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  Hweidar Jian

Date of Birth: February 26, 1959
Position: Senior Programmer Analyst

I did not know Hweidar or any of the 9-11 victims but my prayers extend to all of them and their families. God Bless them all.

Danielle, none
  • Dear Dar,

    My mentor and friend. I miss you terribly and all your words of wisdom and guidence. I’ve always admired your kindness, enthusiasm, dedication, and superior intellect without ever having even a hint of arrogance or conceit.

    Thank you again for all your guidence and career counseling over the years that I have known you. For I certainly would not be where I am today without your words of encouragement. I will do my best to pass on what you have taught me so that your ideals will not be forgotten.

    Peggy and I will both miss you.


    Gene Huang, Friend
  • Hwei-Dar was one of those people you would never forget even if you just met him once! He was always smiling and happy. The dimples on his cheeks were always an attraction to his friends and dimple-less admirers. I remember asking him why he had two dimples, but each one of his son only had one. His reply was “I have to be fair. I have two dimples and I have two sons.”. His good sense of humor has brought so much laughter and I will forever cherish his willingness to cheer people up too through his humor.

    Hwei-Dar was one of kind person. He was generous, intelligent, witty, kind, loving, caring, funny, and everything nice one can think of. He loved to garden so much that the yard around his house has been developed into a “garden lover’s” show case. I cherish the times we spent in the serene bamboo-filled backyard, that he talked about what he planned to expand and his dreams…. Those dreams we will never see implemented earthly, but I know deep in my heart that he will implement those dreams in heaven.

    I never knew how much his friendship meant to me until he was gone. How sad it was for me not to cherish and enjoy his every being much more while he was here on earth! On the other hand, how blessed I have been to be able to gain his friendship and share time with him and his family year after year while he was here with us. Dar, please watch over your family in heaven!

    Love always, Eunice

    Eunice Summers, Friend and God-mother of his younger son
  • Can’t believe that it has been more than 6 months since you were gone! How are you doing in heaven and are you still smiling and happy? Never a day went by without thinking of you. I don’t cry any more when I think of you but how badly I wish you were still here.

    Dar, please watch over Connie and the kids! If I miss you this terribily, imagine how your family would feel. I ask God every day to give them peace and safety.

    You were never alone and you are not alone now. And some day we’ll all see one another again, when the eternal life begins in heaven!

    Eunice Summers, Friend
  • Dear Dar,

    The other day, I told Albert and Arlene that we would go visit you at “King-Bao-San” when we go back to Taiwan. We hope you are around as you used to be, but I guess you have to be in another world that we won’t be able to see you. Another time-space, maybe. We miss you and I hope someday, time-space will twist us together again.

    You are the closest person I had in this foreign country. I remembered each time I feel sad I always called you. Thank you for your careness and support.


    Arling, Friend since childhood
  • Dear Dar,

    A year has gone by and you are still missed dearly!!

    How are you doing in heaven is the question I often ask myself. Are you smiling and happy as always?

    It’s sad to have lost you but everytime I think about the fact that you suffer no more and you are with our Lord, I’d feel much better and and sort of happy for you. I hope you’ll always watch over Connie, William and Kevin, and of course your dear mom too. I pray each day that she will soon realize that our God is taking care of you in heaven and she needs no worry any more.

    Until we see one another again in heaven, have a great life up there.

    Love always,

    Eunice, Friend
  • Dear Dar,

    Carl and I took the kids and his younger brother Keith and his family to NJ last weekend.

    It was so nice to see your mom agin, and of course Connie and the kids. We had a great time visiting Demian, Greta and Demian’s family. It’s amzing how fast kids grow up! Kevin has grown into a cute boy who resembles you so much. He was constantly surrounded by little girls although not by his choice 🙂 You would have be proud to see that!!

    We paid a visit to NJCity on Oct.11 (Friday). The weather was sort of bad (rainy and chilly all day long) but we had good time. It was quite depressing to see Ground Zero and your name up on the memorial wall. Did you know that we were there to see you?

    Connie and the kids are doing great and so is your mom. Your mom even smiled when I hugged her. She is such a shy lady when it comes to affection. I love her dearly like my own mom! Please continue to be their angel and watch over them. Keep them safe and healthy.

    I didn’t get to see your garden this time around but I will next time. That’s the only place that I can sense your existence. We all miss you so much.

    Love always,

    Eunice, Friend

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