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  Frank Koestner

Date of Birth: August 24, 1953
Position: OTC Trading

Dear Dad,

I remember going to visit you last year at your office in the Twin Towers
I remember taking the train with Tante Julie
I remember us looking out of the windows at the people that appeared as ants down below.
I remember taking photos outside, it was a beautiful day.
I remember September 11 this year, it was a beautiful day.
I had not started school yet.
I was home with Grandpa George.
I remember seeing the plane hit your building.
I know it was your building because of the antenna
I remember seeing the building collapse over and over again
I think where are you? Who would do this?
I am scared.
I remember Mom coming home from work to hold me
I wait for you to call
I wait to see you on TV
I remember all of the fun we had.
I remember watching the Three Stooges with you.
I remember how we enjoyed planting Oma’s garden
I remember playing with my Barbies together
I remember how proud you were at my graduation from pre-K
I remember how you took care of me when I was sick
I remember building snowmen with you
I remember how you enjoyed taking photos and videos
I remember phrases you taught me in German
I remember that we share the same birthday
I remember the Memorial we had for you.
I think of you all the time.
I remember how strong you are
I remember your smile
I remember my hero.

Your Loving Daughter Carolyn-Age 5

Carolyn-Age 5, Daughter
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you, Carolyn and your family. An extended member of my family, along with a bunch of friends were lost on this tragic day. I just wanted you to know how touched I was by your tribute to your Daddy.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, until you can be with Daddy again.

    A stranger that cares……

    Kathy, Stranger
  • Thoughtful, proud, trustworthy and a towerful of strength. Honest, courteous, generous and forthright our Friend, Frank Koestner.
    Devoted, caring, sharing, loving and good neighbor your Friend, Frank Koestner.

    Smiling, laughing, joking, story telling, and reading with his daughter and best friend; Carolyn, Frank Koestner.

    Jogging, weeding & planting in the garden, relaxing in the sunshine, mother natures Friend, Frank Koestner.

    Dominick, Friend
  • Carolyn – I was a friend of your Dads many years ago when we were teenagers. I always remember
    him as a really great guy. One summer we swapped
    cars (Dad always drove really cool fast cars
    when he was young) I really had a lot of fun that
    summer because of him. We also worked together
    at a super market in Ridgewood called Bohack.
    Everyone thought that Dad was smart and a really
    fantastic person.
    I have been living in California and
    so I had not seen your Dad for a long time, but
    none the less I will miss him.
    I’m sure he’s still looking after you
    as good Dad’s do.

    Ken Poje, friend
  • Frank, we knew each other for only a short time and now your life has been cut short in a very public and tragic way. Words cannot adequately express my feelings about September 11th and the effect it has had and will continue to have on our lives.

    We were joined together by your daughter and my niece and godchild, Carolyn. What a wonderful legacy you have left this world. At the tender age of five, she is clearly a gifted and beautiful child, who has always been wise beyond her years. She must now deal with the reality which has become her world – that her Dad, whom she adored, is now in God’s hands.

    Be comforted with the knowledge that her Mom, my sister Irene, loves her daughter very much and has worked tirelessy to help Carolyn through this difficult time.

    Carolyn holds a special place in both our families and we will do what families do at times like these – we will help each other. We will look to the future and the positive things it holds for us all. We will not forget you nor the others lost on that fateful day, but we will look to Carolyn, as reminder of what is good about the world.

    I pray for you, for our families and most of all for Irene and Carolyn.

    Barbara, former sister in law
  • We came to know Frank through Irene. He was a kind and considerate man. Always willing to lend a helping hand. I would laugh as he offered to take a ride with my husband to go get our daughters huge birthday cake, and walking home in the house was Frank holding it.Invite him on a fishing trip and you were well supplied with good food and drink. If there was a christening or a party…luckily he was right there on the altar taking beautiful pictures for you to cherish forever. I have lovely memories of my joyous occasions thanks to him.
    We shared occasions through our little girls.He adored his daughter Carolyn and it was noticed at every occasion how he took after her.
    Our lives are forever touched by the tragic events that have taken your life.Our thoughts are with you each time we are reminded of Sept 11. We will not forget you as we will be bonded through Carolyn and Irene.

    Connie, Tony and Nicole Radicone

    Connie Radicone, Friend
  • We came to know you through Irene. You always would join gatherings in a pleasant and enthusiatic way. You were always lend a helping hand, carrying our huge birthday cakes from the bakery. Being willing to help others seemed to be a natural instinct of yours. My greatest memory of you is your beautiful photography. You were always filming and actively taking pictures at all occasions.

    Carolyn, your Dad was very caring to you. It showed at every occasion that we saw you at. He tended to you in a delicate way. No matter how young or old you are when you have lost your Dad, he will always watch over you. Keep a picture of him close to your mind and heart…

    Connie, Tony & Nicole Radicone.

    Connie Radicone, friend
  • I became to know Frank through my
    sister-in-law, Frank’s fiance, Michelle.
    My first impression of Frank was that he was outgoing, loved to talk,and that he loved taking pictures and video. Whether it was a bar-be-que,
    celebrating the holiday’s, or a simple family gathering, Frank was always “ready” with his camera. I found this to be funny because Michelle
    is the same way. They each had found their soul-mate. I am thankful that Michelle at least has her memories of Frank through those pictures to hold dear to her heart, for he brought her so much
    love and happiness.
    Frank’s life was cut too short. It was so suddenly taken away, in a very tragedic and public way. His absence is felt by everyone. I
    personally wish I had gotten to know Frank alot more, but thought that would come along with time. It’s so unfortunate and so truely devasting to all of us that he is no longer here, but I know the love he gave will live on in all of us that were touched by his presence.
    Frank, everytime I see a dragonfly, I think of you!

    Debbie Stabile, Sister-in-law of Frank's fiance,Michelle
  • Frank was more than an uncle to us, he was a great friend. Frank was the “core” of our family. He always looked out for everyone especially Carolyn, who he loved more than words could say. It was such an honor for Darrell being chosen as Carolyn’s God-father, as we knew she was his pride and joy. He was always there with a joke and his camera, because of him we have so many photos to look back on and remember great times. Frank is greatly missed by everyone in our family, but he will always be remembered in our hearts. When we look at Carolyn we see Frank and his love. There’s not a day that goes by that Darrell and I don’t speak about Frank and the role that he played in Darrell’s life. He was such a great role-model for us, and he always looked out for his mother, sister, and nephews. I remember how happy he was to hear that we were getting married, but even happier that we would live close to him. I remembered how he tried to teach me German, and how I loved to hear the stories about him and Darrell. You really don’t come across many people in this world who put others before themselves, and this is exactly the type of man Frank was. I feel so lucky to have known him, but even luckier to share in the many memories we have of Frank. He may be gone, but he is never forgotten. One day our roads will meet again, until then, we will always be there for Carolyn, and the rest of the family. We love you!!

    Darrell and Kerry Lanzer, nephew and wife
  • It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since that horrible day.A dragonfly flew over us as we stood down at ground zero by the reflection pool,which brought a smile to our face and a tear to our eyes. Our thoughts were of you and the pain of your absence remains the same. You are still in our hearts and are so missed. We hold our memories close to heart and know you are watching over us. You are forever in our hearts.
    -The Stabile Family

    Debbie Stabile, Frank's Fiance Michelle's sister-in-lawd
  • We are thinking of you, as we often do. 5 years have gone by, and at times it still seems like yesterday. Today we will reflect on this day and all who innocently lost their lives. We will honor you, the man that you were, the time we all shared together and the angel that you are now – looking over us.
    – The Stabile Family

    Debbie Stabile, Michelle's Sister-in-law(Frank's Fiance)

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