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  Steven Lillianthal

Date of Birth: July 23, 1963
Department: Mortgage Dept, IOPOs
Position: Bond Broker

Steve was a son, husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and colleague.
All of which he was great at! No one ever could say a bad word about Steve because there was none! He liked to be with people and just have fun. He was known for his warm personality and bright sunny smile. Steve first started trading IOPOs at Garban before moving to Cantor a few years ago.

Steve was my only sibling. We were very close. He was my best friend, my confidant and my right arm. Being Steve’s older sister I would always try to protect him from everything. September 11th was the first time throughout his 38 years that I couldn’t protect him. Steve was the best husband to Adina. He loved to make her happy. They were soul mates. I can’t say enough about Steve being a Dad. He was the greatest! He had a constant sparkle in his eyes since he had the twins, Emma and Gabe five years ago. That sparkle got even brighter when they had baby Sam this past June.

He enjoyed and thrived on being a Dad. He was a great Uncle to my kids, Jen and Jon. Besides me, they were his best audience. The pain we are “all” going through is unbearable, so unbearable that it’s hard to go on.

Steve will always be with us! He has left us with so much love and laughter that it’s hard not to smile when we think of him. Steve, you will always be in my heart, my life will never be the same without you!

I love you so much,
Your sister, Mindi

Mindi, Sister
  • As I sit here staring at your smiling, beautiful face, I feel that half my heart is gone. How does a parent go on living after such a loss? How does a parent go on without having you to hug and kiss? How does a parent go on without seeing your face or speaking to you on the phone every day? I’m not sure how I’ll go on. But I know your legacy will be in the faces of your beautiful children, Emma, Gabe & Sam. I will always see you in them. I will miss you terribly and love you forever. My life will never be the same. Will my crying ever stop? I don’t think so…
    Signed, Marcia, your very, very sad Mother.

    Marcia, Mother
  • My first reaction is to say that I know Steve for 25 years. It’s so painful to have to change that to I knew Steve for 25 years. I know that it has been almost four months but it is still so numbing. Steve was my best friend Mindi’s brother. Growing up he was always around when we were. I can honestly say that he was never an annoying little brother! He was always such a good kid. While we did not see each other often, when we did there was always laughter and fun. We vacationed together with our families two weeks before the tragedy and I cannot get out of my head the picture I have of Steven with his three children just having fun! He was a warm, kind, generous and fun loving kind of guy. My heart aches when I think of those children that will be cheated out of never knowing such a great person. For those of us that were lucky to have known Steven there is always a smile that comes to your face when you think of him. Rest in Peace.

    Love, Sharon

    Sharon Zelen, Friend
  • Dear Uncle Steve,
    I don’t know how long it’s been, but I know it has been too long. I miss you along with everyone else. It’s crazy because you’re not here to tell a joke or make someone laugh like you always did. I’m trying to be strong for everyone and hold it all in. It’s not working. It would just be better if you were here. Mommy went shopping with Dede to day to buy a new car. I don’t know what kind of car it was but I’m sure it’s a good one. I miss you alot! The other night I had a dream that you were ok and talking to us like nothing ever happened. I got so happy that morning because I thought it was true. It turns out that it wasn’t true and it was all just a dream. It was the best dream I had in a long time. When September 11th came, it was Horrible. That moment was the beginning of my bad days. I got home and all I saw was everyone crying. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breath. I ran outside and cried. It was hot outside. It was almost a great day, almost. After that day, I realized that I would never see you outside of a picture, my head, or a dream ever again. I was probably the last one to give up hope. I will always love you and always miss you alot.
    Love, Jon
    PS.. I still want a piece of you too.

    Jon, steve's 12 year old nephew
  • It is so hard to have to write a tribute about Steve. It is still hard to believe that he is gone. Steve was a wonderful warm person which should surprise no one since he comes from such a wonderful family. I have been friends with Steve’s sister Mindi since we are young so that means I’ve known Steve for forever. He was the best mimic I have ever met and could entertain us for hours with his impressions of people. His one liners we always well timed and really funny.
    He just had a gleam in his eye and always looked for the humor in a situation. The one thing that strikes me these last few months is how many people he made feel special. So many people have said the same thing that he would look at them and they would know what he was thinking and just start laughing. What a gift he had. My heart goes out to his family which he treasured above all else. He was an unbelieveable husband, father, son and brother. He will always live on in the hearts that loved him and their are so many that loved him.

    riva, friend
  • I had the honor of working with Steve for eight years. I became extremely fond of him and his family. I saw Steve at a desk barbecue last August. He spent most of the day in the pool with Gabe and Emma. A kind gentle person who is missed. I wish I could thank him for listening to all my complaints and gripes. I guess he never needed the thanks. He was that type of person. Adina, Susan & I think of you often.

    Tom Reilly, Friend/Co-Worker
  • Our hearts were broken on Sept. 11th when we lost our “baby” cousin Steven. When we think of Steven, we remember spending the many weekends at Howard Beach. We were always excited to babysit for Mindi and Steven (and took cousin Michael with us) while Aunt Marcia & Uncle Sherman went out. We remember the fun times spent in the swimming pool and barbecues in their backyard. Our most memorable times with Steven will be at the “Lillianthal” Passover seders (Steven was such a good sport). Steven always had a smile on his face and he was very affectionate and warm.

    We know that his spirit will live on in Gabe, Emma and Sam. Our hearts and love go out to Adina, Aunt Marcia, Uncle Sherman and Mindi.

    Michelle & Alene, cousins
  • I grew up with Mindi and Steven on 82nd Street and I have so many memories running through my head. Swimming in each other’s pools, playing Punchball, Red Rover, Hide ‘N’ Seek, bike races around the block, birthday parties, waiting for the sound of the ice cream man, Tony the dog jumping the fence and grabbing Steven’s hat off his head, telling Mindi how cute I thought her brother was. I could go on and on since I was fortunate enough to know and grow up with Mindi and Steven. Steven, I treasure the pictures I have of you and all the memories. Rest in peace.

    Stacy Hecht, Friend
  • As I sit here I can’t help but wonder,”What happened 6 months ago today?” I still can’t believe or bear not being able to see or speak to my brother ever again. How could he not be part of my life anymore? How could I not grow old with him? How will I go on the rest of my life without him? I don’t think I can. I don’t know how to. This is too hard. I’t not fair. I am soooooo angry.
    Sibling relationships are all different. A lot of people can’t understand close sibling relationships unless they have had one. Some siblings are just born into the same family, without any closeness at all, some siblings just get along with each other, other siblings don’t even speak to one another, and then there’s the sibling relationship like I had with my brother. A special relationship of closeness and caring. So close that on Sept.11th my heart was ripped out of my chest!
    Siblings have been overlooked in the WTC disaster, and that to me is so sad in itself. A lot of siblings like myself will never be the same. I miss my brother so much it hurts every second of everyday!
    Steve, you will always be whole in my heart!!
    I love you and miss you so much,

    Mindi, Sister
  • In a few weeks the third anniversary of your death will be here. Three years – where did it go? I still cry when I look at your pictures. Was it all a dream or did it really happen. Here we all sit, remembering all the good stuff that went on in our family. Our family will never be the same without you. You were so beautiful – always a smile on your face. You were my psychologist helping me throughout the years when I had a problem, and now you are not here to talk to about my problem. Because you are my only problem. I can’t bear that I will never feel your hugs or feel your kisses. I miss your telephone talks with me every morning. I still feel that you will call, but I really know that its not true. You are gone my son and I know I will never see you again. But you will always be in my heart, right next to the broken part. I will never stop crying because you are not here – I will love you till my dying day. Then maybe we will see each other again. Love & kisses to my son, Mom

  • Steve,
    I have spent a few hours of time this past week looking at and remembering our citizens who were murdered on 9/11. I saw your tribute on the CNN website and then found this one. It’s funny…you look a lot like me, and about the same age too. I had to ask myself, “What were the dreams of this young man? Did he have the chance to see many of them become reality?” Then I felt the rage that only injustice can stir in a man. It made me wonder how my family would feel if I suddenly were taken in such a cowardly and needless act.

    Seeing your picture and reading about your life has made me feel so fortunate to be alive and to have the blessings and love that life brings. I can tell by the memorials that you too have a family that love you and always will. I teach high school history and I will always try to remind my kids of how fragile life really is.

    I have thought about you often since I first learned of your untimely death and will pray for your family’s peace and health. Rest in peace.

    Rusty Nelson, never met
  • steven and I have not seen each other since a friend’s wedding. Wegrew up together in Howard Beach. I think of him often and the days we spent together growing up. Every year we light his candle on 9/11 at the museum of tolerance in los angeles. I miss you steven Richie Levinson

    richie levinson, friend
  • There is a National Public Radio show “The Vinyl Cafe” on this evening broadcast from the children’s summer camp the broadcaster used to attend. It is a wonderful, nostalgic show, and he invited listeners to go to the website, but he said to Google it, as he had not found out the website address. That is how I stumbled on Camp Anawana and a memorial to Steven Lillianthal. I hope his young son Sam can be a camper someday in his father’s footsteps before too many years go by.

    As I continued to listen, it appears the camp mentioned is Camp Kanawanna, but for a few minutes tonight I was thinking about your most loved Steven. Blessings to your family and the Cantor Fitzgerald organization. –MbF, Indiana

    Maribeth, Fellow Camper at Large
  • I purchased a flag from a traveling memorial right after 9/11. They sent me your name and info. I have flown this flag in your honor for 19 years now. My kids were small at that time but they know about you and know why I still fly this flag in your honor. I always will. I just now came across this feed and love the comments from your family. It gives me much more insight to what type of man you were. No doubt loved and missed.
    God be with your family and know we will never forget you and all the others.

    Lesa Dwyer, never met
  • I wanted to mention, I just noticed you share the same birthdate as my youngest daughter.

    Lesa Dwyer, never met

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