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  Jeffrey E LeVeen

Date of Birth: January 19, 1946
Department: Equity Sales
Position: Senior Vice President

Jeff LeVeen was a partner and trader at Cantor from 1993 until September 11, 2001. He worked with a team which included Steve Cherry and Tom Bowden. Trading was something he always loved and he valued his many relationships with his customers.
When not working at the desk, he could be found playing golf or planning a golf trip to Ireland or Scotland, his favorite countries for golf. Two years ago we visited our son, Andrew, who was studying in Spain and we took him to play two courses in the Algarve in Portugal. Jeff loved to travel and to plan trips.
Most important about Jeff was his love of family. He kept in close touch with each of the children and attended many a concert or golf tournament or shopping trip with them. He said he really enjoyed spending one on one time with them. Each of us felt Jeff was our best friend. He inspired me in so man y things as he always was proud of his family. He wanted each of us to be the best we could be.

Christine LeVeen, Wife

    Judy LeVeen White, Sister
  • Jeff, I want to thank you for your love and encouragement over the years. From those baseball catches in Paramus to the cigars on the deck, I always felt like I should pay you for your advice or at least write down what you said so I didn’t forget any of it. I miss you and so do Julie and the kids. I thank God for you and I pray for you every day. I love you Jeff,

    Eddie Friedmann, Brother-in-law
  • Not only have I had the privilege of knowing Jeffrey LeVeen, I have had the honor to have called him my UNCLE. He was the type of person that if you had the chance to have crossed his path you would never have forgotten him. His smile and personality was something magical. My husband and I have learned from my Aunt and Uncle in many ways and we will cherish every memory. Uncle Jeff you are missed very much and I want to thank you for being such a HUGE part of my life. I am blessed that you gave me the honor to give me away on my wedding day. Thank you for being the person you are.

    Kerry Pedersen, Niece
  • I’m not going to be able to do Jeff justice, but I’ll give it a try. Jeff was a very happy person, partly because it was in his nature. He was Peter Pan. Around the next corner is another great adventure. It was in his genes. But he was also happy because he worked at it. Happiness is a by-product of good work, friends and family, and Jeff had them all. He loved his job, his friends adored him, his wife was truly his best friend, and his children — he couldn’t get enough of, and he never shut up about his children.
    A priest friend of mine, speaking at a memorial service, said if the victims could give us advice, they would say cherish every moment, don’t take what we have for granted, live every moment to the fullest. That is exactly how Jeff lived every day of his life.
    Jeff’s friends, for whom he was confidante, golf coach, tour organizer, den master, are all broken hearted and adrift without him. It was a privilege to be his friend.

    Ed Mulholland, Friend
  • Jeff was my brother-in-law. Actually, I was the first person in the Friedmann family to meet him. From that moment, I have always loved him. Jeff was magnetic-everyone always wanted to be with him. He was funny, smart, generous, and most of all loving. All of us were hysterically laughing at his jokes, whenever he was with us.
    When I was only 18 years old, I got a speeding ticket. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to-so I asked Jeff what I should do. Immediately Jeff offered to pay the ticket for me and told me not to worry about it. He put me at ease and made me feel good about a simple mistake. That was the kind of guy Jeff was. We all leaned on him for his advice and wisdom. All of us miss him so much.
    Most of all what I remember most about Jeff was how much he loved my sister, Chris. He would worry about her constantly, especially when she was pregnant with their 5 children. He would always remark about ‘how pretty she is’. Jeff loved Chris and their children more than anything in the world. We all miss him so much it hurts!!We love you Jeff. Ann, Charlie, Chas and Caitlin

    Ann Friedmann Schara, Sister-in Law
  • It’s taken me a while to be able to gather my thoughts on a “tribute” to my father. I feel very fortunate for what my relationship began to be with my father. I had become an adult, and started to have a relationship with my father, that was one of best friend status. He was my go to guy in every aspect of my life. He was fun loving, understanding, and always had other people’s best interests as a priority for himself. He was honest, he was open, and he loved to laugh, and have a good time. No one, and nothing can replace what I have lost in my life. We were all robbed of one of the best people in the world. I don’t go a day without thinking about him, I don’t ponder a decision in my life without thinking about what he would want me to do. I will miss him until the day I die. I love you Dad….thanks for making me the man I am.

    Jeffrey E LeVeen Jr., Oldest Son
  • I met Jeff years ago on his first of many golf trips to Ireland, Scotland and England. I was the one non-New Yorker on these trips and Jeff always went out of his way to include me in all his sideshows that he organized during these trips. Like me, Jeff lived to eat and drink and we never missed a chance to test the local fare. One memorable meal was our dinner years ago in Deer Valley on our “golf family” ski trip (all 70 of us). We will all go to Ireland, Scotland and South Carolina again but things will never be the same. I’ll always miss my fellow “big guy”.

    Stuart Long, Friend
  • I’ll always remember the Ireland golf trips with Jeff…the long drive contests, his two over par round at Lahinch, the car race to the ferry boat, our late night discussion when I deemed him
    “the ambassador”, the food, the drinks, the fun, the laughs and the smiles. If there was ever any doubt about Jeff’s ability to maximize life, fun, family or golf trips, ask any of us on “The LeVeen Ireland Golf Extravaganza”- thirteen courses in nine days.
    He loved every minute of it! We all knew we were the lucky ones. All of us will always look back on these good times in a special way because we know, like everything else, they are fleeting. We lost our visionary, our organizer, our captain but we will never lose our fond memories of Jeff, our very special friend.

  • I miss “I’m freaking starving” I miss “say hello to my little friend” I miss” hey Imu” I miss one of my best friends of all times. Jeff and I have been friends for over 20 years and he had more life and energy in him then anyone I have ever met. My wife asked him several years ago how he kept his children so close to him, and his respose was “just love them to death”. He loved his family like no other, he loved golf, he loved life, and I loved him. I will miss my trips to Secession Golf Club with him, I will miss his phone calls, I will miss his smile. I am proud to have been his friend. Rest in peace my good friend.

    Robert E. Moore, friend
  • Jeff LeVeen Sr. was larger than LIFE itself. His smile lit up any and every room
    he walked into. He had the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Jeff brought out the absolute best in people and he loved watching others enjoy themselves. He showed us all how to get the most out of Life and
    he was a constant reminder of what really mattered, Family and Friends. I will miss more qualities about Jeff LeVeen than I could ever list. I think of him always and I try to be like him every chance I get. Every time I hear a Dave Matthew’s tune I think of his biggest fan the “Teenage Rocker at Heart” and I miss Jeff more and more. I hope they have a Peter Lugers up in Heaven big man!! Thanks for all the laughs and memories.

    God Bless, You were one of the All Time Greats.

    Matthew Feeney, Friend
  • It is very hard to pay tribute to a man who touched everyone’s life that he came across, and to do so in a few words. My father was a man whose unconditional love will never be forgotten by anyone. When you have a father like the man
    I was fortunate to have, life was so easy and enjoyable for us. It was interesting to see how our relationship transformed over time as I grew up. In the beginning, he was a father to me guiding me through life and enhancing every move I made. As I grew older, the relationship changed to a best friend. I would tell my dad anything in the world as I felt he would do the same to me. If it was a story from college or just an incredible story from out on the golf course, he loved to hear it all. Dad, I thank you for the life you have provided for me. A son could never ask for a better man to have paved the way for him. I am a product of you and mom. I will take all of the lessons you both have taught me and cherish them for the rest of my life. Thank you for the vacations, thank you for Spain and Portugal, thank you for Secession and Westhampton, thank you for the concerts, thank you for the countless lessons taught to me on the golf couse and beyond… as I always told you, “you are the man!” I love you dad.

    Your former playing partner and son,

    Andrew LeVeen, SON
  • How do you pay tribute to a man like my Dad in 100 words or less? He and I met 25 years ago, and were best friends ever since. I was his “Beebe”, a nickname he created for me. Early on, I’d cringe when he would yell it across a crowded room. Now I find myself listening for it. It is wonderful to grow up a part of a strong family that loves you unconditionally. It starts with the love of our Mom and Dad, first and foremost for each other, and then for their 5 children equally & deeply. My siblings and I were so blessed to have it all. We had a home (or two) to go to that were our most favorite places in the world to be. It was at family dinners and holidays in Plandome, or during summer weekends at the beach, that we were all at our finest. Most importantly, for us and for Dad, we were all together. There wasn’t a place we would rather be. Judging by the grin on Dad’s face (those cheeks!), we could see that he was in all his glory!

    Dad, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me life, one that I am proud to model after your example. I feel so lucky and honored to have spent such great times with you. Thank you for the lessons, the advice, the concerts, the laughs, and thanks especially for the love. There is nothing like a father’s love for his children, I will be thankful for it every day of my life. You will be missed Dad, but never forgotten. I love you will all of my heart.. love, your Beebe

    Betsy LeVeen, Second Child, Oldest Daughter
  • I think about Jeff every day. I remember the first time I ever saw him — on the E train. Since September 11, I’ve wondered what it was that made him stand out on a crowded subway. It could have been the hair and those cheeks! After we met, we commuted on the 6:27 from Plandome and shared a cab to work. Starting the day with him made the mornings special. He was the person I most wanted to see at a party. I felt lucky to be seated next to him. He just made everything more fun. I miss him.

    Ginny Mulholland, Friend
  • It is 5 months since September 11th and I just sit and cry when I think of Jeff and Stevie not being with us where they belong. Three nights before that dreadful day Steve and I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Chris and Jeff. I will never forget it. I felt so close to both of them and we all laughed when we called it a night (or a very early morning) and hugged and kissed each other as we went to our ajoining rooms. Jeff’s last words in my mind from that night are “Where does somebody get a pizza around here at this hour.”

    Jeff was such a kind, sweet and wonderful man. He raised such fine children who I have gotten to know through the years and I think of them, hurt for them and really miss all of them, especially Jeff’s incredible wife, Chris. What will be do without our best friends and partners Chris? Thank God they are together with Tommy and the rest of the Cantor team in Heaven looking over all of those who love and miss them.

    Mary Ellen Cherry, Jeff's partner's wife and friend
  • Generous. Jubilant. Irreverant. Bon vivant. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Jeff. I am the youngest of Chris’s sisters. I was around 10 years old when I met Jeff for the first time. He came into our family like a breath of fresh air. We all loved his infectious sense of humor and his ‘joie de vivre’. We were often overwhelmed by his generosity of spirit and genuine goodness. Upon reflection over these last five traumatic months, I realize that what I loved and admired most in Jeff was his intense love and devotion to Chris and their five fabulous children. It is true that he contaminated everyone around him with his enthusiasm for life. It is also true that he had many close and long-standing friendships. But for me, the truest part of Jeff is best reflected in the love of his family. Lately, I am comforted by how much of Jeff lives on in Jeff Jr., Betsy, Andrew, Katie and Meg.

    Jeff, we hold you close to our hearts and will remember you and your fine legacy always.

    Go with God.
    Mary and David Leech

    Mary and David Leech, Sister in law (and my husband)
  • My wife Val always said that Jeff was one of the best traders at Cantor. I know she had tremendous respect for him and the time that we spent with Jeff and Chris were joyful times, so full of laughter and life. He was a helluva trader, a helluva father, a helluva husband and a helluva golfer. My sincerest sympathy to Chris and the family.

    Sam Ellis

    Sam Ellis, Friend, Husband of Co-Worker
  • Dad,
    First and foremost you have and will always be my #1 idol. I look up to you because you are “The Man” with the best qualities: funny, smart, friendly, determined, successful, loving, and happy. You were so talented in everything you did: “The BEST” Dad, spectacular businessman, wonderful golfer, most importantly an all-around great dude.
    You knew how to light up a room and put a smile on everyone’s face. You knew how to party!
    You and Mom raised a family perfectly and your children couldn’t ask for more.
    You taught me so many lessons in life that I reflect on and will always cherish.
    Thanks for all the wonderful trips, we had a blast everywhere and will keep them close to our heart. I will miss basking in the sun with you on the deck in Westhampton, playing golf, you visiting me in Philly when you went for business. The list goes on and I thank you for everything.
    I miss you and love you. I will think about you everyday, in every decision I make. You are with God!

    Meg, Youngest Child and Daughter
  • Uncle Jeff – Although I did not speak to you daily or even see you monthly, you had a strong presence in my life. I always knew you were there if I needed you. I admire your ability to be your own man and to fully enjoy life. You had passion for life, your family, your work and your golf game! You touched everyone you met. I miss you Uncle Jeff and I know that you and Jerry are smiling down on us, Budweisers in hand.

    Lauren E. LeVeen, Niece
  • I initially met Jeff at Dublin Airport on the first of many Irish Golf Trips with the LeVeen Entourage (Bobby, Ed, Burt, etc.). Despite having never met Jeff before, he immediately came over to say hello and introduced me to the other Manhasset guys. I was the Westchester guy. As Stuart Long said in an earlier tribute, Jeff was an “all-around inclusive guy.” From that moment to the five hour “let’s discuss everything” ride from Sligo to Lahinch to his tutoring me as “Ambassador-In-Waiting for Irish problems” Jeff was simply interested in everything and everybody around him. I failed to solve the “Irish troubles” under Jeff’s tutelage, but Jeff still brought me a Glenmarangie for my effort.

    In a world that sometimes is “all about me” Jeff was “all about you.” I will miss him.

    Peter Murray, Friend
  • Jeff and I became friends over 30 years ago. Our families grew up together at the Plandome pool. We had so much in common – Wall Street, golf, college baskets, the “Dome”, Secession, paddle tennis, and eating! Boy, Jeff sure loved to eat! I was honored when Chris asked me to write and sing a song at Jeff’s 40th birthday party.
    We all felt cheated when we lost Jeff on 9/11. He had so much life yet to live. Jeff will always be remembered as a loving husband and father. A man who always had a smile on his face and good things to say about everyone. We all miss him and I will always be proud to say that Jeff LeVeen was my friend.

    Tom Quinn, Friend
  • Words cannot express the life of Jeff. He was a strong, vibrant and amazing man. His wife and his children are living examples of who he was. I was very fortunate to know him and i know that i will never forget him. Jeff truly lived his life! How sad that we are left here without him, but we are truly better people for knowing him.
    “Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been loved before, Sing as though no one can hear you and Live as though heaven is on earth”.
    That was Jeff.

    Kathleen Kennedy-Schenck, Cousin
  • The twentieth year after the attacks which robbed me of you is here and it seems that while time has certainly passed, your absence is painful on all the ordinary days. You remain the person I still want to see and talk with everyday.
    As I watch our children raise our grandchildren I often see glimpses of the loving father you always were. Sharing you with them is a life’s work and something I am determined to continue.
    As I recall our life together I am grateful for the love with which you surrounded me and our children. I pray that we will meet again one day.

    Christine LeVeen, widow

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