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  Nicholas Lassman

Date of Birth: November 30, 1972
Department: Information Technology

How does one write a tribute about her brother? Should I begin by sharing with you all his supernatural qualities? Do I dare explain my favorite memories of Nickie or mention all his accomplishments during his 28 years of life? I rather let you know what Nicholas Craig Lassman meant to me, his younger sister.

Nickie was my strength when I was weak; compassionate of my feelings when I was sad; patient and understanding when I just didn’t get it. He was my protector when I was in danger, playmate when I was bored and partner in crime when feeling devious. Nickie was always the courage I needed when I doubted myself, the reality check I lacked when things got over my head; and the companion and friend that comforted me when feeling isolated and alone.

Nickie you NOW have the responsibility of being my angel above – guiding and guarding me through life. Know that when I look up…I look for you. When I pray… I pray to you. When I cry…I cry for you. When I dream…I dream of you.

I love you more then all the stars in the sky and all the sand on the beaches. I will miss you always and honor you forever. Sleep tight my prince!

Ellen D. Lassman, Sister
  • I sat next to Nick from the day he started at eSpeed. He is one of the finest people I have ever met. We became friends quickly and hung out together outside of work. We lifted weights together. We had just seen a concert together on Sept 1st and had other get-togethers planned. Nick was a hard worker too. I always said if I started a business, I would bring Nick in because if he didn’t know it, he would learn it. Nick was a true friend and I will never forget him.

    Ed Hicks, co-worker
  • I worked with Nick for a few months on the 103rd floor. Nick was such a sincere, genuine guy who was always always a pleasure to be around. I have no doubt that he loved life and he loved working at Cantor. I think of him often and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    Jennifer Kleissler, Former Co-Worker
  • We grew up with Nick and his family as an extension of our own family. We feel lucky to have shared so many of our childhood memories with Nick and to have known such a great person– as nice and warm and sincere as any person could be. We think of him often and remember him fondly. We will always love him and his family.

    Leslie & Keri Sugel, Friends
  • Nick,
    You were a remarkable and memorable part of my first year in New York. I will remember your kindness, your consideration and your sensitivity. Thank you for the U2 concert, your kind words, and all the sweet New York memories. You and Abul had a beautiful friendship here on earth and it brings me peace to know that you are both together. I’ll miss you forever. With love, Tara

    Tara, Friend
  • My memory of Nick will always be of an exceptional man who had the rare magic to excel at everything he attempted and the patience to share with others his knowledge and talents. For anyone who knew Nick, it was obvious that he was truly a unique individual. He was modestly confident in all this capabilities, wildly ambitious, and kind to all.

    Nick, it was your beautiful smile and charismatic charm that got me hooked, but it was your warm laughter and kind heart that kept me in constant awe. You were always passionate about life and made the most of every minute. You were happy. You were my “sunshine”. You were well loved. And I am so grateful to have been part of your life.

    I will miss you, always.

    Cindy, Girlfriend
  • Nicholas,

    It’s been 135 days since we lost you. It’s so hard to express how much we miss you. However, we carry on knowing that the last thing you ever would want was to see how sad we are. This is a sadder world, because people never got the chance to know you. You would have made a difference in their lives. Just as you made a difference in the lives of the people you touched. I know that you know that your mother, Ellen, and I will love you until our last breath. We will never, ever forget you. If there is a “Better Place” somewhere, I know that’s where you are. Because you deserved it!
    I love you with all the love that’s in my broken heart.


    Ira Lassman, Father
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas at a soccer game last year with other espeed guys. My husband, Marcello worked with Nicholas and always said what a nice guy he was. I think they got along so well because my son’s name is Nicholas as well. I remember how much we all laughed at the soccer game. I’m sure they’re all together now still laughing while at the same time watching and protecting us. Be strong.

    Rosie Matricciano, Wife of Marcello Co-worker
  • Sweet Nick is what we called you. You were the sweetest guy. I will always remember you coming to my office on the 104th floor and telling me about your latest girlfriend woe. All you wanted was to meet a nice girl adn settle down and have a family. It is too sad that it won’t ever happen.

    You called me on September 7th and told me that you were going to stop by the next week and see me and meet Maisie, my daughter who was born Aug. 22. I will make sure that she will know how special of a man you were.

    Rebekah, Co-worker
  • My friend Nick,
    I wish I could see you heading out of the WTC to the NY Waterways Bus with your hat and backpack on,
    I wish Abul, Tara, you and I could go play pool or go to the movies(and yes, Tara and I would even watch some stupid movie Abul and you like!),
    I wish I could call you for eSpeed help,
    I wish I could follow through with your offer to teach me to play golf(one lesson was not enough even if you are a good teacher),
    I wish I could see your smile when speaking of playing golf with your friends and the baby tagging along in the cart,
    I wish I could visit you and the guys on 103 when I want to say hello and chat with friends,
    I wish I could see your reaction to MSG again or your reaction when I hit you in the face with a flying eSpeed football!,
    I wish Abul and I could again sit out on the other side of the Winter Garden and hear you speak of Cindy,
    I wish I could see you sitting in the spare chair between Abul, Zhutu and Jason and hear you joking around with the guys,
    I listen to the kind voicemail you left me on the evening of Sept. 10th and I wish I could call you back,
    I wish I could hear your voice today saying “have a good weekend Monica,”
    …I wish and I wish yet my wishes only come true in my head and my heart.

    Nick, I miss you.

    Monica O'Leary, friend & coworker
  • I knew Nick as a friend and a fellow fraternity brother at the University of Miami. Nick is missed by myself and many others from UM. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    Bryan Evoy, Friend (U of Miami)
  • Nick and I became friends, and later Fraternity Brothers, in the Fall of 1992. Nick was this tall, gangly Freshman at The University of Miami and I was a Senior living alone in Eaton. He lived a couple of doors down, and always seemed to be wearing the same outfit: Khakis, golf shirt (always buttoned up the whole way) and ball cap.

    We had hit it off instantly. You see, Nick had wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and I was a guitar student. We agreed to exchange Guitar lessons for Golf lessons some day. Till then, I settled on watching the World Series in his room.

    One of my favorite memories is Nick sitting in my small dorm room, trying to learn some guitar part I was trying to teach him. He had these long, clumsy fingers but he was just intent on learning how to play. We used to laugh, and he would tell me about all girls he would be impressing with his guitar-playing abilities with a wink and “tsk”. Just hilarious. As our friendship developed, I wanted Nick to be my Little Brother, but was unable to convince the Fraternity to allow me a second.

    I have thought about Nick a lot over the years, even though we had fallen out of touch. His easy charm and that little, knowing wink he would give people. I always wished him well, and he was always someone that had a place in my heart. I only recently learned what happened to him on September 11, and words cannot express the sense of loss I feel. I cannot even imagine what his family has gone through. My prayers are truly with them.

    Although I did not really know Nick after he left school and found his place in the world, reading the other posts here tells me all I need to know about Nick over the intervening years. He was a loved and loving brother and son. He was a good friend. He was a good man. This world is a lesser place without him in it.

    Take care, Nick, wherever you are. When we meet again, I’m getting those golf lessons…

    Scott Andresen, Friend and Fraternity Brother
  • I can’t believe a year has gone by…..I miss you pal. I can’t watch golf without thinking of you. I saw Rush at Jones Beach and when they played “Bravado,” I cried because I remembered how much we like that song, blasting that MP3 at work all the time. 365 days have gone by, but you are in my thoughts more than ever. I can’t say what we would be doing today if you were still here, but I can say I really enjoyed your company, and your friendship. Your spirit lives on….

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker
  • Dear Nick,

    This has been a tough week. Thanksgiving. Your 30th birthday. Our anniversary. The hurt never ends. Your loss is beyond any sense of comprehension. The pain is beyond description. You mother, sister, and I will never let your memory be forgotton. How can we ever forget the wonderful, devoted son and brother? Our hearts, thou broken, are filled with love for you. Your spirit lives on in us and all those whose life you touched. To say that you are missed is an understatement beyond the relm of comprehension. You are in our hearts forever.
    Rest in Peace

    Mom, Dad, Ellen

    Ira Lassman, Father
  • Nick, one of the guys at work today had a polo shirt with the collar buttoned all the way up and the first thing I thought of was you. I smiled at the image of you in my head…thank goodness for the videos in my head.

    I can’t believe you would have been 30 this year; I can’t believe you aren’t here to complain about getting old. I never realized you have the same birthday, same year as my brother-in-law. I guess in a way I’ll always be celebrating your birthday even when I don’t realize it…I sort of like that idea.

    Tara said that there is a new U2 CD available. She says it’s really good and that you would like it.

    We miss you.

    Monica O'Leary, friend
  • Dear Nicholas,

    We got thru Mother’s Day, Ellen’s Birthday, my Birthday, Father’s Day, and Mom’s Birthday. Needless for me to say, it does’t get any easier. Only God knows how much I miss you. How much we miss you. We talk about you every day. In this way, we will never forget you. How could we? I’m sure that you know that The David Leadbetter Golf Academy honored you with a Memorial Bench. You are the third person to be so honored. The other two are David’s father and Ely Calloway. We are so proud. As well, I’m sure that you know that Danielle and Jeff Kotzen named their new babv after you! Cousin Mitchell did the same! Nicholas, my dear, dear, son, only God knows how much I miss you. And you know if it were possible I’d change places with you in a heartbeat! Your mother, Ellen, and I will never let go of your memory and spirit. You are everywhere. On every golf course. Your favorite concert. With all your loving friends. But most of all, you are in our hearts…Forever!
    Be at Peace my wonderful, beautiful son.

    Ira Lassman, Father
  • Nick, I miss you man. I know I would be a more enlightened person if you were here. You just had that unique quality of sharing knowledge and thoughtfulness in a humble way. After meeting your family, I knew where it came from. They are amazing people. I pray for their continued strength and resolve. I think this song written by Neil Peart sums up how I feel after three years. You’ll always be in my thoughts.


    Suddenly, you were gone
    From all the lives you left your mark upon

    I remember
    How we talked and drank into the misty dawn
    I hear the voices

    We ran by the water on the wet summer lawn
    I see the footprints
    I remember

    I feel the way you would
    I feel the way you would

    Tried to believe but you know it’s no good
    This is something that just can’t be understood

    I remember
    The shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods
    I hear the echoes

    I learned your love for life,
    I feel the way that you would
    I feel your presence
    I remember

    I feel the way you would
    This just can’t be understood…

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker
  • Dearest Nicholas,

    Mom, Ellen, and I celebrated this day at Eastpointe.It was a wonderful memorial. Six years! You will never be forgotten. We think of you and talk about you daily. You are gone physically, but are with us in Spirit! You know that we will always, always, remember you. You are a part of us, We are one.
    Rest in Peace, Beloved Son and Brother.
    With All our Love,
    Dad, Mom, and Ellen

    Ira Lassman, Father
  • Dear Nicholas,
    I can not believe that you left us 11 yrs ago.
    As usual Mom, Ellen and I celebrated your life by having dinner in a Japanese restaurant. We attended a beautiful Memorial in our community.
    Of course you know that you are tremendously missed by me, Mom, and Ellen. Also, many friends, old and new love and remembered you!
    Though our hearts are broken we survive knowing how wonderful a son, brother, and friend you were.
    Rest in Peace, Dear, Dear, Nicholas.
    We will love you forever!


    Ira Lassman, Father
  • Happy 40th Birthday Nick!
    As usual, mom, Ellen and I had dinner and celebrated you BD and your life!
    Still very hard to believe that you are no longer with us. We hoped 9/11 was just a bad dream!
    We will always miss you and Love you as long as there are stars in the night, sand on the beaches and leaves on the trees!
    Happy Birthday in Heaven sweet son and brother.
    Rest in Peace and may God Bless you!


    Ira Lassman, Father
  • Thinking of Nick today.Spent a few months with Nick teaching golf in Florida.Such a fine young man,class act.
    Love to Ira

    Kevyn Cunningham

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