great choice. I looked forward to sharing my experiences with you. On Sept. 9th, I received a message from you asking where you could volunteer and I was going to call you Tuesday evening. I wish more than anything I had the chance to speak with you. Brooke, you would have been a great social worker and made a tremendous difference in this world. Words can not express how much you are missed. Our hearts are broken. Lisa

    lisa b, cousin
  • It was the night of Ross & Iris’s wedding when I first realized you, my baby cousin, became a woman. You were hanging in the bar area with Erin holding court, so to speak…conversing with ease…your gestures were filled with grace…your smile was just amazing. I watched through the evening as people approached you to talk. You were so comfortable with yourself, I was in awe. I remember thinking how fortunate I was that you were my cousin and was looking forward to really really getting to know you…books, relationships, career stuff. Afterall, being about two generations apart, we didn’t have a whole lot in common. I was just your goofy older cousin who tried to make you laugh, sometimes made you cry, but above all, loved you dearly.

    I miss you Brooke. Know that your kind, thoughtful and intelligent spirit will live on in our children. We will make sure of that. I will always carry your picture and make sure that everyone in our family for generations to come will know what a wonderful person you were…forever.


    Wayne, Cousin
  • It was the night of Ross & Iris’s wedding when I first realized you, my baby cousin, became a woman. You were hanging in the bar area with Erin holding court, so to speak…conversing with ease…your gestures were filled with grace…your smile was just amazing. I watched through the evening as people approached you to talk. You were so comfortable with yourself, I was in awe. I remember thinking how fortunate I was that you were my cousin and was looking forward to really really getting to know you…books, relationships, career stuff. After all, being about two generations apart, we didn’t have a whole lot in common. I was just your goofy older cousin who tried to make you laugh, sometimes made you cry, but above all, loved you dearly.

    I miss you, Brooke. Know that your kind, thoughtful and intelligent spirit will live on in our children. We will make sure of that. I will always carry your picture and make sure that everyone in our family for generations to come will know what a wonderful person you were…forever.


    Wayne, cousin
  • This is my baby.
    For those of you who don’t know her, I feel bad for you.
    She is the most beautiful girl in the world.
    Her name is Brooke Jackman, and she has been my girlfriend for the past year and eight months.
    To portray her extraordinary personality and presence in words alone, is an unattainable challenge that could never do justice to the original .
    Nonetheless, with the current situation, I have no choice but to attempt the impossible.
    Her smile is like sitting in Washington Square Park on the first beautiful day of spring.
    You can feel the radiance within your heart illuminating the rest of your body, while all of your problems quickly dissolve into a feeling of contentment.
    When she laughs, you feel bad for everyone else in the world , because they could never be as happy as she is.
    She personifies a rare fusion of childlike, and womanlike qualities that I have never seen before in any individual, and if I have, they did not look as good while doing it.
    There is a specific light which emanates from her when she is doing nothing, and
    this light seems to warm everyone that is lucky enough to sit by her.
    I miss this light incredibly and painfully.
    I will always remember the great times that I was lucky enough to have had with Brooke, as well as carry on the positive qualities that she has forcefully instilled in me.

    I love you Brooke

    Randy Coren, Boyfriend
  • Brooke,

    Too few years I had to know you and love you.
    So much I have learned about you since you’ve been lost. Gone to those who love you, you will never be, as you will remain a part of all of us forever…

    Your smile, spirit, and beauty will forever keep you shining on us, giving all of those who love you the strength to go on. Missing you, and seeing the pain on the faces of your family, is to experience the involuntary tears that trickle down my cheek. Future times without you, is a loss too precious to describe.

    I know in my soul that you are in a safe place, a place that is beautiful, where you are free and happy. Continue to blossom into the wonderful woman you have become. Follow your dreams and pursue those goals you initiated here…

    Glenn and I were so proud to have you in our wedding, and as we continually stare at the beautiful, glowing, angelic pictures of you from that day we will forever be grateful to have known your love…


    P.S. Sammy loves your Winnie The Pooh twirling light that Marissa gave him…he sends you lots of Hugs and Kisses…XOXOXO…Forever…

    Robin Steinberg, Cousin
  • To The Jackman Family,
    As the holiday season is upon us we want Barbara,Bob, Erin, Ross and Iris to know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We have memories of Brooke and Lisa at Hanukkah parties and decorating trees at Christmas parties. You will always be in our prayers.

    Wanda, John, Lisa, Ryan and Morgan

    The Brady's, friends
  • Randy introduced us to Brooke almost 2 years ago. I remember her walking into our home with those big beautiful eyes, standing a little tentatively as we all went through the introductions. But then she smiled, and what a smile! That smile melted away all of that nervous tension that was hanging in the air and a beautiful relationship began.
    I laugh to myself with a tear in my heart as I pass a green sweatshirt jacket that Brooke seemed to adopt whenever she was here. We would always kid her about her low tolerance to the cold.
    I find myself, while cooking dinner, thinking about Brooke’s likes and dislikes, she had such a wonderfully honest approach to everything.
    I see a water bottle and smile, Brooke’s constant companion.
    We are richer for knowing Brooke, but the world is poorer for losing her.
    Brooke, you became part of our family and we are mourning.

    Janice Coren, friend
  • the Jackman family-
    I’m Ann’s dad. I think about ann and brooke and all the others who worked as a family on the l04th. How fortunate Cantor was to have such a brilliant work force-how fortunate we were to have such loving and beautiful daughters. they were together in the beginning and I’m sure together thru the entire ordeal. Both were the youngest in their families-both will be missed-especially now at CHRISTMAS. It is so sad. please know that our thoughts and prayers are with the jackman family and our daughter’s spirits are with us both-hope to meet you folks sometime – gary

    gary s nelson, Dad of Ann (a co-worker of Brooke)
  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you Brookie. I miss you more and more as the days go on, and I will continue to do so.
    If my heart is right, even though it feels broken.
    If my faith is still here, after it was so hard to keep.
    I know you Brookie, and you’re looking at me right now. Looking over my shoulder, reading whatever book I am reading (even though you probably already read it). I dream about you often, and I hope I always will. I miss hearing your voice, so dreams are hard to wake up from. Please still be the good friend that you always were, because one day I’ll be seeing you. I love you and miss you.

    Marie Carnesi, Dear, old friend
  • Brookie,

    I am writing to you while Sammy and I watch the video of his second birthday party. Soon, our favorite part will be on–when he blows out his candles. It’s now my favorite part because I will briefly see you right behind him smiling and laughing as he says that he is two.

    Brookie, Erin was more attached to Melisa and Ross was more attached to Wayne. Your mom promised me that the next, you, would be for me. You have always had a special place in my heart.

    Brooke, I’m watching you now on the video and I have so much love for you and I always will.

    Glenn, Cousin
  • Brooke- It is New Year’s Eve and I definitely do not feel like celebrating. This year sucked!! Then again, most people aren’t celebrating this year.We all miss you and our lives will never be the same because of the loss that we have experienced. I went to the Chanukah party and it wasn’t the same without you there. They didn’t have the chicken noodle soup that you loved. However, you would have enjoyed the mashed potatoes. I was watching Alexis and Hayley play together, that will always be so special to me, because they remind me of you and me. Two adorable cute lil cousins only a year and a half apart. I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you and your beautiful smile. I miss you dearly.
    Love you, Gillian

    Gillian, cousin
  • Brooke-
    It’s now 2002…….
    I was watching the movie Crazy/Beautiful and I started thinking of you: how I miss you, how I’d do anything just to see you again, hear your sweet voice, see your dancing smile….I carry pictures of you everywhere with me: in my locker at school, in my bag that Erin gave me, and always in my heart…..as tears rolled down my cheeks in despair my mom said, “Wherever she is, I know she is ok”. Now that I think about that, I know it is true. I miss you so much and I’m sorry for fighting with my sisters….In a wierd way I think it’s one way we show we love each other… and as another year goes by…as it struck midnight…I just thought how much more I will love you, and look up to you….you were not only my cousin but a role model – one that will always be….not because of looks but because of heart. I know I could never be you but there is a part of you in me like a glowing ember that will never go out. I love you Brooke so much – to the moon, the stars and back again times infinity….. every time I lose something, I pick a symbol to help me remember them always. For Zoe (my old dog) I picked a small black ceramic doll dog…which reminds me a lot of her. But for you, Brooke I have choosen the cresent moon….because the sliver reminds me of your beautiful smile. And even though the cresent isn’t there with me every day….it always comes back!
    Once again, I love you Brooke!

    Maddy Mindich, Cousin
  • Brooke,
    I am so lucky to have you so close to me…So lucky to have been able to grow up around the corner from you, to have gone to school with you everyday, and so lucky to be able to spend every summer with you. Your beauty is so indescribable. Not just your physical beauty but your personality. I have never met anyone else with such compassion to help others as you have. From the day I can remember first running around with you, you were such an unbelievable friend, always looking out and taking care of me. I will never forget the time we spent together…as I hold it next to my heart. A day does not go by that I don’t hear your voice or think of your beautiful smile that could brighten up the saddest of days. I miss you so much… And I will always hold you close to me. I love you Brooke.

    Michael Deutsch, Oldest
  • Dearest Brooke,
    Sometimes the words don’t come as easily as a person wants them to. I find it very difficult to put into words how I feel about you, I just feel it. However, in reading through the other messages that have been written about your big brown eyes, your independence and your love of books, it helps bring these thoughts forward and puts a smile on my face. However, most of all, I remember you sitting by our pool with a book in your hands, a grin on your face and your legs tucked beneath you. Seeing you like that made Aunt Gail and me very happy. We miss you and love you.
    Uncle Chuck

    Uncle Chuck, Uncle
  • Brookie, Brookie, Brookie,
    It has taken me quite sometime to be able to write this to you. It does not seem real to me that you are not on this earth anymore. I think about you everyday and the special times we have shared together. I see you often in my dreams. When I wake up from those dreams I always want to call you and the realization that I can’t pierces through my heart. I know over the past few years we were not as close as we used to be but that never changed the love I felt for you. We grew up together and I always tell people that you are truly my best friend. You and I were always so much a like it was scary. That’s probably why we got into so much trouble together! We always knew what eachother was thinking. We went through a lot of good times and bad together and we always managed to get through them. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and smile. You always brought a smile to my face with that beautiful smile of yours. Everytime I hear the song “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor, I think of you. I want to dedicate that song to you sweetie. Please don’t ever forget how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I look forward to seeing you in my dreams.
    I love you and miss you my friend.
    Love always,

    Lindsay, Friend
  • Brooke,
    Words cannot express how much you are missed by family and friends. Not a day goes bye that you don’t appear in our thoughts. Whether it is about you and Gillian making sure the bathrooms worked at every restaurant/hotel or anywhere else when you were a little girl or how we celebrated Passover with your new found nose ring (to our surprise). I can see you clearly at the Labor Day party when Hayley was saying “BROOKE”. It brought smiles to all of our faces. Hayley will always know that she shared her birthday with her big older cousin, Brooke. You really had grown to be a beautiful young women with the confidence to do anything. Reading all of these messages and all the other Brooke stories shows just how much you meant to so many people. You are truly missed, BUT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. ALL OUR LOVE,
    Stacey, David and Hayley Kushner.

    David Kushner, Cousin
  • Brooke,

    Schmookie this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I don’t know where to begin. How can I possibly put 13 years of our friendship and what you mean to me into words? For weeks I have been thinking about the perfect thing to write, but it is impossible. You have had such an enormous impact on my life, you are an amazing woman and you mean the world to me.

    I am glad that we got to spend so much time together since we’ve graduated college. Whether it was going to dinner, going out or just hanging out at your apartment, I always had a great time with you. I am so thankful that we were able to go up to camp this summer to visit the place that made us the friends we are today. I will always cherish our special memories.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are always in my dreams, and nothing makes me happier than spending those precious moments with you. I miss you so much. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate woman I know and you will always be a part of my life. I love you


    Samantha Schneibolk, Friend
  • Brooke I know I’ve written a lot already but I couldn’t explain with all the words in the world how much I love you.
    Here’s a poem I wrote for you for Chanukah.

    I Will Always Love You

    No matter what I say
    Whatever dues I have to pay
    I will always love you.
    Brooke I wanted you to know that’s true.
    Even though it makes me blue
    That I won’t be able to see you
    And hear your voice so sweet
    Seeing you was always such a treat
    As memories pass in my mind
    I wish the truth were blind.
    You were always who I looked up to
    I will always, always love you!

    Maddy Mindich, Cousin
  • Brooke
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I know these past few years we weren’t as close as we used to be but that never changed the fact that everytime we saw eachother we had great conversations and laughs about old times.
    You are such a beautiful, smart and talented woman. No one will ever forget you. Im glad I was able to be part of your life.
    I love and miss you very much.

    To Mr & Mrs Jackman,Ross and Erin my family and I send our deepest sympathy.
    Love Always

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Brooke, we go way back to the glory days of camp Pontiac where we were best friends. The sleep overs at your house or mine. I remember the first time I met you it was at a camp reunion your sister introduced us because you were coming the following year and we hit it off that day. I remember speaking to you over the winter and asking what you were doing and a normal reply would be “talking to you, reading a book, and doing homework” I never understood that I’d say to myself all at the same time. You missed one summer with us and when you came back everything fell into place. We lost touch after that summer and recently about three months before 9/11 we got in contact again writing to eachother throught e-mail everyday just tring to catch up on each others lives. Brooke I am sorry we did not have more time, I think of you always and you will always have a very special place in my heart forever. Every time I hear the song “she’s just 16 years old” I always think of you. When everyone in the bunk was tring to go to sleep but we were sharing head phones and singing that song really loud. Brooke I love you and will always miss you and think of you, you hold a special place in my heart and memories.
    love lil espo

    Susie Esposito, Friend
  • How can I possibly begin this? Brooke, that is the same question I asked myself when I first met you, or at least first started hanging out with the same people you did. Being as shy as I still am, how could I even talk to this girl whose mere presence is so overwhelming? But you made it easy, and brought so much happiness to my life. I can honestly say Brooke, that you were the first person in my life who I felt genuinely honored to be around. I could probably write a book about you, but your humility wouldn’t allow it. Thank you for all our long talks, for all the times you drove me places, and for calling me and “dragging” me out every time you came home. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you, especially after waiting on that line for soooo long (tell him I said hi). Thank you for being an icon of all the principles we should strive for in life, especially love, truth, and courage. Thank you Brooke, for being you.

    I will love you forever.


    Daniel LaMarca, friend
  • Dear Brooke,
    It has taken me a long time to write this, but that does not mean that I haven’t thought about you every day. Reading through the tributes that family and friends have written to you, my eyes begin to water, then someone mentions a funny memory or detail that portrays you so vividly, and I picture you and smile. I remember when you moved onto my floor freshman year and all I had heard about you was that you had a nose ring and lots of piercings in your ears, so I thought that you might be too “alternative” for me. Little did I know, you would end up becoming one of my closest friends at school. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago we spent so many of our days together and that in the spur of a moment so much has changed forever. If it is true that when we dream about those we have lost it is their way of telling us that they are okay, then I know that you must be safe. Although I always knew you were a good friend (and my favorite roommate), I don’t think it was until after you were gone that I fully realized just how special you were. You had so many qualities that many people try to emulate but few actually achieve. You were so happily independent and open-minded, never classifying people and refusing to have others do it to you. I am just so glad that I was able to share a part of your life and I will never forget you.
    Love always, Elissa

    Elissa Refold, friend
  • Brooke,
    I just wanted to let you know there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that you haven’t been on my mind. These past six months have not been the same in so many peoples’ lives.
    I was just going through my old pictures of all of us in your house when we had that party when your parents were away and your mom caught us because a picture in the living room was crooked. We all had so much fun together. I will never, ever forget all the good times we had together. You were always such a great friend. I’m glad I was able to be part of your life.
    I miss you Brooke
    Love Always

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Hey Brooke~
    I miss you….for me, writing usually comes out so easy….but now it’s different. I hear and see different stories of you in my mind every second of every day….not knowing what was real….or what I just imagined. I don’t know how else to explain it but I miss you so much. I hope you don’t mind but in French we have to translate our favorite children book. I picked 6 Beds For Bitsy, sometimes I just like reading it over and over until I fall asleep. It reminds me of you, your creativity. I also remember how you and I used to feed Bitsy all that cheese. 2 more days till my birthday…I’m so excited but I miss you….everything’s different now….it seems like everyone is missing a big part in their lives….It’s wierd to talk about one thing without thinking about another….I know you’re looking down on all of us…..watching our every move and smiling knowing you are in our hearts whenever we do anything…I love you so much!

    Maddy, Cousin
  • Brookie- I just read what Maddy wrote. She is so grown up and right on the money with everything she says. You try to talk about other things, but you are always thinking about what has happened. I went out to dinner with Erin, Ross and Iris. It was good to see them, but it was bittersweet, because we all knew you should have been there. It has been six months, and I don’t think this situation has hit me yet. I still almost call you or email you. Who knows when it will hit? It is still unreal. We (all your family and friends) think of you often. I miss you and love you dearly.

    Gillian, cousin
  • Brooke,
    I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and also wanted to wish you a Happy Passover.
    I love and miss you very much.

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Hi Brookie,
    I miss you so much, and I think about you every day. I used to daydream about the most pointless things, and now all I think of is you, and how badly I want to see you again. Today is Easter Sunday, this holiday brings me back to our trip together to your family in Florida. That was my first time on a plane, and i’ll never forget how funny, and caring you were to me while I was scared. Those were the days. I will always cherish that memory along with every other one, because there are thousands. I just wish there could be more Brooke. You taught me the meaning of the word cherish.I am so thankful for being able to tell you I loved you that last time I saw you. I will never forget how cute you looked, and you telling me about all of the food you consumed at your house. Hot dogs, burgers, you name it you ate it. I love you Brooke. I will see you in my dreams.

    Marie, friend
  • Brooke.. I don’t know where to start. I need to talk to you. How are we supposed to do this? Go on with our lives without you? It’s not possible. You were such a huge part of our lives…part of me died on Sept. 11th with you. As tears drip down my face and sobs rack my soul, I read all the beautiful things about you and know that they are true. I love the stories most of all, because I’ve already heard them from your own mouth. I’d give anything to hear your voice, to see your smile, to feel your arm in mine. I know it’s not possible…but please know you are with me every day. I can’t bear the thought of living my life without you. I miss you and I love you more than I could ever put into words. Love, Errie

    Erin Jackman, Sister
  • Our lives touch so many others, countless people whom those closest to us do not even know of. And the more special our spirit, the farther afield our connections reach. Brooke was one such special person. Whether she was making us laugh, or think about how to make the world a better place, she touched our lives. We will remember her in her knit cap, looking like Ali MacGraw in “Love Story,” walking down a busy Manhattan street, with her nose in a book. We will remember how special her bond was with her family, her love for them and her concern for their well-being. We will never forget that amazing smile or the warmth and life within her eyes. And we, each in our own way, will try to carry on her contagious enthusiasm for life. Our thoughts and prayers have been continually with Brooke and her family. We were but a small and brief circle of Brooke’s life, yet we will never forget her. We miss you Brooke.

    Marcel Dekker, Inc., Friend
  • Jackmans-its been a few weeks now since I was in NY and stopped by your office – I am pleased that we were able to visit about our beautiful daughters-so often my thoughts turn to that wonderful group of young people at the agency desk of cantor-they were a very special part of so many of us left behind but not forgotten – we will talk later-god bless your famiy…Gary 5-4-02

    Gary S. Nelson, Daughter Ann was a co-worker
  • There is a star named heaven
    Where you and I are one
    An eternal circle of light
    More brilliant than the Sun

    Our bodies are just water
    Our bodies are but clay
    Yet the energy that animates
    Does not here forever stay

    We forget this life is brief
    But a whisper of a thought
    And when we lose our way here
    It seems its all for naught

    Here we may feel alone
    Here we seem apart
    Yet the truth remains the same
    Just listen to your heart

    Before time began
    There was just but One
    So we’re all of the essence
    Of that eternal Sun

    The doorway’s ever open
    We travel to and fro
    Like a mighty yet gentle river
    That never ceases to flow

    Bound with love to each other
    Our experiences never die
    Nor do our roving spirits
    Created but to fly

    Our circle can not be broken
    The bonds can’t be untied
    And we never lose that connection
    with our loved ones who’ve died

    O blithe beautiful spirit
    dancing on the wind
    caressing the trees
    You cause the leaves to flutter
    You set my heart to pound
    as you gently brush my shoulder
    to tell me you’re still around


    Marcel Dekker, Inc., Friends
  • Brooke,
    I just wanted to write and say that I miss you. Even though I have only met you a couple of times, you always had a smile on your face. Your happiness was contagious. Not a day goes by when I hear about the tragedy that I don’t think of you. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. I do cherish the little time we did spend together. You will never be forgotten.

    Jack Meredith, Friend (Randy's roomate)
  • Dear Brooke,
    You were Erin’s little sister and you went everywhere with us…I can still see you clearly in pigtails, bangs, big brown eyes, lightly freckled nose, and petite little body. I loved going over to your house because you were the little sister I never had. However, at five, you had THE strongest lungs of any child I ever knew. I remember when Erin and I thought we flattened your head and boy could you scream. I remember the day your mother came home and told us you were chosen for the gifted program at school. Erin and I stood in awe! We pulled you aside and demanded to know why you didn’t tell us you were a genius…you were 6. I can tell you a hundred different stories about Brooke but the image that will remain clear in my mind are her brown eyes…they danced. Brooke could speak with them. She was such an extraordinary little girl who grew into a beautiful young woman. She was so beautiful, smart as a whip, and caring from the time she could talk. I truly loved Brooke.
    Brooke, you will always be remembered.
    Love Always,

    Jamie Salem, Old Friend
  • Brooke…
    I still find this so hard to write. The fact that to speak to you, I have to write on a website. Though I speak to you in my dreams everynight. I miss you so much. There are so many things I still need to tell you and to talk to you about. This week there is a camp reunion. You and I had so many great years together at pontiac. From the time we were 7 to about 17. One of my many favorite things with you were our many hour upon hour talks…Whether it was about nothing our whatever issues we had…but just standing or sitting there as I would hold up my hands and you would punch them as we spoke for hours. I still remember standing my the dugouts doing it day after day. Going to this reunioun without you will be so hard… But the again so is spending everyday without you. I feel fortunate though that you bless me in the same recurring dream every night… I am always so happy to see you and don’t want to let you go…You always ask what’s wrong with me? I guess its that I miss you and love you so much…


    Michael Duetsch, Friend
  • Hi Brookie! Just wanted to say hi to you! I miss you and I think of you a lot. You are in my dreams and always in my mind. I want to talk to you so badly in person about all the things going on in my life, both good and bad. I want to walk in a room and see your bright smile and hear your distinct voice and laugh. It kills me not to be able to do that. However, there is not a day that goes by that thoughts of you do not fill my mind and I just wanted you to know that. I love you and miss you dearly.
    Your “big” cousin, Gillian

    Gillian, cousin
  • Hi Brooke-

    The newspaper confirmed you were gone yesterday, and I feel that much more sadder for your family and friends. I can’t even begin to imagine what life has been like for them without you these past 9 months. My thoughts and prayers have and are always with them.

    I will always fondly remember working with you side by side and all the fun conversations we had. You always had such a wonderful smile. I wish we had stayed in touch after you left. I knew you were unhappy, and you wanted to do something more with your life. I know you would have succeeded and thensome had you been given the chance.

    We were all in such shock and so upset when we found out about you. That whole day was insane. I am so sorry, Brooke. I’m sorry for you and the others that I also knew. None of this is fair, and it certainly has shaken my faith. I’m trying so hard still to understand something that is completely incomprehensible. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.

    You know, every day on my way home (To Jersey), I always make sure that I sit on the right side of the bus because I want to be able to look at the NY skyline after leaving the Lincoln Tunnel. I always say a small prayer for you and everyone else as I look toward downtown and see that awful void. Most of the time I get teary-eyed. Other times, I’m just angry. Some of my friends say that doing this is not good for me, and that I shouldn’t be dwelling on this so much. Well, I can’t not think about it. I can’t just let go and pretend like this never happened. This is our reality now, and I never want to forget it.

    We were friends and co-workers for such a short time, but you had made an ever-lasting impression on me with your kindness and wonderful personality long before 9/11/01. I will never forget you, Brooke.


    Vanessa Sanchez, Old friend and co-worker
  • Memories: the mental faculty of maintaining past experience. Memories are the one thing I have and will always have with you. No matter where you are, I will always rember you. Sometimes, before I go to bed, I feel like you’re there at the other side reading a book to me. Or sometimes sharing some crackers and “I Can’t Belive It’s Not Butter” with me I miss you so much. They’ve declared they have identified you. The mental realization of not being able to see you again is the worst feeling…they’re not gonna find you alive in some shelter underground like I’ve dreamed so many nights. Brookie, sometimes I think I can hear you reasuring me when I think I’ve done something wrong or even helping me with a test telling me to circle a instead of b. If I try hard enough I even believe I can see your beautiful dancing smile. Just last week when I was with Nany at Borders near where Lily had her last birthday party, I thought I heard you telling me to pick a certain book “as long as we’re together” that’s how I knew you’re always gonna be here with us, that we’re always going to be together, your compassionate heart watching over us, celebrating, crying, laughing, smiling with us. Brooke, I love you, I miss you, I just want you to know that’s true.
    I love you!

    Maddy, Cousin
  • Dear Brooke,
    Not a day goes by that we do not think of you, your smile, your knowledge and your sense of family. As we read to alexis each night,we hope that she will have your same love of books not to mention your individual style and determination. I remember sitting at iris and ross’ wedding thinking what a beautiful young woman you had become. I hope that alexis has a little bit of you in her as she grows and we will always have you in our hearts.
    Stewart,Lauren, & Alexis Kushner

    stewart, lauren, and alexis, cousins
  • Hi Brooke. Last week, I went to St. Rocco’s for a little just to do some gambling with my boyfriend. I know you wouldn’t have necessarily been there, but I am sure if you were on the island, you would have made an appearance or I would have called you up to say meet me there. We are a lil’ too old for fairs now, but I was thinking of how many times I saw you there, either I went with you or ran into you there. I remember how you were always surrounded by tons of friends and I felt so special to be your cousin and to be there hanging out with you. It was a much younger crowd and I didn’t see anyone who you were friends with, but I thought of you and remembered us being there when we were younger. I wanted to shout out your name and say to everyone, who I was, who you were and what happened to you. It was as if nothing had happened and the world had moved on, people enjoying themselves and having a good time. I know I have done a lot in the past year and have seen other people having a good time, but it just felt strange and hurtful being in your neighborhood and surroundings. However, I know that people are able to have a good time and still have these feelings of loss inside of them. I guess that horrible phrase has to stand.. “Life has to go on”. Anytime, I am over in those parts, I think of you.. like I always did.. when you were here. Two weeks ago, I went to the Roslyn movie theater with a friend of mine and I was thinking how we went there last summer. I hadn’t been there since, and I was there with my friend the same exact weekend that I was there with you last year. I also got sour patch kids.. just like you and I got. Thought of you last week, when I ate the Tabby’s salad as well. At least I will always have the memories to remind me of you…Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you…I truly believe that you will get to see what these tributes say…so I will keep them coming…cause all you Jackmans, know that I can talk…I love you Brookie…miss you too…

    Gillian, Cousin
  • I miss you Brooke. That is all I have to say. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. This is all too much, and I can’t write anything else. I am sure that I can write the memories, but they still won’t give me what I want. I miss your voice, and the comfort that it gave me. Brooke, I just want you to be here. I love you. I am always thinking of you.

    Marie, Friend
  • brooke-
    i miss u so much. i keep waiting for somebody to wake us all up from this nightmare. i miss the sound of your voice, the feel of your arm linked through mine. it seems so unreal to me that i can’t call u up 99 times a day, the way we used to. everthing reminds me of u- people mag, my books, sammy-the dog, the house, certain movies, daddy’s b-day-when u and i took him out to celebrate it last year but made him pay. being on vacation with them is so painful without you. we always shared a room on vacations and had our routines-your doing! i find myself staring at your pictures and trying to “hear” your voice, your laughter, your teasing (of me) in my mind. it doesn’t seem possible that ross and iris are having a baby without you being here with me-to spoil it. nothing seems real without you. i keep waiting for you to come back. on the street, i see someone with your walk or your sneaks, or your pony tail. i get my hopes up for a second, and then i get a closer look. reality hits. i feel it somewhere deep inmy soul that you are somehow in some way with us. i wish you would give me some sign. i was in spain, and i felt you with me in barcelona. i keep in touch with your friends, its weird how much i know about them and they know about me. all from you-our link. i think they need me and i need them in some way to help us. you are always with me, no matter what i’m doing or talking about, its you that i think of. ross’ baby will always know you. i promise you. i promise to tell him or her all of your stories.i miss you so much.
    i love u so much.

    erin jackman, sister
  • Brooke, the Brookster, the baby, so beautiful, so bright, so wonderful. She always made notes of her daily projects; she hated to forget anything. She had to be perfect-to do everything to perfection. She was the best and she always tried to see the best in everyone, always respected the other person’s right to be different. Brooke loved books reading all the time. I would bring her to work when she was a little girl and she would read her books all day in the office until she fell asleep on the couch. Brooke was the baby, the youngest of three, like me. I would tell her that’s what made her so strong, so independent, so focused because she always had to stick up for herself with her older brother and sister.
    She was so delightful, always a breath of fresh air. Brooke had her own mind; she was her own person with so much to do, so little time. I always felt that we were so much alike that we had a special rapport. Not only father and daughter but a rich relationship of love, warmth and friendship that transcended everything-a look, a nod, a wink of an eye-we knew it, we felt it, we got the joke. It was a special something that we shared.
    Brooke, you will always be alive in our hearts and never forgotten.

    Love Always,

    Robert Jackman, Father
  • Dear Brooke,
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you. Pictures & images of you flash before my eyes like movies in my mind. I see you as the little girl you used to be: when I dressed you up & did your hair, in camp at the flagpole in your dirty clothes, reading your books in a corner ignoring the party around you, in the old house taking forever to brush your teeth, chasing after Ross & I, and at the beach in Montauk. I see you now as the woman you grew up to be: independent, full of life, someone who always speaks her mind, standing up for others, your perfect memory and your extreme attention to detail.
    I see you laying on my bed, cuddling together, setting up my classroom, fixing my computer, eating everything, getting the Great Neck muffins, sharing secrets, private jokes and your magazines,leaving yourself “to-do” phone messages, raising one eyebrow at me for missing your point. I can hear your voice when I am wasteful of paper towels & lip balm or as you call “Hi Pretty!” to Sammy or “Hi Errie!” to me. I see us on the 2nd Floor of Bloomingdales, shopping downtown-with you leading the way or as we walked down every street, laughing, arm in arm-your head on my shoulder.
    Everywhere I go, I bring you with me in my heart. And everyday I know how lucky I was to have you as my sister-even for the short time we had together.
    No one could ever take your place: my sister, my best friend. You will be with me always.

    I love you forever
    -Erin (“Errie”)

    Erin Jackman, Sister
    What I will remember…… I will always remember your beauty, your courage, your determination and your smile. You would light up a room with your presence. I can still see us dancing in the kitchen, always laughing together. I can still see us shopping arm in arm down the streets of Manhattan.I can still see us at the museum, eating our way through the private cocktail party. I can still see us exchanging good books to read. I can still see us having our special talks. I can still see you putting your head on my shoulder or sitting on my lap. You were my baby and I never let you forget that. Not only did I admire you but I was always proud of you.
    You had so many admirable qualities that it was hard not to adore you. You were a perfectionist with yourself but compassionate, caring and accepting of everyone else. You last words to us were “I love you guys” and we will always love you so much.


    Barbara Jackman, Mother
  • Another reminder of you… Last weekend, I went to the Hamptons with my boyfriend and we went to meet up with friends for dinner in Westhampton. They chose the restaurant and it was the same restaurant that we had went to with your mom for lunch, a few summers back. I passed the candy store, and the clothing stores we shopped in and Haagen Daz, as well. I just thought it was such a coincidence that they chose that restaurant. Before last weekend, the only time I can remember being in Westhampton was with you and your mom and my memories were bittersweet. We had went there for your birthday and we sat on the deck, reading books and magazines amd we wore big sweatshirts because of the wind. It is almost your birthday, once again. Ten days from today! You will be 24 years old, (obviously, you know how old you are) and although we won’t be celebrating here that day, we will think of you and miss you. Just wanted to say hi and that I will be thinking of you even more than usual in the next couple of weeks. Love you Brookster…

    Gillian, cousin
  • Brooke, After reading all of these beautiful words to you, I sit here with tears falling down my face. What an awful tragedy to have taken you away from the world at such a young age. I read that Erin likes reading the stories about you. Well, I’ll add one to that. Erin and I were going out to the Hamptons one weekend a few years ago, but we couldn’t find the car anywhere…because you had it! Your dad took us on a hunt searching for you and we finally found you somewhere in Oyster Bay clueless to the fact that Erin needed the car. I don’t know why this story stands out in my head, but I guess it just sums up the fact that you were so independent and care-free. I remember that we just laughed when we found you because you were too sweet to be angry at. I hope you are somewhere that makes you happy, looking down on everyone here who misses you so much. You are in my thoughts and so many of my dreams at night. Be well.

    Jessica Molk, friend
  • Brooke,

    Happy Birthday Schmookie. We love and Miss you.

    Love always,
    Sam and Marc

    Samantha and Marc, Friend
  • Brooke, 8-28-02
    I still can’t get over the fact that your not here with us anymore. It breaks my heart. A girl with everything going for herself has been taken away from her family and friends for no reason. Like I have said before, there hasn’t been one day since this tragedy that you were not on my mind.
    I miss you very much along with many, many others.
    Love you always,

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Brooke,

    Words can not express what a wonderful person you were. You had the ability to make people feel good about themselves just by being around you. We shared many laughs together and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I miss and love you.

    Lisa Brady, Friend
  • Happy Birthday to you always. 8/28/2002

    Beth, friend
  • Dear Brooke,
    Thinking of you on your birthday and always. We love and miss you!
    Aunt Ann, Gillian, Stewart, Lauren, Alexis, Stacey, David and Hayley

    Kushner, cousins
  • I only knew Brooke through the reflected love of her extended family. Most especially her cousin Wayne — one of my best friends since our freshman year at college over twenty years ago. I can’t say I knew Brooke well, but I always knew she would be something special.

    Wayne spoke often of his family, including his cousins Erin, Ross and Brooke. Certainly more often than any of us spoke about our own families in those days. When I visited him at his Long Island home that summer I started to understand why. I remember being impressed by the exceptional closeness of the Steinberg and Jackman families. They were everything you would want out of an extended family. There was lots of laughter, respect, friendship, noise and palpable love. In all directions too — the adults had the same easy relationships with the kids as they did with each other. I met Erin and Ross for the first time that trip and remember thinking they were a couple of steps ahead of other kids their age. Ross could really talk baseball for an eight-year old, and Erin, at nine, had an unusually smart sense of humor. Back then, Brooke was simply this really cute, tiny kid. Maybe three years old. And the entire family just seemed to revolve around her and gravitate towards her.

    Several years later, I was once again visiting Wayne and we were playing basketball in the Jackmans’ driveway. Brooke, home with a friend, couldn’t have been more than nine years old at the time. This is when she became more than just the “really cute tiny kid” to me. This is when I started to understand why Wayne and the rest of them talked so much about how great she was. And it’s real simple. She got the joke. I had gone up to her room to talk with her and noticed she was tightly clutching this diary the whole time we were speaking. With a straight face I told her I was going to read all the entries when she wasn’t around. What struck me was that she knew instantly I never had any intention of reading her diary. Instead, she started milking the joke with me in a big way — with striking similarity to the way her cousin Wayne and I did to the dismay of many around us — and she did it with that big beautiful smile on her face the whole time (“Oh NO, my friend, you will NEVER see my private thoughts!”). I got a real kick out of it. We talked and laughed like this for a while and I remember thinking, “This little girl is smart, funny, beautiful, AND she gets the joke. She’s going to be such a cool adult!” I can’t say I knew Brooke well. But I know I was right about her.

    Todd Safon
    A family friend.

    Todd Safon, Family friend
  • Dear Brooke,

    I prayed everyday since that day that you would come home to your family. Elissa and I called your cellphone that night, but you didn’t pick up. I told myself that you were lost, but was coming home soon. One night, however, I had a dream I saw you. I saw you dressed in white, sitting on fire escape in front of an open window, dangling your feet and waving to everyone below, with the same smile I remember you having. I still remember your voice, and I remember how happy you and Elissa were at graduation. I remember the first time I met you when you said you couldn’t eat all the candy your aunt sent you, and so gave it all to Elissa. I remember us dancing at Moonlighting, and I remember how much fun we had when we went out. It pains me that you’re not here with us. I think about you everyday. I think of your brother and sister, and I know their pain having lost my brother a long time ago. Dear Brooke, you are loved and missed. Peace be with you and your family. My heart will always have a piece of you in it. God bless you and keep you.

    Love always,


    Stefan Veronica Davis, friend
  • A friend of mine once said “everyone thinks selfishley when in pain” well for me an all my friends and family, and the rest of the world it is time to overcome that. Now at the most we need to be caring, kind, loving, and united. We have all experienced much pain in our life, some external, some internal, or some in yuor heart, a year from tomarrow we will be forced to rember something that has wounded us all deeply. Whether loosing a friend, or part of the family, even a role model, or just someone you met, or even heard about. Our hearts have been wounded so deeply that a scar has now formed, whether its a frown, or a tear, or just simply the black ribbon we wear on our shirts to show the inner scar, were all in pain. I know my family is greatly wounded by the loss of our great friend, and member of the family brooke. Yet i wonder how something so great can bring so much sadness. All the great times weve had with such a great person, memories that have also scarred our minds. Whether it was sitting there reading a book with brooke, shopping with her, or just plainly being in her glowing presence, we will always rember, and never forget. I wish more then anything that our family will be together and happy all through our years, even when one departs, or another is brought in, we share our love forever and always, because that is what brooke would want us to do. I can picture her watching over us when we hug, and smiling when we are thinking of her, happy to know we miss her as much as she misses us, and happy when were happy, and sad when we are bestowed with despair, I miss her greatly, and love my family i want you all to know that, Brooke I love you and miss you, Erin i love you, please feel better we still need to go out for our sushi in the city, Aunt BArbra and Uncle Bob I love you please be happy. Brookes happy when we are, Ross and Iris, i love you and cant wait for the baby, all my great Uncles and aunts and grandparents i love you sooo much I just want to let you know that, we need to be together now, love all including Brooke who always be with us, in our thoughts, in our mind, in our heart

    MAddy, Cousin
  • Brooke,

    I never met you, yet I feel as if you were a part of my family. You were one of those faces, who I spotted on the missing persons billboard and could never forget. On the 1st anniversary of this attack, I dedicate everything I do in life to you, Erik Isbrandtsen (another Cantor employee), and David Alger. I will NEVER forget you, or my associates!

    God Bless America, you and your loved ones!

    Todd Kling

    [email protected]

    Toddo, Stranger
  • I miss you

    Maddy, Cousin
  • A friend of mine once said “everyone thinks selfishley when in pain” well for me an all my friends and family, and the rest of the world it is time to overcome that. Now at the most we need to be caring, kind, loving, and united. We have all experienced much pain in our life, some external, some internal, or some in yuor heart, a year from tomarrow we will be forced to rember something that has wounded us all deeply. Whether loosing a friend, or part of the family, even a role model, or just someone you met, or even heard about. Our hearts have been wounded so deeply that a scar has now formed, whether its a frown, or a tear, or just simply the black ribbon we wear on our shirts to show the inner scar, were all in pain. I know my family is greatly wounded by the loss of our great friend, and member of the family brooke. Yet i wonder how something so great can bring so much sadness. All the great times weve had with such a great person, memories that have also scarred our minds. Whether it was sitting there reading a book with brooke, shopping with her, or just plainly being in her glowing presence, we will always rember, and never forget. I wish more then anything that our family will be together and happy all through our years, even when one departs, or another is brought in, we share our love forever and always, because that is what brooke would want us to do. I can picture her watching over us when we hug, and smiling when we are thinking of her, happy to know we miss her as much as she misses us, and happy when were happy, and sad when we are bestowed with despair, I miss her greatly, and love my family i want you all to

    Maddy, Cousin
  • Cont…know that, Brooke I love you and miss you, Erin i love you, please feel better we still need to go out for our sushi in the city, Aunt BArbra and Uncle Bob I love you please be happy. Brookes happy when we are, Ross and Iris, i love you and cant wait for the baby, all my great Uncles and aunts and grandparents i love you sooo much I just want to let you know that, we need to be together now, love all including Brooke who always be with us, in our thoughts, in our mind, in our heart

    MAddy, Cousin
  • I miss you very much.

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Somehow when I’m upset everything relates back to you. Probably because loosing you was the greatest tragedy, but having you was the greatest joy. This whole concept is hard for me to process, hard for me to think that your gone yet here at the same time. Hard to think that everytime I think of you I want to smile and cry at the same time, and want you back more then anything. Sometimes I think what I would have said to you if I got to see you one last time, see your beautiful smile, hear your very much missed voice. I would probably say I loved you and missed you very much, and you would probably tell me that it was all going to be ok, that your always going to be there. Yet I still feel like I’m missing something. I know my families missing a little spark of joy that we all used to have, and I’d give anything to get that back. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, a quote that I’m just starting to understand, we loved Brooke very much and always will, and through her loss we’ve all been there for each other a little more, acknowleged things a little more. I know things aren’t perfect and probably never will be, but I just hope we can all find happiness since I love you all soo much, that I can’t even find the right word to explain it…Brooke I miss you and I hope you are happy.
    I love you,

    Maddy, Cousin
  • Brooke,
    My family and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Where ever it is that you may be, we hope you’re happy.
    You are missed by so many…
    I love you Brooke

    Tara Friedman and Family, Friend
  • Brooke,

    A few months ago my sister told me to come to this site to read the tributes of all the employees. For some reason I kept coming back to you and kept coming back day after day to see if anyone had written anything else to you. I think I was drawn to you because you are close to my age and you remind me so much of sister-in-law (looks). I had to stop coming to read because I kept crying everytime I would read another tribute, I would tell so many people about this younge girl who looked so cool and nice was taken away from her family and friends in such a tragic way. I felt as if I was getting obsessed in a way but I think back now and I know I was feeling the same way many other people felt and I just was interested in reading what people had to say about you. A few days ago my sister called me (we have typically the same relationship as you and your sister, very close)and said “turn on TNT there is a commericial on the Brooke Jackman foundation!!” I’m so glad that you have a special way of still remaining with everyone. I still am not 100% sure as to why I kept coming back to your tributes, you struck me as such a caring and wonderful person and my prayers go out to you and your family to get through this difficult and tragic time.

    Patty Baum (28 yrs old)
    Queens, NY

    Patricia Baum, stranger
  • Hey there Brookie-
    I miss you so much,and I wish that I could tell you about all of the great things that have been going on in my life. Although they can’t be that great if you aren’t here to share them with me. I miss you and I am always thinking of you sweetie

    Marie, Friend
  • Brooke- I have been trying to write forever, but the website doesn’t work at times. I think of you all the time. I miss you! Love, Gillian

    Gillian, cousin
  • Brooke,
    I still can’t believe you aren’t with us. It really breaks my heart.
    I miss and love you very much.

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Hi Brooke! Miss you lots and I am thinking of you tonight! I think of you often and feel cheated that am not going to be able to spend more time with you. It stinks!! Yesterday, I said to Hayley who are Gigi’s friends. We were sitting with two of my friends and she said with a big smile “BROOKE”. My friends and I were like O MY GOD! It was just strange, but a nice strange to have her say your name so quickly and so loudly.
    You are in my dreams often and I wake up feeling happy because I have seen you. I am exhausted now and I am going to go to sleep. Hopefully, I will have sweet dreams of you!! Love and Miss you.. Gillian

    Gillian, Cousin
  • Brooke,
    I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.
    I miss you so much and wish more than anything in this world you were here with us.
    Love you ALWAYS…

    Tara, Friend
  • It has been a while since ive visited this website, but something possessed me to today. I wish i could talk to you. Sometimes i feel like your just not here anymore, sometimes im not either. Alot has happened this year, alot i am ashamed of but i know you forgive me. I want to try to be a better person, but ive just been in so much pain this whole year. I wish i could just explain. Me and mom started fighting and i got into somethings i really regret, i want to be with you so bad. Me and matt just ended everything, but you told me ill be alright even if it will be hard in the beggining, everythings hard in the beggining, missing you is the hardet thing ive had to face. Im sort of numb to it all now. The babies are beautiful, i want one just not of my own, i love zoe shes so beautiful, and theo the little smiling boy, ryan looks exactly like sammy did, and of course blake who is one of the most beautiful babies ive ever seen, but its hard for me to look at them without seeing you. I see you everywhere, i see you in the pain on my families faces but also in their smiles, Brooke i miss you so much i really wish i could change things, i wish i could fix all their pain, i wish i could fix mine, because i cant help them if i cant help myself. I really wish you were still here but its to late now. I feel like im living the same endless cycle and i dont know why im writing this but i need to get it all out, i really need help. I like the cycle even if it breaks me all the time, whenever im upset about a guy its not him in general its just the fact that its over and its the end, and i simply dont know how to say goodbye, i never got the chance to say good bye to you, and now i will have to carry that around with me forever. I miss you so much and i just wish i could do something, something for you., something for my family, i wish i didnt feel so worthless. I love you all and i love you brooke, im sorry if this hurt anyone

    Maddy Mindich, Cousin
  • Brooke,
    You don’t know me my name is Jen and I live in Australia. Since September 11 I have seen your face everywhere. Those big beautifull eyes and warm kind smile. I felt I had to write something to you. Everytime I come and read these beautiful words your loved ones have written for you I cry my heart out. Why this world had to lose a wonderful soul nobody will every know. I only wish I had the chance to know you.
    May you rest in peace beautiful angel.

    Love Jen (22 yrs old)
    Sydney, Australia
    23rd August 2003

    Jen, Stranger
  • I wanted to wish you a Happy 25th Birthday.
    I love and miss you so much.

    Tara, Friend
  • Dear Ms. Brooke Alexandra Jackman,

    I miss you terribly. And with today being your birthday, the weight of your absence is particularly acute. Right now, I’m at work and can’t focus. It was exactly two years ago today that I last saw you. I had just come back from spending a year in London. When we spoke on the phone early that day, on a scrap of paper I wrote down three things: your cell number, the address of the place we were celebrating your birthday at (103 2nd Ave @ 6th St), and that you got out of work at 5:15pm. Like you, I’m still trying to keep track of the details. To this day, I carry this scrap of paper around in my wallet. Every so often, I rediscover it tucked away in its special place. It never fails to offer a poignant jab to my heart.

    Happy Birthday, Brooke.

    As you used to say: ‘love and miss,’


    Damon Rowland, Friend left behind
  • Hi Brooke! I just wanted to wish you a Happy 25th Birthday! We all thought of you today, just like we do everyday. I showed someone a picture of me and you today and they couldn’t believe how beautiful you are. It is hard for me to write exactly how I feel with everything that has happened. Please take care of one another.
    Love, Me

    Gillian, cousin
  • I’m sorry, my last entry was scary. I miss my family so much i feel like i never get to see you anymore. Since the last time i’ve wrote i realized i did need help, i needed help learning that my family is all i really need. i know brooke isnt here with us today but that doesnt mean we cant all love her, i love you all so much, you mean everything to me. Whenever im upset all i need to think of is your beautiful faces smiling and how happy she’d be to see us smiling, im so sorry i cant say that enough i love you all so much and i miss you . There are not enough words to explain how i feel. All i need is you, my family is the best thing that ever happened to me and the constant in my life that i can depend on. PLease hold on guys, i know its rough, its hard thinking of living life missing a big part of it. But we still have eachother, and we always will, i know i have you, anytime you need me, any of you i will be here waiting to help to give you the hug that you need or just to talk, and well always have brooke too, shell remain in our hearts forever,
    i love you all
    love, maddy

    Maddy MIndich, cousin
  • Tomorrow will be 2 years the world was deprived of wonderful souls like you.

    I found this site about a year ago. I have since visited many times to share the emotions of your loved ones.

    I never knew you, which is a shame. Your were obviously a magnificent person. I can easily imagine how a room lit up when you came in. It breaks my heart to know that so many are hurting and lonely at the loss of you – especially your parents. I have twin sons – seniors in H/S – and I can’t begin to imagine my life without either. Nor can I begin to imagine the incredible pain your loved ones must fight every day. To each, I extend my heartfelt sympathy and a prayer for strength. They have done a wonderful job of portraying for the rest of us what a special person Brooke Jackman was.

    Paul Tillman, age 44
    St. Louis, MO

    Paul Tillman, none
  • Dear Brooke,

    I am in your age and I clearly remember this day which is now two years ago. I never met you but whenever I remember September 11, I remember your face because I accidently got onto this website some weeks later. I started to come back here from time to time and the lines and words of your loved ones touched me deep every time and made me able to share a part of their pain and suffering. It left an unforgettable impression on me what an amazing person you must have been -and- when I read the lines of your parents and family, how high the price must be to let you go.
    I just want to let you and your family know that here in Germany we don’t understand either why this all happened but that we felt deeply with you and will keep you in our hearts and minds.
    Especially today my thoughts will be with you, Brooke.

    Chris (24 years old), from Munich, Germany
  • Brooke,
    Two long years have elapsed since we lost you. I don’t think I can emphasize the ‘long’ enough… Not a single day has passed without you being on my mind. As a matter of fact, not many moments go by without thought of you. Something as simple as opening a book to read makes me think of you. You were just that special. It’s crazy how I can remember everything from two years ago today. I remember calling you on the night of the 10th to find a good Chinese restaurant to order in. That would be the last time we would speak. The following day stands in my memory as if it were happening right now… Watching the horror occur before my eyes on tv; running up to see your father and find out what was going on; waiting for your phone call; walking all over Manhattan to find you. These memories will never leave me. When I read these tributes I’m just amazed by all the people who didnt even know you find it within them to write something. Thats how special you are! You’re truly one of a kind. Life has gone on these past two years, but it hasnt been easy at times. I guess it has to. I know you would want us all to move forward but for some reason I dont think some of us will ever completely do that. Whether it be two years or twenty years, I will never lose the place for you in my heart. You will always be with me. ALWAYS!
    I love you Brooke.
    September 11th, 2003

    Marc Stenzler, Friend
  • Today, the second anniversary of Sept. 11th, I find myself once again on the Cantor family site. So, many times over the past 2 years I have visited this site. Reading tribute after tribute. Today, I found Brookes, and felt the need to write. I am sorry for all those family and friends left behind. From all that I have read about Brooke, she seemed to be a person that I would have easily been friends with. Someone who had a spunk for life and cared about all those who touched her. Since Sept.11th, I have adjusted my life. I feel lucky every waking day to still be able to roll over and kiss my husband good morning. I feel lucky to be able to tell my friends how much they mean to me. I feel lucky to be alive. Brooke is missed. By those who knew her, and even by those of us who never even met her. Although she is not here with us, I know that her spirit will live on forever. Don’t feel sad anymore. Know that she is watching over all of you, and that everytime you look over your shoulder there will be a guardian angel named Brooke right there, to get you through the good and bad times. God Bless you all.
    Christine Fowler

    Christine Fowler, Stranger
  • To the Jackman Family, On today the second anniversary of September 11, I stumbled upon your daughters tribute. I felt that after reading her tribute I should tell you how touched I was to read about such a wonderful girl. She makes me want to live my life to the fullest the way that she dis.My heart goes out to you on such a sorrow day. Prayers from the Midwest go out to you and your family.

    Kate, Stranger
  • Dear Brooke,
    I am like Kate in the previous tribute to you in that I was never fortunate enough to have met you, but I wish I had. I too stumbled upon your tribute and have not been moved by any other more than yours. My heart aches for your family, friends, co-workers, and yes, even the strangers like Kate and I who never had the pleasure of meeting you in person. Reading all the tributes from everyone who knew you, met you, and people you have touched. Your smile lights up the screen on my computer and I will bookmark your site so that I can come back time and time again just to read what has been added.
    I am openly weeping at my workstation thinking about the horror that the spineless, cowardly, brought to you and so many others. I feel that sadness turning to anger that someone would do something so despicable in the name of God. I too will show your picture to anyone I know and tell them what a wonderful person you were/are. I love it that I have gotten to know just a tiny piece of the aura that surrounds you.


    Daniel C. Blausey, A friend that you never met!
  • I’m one of the schoolteachers who was lucky enough to have had Brooke as a student for more than just the usual one year. That’s because I was the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School
    District’s “Teacher Of The G.I.F.T.E.D.” when, as Jamie Salem put it in a previous tribute: “I remember the day when your mother came home and told us you were chosen for the gifted program at school. Erin and I stood in awe! We pulled you aside and demanded to know why you didn’t tell us you were a genius…you were 6.”

    I’ll always remember how cute Brooke looked, dressed up in her “Snoopy” costume when our gifted group created an original “Peanuts” play for an “Olympics/Odyssey Of The Mind” competition.

    I’ll always remember how proud I was of Brooke when her writing (“Six Beds For Bitsy”) was published in “Story Art” Magazine, after it was chosen as the 2nd place winner in their 1989 junior division contest. (And I was touched to read, in a previous tribute by Maddy Mindich, that: “In French we have to translate our favorite children’s book. I picked “6 Beds For Bitsy”; sometimes I just like reading it over and over until I fall asleep. It reminds me of you, your creativity.”)

    I love the “Brooke’s Books” programs, and I only wish that all one thousand of the students I have taught were as avid, book-loving readers as Brooke was; and that they all “spread the joy of reading” as she did throughout her life (and now continues to do through the Brooke Jackman Foundation).

    I feel honored to have been able to help her family establish “Brooke’s Books” nooks in all 3 of our school district’s libraries:in the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, in the James H. Vernon Middle School, and in the Oyster Bay High School.

    Finally, when I was about to go back to teaching a “regular” 3rd grade class in June 1989, Brooke’s gifted group gave me a book in which she wrote: “Thanks for a great 4 years!! I’m sorry to see you go.” And now, as I write these words in September 2003, it’s been 2 years that I’ve been thinking that same message back to Brooke, over and over.

    So, Brooke:”Thanks for 4 (No! Make that 23) great years!!!! We were all so sorry to see you go! And although you may be gone, you’ll never be forgotten!”

    Mr. Siegelman

    Richard Siegelman, Brooke's schoolteacher for 4 years
  • Thinking of you as always. Love, Me

    Gillian, cousin
  • Hey Brooke,
    Thought I’d write a little something to let you know I was thinking about you. (not like anything has changed in the past two years)
    Wanted to wish you a Happy Hanukkah as well.
    I miss you so much….

    Tara, Friend
  • Happy New Year sweetie!
    I miss you more and more every single day.
    All of the time you are there, and I appreciate it. i love you, and you are always on my mind. Please don’t ever leave me, because I need you, and I miss you always!Pretty Brooklyn!

    Marie, Friend
  • I was reading today Rudolph Giuliani’s book ‘Leadership’ and of all the people who were lost that day he mentions Brooke by name…I think that shows the impression people have had of her…There is no worse tragedy than the murder of a beautiful talented young person in the prime of her life. Reading through these posts, it is heart rending to see the impact her loss has had on those who love her, and of those who never met her. She seems like a wonderful person, with her love of books and being a fellow historian. I am a history teacher- like her I realised there was more to life than money! We always make jokes like ‘You can’t forget things you are a historian!’ I guess with her it was true. Now she is part of history when she should be making it. God bless.

    Howard Shaw, None, England
  • Dear Brooke,
    I went to the “Grand Opening Ceremony” of the Roosevelt School’s new library yesterday (Feb. 8, 2004). Your “Brooke’s Books” poster was on the wall. They mentioned the planned garden which will be dedicated in your honor, and the Roosevelt PTA donated a $2,000 check towards the garden’s cost. Wish you could have been there!
    Mr. Siegelman

    Richard Siegelman, Brooke's former schoolteacher
  • Miss and love you sweetie!!!!

    Tara, Friend
  • Today is another one of those days. I just stop work put my head down and cry at my desk.

    I miss you.

    Wayne, cousin
  • I can’t believe it has been this long, and i really can’t believe that you are gone. Brooke I love you,and miss you, where has all of the time gone? The time we had, all memories, and the time without you, painful. I really hope you are watching, you always did. Oh this is so hard. I want to talk to you so badly. this website helps, but it is not the same. I can’t wait to hear you and I hanging out again. I love you Brooke!! Happy early birthday

    Marie, Friend
  • Hi Brookie! I am thinking of you today and always. I miss you and wish that you were here. Love you, Me

    Gillian, Cousin
  • Hi Brooke.

    Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I can’t believe its been almost three years. I miss you so much and think about you everyday.
    I speak to your Mom, Dad and Gillian as much as possible which helps a lot.
    I had a dream the other night that you were looking down on me smiling. It was so weird, yet such a great feeling to wake up knowing you are looking down on everyone, still smiling like you always were.
    Keep smiling Brooke.


    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Dear Brooke,

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know that I am thinking of you.

    Love, Elissa

    Elissa, friend
  • Dear Brooke,
    This is my first visit back to see you since I originally wrote to you..after. I have fallen in love with your smile and radiance once again dear lady! The state of the world is much worse off than when you were taken from us by the spineless cowards whom slithered from under the rock. They have succeeded in making America a land in turmoil, which was their goal. Our leadership is using the destruction of innocent lives to further their own agenda and that is as spineless as the cowards.
    You are missed by many but I find comfort knowing that you are smiling over your family, friends, loved ones, and friends you never met. If I may borrow a nickname from your family and friends for a moment, I love and miss you Brookie Cookie!

    Dan Blausey

    Daniel C. Blausey, Loving stranger
  • Brooke, 9/11/2004

    Thinking of you today and always. I can not believe it’s been 3 years.

    I miss you SO much.

    Love you always

    Keep smiling!

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • As another year goes by, i am left speechless. Everything seems so close, yet i can’t seem to touch it as much as i try and as far as i reach. You’re always there when i need you, in my heart. If I’m nervous about going on a plane i talk to you asking you to come with me and protect me my family and my friends. You’re always right there in my heart, and in everyones. It’s amazing thinking about how big everything is, about all the people in the world and how people loose their loved ones everyday, and how much of an impact that loss will have on their lives and the atmosphere surrounding their lives. Everyone sees things differently, even though its hard to see what other people see through their eyes- whether is be a color, or a person, or a place, everyone sees things differently. Someone might love water, someone might fear it, some people might be drawn to the color red some to the color blue, but your beauty was prominent, and no matter whose eyes you look through or how they saw you, your beauty was always there in some form. I know you’re not here in physical form which is painful, because it is hard to have something and then lose it so quickly, but you will always be here with me and with everyone who knew you. I miss you, and thank you, thank you for teaching me love and loss, and thank you for teaching me to appreciate, and much more. You will always have a piece of my heart.
    I love you and miss you Brooke.

    Maddy Mindich, cousin
  • I felt that I had to write something after reading all the tributes from your family, friends, and strangers. I too lost a loved one on September 11th. It’s hard to believe it has been 3 years now. Robby (Robert) Noonan was my cousin and he worked for Cantor as well. I wonder if you two knew each other. If you both were able to experience what a joy each of you were. I come onto this site every now and then but I only go directly to Robby’s site but something made me look at other sites today. I was just casually browsing through the names alphabetically and came across your name and for some reason I chose it. I saw your face and your smile was just radiating so I began to read all the tributes and couldn’t stop. I cried and laughed as if I was for some reason a part of this family and experienced them as well. I wish I could have met you because you sound like a wonderful, caring person. I know that you are truly loved and missed. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of that terrible day and how so many lives were lost. Even though you aren’t here for your family and friends you will always be there in their heart and their every thought. There is just so much I want to say but can’t put it all into words exactly. I just felt I should say something. To your cousin Maddy, your words for some reason touched me very deeply. I guess because I felt and feel what you have expressed. I don’t know if it is because we have both lost our cousins (who were more than that to us) or what. It’s strange but I just wanted to say that I feel what you feel and through family and friends we will get through this. Brooke, you and your family are in my thoughts.

    Shay Jordan
    Dallas, TX
    [email protected]

    Shay Jordan, stranger
  • I want to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

    I miss you more than anything in this world.

    I love you Brooke.

    Keep smiling!

    Tara, Friend
  • Hey Sweetie-
    Always know that I am always thinking about you, laughing about, and cherishing the wonderful moments we shared, and all of those moments that will never leave my heart. You are so beautiful Brookie, and I miss you

    Marie, Friend
  • Thinking of you ALWAYS!!!!

    Miss you Brooke…

    Tara, FRIEND
  • To the Jackman family and Brooke:
    It’s taken me better than 3 1/2 yrs. to write this. I came across Brooke on the Nightline special regarding the victims being portrayed in the NY Times. I was simply entranced by Brooke’s spirit, beauty, uniqueness and life. She is truly one of a kind and after reading these tributes it only shows what a true gift she was to so many people. Words cannot express the grief I feel for your family Brooke and for the fact the world lacks your presence. I told myself that night back in 2001 I needed to find a person like you to settle down with and that I hoped to live my life in the same fashion you did. I hope that I’ll be able to say I succeed in both endeavours….
    I pray for your family and friends and that your spirit continues to thrive in this world! God Bless.

    John R. Schieffer, Perfect Stranger
  • i miss you.

    marc, friend
  • Well, 10 minutes until my birthday, and about 5 years ago I would be recieving a card from you… no matter where you were… camp pontiac, Italy.. it never made a difference, you always came through. I am always thinking of you and our friendship. I love you

    Marie, friend
  • oh brooke, erin is coming to la tonight and i am so happy and so sad. i’ve been crying all day. i love you always.

    marissa, friend
  • erin is coming to la tonight and i am so happy and so sad. i’ve been crying all day. i love you always.

    marissa, friend
  • For so long, I have wanted to write on Brooke’s tribute—but didn’t know what to say. I thought that today, Brooke’s birthday, was the appropriate day to put my thoughts down…. I have come here for awhile now, just to read what others have written—-the one thing I know is that Brooke was truly loved!!! I really can’t put into words what I feel, I can tell Brooke was beautiful, smart, kind, and just an all-around wonderful person……..not to mention
    a much-loved friend, sister and daughter. It blows me away how much she accomplished in her short life! How I wish I could have known her!! She seemed so sweet and caring—-I can tell she is missed beyond words. From coming here so often and reading the tributes, I really feel like I know the Jackman family and Brooke’s friends—I am curious to know if Ross and Iris had a girl or boy, and how Brooke’s friends and cousins are doing. I also want to say that I love the web-site dedicated to Brooke and really want to donate to the foundation when I can. Thank you for allowing me to write my feelings—Brooke was truly great and special, and I just know that she is an angel in heaven watching over everyone. Bless you, Jackman Family, and I hope today that you remember Brooke with happiness and fond memories!!!! She was beautiful and I know her memory will live forever.
    Happy 27th Birthday Brooke and much love from Minnesota! Sincerely, Dana

    Dana Andersen, None----stranger
  • Its August 28th, making today your 27th birthday, i’ve already eaten about three banana floats this summer, and that is why i will not be eating one today, but i will be thinking of you. Miss you and love you.

    madeline, cousin
  • I remember when I started to work in the house in 1984 you where 6 years old. I would see you always with a smile, and when I would arrive for work you would always say, Hi Estela!!! Your bright smile would make my day.

    Thanks for your kind memories and I will always remember you.


    Estela Turcios, Friend of the Family
  • Brooke,

    I wanted to wish you a Happy belated Birthday! You are in my thoughts ALWAYS!!!

    Love and Miss you.

    )3 Tara

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Hi Brooke,
    It has been four years now since those of us left in mortal existence lost your bright smile and beaming personality. Reading the letters that your friends wrote you and the touching notes from Maddy fill my heart with love and joy.
    I can tell from everything written about you by those whose lives you touched make me realize that even though I am old enough to be your father that you still would have taken the time to say hello and flash what I have come to call a “Brookie Cookie” (that wonderful smile)to me. I have grown to love that smile, your dancing eyes, and I bet you had a honory streak a mile long too.
    To your family and friends I write this to honor them as well and hope that any of you that might like a new friend that I would love to hear from any of you. I include the new friends you gained after that day in that invitation as well.
    My beloved best friend Rusty, a toy poodle who when I first rescued him absolutely drove me bananas died this last May. He was my whole life and there are not words to describe the pain of losing him. Maybe if you see him near the Rainbow Bridge you will reach down and tossle his ears and tell him his daddy misses him for me. You would have loved him too Brooke. My older sister once said he sounded like a flat tire when he ran and that used to upset me but then I realized it was true. Rustyboy would run so hard that he would let a little grunt out with each bound. He brought such joy to my life.

    So until the next time I see your smiling face please know that all your friends and family are in my prayers. I love you Brooke.

    [email protected]

    Daniel C. Blausey, Stranger, admirer
  • Happy belated, i am always thinking of you, and i will continue to do so. How lucky am i that i have that… i will always cherish our time together. I love you, and i miss you terribly.
    Happy birthday my dear friend, i will see you in my dreams

    Marie, friend
  • Brooke- even now you inspire me.
    I got a haircut the other day, similar to one i used to have when i was younger. It brought me back a couple of years to when you were still with me, and getting out of the shower the other day i found myself doing something i used to do when i used to sleep over Aunt Barbaras (not playing with the badee- which i do not know how to spell)but drying my hair by whipping it back and forth like you used to do. I clearly remember being in aunt barbaras bathroom and doing that with you. I haven’t done it in a while because im pretty sure that it was Nany who got scared i’d hurt myself, and bang my head on something when i did that. Well i miss you, but i promise i am still living. Today i was inspired to advocate AIDS awareness. I’m trying to come up with a creative way to do something for the foundation with school- because the bake sale did not work, never again am i letting hannah bake for my bake sale.
    I barely have time this year, there is soo much i’d like to do, but i still have time to miss and love you, and i will always think of you no matter where i am or what i’m doing. Even if i’m underwater scubadiving (I plan on getting my certification this year- my lifegaurding certification too)
    Alright i need to get back to class.
    love you.

    Maddy, cousin
  • Brooke,
    I just wanted to say that I come to your site nearly every day, just to read the wonderful words written about you. You were so special!!!
    It is almost 2006, and I wanted your family and friends to know that you will never be forgotten. You were so full of life—-it is such a tragedy! I just love this picture of you…as has been written, your eyes truly danced! Happy 2006 Brooke, and I know you are safe now….
    Dana in Minnesota

    Dana Andersen, Stranger
  • Hey Brookie. I had something similar to a banana split today and thought of you. It was a outrageously expensive starbucks drink- mocha frapaccino and bananas. I don’t even like coffee but for some reason this year i have burnt up my pockets on starbucks. It must be something about junior year- the work is neverending. I miss you.

    Maddy Mindich, cousin
  • Thinking of you…..

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • Dear Brooke,
    Your family held YOUR First Annual Brooke Jackman Run/Walk For Literacy on May 20, 2006—
    and it was a big success.
    Erin did a great job organizing and running the event; but of course your mother and father, as well as Ross, played a big part.
    Lots of your relatives and friends were there too.
    The races started and finished near YOUR
    Brooke Jackman Reading Garden and sculpture at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Oyster Bay.
    Wish you could have been there !


    Mr. Siegelman

    Richard Siegelman, Brooke's (lucky!) teacher (4 years)
  • I am about to partake on my date with a banana split- in your honor, but before i go i just wanted to say happy birthday. It was a nice day today, the weather cleared up and the balloons had a safe flight to wherever they may be going. I hope other people get to look up into the sky and spot them and wonder about what they’re for. I am a curious person and i think curiosity is a vehicle for motivation. This year is going to be a busy one, i must say im beginning to cling to the story of peter pan even more when i think about college applications, and how big the world is becoming when i attempt to schedule flights to colorado. But of course i will always miss you, and just as curiosity is a source of motivation and inspiration- so are you. So cheers to a new school year, and to inspiration. love you.

    Maddy, cousin
  • Oh Brookie….
    Time goes by so fast, and it scares me because the more time that goes by, the longer it is since the last time I saw you. I miss you so much. I am ALWAYS thinking of you

    Marie, Friend
  • It has been almost 4 years since I wrote here and it feels like only yesterday.

    I took a trip to New York a few months ago and I cried so hard. This beautiful city had taken away a beautiful angel.

    I saw your beautiful smiling face at the memorial and I wrote you a note to say I was thinking of you.

    After all these years you are still on my mind and I never had the pleasure to meet you.

    Love Jen xx

    Sydney, Australia
    11th January 2006

    Jen, Stranger
  • Hi Brooke! I haven’t been to this site in awhile.. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you! I do! Everyday! I’ve missed you so much and I wish I could see your smiling face in person…. In my heart and in mind will have to do for now!

    Love you and Miss you..

    Your Big 30 year old Married Cousin Now,
    Gillian 🙂

    Gillian, Cousin
  • So… The 2nd walk in your honor took place last weekend. It felt so good to see so many people helping and donating money to such a great cause, and it’s all in your honor Brookie!!!! It was bittersweet. I was happy and yet so sad at the same time. So many people love you Brooke, and I am one of them. I am going to continue to do whatever I can to honor your name, your legacy and our friendship. I love you always.

    Marie, Friend
  • Hi, my name’s Summer and I’ve been sitting here reading these tributes to Brooke and she sounds like such a wonderful person! I know what it feels like to loose someone in your family; I’d lost my papaw to cancer in 2004 and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. So my hopes and prayers go out to Brooke’s family and friends. XOXOXO Summer

    Summer, no relation
  • Hi Brooke
    It’s been a while since I have been on here. I was sitting here at work talking about you to a co-worker. Telling her what a wonderful person you have always been.
    I miss you…
    Keep smiling down on everyone
    Love you

    Tara Salzman (Friedman), Friend
  • Happy 29th Birthday Brooke! You were beautiful and seemed so full of life. I know you are at peace now……..I hope you have a glorious Heavenly Birthday!!!!!! Thinking of you today and always—-Dana Andersen, Minnesota

    Dana, None
    Thinking of you ALWAYS!

    Tara Salzman (Friedman), Friend
  • Thinking of you on your 29th birthday and always!
    love you, Gillian

    Gillian, cousin
  • Today is the 6th Anniversary of the tragedy, and I would just like to say that Brooke will never be forgotten! She is thought of with love each and every day. I know she is a beautiful heavenly angel keeping watch over her family and friends. May you rest in peace sweet Brooke!!!!! Love, Dana in Minnesota

    Dana, None
  • Hello from college
    tonight’s the crescent moon, and as per usual I smiled a hello. Now, more than ever you’re proving to be a role model- but not such an easy one. I’m taking a class called greek philosophy, and I can most definetly apply the asymtotic life of socrates to my asymptotic life of “living up to you”. I’m definetly living, and making friends, learning and spreading the knowledge that I have. I’m convinced that I’ve been making such deep friends because of our family example. Tonight me and my friends are having a sleep over in “The Cube”. Last night after my shower I “air dryed” my hair. Thanks for all you’ve taught me. I miss you as always, and thank you as always for such a great and challenging example.

    Madeline, cousin
  • Hey Brookie!
    Well we are coming to the end of a looong year. Ugh. I miss you. I think about you all of the time. I will always miss you and that stinks. So unfair. I don’t want to miss you I just want to see you and laugh with you again. Happy Holidays Brooke. I love you

    Marie, Friend
  • Brookie,

    Just dropping in to say hi and let you know I am thinking of you… ALWAYS AND FOREVER


    Tara ( Friedman) Salzman, Friedman
  • I found this site by accident and I was yet again struck by what a terrible tragedy the 11th of September was. What brought a tear to my eyes was the enduring loyalty of your friend Tara. With out fail she has left messages that with God’s help you would have been able to read. Time does not heal, it only dulls. Although the sharpness of the pain your loss has caused your friend Tara is a terrible thing, her continued remembrance of you is truly inspirational. Shalom

    Daren Potts, visitor to this site
  • Happy 30th Birthday to Brooke! I come to this site often, and she is one of the people whom I’m just struck by; she seemed so nice and just so full of life!!! I am thinking of her today, and saying a prayer for her family. I know Brooke is at peace and she is keeping watch over her loved ones 🙂 May she rest well…..

    Dana, None
  • happy birthday brooke. miss u.

    Marc, Friend


    Tara (Friedman) Salzman, Friend
  • Happy Birthday – you will never be forgotten

    Beth, a friend
  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jackman, dear family and friends of Brooke,
    last time I visited this website was in September, 2003. I am just a stranger, Brooke was in my age. Today it is September 10, 2008.
    I just want to let you know that we here in Germany are still here, we still remember you over there, we still feel with you and think of you and Brooke.
    How proud must you all be having such a wonderful and beloved daughter, sister, girlfriend, niece, cousin, and obviously, a great friend.

    Chris, from Munich, Germany
  • We all love and miss you! 9/11/08 🙁

    Gillian, Cousin
  • I miss you Brooke. I love you and I am always thinking of you

    Marie, Friend
  • Thinking of you.

    Ali, Friend
  • Still not forgotten Brooke. Keep smiling down on us!

    Jack Meredith, friend
  • i miss u brook i still cant belive your gone i always loved you rember r trip we wanted to take i wish u where still here.CAPT.HURTS UNITED STATES MARINES CORE

    CAPT.HURTS, old freind
  • i rember how u smiled it would make my heart melt i really miss u ryan hurts [email protected]

    CAPT.HURTS, old freind
  • i miss you and i love you

    marie, friend
  • Happy 32nd birthday. Miss and love you. xoxox

    Tara, Friend
  • September 11th, 2010….I can’t believe it’s been nine years. I want Brooke’s family & friends to know that she is loved & will never be forgotten. These tributes make me just tear up, it’s still so unbelieveable. May you take comfort in knowing so many people care about Brooke & the others! We will never forget.

    Dana, None
  • I recently read the book “A decade of hope” that contained a chapter about Brooke. I was so very moved, and was very emotional as I read her story. I, myself am a very avid reader so I really connected with Brooke and her love of books and reading. Brooke was a beautiful person, and I know this just by reading all the things family, friends and even strangers as myself have written about her. I did not know her, and she did not know me….but her story was very inspirational to me. I pray for peace and comfort to the family, because I am ever sure that even after so many years the hurt and sadness still is ever present. I pray for continued growth and support for the Brooke Jackman Foundation. God Bless you Brooke for your story and life is an inspiration to me.

    Jennifer, stranger
  • On this 11th Anniversary of the tragedy, I just wanted Brooke’s family and friends to know she is not forgotten; she is an inspriration and I hope to be more like her. She is an angel in Heaven and is watching over her loved ones. God bless you all!

    Dana, No Relation
  • I love you more now then ever I miss you and I always will

    Marie, friend

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