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  Edward Lichtschein

Date of Birth: April 19, 1966
Department: Engineering

Edward Lichtschein was a cartoonist, a lover of art, and above all, a family man. During the day, he worked as a computer engineer, designing software for eSpeed, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, on the 103rd floor. After obtaining joint degrees in physics and engineering from The Cooper Union School of Engineering and New York University in 1989, Ed went on to get a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University in 1993. He worked for Schick Technologies before coming to eSpeed and was popular with coworkers at both places.
Outside of the office, he loved to spend his time reading, listening to pop music, and traveling across the country. He loved everything about life. He was inquisitive and well-rounded, and he particularly loved art and literature. In addition to reading, Ed also loved to write. He was bright and an incredible writer. He had a special knack for putting things into words.
Ed, who we called by his Hebrew name, Ari, was extremely close with me, his sister Vera, and his nine nieces and nephews. Ed was extraordinarily caring towards his whole family. He spent may of his weekends visiting his nieces and nephews. He related well to all of them, regardless of their age. He would often take the younger ones on nature walks in New Jersey. With the older ones, he played baseball, traded videos and CDs, and discussed movies or rock music. He convinced his relatives to watch “The Simpsons” and listen to Bob Dylan music. When my wife and I went to Italy, Ed moved into our house to care for our four young children. Since then, the kids have been pushing us to go away again so that Uncle Ed can come and take care of them.
Ed loved cartoons in both movies and books. He especially loved drawing cartoons; his subjects ranged from funny family stories to Simpsons characters to the world situations. Ed was from a Jewish family of European decent and he would also draw pictures of European life. His cartoons were very tasteful and we all laughed at his pictures.
Ed was 35 years old when he was taken from us. We all miss him very much.

Mark Lichtschein, Brother
  • Hold on. Hold on to yourself for this is gonna hurt like hell. Hold on to yourself. You know that only time can tell what it is in me that refuses to believe this isn’t easier than the real thing. My love you know that you’re my best friend, you know that I’d do anything for you; my love let nothing come between us. My love for you is strong and true. Am I in Heaven here or am I …At the crossroads I am standing. So now you’re sleeping peaceful; I lie awake; pray that you’ll be strong tomorrow; we’ll see another day; we’ll praise it; love the light that brings a smile across your face. Oh God, if you’re out there won’t you hear me? I know we’ve never talked before; Oh God, the man I love is leaving- won’t you take him when he comes to your door? Am I in Heaven here or am I in hell? At the crossroads I am standing. So now you’re sleeping peaceful I lie awake; pray that you’ll be strong tomorrow; we will see another day; we will praise it; lone the light that brings a smile across your face…Hold on. Hold on to yourself for this is gonna hurt like hell.

    I will love and miss you for the rest of my life.

    Sasha, Girlfriend
  • I never knew his name but we had a number of interesting conversations about books in the elevator and coffee room. I know he will be greatly missed by those who knew him well.

    Virginia Pfeiffer, co-worker
  • I lost my 23 year old beautiful cousin,Brooke Jackman on September 11th. She also graduated from Columbia and worked for Cantor as well. I lost my father in July as well, and I guess I stopped to read Ed’s tribute, because my father’s name is Edward. I then see that they have the same birthday. I thought that was strange and it was a little sign for me to write to you. I am sorry for your loss and though your lives will never be the same, try to remember all your wonderful times together. My heart is breaking with yours.

    Gillian Kushner, Well wisher
  • Ed, my buddy, my techno-nerd friend, my confidant… I miss those long conversations about people, psychology, travel, language, software, physics- the world- you name it man, we talked about it. And there’s nobody to replace you. The evenings at Mooney’s bar [people still ask about you]. Our ‘insider’ jokes. Working at Schick Tech together. Laughs at people and their idiosyncrasies… Our road trips [I still got the videos…] Ed, I’m glad they used the pic I shot of you last summer, because it is you at your happy best, with Sasha by your side. I miss you sorely, Ed. I am just glad you are in a better place now. YOUR PAL ALWAYS -Frank-

    Frank Rodriguez, Close Friend, Former Co-Worker
  • I will always remember the joy I shared with you and friends at your rooftop barbecue. As I walk along the streets of Brooklyn, and look up, I know there is a joy overlooking all the rooftops.
    This is a feeling that I will keep in thoughts and heart. Love and strength Sasha.

    Arthur E. Weatherby Jr.

    Arthur E. Weatherby, Friend,Co-worker/ Schick tech
  • Dear Ed:

    Well, what can I say? It seems like only yesterday that we were all (your friends) on the rooftop enjoying the summer BBQ, while watching and admiring the beautiful sunset which surrounded NYC (WTC & Citibank, etc?), listening to Ziggy. You were a friend of mine.

    You may question, friend? And I say to you, “Yes a friend.”

    Although I only knew you a short time, what I know about and of you, in terms of memories, will last a lifetime. You were a kind, sweet, personable, funny, intelligent and endearing person. I usually have to feel people out the first time around, but with the help of Sasha, I knew of you before we actually met. Meeting you was just the icing on the cake.

    And again you may question, friend? And again I say to you, “Yes a friend.” For Pete’s sake, you and Sasha came out to my neck of the woods and treated me to dinner before you and I had even met. To top it off, you invited then welcomed me into your home with open arms, just because I was a friend of Sasha’s. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

    After all of that you might still question, a friend? And for the last time I will say “Yes, Ed, a friend.” Being a friend is what you were and you will always be a friend of mine. And as a friend, your presence will be greatly missed down here. But I’ll definitely see you again on the rooftop, maybe not over looking NYC (WTC & Citibank, etc) listening to Ziggy, but the greater beyond.

    Hey Sasha, (Missy Pooh) you will always be Ed’s “Booby” & when you are wondering if he is near, remember he is in your heart 4always and 4ever. And when you see the sun shining, look up, that’s him up there with all of his new friends, telling them about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robbistine Myles AKA: Robbin

    Robbistine, Friend
  • When Edward first entered my office for his interview, I saw a quiet guy with a surprising grasp for technical concepts. I hired him and was never disappointed. During the time that he worked for eSpeed he exceeded my expectations on each project that he worked on, and was a major contributor to our team almost immediately after hire. He quickly developed friendships with all of the members of our team, and we all started appreciating his quick wit and joyful outlook on life. He was a pleasure to work with and it is with great pride that I call us friends. I think about him every day. He will be sorely missed by us all.

    Paul Geringer, Boss and Friend / eSpeed Inc.
  • I will always remember the good times we had. Our lunches at Citibank and Court Square, surprising you with your headphones on at your desk, the impromptu intellectual conversations, taking the backroads through Brooklyn to avoid BQE traffic, having drinks after work trying to fit in with the younger crowds on 5th Ave. I still look into Ozzies when I pass by hoping to see some sign of you in the back, sipping coffee and reading. But I know it cannot happen, I will miss those times and the world will miss a very talented software developer. But most of all, I will miss a good friend.

    John Goyette, Friend and Co-Worker - Schick Tech
  • 3/11…6 month Anniversary
    To Ed, formerly known as Ari
    I was nearly 18 when you were born, about to get married and begin my new life as you began yours. Your crib and baby toys replaced my college texts and make-up. In a way you were more like one of my children than a sibling – you even moved in with me when you were 16 for an interesting year!
    A year of study in Israel, suddenly interrupted by Daddy’s death….life was NOT easy, but you found the strength (inherited from both our parents, true Survivors) to form your unique life based on your eclectic interests. Always challenging yourself intellectually -physics, engineering, computer software, cartoon illustrations music, complex reading material – you were a marvel to me. Your vitality, maturity, gentleness, avid interest in travel and the world around you…but most of all your joy in your family, your unselfishness, your radiant smile…
    all of these will be greatly missed. Your 36th birthday is approaching and what I would give to
    hear that sweet voice saying, “Hey,Vee..” once again…

    Vera Glatt, Sister
  • To my boobie – happy birthday, I miss you so dearly. I was remembering our vacation in Florida; we had such a good time. We were at the beach everyday – mid morning, afternoon and the evenings were the best. My favorite memory was you carrying me around in the water and then I wanted to carry you, you let me carry you with your feet dangling in the water. We were good together and I think we hold the record time for shortest break up – 5 minutes. I miss your face, your thoughts on everything, your special taste in music, your humor and most of all your love.

    Peace & Love

    Sasha Sukhu, gf
  • Hello Ed,
    Eventhough, it is now a year that you were taken from us- your family and friends; no time will come between the memories we have for you. We will cherish the special memories big and small. My greatest gift(memory), though viewed small to some- is so huge to me, was given to me just yesterday. Sasha and I were talking about some special memories of you and she reminded me that she kept all the e-mail’s from you.
    We wrote some silly things back and forth to each other that day! The older man with the immature spirit was the greatest match for Sasha. That my friend will always remain to be true. I hope that you, the European American-as you called yourself, with the quick wit and high spirit will look over Sasha and let her be strong. As she will keep the memories of you in her heart-keep her smiling in her dreams! Until we meet at a barbecue in the sky-
    Cheers, Colleen

    Colleen Vasicko, Friend
  • You gave me Bob Marley’s “Uprising” album. It saw me through many eSpeed mornings when I could do nothing but dream of the blue sky that pressed against the impregnable floor length windows of that sky high fortress. I wish that it was as indestructible that one morning as it seemed on the mornings I was inside.

    Check out the real situation
    Nation war against nation
    Where did it all begin
    When will it end?

    Jason Wiener, Occasional Drinking Buddy
  • I remember you this day and everyday since. This day two years ago you never came back and I never got to say goodbye. You were more than a friend to me, and I know people go their whole lives and never finding that speical gift. I will always be happy and contented that I found that with you, even though it was just for a little while.

    This day will forever be in my memory, because the pain will never leave me. You will always be in my memory and I know will never leave me. I got to know you, a kind, gentle and humble human being.I miss your kind, gentle face. You’re my angel.


    Sasha, Friend

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